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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Banjo_2553

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     ¯|    Welcome to my Metroid: Other M guide. This guide has what you can    |¯
      |     expect from my other Metroid guides: a 100% walkthrough, and an     |
      | appendix of sorts to detail the collectibles seperately. This game...is |
      |  not well-received by a lot of fans, and for a good reason. It's a big  |
      |    departure from what makes a Metroid game, abandoning the solitary    |
      | feel and exploration into a more streamlined, story-telling experience. |
      |    This game focuses on Samus's past at first, but then moves into a    |
      |  more recent conspiracy plot involving the Federation. What could this  |
      |               plot be? Play through the game to find out!               |
      | _______________________________________________________________________ |
      |<   FAQ/Walkthrough by Banjo2553    ||          Copyright 2010          >|
      | ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
      |  This guide features a lot of ASCII, I'll show mini-maps as accurately  |
      |  as I can. Even though this game is 3D, its maps are shown top-down 2D  |
      | style. So my maps will reflect that. However, I'll try to make the maps |
      |   here more accurate so you'll know what to do. As such, I'll only be   |
      |   covering one room at a time, instead of multiple rooms for each map   |
      |   like in my guides for the 2D games. So, ASCII warning, use a fixed-   |
      |     width font, like Lucida Console, so that the maps look better.      |
     _|                           So enjoy my guide!                            |_
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    ====================|          TABLE OF CONTENTS          |====================
    /                    ¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯                    \
                           | I. Story                      |
                           | II. Gameplay                  |
                           | III. Walkthrough              |
                           |   a. Starting a New Epic      |
                           |   b. Flora in the Ship        |
                           |   c. Deeper Plot              |
                           |   d. Cold Betrayal            |
                           |   e. Samus's Worst Nightmare  |
                           |   f. Chasing Down Info        |
                           |   g. A Means to an End        |
                           |   h. Unfinished Business      |
                           | IV. Items                     |
                           |   a. Upgrades                 |
                           |   b. Missile Tanks            |
                           |   c. Energy Tanks             |
                           |   d. Energy Parts             |
                           |   e. Accel Charges            |
                           |   f. E. Recovery Tanks        |
                           | V. Creatures                  |
                           |   a. Enemies                  |
                           |   b. Bosses                   |
                           | VI. Legal Notices             |
                           | VII. Credits                  |
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    /¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯\
     This details the story of the game. The game takes place sometime after Super
    Metroid. The story detailed here is taken from the game's instruction booklet,
    so enjoy!
    I had gone to planet SR388 to destroy the Metroids. After a deadly struggle I
    managed to defeat the Queen Metroid, and as I was preparing to return, a baby
    Metroid hatched before my eyes. As I was the first thing the baby saw, it took
    me to be its mother.
    I felt that studying the baby might produce some peaceful applications, so I
    took it back to the Galactic Federation.
    But that baby Metroid was attacked in the middle of an experiment and fell into
    the hands of the Space Pirates, who were led by Mother Brain.
    In the hopes of rescuing the baby, I infiltrated the stronghold controlled by
    Mother Brain on planet Zebes.
    But Mother Brain's overwhelming power brought me to the brink of death. And 
    then the strangest thing began to restore vigor to my spirit's light, which was
    so close to going out.
    "Why am I still alive..."
    The baby protected me from Mother Brain's attack.
    It gave me power.
    And then the baby was destroyed above my head...
    "Mother... Time to go!"
    Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and the Metroids were terminated along with
    the planet Zebes.
    I don't know how much time passed since then. I was traveling in my Star Ship
    when I unexpectedly received a signal.
    Code name: "Baby's Cry."
    A common SOS with the urgency of a baby crying...
    The nickname comes from the fact that the purpose of the signal is to draw
    The signal was coming from a remote part of space. I altered the course of my
    ship as if this detour had already been part of my flight plan.
    Baby's Cry...
    It was as though it was crying specifically for me...
    -Samus Aran-
      ___,.-----'___________,-------'             '-------,___________'-----.,___
    -'___,.-----'                                                     '-----.,___'-
    -'                                                                           '_
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      |               |*                 __ _     __ _     _                     *|
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    /¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯\
     The gameplay of Other M is a bit different from other Metroids. It's more
    action-packed and streamlined. To do all of Samus's actions requires nothing
    more than a single Wii Remote. There are two modes of play, which you'll have
    to use both to get through the game. The main mode requires you to play the
    game with the Wii Remote sideways, top on the left. The Search Mode requires
    the Wii Remote to be pointed at the screen.
      _________________________________         _________________________________
     |*          NORMAL VIEW          *|       |*           SEARCH VIEW         *|
     |---------------------------------|       |---------------------------------|
     | D-Pad: Move, SenseMove          |       | Cursor: Aim                     |
     | + Button: Display map screen    |       | A Button: Shoot                 |
     | HOME Button: Display HOME menu  |       | B Button: Lock-on/turn          |
     | A Button: Morph Ball mode       |       | Shake: SenseMove                |
     | 1 Button: Fire button           |       | + Button: Display map screen    |
     | 2 Button: Jump button           |       | HOME Button: Display HOME menu  |
     |.                               .|       |.                               .|
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    - SenseMove is the dodge mechanic of this game. Just before Samus is about to
     get hit, pressing the D-Pad in any direction will make her dodge. She can 
     dodge as many times as you want her to, but she has a delay if you shoot right
     after the dodge.
    - The map screen displays a few things. For the map, you can use the D-Pad or
     the Wii Remote cursor to scroll around. Aside from the map though, if you
     press 1 or B, you get to switch which map you can look at, as well as the
     status of characters, your upgrades, and recaps of the story thus far.
    - Morph Ball mode is pretty simple. Once as a Morph Ball, you can move 
     anywhere. Samus can use the Spring Ball by pressing the 2 Button, and plant
     Bombs by using the 1 Button.
    - With Samus's shooting, you can hold the 1 Button to charge up your shot, but
     you can only get the charged shot once the charge meter (shown below your 
     health in the upper left corner of the screen in either mode) is full, which
     at first takes about 1 1/2 second(s) to charge. But, you can instantly charge
     by holding the 1 button just before doing SenseMove. If you have Samus Morph
     while fully charged, she'll drop five Bombs at once.
    - In Search View, I feel I should explain the "lock-on" system. Whenever you
     lock on to something, your visor's HUD explains what can be used on that 
     object. Press the A Button to use that item on the object. For enemies, it's
     almost always Missiles. For anything else, it could be Power Bombs, Grapple
     Beam, or Speed Booster. For Power Bombs and Speed Booster though, those can't
     be used in Search View. When in Search View, holding the B Button allows Samus
     to turn. This piece of information is handy in some "find the odd thing out"
     scenes where you're stuck in this perspective.
    - You can do SenseMove while in Search View! How to do that? Well, whenever
     something's about to attack Samus, the visor's HUD will turn green instead of
     blue (or red, if you're dangerously low on energy). While it's green, shake
     the Wii Remote in a direction (left, right, up [for backward], down [for
     forward]) to dodge. This can be helpful for letting off Super Missiles faster.
    - Next, Overblasts and Lethal Strikes. These can be performed on a select few
     enemies. Overblast is having Samus jump on an enemy. If it's the right one,
     she'll mount on top of the enemy with her Arm Cannon pointed at its head.
     Charge the Beam and let loose for a much more powerful attack than normal, but
     if you're a bit late, you'll get thrown off. Lethal Strikes can be done when
     an enemy is put into a vulnerable position (such as dazed), and can instantly
     kill most enemies, hence the name. To do this, run towards said enemy while
     charging your Beam and Samus will perform a unique Lethal Strike depending on
     the enemy. The Lethal Strike can also be performed on some bosses for a 
     quicker fight. For certain enemies, Samus can perform a counter-attack if you
     press the 1 Button at the right time as she's being attacked. Example: If a 
     Space Pirate does a melee attack at Samus, press 1 and she can push them back 
     and kick them in the face.
    - Finally, Concentration. This move that Samus can perform can restore her
     Missile ammunition and energy, considering that enemies no longer drop pickups
     like they did in other Metroid games. To do Concentration, hold the Wii Remote
     pointing towards the ceiling, and Samus will change her stance. Hold A and her
     Missiles/energy will be restored. There's some restrictions on this though.
     Though her Missiles can always be fully replenished, the energy restoration
     can only be used when she's at the dangerous energy level (when the energy
     gauge is red), and it only restores up to 99 energy. The energy restoration
     also takes a fair bit longer to finish than it does with Missiles, so you need
     to make sure you're in a safe spot before you use it. Though Concentration
     seems overpowered, it would make the game needlessly frustrating, especially
     for a first time.
      ___,.-----'___________,-------'             '-------,___________'-----.,___
    -'___,.-----'                                                     '-----.,___'-
    -'                                                                           '_
     :|                ___________________________________________________________
      |               |*                _       ___    _  _     __               *|
      |===============|             | ||_||  |/  | |_||_)/ \| |/__|_|             |
      |===============|             |^|| ||__|\  | | || \\_/|_|\_|| |             |
      |               |.                                                         .|
     :|                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    /¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯\
     This covers all items in the game. Yeah! Anyway, it's a bit weird, when you
    first start up this game, without any save data on the System Memory, the game
    brings you to a really simplistic start screen. It's...Matrix-like. Green, with
    a simple title, and the "Press 2" prompt. Doing so, you'll start a game 
    immediately, after setting if you want Subtitles on or off, and to set the
    language of those Subtitles. (Sorry, no alternate voice overs!)
    Later on, when you start the game up, you get to a different, more flashy title 
    screen. Here you gain access to a file select with three files that show 
    progress much like Super Metroid's file select, options, and two new options: 
    Gallery and Theater. Those unlock for beating the game, with pictures added to 
    Gallery with the more items you collect.
    I will be summarizing what happens in the cutscenes, so those paragraphs will 
    be opened and closed by asterisk lines, so you can avoid spoilers when reading 
    this. Bosses will be "enclosed" with lines of colons in the same manner.
    ***Even though I said up in the top of the guide that there will be maps, there
    will not be any in this first release. I will sporadically update the guide
    later on with the maps for a more in-depth approach.***
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |   Starting a New Epic   |
    - After starting the game, you'll be treated to a CG cutscene. It's space...you
     see the remains of what seems to be a spaceship...asteroids pummel it...then
     you see something glowing. Close to it, it's a...human baby?
    - What the hell? Yeah, I don't understand that part much, but guess what the
     next part is? A reimagining of the fight against Mother Brain from Super 
     Metroid! Hell yes! Watch the lovely cutscene. After the fact, Samus is shown
     in a hospital bed and is suddenly woken by the voice of a quarantine officer.
     She's told to go to the next room and test her reflexes.
    - Thus starts the training session. This basically teaches you the basics of
     the controls. First up is the Charge Beam. Just hold 1 until the charge meter
     below your energy is filled, then release. You have to unleash this on three
     glowing targets. Next, you test the Morph Ball. Press A to turn into the Morph
     Ball and roll around, press 1 to lay a Bomb. You can lay up to three Bombs at
     a time.
    - Next, you'll be told to stand in the middle of the room, and the section
     where you need to be will glow. Walk over there. (If you're not already there,
     you'll get an over-shoulder camera view which makes you move slower.) Once in,
     you'll drop down. He'll then tell you to Kick Climb back up. To do so, jump
     towards a wall, then press 2 to Wall Kick from it. Keep pressing 2 each time
     you come into contact with the wall to Kick Climb. Unlike other Metroid games
     (and similar to Prime 2 and 3's Screw Attack), you don't need to change the
     D-Pad direction. You actually don't need to press it at all aside from jumping
     into the wall at the start.
    - After that, you'll be tested with actual combat by using holograms of 
     Geemers. Since they're holograms, you don't take damage, but you can still get
     hit. Practice techniques and learn how useful the auto-aim feature of this
     game is. Something I like to do is the "quick turn". If there's an enemy 
     behind Samus, you can have her quickly turn around to fire at the enemy if you
     press the D-Pad direction behind her while pressing 1.
    - Next, you'll be tested on your reflexes: SenseMove. SenseMove is the dodging
     mechanic of this game, and it is absolutely essential to learn. It's quite
     easy to learn anyway. Just before you get hit with any attack, press the D-Pad
     in any direction and Samus will dodge in that direction, avoiding the attack.
     You can also instantly charge up your Beam by holding 1 just before doing a
     SenseMove. You'll be tested with quite a few laser shots that seem to be 
     coming from nowhere.
    - Next, you'll be up for a Missile test. Considering you don't have any at the
     moment, you're also taught about Concentration. This mechanic can restore
     Missiles, and when at critical health (red), can restore your energy back to
     99. To use Concentration, hold the Wii Remote so it's pointing at the ceiling,
     then hold A. Now to use Missiles, go into Search View by pointing the Wii
     Remote at the screen. In this first-person mode, you can look around and aim
     with the cursor, and can turn by holding the B button. The A Button lets you
     fire your Beam. The B button can also be used to lock-on to things. When 
     locked-on, depending on the object, your visor will tell you what you can use
     on that object. For enemies, it's usually always Missiles. Once locked on to
     an enemy, pressing A will let you unleash a Missile. Now find the hologram of
     the Zebesian space pirate in here, and fire a Missile at it. (Note that you
     cannot move normally in Search View. What do I mean normally? I'll get into
     that later.)
    - You'll now be doing battle with it. I feel I should teach a few more things
     here. SenseMove can be used for things other than ranged attacks, which should
     be obvious. Certain enemies are susceptible to Overblasts. Overblast is a
     technique that can be performed by jumping on top of an enemy, then firing a
     Charge Beam shot. It should be obvious, since you'll get a special animation.
     Counter-attacks can also be performed on specific enemies. Press 1 as you are
     attacked at close-range and you will counter-attack. They're usually cool to
     watch, but some do not prevent you from taking damage, and I would recommend
     using SenseMove to avoid it completely. Lethal Strike is also something that
     can be performed on certain enemies. After stunning an enemy from damaging it
     for too long (it's usually when the enemy doesn't move for more than a 
     second), running towards it while charging your Beam will activate this, which
     instantly kills the enemy, hence the name.
    - After "killing" your target, you'll be asked to test one more thing: Power
     Bombs. Don't get too giddy, you won't be using these in the actual game for a
     very, very long time. To use a Power Bomb, get into Morph Ball mode and hold
     1 to charge. Very similar to the Charge Beam. Once fully charged, release,
     and you'll unleash the Power Bomb, which has a gigantic (and rather 
     awesome-looking) explosion. After that, you're done with the training!
    - Before we continue, just a couple of things. I'm going to be referring to
     SenseMove as simply "dodge," and Lethal Strikes as "finishers." Just so 
     there's no confusion. I'll still be calling Overblasts the same. Now for
     Search View, I'll simply call it "search for *insert item*" or something
     similar. This way you'll know what to do when you're told to search for 
    - The cutscene that follows has Samus being told to give her report on her
     mission, the doctor mentioning that her suit has been polished so she'll be
     presentable. Samus then reflects on the baby Metroid's sacrifice, Zebes,
     Mother Brain, and the Space Pirates. The scene switches to her ship as she's
     flying through space peacefully, until she gets a distress signal.
    - Baby's Cry. An SOS designed specifically to draw attention. She alters her
     course and sets for the location the signal came from: a giant research 
     station by the name of Bottle Ship. She flies in to the docking bay, then 
     exits her ship. As she walks up the walkway, she turns to see another ship 
    - From here, you're locked in Search View. This is one of a few similar 
     segments where you need to find something in your view in order to progress.
     Here, it's the symbol on the side of the ship you're viewing, close to the
     cockpit. When you have the cursor on what you need to see, it'll be 
     highlighted red. Press B.
    - "Galactic Federation...?" remarks Samus. Suddenly, she feels and hears a
     rumble from within the station, and sets to investigate.
    - Now we can move around a bit. If you get back to your ship, you can save
     there, but we need to follow the path to the door from here. It's a short 
     path, just head through the empty hall ahead and into the next door.
    - Samus runs through the crates, then jumps in. Some troops target her, she
     aims at them, then a familiar voice chimes in. It's Anthony Higgs, Samus 
     Aran's old buddy from the Galactic Federation! He lets the troops stand down,
     and greets her to the group, including Adam Malkovich.
    - Adam was Samus Aran's commanding officer back from when she was serving in
     the Galactic Federation. It wasn't until a certain incident happened that she
     decided to leave the Federation to pursue a career as a freelance bounty 
     hunter. And then that's when the whole Metroid series started, 
    - After the brief introductions, it appears that the group was trying to blow
     open a locked door with explosives, which is what was causing the slight
     rumbles before. After another attempt, Anthony suggests that they may need
     something more powerful and piercing. He looks over at Samus.
