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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/20/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    _____     _____ __________  ___,´___;\ _____`;´ ,`.  ______   ______ ________
    `.   `. ,´   .´ `.   ____ || __    __ |\   __ `.´  \´  __  `. `.  .´ `.   _  `.
     |  .  `  .  |   |  |____`''´/ |  |  `'|  |  )  |  |  /  \  |  |  |   |  | \  |
     |  |`. ,´|  |   |   ____|   | |  |,-´¯|  |,´  ,|  |  |  |  |  |  |   |  | |  |
     |  |  `  |  |   |  |        | |  |`-. |  |`.  `|  |  |  |  |  |  |   |  | |  |
     |  |     |  |   |  '----´|  \ |  |_,´ |  |,´`.  `.\  `--´  /  |  |   |  '-´  /
    ´----`   ´----` ´---------'  ´.--;´   _;---` ´-,---``------´  ´----` ´-------´
                                  _}´ _,-´\____,\´  ,´
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    A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.0
    E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Basics
       3A. Controls
       3B. Menus/Displays
    4. The World of Samus
       4A. Basic Moves
       4B. Special Moves
       4C. Beams
       4D. Missile Systems
       4E. Morph Ball Systems
       4F. Suit Upgrades
       4G. Misc. Systems
       4H. Collectibles
    5. Walkthrough
       5A. Part 1 - "Baby's Cry"
       5B. Part 2 - Feral Wildlife
       5C. Part 3 - Perilous Research
       5D. Part 4 - Beating the Heat
       5E. Part 5 - Survivors
       5F. Part 6 - Out of the Frying Pan
       5G. Part 7 - Vendetta
       5H. Part 8 - Objections
       5I. Finale - Mothers
       5J. Epilogue - Ghosts
    6. Collectibles
       6A. Missile Tanks - Main Sector
       6B. Missile Tanks - Sector 1
       6C. Missile Tanks - Sector 2
       6D. Missile Tanks - Sector 3
       6E. Missile Tanks - Other
       6F. Energy Tanks
       6G. Energy Parts
       6H. E-Recovery Tanks
       6I. Accel Charges
    7. Enemy Database
       7A. Crawlers
       7B. Fliers
       7C. Stationary
       7D. Predators
    8. Extras
       8A. Examine Search Answers
       8B. Unlocks
    9. Standard Guide Stuff
       9A. Legal
       9B. E-mail Guidelines
       9C. Credits
       9D. Version Updates
       9E. The Final Word
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough of Nintendo's 2010 foray into the 
    Metroid series, Metroid: Other M!  Designed by Metroid co-creator Yoshio 
    Sakamoto with programming supplement from members of Tecmo's Team Ninja, 
    this adventure puts Samus in a Federation ship overrun with Metroid's 
    standard of vicious beasts and machinery gone haywire.
    In this guide, you'll find a walkthrough for completing the game's events, 
    as well as lists for finding all the hidden pickups, and strategies for 
    dealing with enemies.  Please enjoy.
    2. FAQ
    Q: What is Metroid: Other M?
    A: This game is the 2010 edition of the vaunted Metroid series, starring 
     female bounty hunter and space warrior Samus Aran.
    Q: Where does this take place in the Metroid timeline?
    A: This game takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.  Here 
     is the timeline, for those interested:
     - Metroid (NES) or Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)
     - Metroid Prime (GCN)
     - Metroid Prime: Hunters (DS)
     - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN)
     - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
     - Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB)
     - Super Metroid (Metroid 3) (SNES)
     - Metroid: Other M (Wii)
     - Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4) (GBA)
    Q: Was this game developed by Team Ninja, the same guys who did Ninja 
     Gaiden and Dead Or Alive?
    A: From an art and programming aspect, yes.  Credit for the main design and 
     story can be lain at the feet of Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto, for 
     better or worse.
    Q: What has been changed in this game?
    A: The game is largely controlled from a third-person perspective, in a 
     3D variation on the classic Metroid 2D style.  A feature exists so the 
     player can switch to a first-person view for precision firing and exploring, 
     although the player is largely unable to move in this situation.  More will 
     be explained in the Basics section about the control scheme.
    Q: Does Samus really talk in this game?
    A: She does indeed.  Again, this is for better or worse.
    Q: I'm stuck in a first-person mode!  What does the game want me to do?
    A: I call these "Examine Search".  The game wants you to look at a 
     particular object in the environment and focus on it for a couple of 
     seconds to move the story forward.  The problem is that your aiming 
     crosshair doesn't gravitate towards this hot-spot, and needing to stare 
     at it for a moment means random searching is difficult.  I provide a list 
     of Examine Search moments late in the guide if you're stuck on any one in 
    3. BASICS
    3A. Controls =
    It's important to note that there are two separate control schemes for 
    Samus.  The first is Normal View, which requires you to hold the Wii Remote 
    horizontally and is used for basic movement.  The second is Search View, 
    which requires you to point the Wii Remote at your TV and allows you to 
    look through Samus' perspective.
    Normal View -
    Control Pad - Move Samus in any direction relative to the camera
    1 Button - Fire your weapon
    2 Button - Jump
    A Button - Activate Morph Ball
    + Button - Access Pause Screen/Map
    Search View -
    Pointer - Move the crosshairs
    A Button - Fire your weapon
    B Button - Hold and you will adjust your view in the direction you point the 
     crosshair.  If your crosshair passes over a target of interest while holding 
     B, you will focus on that target.
    + Button - Access Pause Screen/Map
    More detailed descriptions on specific actions can be found in Section 4.
    3B. Menus/Displays =
    Main Menu -
     When you first begin the game, you'll automatically be put into a New 
     Game.  You'll be given the options of what language you'd like the game 
     to be in (English, French, Spanish), and whether or not to have subtitles 
     turned on.
     After you establish your game and save file, starting the game up again 
     will take you to the Save Files screen.  From there you can choose your 
     file, copy/delete current ones, and access the same two Options as before.
    Main Display -
     The majority of the HUD that exists in this game is at the top of the 
     - The upper left corner has your Energy Meter.  As you collect Energy Tanks, 
      they will be represented by squares beneath the current energy.  Each Tank 
      corresponds to 100 Energy Units.  If you're at a critically low level of 
      energy, this will turn red.
     - The Charge Meter is directly below the energy meter.  This fills with 
      color as you charge up your beam, illustrating how charged you are.  Also, 
      when you release a Power Bomb, this area will be completely red, then will 
      gradually decrease.  When it is fully empty, you can use a Power Bomb 
     - The Missile Stock is to the right of the Energy Meter, and it monitors 
      your current and maximum number of Missiles.
     - The upper-right corner houses your Radar.  This gives you an outline of 
      the area you're currently standing in (which is more detailed than what 
      is presented on the Map Screen).  Doors to exit the area will appear on 
      the periphery as colored lines, green for unlocked doors and red for 
      locked.  If there are threats in the room, you will see flashing red 
      bars on the edge of the radar.  If there is a visible collectible in this 
      room, you'll see a blue circle pointing to its general location.  Note 
      that this will not always appear, especially if the item is well-hidden.
    Pause Menu -
     The Pause Menu begins by bringing up the Map Screen, which I'll describe 
     shortly.  Pressing 1 while on the Map Screen will bring up three tabs: 
     Status, Characters, and Story.  Status lets you see Samus' currently 
     equipped items, as well as the number of collectibles she has.  Characters 
     gives you quick bios on any you have met in the game.  Story gives you a 
     quick update on what has happened so far in the game.
    Map Screen -
     The Map is a non-rotatable perspective on your current sector.  It gives 
     you the general shape of major rooms, but specific details are better seen 
     in the in-game radar.  There are a few icons that pop up that you might 
     be interested in:
     - Yellow Square: Your current objective.  Oftentimes, this will be a 
      Nav Room that will fill in your map with what lies ahead.
     - Green "N": A Navigation Room, where Samus can restore her levels and 
      save her game.
     - Yellow Double Arrow: This refers to an elevator.  Elevators may be 
      labeled with their destination if it's another sector.  Otherwise, it's 
      simply an elevator in the same sector.
     - Blue Circle: A collectible item.  There are times where these appear on 
      your map upon you clearing the area of enemies.  This does not always 
      appear, however, so exploration is still encouraged.
    The Bottle Ship is a dangerous place.  Since it fell into ruin, it has been 
    overrun with a host of creatures, many familiar to Samus and her trips on 
    Zebes.  Samus will have to use several classic and many new abilities to 
    stay in one piece while untangling the mysteries.
    4A. Basic Moves =
    Basic Movement:
    - While in Normal View, press the Control Pad to run in the desired 
     direction relevant to the camera view.
    - Samus will automatically climb over small obstacles in her path.
    - Samus will not automatically run off ledges if it leads to a significant 
    - While in Normal View, press 2 to leap into the air.
    - If not moving the Control Pad when you push 2, Samus will jump straight 
    - If moving the Control Pad, Samus will perform a "spin jump".
    - During either kind of jump, pressing the Control Pad while in the air will 
     adjust Samus' movement somewhat.
    Weapon Firing:
    - While in Normal View, press 1 to fire your weapon.  While in Search View, 
     press A to fire.
    - In Normal View, you will fire your shot in front of you.  If there is an 
     enemy in front of you, Samus will generally automatically attempt to aim 
     for it.
    - In Search View, you will only fire straight at where the crosshair is 
    - More information on weapons fire can be found in the Beams and Missiles 
    Targeting/Locking On:
    - While in Search View, hold B and you will be able to move your viewpoint 
     around by moving the crosshair using the Wii Remote pointer.
    - While holding B, if you pass your crosshair over a target, you will lock 
     on to that target.
    - Targets can be enemies, objects that can be destroyed with a certain 
     weapon, collectibles, or points of interest.
    - There are points in the game where you will be forced into Search View and 
     required to point out something peculiar in the environment.
    Power Grip:
    - When jumping towards a ledge, it is sometimes possible for Samus to grab 
     onto it with her free hand.  This happens automatically.
    - In addition to the ledge of a platform, several shafts have ledges along 
     their length, marked by stripes.
    - You cannot move while hanging from the ledge, but you can switch to Search 
     View at any time to fire behind you.
    - Press 2 while on the ledge to disengage and jump.  If you hold in the 
     direction away from the ledge, you will kick off the wall as you jump.
    - If hanging from a vent, or any area where the clearance is small, pressing 
     2 will cause Samus to roll into it as a Morph Ball.
    - Hold the Wii Remote vertically and Samus will raise her weapon arm.  Hold 
     down the A button and Samus will concentrate.
    - This is a means for Samus to replenish energy and missiles while in the 
    - Missiles can be restored to their maximum at any time.
    - Energy can ONLY be restored when Samus is in "emergency" health status.  
     The energy bar will turn red when this is in effect.  The amount of energy 
     Samus will restore is dependent on how many E-Recovery Tanks you have.
    - Aside from Navigation Stations, there are no other means of restoring 
     energy or missiles.  Enemies will NOT drop free-floating powerups to restore 
     these reserves.
    4B. Special Moves =
    Kick Climb:
    - Also known as a "wall jump", this is a means for Samus to ascend somewhat 
     small vertical shafts.
    - Spin jump towards a wall and push towards it to stick to it.  You'll begin 
     to slide down.
    - Press the 2 button and you'll kick off the wall in the opposite direction.  
    - Not all walls can be climbed in this manner, but most small shafts can.
    - Practice is key for mastering this.  If you find yourself having trouble, 
     take the jumps more slowly, and make sure you stick to the wall before 
     trying to make the next jump.
    Sense Move:
    - Also known as a "dodge" move, this is a new technique that allows Samus 
     to avoid incoming damage.
    - When an enemy attempts either a melee or a ranged attack, quickly tap the 
     Control Pad in any direction and you will perform a quick dodge in that 
    - This move can also be used in Search View, and is activated by moving the 
     Wii Remote pointer off the screen.
    - This move is essential to master for survival, so get familiar with it 
    - If you are holding the 1 button down (charging) while you perform a 
     Sense Move, then you will come out of the Sense Move with an automatically 
     charged weapon.
    - This is a devastating manuever that allows Samus to deliver a charged 
     blast on an enemy from above.
    - Jump onto the desired enemy and you will begin charging your weapon.  Press 
     the 1 button to fire.
    - This is mainly done on large or "fighter" types of enemies.  The small 
     fliers or crawlers usually move too fast or cannot support Samus' weight.
    - If you take too long to charge or fire your weapon, the enemy may throw 
     you off and you may take damage.
    - Experiment when this is a good tactic.  Some enemies are too skilled to 
     be caught by this move.  Others may need to be disabled for a moment before 
     it will be effective.
    Lethal Strike:
    - This maneuver allows Samus to take a stunned enemy and finish it off with 
     a charged blast.
    - If an enemy is noticeably prone on the ground or otherwise stunned, hold 
     down the 1 button to charge and move into the enemy using the Control Pad.  
     Release the charge to blast your foe.
    - This move is almost always an instant kill, but not all foes will give you 
     the opportunity to use it.
    4C. Beams =
    Power Beam/Charge Beam:
    - Samus begins her mission with these beams available to her.
    - The Power Beam is a simple straight shot of energy.
    - The Charge Beam is a function where Samus can increase the power of her 
     beam several-fold.  Hold down the 1 button in Normal View or the A button 
     in Search View to charge, and release the button to fire.
    - You must charge the beam completely to fire a charged shot, otherwise you 
     will fire a normal shot upon release.
    - Collect Accel Charges to decrease the amount of time required to fully 
     charge.  Also, performing a Sense Move while holding down the fire button 
     will automatically charge the beam completely.
    Diffusion Beam:
    - Samus will find this weapon after defeating the FG-1000s in Sector 1.
    - With this module, when Samus fires a fully charged shot, the shot will 
     spread out on impact, causing splash damage to the surrounding area.
    - Samus can use this to quickly cause damage to multiple enemies grouped 
    Ice Beam:
    - Samus will activate this weapon while fighting Zebesians in Sector 3.
    - This beam fires a super-cooled blast that causes more damage than the 
     straight Power Beam.
    - Several enemies can be frozen in some manner with this beam.  Some will 
     be completely frozen.  Others may only have certain parts frozen (like 
     the arms in the case of Zebesians).  In some cases you may need to 
     charge the beam for it to have the proper effect.
    Wave Beam:
    - Samus will activate this weapon while fighting Super Zebesians in Sector 
     2 not long after battling the Ferrocrusher.
    - This beam fires a purple undulating shot that causes more damage than 
     the previous Ice Beam.
    - Also, this beam can travel through glass windows, which can be used to 
     hit enemies or beam switches on the other side of them.
    - Just as an aside, the Ice Beam will still be in effect with this active, 
     so you haven't lost the ability to freeze enemies with enough firepower 
    Grapple Beam:
    - Samus will activate this beam during her second trip to Sector 3 once  
     she notices Anthony in trouble.
    - This tether-like beam can be fired at Grapple Points, which look like 
     floating circular machines that are lit red when you're out of range, and 
     green when you're in range.
    - Target the Grapple Point using Search View, then press A to attach to it.
    - While tethered, press A or 2 to leap off the Point.  Time your leap so 
     you either jump forward or backward.
    - Grapple Points will only allow to swing back and forth in one line; you 
     cannot adjust the direction of your swing.
    Plasma Beam:
    - Samus will fire up her strongest beam during that big fight at the very 
     end of Sector 3.
    - This beam fires a very quick green sparky shot that causes considerably 
     more damage than the previous Wave Beam.
    - The beam can also travel through enemies that it destroys.
    - Enemies that were a problem earlier in the game will suddenly become a 
     lot more trivial with this puppy in town.
    4D. Missile Systems =
    Normal Missile:
    - Adam will authorize the use of the Normal Missile during the battle with 
     the Brug Mass.
    - A Missile can only be fired from Search View.  Pass your crosshair over 
     an enemy or an object that requires a Missile to destroy and you will lock 
     on to it.  Press A to fire the Missile.
    - Missiles cause ballistic damage which can be very damaging to some foes and 
     can destroy certain barriers.
    - You begin with a stock of ten Missiles.  Collecting Missile Tanks will 
     increase this stock by one, up to a maximum of 80.
    - Missiles can be replenished at any time by performing Concentration for a 
     few moments.
    Super Missile:
    - Samus will activate this just before the big fight at the very end of 
     Sector 3.
    - While in Search View, charge up your beam, select a legitimate target while 
     holding B, and release the A button to fire a very powerful missile.
    - Using this consumes five Missiles.
    - This is probably Samus' most singularly damaging attack, particularly 
     against enemies immune to the Screw Attack.
    - Certain gray plates with red and blue circles on them can only be destroyed 
     with Super Missiles.
    Seeker Missile:
    - Samus will find this weapon in Sector 1 late in the game after fighting a 
     particularly persistent enemy.
    - While in Search View, charge up a Super Missile on a target as normal.  If 
     there are any other targets in your view, they will also be selected once 
     the charge-up is complete.  Release to unleash death.
    - Using this consumes the same five Missiles a Super Missile uses, regardless 
     of all that extra stuff flying around.
    - The effectiveness of this technique is debatable, except for specifically 
     tailored situations.  It is, after all, difficult to get every enemy in the 
     room in one consolidated group to blow away.
    4E. Morph Ball Systems =
    Morph Ball:
    - Samus begins her mission with this iconic module.
    - Press A while in Normal View and Samus will roll into a ball about 
     one meter in diameter.
    - Move in this form using the Control Pad and jump using the 2 button.
    - In this form, Samus can roll into small passages and under low ceilings.
    Normal Bomb:
    - Adam will authorize the use of Normal Bombs following the fight with the 
     Brug Mass.
    - While in Morph Ball form, press the 1 button to lay a Bomb.
    - Bombs are small packets of explosive energy.  They can be used to damage 
     enemies or destroy certain barriers.
    - Samus can lay three Bombs at any one time.  A small delay is needed to 
     replenish more Bombs.
    - If Samus charges her beam and then enters Morph Ball mode, she will drop 
     a cluster of Bombs on her location.
    - A Bomb can also lift Samus in the air.  While Bomb Jumps are not all that 
     necessary in this game, there are some instances where they could prove 
    Power Bomb:
    - Samus will allow herself to use these only at the endgame sequence, and 
     in the epilogue thereafter.
    - While in Morph Ball form, charge up with the 1 button and release to drop 
     a very nasty bomb explosion.
    - After laying a Power Bomb, you will face a down time of roughly twenty 
     seconds before you can use it again.
    - Power Bombs can roast most enemies caught in their blast.  There are a few 
     that are immune or do no worse than take a bit of damage.
    - The main use for these is in the epilogue, where you find dormant 
     Desbrachians lodged into the wall.  They look like black spheres until you 
     wake them up with a Power Bomb.  After you defeat the Desbrachian, you can 
     access the door behind them.
    4F. Suit Upgrades =
    Power Suit: 
    - Samus begins her mission with her basic suit.  It's yellow in color and 
     offers no special protection apart from the basic elements and the vacuum 
     of space.
    Varia Feature:
    - Samus activates this feature on her suit just before fighting the Goyagma 
     in Sector 3.  Her suit will adopt a predominantly orange color at this 
    - This prevents Samus from taking damage in heated areas and reduces the 
     speed energy falls when she touches magma.
    - The feature also reduces the general damage taken from enemies.
    Gravity Feature:
    - Samus activates this feature on her suit late in the game in a hidden 
     sector following an encounter with vacuum.
    - The main feature of this suit is to always keep Samus firmly planted on 
     the ground regardless of whether she's in water or in an area with messed-
     up gravity.
    - The feature also further reduces the general damage taken from enemies, and 
     further slows damage taken from touching magma.
    4G. Misc. Systems =
    Speed Booster:
    - Samus activates this system once she finishes exploring the southeeastern 
     portion of Sector 2.
    - This system allows Samus to run at great speeds with enough of a running 
     start.  To use it, simply run in any one direction for about five seconds.  
     Samus will run at increased speed and generate a shockwave that will 
     damage enemies she comes into contact with.
    - In addition, Samus can smash certain walls down while running, and can 
     run up inclined slopes that would otherwise lead to her sliding down them 
     if moving at normal speed.
    - You must maintain a single direction when running.  Changing direction 
     even slightly will cancel the Booster's buildup.  Also, any obstructions 
     in your path, even as small as a bump in the ground, can arrest your 
    - That said, while you have to be holding the Control Pad in a particular 
     direction at all times, it's possible for Samus to not always be *travelling* 
     in one direction and still intiate this.  For example, in certain circular 
     rooms, the camera will stay at the perimeter focused on the center of the 
     room, and you can run around the room itself holding to the left or right 
     and still build up the proper momentum.
    - This function comes with the Speed Booster.
    - Once you initiate the Speed Booster, you may hold down the 2 Button at 
     any time during your run to stop where you are and store the energy of your 
    - Release the 2 Button and you will launch straight up in the air, about 
     100 scale feet.
    - Alternatively, if you push the Control Pad in any direction and hold it 
     there and then release the 2 Button, you will launch in that direction.
    - This technique is perfect for reaching incredible heights and crossing 
     large horizontal expanses.