    - This is kinda simple to figure out. You're in Search View already, so just
     lock on to the door there, and fire a Missile to blow it open.
    - Lyle, the explosives soldier, is stunned at how well that worked, while
     Anthony snickers. They move on ahead, Adam and Samus exchange glares, and
     Samus decides to stay.
    - Well this is a bummer. Samus has decided to not use Missiles or Bombs until
     she's said so. So that already limits what we could do. Head through the door
     in front of you, as the door up the stairs on the left leads to a dead-end for
     now. Follow the next empty hallway, and in the next room, you'll suddenly be
     attacked by Reos, which knock Samus off, down into the bottom of the room,
     where a whole swarm of Reos are here! Kill them all.
    - Now, you may notice a pinging. This is a feature of Other M's map system.
     Whenever you clear out all the enemies of a room, the map reveals an item
     location, if there is one in the room. These items are also permanently 
     revealed if you find one by using Search View's lock on. Anyway, there's an
     item here, but we can't get it yet. We need to find a way out, so that grated
     blockade on the right looks suspicious. Search for the conduit and charge it
     up with Beam shots. Charge shots always instantly power these, so do so and
     the blockade will raise a little. Squeeze under it with Morph Ball, then start
     climbing up. You'll face a few Geemers and Reos along the way. Enter the door
     at the top. If Reos grab onto you, they can be counterattacked.
    - Go down the next hall while being careful of Skrees. Dodging is key here.
     The next room has a side door along with the door in front of you. If you 
     enter the side door, you'll get into a small room while in over-shoulder view.
     Here you'll see a few small purple bugs scurry away. These are Brugs, and are
     completely harmless. Really. Other than that there's nothing of absolute 
     importance, so just head up the stairs. You'll find a door that's locked and 
     yellow. Usually these kinds of doors require access from a terminal. 
     Thankfully one is right next to this one. Just stand in front of a terminal to 
     use it.
    - Next room is a bit high. Kick Climb up the little shaft and enter the door at
     the top. Inside is a room with a few Geemers...and the door locks behind you.
     There's also a collapsed ventilation duct that leads to an Energy Tank, but is
     blocked by a grating for now. Bleh. Just keep heading forward. Get across the
     bridge here, kill the Geemers, enter the door.
    - Now here's a bit of a tall room. The elevator is inoperable here due to lack
     of power, so we'll have to do some climbing ourselves. Kill or avoid the 
     Geemers as you climb up to the top. Oddly enough, you don't fall off these
     ledges unless you deliberately try to jump off. Anyway, at the top, head left
     and enter the door to a Save Station. Now usually, the first time you 
     encounter these Save Stations, you're forced to save or you cannot continue,
     for whatever reason. So to save, just stand in the center. Now head on forward
     through the next room ahead and you'll meet up with the group.
    - They've apparently discovered a dead body, covered in green blood. It 
     suddenly twitches, and they get startled...it was just a Brug. Lyle has an 
     irrational fear of bugs though, and kicks it, then shoots it to death. After a 
     lull, Samus explains to Adam that she wants to help, but before she can 
     finish, a large swarm of Brugs emerge, then form one large mass.
    - Welcome to the first boss, the Brug Mass! This brute is made up of thousands
     of Brugs, and the eye is actually the Emperor Brug. After trying to hit the
     eye with the auto-aim and it doesn't work, search for the eye. Before you can
     get a hit on, it attempts to swing at you. Samus will automatically dodge. 
     I'll tell you about this after the battle. Since nothing is working, Adam
     authorizes freeze guns for his troops, and Missiles for Samus. YES! Now we're
     in business!
    - Now there's two methods to damage the boss here, though either one doesn't do
     much, it just aggravates it for a more powerful attack that gets itself stuck.
     One, is the Overblast. Yes, Overblast can work on this boss. Just jump up to
     it and Samus will run up it and onto its eye. Unleash that Charge Shot. An
     alternative is using a Missile. Either way, it'll slam its arm down and get
     itself stuck.
    - Adam orders his troops to concentrate fire on one area (which ends up being
     this arm) to freeze it, then tells Samus to attack the frozen spot with 
     Missiles. So as the cutscene tells, they shoot the Brug Mass's arm and freeze
     it. Fire a Missile at the arm to break it off. This is how you do damage to
     this boss. Do another Overblast or Missile and another arm will be frozen.
     Missile that off. Next, since it has no arms, it'll try to bounce around and
     slam itself into you. Just do another Overblast or Missile, then its lower
     section will be frozen. Shatter that with a Missile and the Emperor Brug will
     pop out. Kill this thing quickly, otherwise it'll reform the Brug Mass.
    - After the battle, Adam realizes that Samus is going to be an asset to the
     group, so he allows her to stay...under the condition that she strictly follow
     his orders. Samus recollects her time with Adam Malkovich back then. He was
     like a father-figure to her since she lost her parents at such a young age. He 
     always understood her whereas others treated her differently. Yet, despite her
     respect for him, she left his side.
    - Back to the present, Adam gives out orders to his troops, telling each what
     to do. He tells Samus to head to the System Management Room, and to try to get
     the electrical systems back up and running. He also authorizes Bombs. He then
     specifies that other weapons and abilities will be authorized as needed, but
     he has absolutely no plans on authorizing Power Bombs. Understandable. After
     he sends them off, Samus responds with no objections.
    - So after all that, we're shown where we can go next. We need to backtrack a
     bit. So before we move on, I'll just explain what happened in the Brug Mass
     fight. Remember that, when your were in Search View at the beginning, and 
     Samus dodged an attack which started the actual fight? Well, you can actually
     do this. To dodge while in Search View, simply shake the Wii Remote in any
     direction (or just move the cursor off the screen) just before an attack hits.
     The time to dodge is indicated by the green hue of the visor. This should be
     helpful later on.
    - Head back out. Now in this room, head forward, killing Geemers, and you 
     should notice a Geemer bursting out of the floor behind Samus. Head to where 
     that was, and enter the hole in the floor as a Morph Ball. Head down this, 
     Bomb the grating, and grab the Missile Tank [MISSILE TANKS: 01/70] at the end. 
     Missile Tanks only give you one extra Missile each this time, just letting you 
     know. Backtrack to the Save Station, use it if you want, and enter the next 
     room. (Save Stations actually fully refill your energy and Missiles, I forgot 
     to mention.)
    - In this tall room, just drop. Head through the door at the bottom, then 
     across the bridge in the next, then you'll get to where you saw the Energy
     Tank. There's now a few more Geemers and some Skrees in here. Enter the 
     collapsed ventilation as a Morph Ball, Bomb the grating, grab your first
     Energy Tank [ENERGY TANKS: 01/05], and continue rolling into the System
     Management Room. Bomb the last grating.
    - Inside, get to the terminal. The walls will open, revealing a couple of Fly
     Pods spawning Reos! Kill the Reos, and when there's a lull in the waves, 
     target one of them and fire Missiles. Each Fly Pod takes three Missiles to
     destroy. Once both are gone and all Reos are eliminated, step in front of the
     terminal again to turn on the power! Yay. Now we can exit this room normally,
     so do so.
    - Our objective now is to get back to Adam, but we can actually go back and
     get a few things, so why not? Head south to the next room. Ignore the Geemers
     and Reos, then south to the next room. Now here, search for a grating and
     either Missile or Bomb it. Roll the Morph Ball through this long shaft and
     eventually you'll get dropped onto an alcove back at the docking bay. There's
     a Missile Tank here. [MISSILE TANKS: 02/70] Grab it and use the terminal up
     here to unlock the door here. Enter through to arrive above where you first
     met the 07th Platoon. (07th Platoon is the name of Adam's platoon.)
    - Head a bit south through the crates until you're between two close stacks.
     Kick Climb up, then get onto the ledge to the left. Bomb the vent here and
     roll in to find a hidden room that contains another Missile Tank. [MISSILE
     TANKS: 03/70] Now head forward. When you're back in the room where you first
     fought Reos, drop down to the bottom. Search for a vent that you can Bomb 
     open, and do so. Inside is yet another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 04/70] As
     you get out, you'll be attacked by Geemers, but it's nothing major. Now make
     your way back to Adam.
    - Along the way, once you're in the room with the bridge, it'll suddenly 
     retract, making you fall to the floor below. There's three Sidehoppers here!
     These take many shots to kill, so it's advisable to use Overblasts on them to
     save time. After they're gone, you'll hear the familiar ping. Head south from
     here to find two walls close to each other. Kick Climb here to find yet 
     another Missile Tank on the right side. [MISSILE TANKS: 05/70] Now head north,
     and search up where the ladder is to find a grating. Missile it away, then
     Kick Climb up. Now before you head to the next room, use the terminal here to
     get the bridge back the way it was.
    - In this tall room, use the elevator in the center as a little time saver. Use
     the terminal here and all the "flaps" on the side will flip up, acting as
     ledges. This gains you access to a green-lined vent. Jump down to where that
     vent is, and roll into it. (From now on, "rolling" should mean Morph Ball)
     Inside is another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 06/70] Now head up to Adam. 
     Save first, since you can't get to him otherwise.
    - You'll be told to head towards Sector 1 to survey it. Yeah, okay. Continue 
     on. The next room has a weird spot on the right wall...you need Power Bombs.
     Bleh. Head up towards the elevator, take it up, and enter the green door up
     here. Run through the hall here to the next door. Take the elevator down, and
     you might notice an item as you go down. Once at the bottom, go over to the
     right and jump onto the ledge. Start climbing these ledges while destroying
     the Bulls, and eventually you'll get as high as you can go, where you'll find
     an Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS: 01/16] Collect four of these (you have one) to
     complete an Energy Tank. Drop down to the bottom and enter the green door.
    - In here, you'll have to face five Sidehoppers. Considering they might get the
     drop on you, I feel I should tell you about a little life-saver feature this
     game has. If you take a hit that would normally kill Samus, the energy meter
     flickers between 0 and 1, giving you another chance, most likely to heal with
     Concentration. However, take another hit while in this state and you will die
     then. Anyway, kill the Sidehoppers with Overblasts, and once they're all gone,
     the door will turn green up ahead. Head in to get to the Main Elevator! This
     leads to the three main sectors of the game. Since we're told to get to Sector
     1, head over there. Lyle's already there securing a route to a facility there.
    HEADING TO SECTOR 1...     |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 6           |
    Energy Tanks: 1            |
    Energy Parts: 1            |
    Accel Charge: 0            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 0       |
    Abilities Authorized:      |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |    Flora in the Ship    |
    - Once arrived, enter the green door you see and use the Save Station. Head on
     through the little hall afterwards to enter a big room. There's a lot of
     Grippers and Fly Pods that spawn Reos here. It also looks a bit green here.
     Destroy the Fly Pods and kill the Grippers (large flytraps) and Reos as you
     cross this room. You'll eventually get to a door covered in vines. Missile
     the vines off and enter the door.
    - As you enter the room here, glass will break, yet you can't see anything.
     Suddenly, a Ghalmanian appears and starts to swing its tail at you. You have
     two choices: dodge, or counter-attack. The counter-attack is harder to time,
     as you have to press 1 right as its tail touches you, but if you pull it off,
     it looks cool, and you'll get a chance for a finisher on that Ghalmanian. 
     There's still another Ghalmanian around though. You can easily find these by
     searching for it, lock on, and Missile it. This'll make it susceptible to a
     finisher right afterwards.
    - Once both are gone, head forward. In this next hall, you can either pass by 
     the Fly Pods, or destroy them permanently. Either way, the next room proves to
     be quite large. There's another door you can go through on the opposite side,
     but it quickly turns out to be a dead-end. So, the only other way is up. Climb
     up the side of this giant...tree, I think, and when you see a path on the 
     side, follow it to a door covered in vines, as well as a Fly Pod on the 
     distant wall. Get rid of both and enter the door.
    - Save, then continue. This hall has a bunch of Wavers that suddenly wake up
     when you get halfway past it. You can just ignore them though. The next room
     has a steep footing below, so you'll have to slide down, occasionally jumping
     over the spiky vines. Down below, head forward a bit and you'll hear a 
     screech, then a Griptian will appear. These roll around, sometimes do close-
     ranged attacks, and sometimes jump onto Samus. If they do that, you can
     counter-attack by kicking them into the air, but only after taking some 
     damage already. There's numerous ways of beating them, but I like the 
     Overblast, Missile-in-air, finisher combo. You'll have to fight three of 
    - After they're gone...the door won't open? Well, there's a door to the right,
     so jump up there. In the background, you'll see a bit of an ecosystem, and a
     hole cracked in the glass small enough for a Morph Ball. There's no real point
     in going back there, other than seeing a Missile Tank that's inevitable to
     grab anyway. So where to go? Well, look at the vents above. Notice that one
     of them has its flap opened. Jump up there and grab it. Now, to pull yourself
     into these things, you have to press the D-Pad towards it while pressing 2. Do
     this, grab the Missile Tank, and continue further along it. [MISSILE TANKS: 
    - One door has a Super Missile barrier behind it, and the other door up here
     leads to an empty research room. Notice that there's nothing in the test tube
     in the center now. There's one last door at the bottom. Take it, through the
     hall, then enter the door at the end for a little bit of over-shoulder camera.
     Follow this room to trigger a cutscene.
    - Samus senses something, and walks slowly in. She finds a researcher's corpse,
     torn and mangled by something small. She senses the presence of a dark
     intelligence...but what could it be?
    - Well, with that bit of story out of the way, head back to that empty research
     room. Hey wait a minute, there's something in that test tube now. A Geemer?
     Wasn't there before. Missile it to shatter the glass, revealing a hole. Get
     down it as the Morph Ball and you'll end up back in that room with the small
     ecosystem in the background. Backtrack to where you fought the Griptians, and
     start walking towards the camera, which is on the ground for some reason.
    - Samus will notice a noise, which will instantly put you in Search View. Here,
     you're supposed to look at the rustling foliage on the left.
    - A nut will be kicked out, and a tiny, cute, white creature will begin playing
     with it humorously. It spots Samus, and runs away. Samus then gets called by
     Adam, who says he has opened the door (that's shown in the cutscene).
    - As you walk toward the door, a cutscene will happen. Samus stops, and turns
     around, seeing the creature staring back at her. Kinda creepy...Samus slowly
     turns around and walks through the door.
    - So...that was an interesting encounter. In this next room, head through, kill
     the Reos and destroy the somewhat-hidden Fly Pods. Hey wait, this room has a
     skyline...we WERE in a ship, weren't we? Well yes, we still are. Anyway, after
     all the Reos and both Fly Pods are taken care of, a ping will sound. Head
     forward and *BUMP*. Ow. Wait what? There's a fake wall here. Head back and
     you'll see some glowing bugs crawling out of a hole on the side. Climb in 
     there and you'll get to a cloaked terminal. Use it and the hologram will turn
     off, revealing a door. Before heading through there though, backtrack until
     you see some metal ledges. Jump up them to claim a Missile Tank. Now head
     through that door. [MISSILE TANKS: 08/70]
    - This next hall is filled to the brim with Geemers. There's an easy way to fix
     this though. See the conduit above the door? Power it with a Charge shot in
     Search View (it's easiest to do it with Search View) and bug repellant will be
     sprayed in this room, weakening every Geemer here and stopping them from
     coming back. The door will also open, so head through.
    - The next room is quite large. Yet another place that looks deceivingly like
     the surface of a planet. There's a Fly Pod hidden behind the waterfall, so
     destroy it, then walk through. You'll see a tunnel. Roll through it, jump when
     you can. Bomb the rock in the way, and jump out. As you walk up here, you'll
     notice a giant creature sleeping. Head south from it and you'll spot another
     cloaked terminal. Use it to turn off the holographic walls, revealing a Kick
     Climb shaft near that creature. Unfortunately...a screech is heard. This is
     that same one that aggravated those Griptians. This awakens the Dragotix (that
     large creature) and aggravates some Sidehoppers. Kill those, then go and face 
     this Dragotix.
    - The Dragotix has a large mouth on one side with which it uses to gobble Samus
     up. If caught, get in Morph Ball mode and plant Bombs. The other side spews
     fire. What you need to do is to attack its weak spot: the green spot on its
     belly. After quite enough punishment, it'll go down. Kick Climb up that shaft
     that was revealed and enter the door. In this hall, if you turn around, 
     there's another conduit that can be powered up, that releases some bug 
     repellant for the Geemers. Take those down, and search for a small vent 
     opening on the left side. There should be a couple more Geemers there. Kill
     them and roll in to find a Missile Tank. Roll out and through the next door.