    Space Jump:
    - Samus activates this function just before entering the Bioweapon Research 
    - This function allows Samus to jump again while in midair indefinitely.
    - Samus must be spin-jumping for this to work.
    - Samus gains a small bit of height from this, but unlike previous games, 
     there is a rather low limit to how high she can go.  This is mostly used for 
     jumping over long horizontal gaps.
    Screw Attack:
    - This function comes with the Space Jump.
    - When Samus spin jumps, she will generate a whirling dervish of energy-
     powered death.
    - A vast majority of enemies caught in the Screw Attack will be instantly 
     destroyed.  Most others will be at least damaged.
    - This attack tends to trump many other strategies I've put forth in the 
     game for defeating enemies, so don't feel like you have to e-mail me saying 
     it's a better option.  I feel that all goes without saying.
    4H. Collectibles =
    Missile Tank:
    - Collecting this blue conical object will increase your missile stock by 
     one.  Yes, just one.
    - There are 70 of these in the game, giving you a maximum of 80 on top of 
     the ten you begin with.
    Energy Tank:
    - Collecting this red cylinder will give you an extra "square" in energy, 
     increasing it by 100.
    - There are five full Energy Tanks to be found in this game.
    Energy Part:
    - Collect four of these smaller pink cylinders and you will you have an extra 
     "square" in energy, increasing it by 100.
    - The energy is only applied once you get the fourth part.  One, two, or 
     three on their own are effectively useless.
    - There are 16 Energy Parts in the game, which give you four Energy Tanks.  
     Combined with the five Energy Tanks you can find will give you a total of 
     nine extra tanks by the game's end.
    E-Recovery Tank:
    - This purple cone will extend your energy recovery.
    - For each one of these you find, you will be able to restore an extra Energy 
     Tank worth of energy when you perform Concentration.
    - Also, each one of these you collect will increase the threshold of the 
     "emergency mode", that allows you to restore energy by Concentration.
    - There are three of these to be found in the game.
    Accel Charge:
    - This yellow cylinder will reduce the amount of time it will take Samus to 
     reach full charge when she uses her Charge Beam.
    - There are six of these in the game.
    Directions in this game will be a bit squirrelly.  I'll be offering them 
    based on your perspective from the camera for the most part as opposed to 
    compass directions.  While compass directions would work given that the map 
    is in a fixed perspective, the constant camera angle changes will get you 
    all turned around.
    Also, naming rooms is going to be a bit tough, because they don't have names 
    like in the Prime series, and several rooms look similar to others.  I'll 
    try to provide compass direction in this case, such as "Southern Passage" 
    and the like.  There are some rooms that definitely have names, and I'll 
    be using those, of course, and presenting them in ALL CAPS as they come up.
    Lastly, we will be picking up items as we go and most likely will not be 
    wandering around backtracking for them until the end, so if you feel like 
    you need to break away from my walkthrough to go collect some items, do so, 
    but be wary that this game likes to seal off areas it doesn't want you to go 
    to, especially in the first half of the game.  In my opinion, this game 
    doesn't get so hard that you absolutely need as many items as you can get.  
    You'll find that employing proper use of Samus' skills will be more helpful 
    than stocking up on ammunition and energy.
    So, okay.  Enough logistics.  Let's get started!
    5A. Part 1 - "Baby's Cry" =
    Examination Room -
     Your tutorial with Samus will be in an exam room in a Federation Base.  
     Follow the tech's instructions as you practice with your Charge Beam, 
     Morph Ball, Bombs, Kick Climb, Weapon Fire, Sense Move, Concentration, 
     Search View, Missile Launching, Lethal Strike, and Power Bomb.
    From here, you will watch some more cutscenes, and then enter your 
    mission, proper.
    == Main Sector ==
    Main Hangar - As you enter, you'll begin your first EXAMINE SEARCH, where you 
     will be locked into Search View until you find a particular point of 
     interest.  In this case, focus on the Federation Emblem on the side of 
     the ship in front of you.  Once you regain control, head to the right.
    Hangar Access - Run to the end of the corridor and you'll trigger a 
     cutscene.  Demonstrate your abilities to your friends by locking on to the 
     blast door and firing a Missile to open it.  Follow the team through 
     the door.
    Hangar Shaft - As you enter this room, you'll be assaulted by a Reo and 
     knocked off the ledge you're on.  You'll face a large swarm of them, but 
     don't panic.  Despite their numbers, Reos are weak and slow to act, and 
     normal shots are more than enough to destroy them.  Once the room is clear, 
     head over to the right and note the green light on the grating.  Target 
     this using Search View and fire several beams (or one charged beam) at it 
     and you will partially open the grating.  Roll under it using the Morph 
     Ball, then hop up the series of ledges to the point where you were before.  
     Blast the Geemers crawling around, and continue climbing.  You'll have to 
     deal with another swarm of Reos before you reach the door at the top.  Note 
     the blue circle on your map.  This means there's an item to be found here.  
     Unfortunately, you cannot access it, yet, so continue on.
    Checkpoint Access - This corridor is populated with Skrees, ceiling-dwelling 
     pests that divebomb you.  You can either dodge and blast them or simply 
     run past them at top speed and to the next area.
    Checkpoint Room - A small bunch of Reos will swarm out the left-hand door.  
     As a curiosity, you can go through that door to find something I'll bet 
     you never expected to find in a Metroid game: a restroom.  Samus, of 
     course, can only enter the ladies' room, and there's nothing inside, but 
     it's an interesting bit of color.  In the main room, head up the stairs and 
     stand in front of the red terminal to activate it, which will open the 
    Checkpoint Shaft - Kick Climb up the broken elevator shaft to the upper 
    Electrical Access - The door will lock behind you.  Blast the Geemers in 
     this room, then head through the only unlocked door.  You can't do anything 
     about that item in the shaft above at the moment.
    South Bridge - Blast the Geemers that crawl towards you and head through 
     the door at the far end.
    South Lift - With the power down, you can't use the lift in the middle of 
     the room, so climb up the ledges to the top, then head around to the left 
    Main Sector Nav Booth 1 - Use this to save your game and restore your 
     energy.  Simply stand in the booth for a moment to activate it, then 
     press on.
    Observation Access - Follow this tunnel to the end.
    Observation Deck - Shortly after you enter, you'll face your first major 
     BRUG MASS - This collection of tiny purple Brugs is focused around an 
      eye-like Emperor Brug.  Peck away at it with a few shots and you'll find 
      that your Power Beam will be ineffective.  Aim at the eye and the Mass will 
      take a swing at you, so use a Sense Move to dodge (move the Wii Pointer 
      outside of the field of view).  After you do that once, Adam will have his 
      troops use their Freeze Guns and will authorize you for the use of the 
      NORMAL MISSILE.  Avoid the thrashing arms as best as you can.  You can 
      either get a lock on the eye for a Missile shot, or you can jump up onto 
      the Mass to fire a charged shot via Overblast.  Once you connect, the GF 
      folks will manage to freeze one of the "arms".  Target the frozen arm and 
      let fly a Missile to shatter it.  With one arm gone, the Mass will next 
      attempt to swing its remaining arm in a circle, which will be tougher to 
      avoid.  Connect another shot on the eye (Missile or Overblast) and the 
      other arm will be frozen.  Shatter it with a Missile.  Now the Mass will 
      start hopping around.  Get another shot on the eye and the Mass' base 
      will be frozen.  Another Missile, and the eye will be separated.  Blast 
      the eye repeatedly to destroy it.
     Following the battle, you'll be given your mission orders; to head to 
     Systems Access and turn on the power.  He'll also authorize the use of 
     NORMAL BOMBS.  Head back the way you came.
    Observation Access - Geemers now populate this area.  Note that one will 
     pop out of a light-colored hatch.  Once you deal with the Geemers, roll into 
     the hatch.  Bomb the mesh at the end and take the MISSILE TANK behind it.  
     Now, head out through the south door and through the Nav Room.  Drop down 
     the South Lift and head right, then head across the South Bridge to...
    Electrical Access - Deal with the Geemers in this room.  Now, take note of 
     the rather obvious tunnel on the left wall.  Roll up it as a Morph Ball, 
     then blast the mesh blocking your way to the ENERGY TANK and continue to 
     the right.
    SYSTEM MANAGEMENT ROOM - Walk up to the terminal and you'll discover why 
     it's been so difficult to turn the power on.  There are two Fly Pods on the 
     back wall that are spewing out Reos.  You can fend off the Reos, but what 
     you really need to do is target the pods and fire three Missiles at each 
     one to destroy them.  Now, you can access the terminal again, which gets the 
     power back up.
     Okay, let's backtrack just a little to pick up a couple of items.  They're 
     very local, so it won't be too out of your way.  Exit the System Management 
     Room and head down a couple of rooms to...
    Checkpoint Room - You'll know you're in the right room because you can't go 
     further south.  On the upper floor, behind the glass wall, you'll see 
     a vent spewing steam.  Target it with a Missile and roll inside the tunnel 
     to the far end...
    Main Hangar - Hey, we're back here, only on a back catwalk.  Grab the 
     MISSILE TANK, then use the terminal to open the door.  Follow this passage 
     back to...
    Hangar Access 2 - Use Kick Jumps to hop up onto the crates at the front end 
     of the room, then hop onto the ledge on the left wall.  Bomb the grate away 
     and roll into the tunnel to find another MISSILE TANK.  Now, head back to 
     the main room, and leave by the door on the back wall.  Pass through the 
     next passage into...
    Hangar Shaft - Drop down to the very bottom of the shaft.  Near the front 
     wall is a small square covering that can be bombed away.  Roll inside to 
     fine another MISSILE TANK.  Be careful leaving, as Geemers will suddenly 
     show up.  Climb up to the top and retrace your steps all the way to...
    Electrical Access - Let's resume our mission.  Head out the back door.  
    South Bridge - Whoops!  As you get dropped down the pit, you'll be attacked 
     by three Sidehoppers.  The game instructs you to use Overblast on them, so 
     oblige it, as it is one of the better means of dealing with these guys.  
     After they're defeated, head to the front wall as far as you can go.  Kick 
     Jump up the walls and you'll find a small platform with a MISSILE TANK.  
     Now, head to the back wall and note the shaft on the left side.  Look to the 
     top and blast the top off the shaft with a Missile, then Kick Jump to the 
     top.  You can use the terminal to restore the bridge, but it's unnecessary 
     at the moment.  Head through the back door.
    South Lift - With the power on, you can use the lift in the center of the 
     room, so do so.  You can also use the terminal to your right, which will 
     extend some ledges below, including one that will let you enter a small 
     yellow-marked tunnel on the left wall, which has a MISSILE TANK inside.  
     Head through the back left door at the top, then pass through the next 
    Observation Deck - Adam will open the door to your right and task you with 
     surveying Sector 1.
    Observation Lift - Ride up the lift and head through the door on the back 
    North Passage - Note the vents above you.  Later in the game, Reos will 
     spill out of these, but look up in the second one to find a dormant Fly 
     Pod.  Blast it away with Missiles, then Kick Jump up to the top to find a 
     crate.  Blast it open and take the MISSILE TANK, then drop down and exit 
     by the far end.
    North Lift - Before entering the lift, notice the squares bracketing it.  
     That's a ball tunnel, so grab onto it and press A to roll up into it to 
     find a crate that you can bomb away for a MISSILE TANK.  Now, enter the lift 
     to be lowered.  You can leave by the door on the back left wall, but let's 
     explore a bit.  Head to the right to find a small ledge you can hop onto, 
     then begin climbing up the ledges in this room.  Watch out for the Bulls in 
     this area, which are creatures that release toxic gas when excited or 
     destroyed.  Once you reach the very top, you'll discover an ENERGY PART.
    Elevator Hub Access - There are some more Bulls here, but what you really 
     should be prepared for is an ambush by about five or so Sidehoppers.  
     You'll have to move up and down the hallway to scare all of them up, and 
     you can't leave until they're all dead.
    MAIN ELEVATOR - Only one elevator is open to you, the one to Sector 1, so hop 
    5B. Part 2 - Feral Wildlife =
    Missiles: 18
    Energy Tanks: 1
    Energy Parts: 1
    == Sector 1, Biosphere ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - Head to the right to find a Nav Room.  Use it, 
     then continue to the right through the next tunnel.
    South Jungle Path - You'll find several Reos and a couple of Fly Pods in 
     this room.  Also in here are a couple of "Grippers", plant-like enemies.  
     If you ever get munched by one of them, turn into Morph Ball and lay a 
     Bomb to minimize the damage.  At the far end of the path, blast the vines 
     with a Missile to exit.
    South Greenhouse - As you enter this enclosed room, you'll be attacked by 
     a cackling Ghalmanian.  These purple chameleon-like foes can make themselves 
     invisible and will spit globs of acid at you.  The easiest way to defeat 
     them is to switch to Search View.  You'll find you can still target them 
     for Missiles, so blast them and then you can rush in for a Lethal Strike.  
     Note that there are two Ghalmanians in this room, although you initially 
     see only one.  Take care as you exit this room, because the next passage 
     has some Fly Pods on the ceiling.
    Circle Ramp South - Geemers, Reos, and Grippers populate this room.  Now, 
     although you can easily stay on the ground floor and head for the door 
     at the other end of the room, you'll find you can't go far into that room 
     before having to turn back, so instead head up the central ramp.  Although 
     some Grippers are background on the main plant and can't be interacted 
     with, there are others that will attack you, so watch for them on the 
     ramp itself.  As you near the top of the ramp, a yellow platform will 
     note your stopping point, so cross it to find a door covered with vines 
     that you'll need to Missile away.  You'll find another Nav Room beyond 
     the door.
    Western Slope - Before you enter the room proper, you'll be in a passage 
     with a bunch of Wavers.  These guys can divebomb you as they float, making 
     them rather annoying.  I suggest ignoring them and pressing on to the 
     main room.  Blast the Grippers, then head down the slope.  You'll slide 
     down it and will need to avoid the purple thorns so you don't take 
     damage.  At the bottom, you'll be attacked by a Griptian, a creature that 
     can roll into a ball to attack, as well as jump and slash.  One of my 
     favored ways of dealing with these guys is to nail them with a charged 
     blast while they're in a ball, then hop onto their backs for an Overblast, 
     then finish them off with a Lethal Strike.  You'll have to deal with a 
     total of three Griptians before the door to the right at the far end 
    Specimen Observation Passage - Although the broken window by the floor 
     seems obvious, that just leads to some Wavers and Poison Grippers (a weaker 
     version).  Your actual destination (since you can't go through the door on 
     the right) is on the upper part of the back wall.  The green-lined vent on 
     the right is open, and leads to a MISSILE TANK.  Continue past it to enter 
     the next room.
    Specimen Observation Lobby - Drop down to the lower floor and head right.
    Specimen Observation Labs - Head to the far right door.
    BREEDING ROOM - Head inside this room for a cutscene, then leave.  Return 
     to the Lobby.
    Specimen Observation Lobby - Head up the stairs and through the door on the 
     back wall.  Use a Missile to blast the tank in the center of the room, then 
     hop in as a Morph Ball to be returned to the Passage.  Head back left and 
    Western Slope - Head back the way you came and you'll enter an EXAMINE 
     SEARCH.  Your target is the rustling bushes to your left.  Aww.  Cute 
     little guy, huh?  Head through the back door that Adam just unlocked.
    Western Jungle Path - Two Fly Pods are in this room.  You'll notice as you 
     reach the end that you'll slam into an invisible wall.  Take a look at the 
     west wall of the room and see if you can spot a hole in a log that you 
     can climb up into.  Roll through the tunnel and you'll find a terminal, 
     which you can use to remove the jungle holograms on the back wall.  This 
     also removes some holograms further back down the path, so head back that 
     way and climb up some metal steps to grab a MISSILE TANK.  Now, head 
     through the back door.
    Steam Tunnel - Your friendly neighborhood Geemers infest this place.  
     There's another beam switch on the back wall that you need to blast with 
     your beam.  Once you fill up its charge, it will release steam that will 
     incapacitate the Geemers and open the back door.
    Western Plateau - Reos are coming out from under the waterfall.  If you 
     know the golden rule of video games, there's always something hidden 
     behind a waterfall.  Blast the Fly Pod behind it and you'll find a tunnel 
     allowing you to roll to the upper area of the plateau.  There's another 
     holo-wall at the back, so head to the right and back down to find the 
     terminal to disengage it.  Unfortunately, this wakes someone up.  The 
     Dragotix may seem like a fearsome enemy, but just keep your distance, 
     use Sense Moves, and fire Missiles at its underbelly and you should be 
     okay.  Kick climb up the back shaft and head through the door.
    Plateau Access North - I say, what's with the Geemers under the floorboards?  
     Roll into the little space they're occupying after cleaning them out to 
     find a MISSILE TANK, then proceed to a curvy corridor with a whole bunch 
     of Wavers and a slope.  Don't forget to jump over the thorns!
    Nav Room - This is one of the few location-important Nav Rooms.  Note that 
     recording your stuff doesn't open that door at the far end.  Instead, 
     use a Missile to blast open the door on the left and enter the hole as a 
     Morph Ball.
    Observation Corridor - Note the cool creatures outside the windows.  You 
     can't fight them yet, but I'm sure you know that you will be eventually.
    Break Room - The door on the left leads to another restroom.  Cool thing 
     about this one is that it has an ACCEL CHARGE module behind one of the 
     doors.  Head out the back door.
    Ruined Elevator Shaft - You'll come across a couple of corridors with 
     Bulls and Geemers, then head right to a shaft that you'll need to climb.  
     Note the striped ledges that you can cling to.  Also note that there are 
     Geemers all over the place, so take a moment at certain ledges to look up 
     in Search View and peck at the Geemers.  Once you near the top, you'll 
     see some sparking stuff close to the ceiling.  Blast it with a Missile.  
     Whoa, the lift above just dropped a bit, exposing some more sparks.  Even 
     more pressing is a Ghalmanian below you that just showed up.  Now, before 
     you blast the other set of sparks, drop down to the part of the ledge that 
     allows you to stand up inside it.  This will prevent the incoming lift 
     from smashing you as well as the Ghalmanian when you blast the sparks.  
     Having done so, crisis averted.  Continue your climb to the top, and blast 
     any more Geemers in the area.  Before hopping over the exit on the left, 
     climb to the highest ledge on the right, then press 1 to roll up into the 
     tunnel here to find a MISSILE TANK.  Now, you can hop over to the left 
     and exit through the far door.
    North Plateau Observation - The door on the left requires a Super Missile, 
     so you'll need to head through the far door, BUT FIRST, drop into Morph 
     Ball and scour the right wall for an easy-to-miss passage leading to a 
     crate with a MISSILE TANK inside.  Now, head through the far door to 
     get a nice view of the plateau below you.  Use a Bomb near the yellow 
     lights on the far right side to blow open the vent and drop in.
    Western Vents - Roll through these vents, blowing apart any blocks that 
     get in your way.  There's a MISSILE TANK at the far right end of the 
     first tunnel, but you may drop into the little hole beforehand.  If that 
     happens, set Bombs repeatedly to boost yourself up to it.  Anyway, continue 
     to the right.
    SCRAP BLOCK - Wavers populate this room.  Once cleared, set Bombs around 
     all the scrap to remove it.  Roll up the small tunnel on the left side of 
     the back wall to find a MISSILE TANK, then head up the ramp through the 
    Overgrown Tunnels - Move through these tunnels, burning away the vines in 
     your path and-- HOLY HECK what was that?  Don't worry about it for the 
     moment.  Just continue on the path, watching out for the Grippers.  Near 
     the end of the tunnel is a Fly Pod to blow up, and more debris which leads 
     to a metal tunnel.  Roll on through to the next room.
    SUBTERRANEAN CONTROL ROOM - Two Ghalmanians get all in your face in this 
     room, so teach them the meaning of loss.  Head through the Nav Room next 
     door, then continue on to the next room where you will face a total of 
     three FG-1000's.  These are floating security bots that are only vulnerable 
     when their turrets open up, so use that opportunity as best as you can to 
     pump a Missile into them, which will blow them up pretty quickly.  Once 
     they're all trashed, you will be awarded with a new weapon: the 
     DIFFUSION BEAM.  Your opportunity to use it will come right away when the 
     back doors open revealing two Fly Pods and a lot of Reos.  Blast everything, 
     then access the terminal to open that locked door in the Nav Room waaaay 
     back to the north.  Remember that?
     Okay, retrace your steps and on your way back you will face two unique 
     worm monsters: 
     FUNE and NAMIHE - These may seem like a proper boss fight, but I only 
      consider them minibosses, because the means to beat them is actually quite 
      simple.  Back into a corner and enter Search View.  Scan the walls to see 
      where either one of them will pop out, then fire a Missile at them (use 
      Sense Move to dodge by shaking the Wii Remote if you need to).  If you hit 
      one of them enough times, it'll completely come out of the hole.  At this 
      point, wait until it rears up in front of you, then blast it with a charged 
      shot, which will stun it.  Rush in for a Lethal Strike and boom, done.  Do 
      the same for the other monster and this fight will be over in short order.  
      You may now leave by the left hatch.
    Overgrown Tunnels - You'll notice that a launch module has opened up in 
     this tunnel.  Hop in and set a Bomb to blow yourself back to...
    Western Plateau - There's a Dragotix here, but it's not necessary to fight 
     it, so you can just go back into the waterfall and up the tunnel and head 
     to the door on the far wall again.  Head through the next passage to reach 
     the Nav Room again.  Now, you can leave by the far door you just unlocked.
    5C. Part 3 - Perilous Research =
    Missiles: 25
    Energy Tanks: 1
    Energy Parts: 1
    Accel Charges: 1
    Northern Jungle Path - Oh, it doesn't look very jungle-y at the moment, 
     but hop into the ball path on the left so you can roll up to a terminal 
     and you'll activate the holograms.  Note the glitchy area on the back 
     wall.  Roll up and set a Bomb neard that glitch (you may have to jump to 
     reach it) and you'll open a hole to roll into.
    Kihunter Nest - Oh, I gave that away, didn't I?  There's no going back at 
     the moment, so head forward blasting all the webbing and Reos trapped in 
     them.  Also watch out for Grippers and a Griptian at the end.
    BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT FLOOR - Well, this looks important.  Head up the 
     spiral ramp.  Watch out for the Whipvines stationed around the central 
     structure.  Some of them will whip vines, per their name, but some will 
     fire shots at you.  They can both be destroyed when they open by firing 
     Missiles.  Keep your eyes open as you ascend, as you may see a MISSILE TANK 
     below you as you climb, so drop down onto it.  Climb all the way to the 
     top, and when it seems you can't go any further, head inside the main 
     structure in the center.  Once you reach the bottom, you'll switch to 
     EXAMINE SEARCH mode.  Your target is rather tough to spot, but you need to 
     look about ninety degrees to the right and examine the brown larvae 
     crawling on the floor.  This will initiate a boss fight.
     KING KIHUNTER - This is not only a fight with the Kihunter monarch, but a 
      rather large swarm of Kihunters, as well as a quintet of Whipvines.  You'll 
      being by facing the swarm.  Use your new Diffusion Beam to its fullest and 
      lay waste to the bugs.  After a while, the Whipvines will open and start 
      shooting at you.  You need to blast each one with a Missile, but you'll 
      probably only have enough time to blast two before they close back up and 
      you start again with the swarm.  Continue this pattern until all the 
      Whipvines are blasted, which will cause the hive to collapse, exposing 
      the King.  A swarm of Kihunters will move in to cover him, so blast them 
      away with the Diffusion Beam, then take your Missile shots at the King.  
      About six should do the job.
     After the fight, you can leave by the far door.
    North Junction - The way back is closed.  The ENERGY PART in front of you 
     can easily be grabbed by heading up the ramp to the right.  Just before 
     the top, you can see a lit up vent cover on the back wall.  Bomb it away 
     and enter to reach it.  Watch for the Zoros (Kihunter larvae) in the 
     room and Bomb them if they get too fresh.  Also, a Sidehopper will show up 
     here.  The door on the front wall will lead to a dead end for the moment, 
     so head through the back door to find a Nav Room.  Past that, you'll find 
     some Reos and Zoros.  Let's take a quick detour from our main objective 
     and head through the first door on the back wall.
    Northern Bridge - Further up ahead is an elevator we can't access, but 
     below us is an item.  Hit the nearby terminal to remove the bridge, then 
     drop down a couple of steps.  On the front wall on the right side is the 
     opening of a ball tunnel that you can't really see unless you turn around 
     and use first person view.  Roll into it and you'll reach a crate with a 
     MISSILE TANK inside it.  Now, leave the way you came in.
    North Junction - Take a right and jump and roll around the obstructions to 
     find another door.
    Water Passage - Hop into the water to find a flock of Skulteras (mean fish) 
     and a Whipvine.  Blast the Whipvine with a Missile to find a tunnel you 
     can roll into to reach a MISSILE TANK.  Continue to the very far right of 
     the water and you'll find a beam switch to charge up.  Once charged, the 
     switch will activate a carrier ledge that will ferry over to the left 
     side of the room so you can grab onto it.  Before you do this, look up at 
     the ceiling and notice three more Whipvines ready to smack you as you 
     ride along.  Take out the first one right away, but the other two are 
     further off, so you'll have to ride the carrier and shoot them down on the 
     fly.  Once you reach the far end, head through the door.
    Jungle Pond - Skulteras in the water and Bulls in the air.  The point of 
     this room is to cross the platforms to the far right side.  Hop down onto 
     the platforms and start shooting up the beam switch, which will raise the 
     water level and allow you to cross the first piece of land.  Once on the 
     right side, first head all the way to the far right wall.  Roll up and 
     go into the hole to find a MISSILE TANK.  Now, you need to find another 
     beam switch on the bottom of one of the platforms above you.  Charging it 
     will lower the water.  Head up the steps on the left and take a leap off 
     the piece of land and hit the platform in the water.  From these platforms, 
     you can shoot the last beam switch on the metal wall high up on the right.  
     This will start the water moving up and down regularly.  Now, for a bit of 
     a tricky jump.  You need to jump out and hit the rock wall behind the 
     metal wall, then Kick Jump back and ascend to the top of the wall on the 
     right.  It'll take some practice, but it's doable.  Leave by the door.
    Rainy Field - There are several Poison Grippers wandering around the room.  
     To move forward, you need to head to the tree in the near left corner and 
     jump up the platforms around it until you reach a ball tunnel.  Roll 
     through the tunnel (watch out for Geemers) and you'll hit another tree 
     with platforms to jump up.  This pattern continues around the room with 
     trees and tunnels until you hit a holo-terminal.  Activate it to cause the 
     walls to revert and you'll tick off a sleeping Groganch.  This miniboss 
     fight will require you to hammer on the Groganch's obvious weak spot with 
     Missiles while it lobs globs of purple stuff at you which CAN be shot 
     down, so find yourself a nice spot and hammer away at the weak spot and 
     the shots.  At times, the Groganch will flip over and its weak spot will 
     move to its back or belly.  Simply hop on nearby platforms if you need to 
     reach its back and continue the onslaught until it gives in.  Once it's 
     dead, hop up the shaft in the back and go through the door.
    Storage Shaft - Head through the next corridor dealing with Kihunters 
     and Zoros, then you'll find yourself in a room with some storage crates.  
     Look up and you'll see a small crate attached to the ceiling.  Use a Missile 
     on it to bring it down and receive a MISSILE TANK.  Now, head to the 
     back area blast all the Geemers on the walls, then ascend using the 
     ledges and charge up the beam switch on the wall to activate a launch module 
     at the bottom of the shaft.  Roll into and it and lay a Bomb to get 
     launched up.  Leave this area by the door at the other end.
    Field Observation - Some Kihunters in the first passage, then you'll reach a 
     larger room and find a trio of Griptians waiting to tear you up.  Blast 
     them to pieces, then head out the door to the right, blasting the Whipvines 
     in the next corridor.
    Maintenance Track - This large area seems like a nice place to fight a big 
     enemy, and there's a nearby Groganch to supply you your fight.  Take him 
     down the same way as the first one.  Now, head to the back left end of 
     the room to find a carrier ledge.  Just like the last one, make sure you 
     go into Search View so you can intercept the Reos that pop out to knock 
     you off.  At the end, leap off onto the ledge behind you and roll into the 
     ball tunnel.  At the first point the tunnel splits, take the upper route, 
     then follow the tunnel for a long way until it splits again.  This time, 
     take the lower route to find an ENERGY TANK, then head back to the upper 
     route and continue on to the very end, where you'll find a terminal that 
     will unlock the door below you, leading to a Nav Room.
    Research Central - This area looks important, but there's really not much 
     happening right now.  Head through the far door.
    BIOSPHERE TEST AREA - Samus will automatically cross the field to the other 
    EXAM CENTER - Enter the elevator ahead of you, then follow the path around 
     the room until you reach a locked door with an orange circle on it.  
     Search near the door to find a weak spot in the nearby blast door that you 
     can Missile open.  Roll through and you'll come upon a terminal that will 
     opent he locked door.  Return to it and continue through the passages.  It's 
     all pretty straightforward.  At some point, you'll see cutscenes and will 
     need to follow your GF friends to search the facility.  The path through 
     is pretty straightforward.  Just head for green doors on your radar.  
     Eventually, you'll pass by two GF guys posted behind a table.  Head to 
     the door near them and you'll end up in a room with five other doors on 
     the walls.  Head through the middle door.  You'll have an EXAMINE SEARCH 
     where you're meant to look at the GF logo on the chest of the body.
     After the cutscene, you'll be back in the computer room.  Head back up the 
     stairs and this time, a door that was previously red will now be unlocked 
     (go straight ahead past the Nav Room).  Keep moving forward from there and 
     you'll come across a room with five passages.  Go to any of these passages 
     and you'll get another EXAMINE SEARCH where you'll have to look up and 
     you'll spot Zebesians attached to the ceiling.  Naturally, you're in for a 
     fight.  Zebesians aren't too complicated; just use smart tactics like 
     always.  You'll fight no more than three at a time, but you will have to 
     fight several.  Near the end, you may have to start chasing them down the 
     side hallways if they start hiding.  Once they're all defeated, make your 
    BIOSPHERE TEST AREA - As you come to this area, battle will already be 
     in effect and you'll be attacked.
     MYSTERY CREATURE - This is a very unique boss fight, in that you spend its 
      entirety pinned down.  Your target is the creature's tail, and you need to 
      get a Missile lock on it as it darts behind the creature's head before it 
      stabs you.  That's pretty much all there is to this fight.  The only hard 
      part is actually getting the lock, and once you cause damage, the tail 
      will just move faster.  I say as soon as you get a solid lock, fire 
      without hesitation.
     Following the fight, you will be given another EXAMINE SEARCH.  Look behind 
     you at the green ichor on the ground.  Once that scene is over, it'll be 
     time to leave.  Follow your radar icon and head to the green door to exit.  
     Head down the elevator shaft.
    5D. Part 4 - Beating the Heat =
    Missiles: 30
    Energy Tanks: 2
    Energy Parts: 2
    Accel Charges: 1
    == Sector 3, Pyrosphere ==
    Sector 3 Entry - Head to the right.
    Lava Lake - You begin this area in a sealed tube.  Head to the right and 
     you'll encounter Skrees, Mellas (flying flame bugs similar to Reos), and 
     Heat Bulls (Bulls that use fire instead of gas and explode).  Also, near 
     the end of the tube, a huge creature will burst through the tube to try 
     to grab you.  You MUST perform a Sense Move or you will be eaten in one 
    Western Lake Access - Head to the right down the ramp, blasting the Heat 
     Bulls.  You most likely will need the Nav Room nearby, so use it.  As you 
     leave the Nav Room, note the little alcove with the glowing bugs.  Hop 
     into it and roll into the ball tunnel.  At the end of it, you'll find an 
     ENERGY PART.  Head back out, down the left ramp, and through the door.
    Lava Lake - You'll barely have time to note that the heat is slowly 
     sapping your strength given how you're set upon the deadly Vorash not 
     long after you enter.  You'll need to run for it and use Sense Moves a 
     lot, so get moving and jumping.  Just be careful to note direction changes 
     as they happen, and when you need to climb up onto ledges.  That lava will 
     take your energy a lot faster than the heat will.
    Eastern Lake Access - As you enter the room, you'll see a flaming Fly Pod 
     that will spit out Mellas, and you'll also be attacked by several 
     Zebesians.  Get to work on the pirates.  About halfway through the fight, 
     Adam will authorize use of the ICE BEAM, so put it to the test on the 
     Mellas and the Fly Pod first to get them out of the way, then finish off 
     the Pirates.  Once the room is clear, set a Bomb on the leftmost of the 
     three red circles to find a launch module.  It will toss you to an 
     ACCEL CHARGE.  Leave by the lefthand door.  The next room will have Mellas 
     and Novas (crawling flame guys).  With the Ice Beam, these should be 
     little problem.  Just watch out for the flame vents.
    Eastern Passage - As you exit, you'll be attacked by a Dessgeega, a creature 
     similar to a Sidehopper, but more powerful.  If you freeze them, they'll 
     get a foot stuck to the ground, opening them up for an Overblast, so use 
     that against them.  There are several in this room.  About halfway 
     through, look to the left wall for a flame vent that has a broken cover.  
     Cool off the vent with an Ice Beam shot and enter the hole to find a 
     MISSILE TANK.  Head through the door on the right wall at the end.
    Eastern Shafts - Bounce up the shaft, watching out for the Novas on the 
     walls.  At the top, head down the hallway, then slide down the next shaft, 
     again blasting Novas.  Don't go too far down, as it's really hot at the 
     bottom.  Also, find the beam switch on the right-hand wall and charge it to 
     open the hatch just below it.  Roll through the hatch and through the 
     door to the Nav Room.  
    Lava Lake - Yep.  We're back here and still sweating.  Don't rush to the 
     right too quickly, though.  Magdollites infest this area.  You can quickly 
     run or jump past the ones on the side of the trail, but the ones in your 
     way (particularly the first one) you'll probably need to blast full of 
     ice.  The path is relatively simple.  Just watch out for one thing; after 
     hopping up onto a ledge over a rather small Magdollite, hop down the other 
     side and roll into a ball, looking for a hole on the side of the rock, 
     inside which you'll find an ENERGY PART.  If you've been following my 
     guide, this is #4, meaning you get another Energy Tank, which would be a 
     nice help at this point.  Anyway, the door's not too far after that, so 
     head off to the right.
    Lower Lake Exit - Blast the Mellas and Novas out of the way.
    FLOOR OBSERVATION ROOM - Don't get comfy in this room, because you're going 
     to be attacked quickly by an Asborean, a worm-like creature in a horseshoe 
     crab-like armor.  It cannot be harmed while low on the ground and releasing 
     spawn, but once it stands, take every opportunity to blast it.  If you can 
     get it stunned so it's heavily breathing, perform a Lethal Strike and you'll 
     rip the creature out of the armor.  It's still a danger, though, because 
     it will wrap around you and explode if you don't blast it quickly.  Once 
     the creature is down, head to the back wall and roll under the little 
     stairs to find a MISSILE TANK.  Now, head out the left door, walk up the 
     passage a little ways, and spot the yellow vent on the wall.  Climb into 
     it and roll to another MISSILE TANK.  You may now leave by the left-hand 
    Crater Approach - Watch the ground carefully as you sprint down this 
     causeway, because rocks will crash down on you, some containing Novas.  
     Still, keep moving, because you're still being drained of energy.  At the 
     end is a Nav Room you probably needed (again).
    Crater Control - Blast the six Zebesians in this room and use the terminal to 
     lower the lava flow and open the two hatches on the left and right side of 
     the room.  Go to the right hatch first and roll to an ENERGY PART, then 
     head back and roll through the left hatch to drop to the bottom of the 
    CRATER INTERIOR - Head to the right to start climbing and get ready to run.  
     The lava will begin rising.  If that weren't enough, something in the lava 
     seems to want a piece of you, so dodge its attacks.  Climbing the crater 
     will require a little bit of Kick Jumping, but not too much, and only near 
     the end.  Just try to avoid the Novas on the ground and the tentacle 
     attacks and you should reach the top to face your foe.  Immediately upon 
     reaching the top, Samus will (finally) activate her VARIA feature to stop 
     taking heat damage.
     GOYAGMA - This wobbly beast starts with two main attacks: swinging its 
      arms across the battlefield at various speeds, and flinging fireballs.  
      The former must be jumped over, and the latter can be dodged.  Blast the 
      very obvious spot on its chest with the Ice Beam.  If you freeze its 
      chest over, shatter that ice with a Missile to cause some good damage.  
      Once you do this a couple of times, its arms will catch fire and it will 
      add a new attack: punching the ground to cause eruptions that you'll have 
      to dodge.  After a bit of this, it will get tired and rest one of its 
      arms near you.  Hit that arm with a charged blast to freeze it, then 
      jump on it to run up its arm and blast it in the head.  Continue these 
      type of attacks until it's dead.
     With the fall of Goyagma, the lava is now drained and you can move back 
     down the crater.  Return to the launch module that was below where you 
     entered the area, but continue to the left after that.  After a while, 
     you'll reach a point that looks like the end, but jump off the ledge and 
     you'll hit the bottom, where you can then head right to the next door.  
     Watch out for Dessgeegas all the way, of course.
    Elevator to Main Sector - Oh, but we're not leaving yet.  Head to the right 
     and past the elevator.  Blast any Novas and Heat Bulls that get in your way.
    Furnace Entry - You'll find three Zebesians to blast in this room.  Once 
     they're through, hop up the shaft and head through the far door.  The next 
     corridor has Mellas and Dessgeegas, then a Nav Room after that.  Continue 
     on to the next room to find that you can't proceed.  Return to the Nav Room 
     to be told to head to Sector 2 next and that we'll return to this area 
     later.  Retrace your steps and just before you hit the elevator, you'll 
     be attacked by another Asborean.  Just a heads up.
    Elevator to Main Sector - Ride up to the Main Sector, then take the Sector 
     2 Elevator.
    5E. Part 5 - Survivors =
    Missiles: 33
    Energy Tanks: 3
    Energy Parts: 5
    Accel Charge: 2
    NOTE: I'm counting Energy Tanks added on due to Energy Parts to eliminate 
     confusion.  At this point, you should have collected two full Energy Tanks 
     and five Parts, giving you three Tanks.
    == Sector 2, Cryosphere ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - Head through the right-hand door and up the passage 
     to the Nav Room to map out more of the upcoming area, then proceed.
    South Frozen Path - Snomers dot the area (they're pretty much snow-based 
     Geemers).  Once you round the corner, you'll also face Himellas, this area's 
     version of the flying nuisance.  Look for a fallen ice pillar several feet 
     to the right and roll under it to find a MISSILE TANK.  Continue down the 
     path and you'll end at a fight with a Volfon, a kind of half ram, half wolf.
     You'll face a total of four of these feral beasts.  You can freeze them to 
     stop them moving, but all you can do while they're frozen is continually 
     hammer them or try for a Missile lock, which is difficult when others are 
     running about.  Once all four are down hop up the ledge to the right and 
     pass through the door.
    Chilled Pool - There are Skullteras in the water, naturally.  Above the 
     water are a Fumbleye, who you cannot damage at this point, and several 
     Joulions, which fire purple electricity if angered.  Drop down into the 
     drink and head to the far right side to grab a MISSILE TANK.  While down 
     here, charge up the beam switch on the back wall so you can raise platforms, 
     then climb out of the water using the ledges on the left side.  Now simply 
     walk around the path to the back door, avoiding the Fumbleye and either 
     shooting or avoiding the Joulions.
    Central Frozen Path - Head up this path, blasting Snomers and Joulions.
    Frozen Pit - The bridge will crumble as you cross and you'll face a 
     Gigafraug.  These bad dudes have armored helmets, but these can be shattered 
     with a solid Missile hit, after which the foe will be vulnerable to 
     Overblasts and Lethal Strikes, so exploit that.  Once it's dead, use a 
     Missile to blast away the ice rock on the back wall (if the 'Fraug didn't 
     do it for you) and exit to the Nav Room.
    Pit Passage - Take out the Fly Pod spitting out Himellas.  There's ice 
     blocking the exit that you can't remove right now.  Near the entrance to 
     the passage is a vent you can crawl into.  Make sure you pass by the 
     cold-blowing vent when it's not blowing, otherwise you'll tumble right 
    North Frozen Path - As you exit the tunnel, proceed to the back to face 
     another new enemy: a Kyratian.  These bruisers use electric shock power 
     to take you on.  Blast them with beam shots as they are right now so you 
     freeze up its cannons.  It will try to counter this by charging itself up 
     with electricity.  When it does this, beam shots bounce off, but Missiles 
     become very effective, so use them in turn.  After destroying the Kyratian, 
     follow the small stream of water to its source and roll into it to find a 
     MISSILE TANK, then leave by the door.
    Snow Field - You'll begin facing three Volfons, and then a Gigafraug.  You 
     can either fight the Gigafraug or let its charge break the back ice wall 
     and escape from it that way.  If you kill it, you'll need to use a Missile 
     and then a Bomb to destroy the ice wall.  Climb up and head out the door.
    Ruined Tunnel - Snomers in here.  Roll up, then jump under the obstruction 
     and Kick Jump up to the upper level.  Drop down the other side and take 
     out the two Dessgeegas.  There's a ball tunnel on the right side, near 
     the red light.  Jump up to it and roll up to a MISSILE TANK, then leave 
     by the door.
    Chilled River - A Kyratian tries to be a bit of a jerk, sniping at you 
     from relative safety.  Blast the ice rocks on the ceiling with Missiles 
     so you can cross to the other side and chase him.  Blast him to pieces 
     and you'll find another Kyratian has the same idea further up the river.  
     Blast more ice rocks on the ceiling and attack him the same way.  Once 
     the room is clear, take the MISSILE TANK in the small tunnel in the water 
     below you.  It may be difficult to grab the tunnel without the Gravity 
     Suit, but drop down from above and you can make it.  Head through the 
     back door and access the Nav Room.