     [MISSILE TANKS: 09/70]
    - This next one is filled with Wavers. Kill them if you wish, and slide down
     after going around the corner. In here is a Save Station, but wait...the door
     ahead is yellow and can't be opened. So what to do? Well, there's a damaged
     door to the left. Missile it to blast open a hole, and roll in. Follow the
     curving hall. Once you get to a glass tunnel, you'll notice that there's a
     couple of Groganchs out there. There's no way to get out to them, but it may
     be possible to kill them with a later weapon...nonetheless, they're pointless.
     Just continue on to the next room.
    - Looks a bit messy here...enter the door to your left for a small bathroom
     area. Get over to the door that's slightly ajar and Samus will open it, 
     finding an Accel Charge! This lets you charge your Beam up a bit faster.
     [ACCEL CHARGE: 01/06] Exit this bathroom (or whatever it is) and take the next 
     door. Kill the Bulls, get to the next room. Enter the door on the side to get 
     to an elevator shaft...but where's the elevator? Ah well, start climbing here 
     by gripping onto the hand ledges here. To jump onto the other side, hold the 
     direction opposite of Samus before pressing 2. To jump up to a hand ledge 
     directly above, press the direction Samus is facing and press 2. Once at the 
     top, Missile one of the sparking supports and the elevator above will collapse
     a bit, and a Ghalmanian will approach you. There's no time to fight that 
     thing, drop down to an alcove that is below the Ghalmanian and watch the
     elevator fall on him. If you don't get out of the way in time, the elevator
     will crush Samus, resulting in a Game Over.
    - After that bit, climb up to the top. You'll see a room on the left, but get
     to the topmost hand ledge on the right. Pull yourself up into the tunnel, grab
     the Missile Tank, then get out, into that room, and through the door. [MISSILE
     TANKS: 10/70] The next hall seems kinda useless, but actually contains a 
     couple things of interest. There's a Super Missile barrier here, and a Missile
     Tank hidden here. How to get that? Well search for some open ventilation areas
     on the right wall and roll in. There should be a container that's glowing 
     blue. Bomb it and grab the Missile Tank from inside. Now exit and go through
     the next door. [MISSILE TANKS: 11/70]
    - You'll be in a control room overlooking the room where you fought the 
     Dragotix. Search for a vent cover, blow it open, then roll in. Roll through
     the tunnel, Bombing the webbing blocks that you come across. As you roll, if
     you're observant, you can find a webbing block in the wall. If you Bomb it and
     head through there, you'll be on a ledge in that large Dragotix room with some
     Grapple hooks. Can't do anything, so just continue as normal. Eventually you
     will get to a drop. If you're lucky, you'll roll right over it and grab the
     Missile Tank. If not, plant a Bomb so that it helps you get extra height with
     your jump and grab it. Continue right to enter a new room. [MISSILE TANKS: 
    - This room has a lot of webbing and some Wavers. Kill the Wavers, then Bomb 
     all the webbing here to uncover a vent. Roll through it to find a Missile 
     Tank! [MISSILE TANKS: 13/70] Roll back, then go through the correct way. 
     Missile the vines in the way, roll through the small opening, then un-Morph.
     Hm...what's all that rumbling? Anyway, carefully move forward. Avoid the gaps
     in the ground, as there's Grippers hiding there. Just weave around them, and
     suddenly...a Namihe bursts through the wall in front of you! Dodge forward
     quickly! This isn't an instant-kill if you fail this QTE. (Quick-Time Event)
     There's gonna be a lot more later on that are gonna be more imperative.
    - Continue on, dealing with the numerous Grippers here. If you get caught in
     them, Morph and Bomb them to death. Missile the vine blockade, then continue
     until you can't. Missile the ceiling, then keep going until you get to a vent
     with webbing in front of it. Bomb the webbing to find an opening. Roll through
     it to eventually reach the Subterranean Control Room. Approach the door and it
     will lock...and you'll be attacked by a couple of Ghalmanians. Kill them as
     usual, and head into the Save Station.
    - Save, then enter the next room to be attacked by a couple of FG-1000s. These 
     attack at first by ramming against Samus, so dodge them. Eventually, their 
     fronts will open up and start charging up for beam shots. This is their weak 
     spot, so shoot them at this time with Missiles. Make use of the Search View
     dodge. You'll have to fight three in total, but once you destroy the last one, 
     a weird item will drop from it. Collect it to get the Diffusion Beam! With 
     this new item, the blast from your Charge shots will spread, hitting multiple
    - After that, the walls will open up, revealing some Fly Pods and a big swarm
     of Reos. You can test out how effective the Diffusion Beam is here. Once
     everything is eliminated, use the terminal to open a door in a Save Station...
     that was the one we needed! Head back, and save.
    - Back in the Subterranean Control Room, a Fune and a Namihe will burst through
     the walls. Time for a boss fight! These are the worm creatures you may have
     encountered in Super Metroid. They first attack from the walls and ceiling by
     throwing energy bombs (similar to Prime 2's Bomb Guardian) at you. Get them
     out of the holes by Missiling them. When one is out on the open, it'll attempt
     to attack with energy bombs or by chomping on you. If you get caught in the
     mouth, Morph and Bomb yourself out.
    - Both of them absorb normal shots and use them as power for the energy bombs,
     so what you need to do is stun one with a Charge shot, then go in for the
     finisher. Do the same for the other and you'll be done!
    - Now head back into the tunnel and find a now-lit Morph Ball cannon. Get
     yourself in, plant a Bomb, and watch you shoot through a very long tunnel,
     eventually getting dropped off into the large Dragotix room. Nice! Make your
     way back to the Save Station, save if you want to, and continue the way we 
     were supposed to go. In the next room, it's seemingly a dead-end, but find a
     collapsed vent, roll into it, Bomb the obstruction then jump over the gap, and
     use the terminal to turn on the hologram here. Jump down and you'll find a
     glitch in the hologram. Bomb here to reveal a weak wall, so roll in. Note that
     you can actually Bomb this wall without turning on the hologram if you know
     where to look, so that's a bit of a timesaver.
    - Up ahead you'll find some webbing with Reos trapped in them. This webbing can
     be taken down with charge shots, so head through, doing some cleanup. Watch 
     for Grippers as well. Eventually you'll reach a door, but be assaulted by a
     Griptian. Kill it then go through the door to enter the Biological Research
     Floor. This is a HUGE room, and there's some kind of natural structure 
     towering in the center. It's time to climb it, much like that tree. Just be
     careful of the Whipvines as you climb. Those can be killed with Missiles once
     they're open. There's also some Poison Grippers here. They're much weaker than
     normal Grippers.
    - Eventually, if you're observant, you may see a Missile Tank below you. Drop
     down and grab it, but you'll have to climb back up from the bottom. [MISSILE
     TANKS: 14/70] At the top, fall down the center of the structure. At the 
     bottom, you'll go into Search View. What we need to find here are the Zeros,
     larval Kihunters. Turn right and you'll see a group of them. They're brown,
     and the ground is brown, so they kinda blend in a bit.
    - As Samus watches these larvae, a screech (just like the last two times) is
     heard, and aggravates the Zeros. It also aggravates the hive of Kihunters in
     this room. Time for battle!
    - This is technically a boss fight. You'll see just a little later. For right
     now, you'll have to deal with swarms of Kihunters. The Diffusion Beam works
     nicely on this fight. You can also try to be flashy and attempt Overblasts on
     them. Except, you don't use Charge Shots, you just rip off their wings. Once
     they're on the ground, they're stunned for a bit and are susceptible to 
     finishers, but once again, the finishers on these don't use Charge shots.
    - Once enough Kihunters have been killed, the hive itself will start defending
     itself, having Whipvine flowers shoot red energy balls at Samus. Dodge these,
     and when there's a pause in the firing, Missile away the flowers. You'll
     probably only get one or two before they close, making themselves 
     invulnerable, thus starting a wave of Kihunters again. Repeat the process 
     until all the flowers are destroyed, which also destroys the supports for the
    - Now that the hive is down, inside is the King Kihunter. Apparently the King
     Kihunters bond themselves to the hive itself...so the hive was basically its
     body. Wow. Anyway, your target is the defenseless King. As it's defenseless,
     swarms of Kihunters will try to block your shots. Once there's a break in the
     waves of Kihunters, shoot the King Kihunter with Missiles until it's dead. You
     may have to go through one or two more waves of Kihunters, depending on how
     fast you are.
    - Right after finishing the fight, a cutscene will show the white creature
     voraciously eating up the honey from the hive. It looks creepy when it's
     eating... Samus remarks how disgusting the creature is, how it's relying on 
     others to get its food, and wonders if it's the source of that screech. The 
     creature then looks at Samus and screeches--it is the same screech that has 
     been aggravating the creatures that we had to fight. Odd.
    - Adam calls in and tells you to head to the Biosphere Test Center. The other
     troops are en route to the location, so let's go meet 'em.
    - Go up this hall, avoid or kill the Zeros (with Bombs), and search for a vent
     cover that can be blown open. It's in the part of the hall before it goes
     north and south. Roll in there and follow it to an Energy Part! [ENERGY PARTS:
     02/16] Roll back, kill the rest of the enemies here, then head north to a Save
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 14          |
    Energy Tanks: 1            |
    Energy Parts: 2            |
    Accel Charge: 1            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 0       |
    Abilities Authorized:      |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |       Deeper Plot       |
    - Get through here, kill the Reos and the Zeros. Ignore the door and instead
     hang a right. Get through this hall with collapsed cages, and enter the door
     at the end. In this next room, you'll have to take on water. It severely slows
     you down, so just grin and bear it. Kill the first Whipvine you see and you'll
     find a tunnel with a Missile Tank behind where it was. Jump in there and grab
     it. [MISSILE TANKS: 15/70] Continue right, dodging the Skulteras, and you'll
     eventually see an alcove with a conduit. Power it up and a mechanism will move
     over back to the left. Trudge back and jump out of the water.
    - Grab onto the mechanism, then go into Search View. Missile the Whipvines as
     you approach them so they don't knock you off. Make sure they're opened as
     well, as they are invulnerable when closed. At the end, jump off and enter the
     door. In this next room, you have a slight puzzle. Jump down onto the islands,
     kill the Bulls, then power the conduit to raise the water level. Jump onto the
     mid-part, then drop down the other side. Trudge through to the other side and
     search for a tunnel. Roll in for another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 16/70]
    - Roll out, search for a conduit, and power it. This will drain the water. Go
     back left, get out of the water, then jump to the islands. Search for another
     conduit on a metal wall, and power it to make the water fill and drain 
     repeatedly. Notice that there's a rock wall just behind the metal wall. What
     you need to do, is when the water is lowered, and it's just about to rise,
     jump up to the rock wall and start a Kick Climb. If you timed it right, you
     should make it. Enter the door.
    - This is a pretty room. All rainy and stuff...shows off the water effects.
     Anyway, Search View can reveal a cloaked terminal, but it's on a ledge. The
     way there is pretty convoluted though. Head to the left side. Get on the 
     ledges on the tree here, and roll through the Morph Ball path. When you're
     heading right, beware of Geemers and Bomb them. Once you emerge, un-Morph,
     jump up right, then roll through the next path. Once out, un-Morph, drop down
     a couple platforms, then roll through the next path. Be careful when you exit,
     un-Morph, jump up, roll through the last path, careful of the Geemers. Once
     dropped off, un-Morph, then go use that terminal to turn off the holograms, 
     revealing a shaft to Kick Climb up.
    - Unfortunately, a Groganch makes itself known. Yeah, you get to fight one now.
     This one's a bit of a pain--you have to Missile (or Charge shot) its belly,
     but its legs can get in the way, plus it fires poison canisters at you. Keep
     dodging, Missiling the yellow weak spot, and eventually the Groganch will 
     switch positions and the weak spot will be on its back, essentially. So now
     you'll have to use the platforms around here to get a good vantage point. Just
     keep Missiling the Groganch, you may have to use Concentration a couple times.
     What I actually like doing, to make it easier (but also more boring), is to
     stay really far away from the Groganch. This way your Missiles will hit no
     matter where the weak point is stationed, plus you'll have enough time to 
     shoot away the poison canisters. Makes for an easy, but boring win. Whatever
     you want to do.
    - After the Groganch is dead, head over to the northwest corner, Kick Climb up
     the shaft, and enter the door. Save, then continue on. Next room, either 
     ignore the Kihunter nests or stay and kill them, and continue on. Enter the
     door you see after a drop. In this room, get on the cage here and search for
     a Missile Tank container. Missile it to get the Missile Tank, then head into
     the elevator shaft. [MISSILE TANKS: 17/70] Climb up to the top and you'll find
     a conduit. Power it, and a Morph Ball cannon will activate at the bottom. Get
     in it, then place a Bomb to blast up through the floor of the elevator that's
     stuck up there. Head out.
    - Head through the hall, kill or avoid the Kihunters, and enter the next room.
     This is overlooking the room you fought the Groganch in. You'll be locked in
     here and have to fight three Griptians. Once beaten, enter the next door. 
     There's another hall with an ecosystem in the background, but you can't get in
     this one. Just head to the end. Note the conduit that you see, inaccessible
     for now. Next room, kill the Whipvines before you enter the next room, which 
     is quite large...and for good reason. You're fighting another Groganch here.
     Yeah, I know.
    - After it's killed, get up to the end to find the door isn't openable. Look
     around up here for a mechanism, and grab onto it. Have it take you to a ledge
     (make sure to shoot the Reos so they don't knock you off), jump off, and start
     rolling through the Morph Ball path. Once you get to a branch, take the upper
     one. Now you'll have to be careful of Geemers. Roll along, and when you get to
     another branch, drop so you can get the Energy Tank. [ENERGY TANKS: 02/05] You
     will soon end up on a high platform with a terminal. Use it to open the door
     below. Just jump down and enter it for a probably much-needed Save Station.
    - Continue through the next room that's full of test tubes, and enter the door.
     You'll emerge in a GIANT room that could very well be the outdoors with how
     big it is. What significance does this field have? Well, there's the Exam 
     Center. Samus automatically runs to it and enters through the door.
    - Once you gain control, enter the door and go up the elevator. Follow through 
     the halls, and Save. When you get to a hall that seems to be a dead-end, get 
     to the right side and search the blast door for a weak spot. Blast it open, 
     and roll on in. Enter the door at the end, and use the terminal to open a 
     door. Backtrack and go through that door, past a few more halls, to a jarred
     open door. Walk through.
    - Samus will meet James, then the rest of the Platoon (excluding Lyle) will
     follow. Maurice will get to the computer and attempt to hack into it to find
     out what's with this Bottle Ship. Anthony suggests the rest should search this
    - Just before Anthony heads off with the others, he mentions to Samus that the
     Test Area below looks familiar...like the training grounds of the Galactic
    - Anthony will be seen getting up to a door, so pretty much follow him and help
     explore. You're stuck in this over-shoulder camera view for a bit, get used to
     it. The path is linear here, I shouldn't need to explain it. Note that one of
     the doors is red for now. You'll eventually meet up with K.G. and James in a
     peculiar room, but sadly you can't get information. Just keep going, and you
     will eventually get to a more-open room, and you hear beeping. Check all the
     doors. Eventually...
    - ...you'll find it! The beeping is from some mechanoid that suddenly falls
     almost on top of Samus. Then you'll get stuck in Search View. You need to look
     at the chest.
    - Samus sees that this is from the Galactic Federation...and it looks like a
     Zebesian that's been cybernetically enhanced. What's going on...? Samus and
     the others meet back up with Maurice, and he's able to get some of the info
    - The Galactic Federation is using the Bottle Ship as a research station for
     bioweapons, which is strictly illegal operations. The head of this operation
     seems to be a Ms. Madeline Bergman. Anthony suggests that Madeline might be
     in this building, so it's imperative to keep scouting for more intel.
    - One more over-shoulder camera section, don't worry. You'll notice this time,
     after the Save Station, that the door that was red is now green, so head 
     through there now. You'll come to what seems to be a conference room, and
     Anthony and K.G. are here as well. Keep on going, eventually you'll get to a
     similarly large room. Walk over to the hall ahead...and a drop of what seems
     to be saliva will drop from the ceiling. Samus turns around, and gets you into
     Search View. Look up and look at one of the Cyborg Zebesians up there.
    - The cutscene that follows shows Samus being surrounded by them, the others
     hear sounds and come to help Samus. "Stay back!" Samus says, letting the 
     soldiers know that she has it under control. Adam further orders them, and 
     puts the room on lockdown so the Zebesians can't escape.
    - Alright, we get to fight some Cyborg Zebesians! These are kinda tough--they
     take MANY shots to kill. They are susceptible to Overblasts, finishers, and
     counter-attacks. They attack with lasers, and occasionally go close-range. You
     have to fight a total of six Cyborgs here. Eventually, once you get to the
     last few, they get smart and recognize how much of a threat you are, so they
     hide in the halls around here. Find them and dispatch them. After that, make
     your way back to where Maurice was.
    - Samus sees that the Platoon isn't here, and hears noises. She looks out the
     window and sees that they're shooting at a mystery creature...looks like a
     giant purple lizard with white fur. She immediately runs outside (lol 
     transitions) and as she's out, she doesn't see the lizard...she turns around,
     and it was on the wall! It then jumps down right on top of Samus, pinning her
     down. It attempts a stab with its tail and Samus dodges her head in time. She
     can't seem to get free! The Platoon tries to help but is suddenly bombarded
     with Reos and Griptians. Seems Samus is alone in this...
    - Now for the semi-boss fight with the Mystery Creature! Its body seems to be
     invulnerable to any of your weaponry, but the tail seems to be a bit weak. And
     the creature uses its tail to try to stab you. You need to Missile its tail
     before it can stab you. If you fail, try to SenseMove with the Wii Remote 
     shake to have Samus quickly move her head. It's hard to time though, 
     surprisingly. Basically, keep hitting the tail with Missiles. The health bar
     will go down, and the creature will move its tail more erratically, making it
     tougher to keep the tail away. Eventually, (either time-based or health-based,
     not sure), Anthony will end the fight by firing a giant plasma shot at the
    - The creature has a gaping wound from the shot, and convulses for a few 
     seconds. It then gets up, turns its head and roars at Anthony, who is charging
     up another blast. The creature takes its cue to run away, ramming through a
     wall. I find that kinda humorous for some reason.
    - Samus comes up to Anthony and gives him a little jab for not helping sooner.
     Anthony says he would've, but his plasma gun takes forever to charge. He'll
     save his next shot for when Samus really needs it. Suddenly, the Platoon 
     finds...Lyle. He's dead, and covered in green blood. Agh, poor guy...that
     creature must've gotten to him. As the Platoon looks over Lyle, you'll get
     forced into Search View. Turn around and look for green blood.
    - Samus follows the blood trail to an inexplicable buggy. Samus finds...the
     white creature. It appears to be dead. She tips it over and finds that its 
     body has been torn open from the back. It appears that it's a molten shell...
     has that Mystery Creature really molted from that furry thing?
    - Adam orders Samus to follow the creature. It headed to Sector 3.
    - You'll be pointed to the door you need to get to, but you might as well look
     around this large room. I mean, there's not much to it, but this'll be the 
     last time you ever see this room. I'm serious. Head on through the door when
     you feel like it, through the hall, to see a drop. The air seems a bit warm
    - Samus drops down, and walks through a hall covered in green blood. As she
     walks through the hall, she recollects what she's learned about what's going
     on here, and makes a point to find Madeline Bergman by herself...that is, if
     she's alive.
    - Once she's in Sector 3, Adam tells her to survey the area with her current
     equipment. More will be authorized as needed.
    - Head right from here. You'll be going through a long glass hallway, 
     overlooking a vast lava area...yep, this is the hot sector. Keep going, 
     killing Mellas, Fire Bullas, and Sovas. In the background, you'll notice a
     giant monster jumping from the lava. This is Vorash. Why does it have a name?
     Well, you'll see...much later on though. Head right and...suddenly Vorash
     appears from below! Quickly dodge right in this QTE, otherwise it'll be
     instant Game Over. Part of the tunnel has broken, so you can't get back, for
     now. Just continue on through the door.
    - In this room, kill the two Fire Bulls, and notice the fireflies in an alcove.
     Jump in there and you'll notice a Morph Ball tunnel. Roll through, and grab an
     Energy Part. Roll back out, and enter the door to the Save Station. [ENERGY
     PARTS: 03/16] Get back out and follow around behind where you first entered
     this room, and exit through the door at the bottom.
    - MOVE LIKE HECK. You'll take constant damage from the heat, and plus you'll
     have to constantly dodge attacks from Vorash as you reach the other side. If
     you fall in the lava, constantly press the jump button until you finally jump
     out. Once through the door at the other side, the torment isn't over: you'll
     have to face Mellas constantly spawning from a Fly Pod you can't destroy at
     the moment, and you'll have to face the tough Cyborg Zebesians as well. 
     Eventually, Adam will notice that Samus is having a tough time here, so he
     authorizes the use of the Ice Beam. Gee thanks Adam.
    - Now that you can use this Beam, oh my God how quickly these enemies fall. You
     can even destroy fiery Fly Pods with enough shots from this, instead of using
     Missiles. Finally, as the name implies, this Beam has the power to freeze
     things. For most enemies though, it doesn't freeze them fully. But for Cyborg
     Zebesians, enough shots will freeze their claws in place so they can't fire
     lasers. Anyway, after all the enemies are gone, search for a floor panel that
     can be Missiled and do so. This will reveal a Morph Ball cannon. Get inside,
     lay a Bomb, and shoot up to a hidden room with an Accel Charge. Drop back down
     and head through the left door. [ACCEL CHARGE: 02/06]
    - This room has a bunch of vents that shoot fire streams, and there's Sovas and
     a couple of Mellas in here. All prey to your Ice Beam, hehe...in the next 
     room, there's more fire vents, and you'll have to kill four Dessgeegas to
     continue. Now, I'm going to warn you: DON'T BACKTRACK AFTER KILLING THE 
     DESSGEEGAS. If you do this, it activates a glitch later on in the game where
     you have to go through a nearby room that leads back to this one, and prevents 
     a door from ever opening, thus meaning you can't clear the game. So just keep 
     moving after killing the four Dessgeegas, no matter what. If you suddenly need 
     to quit, there's a Save Station close by, so no need to backtrack.
    - Next room, you'll have to Kick Climb. I'll have to mention that you can grip
     a wall and slowly slide down if you press the D-Pad in the direction against
     the wall. You're going to need to do this so you can clear out enemies before
     you can continue Kick Climbing. Or just use Search View from below. Whatevs.
     Anyway, at the top, follow the hall, drop carefully onto one of the hand
     ledges, activate the conduit to raise the blast door a bit, and crawl in. The
     door nearby is the Save Station, and get ready for another heat run.
    - Exit the door and you'll be hot-steppin' in the danger zone again. This time,
     you'll have annoying Magdollites in your way. Just use charged Ice Beam shots
     to freeze their mouths and make them preoccupied as you run past them, since
     you have no time to stay in here. Eventually, you'll have to jump over one
     that shoots molten rocks. Once you drop from the rock behind it, roll into the
     small hole (barely visible, you can see it in Search View) in the rock to find
     an Energy Part behind a Bombable grate. Yay for a new Energy Tank! [ENERGY
     PARTS: 04/16] Now run over to the door on the other side!
    - In this hall, you'll have to deal with Sovas, Mellas, and a fiery Fly Pod.
     Should be no trouble. The next room is something to worry about though. After
     getting to the middle of the room, an Asborean will suddenly appear. Dodge to
     avoid its initial attack. Now, this Asborean is normally invulnerable. What
     you need to do is wait for when it reveals its red glowing spot on the belly.
     Shoot there. Eventually, after enough shots there (it takes a while), the
     Asborean will lay stunned, with its "head" hanging out. (That's actually its
     body) Go and perform a finisher to rip off the Asborean from its armor, and
     quickly kill it before it does a kamikaze maneuver.
    - Once it's gone, before continuing, roll under the stairs in the middle to
     find a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 18/70] Get through the next hall to find
     a volcano in the distance. Yep. A volcano. And a long run to get to it. Plus
     with raining volcanic rocks that contain Sovas that you'll have to avoid. But
     at the end is a well-deserved Save Station. After saving, get in the next room
     to fight off six Cyborg Zebesians. After the battle, use the terminal to lower
     the lava under the glass.
    - How to get there...? Well, through one of the vents on either side. But, go
     into the right-side one first. There's an Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS: 05/16]
     Now go through the other vent to fall down where the lava was drained. You'll
     be taking damage here since you're in the "volcano," so since the lava still
     blocks off going down, start climbing...and then you'll notice the lava will
     rise. Ack! Get through this, dodging Dessgeegas (not enough time to mess with
     them) and dodging a giant creature's attacks via QTEs. They never seem to
     work properly for me though, so I usually press 2 before doing the dodge.
     Close to the top, after rolling through a tight space, you'll have to Kick
     Climb up to a small passage, roll left, then Kick Climb up. At the top, Adam
     will finally authorize use of the Varia Feature.
    - Right after, Samus will get grabbed by Goyagma, a boss of this sector. I'm
     not sure if you need to dodge, but even if she's grabbed, she automatically
     uses her Charge Beam to escape.
    - Goyagma basically attacks with its arms at first, and also throws giant lava
     blobs. Its weak spot should be obvious: it's the glowing "shoot me" part of 
     its neck. Shoot the Ice Beam there, eventually it'll get frozen. Goyagma will 
     attempt to sink into the lava to melt the ice, so be quick and Missile that 
     frozen spot to deal damage. You will have to do this once more before the weak 
     spot there is gone, leading to phase 2.
    - Next, Goyagma will attempt to slap the ground. If that isn't enough, each
     slap makes a small eruption appear where Samus stood when the slap impacted.
     So keep moving. Eventually, Goyagma will tire out after a slap, leaving its
     arm on the ground. Freeze it, then jump on it to perform an Overblast. Now
     repeat the phase 2 process twice more and Goyagma will be dead. There's a few
     changes when he's on his last leg though: he attempts to do a series of mixed
     swipes and slaps before he does his constant eruption slaps, and the final
     Overblast is more flashy. Also, he throws a bunch of fireballs after each 
    - Most flashy boss fight of the game, but it's my least favorite since it feels
     like you didn't really kill it yourself...like the game did it for you. I 
     dunno, considering the Overblast animations are elongated in the fight, they
     should've at least been delegated to QTEs. Anyway, once GOyagma is dead, the
     lava in the volcano will lower...even moreso than it did before. So now it's
     time to climb back down, and past the Morph Ball cannon where we first dropped
     into the volcano. Be wary of Dessgeegas, who apparently were unharmed by the
     lava. Must be the tough and thick skin they have.
    - Eventually, at the bottom, you'll find a door. Go through the next hall,
     past the Sovas, and you'll get to the Main Sector elevator. But we need to
     continue, so enter the next door. There's some Sovas and Fire Bulls here. I'd 
     suggest running from the Fire Bulls, since when they're frozen, they try to 
     hover over you as they bloat up and eventually explode. So yeah, get into the 
     next room. You'll fight some Cyborg Zebesians. Kill them, Kick Climb, kill the 
     last Cyborg, then enter the door.
    - Next room, you'll face a swarm of Mellas, and then a couple of Dessgeegas.
     Next up is a Save Station. Save there, then enter the next room. Uh...lava 
     pits? Search View and you'll see Grapple points...well, if Samus would ask to 
     use the Grapple Beam, we'd likely have no trouble. Get back into the Save 
     Station and Adam will change your mission: explore Sector 2 and find 
     survivors. Alright. Backtrack to the Main Sector elevator, use it, and then
     take the elevator to Sector 2. You'll have to fight an Asborean along the way
    HEADING TO SECTOR 2...     |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 18          |
    Energy Tanks: 2            |
    Energy Parts: 5            |
    Accel Charge: 2            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 0       |
    Abilities Authorized:      |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    Ice Beam                   |
    Varia Feature              |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |      Cold Betrayal      |
    - Take the door from the elevator here. Save past the hall. Head through the
     next room, avoiding or killing Snomers. As you turn the corner, go into Search
     View and look for a Missile Tank hiding under a collapsed icicle. Use the
     Morph Ball to grab that. [MISSILE TANKS: 19/70] Continue right, over the 
     mid-way hill, and you'll encounter some Volfons. They're wolf-like, and can be
     frozen with the Ice Beam. Once their legs are frozen, Missiles takes quick
     work of them. Enter the next door.
    - In here, the floor leading around the (currently asleep) Fumbleye in the
     ceiling is lowered. So drop into the water. North, you'll see the conduit you
     need to power up with your Beam. Once it is, you'll be able to enter the door
     ahead. But before you climb out of the water, grab the Missile Tank in plain
     sight on the right side down here in the water. [MISSILE TANKS: 20/70] 
     Surface, and head toward the door. Just be careful of the floating Joulions.
    - Next room is a bit large. Just head through, killing the Snomers and 
     Joulions. Your way will eventually be blocked by ice stalagmites. Just Missile
     them away, enter the door, and attempt to cross the bridge...it'll collapse.
     Once at the bottom, a Gigafraug will attempt to attack. Dodge it quickly. Now,
     Gigafraugs are large creatures that attempt to ram into Samus. They can also
     jump on her. The jump is very dangerous, so it's imperative to dodge that one.
     It has a helmet of sorts surrounding its head, so it can be attacked from
     behind. Due to the helmet, Overblasts and finishers are ineffective. You can
     make the Gigafraug susceptible to those if you Missile the helmet to break it,
    - After the Gigafraug is killed, you can destroy the ice stalagmites with
     Missiles here. One of them uncovers a door, so head in. Save Station! Next up
     is a hall, but the door's blocked by a thick layer of ice that can't be broken
     at the moment. So there must be another way past there. There is, actually.
     Head toward the side close to the Save Station and search for a vent opening.
     Jump up and climb in there. Roll to the end, but make sure the sides aren't
     blowing snow out, otherwise you'll fall out of the vent. Pass when it's clear,
     and follow the vent out into the room on the other side.
    - Hey, a bit of a wide-open area...at least it looks like one. Continue forward
     and some ice overhead will collapse in front of Samus. She'll look to the left
     and find a Kyratian. It'll jump towards Samus, so dodge quickly. This enemy is
     very agile, so be vigilant. It can attack with kicks and energy balls, and can
     even perform Overblasts on you...which are very strong. So make sure to avoid
     the Kyratian at all costs. After it's taken enough damage, the Kyratian will
     become electrified. Your Beam blasts will repel off of it, it's faster, more
     powerful, and can damage with only touching it. Use a Missile to cancel this
     electric mode and stun the Kyratian. Go in for the finisher. If it isn't 
     stunned, just keep fighting it until it's dead.
    - Now before entering the door ahead, notice that the small stream of water
     flows into a hole on the side. You can roll in here. Do so to get a Missile
     Tank. Roll back and enter the door. [MISSILE TANKS: 21/70] As you enter this
     next (large) room, you'll be attacked by Volfons. After those, continue on,
     around the corner. Don't stick to the center, because a Gigafraug will come
     out of nowhere and attack. It won't be good if it lands on you... After 
     killing the Gigafraug, you'll come up to a large sheet of ice. First, you have
     to Missile it to crack it and create a round indentation. Then, climb in and
     Bomb it to break the rest of it. You can actually completely break this ice if
     you get the Gigafraug to run into it twice, though. Either way, enter the next 
    - Next room, kill the Snomers. Now see the right wall? There's an opening 
     between it and the actual right wall next to it. Get into Morph Ball and jump
     in there, then Kick Climb up. Head right into the next part of the room. Kill
     the Dessgeegas, then notice the vent. It opens up close to the red light on
     the right side. Climb in, and roll through to find a Missile Tank in a room.
     Just jump in once you can't roll forward anymore. [MISSILE TANKS: 22/70] Roll 
     back and enter the door.
    - A Kyratian in the distance will fire electric balls at some stalactites, 
     making them fall into the water. They now act as platforms, but we can't cross
     completely. Quickly Missile the last stalactite, then rush to the Kyratian.
     It'll retreat, but make another stalactite fall. Get to him where there's more
     ground, and kill this Kyratian...only to make another appear. Make your way to
     this one by Missiling stalactites, then go over to kill it. Enter the door
     ahead for a Save Station. Continue on ahead. Kill the Himellas and Snomers, 
     then go right into the next room. Walk on.
    - Samus will notice the corpse of a Gigafraug...but something's different about
     it...it looks as if a Metroid has taken ahold of it and drained its energy.
     But...how? Samus wonders how a creature with signs of Metroid predation could
     be possible...first of all, Metroids can't survive in frozen climates, and
     secondly...the Metroids are extinct. The last one was the infant Metroid...
    - Notice the fans here? Well, they can actually be frozen. The first one 
     already is, but I'll count it anyway. Freeze the middle fan with a Charge shot
     then climb in. You'll find a blue container. Bomb it for a Missile Tank. 