    Low-Temperature Corridors - The first passage has Snomers and Himellas.  
     After the door at the end, you'll come across a Gigafraug that looks like 
     it's been Metroided.  There are nearby fans blowing on the back wall.  
     Freeze the left-hand fan and climb up past it to find a MISSILE TANK.  The 
     left-hand door on the back wall is a no go, so head through the right door, 
     then through the next passage.
    Freezing Transit - There are Snomers, a Gigafraug, and a Fly Pod full of 
     Himellas in this room.  Don't leave a single one alive, because you need 
     to hop on the carrier ledge at the front of this room so it can carry you 
     to the back.  The Fly Pod can be destroyed once you freeze the fan in the 
     back and then fire Missiles behind it.  To properly operate the carrier 
     ledge, you need to blast the two ice deposits on the track, as well as 
     the ice on the carrier itself.  Hop on and ride to the far end, then 
     kick off to the other side and use the terminal to leave.
    Ice Reservoir - Drop down into the pit and take out the Snomers.  Climb 
     up the ledges along the back.  When you reach a shiny ice pillar, smash it 
     with a Missile, then a Bomb to tip it over.  Climb up the ledges and 
     head through the upper-right door.
    WATER TANK - Drop down and take out any Skulteras in the water, then blast 
     the drain cover on the left side with a Missile, then hop in and Bomb it 
     to drain all the water back into...
    Ice Reservoir - The purpose of the ledges on the left now becomes obvious.  
     Climb up them and hop across the ice pillar to get to the ledges and head 
     back to...
    Water Tank - Drop down and you'll face TWO Kyratians.  It's a tough fight, 
     but winnable.  If you get too low, climb up to the sides.  The Kyratians 
     have a tough time climbing ledges (but they CAN make it, so don't get too 
     confident).  Once they're ended, head up to the right side.  Before leaving 
     by the door, head to the near right corner and jump up to a small vent to 
     find a MISSILE TANK.
    Speed Tunnels - Turn around once you hit the ice wall and you'll activate 
     your SPEED BOOSTER.  Get a nice running start and plow through the walls.  
     It may seem like a good idea to just run all the way to the end, but stop 
     once you reach the top of the slope and Shinespark back the way you came 
     to land on a platform with a MISSILE TANK.  Now, slide back down, get a 
     running start and continue to run up the slope and all the way to the 
     end.  You'll end up in...
    South Frozen Path - You'll crash through the walls and discover your first 
     E-RECOVERY TANK.  This will allow you to recover an extra tank of energy 
     when you Concentrate, and it will also allow you to start Concentration 
     from a higher energy amount.  Now, it's time to lap ourselves and 
     continue to the east.  Head through the Chilled Pool to reach...
    Central Frozen Path - If you haven't already, clear out the ice rocks on 
     the ground using Missiles, as well as any enemies, because we need a running 
     start.  Speed Boost from here into...
    Frozen Pit - Just before running off the edge, hold 2 to Shinespark, push 
     forward on the Control Pad, and release 2 and you'll fly across the pit.  
     On this side, roll up into a ball and roll behind the pillar on the right 
     to find a hole to drop down and discover an ENERGY TANK.  Use the launch 
     module to get back out and head through the door on this upper ledge to 
     find a Nav Room.
    SECTOR GENERATOR ROOM - Pass through the outer corridor and enter the 
     room proper to find some spinning generators.  What you need to do is 
     drop down and Kick Jump up the left side of the generator you can see.  
     Those green circles are ledges you can hold onto.  Jump up to the second 
     circle and let it carry you around to the other side to find a beam switch.  
     Charge it up to deploy a platform, then Kick Jump up to the third circle so 
     you can jump across to the platform.  There's another generator on the right 
     side.  Kick Jump up its right side and hang from its top circle.  Wait 
     for it to carry you around to the front side and jump off so you can grab 
     a MISSILE TANK, then hop back onto the circle and get off on the left 
     side to reach the door.
    Northern Corridors - At the second corridor, you'll find some ice rocks to 
     destroy with Missiles.  You guessed right; they want you to Speed Boost 
     through the next room, but before we do that, just walk into the next 
    Specimen Storage - Drop down to the lower floor.  There are three gray 
     squares on the floor.  Bomb the lowest one of these and roll inside to 
     find an ENERGY PART.  Now head to the near wall on the left side and 
     Kick Jump back up to the top.  Now, return to the last room and Speed 
     Boost into here.  Shinespark yourself over the gap and face the two 
     Kyratians here to be able to leave by the far door.  Head through the 
     next corridor to the Nav Room.
    Snow Cliffs - You'll face a Groganch in this area.  (Here?  Must be on 
     vacation.)  The good news it that you have a lot of room to run around, so 
     keep your distance and let the Missiles fly while you shoot down its shots.  
     Once it dies, a clump of snow will drop down to the north.  Climb up, and 
     you'll enter an EXAMINE SEARCH section.  Your target is the woman standing 
     at the window.  Time to head after her.  But first, your radar should be 
     pointing to an item in the vicinity.  Specifically, it's that rock sticking 
     out of the ground.  Blast it with a Missile to find an ACCEL CHARGE.  Head 
     through the door and down the corridor.
    MATERIALS STOREHOUSE - Head down the stairs and walk through the crates.  
     You'll tail the young lady as she dodges around the area.  Once you corner 
     her, you'll be attacked by someone you wouldn't expect:
     RB176 FERROCRUSHER - The main issues to worry about with this foe are its 
      speed in rolling around and its heat laser.  Blast each of the arms until 
      they freeze, then shatter them with Missiles.  Once both arms are gone, 
      the vehicle will move even faster and deploy its lower blades.  Now, 
      your targets are the wheels.  Once you freeze one set of wheels, a power 
      module will pop out of the top.  Blast it with repeated Missile fire to 
      cause damage.  Continue with this until the metal beast is destroyed.
     Your friend ran off and the Ferrocrusher is empty, so head up the nearby 
     shaft and leave by the door.  You'll enter a lift that will take you down 
     to a Nav Room.
    5F. Part 6 - Out of the Frying Pan =
    Missiles: 42
    Energy Tanks: 4
    Energy Parts: 6
    Accel Charge: 3
    E-Recovery Tanks: 1
    == Sector 2 ==
    Service Ramp - Before you do anything else, note the stack of crates to your 
     right.  Run around the back of them and along the right-hand wall to find 
     a MISSILE TANK.  You have a choice of two directions here.  I'll tell you 
     right now that you want to go left.
    Mountain Slope - Take out the three Volfons in this area.  Now, note the 
     rather obvious dark line going towards the back.  The clear answer is to 
     run up and get enough momentum for a Shinespark, but instead of going from 
     front to back, being by going back to front.  Once you hit the front of the 
     room, Shinespark straight up and you should get close to a platform that 
     has a MISSILE TANK.  Okay, NOW you can go from front to back and Shinespark 
     straight up to the platform.  Hop in the launch module and you'll ride 
     up to a grated area with Snomers and electrified floors.  Time your 
     movements and head towards the back.  DON'T fall down the hole that drops 
     you back down the slope, because that'd be dumb.  Roll down the hole at 
     the very end and you'll land on another platform which you need to use to 
     launch yourself up to another grated area, which is more of the same.  Roll 
     to the very end and you'll drop into an enclosed area.  Take the 
     ENERGY TANK.  There's a beam switch on the far wall, but it's behind a 
     window, so there's nothing you can do.  Head back outside and slide down the 
     slope, avoiding the obstructions in the way, and head out the door at the 
    Service Ramp - Head to the center of the room to find yourself trapped in 
     glass, surrounded by new Super Zebesians, which are more powerful than 
     those you've faced up until now.  Dodge their attacks as best you can until 
     Adam gives you permission to use the WAVE BEAM.  Fire back at your foes 
     until they croak.  Now, you can go back to the left.
    Mountain Slope - Head back up to the top of the slope as you did the first 
     time and this time you should be able to hit the beam switch with the 
     Wave Beam.  This lowers a large cargo lift below you.  Now head back 
     outside and roll up into a ball.  It's time to race an avalanche to the 
     bottom of the hill, and you're much faster in ball form.  Just watch out 
     for the debris in your way.  Once you reach the bottom, Samus will take 
     over and make a stylish exit herself.
    Service Ramp - Finally, you can go to the door at the back of the room.
    Frozen Conveyor - There are platforms all along this slope and you'll 
     need to climb up them.  There are a couple that are frozen down and you'll 
     need to blast with Missiles.  There are a couple more that won't support 
     your weight and you'll have to freeze them so you can climb them, but the 
     path should be rather obvious.  Once you reach the top, you'll have to fight 
     two Kyratians.  With the Wave Beam, you can now damage them while they're 
     charged up with electricity, but otherwise the same tactics apply.  After 
     you defeat them, you'll come to another Nav Room.
    MATERIALS TRANSFER LIFT - Hop on the lift and hit that terminal to start 
     the ride up.  Of course, you won't get a free ride.  Three, and then four 
     Super Zebesians will challenge you, so teach them who's in charge.  After 
     that, you'll face a new enemy: a Rhedogian.  This guy is far nastier.  
     He'll fire a spray of missiles, try to swipe at you with his arms, try to 
     grapple you, and can fire an intense beam from his eye.  Keep moving and 
     dodging around his attacks and try to tag him with some charged blasts.  
     If his eye turns red, he's about to fire a quick beam from his eye.  Take 
     his moment of hesitation as a cue to launch a Missile into his face for 
     decent damage.  After causing a bit of hurt to him, he'll fly off, so 
     leave the room.
    Storage Tanks - Head through the corridor blasting Snomers (enjoying the 
     one-hit kills thanks to the Wave Beam).  In the next room, roll into the 
     open pipe on the back wall.  Set Bombs on each of the two red lights in 
     the tunnel and you'll drain the liquid from the tanks.  Now head out of 
     the pipe and stand to the right of the tanks.  You should see a beam 
     switch on the wall behind them, which you can hit with the Wave Beam.  
     Once it's charged, the vent on the back wall opens and you can roll through 
     the tunnels to reach...
    Elevator to Main Sector - The beginning!  Hop in to return to the Main 
     Sector, then enter the elevator to Sector 3.
    == Sector 3 ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - Head to the left for now, it being the only way 
     you can go.
    Crater Interior - Climb up the slope until you reach the launch module that 
     will send you back into...
    Crater Control - Head outside.
    Crater Approach - Since your fight with Goyagma, this causeway is slightly 
     torn up.  Once you cross the first two breaks in the bridge, get a running 
     start so you can Shinespark yourself over the largest gap and get to the 
     other side safely.
    Floor Observation Room - You'll be attacked by another Asborean here.  
     Demolish it, then use the terminal.  This will unlock the door back at the 
     elevator.  Retrace your steps, being sure to Shinespark over the broken 
     bridge at the Approach.
    Elevator to Main Sector - You may now exit to the right.
    Furnace Entry - Uh oh.  Anthony is tangling with the Rhedogian and he's 
     not doing well.  QUICKLY target the red module hanging from the ceiling and 
     Adam will authorize use of the GRAPPLE BEAM.  Press A while targeting that 
     Grapple Point to swing up to where Anthony is.  Press A or 2 to jump off 
     and the two of you will fight the Rhedogian.  Fight as you did earlier, and 
     don't worry about Anthony at this point; he'll hold his own.  Chase the 
     Rhedogian off again.  After the cutscenes, head through the next passage.
    Molten Passsage - There's a Magdollite in front of you, so dispose of it 
     before swinging across the Grapple Points.  Before going into the door 
     at the end, walk towards the front wall.  See that little blue passage 
     below you?  Jump down to it and you'll find an ENERGY PART.  Hop back up 
     to the upper floor, or just hop back through the lava (you shouldn't take 
     too much damage).
    BLAST FURNACE OBSERVATION - Looks hot in there.  Drop down the hole to your 
     left, then use the Grapple Point to reach the ball tunnel.  Roll through 
     it and Bomb away the obstructions.  These are actually Grapple Points we'll 
     be using shortly.  Oh, and the Vorash is back.  Roll to the other end 
     and use the terminal to open the hatch to the furnace itself.  Hop down 
     and enter the furnace, then use the Grapple Point.
     VORASH - Looks like we're playing for keeps, now.  The Vorash will begin 
      by splashing around and flinging lava at you, so avoid that.  His weak 
      spot should be incredibly obvious, so blast that when you get an opening.  
      Note for when he roars at you.  That's a Grapple Point jammed in his 
      mouth, so grab it with your Grapple Beam and you'll yank him out of the 
      lava, giving yourself a couple of free Missile shots on his underbelly.  
      Continue this pattern, and once you drain half of its health, the Grapple 
      Point will be destroyed.  At this point, the Vorash will add an attack 
      where he crawls onto the rocks you're standing on.  Use this opportunity 
      to hammer him with beam shots and finish him off..
     Hop to the exit from the furnace, then climb up the shaft and head out the 
     door.  You'll find a Nav Room.  Adam will tell you to head out to the west 
     part of the sector, but you won't be able to do that until finish the area 
     you're in now, so press on ahead.
    5G. Part 7 - Vendetta =
    Missiles: 44
    Energy Tanks: 5
    Energy Parts: 7
    Accel Charge: 3
    E-Recovery Tanks: 1
    Desert Approach - There's a Grapple Point in the middle of a simple 
     corridor.  This is, of course, meant to swing you past the Sandfang that 
     lives in the sand below.  You can use it or fight the Sandfang and move on.
    ENVIRONMENTAL TEST FLOOR - Also known as the Big Desert Room.  Dessgeegas 
     and Sandfangs populate this room, but the only really important thing to 
     you should be that crane in the back.  It has a Grapple Point at the end of 
     its arm, and the back end can be shot at with Missiles to rotate the 
     thing.  So, rotate it clockwise three times and you should be able to swing 
     up to the platform on the left with the terminal, which will create a door, 
     and, of course, you'll have to swing up to that, so hit the crane another 
     two times in a clockwise direction.
    DESERT REFINERY - Oooo, two named rooms in a row.  Mellas, Heat Bulls, and 
     Zebesians are in this room.  Climb up the ramps to the top, and use the 
     Grapple Point to ascend further.  At the top, you'll find more turning 
     generators like back in Sector 2.  Climb up the first one until you can 
     reach the lower ledge to its right (near the first circle ledge), then 
     head right to the next generator.  This one you're going to ascend all 
     the way to the top to hit the terminal up here, which will open the door 
     on the back wall.  Drop back down, the head for the left-hand generator 
     again and ascend to the top to reach the door.
    Outer Corridor 1 - There are FG-1000's and the weaker FG II-Graham in this 
     area.  The latter just fire at you every once in a while.  The 1000's are 
     now a lot easier to destroy than they were in Sector 1, so take advantage 
     of that as you climb the ramp.  Once you clear the area (or even while 
     you're clearing it) run up the ramp from a reasonable distance to get the 
     Speed Booster going.  At the top of the ramp, Shinespark straight up and 
     you'll land on an upper ledge.  Head left and roll into the ball tunnel.
    Refinery Maintenance - At the split in the tunnel, roll to the right to 
     grab a MISSILE TANK, then roll back to the left and out the opposite end.  
     Use the Nav Room.
    Outer Corridor 2 - More Grahams and 1000's.  You don't need speed up this 
     ramp, because the door at the top is right in front of you.
    Refinery Apex - Aw man.  This guy again?  The Rhedogian wants another 
     piece of you.  The fight starts out much like the previous one: dodge 
     arms, try to get a Missile shot when his eye is red, etc.  After causing a 
     bit of damage, he'll start floating around the edge of the room firing 
     missiles.  Dodge them and return fire as best as you can.  You'll know you 
     have him on the ropes when he floats to the very top of the walls.  Let 
     fly a Missile in his face and he'll fall off the edge.  He'll never show 
     up again, right?  Stand on the elevator in the middle of the room.
    Refinery Depths - Hey, a Dragotix.  With the beams you have now, he's pretty 
     much a pushover, so get him out of your way.  There are three Grapple Points 
     across an expanse of magma, so swing across and hope you don't get hit.
    Eastern Passage - Specifically, you're now in the corridor west of it.  Drop 
     down and head through the unlocked door down here.
    Eastern Shafts - Proceed through this room as you did the first time.
    Lava Lake - Hey, we can survive this room, now!  Head to the right past 
     all the Magdollites.  Instead of going through the door at the end, turn 
     around at the door and hop up onto the rocks behind the trail.  You'll 
     notice a Grapple Point.  The object now is to swing along a series of 
     Grapple Points to reach a door higher up on the right-hand wall.
    Lava Path - Magdollites everywhere, but you can probably ignore them and 
     press on to the Nav Room.
    Power Plant Entry - Well, lookee here.  An EXAMINE SEARCH will point to the 
     very obvious creature you've been tailing all this time, now kinda dead 
     with a big hole in its back like something jumped out.
    Power Plant Approach - There are some Grahams here, and now they've decided 
     to create some nasty plasma barriers to block you.  You can either simply 
     hop over the barrier or use a charged shot on one of the robots to freeze 
     it momentarily.  Either way, proceed up the ramp.
    GEOTHERMAL POWER PLANT - Looks like someone's being a bit benevolent.  At 
     the top of the stairs is an obvious ENERGY TANK.  Slightly less than obvious 
     is you using the Grapple Point to swing to that blue-walled area where 
     you'll find an ACCEL CHARGE.
    Power Plant Core - Shortly into your walk in this room, you'll hit an 
     EXAMINE SEARCH that basically wants you to point out the door you just 
     came through (softly lit by green lights) just so it can be blown up and 
     your exit cut off by whatever mysterious fire-breathing dragon-like thing 
     with a spiked tail seems to be occupying this room.  Once you regain 
     control, run around dodging fire.  You'll get a call from Adam telling 
     you to open up the magma flow on the wall, and another EXAMINE SEARCH 
     thing where you have to look at the hatch on the wall.  You'll activate 
     the SUPER MISSILE as a reward for putting up with two of those things in 
     a row.  Charge up with A and release to fire the Super Missile at the 
     hatch.  After a lot of stuff happens, you will also get the PLASMA BEAM.
     RIDLEY!!! - I love the remix of his theme for this game.  Begin by 
      blasting Ridley in his ugly face while avoiding the flame.  If Ridley 
      jumps into the air tosses a big fireball, get ready to jump over the 
      coruscating halo that results when it impacts.  After several hits, 
      Ridley will be stunned enough for a Lethal Strike.  Now, Ridley will 
      invoke... some weird mist or something that makes him invulnerable to 
      beams.  This is the point you hit him with a Super Missile when you get 
      an opening.  In addition to his flame, he'll use melee moves such as 
      charging along the ground and a tail whip.  Once you knock off about 
      half his health, he'll also start stabbing his tail at you from the air, 
      which can be dodged pretty easily.  In all, Ridley's not all that 
      difficult if you fight smart and take opportunities as they arise.
     Use the Grapple Point to exit the same way Ridley did.
    Geothermal Power Plant - Both doors are sealed.  You need to blast the 
     gray door with all the colored emblems on it with a Super Missile.
    Power Plant Shaft - Drop down and blast all the Novas on the walls.  Slide 
     down the wall until you find a vent on the left side.  Roll to a MISSILE 
     TANK.  Head back up the shaft and activate the beam switch on the 
     right wall to open the hatch above it.  Hop in the launch module and you'll 
     be sent back to the room just left of the elevator.  Head to the right.
    Elevator to Main Sector - Head back up to the Main Sector.  At the top, 
     Samus will notice someone heading to Sector 1.  Let's follow him, won't 
    5H. Part 8 - Objections =
    Missiles: 46
    Energy Tanks: 6
    Energy Parts: 7
    Accel Charge: 4
    E-Recovery Tanks: 1
    == Sector 1 ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - Begin by heading along the usual path.
    South Greenhouse - You'll face two Mighty Griptians in this room.  They're 
     powerful with their spikes and all, so take opportunities to stun them 
     with charged blasts then immediately rush in to see if you can score a 
     Lethal Strike.  If you don't go for it, they tend to take a serious amount 
     of damage.
    Circle Ramp South - The guy you're chasing will exist by the door on the 
     opposite wall.  Before following him, head up the spiral ramp and make sure 
     you get a Speed Booster going.  At the very very top of the ramp, 
     Shinespark straight up and grab the MISSILE TANK.  Now, head through the 
     door on ground level.
    Blocked Passage - This area was impassable earlier, but now that you have 
     the Grapple Beam, you can cross using the Points.  Just watch out for 
     Grippers.  After using the first Grapple Point, you'll land on the upper 
     rock.  There's a hole in the rock here that you can roll into and bomb 
     some debris out of the way to find a MISSILE TANK, then hop down the 
     left side and through the door.
    North Junction - Continue to follow the man.  Blast the Sidehoppers that 
     get in your way.