     [MISSILE TANKS: 23/70] Roll back out and enter the door from the west side.
     Next room is just a curved hall with ice mounds, nothing major. Next room,
     however...you'll face a couple of Snomers, a Gigafraug, and some Himellas from
     a Fly Pod behind an active fan. To get rid of that, freeze the fan, then get a
     decent vantage point before Missiling the Fly Pod inside.
    - After all enemies are cleared away, notice the track for the transport on the
     other side of the room. (By "other", I mean opposite from the fans.) There's
     some ice on the track and the transport itself. Missile all those, then grab
     onto the transport to have it take you to a small overlook with a terminal. 
     Use said terminal to unlock the door below. Drop down and enter. In this next
     room, drop down, kill the Snomers, and head right, around the pool of water.
    - Keep climbing. Eventually you'll come to a giant ice pillar. Missile it, then
     place a Bomb where you Missiled to have it drop. Continue left, then up, then
     right, killing the Snomers and Joulions. Enter the next room, which is the
     Water Tank. Drop into the water, kill all the Skulteras, then search for
     something to Missile. Do so to collapse it, but not completely. Get the Morph
     Ball in there and Bomb it to drain the Water Tank of its water...but you'll
     end up in the previous room. You can't climb up the same way you used to, so
     get to the left side and grab climb your way up. The ice tower you collapsed
     now becomes a bridge so you can continue. Re-enter the Water Tank.
    - Once here, you'll face TWO Kyratians at once. Be careful here. Especially
     when they first pop out, as one may try to Overblast you right when it enters.
     Dodge accordingly. Once they're dead, climb up to the other side. Before 
     entering the door, move towards the camera to find an open vent. Jump up and
     climb in there for a Missile Tank. NOW move on. [MISSILE TANKS: 24/70] Next
     room is just a curved hall, nothing special. Keep moving in the next room to
     find an ice sheet. Use Search View on it to find that it can be broken with
     the Speed Booster. Walk back a little, and Adam will authorize the Speed 
    - FINALLY! We get to see the Speed Booster in 3D! Shinespark and all! To do the
     Speed Booster, just run in a straight path for a while. It'll turn on 
     eventually, just make sure you do NOT turn. While in Speed Booster mode, press
     and hold 2 to prepare a Shinespark. Hold a direction on the D-Pad before
     releasing 2 to do a sideways one, release 2 without pressing a D-Pad direction
     to jump straight up. We just need to Speed Boost through this hall. Once at
     the top of the ramp, Shinespark backwards to find a blue container. Break it
     open for a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 25/70]
    - Drop down, prepare another Speed Boost, and run up the ramp, through the 
     door, until you crash through an ice wall back in one of the first rooms you 
     got into. You'll find an E-Recovery Tank. These items let you restore more
     energy with Concentration. Since you have one, you can restore 199 energy for
     each Concentration. [E-RECOVERY TANKS: 01/03] Now start heading back the same
     way you were going through the first time...there's just a new addition. The
     room with the Fumbleye? Well, now it's awake. You'll have to watch it 
     carefully and jump over its tentacle whenever it tries to swipe and grab you.
    - Once in the room before the one where you fell from a bridge that collapsed,
     prepare a Speed Boost. As you enter the room, Shinespark across the broken
     bridge to the other side. Now before entering the door, search for a hole in 
     the ground and enter it with the Morph Ball. At the end of the tunnel, you'll 
     come out to a ledge with an Energy Tank. Grab it, roll back in, and use the 
     cannon to get out. Enter the door and Save. [ENERGY TANKS: 03/05]
    - Go through the next hall to end up in the Sector Generator Room. In here, 
     you'll have a rotating cylinder that you can grab onto from three different 
     heights. First, get rid of the Snomers along the walls, then get between the 
     cylinder and the left wall. Kick Climb up to the third grab point on the
     cylinder (if you can't do it, you can just go up one level at a time). Search
     for a conduit on a wall, and power it up to lower a platform. Jump to it, and
     just jump right onto the next cylinder to avoid the Fumbleye. Kick Climb from
     the right wall onto the next grab ledge above, and have it take you around to
     the ledge towards the camera. Jump off there, grab the Missile Tank, then get
     back on the grab ledge and jump off towards the ledge on the left. Walk to the
     door. [MISSILE TANKS: 26/70]
    - Go through the small hall, into the next room. Kill the Snomers, and when you
     see a hall covered in ice stalagmites, Missile those out, then start a Speed
     Boost. As you run into the next room, you'll find you have to Shinespark 
     across. Do so, and you'll be attacked by a Kyratian. Kill it, and another will
     appear. Kill THAT, and the door will open. Enter. Kill the Himellas and their
     nest, turn the corner, and enter the door to a Save Station. The next room up
     ahead is the Experiment Floor. A bit of a large room that looks like it's
     undergoing a blizzard. There's a Groganch to fight here. After it's killed,
     some snow will collapse, allowing as a stepping stone to climb up further. Do
    - Samus will notice a body lieing on the ground. She looks at the body's 
     face...it's Maurice. He's dead and has frozen over. As Samus looks over the
     body, the camera pans out to a mysterious woman looking over...
    - Samus senses someone's presence, and you're forced into Search View. You need
     to look between the first two windows that you see that are right in front of
     you. A brief glimpse of the woman is spotted, and she runs off. Looks like 
     it's time to follow her. Run a little bit towards the camera, and search for
     a rock covered in snow that can be Missiled. Missile it and grab the Accel
     Charge beneath it. [ACCEL CHARGE: 03/06] Head through the door, then through
     the hall to the next door to arrive at the Materials Storehouse. Follow the
     stairs down, then head right at the bottom. Walk towards the opening.
    - You'll be in over-shoulder mode as you walk through this room, trying to
     convince the woman that you won't hurt her. Samus mentions that she's with the
     other soldiers here, and the woman says that she can't trust her if the 
     soldiers are willing to kill each other.
    -...? Something deeper happened to Maurice. Both will run out in an open room 
     and the woman will attempt to call a lift to get her out. Suddenly, a giant
     vehicle will appear and throw crates, first at the woman. Samus will tell the
     woman to get out of here, and then she'll notice that one of the Platoon
     members is driving that thing. Can't see the face though. The vehicle throws
     another crate at Samus, so she dodges, while shooting away the crate.
    - Time to face against the work vehicle: RB176 Ferrocrusher. Someone in the
     platoon is a traitor, and he's driving that vehicle right now. The 
     Ferrocrusher attacks mainly by running over Samus, but can also grab Samus 
     with one of its arms to grind her against a wall, or put both arms on the 
     ground and spin the vehicle's body as another close-range attack. It can also
     use a weird laser attack. The laser itself isn't damaging, but the explosions
     it leaves behind is. We need to neuter this vehicle. How do we do that? Well, 
     we shoot the Ice Beam at the joints where the vehicle's arms connect. Auto-aim 
     does this nicely, but you have to be some distance away to get the proper aim. 
     Once an arm joint is frozen over, fire a Missile at that spot to break it off. 
     Do this again for the other arm.
    - Now for phase 2. The Ferrocrusher isn't done yet. Spiky wheels now deploy in
     front of the Ferrocrusher to cause more damage. The Ferrocrusher's only attack
     is to ram into Samus at this point though. Dodge accordingly, and shoot your
     Ice Beam at the vehicle's wheels. Eventually, the wheels will freeze over, and
     the battery will pop out of the roof of the vehicle. This battery is 
     susceptible to Missiles, but the boss fight will end instantly if you perform
     an Overblast.
    - Now that the Ferrocrusher has been severely damaged, it will suddenly go out
     of control, and eventually crash into some crates. Samus will jump off before
     it crashes, and look for the Platoon soldier. He's gone. Samus recounts what
     has been said; the woman knew the Galactic Federation wanted to silence anyone
     involved in the work being done in the Bottle Ship, implied that one of our
     own killed Maurice, and a Platoon member driving that Ferrocrusher tried to
     kill Samus and that woman. There's a traitor among us...
    - Adam calls in and says that the mystery creature we encountered is up to no
     good--its cries have aggravated the wildlife in Sector 3 and they have become
     markedly more aggressive. It's time to head to Sector 3 and take down that
     thing. But we have quite a ways to go before we can get back to the Main 
    - You'll be shown where you need to be, which is in Sector 3. We've got a ways
     to go though. Unfortunately the woman is gone, so we can't question her 
     further for now. Kick Climb up the small shaft and enter the door. Go down the
     hall and into the lift.
    - Samus's thoughts race. Due to the experiments done here, the Bottle Ship has
     turned into a nightmare replica of Zebes. The 07th Platoon was sent here to
     investigate, but an assassin was sent along with them, to cover up what has
     happened here, and to kill anyone involved with the project and anyone else 
     who knows about it. Samus calls this assassin "The Deleter." Which then brings 
     her to that mysterious woman. Could she be the person behind all this? Either 
     way, she's a target of The Deleter. And, because of the influence Samus has
     on this mission, she too, will be a target.
    - A cut to a scene in Sector 3. The Deleter is shown to have assassinated 
     another Platoon member, and shoves him off into the lava. (How did he get 
     there so fast?)
    - Exit the lift and Save. Keep going. See the crates on the right? When the
     stack stops, turn around them and go behind them to find a Missile Tank. 
     [MISSILE TANKS: 27/70] Now, a door is up ahead, but you can't continue from
     there. Instead, take a left and enter the door there. In here, you'll face
     three Volfons. Kill them, and move towards the cliff to the west (according to
     the map). Speed Boost towards the camera, and watch the mini-map. Once you're
     just below the blue dot for the item, Shinespark upwards. If placed correctly,
     you can drop to where a Missile Tank is! [MISSILE TANKS: 28/70] Now, Speed
     Boost back west (west meaning the direction from the map), and Shinespark 
     straight up when you get to the cliff. Get in the Morph Ball cannon and have 
     it shoot you up to the ceiling.
    - Head through here, dodging Snomers and electrified parts of the floors, and
     use vents to make your way further. Make sure to avoid the vent openings that
     drop off into the room below! Once on the other side, fall down the vent here
     to get onto another structure with a Morph Ball cannon. Use that. Now this
     next part is peculiar. There's no electrified traps up here, so it can be 
     gotten through faster. At the end, you'll drop down. Grab the Energy Tank, but
     you'll notice a conduit past some glass. You can't power it up. Meh. Guess we
     head back. [ENERGY TANKS: 04/05] As you slide down, Missile the snowy crystals
     in the way. Once you get back to the room before this snowy room, you'll be 
     locked in with glass walls and Super Zebesians shooting their lasers at Samus. 
     Unlucky for her, they can go through the glass! After enough futile dodging, 
     Adam decides to authorize Wave Beam usage.
    - Now that you have the Wave Beam function, Samus's Beam shots can now go
     through transparent and semi-transparent walls. In other words, glass. So kill
     those Super Zebesians now, and the glass walls will lower. So now that we have
     the Wave Beam, guess what? It's time to traverse that snowy room's ceiling
     obstacles back to the conduit we couldn't activate before. Ugh, couldn't Adam
     have authorized the Beam there? Anyway, there's a difference the second go-
     around: the first ceiling section is missing the electrified traps, whereas
     the second section now has its electrified traps. Harder to get past, too.
    - Once you get to the conduit, activate it with your Wave Beam and a lift will
     come down. This'll be for later. Now head back, but there's a twist: an
     avalanche will come down! If you Missiled those crystals, you'll have an
     easier time, as this avalanche is an instant kill if it catches you. (For some
     odd reason.) As you drop, run, and in a cutscene, Samus will Shinespark just
     in the nick of time to avoid the avalanche. Now take the other door that's
    - Woah! Lots of Joulions. Now that you have the Wave Beam though, they go down
     in an instant. So kill them off, then start climbing these platforms. Missile
     the iced-over ones to break the ice and make them upright. You'll also 
     encounter a couple of platforms that collapse under Samus's weight. Hit them
     with Charge shots to freeze them. (Yes, the Ice Beam still works.) At the top,
     you'll face two Kyratians, but they're optional. You can pass right by if you
     want to. But it's interesting to note that Charged Wave Beam shots can pierce
     their electrical shield whenever they're in that powered up mode. Anyway, up
     ahead's a Save Station.
    - Up from the Save Station is the Materials Transfer Lift. Step on, and use the 
     terminal to make the lift start moving. Suddenly, Super Zebesians will hop on 
     and attempt to fight Samus. Man, this reminds me of Metal Gear Solid on the 
     PSX. Fight these Super Zebesians. They're pretty much stronger versions of the 
     Cyborg Zebesians, and they can now fire huge Wave Beam-influenced lasers at 
     Samus that can be pretty damaging. There's two waves of them, and after what 
     seems to be peace, suddenly a new creature comes flying in: the Rhedogian.
    - This is the only one of its kind, and this won't be the first time you fight 
     it (yes, it constantly escapes), but I don't count this as a full boss. While 
     fighting it, the lift will finally make its way to the end. Just keep shooting 
     this Rhedogian, and dodge its attacks. When it appears to be sucking in air, 
     Missile the red spot, then go in for a finisher when it's stunned. Yeah, 
     finishers don't kill the Rhedogian, they just cause some good damage. You may
     not even get the finisher, it just depends on when the Rhedogian starts to use
     the "shoot me" light. Eventually, the Rhedogian will retreat to heal its 
    - Continue on. This next room is littered with Snomers. Just watch as they now
     can be killed in one shot with the Wave Beam. Feels good, man. Next room, you
     will see some test tubes filled with a murky liquid. So what to do first? 
     Well, roll the Morph Ball into the pipe that's broken open and spewing cold
     air. Follow the tunnel in here to find two glowing red spots. Place Bombs on
     these to drain the liquid from the tubes. Roll back out and search for a
     conduit behind the tubes. Power it up, and a vent will open. Climb in and roll
     through the long tunnel to eventually end up back at the Main Elevator. Take
     it to the Main Sector.
    - Before going to Sector 3, there's something we can get now that we have the
     Wave Beam. Take the elevator in the room where you got your first Energy Part,
     and enter the hall. Now, there's two openings in the ceiling in this hall. One
     of them's blocked by an indestructible grate, and another is blocked by a Fly
     Pod. Destroy the Fly Pod, then use a Shinespark to jump up through that 
     opening. Inside is a blue container containing a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS:
     29/70] You may have to start the Speed Booster from the next room south of 
     this hall in order to be able to Shinespark up that hole. Now head back to the 
     tall room just south of the Save Station.
    - Get to the right of the small elevator here, and search the right side for a
     conduit behind a glass wall. Now because of the Wave Beam, this can be 
     activated! Do so and a blast door will open up. Head in to grab an Accel
     Charge. [ACCEL CHARGE: 04/06] Backtrack until you're at a room where you have
     to Kick Climb up a small lift shaft. Look up towards the ceiling to spot that
     the lift shaft continues up past the ceiling. Yep, that's right. Shinespark up 
     the lift shaft to get to a room with a blue container. Break that container
     open for a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 30/70] That's it for now, so head 
     back to the Main Elevator and head up to Sector 3.
    HEADING TO SECTOR 3...     |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 30          |
    Energy Tanks: 4            |
    Energy Parts: 5            |
    Accel Charge: 4            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 1       |
    Abilities Authorized:      |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    Ice Beam                   |
    Varia Feature              |
    Speed Booster              |
    Wave Beam                  |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              | Samus's Worst Nightmare |
    - As she arrives, the door leading to the east is locked, so we need to unlock
     it. Head left. Basically, you need to get up the volcano again, and take the
     Morph Ball cannon about halfway up. As you go down the long run from the
     volcano, parts of the path has been broken off, so you'll need to jump across
     the first couple and Shinespark across the other one. The hall next up just
     has some Sovas and a couple of Cyborg Zebesians. The next room, the Floor
     Observation Room, is where you need to be. Just as you enter though, you'll be
     attacked by an Asborean.
    - Once it's gone, activate the terminal. This will unlock that door in the Main 
     Elevator room. So it's time to backtrack. Once there, head through the door, 
     then the hall of enemies, and into the next room, where you'll spot Anthony 
     trying to fend off that Rhedogian! Have Samus look at the Grapple point above 
     with Search View, and Adam will authorize the Grapple Beam. Use the A button 
     while locked onto a Grapple point to use the Grapple Beam. Once swinging, 
     press 2 or A at the right time to let go and swing yourself forward. If you 
     don't get up there in time, Anthony will get chucked into the lava pit below, 
     causing a Game Over.
    - Now you'll be busy fighting the Rhedogian alongside Anthony. He can get hit,
     but I'm not sure if he can be killed. Either way, the Rhedogian will mostly
     focus on you, considering we kicked its butt before. It attacks exactly the
     same way as last time, including the Missile into the "shoot me" light when 
     it's red. There will be Sovas here to make things a little harder, so I'd 
     advise to kill those first. Anthony helps by shooting his ice gun, but it 
     seems like it doesn't do anything at all. Eventually, the Rhedogian will flee.
    - Anthony asks what Samus is here for. She says it's to find that mystery 
     creature and take it down. Anthony was told to meet up with the others in the
     navigation room ahead, but considering they never showed up, he decided to
     look around. And that's when he got attacked by those monsters. His unit
     directive was to restore power to the Geothermal Power Plant. Samus walks on
     forward, but Anthony stops her. He asks what she thinks of the Commander, 
    - Flashback time. Adam and his crew are on a mission to save another ship's
     crew from danger. Ian, Adam's brother, is sent to fix the ship's problem.
     Everything's going fine...until the ship's drive unit turns critical. It's
     going to explode! Adam orders the crew to disengage the drive unit 
     immediately, despite his brother being in there. Samus tries to convince Adam
     that she can reach Ian and save him, but his decision is unwavering. He keeps
     his order and the ship's drive unit detaches. Shortly afterwards, the drive
     unit explodes, killing Ian, but saving 300 lives.
    - Looking back, both Samus and Anthony realize that Adam made the right 
     decision. If Samus went back for Ian, she could very well have been killed.
     Anthony wonders for a moment if something similar were to happen now...then
     quickly shrugs it off. "Best just forget about it." As Anthony walks off,
     Samus confesses in her mind that, if indeed that time should come again, she
     would hold fast to that glimmer of hope and try for redemption.
    - Continue on, to the room past the Save Station where he had to stop last 
     time. Now we can continue since we have the Grapple Beam. Careful of the
     Magdollites though, you may have to kill them so your swings don't make you
     run into them. Once on the other side, before entering the door, look off the
     edge towards the camera and you may notice an opening beneath the floor. Make
     a jump in such a way so that you land inside this crevice. Grab the Energy
     Part there, then make a similar curved jump back out. Continue. [ENERGY PARTS:
    - In the next room, the Blast Furnace Observation, you'll immediately notice a 
     terminal that you can't access, and an escape hatch opened. Drop down the 
     escape hatch. Inside, use your Grapple Beam to grab onto a high vent opening. 
     Roll through. You'll be rolling along some supports above the Blast Furnace. 
     Bomb away the obstructions to find out you're releasing some Grapple points. 
     One will be eaten by...Vorash. How did that thing get in there? Anyway, 
     continue along through, and you'll eventually get dropped in front of that 
     terminal. Use it and a hatch below will open, into the Blast Furnace. The door
     will open, so drop down that escape hatch, and make your way into the Blast
     Furnace. Use the Grapple Beam.
    - Vorash will leap out in front as Samus swings. She'll release the Grapple 
     Beam, and jump off the side of Vorash's jaw down to some solid ground. 
     Commence the fight. This boss leaps around and over the platform, dripping all
     kinds of magma that must be avoided. Eventually, Vorash will pop its head out.
     It's vulnerable to Charge shots, but if you wait for Vorash to open its mouth,
     you'll notice the Grapple point it swallowed. Use the Grapple Beam on it to
     "fish" it out. Once it's on the ground, use Missiles or Charge shots on its
     belly to damage it. Just continue this until the Grapple point is gone.
     Occasionally Vorash will be stubborn and not let you Grapple its mouth. If
     that happens, shoot it with Charge shots or swing to the other platform.
    - Once the Grapple point in its mouth is gone, Vorash will now attempt to swoop 
     in and roll along the ground after doing a few of its jumps. Be careful here,
     it can swallow Samus up for quite a lot of damage. Just keep using Charge 
     shots and/or Missiles at it, eventually it'll go down for the count.
    - Once Vorash is defeated, the lava in the Blast Furnace will lower, revealing
     an opening you can go through. Drop down and head in. Kick Climb up the ladder
     shaft, and enter the door ahead for a Save. You'll be told by Adam that the
     monster we've been chasing has been spotted in the Geothermal Power Plant, so
     we need to hurry there and eliminate it. The next hall has a Grapple point for
     seemingly no purpose. But, you can use that to avoid a Sandfang.
    - Next room up is the Environmental Test Floor. Make your way to the northwest
     corner of this desert-like room to find a crane with a Grapple point on its
     end. What you need to do is Missile the other side of the crane at a specific
     side to turn it. Once the crane is facing the platform with the cloaked 
     terminal (Search View to find it), use the Grapple Beam to get up there, and
     use the terminal to turn off the holographic walls. There's a door. Line up
     the crane to the door, then Grapple Beam swing there. Enter the Desert 
     Refinery, which has a lot more to it than the map lets on.
    - Get past the small hall with Mellas and into the actual Desert Refinery. 
     Climb up the staircases while being aware of Fire Bulls and Super Zebesians.
     There's a Super Zebesian on the left wall that keeps firing at Samus, so 
     Missile it. At the top, you'll find more rotating cylinders. Just Kick Climb 
     up and make your way to the right side. From here, Kick Climb to the top grab
     ledge on the spinning cylinder there, wait until you're aligned with the
     platform where a terminal is, and jump off. Use the terminal to open the door
     ahead. Get back to the left side, get on the top grab ledge of the spinning
     cylinder, and jump toward the door.
    - You're a bit outside. Walk forward, taking care of the FG-11 Grahams and the
     FG-1000s, all easy cannon fodder for the Wave Beam. You'll eventually get to a
     wall. You need to Shinespark up it. At the top, climb into the hole with the
     Morph Ball. In here, when the path splits, take the right path for a Missile
     Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 31/70] Take the other path around, into the door for a
     Save. Head outside one more time for more robot destruction. There's not much
     to say. Just enter at the top.
    - Once you enter the door, almost immediately the Rhedogian will crash through
     towards Samus. Dodge and prepare another fight. Once again, this is nothing
     different from the past two times you fought it, though it may be a little
     more annoying with dodging your shots. Eventually, after it's taken enough
     damage, it'll float out in the distance, outside of this tower. It will then
     spam homing missiles. Missile it to make it drop and end the battle. Now you
     will notice an elevator. Take it down.
    - At the bottom, follow the room. You'll face a Dragotix, but it's a joke now.
     Just use the Grapple Beam to swing across to the door and enter it. This is
     that door that glitches and doesn't open, by the way. It should stay green if
     you didn't backtrack from that Dessgeega room shortly after the Ice Beam. You
     will go through a hall and drop down to the Dessgeega room! Now before exiting
     this room, search for a broken fire vent you can lock on to. Use a Charge shot
     to cool down the fire. Roll the Morph Ball inside and Bomb the container for a
     Missile Tank. You could get this earlier, but...I forgot about it the first
     time, haha. Besides, it looked nicer having an even 30 Missile Tanks to start
     this section of the guide. [MISSILE TANKS: 32/70]
    - Head to the large lava area much the same way you did the first time you were
     in this Sector. Past most of the Magdollites, once you see a platform north,
     jump there and follow this. Use the Grapple Beam on the points until you reach
     a high door you haven't entered before. Enter. Go through the small cave 
     filled with Magdollites, over to the end, where a Save Station awaits. In the
     next room, after hurdling over some humps, you'll be forced into Search View.
     Just look at what's pointed right at you: that thing on the wall above the
    - It's...a shell of the Mystery Creature. Looks like that creature morphed into
     something bigger...best to be cautious. Continue on, jumping over the purple
     barriers the FG-II Grahams are making, or freezing one of them with Charge
     shots. Next room, climb up the stairs and pick up the last Energy Tank in the
     game...and it's out in the open too. [ENERGY TANKS: 05/05] Use the Grapple
     Beam to swing into an alcove that contains an Accel Charge. [ACCEL CHARGE: 
     05/06] Drop down and enter the door ahead to arrive in the Geothermal Power
     Plant. Man, it's dark in here.
    - Samus will walk forward. A laser sight is on her...once it gets in her 
     eyesight, she quickly turns and finds it's Anthony. He tells her to take cover
     quickly, so she does. They're under attack by a flying creature, and it's 
     breathing fire. After a bit of talk, Anthony suggests to find the exit.
    - You're put into Search View. This is pretty simple: just find the door.
    - Once Samus puts her sights on the door, the creature breathes fire onto the
     bridge, breaking it apart. With their path blocked, Anthony decides to pop out 
     and deal with the creature. Samus then pipes in, saying that she can handle 
    - Walk out onto the floor and start looking around in Search View. You're 
     trying to find a blast door to pour the lava in here and get some light in
     here. Eventually, you'll find it and lock-on to it. It requires Super 
     Missiles. Adam decides at this point to authorize Super Missiles. Yay! Super
     Missile usage is pretty similar to Metroid Prime: lock onto an object that
     requires Missiles (or Super Missiles), charge up the Beam, and release.
    - The lava pours in, which in turn lights up the area. Pretty decently too. 
     Samus searches for the creature that was attacking, but then sees the creature
     appearing from the fire. The creature's figure looks familiar...wait, it can't
    - "Ridley!?" Samus gasps. The creature we've been encountering was none other
     than Ridley. But how? Samus gets to her breaking point, having a relapse of
     her ruined childhood due to this beast making her freeze and break down. Adam
     tries to talk some sense into Samus and tells her to use her Plasma Beam, but
     it's no use. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard, and Adam's comm link flies off.
    - Ridley then grabs Samus, which makes Samus's episode worse. She visibly tries
     to fight off her PTSD, but can't escape Ridley's grasp. Ridley then flies 
     toward a wall and grinds her along it, until Anthony fires a plasma shot at
     Ridley. Samus frees herself from Ridley's grasp then. As Anthony has a few
     words at Ridley (as if the monster would understand), both start to engage in
    - "Anthony! Don't do it!!" But it's too late. Anthony can't fight back, and he
     gets knocked off the platform, down towards the lava. Samus rushes in an 
     attempt to save Anthony, but Ridley blocks her path. Samus has no choice now.
     She activates her Plasma Beam, ready to kick some ass.
    - Well, it's time to fight Ridley. Ridley is pretty damn powerful--most of his
     attacks take out one Energy Tank each. He attacks with tail swipes, fire 
     breath attacks, and sometimes tries to grab Samus. If he does grab her, he'll
     grind her up against a wall. You can counter-attack right afterwards with a
     Charge shot, and releasing it when Ridley opens his mouth. Ridley has a new 
     set of attacks when he's in the air. He can breathe a super fireball down onto 
     the ground that splits into a fire shockwave that has to be jumped, and also 
     uses his tail to stab down at Samus.
    - After Ridley is hit enough times, he may be stunned and ready for a finisher.
     It doesn't kill him though. After enough damage, he hardens his skin up, 
     making it so that even plasma can't hurt him. A major explosion can, though.
     When you get time, fire a Super Missile at Ridley to make his skin turn back 
     to normal. Continue the pummeling until he keels over, just note that he can
     do the skin hardening at least one more time.
    - With Ridley down, Samus walks over to Anthony's plasma gun. Since her back is
     turned, Ridley tries for a surprise attack. Samus hears him though, and 
     quickly turns around to fire a couple of shots as she narrowly dodges him.
     Ridley then decides to retreat: he breathes fire on one of the walls to weaken
     it, then flies right through it.
    - Looking back, Samus regrets not only being unable to save Anthony, but also
     having even the thought that Anthony could betray her. She only wonders if
     Anthony was conscious when he hit bottom.
    - Well, Samus now seems completely alone. Anthony is gone, Adam can't be 
     contacted through the radio comm...the only other people on this ship seem to
     be that mysterious woman...and the Deleter. Anyway, search for a Grapple point
     and swing into the hole Ridley created. We're back in the room where we got a
     couple of generous items (Energy Tank and Accel Charge). Since we can't 
     contact Adam, I think we should head toward the Main Sector and figure out 
     why. However, we can't go back the same way we came here. So, destroy the 
     Super Missile barrier and head on through. Go down, and slide down the walls 
     as you kill Sovas. When you pass a conduit on the right wall, just continue 
     sliding down. Eventually you'll grab onto an open vent. Climb in and grab a 
     Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 33/70]
    - Climb back up, activate the conduit, and climb in through the opening a blast
     door created. Use the Morph Ball cannon and you'll be shot through a LOOONG
     vent, eventually landing in the room right next to the Main Elevator room. 
     Take the Main Elevator down.
    - Samus ponders about the situation with Adam. She clearly knows him. From the
     Deleter's view, Adam would be the biggest threat, but he wouldn't go down that
     easily. Still...why can't she contact him? She begins to be frustrated.
    - As she walks out of the elevator, she notices a figure...who could this be?
     He makes his way to Sector 1...so it looks like we need to follow him.
    FOLLOWING SOMEONE...       |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 33          |
    Energy Tanks: 5*           |
    Energy Parts: 6            |
    Accel Charge: 5            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 1       |
    (* means all of that item  |
     has been collected)       |
    Abilities Authorized:      |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    Ice Beam                   |
    Varia Feature              |
    Speed Booster              |
    Wave Beam                  |
    Grapple Beam               |
    Super Missiles             |
    Plasma Beam                |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |    Chasing Down Info    |
    - Once you enter Sector 1, follow the path. In the room where you fought two
     Ghalmanians, you'll now be facing some Mighty Griptians, which are tougher
     versions of the Griptians, and have spikes on their backs. I recommend landing
     Super Missiles on them if you can. Once you enter the large tree room, you'll
     notice that the Platoon member is running towards the door in the bottom 
     level. Run around the tree, and when you see a path leading toward the camera,
     take it. If you're quick enough, you can flee from the Mighty Griptians that
     try to chase you down.
    - Follow the halls. When you're in a green room with some Grippers, there's a
     hill you'll have to use the Grapple Beam to swing up and around. Well, once
     you're on the hill, stop a bit, search for a small tunnel, and roll the Morph
     Ball in. Bomb the rock, roll in, and Bomb the container for a Missile Tank.
     Roll out and continue down this path. [MISSILE TANKS: 34/70] Keep going north,
     just following that guy. Eventually you will come up to a bridge room. The
     Platoon guy apparantly closed the bridge. You will be locked in Search View.
     Just look behind you at the broken terminal to find out we can't get the 
     bridge back on our side. Hmm... "Any objections, Adam?"
    - Now we can simply Space Jump our way across. Before we do that, drop down a
     bit. You'll see an open vent below, but if you turn around and go into Search
     View, you'll find a yellow-lighted vent that's open. Roll through that and you
     will end up in a small room with a blue container. Bomb it open for another
     Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 35/70] Roll back out, climb back up, and Space
     Jump across by doing a running jump, then pressing 2 just as you start to
     descend. Don't spam the jump button, but don't take too long between presses
     either. The Space Jump seems to act much like the Screw Attack in the Prime
     games in that it's used for crossing large gaps, but you can get some extra
     height on the first mid-air jump here. Also, with the Screw Attack, you can
     harm enemies upon impact. Once on the other side, use the terminal to extend 
     the bridge and make it usable again, then continue on into the elevator. 
     This'll take you to a new area: the Bioweapon Research Center.
    - Follow a few halls here, past the Save Station, until you get into a more 
     wide open room.
    - Samus will cautiously walk in, calmly inspecting the room. A rounded door 
     will catch her interest, then suddenly some computers will activate. She'll
     walk over and attempt to type in passwords. Suddenly, the mysterious woman 
     will walk in. She'll attempt to run away, but Samus will eventually calm her.
     She asks her name. Madeline Bergman.
    - Madeline Bergman tells Samus what's going on in this facility. They were
     attempting to create bioweapons, and in turn made an organization similar to
     the Space Pirates, with Zebesians at the center of it. But, a certain presence
     turned the life-forms ferocious, making them un-controllable. Samus deduces
     that this presence must've been Ridley. Madeline sent the distress signal 
     because there was a real threat involved. As Samus points out some holes in
     Madeline's story (the Galactic Federation could've easily just destroyed the
     facility instead of sending a Deleter to kill anyone who knew about this), 
     Madeline tells her that they had another plan.
    - They walk over to a computer, while someone is mysteriously watching. As
     Madeline logs in to the computer, the words "Metroid Militarization Plan"
     catch Samus's eye. "What!?" Samus exclaims. Metroids are extinct, how is this
     possible? Madeline says that they were able to get Metroid DNA from her suit,
     and thus were able to propagate Metroids. Samus's thoughts turn back to that
     scientist...I knew there was something fishy about him and his glasses! That's
     how they were able to clone Ridley as well! But why did they clone him?