    Northern Bridge - The bridge will be retracted and you won't have a means 
     to cross.  An EXAMINE SEARCH will want you to look at the busted terminal 
     on your side.  Samus weighs her options and activates the SPACE JUMP and 
     SCREW ATTACK.  Jump multiple times in midair to get across the gap to 
     the far side.
    Elevator to Bioweapons - Step inside.
    == Bioweapon Research Center ==
    You won't get too far into here before you get a big info dump, and then 
    we'll turn right around and head back out.
    == Sector 1 ==
    Elevator to Bioweapons - It's time to leave this Sector.  Make your way 
     back out.  A couple of rooms will be populated with Kihunters now.
    Blocked Passage - Once you grapple to the top of the rock in the middle of 
     the room, start Space Jumping to the left and then to the back of the room 
     to the crate that contains an ENERGY PART.  Continue towards the sector 
     exit.  You'll run into relatively low resistance until...
    South Greenhouse - The Rhedogian is back to fight you once more.  It will 
     mostly fly around and shoot missiles at this point.  It actually won't take 
     too many hits this time and you'll finally finish it off and pick up a 
     new item, the SEEKER MISSILE.  You're now free to leave the Sector.  
     Let's go to Sector 2, since that's the way to this vaunted Sector Zero 
     that our friend in Bioweapons was talking about.
    == Sector 2 ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - There's an area in the southeast corner of 
     Sector 2 that we can now access.  Head to the next corridor and you'll 
     find a new enemy, a Baristute, who is kind of like a Sidehopper.  With the 
     beams you have now, it's actually not difficult to take down at all.  
     While in this room, note the gray door on the right-hand wall.  Blast it 
     down with a Super Missile to find a MISSILE TANK.
    South Frozen Path - There are two ways to get where we want to go.  One 
     has items, so let's go that way.  Climb up onto the rock in the middle of 
     the area and head through the door on the front wall.
    Speed Tunnels - Head down the slope and through the next few rooms: the 
     Water Tank, the Ice Reservoir, down to...
    Freezing Transit - The Gigafraug here should be a pushover now that you have 
     the Screw Attack.  Get up some good speed from the front of the room, and 
     Speed Boost to the divot in the floor in the back room.  Shinespark straight 
     up to the hole in the pipe ceiling and roll up to the MISSILE TANK.  Do 
     NOT drop down, yet.  Hop over the hole and roll back the other way to 
     find another MISSILE TANK, then leave by the front door.
    Low-Temperature Corridors - This is the room with the Gigafraug that got 
     Metroid'd.  You want to climb up to the passage on the left with the door 
     in the back.  That door requires you to use a Seeker Missile to remove all 
     the locks, so charge up and fire.
    Inverted Corridor 1 - There are a few Snomers in this room, but the big 
     problem is that you seem to be on the ceiling.  Head "up" the steps on 
     your right and Space Jump to your left.
    Inverted Corridor 2 - This area's slightly more complicated.  Kick Jump 
     "up" the shaft and head left.  You may notice a square vent on the 
     back wall.  This can pretty easily be reached with a Space Jump, so do so 
     and you can grab a MISSILE TANK in the vent.  Now, climb "up" the platforms 
     on the right and Space Jump to the left.
    Inverted Corridor 3 - This passage just has some Baristutes on the ceiling.  
     You can either fight or just jump over them to the left.
    Shift Corridor - Now you're entering an area of increased down gravity, 
     meaning jumping is just about right out.
    Heavy Corridor 1 - Run to the back.  You'll find some Grahams in the 
     beginning, followed by a new enemy, Cyclaws, which are really nothing 
     more than an improved Skree that can explode if it gets you in its claws.  
     Just keep moving towards the back.  Watch out for the FG-1000's near the 
    Heavy Corridor 2 - There are a couple of Kyratians in here, which shouldn't 
     be much trouble even with the gravity issues.  That nice little item up there 
     is, sadly, out of your reach for the moment.
    Heavy Corridor 3 - Snomers and Baristutes populate this room.  Head to the 
     right and use the Grapple Point to swing into the wall so you can Kick 
     Jump up the shaft.  Go left and Space Jump across the gap quickly so you 
     don't fall too much, then use the Grapple Point above you and jump off to 
     the right.
    Exit Corridor - Phew, enough of that for now, right?  Riiight.  Continue 
     along the next few rooms and you'll reach a Nav Room.
    Gravity Generator Room - Kick Jump up the walls along the side of this 
     room and ascend to the top.  Wouldn't you know it.  Just as you are about 
     to leave, you get attacked.
     NIGHTMARE - This gravity controlling menace will start by making the 
      room heavy.  Its main attack is to shoot lasers out its hands and sweep 
      around the room, forcing you to jump over the beams carefully.  It will 
      also fire slow purple globes at you.  Dodge those.  Fire repeated charged 
      shots, which get sucked to its generator and will ultimately freeze it up.  
      Now, the creature's mask is armored, but a Super Missile will do the job.  
      Pound it whenever you get an opening.  After draining about half of its 
      health, it will invoke heavy gravity again.  Blast more charged shots 
      while avoiding lasers.  After icing its generator again, it will get 
      ticked and start chasing you on your platform, but you can actually 
      dodge around him pretty easily without taking damage.  Fire more Super 
      Missiles at its mask.  Keep up this pattern until you blast the mask off 
      and the creature collapses on the bottom floor.
     You can now leave by the upper door.  Head through the corridors and 
     you'll hit an elevator that will take you to Sector Zero.
    Sector Zero - Technically, this is part of Sector 2.  Anyway, head to the Nav 
     Room to save up, then go through the next few uneventful corridors.  
     There's a bit of a fake EXAMINE SEARCH here.  All you have to do is look 
     to your side and you'll automatically jump out of it.   Eventually, stuff 
     will happen (as it does), and you'll have to leave in a hurry.  Don't 
     worry about fighting any bad guys that get in the way.  Just run.  As you 
     go, you'll activate the GRAVITY feature so you don't get sucked into 
     space.  Keep running and jump if the separating tunnels get too hairy for 
     you.  You'll reach the end eventually.  Head back to the elevator.
    5I. Finale - Mothers =
    Missiles: 52
    Energy Tanks: 7
    Energy Parts: 8
    Accel Charge: 4
    E-Recovery Tanks: 1
    Gravity Generator Room - Make your way back to the main room and creep 
     quietly past the very dead Nightmare in the room.  Oh, heck.
     NIGHTMARE, THE SEQUEL - A bit of a last gasp for this thing, since its 
      gravity generator no longer works on you, and your charged shots will 
      home in on it when it's active.  Once the generator is frozen, lay into 
      Nightmare's face with Super Missiles.  Otherwise, keep moving to dodge its 
      slow-moving projectiles and watch for its crawling fits.  After you drain 
      a good portion of its health, it will start launching gravity wells around 
      the room, which will attract your shots.  You can counteract this by 
      placing yourself and the well on opposite sides of Nightmare so your shots 
      connect as they get sucked.  The well will disippate after a short time, 
      so be reading with the big Super Missiles at that point to finish him off.
    Heavy Corridor 3 - The gravity will no longer affect you, so head to the 
     left side of the room in the upper area.  Use the Grapple Point and fling 
     to the left side so you can Kick Climb up the shaft to find a MISSILE TANK.
    Heavy Corridor 2 - It's now a pittance to reach the E-RECOVERY TANK on the 
     back wall, so snag it.  Continue on through the remaining gravity-affected 
    Low-Temperature Corridors - All right.  Back to normalcy.  Okay, we're 
     heading into the home stretch, and I know we don't have all the items, yet.  
     In fact, we're not going to get all the items.  In fact, we CAN'T get all 
     the items, even if we wanted to.  This will be elaborated upon not far down 
     the line and will all make sense.  That said, what's ahead won't need a 
     considerable amount more of items.  If you REALLY want to go around 
     collecting items, then take a look at my lists later on; I detail all items 
     that you can get now and all items that you need to wait until later to 
     get.  For now, let's retrace our steps back to the Main Sector elevator.
    Elevator to Main Sector - Return to the Main Sector, then enter Sector 1.
    == Sector 1 ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - Move on ahead.
    South Greenhouse - The Grapple Point in the back has now risen to a point 
     that you can stick to it and go through the shattered window.  Grab the 
     MISSILE TANK on this side of the window.  There's a ball tunnel nearby, but 
     that will take you far out of your way, so let's just go back through using 
     the Grapple Point and press on.  Make your way all the way to the elevator 
     to the Bioweapon Research Center.
    == Bioweapon Research Center ==
    Elevator to Sector 1 - We can now move around of our own accord in here.  
     Head down the corridors to the Nav Room.
    Communications Room - Before this room is a corridor with some Grahams and 
     FG-1000's in them.  Blast them away and press on.  In the room itself is 
     an EXAMINE SEARCH where you're looking for that body on the ground.  Before 
     heading through the door that you were indicated, head up the stairs and 
     through the door up here.  Grab the MISSILE TANK, then fend off the large 
     number of Zebesians that got ornery because you took their stuff.  Screw 
     Attack through the whole bunch of them to finish it quickly, then head out, 
     downstairs, and through the back door.
    Lower Elevator - Step in to be sent down to deeper depths.
    Security Halls - You will only have a choice of one door in all these 
     rooms.  As you proceed through the corridors, you'll come across an obvious 
     beam switch above a door, so charge it.  This will release guns that fire 
     Rinkas (ring lasers that can be shot), but also open the door.  Press on 
     ahead two corridors and you'll find a door that needs a Seeker Missile 
     attack to open.  Continue through all the corridors to the Nav Room.
    ROOM MW - Head up the stairs and into the lab.  Remember, the reason you're 
     here is to find a survivor, so search the cells.  Or, I could just tell you 
     that you need to look in the right-hand cell on the back wall.  Head 
     through the new door that just opened up.
     METROID QUEEN - Yes, I know you want to shoot that big lumbering thing in 
      the middle of the room, but your first priority is actually the Metroids 
      that she just spawned.  If you're unfamiliar with the usual tactic, you're 
      to blast them with the beam to freeze them, then pump Missiles into them.  
      The quickest way is by charging your beam and then firing a Super Missile.  
      Unfortunately, there are a total of six Metroids you have to deal with, 
      making things a bit difficult to handle.  The first Metroid comes out on 
      its own, so definitely destroy that one immediately.  If a Metroid latches 
      onto you, simply roll up and lay Bombs to shake it off.  Metroids don't 
      stay frozen indefinitely, and if the Queen stomps, they will get unfrozen, 
      so don't waste any time pounding them with Missiles while they're down, 
      although I wouldn't do so unless all the ones in the room are frozen.
      Once all the Metroids are history, the Queen will be understandably ticked, 
      and will grow crystals out her neck.  She will also now breathe fire at 
      you, charge into you, and apparently poop some green stuff at you from her 
      rear.  Your objective is to blast away those crystals with Super/Seeker 
      Missiles.  This part is relatively simple; just avoid the attacks and 
      fire Missiles with abandon.  Once all the crystals are smashed, the Queen 
      will be vulnerable.  You'll be placed in a forced first-person perspective 
      where you need to blast her stomach.  Do so, then the Queen will rear up 
      for an awesome fire breath charge.  Use the Grapple Beam on her mouth and 
      you'll roll up inside her stomach.  To finish the Queen, you need to 
      charge up and lay a Power Bomb.
     After this fight, follow the person through the doors.  After all the 
     cutscenes, you'll be left with one last first-person perspective fight.  
     Your target is NOT the bug-like enemies that have just shown up, but 
     that blonde little thing at the far end of the room.  Once you do target 
     and fire, the story will take over.
    5J. Epilogue - Ghosts =
    Missiles: 55
    Energy Tanks: 7
    Energy Parts: 8
    Accel Charge: 4
    E-Recovery Tanks: 2
    And we're back!  And we've got POWER BOMBS!  And NOW we're going to get 
    everything we missed and round out our 100% total.  You'll notice that 
    percentages and items have now popped up on your map, which is nice and 
    == Main Sector ==
    Main Hangar - Let's head through several rooms until the Checkpoint Shaft, 
     which, if you've been following my guide up until now, should be the first 
     reachable item.
    Checkpoint Shaft - Actually, you need to go one room away, because we're 
     going to Shinespark up the shaft.  Head down to the glass-encased area in 
     the previous room, then run to the shaft and Shinespark up to find a 
     MISSILE TANK.  Head ahead several rooms to...
    South Lift - Climb up to the top of this room and face the right-hand 
     wall to stop a beam switch behind glass.  With the Wave Beam, it's a snap 
     to hit it now, opening the way to an ACCEL CHARGE.  Now we're going to 
     continue north past the Observation Deck to...
    Observation Lift - The game is very obviously pointing towards that odd 
     spherical object on the wall.  Set a Power Bomb and you'll unleash the 
     Desbrachian.  You might remember this guy from the end sequence, but this 
     time it's a fight to the death.  Desbrachians are ferocious creatures; they 
     move very fast, strike very hard, and are tough to hit.  Keep moving and 
     firing charged blasts.  As you cause damage, it will start to turn red.  
     If it crouches down after a hit, quickly rush up and administer a Lethal 
     Strike, otherwise it will enter a cocoon of light and regain its health, 
     and we don't want that.  Okay, the lift up is disabled, because it hates 
     you, so let's head through the gap the Desbrachian left behind. 
    BOTTLE SHIP RESIDENTIAL AREA - Well, now we all know where they were living.  
     There are Kihunters living here now, so blast all of them to pieces.  The 
     most difficult item to grab in the game is here.  Run around the deck to 
     build up speed (just push Left or Right the whole time, you should get up 
     speed) and Shinespark straight up.  At the apex, Space Jump towards the 
     center of the room and try to grab the platform holding the ENERGY PART.  
     The grabbing part is not easy if you lose height after the Shinespark, but 
     keep trying and you'll get it eventually.  Leave by the northern passage, 
     watch out for the Cyclaws in the next hallway, and head for the Nav Room.
    Elevator to Sector 2 - Ooo, secret elevator.  Let's head down.
    Missiles: 56
    Energy Tanks: 7
    Energy Parts: 9
    Accel Charge: 5
    E-Recovery Tanks: 2
    == Sector 2 ==
    Gravity Generator Room - You pop out like a room away from the Generator, so 
     Power Bomb away the Desbrachian, and let's head back in that direction, 
     towards the main part of Sector 2.  Head all the way back to the Low-
     Temperature Corridors.  If you've followed this guide to this point, you 
     should have an item blip shortly to the west in...
    Freezing Transit - Power Bomb the Desbrachian and take the ENERGY PART in 
     the room behind him.  Now, there are more items to the north, so let's 
     collect those.  Take the Speed Tunnels up to the South Frozen Path, then 
     continue north, across the Frozen Pit, and move ahead to...
    Specimen Storage - This is that room with all the Snomers in jars.  Shoot 
     them all through their jars (or just drop a Power Bomb) and a door will 
     open on the back wall that has a MISSILE TANK.  Now, let's head up to 
     the northeast corner.
    Snow Cliffs - Head up and into the next corridor.  About three-fourths of 
     the way down the corridor is a plate on the floor that you need to Super 
     Missile away, which contains a MISSILE TANK.  Head to the next room.
    Materials Storehouse - First, head around the corner, but before going 
     down the stairs, Space Jump across to the left and roll into the ball 
     tunnel on this same level to find a MISSLE TANK.  Now, drop down to the 
     crates.  Now that you're not chasing MB, you can move around them as 
     normal.  Climb on top of them, then notice where your item blip is showing: 
     a small crate.  Smash it to find an ENERGY PART.  Now, to head to that 
     last item out to the west.  You can get there quickest by going west from 
     here up the Service Ramp and beyond.
    Storage Tanks - Desbrachian here.  Power Bomb him to get an ENERGY PART.  
     Now, head back to the main elevator out of this sector.  We can go to 
     either Sectors 1 or 3 next.  Let's do 3 because I said so.
    Missiles: 59
    Energy Tanks: 8
    Energy Parts: 12
    Accel Charge: 5
    E-Recovery Tanks: 2
    == Sector 3 ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - All right, so we gotta go to a lot of places here.  
     Start by going to the east.
    Furnace Entry - Desbrachian + Power Bomb = Fun + MISSILE TANK.  Also, 
     use a Super Missile on the opposite door and hit the terminal inside to 
     open a gate at the south end.  Grapple over to find an ENERGY PART.  Now, 
     we need to get to the northeast, through the furnace and refinery.  I know 
     it's a tough route, and I know it seems like it'd be easier to go across 
     the lava lake, but quit whining!
    Refinery Depths - Before crossing the Grapple Points, look straight across 
     the pit to see a MISSILE TANK you can Space Jump to.  If you fall in or 
     have trouble leaving, go to the near-right corner to find a ball tunnel 
     that can get you back up.  Anyway, continue on until you hit the 
     Eastern Passage (with the flame jets and the Dessgeegas).  From there, take 
     the back-right door to...
    Eastern Shafts - First, look straight up in the first shaft and Super 
     Missile the plate at the top.  Climb up that shaft to get a MISSILE TANK.  
     Now, head to the second shaft and drop all the way to the bottom.  Space 
     Jump to the left and grab another MISSILE TANK.  You may now head out to 
    Lava Lake - You need to be on the north side of the lake (which is the front 
     end given your perspective), so if you're on the south side, use the Grapple 
     Points at the left end to swing across.  Head to the right until you see 
     a pointy rock sticking out of the magma (it's a target if you look at it).  
     Blow it with a Power Bomb and take the MISSILE TANK.  Now, head all the 
     way to the right.
    Western Lake Access - At the first ramp, blast the plate with a Super Missile 
     to find a MISSILE TANK.  Continue up the ramps.
    Lava Lake - Now you're up in the glass tube again.  As you move down the 
     tube, look to your left (the north) to spot a beam switch.  Shoot through 
     the glass and charge the switch.  This will open a hatch on the floor of the 
     tube, so you can roll in and grab a MISSILE TANK.  Now, cross the Grapple 
     Point and head all the way to the left.
    Sector 3 Entry - Desbrachian.  Power Bomb.  You know the drill.  An 
     ACCEL CHARGE for your troubles.  Now, let's head all the way back to the 
     right.  Go back into the Lava Lake and take the Grapple Points to the 
     upper path, the one that led to Ridley last time.
    Power Plant Entry - This is the room that had the dead Ridley larva on the 
     wall.  Go to the next passage and blast the Grahams away, then get up 
     enough speed to Speed Boost into this room.  Shinespark up, then quickly 
     Space Jump to the right to grab a MISSILE TANK.  You COULD do the Shinespark 
     on your first visit here, but honestly, I've never been able to land on 
     the ledge without Space Jump.  Anyway, we're done in Sector 3, so make 
     your way back to the elevator however you like (probably quickest to go 
     through the power plant).  We're now going to clean out Sector 1!
    Missiles: 67
    Energy Tanks: 8
    Energy Parts: 13
    Accel Charge: 6
    E-Recovery Tanks: 2
    == Sector 1 ==
    Elevator to Main Sector - Okay, we're missing a LOT in this area.  First 
     stop is the South Greenhouse.
    South Greenhouse - Use the Grapple Point beyond the window.  Yes, this led 
     to an item, but there's also a ball tunnel nearby that will roll you all the 
     way to...
    Overgrown Tunnels - This is near the area where we got the Diffusion Beam oh 
     so long ago.  There's a MISSILE TANK directly above you as you enter.  To 
     get to it, drop down and head to the left, then run back right to Speed 
     Boost and Shinespark through the ceiling just as the ground starts to slope 
     up.  Now, head to the right, through the tunnel and past the launch module.
    Subterranean Control Room - Desbrachian, yay!  ENERGY PART, yay!  Head 
     back to the left, through the Overgrown Tunnels and the Scrap Block to...
    Western Vents - As you roll back along here, you may see a scrap cube on 
     the back wall.  Bomb it away to find a passage leading back to the Western 
     Plateau.  Swing across the Grapple Points to get an ENERGY PART.  Now, 
     swing back and head back into the vents.  Roll back to the left.
    North Plateau Observation - I don't know if you remember plate in the 
     corridor near this room that needs a Super Missile, but, well, it's still 
     there, so blast it for a MISSILE TANK, then continue north.
    Ruined Elevator Shaft - Drop down the shaft and head back out to the rooms 
     to the north.  Now, run back south to build up speed and Shinespark 
     straight up at the end of the room.  You'll smash through the ceiling into 
     a place you've been before, but slide back down this shaft on the left 
     side to find a ledge leading to a MISSILE TANK.  We are now going to 
     continue north through the observation area and loop back around to the 
     Nav Room.  From here go east.
    Jungle Path North - Remember here how we had to hit a terminal to create the 
     hologram so we could see where to blow up?  Well, head back up there and 
     turn off the hologram now so we can see a plate on the east wall to Super 
     Missile for a MISSILE TANK.  Now, continue east so you hit the North 
     Junction (past the Kihunter Nest and all), then turn south when you get 
     the chance so you can go back to Circle Ramp South, then head west.  
    Western Slope - This is the first area where you had a slope to slide down.  