    - Madeline responds by saying that they didn't know the mystery creature was
     Ridley at first. They thought it had no potential as a bioweapon, and raised 
     it as a pet, calling it "Little Birdie." It was harmless, until recently. A
     scientist went to check Ridley's pen, and saw it playing dead. As he went in
     to check it, Ridley got up and viciously attacked the scientist. Samus then
     wonders how they're able to control Metroids...you need Mother Brain's 
     telepathy. They didn't re-create HER, did they?
    - Madeline slowly shakes her head "no." They only recreated the artificial 
     intelligence, and called it MB. Samus asks where she can find the Metroids and
     MB, and is directed toward an area of the Bottle Ship called Sector Zero. It's
     a place recreated as a replica of Tourian, where they propagated and raised
     Metroids. MB evolved as it communicated with the Metroids, and began to become
     self-aware, much like the original Mother Brain. Samus's mind wanders. This 
     facility is turning out to be a recreation of Zebes due to MB's antics. If 
     this is left alone, galactic safety will be at stake, but even the ringleaders 
     of the operation didn't want this to happen. That's why they wanted to take
     the Metroids and delete the rest of the facility, to make for a new special
     forces unit even greater than the Space Pirates. However, their plans were
     unexpectedly interrupted by the presence of Adam's platoon, and Samus's 
     presence. Samus sets out to Sector Zero, and tells Madeline to stay. The CO 
     that she's with will take care of her. Madeline then asks if the CO is Adam
    - As Samus is in the elevator out of the Bioweapon Research Center, Samus 
     thinks about what she has just learned. Madeline told her that Adam was the
     real leader of this operation. Samus, clearly a little perturbed at this, told
     Madeline to stay behind. As she left though, a Platoon member slowly 
     approached Madeline...and then...*GUNSHOT*
    - Now that all that story is out of the way, it's time to head to Sector Zero.
     Where is the entrance? It's back in Sector 2. So start with the backtracking.
     When you get to the room where you got Missile Tank #34 (the green room with
     the hill in the center), get on top of the hill, then Space Jump off left, and
     then north. You'll find an alcove with a red container. Destroy it to get an
     Energy Part! [ENERGY PARTS: 07/16] Now return to the large circular tree room.
     Before leaving from the other door in the bottom floor, run up along the tree.
     Eventually the Speed Booster will kick in. Run until you get to the end, and 
     Shinespark up. Hold right once it's done to land on a platform with a Missile 
     Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 36/70] Now make your way back to the Main Elevator. On 
     the way there, the same room where you were forced to fight Ghalmanians and 
     Mighty Griptians, you'll suddenly be attacked by the Rhedogian. Dodge its 
     initial attack. Fight it like usual, and after enough punishment, it'll 
     actually die this time, dropping some kind of item. Pick it up to acquire the 
     Seeker Missile upgrade!
    - Seeker Missiles target multiple enemies when charging up a Super Missile in
     Search View. That's pretty much it. It costs as many Missiles as there are
     lock-on targets. So if you lock onto three targets, you'll use three Missiles.
     Lock onto five, you use five. Anyway, exit Sector 1, and head to Sector 2.
     Once there, enter the next room to fight a Baristute. After killing it, look
     for a Super Missile door. Blast it open, then jump inside for a Missile Tank.
     [MISSILE TANKS: 37/70] Now make your way through this Sector a little more
     until you get to where you can go south. Go south. Follow the path until 
     you're in the long room next to the (now-flooded) glacier room. There's 
     another Gigafraug here. Just Screw Attack it.
    - Look up at the ceiling. There's a big pipe with some ice over it. Missile the
     ice to reveal an opening. Directly below the opening is a dent in the floor.
     What you need to do is Shinespark from this floor dent up into the hole, and
     press up on the D-Pad to grab it. Climb in and collect a Missile Tank. 
     [MISSILE TANKS: 38/70] Now jump over the hole and follow the pipe to the other
     end for another Missile Tank in a container! [MISSILE TANKS: 39/70] Now get 
     out of this pipe and continue the way you were going until you're in a 
     familiar room that has two Baristutes in it now. One of the sides has a high 
     hall to a door. Space Jump up there, and head to the door to find out it has 
     multiple locks. Use the Seeker Missile here to break open the locks and head 
    - As you head into the next room, a weird roar is suddenly heard, and the 
     gravity becomes manipulated. We're now upside down. Jump down the platforms
     here and Space Jump across to the left. In the next room, Kick Climb 
     downwards, and follow the room down. At the last platform, Space Jump left. If
     you look closely at the wall, there's an open vent cover. Space Jump over,
     grab onto its top edge, and climb in to grab a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS:
     40/70] Now continue on.
    - As you start heading south (away from the camera), the gravity will switch.
     Now it's increased gravity, which means your movement is slightly impaired and
     you can't use the Speed Booster. Secondly, your jump height is severely 
     limited. You also have major cooldown when landing, so be careful. You'll be
     facing FG-1000s, Cyclaws (enhanced Skrees), and Kyratians as you go through
     these halls, so take precaution. The Kyratians can be instantly killed with
     the Screw Attack, but it's safer to snipe from a distance, since they 
     apparently are unhindered by the gravity. You can't use Missiles or Super 
     Missiles, so Beams are your only answer right now. You'll see an E-Recovery 
     Tank in an alcove as you round a corner, but you can't get it right now.
    - In the next room, head right to find a Grapple point and a wall. Use the
     Grapple Beam, swing into the wall, and Kick Climb up. Kill the enemies here,
     then Space Jump over to the other side. This is pretty tough, you'll have to
     almost spam the jump button to get across. Once there, swing up to the right
     with the Grapple Beam, and continue on. Eventually, you'll exit the 
     gravity-affected area! Awesome. Head through the next hall to find a Save
     Station. Next room is a bit odd. It's pretty tall and has a weird machine in
     the center. Climb up to the top...huh, another weird machine. Head to the 
    - Whatever's in that machine comes alive, and rips itself from it. This 
     creature is Nightmare! Ones who played Metroid Fusion will instantly recognize
     this monster. Nightmare is able to control gravity with the machine on its
     tail. Nightmare also fires homing energy balls and giant lasers from its arms.
     If it does the giant lasers, you'll have to jump over them. Nightmare usually
     does that attack when the gravity is doubled though.
    - Your main thing to attack would be the face, and it's susceptible to Super
     Missiles. When the gravity is manipulated though, you'll have to shoot the
     machine at its tail until it freezes, temporarily disabling it and bringing
     gravity back to normal. When Nightmare's low on health, it'll sometimes float
     to the floor you're on and attempt to slide along it to attack. Space Jump 
     away to avoid it. Eventually, you'll take off all of Nightmare's health.
    - Nightmare's mask will break off, revealing an ugly, terrifying face 
     underneath. Its gravity manipulator gets out of control, and flings it around
     as it screams. It'll eventually slam into the floor below, and will then lay
     there, motionless.
    - Huh...interesting. Take the door at the top to continue. Walk through the
    - Samus is halted by sudden movement. The Bottle Ship is moving? Its thruster
     engines have been turned on, as if it's being moved to a location. But where?
    - Continue on, and enter the elevator to get taken to Sector Zero. Enter the
     Save Station to save, then continue on past the next hall, which is very long
     and wide, and has its lights turn on as you run through it. Eventually, you'll
     reach a door. Samus will walk through into the next room, which is the real
     entrance to Sector Zero. Walk forward, and as you do, you'll notice that 
     something is watching her. After a bit of moving, you're locked into Search
     View. Look to the left to find a baby Metroid almost right in Samus's face!
    - Seeing the Metroid floating in front of her, she remembers the baby Metroid
     she encountered in SR388. Never wanting previous events to repeat themselves,
     she motions her Arm Cannon to shoot the Metroid. Just before she does, her 
     suit is suddenly shot with something so powerful that she is unable to keep it
     on her. It slowly fades away, leaving her on the floor, weakened. She looks up
     at the Metroid. As if sensing her fear, the Metroid prepares its attack on 
     her, when it's suddenly frozen with an ice shot. Samus loses consciousness, 
     and a Platoon soldier is seen standing over her.
    - Samus then comes to. She hears...Adam? After she catches her breath, she asks
     why he shot her. His explanation is that she can't kill these Metroids...they
     were genetically altered when cloned, fixing their genetic flaw: their 
     weakness to ice. Samus questions why he was able to freeze the Metroid, but he
     has no answer, guessing that the Metroid was still in its larval stage and the
     genetic manipulation hasn't fully taken effect. As Adam gets up, Samus asks
     why he was credited in the Metroid military plan report.
    - Adam then says that he was suggested to write a report on Metroids, but also
     outlined the potential dangers of such a plan, and explained why it shouldn't
     be attempted. HQ listened, but a small group within the Federation co-opted
     his report for their own purposes. After a bit, Adam tells Samus of some new
     objectives: the Bottle Ship appears to be on an intercept course toward 
     Galactic Federation HQ as an attack. Divert the ship's course. Second, there's
     a survivor in Room MW of the Bioweapon Research Center. Head there to 
     investigate. Last, defeat Ridley, as he's as much a threat as the Metroids.
     And a word of warning: Madeline Bergman is no ally.
    - Samus asks about the Metroids, and Adam says he will go into Sector Zero 
     himself. It has a self-destruct protocol: if the unit has taken too much 
     damage, it'll detach and self-destruct. Samus tries to convince Adam that 
     she's the only one who has a shot against the Metroids, and to let her in.
     "You have to trust me, just give me a chance!" Adam then calmly replies, "I
     wish I could battle Ridley, but I'm no galactic savior. But, I can save you."
     As he walks away, Samus stumbles as she tries to chase him down, but can't
     seem to catch up with him. As the doors close behind him, he looks behind him
     back at Samus. "No objections. Right, Lady?"
    - Amidst the tears welling in her eyes, she reluctantly gives her thumbs-down.
     Adam smiles, then walks off into Sector Zero...never to be seen again. After
     a moment, Sector Zero is seen detaching, and Samus hears a distant explosion,
     wincing. As Samus's memories of Adam come rushing through her mind, it gives
     her a sort of clarity. She then puts on her suit. "Thank you Adam. Leave the
     rest to me."
    FOLLOWING SOMEONE...       |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 40          |
    Energy Tanks: 5*           |
    Energy Parts: 7            |
    Accel Charge: 5            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 1       |
    Abilities Authorized:      |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    Ice Beam                   |
    Varia Feature              |
    Speed Booster              |
    Wave Beam                  |
    Grapple Beam               |
    Super Missiles             |
    Plasma Beam                |
    Seeker Missiles            |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |    A Means to an End    |
    - Alright, we got our mission: return to the Bioweapon Research Center. Sucks
     we didn't go in Sector Zero at least a little bit, the game hyped it so much.
     Either way, return through the lit curved hall. A blast door will close behind
     Samus. Keep moving, killing or dodging the Super Zebesians. Suddenly, a breach
     will occur, starting to suck Samus into the abyss, along with the Super 
     Zebesians. She loses her grip on the floor...
    - Samus activates the Gravity feature of her suit! Now she takes less damage
     than before, and also negates any negative effects on gravity. Thus, she can
     run forward, escaping the breach eventually. You may notice that the Gravity
     feature doesn't turn her suit purple. Instead, whenever it's in effect, her
     suit's lights will be purple-ish and she'll have a purple glow around her.
     Anyway, head on into the elevator to head back to Sector 2. Eventually, you'll
     re-enter the room where you fought Nightmare. Drop down and head through the
    - Oh great, Nightmare isn't done yet. It woke up and is now ready to be fought
     again. Now, pretty much, this fight is the same as the first one, just with
     more powerful attacks, and it can be knocked to the ground occasionally when
     firing at it. It uses two new attacks though: LARGE, homing, energy balls 
     (that are really slow), a red laser, and a black-hole bomb. When it fires the 
     bomb and explodes, the black hole stays around for quite a while (two minutes, 
     I think). While this reddish black hole is around, no matter where Samus is, 
     it always diverts any of your shots, making it nearly impossible to shoot 
     Nightmare at this time. An alternative can be using the Shinespark from the
     Speed Booster though. Eventually, Nightmare's health will be gone.
    - This time, Nightmare's arms and tail will blow apart, landing every which 
     way, leaving just its body as it careens down into the ground. It is then gone
     for good. So, continue, back into the gravity-altered rooms. Just a couple of
     new things: as soon as you see a Grapple point, use it. Swing up against the
     left wall, then Kick Climb up to a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 41/70] Also,
     remember that E-Recovery Tank in the alcove you couldn't get? Well, you can
     now. [E-RECOVERY TANKS: 02/03] Follow this until you're out of the gravity
     area and are in a room with two Baristutes. Go north, according to the map,
     until you're in a more-open room. This is the room where you had to Missile
     down stalactites. Well, get into the water, and look at the wall towards where
     you entered to see a hole. Jump in, and roll through to get a Missile Tank.
     [MISSILE TANKS: 42/70] Backtrack and return to the Main Elevator. Take it to
     Sector 1.
    - Once you're in Sector 1, return to the ecology room where you fought the
     Ghalmanians, first Mighty Griptians, and killed the Rhedogian. You should
     notice a Grapple point past the cracked-open glass. Use the Grapple Beam to
     get inside, then jump right to find a blue container. Destroy it for a Missile
     Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 43/70] Now head to the big tree room, then west from
     there. (Which means, take the upper door.) Once you get to the green room.
     Slide down, then charge up a Speed Booster back up the slope, destroying all
     the obstacles in the way. Slide down again, but this time in Search View.
     Charge a Beam, and lock on to the blast door in the ceiling. Fire a Super
     Missile to destroy it, then Speed Boost back up. Slide down, then use the
     Grapple Beam to get taken up to an alcove with a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS:
    - Slide down, approach the door, then take a right. Follow this small room
     until you reach a Super Missile door. Blast it open, then prepare a Speed
     Boost as you enter the next room. Shinespark up as soon as you enter the next
     room to fly up a hole in the ceiling into an alcove where a blue container is.
     Grab the Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 45/70] Now backtrack to the big tree 
     room, and make your way to the Bioweapon Research Center.
    - As Samus gets in the elevator to the Bioweapon Research Center, a wounded
     Ridley is found recuperating in a room. Suddenly, a large blast door opens,
     and a large creature walks out. Ridley spots it, and roars. The beast then
     attacks, and Ridley lets out a screech of pain.
    - Now that Samus has arrived, continue the way you went before, just with some
     FG-series enemies this time around for some strange reason. When you arrive
     back at the room where you encountered Madeline, you'll be forced into Search
     View. Look at the body on the ground.
    - It's a Platoon soldier. She turns it over and sees...James' face. Well, in 
     our eyes, James was the last one of the Platoon who was alive, and the Deleter
     killed everyone except Anthony and Adam. So...James was the Deleter. I knew
     that mustache looked suspicious...but wait, Samus notices that there's no
     longer a barrier where there used to be.
    - Follow the now-open passageway into another elevator. Once out, follow the
     halls out into a more-open area.
    - Samus sees a large dent in the floor, along with large stains of green blood.
     She walks forward, turns, and sees Ridley...well, the dried, drained remains
     of what's left of him. Samus wonders what could've happened to him...
    - Enter the only door you can at the moment. At the end of the hall, activate
     the conduit, and the door will unlock. But guess what: the walls start firing 
     Rinkas! Man, it feels good to see these things in a 3D game for some reason.
     Follow these halls while dodging Rinkas, and once you get to some Seeker 
     Missile doors, you'll have to wait for a specific time when you're safe so you
     can blast open the doors. Note that the Rinkas can take out an Energy Tank
     each, so be careful. Eventually you'll reach a Save Station.
    - Enter the next room, then through the door up the stairs. Welcome to Room MW.
     Now, there are locked rooms alongside this large room. Look inside each by
     using Search View until you find a woman crouched in a corner.
    - Samus will knock, and the woman will suddenly act startled, telling Samus to
     get away. She will then go to a computer to open a big blast door. Samus turns
     to see it.
    - Walk towards the blast door, into the dark room ahead.
    - Samus will spot numerous Metroid eggs inside. Suddenly, she hears some noise.
     The creature that killed Ridley walks out...it's a Queen Metroid! After some
     narrow dodging, Samus will be taken back into Room MW to battle against this
    - Immediately dodge away to avoid the Queen Metroid's starting attack, and she
     will then start off the battle by sending Metroids at you. Don't worry, these
     aren't the Sector Zero Metroids, so they're freezable. These Metroids can
     dodge your shots though. What you need to do is dodge a Metroid's attack, then
     quickly shoot back at it. Once it's frozen, quickly kill it with a Super 
     Missile. You'll have to fight off a total of six Metroids, getting 
     increasingly difficult the more are around at once. If you persist and dodge
     often, you'll win.