     There's a plate on the ceiling of the slope that you need to blow away with 
     a Super Missile.  You can get it just by sliding down, but you run the risk 
     of knocking against the thorns.  If you slide down, then get a running 
     start, you can Speed Boost up the slope and blast through the thorns, 
     making it an easier shot.  Once the plate is gone, you can use the Grapple 
     Point it leaves behind to ride up to a MISSILE TANK.  Now, head back down 
     the slope, then take the right door at the end of the room.  
    Specimen Observation Passage - Blast away the plate at the right end with a 
     Super Missile, then run back to the left, so you can get enough speed going 
     to the right.  Just as you enter the next room (Specimen Observation Lobby), 
     Shinespark straight up to find a MISSILE TANK.  Now, head to the right.
    Specimen Observation Labs - Enter the left-hand door, go to the back and 
     Kick Climb up to this MISSILE TANK.  I honestly don't know when this one 
     first becomes available because there's no clue as to when the door here 
     opens.  We're now done on the west side.  Now, head back to the North 
     Junction room (just south of the elevator to the Bioweapon Research Center).  
     Quickest way is probably to run back up the Western Slope.
    North Junction - Head east to the Water Passage.
    Water Passage - Drop down into the water and run to the right, shooting 
     Skulteras all the way as you Speed Boost into the grate on the right-hand 
     wall and take the MISSILE TANK.  Continue east.
    Rainy Field - This one's kinda tricky.  First, go to the back left and Kick 
     Climb to the upper level.  Now, to the right of the door, jump around the 
     wall to a ledge with a beam switch.  Charge it up and you'll raise three 
     platforms to the right.  These are very temporary, so quickly Space Jump 
     to the right, trying to get as much lift as possible to hit the high 
     platform.  It's tough, but doable.  Take the ENERGY PART at the end as your 
    Storage Shaft - Before entering the shaft itself, you're now able to 
     Space Jump across to the right in the first corridor to a MISSILE TANK.  
     Continue through the rooms.
    Field Observation - In the corridor to the right of the observation deck, 
     look through the back window to spot a beam switch.  Charge it up with the 
     Wave Beam and you'll open up the back area to get a MISSILE TANK.  Continue!
    Maintenance Track - Start on the curved left-hand track and Speed Boost to 
     the end to blast through to the Research Center.  Grab the MISSILE TANK 
     here, then exit and enter the Research Center the normal way.
    Research Center - In this corner, a Desbrachian!  And in this corner, the 
     E-RECOVERY TANK you get for beating it!  Okay!  Sector 1 is cleaned out.  
     Now, we head to the elevator in the north and down to the Bioweapon 
     Research Center!
    Missiles: 78
    Energy Tanks: 9
    Energy Parts: 16
    Accel Charge: 6
    E-Recovery Tanks: 3
    == Bioweapon Research Center ==
    Elevator to Sector 1 - Don't worry.  We won't be here too long.  Go all 
     the way ahead to the Lower Elevator.
    Lower Elevator - Instead of going straight ahead through the Security Halls, 
     go upstairs to the left.
    Bioweapons Ops - First, see that big cylindrical display in the middle of 
     the room?  You can enter from the back end, then Kick Climb up to a ball 
     tunnel that will lead you to one MISSILE TANK.  Now, as you roll out of 
     the cells, you'll end up on the lower floor.  Head over to the right and 
     Bomb the central octagonal panel on the ground to find the final 
     MISSILE TANK.  Okay!  We're all done the sectors!  Now, to head back up 
     to the Main Sector.  I wish there was a quicker way as much as you do, but 
     you'll have to hoof it.
    Missiles: 80
    Energy Tanks: 9
    Energy Parts: 16
    Accel Charge: 6
    E-Recovery Tanks: 3
    == Main Sector ==
    Main Elevator - Okay!  Ready to clean this mess up?  Head south.
    Elevator Hub Access - Lay a Power Bomb and dispose of the Desbrachian, 
     then head to the passage behind him and into the elevator at the end.
    Bridge Access - This one big long corridor, and it's also one big long 
     endurance battle.  You're going to face several battles against powerful 
     enemies.  The first battle is against Mighty Griptians and Ghalmanians.  
     The second is against Asboreans and Zebesians.  The third is against 
     Kyratians.  The fourth is against Kihunters and Super Zebesians.  The fifth 
     and final is against two Rhedogians, one right after the other.  If you 
     survive this mess, you'll reach a Nav Room at the end.
    CONTROL BRIDGE - Hop on down to face a ghost from your past.
     PHANTOON - This guy is big.  At all times during this battle, and at 
      various intensities, you'll have to deal with flaming tears chasing after 
      you.  These can be dodged pretty easily, but there are a TON of them.  To 
      begin with, Phantoon will summon "Rage Hands", little disembodied hands 
      that hound you.  You can Screw Attack those away easily enough.  Watch 
      Phantoon's movements and try to take potshots at him.  As he fights, he'll 
      break through the glass on the bridge, which really just gives you a 
      better chance to hit him using Super Missiles.  Additional attacks he 
      uses as the battle wears on include tentacle swings (jump over them), 
      evil red floor death gates (don't stand on them), and more Rage Hands 
      (Screw Attack again).  One thing I like to remind people during this 
      fight is that you CAN Sense Move while targeting (shake the Wii-mote), 
      so this can be helpful to avoid damage while lining up your Super Missile 
      shot.  Depending on your firing skills, you may run low on Missiles, so 
      don't be afraid to take a moment to Concentrate when you get an opening.  
      He'll take quite a few Super Missiles to finish off (about eight or ten 
      or so), but fight smart and try to stay away from too much damage and 
      you should win in the end.
     Exit the bridge using the Grapple Point.  Run to the elevator at the end.
    North Lift - It will stop halfway down, but set a Power Bomb to blast it away 
     and you'll be free to drop down to the bottom.  Head through the North 
     Passage to...
    Observation Lift - The lift is deactivated, but head through the door.
    Observation Deck - An addition to Samus' hat collection, I suppose.  Oh, 
     and I guess we'd better get out of here quick like.  Head out and the 
     windows will shatter, allowing you to jump down.  There are few surprises 
     on the way out until...
    South Lift - Zebesians getting all up in your grill!  Ignore them, drop down 
     to the bottom and keep running.  Keep running!  Past the South Bridge.  
     Past the Checkpoint Station.
    Checkpoint Access - Gates will start to close in your path.  Fire the 
     Paralyzer at them multiple times to get them to raise up.  If you have 
     to slide under debris, use the A button.
    Hangar Shaft - Try not to fall to the bottom, although it's not the end of 
     the world if you do.
    Hangar Access - Shoot gates!  Slide under stuff!  Watch out for stuff on 
     fire!  Dodge lasers!  Ack!  Why the heck are you still reading this?  
     You're supposed to be running!
    Main Hangar - Run run run to the end.  There are no surprises at this point, 
     so unless you've got five seconds left, you're pretty much home free.  
    Congratulations!  You've completed Metroid: Other M!  If you found all the 
    items, you've also unlocked Hard Mode!  Best of luck with that.  It's 
    quite a doozy.
    Well, I'll do my best on these.  Unlike the Prime series, the rooms in this 
    game are not named, so you'll have to rely on my ability to point things 
    out on the map by:
    Location: Where on the map you'll find the room (north, center, east, etc.)
     I may also tell you the shape of the room if its unique, and what you may 
     have found in this room your first time through.
    Required: The items or events needed to get this collectible.
    If anything doesn't make sense, just e-mail me and I'll try to narrow it 
    down if I can.
    These are all ordered by how early you can find them given the items at your 
    disposal and the access you'll have to these rooms.
    6A. Missile Tanks - Main Sector =
    #1 - Location: "Observation Access", one room south of the room you fight the 
          Brug Mass.  It's a straight passage with a few Geemers in it.
         Required: Normal Bombs
     The second time you enter this room, a Geemer will pop out of a light-
     colored hatch about midway down the hall on the right side.  Roll into 
     the hatch.  Bomb the mesh at the end and take the tank behind it.
    #2 - Location: The tank is located in the Main Hangar, but is accessed from 
          the room I call "Checkpoint Room" in the walkthrough, several rooms 
          ahead.  This is a room that has a restroom connected to it.
         Required: Normal Missile
     Returning to the Checkpoint Room, you can use a Missile to blast the 
     vent spewing air and roll up into the passage leading to the tank.  This 
     will also allow you access past the locked door in the Checkpoint Room, 
     to the rooms beyond.
    #3 - Location: "Hangar Access", two rooms away from the Main Hangar.  
          This is the room where you first met the GF troop.  Note that you 
          cannot return to this room before getting Missile Tank #2 above.
         Required: Normal Missile
     There are crates stacked in this room at the south end.  Kick Climb up to 
     the top of them, then hop to the open hatch and roll up inside the tunnel.  
     Note that if you come here in the epilogue, the crates will be gone, but 
     you can Space Jump to it from the top of the stairs.
    #4 - Location: "Hangar Shaft", the room where you first meet Reos.  It's a 
          tall room that has Reos and Geemers in it.  Like Tank #3, you cannot 
          return to this room before getting Missile Tank #2.
         Required: Normal Bombs
     At the very bottom of this room is a hatch on the floor that you can use 
     Bombs on.  The tank is inside.
    #5 - Location: "South Bridge", a room where Reos will assault you from 
          underneath.  On your third visit here (after restoring the power), 
          the bridge gave way and you were dropped down to the lower area.  
          You can only get the tank once this happens.
         Required: Power Restored to Main Sector
     At the bottom of the room, head to the south end and you should find 
     enough room to Kick Climb up to the tank.
    #6 - Location: "South Lift", a room with a lift in the middle and platforms 
          all around it.  Populated with Geemers.  You can only access this 
          tank once you've restored power.
         Required: Power Restored to Main Sector
     At the top of the room is a terminal near the lift.  Use it to raise 
     some ledges, one of which allows you access on the left to a ball tunnel.
    #7 - Location: "North Passage", a room just south of the North Lift (the 
          one with the Bulls) and north of the Observation Lift (the one that 
          has a diagram of the ship on the west wall).
         Required: Power Restored to Main Sector
     There are two vents in the ceiling of this room, both of which have Fly 
     Pods jammed into them.  Blast away the northern one and Kick Climb up 
     the vent, or just Shinespark up it later.
    #8 - Location: "North Lift", a room with an elevator in the center, ledges 
          all around it, and Bulls floating all over the room.
         Required: Power Restored to Main Sector
     Before entering the lift, hang from the ball tunnel on either side of the 
     lift and roll inside.  Blow up the crate with the tank in it.
    #9 - Location: "Checkpoint Shaft", one of the first rooms you have to Kick 
          Climb up a shaft.  This is one room away from the room with the 
         Required: Speed Booster
     Start from the room to the south and run into the shaft.  Shinespark up the 
    6B. Missile Tanks - Sector 1 =
    #1 - Location: "Specimen Observation Passage", this room is shortly after 
          the very first slope you slide down.  The room itself has a glass 
          wall on the back side.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     This tank cannot be missed.  As you roll up into vent in this room, you'll 
     cross right over it.
    #2 - Location: "Western Jungle Path", this is the very first room that 
          has a terminal you use to disengage the holograms of the terrain.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     Right after you disengage the holograms, you can return back down the 
     path to find a couple more spots where you can see the metal of the ship.  
     Climb up on the steps to reach the tank.
    #3 - Location: "Plateau Access North", going north from the rocky plateau 
          area where you fight the Dragotix, you'll see a short passage with 
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     In this passage, you should be able to see some Geemers crawling around 
     under the floor.  There's an opening on the left side that will lead 
     you to the tank.
    #4 - Location: "Ruined Elevator Shaft", the room where you dropped an 
          elevator onto a Ghalmanian in the northwest part of the sector.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     Shortly after dropping the elevator, climb to the top of the right side 
     of the shaft and roll up into the ball tunnel.
    #5 - Location: "North Plateau Observation", one corridor after the Ruined 
          Elevator Shaft as listed above.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     On the right side of the corridor is a ball tunnel that's probably a bit 
     hard to see.  Roll into it to find a crate with the tank.
    #6 - Location: "Western Vents", the location in the west that you spend 
          rolled in a ball.  It connects the observation deck to the north 
          with the Scrap Block to the south.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     This one is easily spotted as you roll down the tunnels.  There's a drop 
     shortly before the tank, but if you fall, you can get back out by laying 
     several Bombs to launch yourself up to it.
    #7 - Location: "Scrap Block", a room with on the west side with Wavers and 
          lots of junk lying around.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     Use Bombs to clear out the scrap on the left side of the room to find a 
     small tunnel to roll to the tank.
    #8 - Location: "Biological Experiment Floor", this is the room before the 
          Kihunter boss fight, which has a spiral ramp in the center.
         Required: Diffusion Beam
     As you climb the spiral ramp, you should notice this tank sitting on a 
     ledge below.  Drop down to it.
    #9 - Location: "Northern Bridge", the room right before the elevator down 
          to the Bioweapon Research Center and after the North Junction.
         Required: Diffusion Beam
     Use either of the terminals to lower the bridge, then hop down to the 
     lower area.  There are two ball tunnels down here, but the one you want 
     isn't the one on the left side, but the one on the south end, which will 
     lead to the tank.
    #10 - Location: "Water Passage", the room to the east of the North Junction, 
           partially submerged on the right side.
          Required: Diffusion Beam
     Hop into the water and blast the Whipvine underwater with a Missile.  Roll 
     up into the vent to find the tank.
    #11 - Location: "Jungle Pond", the room with Skulteras and Bulls where the 
           water rises up and down.
          Required: Diffusion Beam
     Drop into the water and go all the way to the right side of the room and 
     roll into the vent.
    #12 - Location: "Storage Shaft", in the northeast, just after the large 
           rainy field where you fought your first Groganch, a room where you 
           find a launch module that shoots you up to the second floor.
          Required: Diffusion Beam
     On the lower level of this shaft, look to the ceiling to find a crate with 
     the tank inside.  Blast it down with a Missile.
    #13 - Location: "Circle Ramp South", the spiral ramp in the south part of 
           the sector that gets infested with Griptians later in the game.
          Required: Speed Booster
     Start running up the ramp.  When you reach the top, Shinespark straight 
     up to reach the platform with this on it.
    #14 - Location: "Overgrown Tunnels", in the southwest a tunnel with several 
           Grippers.  It connects to the Subterranean Control Room, where you 
           got the Diffusion Beam.
          Required: Speed Booster
     Get some running space and run to the right-hand exit of the room, 
     Shinesparking up before the ground curves upward.  You should be launched 
     through the ceiling where you can grab the tank.
    #15 - Location: "Ruined Elevator Shaft", in the northwest area of the sector, 
           which was where you had to climb the shaft and drop an elevator on 
           a Ghalmanian.
          Required: Speed Booster
     Go back a couple of rooms so you can get a running start into the lower part 
     of the shaft room.  Before the turn, Shinespark straight up and you'll smash 
     through the ceiling to the top of the room.  Now, drop back down the shaft 
     and slide down the left-hand wall to find a ball tunnel.
    #16 - Location: "Storage Shaft", a room in the northeastern part of the 
           sector where you had to use a launch module to get to the upper level.
          Required: Speed Booster
     This is actually in the corridor beforehand, where you hopped down some 
     crates.  The tank is in an alcove above the right-hand door.
    #17 - Location: "Research Center", the last room you can enter in the 
           northeast part of the sector, with lots of computers and tanks.
          Required: Speed Booster
     You actually start this a few rooms previous, in the large curved room I 
     call "Maintenance Track".  Get on the track at the left end of the room and 
     start running from the front to the back.  Speed Boost through the walls 
     and you'll eventually reach the tank.
    #18 - Location: "Field Observation", this is a corridor in the northeast part 
           of the sector with glass on the back wall.
          Required: Wave Beam
     Look through the window at the right end and you'll see a beam switch.  
     Charge it up and you'll open a hole in the window whereby you can enter 
     and head to the left end for the tank.
    #19 - Location: "Blocked Passage", a corridor between "Circle Ramp South" 
           and the "North Junction".  Two Grapple Points hang in the room.
          Required: Grapple Beam
     Grapple to the upper rock in the room.  On the right side of the rock is 
     a small hole with a rock inside to bomb away.  The tank is in the little 
     cavern inside.
    #20 - Location: "Western Slope", a room west of Circle Ramp South, the first 
           room where you slid down a slope and had to jump over thorns.
          Required: Super Missile
     Get some speed at the bottom of the slope so you can run back up it, 
     shattering the thorns as you go.  Now, you should be clear to file a Super 
     Missile at the plate on the ceiling halfway down the slope (just aim as 
     you slide down).  This releases a Grapple Point, which you'll need to grab 
     to be carried up to the tank.
    #21 - Location: "Specimen Observation Lobby", at the end of the Western 
           Slope, through the right-hand door.  You originally had to go through 
           a ball tunnel to access this room.
          Required: Super Missile
     The connecting door between the Lobby and the Passage to its left needs to 
     be busted down with a Super Missile.  Start running from the far left end 
     of the passage, and Shinespark as soon as you enter the Lobby.
    #22 - Location: "North Plateau Observation", a room above the Western 
           Plateau, roughly in the northwest corner of the sector.  It connects 
           between the Ruined Elevator Shaft and the Western Tunnels.
          Required: Super Missile
     In a little corridor before the actual observation area is a plate on the 
     wall that needs a Super Missile.
    #23 - Location: "Jungle Path North", this is just to the east of the 
           northwestern-most Nav Room.  On your first visit here, you turned the 
           hologram on so you could find a glitchy area.
          Required: Space Jump
     Go up to the terminal and turn the holograms back off and fire a Super 
     Missile into the plate on the far wall.  You'll need to Space Jump to reach 
     the alcove.
    #24 - Location: "South Greenhouse", one of the first rooms you visit in 
           this sector, a circular room surrounded by a glass wall.
          Required: Gravity Feature
     For some reason, the Grapple Point behind the glass here doesn't raise 
     high enough for access until after you get Gravity.  Use it and you should 
     find the crate with the tank.
    #25 - Location: "Water Passage", the room to the east of the North Junction, 
           partially submerged on the right side.
          Required: Gravity Feature
     Hop into the water and run straight to the right so you Speed Boost through 
     the vent on the right wall.
    #26 - Location: "Specimen Observation Labs", from the Western Slope, take 
           the right-hand door at the very end and go through the rooms to the 
           furthest right room.  This area was the first place you found evidence 
           of bioweapon workings, if that helps locate it.
          Required: Gravity Feature (?)
     The last time you were in this area, the other doors were sealed.  At some 
     point (I'm not entirely sure when), the leftmost door opens and you can 
     enter, Kick Climb up the shaft and grab the tank.
    6C. Missile Tanks - Sector 2 =
    #1 - Location: "South Frozen Path", the earliest snowy path at the south 
          end of the sector, full of Snomers and Himellas, and the first place 
          you find Volfons.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     After the path turns to the right, you'll notice some fallen ice pillars.  
     Roll under one of them to find a tank.
    #2 - Location: "Chilled Pool", this is a room that's mostly a pool of water 
          with a Fumbleye hanging above the center of the room.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     Drop down into the water and head around to the right to find a very 
     visible tank.
    #3 - Location: "North Frozen Path", the path where you first face off against 
          the elecricity shooting Kyratian.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     At the back end of this room, follow the stream as it flows into the wall.  
     Roll into the tunnel to reach the tank.
    #4 - Location: "Ruined Tunnel", a room at the north-ish end of the sector 
          with Snomers, Dessgeegas, and lots of busted machinery.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     At the right-hand end of the room is a ball tunnel suspended off the 
     ground and vaguely lit by red light.  Roll into it to reach the tank.
    #5 - Location: "Chilled River", a room after the Ruined Tunnel, with 
          ice stalactites floating in the water.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     The tank is in the second pool of water in the area.  At the back end of 
     the pool are a couple of holes under the water.  Drop down and grab onto 
     one of the holes so you can roll into the tunnel.  This is easier after 
     you activate the Gravity Feature, but not impossible without.
    #6 - Location: "Low-Temperature Corridors", a room with fans blowing and a 
          dead Gigafraug that looks like it was sucked dry by a Metroid.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     There are two fans blowing on the back wall.  Use a charged Ice Beam shot 
     on the left-hand fan to freeze it, then roll into the tunnel behind it.
    #7 - Location: "Water Tank", a room in the south part of the sector that 
          has water that needs to be drained over the course of the game.
         Required: Sector 2 Access
     On the right side of the room, in the front, high up on the wall is a ball 
     tunnel that contains this tank.
    #8 - Location: "Speed Tunnels", the room where Adam authorizes the use of 
          the Speed Booster.
         Required: Speed Booster
     This tank is on a platform above the slope.  To get it, run up the slope, 
     then prepare a Shinespark at the top.  Boost the reverse direction to land 
     on the platform.
    #9 - Location: "Sector Generator Room", a room with two large rotating 
          cylinders that you need to Kick Climb up.
         Required: Speed Booster
     Going up the right-hand generator, you may notice the tank on the right 
     side behind a window.  From the top of the generator, jump off to the front 
     wall and you'll land on the ledge with the tank.
    #10 - Location: "Service Ramp", shortly after the fight with the 
           Ferrocrusher, a small-ish room with a ramp at the end.
          Required: Speed Booster
     As soon you as enter the room, walk around the large crates to the right 
     to find this tank. 
    #11 - Location: "Mountain Slope", a large slope at the north end of the 
           sector, not long after the Ferrocrusher fight.
          Required: Speed Booster
     Although the instinct is to run from the front wall to the back to speed 
     boost, try instead running from the front to the back and Shinespark 
     straight up to a platform with the tank.  If you don't get this until 
     later (after the avalanche comes down) you'll need the Grapple Beam to 
     reach it.
    #12 - Location: "Freezing Transit", this room is in the central south area of 
           Sector 2.  It has a track on the wall that you had to grab onto and 
           ride to the terminal to exit.
          Required: Speed Booster
     Get some speed from the front of the room and boost towards the back.  
     There's an obvious divot in the floor, which is where you should launch 
     up in Shinespark.  Grab onto the pipe above and roll up to the tank.
    #13 - Location: "Freezing Transit", see above.
          Required: Speed Booster
     This is actually in the same pipe as the one above.  You just need to 
     roll in the down direction and jump over the gap.  Roll to the end for this 
     other tank.
    #14 - Location: "Specimen Storage", this room is in the northeast area of 
           the sector.  It required you to Shinespark across the gap in the 
           room, and it has tanks full of Snomers lining the walls.
          Required: Wave Beam
     Shoot all the Snomers in the tanks with the Wave Beam and a gate holding 
     the tank will open.  You can drop down from above or just Space Jump there 
     if you have it.
    #15 - Location: "Elevator to Main Sector", actually, it's a couple of rooms 
           to the east, but it's a rather inconsequential corridor.
          Required: Super Missile
     There's a plate on the right-hand wall of the corridor.  Blast it open.
    #16 - Location: "Snow Cliffs", the big snow field in the northeast corner.  
           The tank itself is actually in the next corridor.
          Required: Super Missile
     As you go through the corridor to the north, you'll see a plate on the 
     ground.  Use a Super Missile on it.
    #17 - Location: "Materials Storehouse", the room where you fought the 
           Ferrocrusher in the northeast corner.
          Required: Space Jump
     From the entrance, go to the top of the stairs down and Space Jump to the 
     left to find a ball tunnel.
    #18 - Location: "Inverted Corridor 2", in the southeast corner of the sector 
           are a few rooms that mess with gravity, such as flipping you upside 
           down.  This is the second room.
          Required: Seeker Missile
     On the back wall of this room, about midway down on the left side is a 
     vent that you can roll into to this tank.  It will likely require a Space 
     Jump to reach.
    #19 - Location: "Heavy Corridor 3", in the southeast corner of the sector 
           are a few rooms that mess with gravity, such as weighing you down.  
           This is the third and last full room that does it.
          Required: Gravity Feature
     On the upper part of this area, go to the left and attach to the Grapple 
     Point.  Swing to the left and then Kick Climb off the walls to reach the 
     upper area with the tank.
    6D. Missile Tanks - Sector 3 =
    #1 - Location: "Eastern Passage", which is a north-south running passage 
          east of the Lava Lake (to the left from your perspective), has 
          Dessgeegas in it and flame vents.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     On the left side of the passage, among all the flame vents, is one vent 
     with a cover on it.  Blast that with a Missile, then roll up inside it.
    #2 - Location: "Floor Observation Room", a room that looks like a control 
          room with a bunch of monitors, where you fight an Asborean.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     In the back of the room is a small staircase leading up to a terminal.  
     Roll under the stairs to find the tank.
    #3 - Location: "Floor Observation Room", see above.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     Head one room to the left of the observation room.  In this next passage, 
     keep an eye on the right-hand wall to find a vent you can jump up to so 
     you can roll to the tank.
    #4 - Location: "Lava Lake", the big lava lake in the north end, specifically 
          in the glass tube, which can only be reached by going through the 
          northwest door.
         Required: Wave Beam
     In the right-hand side (west side) of the glass tube, look out to the north 
     and you'll see a beam switch on one of the rocks.  Charge it up and a 
     panel will open in the floor of the tube.  Roll into it.
    #5 - Location: "Refinery Maintenance", this small area is in the desert 
          refinery area on the east side of the sector.  It basically consists 
          of a ball tunnel halfway up.
         Required: Grapple Beam
     The tunnel you initially roll into splits into two.  Take the right hand 
     fork to reach the tank.
    #6 - Location: "Power Plant Shaft", a shaft that you end up in after the 
          fight with Ridley, shortly before returning to the entrance to the 
         Required: Super Missile
     Slide down the left side of this shaft.  Not far from the bottom is a ball 
     tunnel that has this tank inside.
    #7 - Location: "Western Lake Access", this room is to the west of the 
          lava lake.  It has ramps and leads up to a glass tunnel above the 
         Required: Super Missile
     On the lower ramp is a plate to bust open with a Super Missile.
    #8 - Location: "Eastern Shafts", a room just east of the lava lake, from 
          the southeast door (which would be back left given the perspective).
         Required: Super Missile
     The left-hand shaft in this room has a plate at the top.  Blast it away, 
     then Kick Climb the rest of the way up the shaft.
    #9 - Location: "Eastern Shafts", see above.
         Required: Space Jump
     Fall down the right-hand shaft, and Space Jump across the magma to the left.
    #10 - Location: "Refinery Depths", this is the room below the Refinery in 
           the northeast corner, which you get to by climbing all the way to the 
           top of it and taking the elevator down.
          Required: Space Jump
     Below the Grapple Points is a hatch with the tank in it.  This MAY be 
     grab-able the first time with just the Grapple Beam, but I've never managed 
     to get it.
    #11 - Location: "Power Plant Entry", in the west part of the sector, where 
           you found the shell of the larval Ridley stuck to the wall.
          Required: Space Jump
     Go one room ahead (the tube) and take out the Grahams making the laser 
     barrier.  Run back into the entry room and Shinespark up.  You'll need to 
     Space Jump to the right so you can reach the ledge with the tank.
    #12 - Location: "Furnace Entry", a room not far east from the main 
           elevator.  It has a Grapple Point above you.  You saved Anthony's 
           butt here.
          Required: Power Bombs
     Use a Power Bomb to wake up the Desbrachian.  Defeat it and enter the door 
     behind it.
    #13 - Location: "Lava Lake", the big lake of lava with Magdollites.
          Required: Power Bombs
     On the northern path (front from your perspective), there is a spiky rock 
     about halfway down the path.  Blow it away with a Power Bomb to find this.
    6E. Missile Tanks - Other =
    I say "Other", but really this is just to avoid spoiling.  They're all in 
    the Bioweapon Research Center.
    #1 - Location: "Communications Room", this room is one of the first big 
          ones in the research center, and you find a body in it late in the 
         Required: Gravity Feature
     Head on up the stairs in this room to the door on the back wall.  The 
     tank is sitting right there waiting for you.  Just mind the bad guys that 
     pop up.
    #2 - Location: "Bioweapons Ops", after completing the story, return to the 
          Bioweapon Research Center.  Take the second lift down to the lower 
          level, then in the next room, take the stairs up to the left and you'll 
          reach this room full of computers and monitors.
         Required: Power Bombs
     On the upper floor, note the cylindrical display on the left side.  Walk 
     inside it from the back and Kick Climb up the shaft.  Roll through the 
     ball tunnels and you'll reach the tank in the cells on the west side.
    #3 - Location: "Bioweapons Ops", see above.
         Required: Power Bombs
     On the lower floor, on the right side, are three octagonal panels on the 
     floor.  Bomb the middle one.
    6F. Energy Tanks =
    #1 - Location: Main Sector - "Electrical Access" in the walkthrough, 
          just outside the System Management Room.
         Required: Normal Bombs
     This tank is stumbled over automatically as you roll up into the tunnel 
     that leads to the System Management Room.  No way to miss this.
    #2 - Location: Sector 1 - "Maintenance Track", the large curved room in 
          the northeast where you fight your second Groganch.  
         Required: Diffusion Beam
     Once you enter the ball tunnels, you'll come to a junction where you can 
     drop down to a lower tunnel, where this tank is quite visible.
    #3 - Location: Sector 2 - "Frozen Pit", a room with a large pit in the 
          center where you fight your first Gigafraug.
         Required: Speed Booster
     Once you Shinespark to the far end, head to the right edge of the 
     platform.  There's a ball tunnel behind an ice pillar, which you can drop 
     into the area with the tank.
    #4 - Location: Sector 2 - "Mountain Slope", a large slope at the north end 
           of the sector, not long after the Ferrocrusher fight.
          Required: Speed Booster
     At the top of the slope, you'll find this in plain sight behind the next 
    #5 - Location: Sector 3 - "Geothermal Power Plant", a room just before the 
          fight with Ridley.
         Required: Grapple Beam
     This is very obviously placed right in front of the door to the next room.
    6G. Energy Parts =
    #1 - Location: Main Sector - "North Lift", a room with an elevator in the 
          center, ledges all around it, and Bulls floating all over the room.
         Required: Power Restored to Main Sector
     When you first enter this room, you ride down the lift, past all the 
     ledges.  Go to the right side of the room to find a low ledge so you can 
     climb up.  The part is found on the left side of the lift near the very 
     top of the room.
    #2 - Location: Sector 1 - "North Junction", the room right after the 
          Kihunter boss fight.  Has several doors to connect to different  
         Required: Diffusion Beam
     After the Kihunter fight, you should see this behind a window in the next 
     room.  Go up the nearby ramp and use a Bomb to blast away the vent cover 
     near the top and roll into the tunnel.
    #3 - Location: Sector 3 - "Western Lake Access", a room to the west of the 
          big lava lake (which is the right side from your perspective).  The 
          room itself has Heat Bulls and ramps.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     There's a little alcove about halfway down this room that has little bugs
     floating around in it.  Roll into it and find the ball tunnel which will 
     end at the part.
    #4 - Location: Sector 3 - "Lava Lake", the big lava lake in the north with 
          all the Magdollites.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     This is found on the southern edge, the one with the Magdollites.  There's 
     a spot with a smaller Magdollite in your path that you have to jump over 
     to reach a higher rock ledge.  On the right side of this rock is a small 
     tunnel which has this part inside it.
    #5 - Location: Sector 3 - "Crater Control", a small control room found 
          very soon before entering the crater and facing Goyagma.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     After you hit the terminal to lower the lava below you, two ball tunnels 
     open up on either side of the room.  Take the right-hand one.
    #6 - Location: Sector 2 - "Specimen Storage", a room in the northeast end 
          of the sector that you normally Shinespark across.  There are tanks 
          full of critters lining the walls.
         Required: Speed Booster
     Drop down to the lower floor of this room.  There are three gray squares 
     on the floor.  Bomb the lowest square and roll into the ball tunnel.
    #7 - Location: Sector 2 - "Materials Storehouse", the room where you fought 
          the Ferrocrusher in the northeast corner of Sector 2.
         Required: Ferrocrusher defeated
     The bad news about this one is that you can't get it right away after 
     beating the Ferrocrusher, because there's a big wall of crates blocking you.  
     You have to circle around and come back to this room from the original 
     entrance.  Hop up onto the big crates in south half of the room.  There are 
     several small supply crates here.  One contains the part.
    #8 - Location: Sector 3 - "Molten Passage", a room not long after you 
          meet up with Anthony.  It has two Grapple Points, and two pools of 
         Required: Grapple Beam
     At the far right side of the room, move towards the front wall and you'll 
     spot a small blue passage in the lower right corner.  Jump off and roll 
     into that passage.
    #9 - Location: Sector 1 - "Western Plateau", the open area with the river, 
           waterfall, and Dragotix enemy.
         Required: Grapple Beam
     You actually need to go to the Western Vents area (those tunnels on the 
     west side).  Somewhere in the tunnel is a grayish block on the back wall, 
     which you can Bomb away and roll out onto an upper ledge in the plateau 
     room.  Grapple across to the part.
    #10 - Location: Sector 3 - "Furnace Entry", a room not far east from the 
           main elevator.  It has a Grapple Point above you.  You saved Anthony's 
           butt here.
          Required: Super Missile
     Blast the plate away on the left-hand wall and access the terminal, which 
     will open the way to the south end, which you can Grapple to.
    #11 - Location: Sector 1 - "Blocked Passage", a room just north of Circle 
           Ramp South, it has Grippers and a couple of Grapple Points, plus a 
           big rock in the middle that can only be crossed with the Grapple Beam.
          Required: Space Jump
     Stand on the rock in the middle, then start Space Jumping to the left, then 
     to the back of the room to the crate.
    #12 - Location: Sector 1 - "Rainy Field", a room full of rain that you first 
           fought the Groganch in, in the northeast part of the sector.
          Required: Space Jump
     Go to the upper level in the back left, then Space Jump around the wall to 
     the right and land on the ledge with the beam switch.  Charge it up, then 
     quickly cross the platforms to the part.  The jumps are tricky, and require 
     you to get the most height out of your jump.
    #13 - Location: Main Sector - "Bottle Ship Residential Area", pretty much 
           the first new room you go to in the epilogue, a large cylindrical 
           room with a bunch of Kihunters and a bunch of monitors in the center.
          Required: Power Bombs
     Hold Right or Left in the to run around the perimeter and start Speed 
     Boosting.  Shinespark up and quickly Space Jump to the center platform.  
     You'll have to grab its edge.  It's very difficult, but keep trying.
    #14 - Location: Sector 2 - "Freezing Transit", this room is in the central 
           south area of Sector 2.  It has a track on the wall that you had to 
           grab onto and ride to the terminal to exit.
          Required: Power Bombs
     Use a Power Bomb to wake up the Desbrachian.  Defeat it and enter the door 
     behind it.
    #15 - Location: Sector 2 - "Storage Tanks", this is a room in the southwest 
           that you entered shortly after going up that big maintenance lift.  
           It has some tanks that you need to shoot through with the Wave Beam.
          Required: Power Bombs
     Use a Power Bomb to wake up the Desbrachian.  Defeat it and enter the door 
     behind it.
    #16 - Location: Sector 1 - "Subterranean Control Room", the room near where 
           you got the Diffusion Beam in the southwest corner.  This is also the 
           room you fought Fune and Namihe.
          Required: Power Bombs
     Use a Power Bomb to wake up the Desbrachian.  Defeat it and enter the door 
     behind it.
    6H. E-Recovery Tanks =
    #1 - Location: Sector 2 - "South Frozen Path", the earliest snowy path at 
          the south end of the sector, full of Snomers and Himellas, and the 
          first place you find Volfons.
         Required: Speed Booster
     You should stumble right across this as you exit the Speed Tunnels after 
     your first Speed Booster run.  You'll slam into the ice walls, uncovering 
    #2 - Location: Sector 2 - "Heavy Corridor 2", in the southeast area are 
          some corridors where gravity is screwy.  This is the second one you 
          come across where you're weighed down instead of upside down.
         Required: Gravity Feature
     This is placed tauntingly out of reach the first time you enter the area, 
     but after you come back with Gravity on, it's no problem.
    #3 - Location: Sector 1 - "Research Center", this is the room at the far 
          end of the east path.  Or rather, it's the farthest you will end up 
          being able to go after the first visit, as the door to go fruther is 
          sealed off later.
         Required: Power Bombs
     Use a Power Bomb to wake up the Desbrachian.  Defeat it and enter the door 
     behind it.
    6I. Accel Charges =
    #1 - Location: Sector 1 - "Break Room", a room in the northwest corner of 
          the Sector.  This room is two rooms after the "three-exit" Nav Room.  
          It has a restroom inside it.
         Required: Sector 1 Access
     Head into the restroom and walk up to the stall with the partially open 
     door.  Samus will automatically open the door as you approach.
    #2 - Location: Sector 3 - "Eastern Lake Access", a room just east of the 
          Lava Lake.  It has three yellow circles on the floor.
         Required: Sector 3 Access
     The left-hand yellow circle is concealing a launch module.  Bomb away the 
     cover, then drop inside and launch yourself up.
    #3 - Location: Sector 2 - "Snow Cliffs", a large snow field where you fight 
          a Groganch.
         Required: Speed Booster
     After defeating the Groganch, climb up the snow ledge and head in the 
     direction of the exit door.  You should spot a rock nearby which you can 
     Missile away.
    #4 - Location: Main Sector - "South Lift", a room with a lift in the middle 
          and platforms all around it.  Populated with Geemers.
         Required: Wave Beam
     On the top right side of this room is a glass window with a beam switch 
     behind it.  With the Wave Beam you can charge up the switch through the 
     glass to open the door.
    #5 - Location: Sector 3 - "Geothermal Power Plant", a room just before the 
          fight with Ridley.
         Required: Grapple Beam
     Use the Grapple Point in this room to swing over to the blue-lit alcove 
     where this charge lives.
    #6 - Location: Sector 3 - "Sector 3 Entry", a room just off the lava lake.  
          You have to go through the glass tube at the north end of the area.  
          It's where you first entered Sector 3 from Sector 1.
         Required: Power Bombs
     Use a Power Bomb to wake up the Desbrachian.  Defeat it and enter the door 
     behind it.
    Let me start by stating one simple thing: you get almost nothing from 
    defeating enemies in this game.  There are no health or missile pickups 
    to be gleaned from the corpses, and there's no point total at the end of 
    it all.  The only time that you must fight is when there's a locked door 
    that won't open until your foes are dead.
    That said, if the option presents itself, running through an area and not 
    stopping to fight is a very viable strategy, and may be preferable 
    considering that going toe to toe with some bad guys may end up with you 
    worse for the wear.  Something to keep in mind as we go through the list.
    7A. Crawlers =
    Geemer -
     Appearance: A blue spiked turtle-like creature
     Location: Main Sector and Sector 1
      These guys are wall-crawlers.  Unlike previous incarnations of this foe 
      that just wandered around, they will now notice you and crawl towards you 
      with intent to ram.  A couple of Power Beam shots are enough to kill them.
    Sidehopper -
     Appearance: A two-legged creature about Samus' size, blue and yellow in 
     Location: Main Sector and Sector 1
      The Sidehopper archetype is characterized as an enemy that bounces around 
      and attacks by slamming into the ground.  They are rather vulnerable to 
      Overblasts, and the game wastes no time in reminding you of this.
    Zoro -
     Appearance: Small brown-shelled larva
     Location: Sector 1
      Despite sharing a similar name with a Mexican folk hero, these are nothing 
      more than Kihunter larvae.  The shell is decent armor, though.  Beams and 
      Missiles will be ineffective against it.  The simplest way to destroy a 
      Zoro is to roll up into a ball and lay Bombs near it.  If you repeatedly 
      blast a Zoro, it may hatch into a full-grown Kihunter, so be careful.
    Nova -
     Appearance: Flaming ground crawler
     Location: Sector 3
      Basically a Geemer for the fire area.  The only thing that's different 
      about this guy (except for the obvious "on fire" part) is that it may 
      decide to quickly charge you.
    Dessgeega -
     Appearance: A two-legged creature about Samus' size, purple and red in 
     Location: Sector 3
      The Sidehopper variant for the fire area is more durable than its 
      predecessor.  The Ice Beam can be used to freeze its leg to the floor for 
      an easy Overblast.  Beyond that, watch out for its kicks, ground pounds, 
      and the gunk it shoots out its mouth.
    Snomer -
     Appearance: A spiked turtle covered in ice
     Location: Sector 2
      This is the icy version of the Geemer.  This species is unique in a 
      couple of ways.  For one, it can hide in the ground, then spring up to 
      surprise Samus as she approaches.  For another, it can launch itself at 
      Samus pretty quickly.  Still, it's not particularly durable.
    Volfon -
     Appearance: A lithe predator with two large curved horns
     Location: Sector 2
      Sort of a cross between a ram and a wolf.  These creatures bound around 
      the snow, charging into Samus, or leaping into the air and slamming down 
      on her.  Hitting them with a charged ice blast will freeze them to that 
      spot, after which you can hammer at them with more beams to finish them.
    Sandfang -
     Appearance: A large sand worm
     Location: Sector 3
      Found in the sandy desert areas, the Sandfang is known for hiding in the 
      ground until Samus gets close, then leaping out and attacking.  They can 
      bite, swing their bodies, or fling sand balls.  They're pretty durable, 
      but they do have a slight weakness in that if they take a good amount of 
      damage, they'll be knocked out to the surface of the sand, where they will 
      squirm for a few moments, having trouble moving when not lodged in the 
    Baristute -
     Appearance: A two-legged creature with a large head, mostly green in color
     Location: Sector 2
      This is the strongest Sidehopper variant.  Mostly more durable, otherwise 
      sharing the same characteristics as its weaker cousins.
    7B. Fliers =
    Reo -
     Appearance: A green fly-like creature
     Location: Main Sector and Sector 1
      Reos have a habit of hovering around before trying to attach to you.  They 
      are considered mostly a weak nuisance and even one shot from the base 
      Power Beam is enough for them.
    Skree - 
     Appearance: A dark green drill-like creature
     Location: Main Sector and Sector 2
      Skrees begin life on the ceiling, and as soon as Samus gets close, they 
      dive-bomb her like a rabid fan.  Either dodge their incoming charge and 
      retaliate with a few Power Beam shots, or simply run underneath them 
      without stopping and they should overshoot you.
    Bull -
     Appearance: A floating bluish ball that spews gas
     Location: Main Sector and Sector 1
      These creatures excrete toxic gas.  Generally speaking, the float around 
      lazily, but when agitated, they'll charge and explode, releasing a cloud of 
      damaging gas.  They also explode when shot, so it's more of a game of 
      avoiding the inevitable cloud.
    Waver -
     Appearance: A small creature with a shell on its left and right sides.
     Location: Sector 1
      A bit of an annoyance.  These beings float around the room, and when the 
      mood strikes them, they'll start spinning and launch themselves towards 
      you.  They cannot be harmed while spinning, so dodge out of the way 
      before attacking.
    FG-1000 -
     Appearance: A floating robot with a boxy turret mechanism on the bottom.
     Location: All Sectors
      These defense drones are considered a miniboss early in the game.  They 
      will attempt to charge you as well as fire their beam weapon.  During 
      early fights, the only way to damage them is when their beam mechanism 
      is deployed.  Either blast with charged shots, or take the risk of aiming 
      for a Missile.  Later in the game, you'll find them more frequently, but 
      by then your equipment will have improved enough that a few shots will 
      take care of them easily.
    Kihunter -
     Appearance: A four-limbed man-sized wasp-like creature
     Location: Sector 1
      This agressive species of insect can attack melee style as well as fire 
      junk from its proboscis.  Blasting it can sometimes knock off its wings 
      and drop it to the ground, where it's a slightly lesser threat.  Also, 
      if Samus performs an Overblast on it, she will rip off its wing by hand, 
      which is actually quite satisfying.  There is a "Super Kihunter" variant 
      that appears late in the game that is green as opposed to the standard 
      blue.  It's a bit more durable, but at the point in the game you face it, 
      you should be more than powerful enough to handle it.
    Skultera -
     Appearance: A ravenous-looking fish
     Location: Sector 1 and 2
      Psyche!  These guys are not air fliers but actually water swimmers.  
      That said, they are the ONLY swimmers in the game so I'm just tossing 
      them here, because dealing with them is similar to dealing with a flying 
      foe.  These fish dart around the water before attempting to bite your 
      face off.  They're not too durable, but they may be difficult to hit 
      unless they're close, given their speed.
    Mella -
     Appearance: A flaming flying bug
     Location: Sector 3
      The variant on the Reo for the fire area.  The same tactics apply for 
      this version.  Naturally, once you get the Ice Beam, putting them down 
      will be easy.
    Heat Bull -
     Appearance: A floating ball of red fiery stuff spewing flame.
     Location: Sector 3
      Whereas the regular Bull is "merely" toxic gas, the Heat Bull is full of 
      flammable stuff.  Blasting it enough will result in a nasty explosion, so 
      hang back while you shoot.  If that weren't enough, while active, the 
      Heat Bull will ride its fire jets to crash into you at high speeds.  A 
      charged Ice Beam can plug those jets to stop it zipping around, but won't 
      stop the explosion.
    Himella -
     Appearance: Icy flying bug
     Location: Sector 2
      The ice variant of the Reo.  The Himella is unique because it can actually 
      shoot icicles at you.  It's no more durable, though.
    Joulion -
     Appearance: Fat floating seahorse
     Location: Sector 2
      These odd critters store energy inside them.  They can either shoot this 
      energy at you or release it in one big explosion when they croak.  Shoot 
      them down from a distance.
    FG II-Graham -
     Appearance: Floating robot without a large turret beneath it.
     Location: Sector 2 and Sector 3
      These robots are far more fragile than the FG-1000.  They fire beams 
      like any good robot, and only take a few hits before going down if they're 
      flying solo.  In certain locations, though, you'll find two of them 
      working together to create a purple plasma barrier.  To stop this 
      barrier, blast one with a charged shot.  This won't destroy the bots, 
      but it will lower the barrier for a few seconds so you can pass.
    Cyclaw - 
     Appearance: Black drill-like creature
     Location: Sector 2
      A bit of a rarity, but these are a hardier form of Skree.  They are 
      different from their cousin in that they can make a second lunge after 
      their first dive-bomb.  If they latch onto Samus, they can detonate.  
      Take them out from a distance or just run past them.
    Rinka -
     Appearance: Ring-shaped lasers
     Location: Bioweapon Research Center
      These are mostly in the game as a throwback to the old Metroid games, 
      and are the ring lasers that fire at you while in Tourian on Zebes.  
      They're pretty weak given you fight them late in the game when you're 
      really powerful, but there they are.
    7C. Stationary =
    Fly Pod -
     Appearance: An undulating sphere fused to a wall
     Location: All Sectors
      Fly Pods are not living enemies, per se, but nests for the sector's 
      resident fliers.  They will continue to pump out Reos, Mellas, or 
      Himellas, depending on what sector they're in.  The standard means of 
      dealing with them is to pump three Missiles into the pod.  Once you gain 
      more powerful beams, they will become effective, as well.
    Gripper -
     Appearance: Basically a plant that looks like a large Venus Flytrap
     Location: Sector 1
      Sometimes these plants will appear as innocuous as the background, which 
      is of course, part of their plan.  Their attacks mostly consist of munching 
      on your tastiness.  If they swallow you, you will need to set a Bomb in 
      them to escape.  Some variants hide in the ground and travel around 
      underneath to pop up under you.  There is still another variant (commonly 
      called the "Poison Gripper") that simply walks around and is considerably 
      weaker than its normal counterpart.
    Whipvine -
     Appearance: A purple plant affixed to the wall with an orange pod
     Location: Sector 1
      These plants mostly remain dormant until Samus gets near, whereby it will 
      snake out a vine to grab and damage Samus.  The pod cannot be damaged 
      unless the vine is loose, so you have to get kind of close before you can 
      attack.  Fire a Missile at the plant to destroy it.
    Magdollite -
     Appearance: A human-shaped pile of lava
     Location: Sector 3
      These beings seemed to be formed from the very magma itself.  While they 
      can't move from the spot they sit, they will swing their arms at you, 
      cause shockwaves, and breathe fireballs.  A charged Ice Beam can fill 
      their mouths with ice, stunning them momentarily.  They take a fair amount 
      of hits to destroy (you'll know that happens when they sink into the lava 
      amidst flames), so it may behoove you just to run and jump past them 
      rather than wasting time fighting.
    Fumbleye -
     Appearance: A purple blob with a big tentacle, all attached to a ceiling
     Location: Sector 2
      There are only a couple of these odd things to be found in the game.  
      When you first come across them, you will be unable to defeat them due to 
      an apparently naturally occuring shield on them that blocks incoming fire.  
      All you can do is avoid their tentacle attacks.  Once you activate the 
      Plasma Beam, you will now be able to destroy these things.
    7D. Predators =
    Ghalmanian - 
     Appearance: Purple chameleon-like biped
     Location: Sector 1
      Looks like a chameleon and acts like one.  This fiend will start the 
      fight invisible.  Good news is that being out of sight doesn't mean that 
      your Search View targeting can't find them.  Poke around until you lock 
      on something that isn't there, then fire a Missile to knock the 
      Ghalmanian for a loop.  Once it's stunned, you can rush up for a Lethal 
      Strike, or simply keep pounding it with beams now that it's visible.
    Griptian - 
     Appearance: An armadillo-like lizard
     Location: Sector 1
      Griptians are known for rolling into balls and being rather speedy with 
      their attacks.  They can burrow underground, but their shadows tend to 
      remain visible.  A fully charged shot or laying Bombs in their path can 
      stun them, opening them up for a Lethal Strike.  There is a variant later 
      in the game called the "Mighty Griptian", which is considerably stronger 
      and is covered in spikes.
    Dragotix -
     Appearance: A lizard with a head at each end and a glowing belly
     Location: Sector 1
      This rather odd creature is treated as a miniboss fight early on.  One 
      head is used for biting on Samus (the big one), while the other head 
      spits out a jet of flame.  If the creature swallows Samus, lay a Bomb 
      to escape.  The glowing belly is a rather obvious weak point, so killing 
      a Dragotix is a trivial matter of hanging out of range and pounding it 
      with firepower.
    Groganch -
     Appearance: Tall giraffe-like creature that seems to be made out of wood
     Location: Sector 1 and Sector 2
      Despite its size, this creature is actually quite simple.  It mostly 
      lumbers around on its tall legs, and fires purple shots at you.  These 
      purple shots can be destroyed in midair by firing at them, so if you're 
      far enough away, there's no reason to spend an entire fight with these 
      guys in Search View.  Its weak spot is an obvious glowing belly, so 
      hammer that with Missiles.  The only other gimmick it has is that after 
      some damage, it may flip itself over, putting its weak spot on its back.  
      This shouldn't change your tactics any.
    Zebesian - 
     Appearance: Man-sized insect-like alien that fires lasers from its claws
     Location: All Sectors
      The rank and file soldier of the Space Pirates, these grunts generally 
      know how to fight.  They pretty good at dodging and running around, and 
      their shots are quite accurate.  Still, doing some dodging of your own 
      and superior firepower will ultimately help you more.  If you freeze their 
      hands with an Ice Beam shot, you'll stop them from shooting momentarily, 
      and open them up for an Overblast shot.
    Asborean -
     Appearance: A metal stingray that swarms about on land
     Location: Sector 3
      This nasty fellow is actually just a worm with a face, but he's riding 
      around in rather stylish robot exosuit resembling a stingray that gives 
      him speed and power.  Watch his scooting about closely and take shots 
      whenever he stands up, or whenever he pokes his head out of the armor.  
      His attacks, besides just running around, include tossing out little 
      spawn to harrass you, as well as standing up to take strikes at you.  If 
      you connect a shot while he pokes his head out, you may stun him enough 
      to get a Lethal Strike in.  Instead of an outright kill, you will tug him 
      out of his armor.  At that point, he'll try to wrap himself arund you to 
      explode for serious damage, so blast him to death before he gets close.
    Gigafraug -
     Appearance: A large two-legged creature with an armored front
     Location: Sector 2
      "Physical attack" is the name of this beast's game.  It makes good use 
      of the armor on its front side to charge and ram you.  You have the option 
      of blasting away at its relatively unprotected rear, but there's an even 
      better tactic.  Blast a Missile into its front armor to destroy it.  The 
      Gigafraug will now be vulnerable to Overblasts and Lethal Strikes, making 
      it a much easier kill.
    Kyratian - 
     Appearance: Whitish skinned humanoid with tentacles on it shoulders.
     Location: Sector 2
      These intelligent beings control electricity.  In normal circumstances, 
      they'll try for some melee attacks or hang back and fire electric balls 
      at you.  If you damage them a bit, or freeze their tentacles with your 
      Ice Beam, they may charge themselves up with electricity, making themselves 
      invulnerable to your current beams.  At that point, you'll want to fire a 
      Missile at them to disengage that status.  Once you get better beams, 
      you'll be able to penetrate their electric shield, so that won't be as much 
      of a worry. 
    Rhedogian - 
     Appearance: Wiry purple-skinned humanoid with a single eye in its midsection
     Location: All Sectors
      This creature is treated as a recurring miniboss.  It's very quick and 
      agile, capable of even dodging your beam shots.  Attacks are many and 
      include swiping with its arms, charging into you, a cluster missile 
      strike, and a focused eye laser.  Causing damage is largely a matter of 
      getting lucky and tagging him with charged shots when he can't dodge, 
      which is usually right after he attacks.  One of his most exploitable 
      points is when his eye turns red as he charges up his eye beam.  Fire a 
      Missile at him and he'll take good damage and be stunned.  You can follow 
      this up with a Lethal Strike.  Although this won't always be a confirmed 
      kill, it will do significant damage.
    Desbrachian -
     Appearance: Black beetle-like organism
     Location: All Sectors
      You will not face these creatures until the endgame sequences.  They are 
      the most ferocious non-boss enemies in the game.  They're attacks are 
      largely physical, but they're quite fast, regularly dodging charged beam 
      shots much as a Rhedogian would.  It takes several hits to weaken them, 
      and once drained of health, they will enter a green light cocoon which 
      will restore them.  You can disrupt this cocoon by laying a Power Bomb, 
      but there is an easier way to finish them.  Just before they enter the 
      cocoon state, they will crouch on the ground in exhaustion.  It's a small 
      window, but at that point they're vulnerable to a Lethal Strike.  
      Practice will make perfect with these foes, and you'll have plenty of 
    8. EXTRAS
    8A. Examine Search Answers =
    The whole Examine Search thing is a feature where you're put in a forced 
    first-person perspective and tasked with finding something in the environment 
    before you can move on.  While this is kinda neat, it can be frustrating 
    when you have a full 360 degree view to look in and don't know what the 
    heck you're looking for, so here's a list of all the searches in the game.  
    Hopefully I won't be spoiling too much by giving you these answers.
    #1 - Situation: Game has just begun.  You're in the hangar looking at the 
          GF Ship.
         Target: The Federation logo on the side of the ship.
    #2 - Situation: You're in Sector 1.  You just went down a slope and examined 
          an abandoned lab.
         Target: The rustling bushes slightly to your left.
    #3 - Situation: Sector 1, the room called "Biological Experiment Floor", 
          which is a complicated way of saying Kihunter Nest.  You've just 
          climbed a spiral ramp and slid down the center.  There's a purple 
          cocoon nearby.
         Target: The brown larvae crawling around on the ground to your right.
    #4 - Situation: Sector 1, the room called "Exam Center".  You've just met up 
          with your team and are exploring the building.  You've just had a 
          scare by a falling corpse.
         Target: The GF logo on the body.
    #5 - Situation: Exam Center, same basic area as before, only now you just 
          heard some monster spittle drop behind you.
         Target: Those Zebesians hanging from the ceiling.
    #6 - Situation: Biosphere Test Area, just after you fought the weird purple 
          creature while pinned down.
         Target: Behind you, the green ichor on the ground.
    #7 - Situation: Much further into the game, Sector 2, on the snow cliffs 
          area after you beat a Groganch and discover a frozen body.
         Target: The woman behind the windows of the observation area.
    #8 - Situation: Sector 3, you just saved Anthony from a monster and are 
          now heading to the power plant out in the west.
         Target: The purple creature stuck to the wall.
    #9 - Situation: Sector 3, the core of the power plant, after meeting up with 
          Anthony again.  He asks where the way out is.
         Target: Kinda tough to see, but the green lights mark the exit, which is 
          what you're looking for.
    #10 - Situation: Immediately after #9.
          Target: A large rectangular hatch in front of you on the wall.
    #11 - Situation: Sector 1, some jerk just lowered a bridge in front of you.
          Target: The busted terminal behind you.
    #12 - Situation: Sector Zero
          Target: Just look to one side or the other.  The target will pop up in 
    #13 - Situation: Bioweapons Research Center, on your second visit to the 
          Target: The body on the ground.
    8B. Unlocks =
    Hard Mode -
    Complete the game with an item collect rate of 100% and you'll unlock this 
    mode.  In Hard Mode, enemies are slightly tougher, but the big news is that 
    there are NO COLLECTIBLES.  No Missile Tanks.  No Energy Tanks.  No nothing.  
    You have to survive the game on one Energy Tank and ten Missiles.  There is 
    no particular reward for completing the game on Hard Mode, in case you're 
    Theater Mode -
    This is unlocked once you beat the main story.
    This is kind of set up like a DVD movie, actually.  Instead of just viewing 
    each of the disjointed cutscenes separately, the game actually tries to 
    connect them with some amounts of gameplay being shown.
    Select any chapter and the "movie" will start from there.  You can press A at 
    any time during the presentation to return to the chapter select.
    Chapters 1-26 are unlocked after completing the main story.
    Chapters 27-30 are unlocked after completing the epilogue.
    Gallery Mode -
    This is also unlocked once you beat the main story.  These are simple 
    production stills from the game with concept art and models.
    Pages 1-4 are unlocked after completing the main story.
    Pages 5-7 are unlocked after completing the epilogue.
    Page 8 unlocks with 100% item collection.
    Here are what you find in each gallery still.  Some you can probably guess 
    by looking at them what/who they are, but I'm feeling generous, so here 
    are brief descriptions:
    1) Samus Aran (Face and Zero Suit)
    2) Adam Malkovich
    3) Anthony Higgs
    4) Ian Malkovich
    5) Lyle Smithsonian
    6) Maurice Favreau
    7) James Pierce
    8) K.G. Misawa
    9) Madeline Bergman
    10) Melissa Bergman (MB)
    11) The Colonel
    12) Quarantine Officer
    13) Bull
    14) Waver
    15) Gripper
    16) Sidehopper
    17) Kihunter and Zoro
    18) Skultera
    19) Dragotix
    20) Joulion
    21) Volfon
    22) Gigafraug
    23) Nova
    24) Magdollite
    25) Bottle Ship Exterior
    26) Main Sector
    27) Biosphere
    28) Cryosphere
    29) Pyrosphere
    30) Elevators
    31) Terminal
    32) Holographic Terminal
    33) Grapple Point
    34) FG-1000
    35) Federation Medic
    36) Federation Tech (and generic Federation workers)
    37) Griptian
    38) Mighty Griptian
    39) Ghalmanian
    40) Kyratian
    41) Asborean
    42) Rhedogian
    43) Energy Tank
    44) Missile Tank
    45) Energy Part
    46) E-Recovery Tank
    47) Accel Charge
    48) Supply Crate
    49) Samus in Federation Fatigues
    50) GF Power Armor
    51) GF Power Armor 2
    52) GF Assault Rifle
    53) GF Submachine Gun
    54) GF Assault Rifle w/ Launcher
    55) GF Freeze Gun
    56) GF Plasma Cannon
    57) GF Troop Transport
    58) Civilian Shuttle
    59) Drive Engine
    60) GF Frigate
    61) Brug Mass (Brug, Emperor Brug)
    62) Groganch
    63) Fune and Namihe
    64) Goyagma
    65) Fumbleye
    66) Ferrocrusher
    67) Vorash
    68) Nightmare
    69) Specimen Lab
    70) Kihunter Nest
    71) Pyrosphere Furnace
    72) Desert Simulation Area
    73) Samus in Power Suit (Morph Ball)
    74) Samus' Gunship
    75) Samus' Gunship Interior
    76) Mother Brain (Evolved Form)
    77) Zebesian
    78) Cyborg Zebesian
    79) Desbrachian
    80) Little Birdie (Larval Ridley)
    81) Mystery Creature (Larval Ridley)
    82) Mystery Creature Shell
    83) Ridley
    84) Ridley (collapsed)
    85) Storyboards
    86) Picture of Samus and Ian
    87) Zero Suit Samus carrying Adam's Helmet
    88) Samus' Paralyzer
    89) Child Samus
    90) Samus (Younger, during Ian's incident)
    91) Samus (Civilian Clothes)
    92) Phantoon
    93) Sector Zero
    94) Metroid (Metroid Eggs)
    95) Queen Metroid Battle
    96) Queen Metroid (Detail)
    9A. Legal =
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2010 Scott "CyricZ" 
    Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
    own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
    includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
    unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
    Give me some credit.
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:
    I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this 
    FAQ.  They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Other M guides, but, 
    trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed 
    sites that I trust.
    9B. E-mail Guidelines =
    If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines:
    - Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the 
    - Make sure it has something to do with Other M.  I don't want spam, 
    chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you 
    want, though...
    - Make sure you say "Other M" at one point in your e-mail.  I have more 
    than one FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I kill the 
    last boss?" doesn't tell me much.
    - Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
    your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile.
    9C. Credits =
    CJayC, SBAllen, and all webmasters for allowing this on their sites.
    My buddy bananagirl for an uber-sexy ASCII title.
    Nintendo and Team Ninja for, well, keeping the series alive, at least.
    9D. Version Updates =
    Version 1.0 - 9/20/2010 - The vast majority is complete.  Some adjustments 
     may be made if any collectibles can be collected earlier or if there are 
     better enemy strategies, but I consider this to be pretty complete.
    9E. The Final Word =
    Okay.  I had fun with the gameplay setup and new takes on 3D third-person 
    shooting.  That's some enjoyable stuff and made this game worth playing on 
    its own.
    Which is good, because honestly I severely disliked the story presentation.  
    The story on its own is... passable, but the writing, acting, and direction 
    are just woefully subpar.
    Mr. Sakamoto, it's obvious from the inclusion of Theater Mode that you wanted 
    this game to feel like a movie.  I say that if you want to do that, make 
    sure you have the proper skills to make a movie in the first place.  Show, 
    don't tell.  Cut back on the inner monologue.  If you want the characters to 
    have believable emotion, then don't have them robotically delivering 
    exposition without a shred of it, then expect us to relate to the characters 
    when they suddenly get all vulnerable.
    I've said my piece.  This game still has plenty to carry it, but it just 
    could have been so much more with the right application of effort.
    See you next mission, everyone!

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