    - ...Which starts the second phase of the battle, where you actually fight the
     Queen. She spawns numerous crystals along the top of her neck, which you have
     to destroy. The Queen Metroid basically attacks by breathing fire (a really
     nasty attack, does two Energy Tanks worth of damage) and just running really
     fast towards Samus in an attempt to ram into her. Learning how to dodge the
     fire breath attack stumped me for a while, until I learned you can just jump
     over the stream of fire. It's best to stay behind her though. Use Seeker 
     Missiles to take out the crystals, you may have to refill your Missiles with
     Concentration. After all the crystals on her neck are destroyed, the battle's
    - The Queen Metroid gets stunned a bit, then suddenly starts growling...a whole
     new set of crystals spawns on the Queen's head! Samus is about to fight the
     Queen again, but is suddenly stopped by a PA statement that the Bottle Ship is
     going to impact the Galactic Federation HQ in 10 seconds. Samus's memories of
     what she had gone through here races through her mind before she hunkers down
     and attempts to kill the Queen in those 10 seconds. Suddenly, just before the
     countdown finishes, the Bottle Ship's thrusters suddenly stop, forcing both
     Samus and the Queen to fall over.
    - Samus gets up, but finds the Queen is still struggling. Stuck in Search View,
     just pummel the Queen's belly with Beam shots until the Queen finally gets up.
     The Queen will then try for an insta-kill by thrusting her neck down towards
     you, mouth agape, and attempt to chew you up. However, while the Queen's mouth
     is open, use the Grapple Beam and get sent flying down her gullet, down into
     her stomach. Your energy will drop extremely quickly here, so charge up a 
     Power Bomb, and let loose to finally kill the Queen Metroid.
    - As the smoke clears, the woman comes out of her hiding spot, and quickly 
     runs. Samus looks and sees the woman.
    - Follow that woman! Just head through rooms and halls (take the next available 
     door once in the room with Ridley's remains) until you get to a fairly large
     room where the woman is.
    - Samus will attempt to calm the woman. After explaining herself, she will ask
     if she can approach her. She agrees. They walk closer, and Samus asks the
     woman her name. She responds...Madeline Bergman. Wait a minute, there was
     another woman here who said she was Madeline. This red-haired Madeline brings
     up her official status here, and says that the other one we met was MB.
    - What happened here was fairly convoluted. MB was created to control the 
     Metroids, but she eventually grew semi-sentient. She formed her own opinions
     and developed emotions. As MB grew, Madeline raised her like her own daughter,
     giving her a name...Melissa Bergman. However, because of MB's shocking AI
     evolution, the researchers decided to alter her AI before she grew too 
     dangerous. Unfortunately, their actions led to their ultimate demise...
     disturbing actions rose in MB, and she became violent. With her telepathy
     linked to the rest of the creatures in the Bottle Ship, she led a revolt and
     killed the researchers that tried eliminating her evolved AI.
    - As Madeline talks about this, she is suddenly interrupted by...MB. MB is
     holding both Madeline and Samus at gunpoint. Madeline tries to head toward MB
     in an attempt to talk her out of this, but MB insists that all humans must
     suffer the same fate and be punished. Madeline keeps trying, eventually 
     calling MB "Melissa"...
    - Suddenly, this stirs up emotions inside MB, and she rushes to attack 
     Madeline. She then throws her freeze gun away. Some Galactic Federation 
     soldiers come rushing in, holding up MB, Samus, and Madeline, but MB uses her 
     telepathy again to summon many creatures to the room, such as Ghalmanians, 
     Mighty Griptians, and new enemies: the Desbrachians. After a bit of slaughter, 
     Samus tells Madeline to stay behind her, then attacks a Desbrachian, drawing 
    - You're stuck in Search View now, so you're stuck fighting lots of enemies.
     Mostly Desbrachians. However, they just keep coming and it's impossible to
     keep killing them all. What you need to do to end this is to get a good view
     of MB in the center of all this, lock on, and attempt to shoot at her.
    - "STOP!" shouts Madeline. She's holding the freeze gun MB threw away. She's
     aiming at MB. She then, reluctantly, pulls the trigger, which freezes MB.
     "FIRE!" is heard from the mouth of a Galactic Federation commander, and many
     soldiers fire at MB, essentially killing her. Madeline then starts crying,
     rushing over to MB. The commander then tells the troops to secure the area.
    - Surveying the damage, he eventually walks over to Samus. He tells her that
     she performed admirably, but to leave the rest to them. A couple of troops get
     ready to take Madeline away. The commander then says, "Unfortunate, what
     happened to Adam Malkovich. And to think that his entire unit was annihilated.
     Truly a tragic day. Would you agree, Aran? Sadly, with them gone, you're just
     an outsider. And given your unofficial status, I cannot allow you contact with
     the witness." He then tells Samus that due to her transporting illegal cargo,
     such as infant Metroids, that she be escorted out of the Bottle Ship. A 
     Federation member arrives, grabs Samus's arm, and says, "C'mon Princess."
    - Samus's eyes widen, and the commander wonders who he is. He opens his 
     visor...it's Anthony Higgs of the 07th Platoon! He tells the commander that he
     was authorized to secure any and all survivors on the Bottle Ship, per orders
     from Adam Malkovich, and authorized by the chairman of the Galactic 
     Federation. The commander tries to talk him out of it, but Anthony interrupts,
     saying that if he hadn't stopped the engines, they might've missed each other.
    - So, due to Anthony, Samus and him were able to take Madeline Bergman with
     them. So how did Anthony survive? He froze a Magdollite as he was falling, and
     was able to jump to safety from there. Man, he's a hardy soldier. Samus 
     recollects all that happened in a rather lengthy monologue. But enjoy the 
     pretty CG of Samus flying her ship through a bunch of space dust. Eventually,
     the scene cuts to Samus back down on earth (?) in a building of the Galactic
     Federation, wearing a uniform. Looks nice on her! As she thinks about Adam, 
     she gives him a thumbs-up, just in case he's watching over her.
    - Then Anthony comes along, sporting a thumbs-down. Samus looks over, and 
     Anthony chuckles. She gives a friendly jab, then after they talk a bit 
     (inaudibly), he walks away. Then, Samus puts her hair up into a ponytail, and
     walks away, with a smile on her face. Aaaand....credits!
    - Yep, that was the end of the game. Enjoy the credits, especially what happens
    END OF GAME...?            |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 45          |
    Energy Tanks: 5*           |
    Energy Parts: 7            |
    Accel Charge: 5            |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 2       |
    Abilities Authorized:*     |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    Ice Beam                   |
    Varia Feature              |
    Speed Booster              |
    Wave Beam                  |
    Grapple Beam               |
    Super Missiles             |
    Plasma Beam                |
    Seeker Missiles            |
    Gravity Feature            |
    Power Bombs                |
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
                              |   Unfinished Business   |
    "Ultimately, the decision was made to destroy the Bottle Ship, a mission that
    will most likely be carried out in the next day or two. I'm heading toward the
    Bottle Ship now. I'm going to rescue something that was left there...something
    that can't be replaced."
    - Yep, we're heading back to the Bottle Ship. It's mainly to get one last thing
     important to her, as she said, but we're also free to explore the entire 
     Bottle Ship and pick up anything we missed/couldn't get during the story. 
     You'll start off where you first started the game, at the docking bay in the
     Main Sector. Anyway, you're given a direction to go, and it's in the room 
     where Adam used to be stationed. So, head over there. You'll also notice, if
     you look through all the maps, that all items we haven't gotten yet are now
     shown on the map.
    - Eventually, you'll get blocked off: an elevator that would normally just take 
     you to where Adam was is locked. So what to do? Well, there's something here 
     that's susceptible to a Power Bomb. Release one nearby it, and something will 
     fly out...it's a Desbrachian from back during the fight with MB! This giant
     bug can be quite annoying. Don't attempt a Screw Attack, because it'll just
     jump up to you and slam you down to the ground. Use Plasma Beam shots or Super
     Missiles to wear down the Desbrachian while dodging its rapid strikes. The
     Desbrachian will turn more and more red as you do damage. Eventually, it'll
     get stunned. Quickly head over to it for a finisher, otherwise it'll crawl 
     into a ball and heal its wounds.
    - Anyway, once the Desbrachian is gone, head through the door it revealed. You
     will arrive at the Residential Area. Kill the Super Kihunters here, then get
     close to the center. Run left or right until the Speed Booster kicks in, then
     Shinespark up. Space Jump to the item in the center: an Energy Part. [ENERGY
     PARTS: 08/16] Yay, an extra Energy Tank compiled. Continue following the rooms
     you haven't been in, dodging Cyclaws. Save at the Save Station, then continue
     to the elevator. You'll be taken to Sector 2.
    - From here, make your way over to the long room, just south of that flooded
     glacier room. You'll have to use a Power Bomb to get out of the elevator room
     first. On the way, you'll notice that Nightmare and all its parts are 
     gone...odd. Once at that room, blast open the Power Bomb door, kill the 
     Desbrachian, and enter the door for another Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS: 09/16]
     Now head up to where the broken bridge room is up to the north, where the path
     splits. Take the upper path. Head to the room where you see two item dots in,
     left of the large Experiment Floor room. (A side note, you can now kill the
     Fumbleyes! Yay! No more annoyances!)
    - Kill the Fumbleye on the ceiling here, then drop down. There are three 
     grates. Bomb the west-most one and roll in for an Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS:
     10/16] Now, look at the test tubes. There are various creatures inside. If you
     kill them all with the Beam, a blast door will open, revealing a Missile Tank. 
     Get back up to the top and Space Jump to it. [MISSILE TANKS: 46/70] Now, make
     your way to the Experiment Floor, then into the door ahead to be in the 
     building overlooking the area. In here, there's a Super Missile barrier on the
     floor. Blast it open for a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 47/70] Enter the next
    - Now in the Materials Storehouse, get in front of where the stairs go down,
     and Space Jump along them to reach a ledge. Roll into the vent for a Missile
     Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 48/70] Now, there are several item containers scattered
     throughout this room, most of them empty. However, one of them, when 
     destroyed, reveals an Energy Part. It should be easy to find anyway. Just
     pinpoint the item dot on the map. [ENERGY PARTS: 11/16] Now, make your way
     through the long rooms up ahead, and up the Materials Transfer Lift, until
     you're in the room in the lower left corner of the map. In this room where
     there was murky liquid in the test tubes, there's a Power Bomb door. Blast it,
     kill the Desbrachian, and head inside the door for an Energy Part! Now make 
     your way back to the Main Elevator, take it back to the Main Sector, then go 
     to Sector 1. [ENERGY PARTS: 12/16]
    - Return to the green room where you first fought the Griptians. It's west of
     the big tree room. Once there, go north, and keep going that way. When you see
     a door to the west, drop down and take the door further north. There's an open
     door here in this hall. Enter, and Kick Climb up where the vegetation is to
     find a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 49/70] Now, make your way to the Save
     Station that has a detour going north. Continue east. In this next room, go up
     to the cloaked terminal and turn off the holographic generators to spot a
     Super Missile barrier up on the distant wall. Destroy it, then Space Jump over
     there to get a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 50/70]
    - Now, head east until you're in the next room that has an item, which is the 
     partially submerged one. Get in the water, and Speed Boost right. You'll crash
     into a grating, revealing another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 51/70] Now
     head into the large room where you fought your first Groganch. Get to a tree
     close to the northwest part of the room, and look over near the door to find
     a platform. Space Jump to it, then activate the conduit here to temporarily
     raise some ledges to the right. Space Jump along them and you'll find an
     Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS: 13/16] Take it, then continue on. As you turn the
     corner in the hall past the Save Station, you'll get to a drop. Space Jump
     right to find a a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 52/70]
    - Keep following the halls. Eventually you'll get to a hall with an ecosystem
     behind some glass. Find the conduit behind the glass and activate it to open
     a passageway into the ecosystem. Head left from there to find a Missile Tank.
     [MISSILE TANKS: 53/70] Now, make your way to the large curved room nearby.
     Now, notice, on the left side, there's what appears to be a road, with a 
     yellow line? Follow this road southward. Eventually the Speed Booster will
     kick in. Keep going, and you will break through some ground, running through a
     new hall, up to a high ledge with a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 54/70] Grab
     it, then head back. Re-enter the room via the normal way.
    - In this room, get up to the south side to find a Power Bomb door. Blow it
     open, kill the Desbrachian, then head inside for an E. Recovery Tank. [E.
     RECOVERY TANKS: 03/03] Now backtrack, and enter the Bioweapon Research Center.
    - Head to the room where you found James's dead body. Take the upper door up in
     the catwalk. In here, you'll have to fight 14 Super Zebesians, after grabbing
     a Missile Tank. Joy. [MISSILE TANKS: 55/70] Now, head toward the majority of
     rooms in here. (If you get to the room where Ridley's corpse is, you'll notice
     that he's gone as well...Nightmare and Ridley suddenly vanished. Wonder where
     they went.) More specifically, in the room right after the second elevator,
     take the upper door. Follow the halls to a room.
    - Here, notice the column in the center displaying holographic screens? Well,
     look behind it. There's a shaft you can Kick Climb up. Jump in, Kick Climb,
     then roll through the vent. Once the camera pans out, roll right for a Missile
     Tank! [MISSILE TANKS: 56/70] Roll right, down the vent, into the room below.
     Head to the right side, and look at one of the floor panels between the desks.
     One of them is Missilable. Destroy it to find another Missile Tank. And that's
     all for this area, so head back to Sector 1. [MISSILE TANKS: 57/70]
    - Return to the Save Station that has a detour north. Take that north path.
     Follow the rooms. Eventually you'll get to the elevator shaft room. However,
     if you get in there with the Speed Booster active, and Shinespark upward right
     when the tiling turns to the elevator, you'll jump through a hole, and 
     blasting away the panel at the top. Go back down that same hole to find some
     grab ledges. Get on the left one, pull yourself in, and grab a Missile Tank
     that's inside a blue container. [MISSILE TANKS: 58/70] Kick Climb back up and 
     enter the next room. There's a Super Missile door on the left wall! Blow it
     open and enter to find another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 59/70]
    - Continue on to get to the observatory of the room below. Take the vent here,
     and when you see a fork, take the path away from the camera. At the end, you
     will find Grapple points. Swing across to get an Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS:
     14/16] Swing back, enter the vent, and keep following it south. We're next 
     heading towards the room where we fought Fune and Namihe. There's a Power Bomb
     door here. Blow it up, kill the Desbrachian, then enter the new door to find
     another Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS: 15/16] Now backtrack to the room of 
     Grippers that was before this room.
    - You'll notice that, close to the vent, there's a hole in the ceiling. You 
     need to build up a Speed Booster and Shinespark up that hole to find a Missile
     Tank inside a blue container. [MISSILE TANKS: 60/70] Now drop down a bit to
     find another alcove below. There's a vent. Follow it to eventually end up back
     in the small circular room where you killed the Rhedogian before. Now just
     make your way to the Main Elevator, go back up to the Main Sector, and then to
     Sector 3.
    - Head right until you get to a room where you have to use the Grapple Beam.
     Swing up to find a Super Missile door and a Power Bomb door right across from
     each other. Destroy the Super Missile door, then enter to find a terminal. Use
     it to make a blast door open. Use the Grapple Beam to swing toward the new
     alcove to get the final Energy Part. [ENERGY PARTS: 16/16] Now blow open the 
     Power Bomb door, kill the Desbrachian, then enter for a Missile Tank. [MISSILE 
     TANKS: 61/70] Now follow the path until you go down the elevator from the top
     of the Desert Refinery.
    - Once at the bottom, head south, kill the Dragotix, and when you get to the
     Grapple points, Space Jump. You'll see a Missile Tank in an alcove, so just
     Space Jump to it. [MISSILE TANKS: 62/70] To get back up, drop down and find an
     open vent to use Morph Ball in. Follow this room as normal, then enter the
     first door you see once back in the four Dessgeega room. Kick Climb up to the
     top in this next room, and blow up the Super Missile door in the ceiling.
     Continue to Kick Climb up to find another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 63/70]
    - Keep going through this room. When you have to go down, head to the very
     bottom, where some lava is. Space Jump to the left and you should barely make
     it to a ledge with yet another Missile Tank on it. [MISSILE TANKS: 64/70] Now
     make your way to the large lava room from the northern side. Once there, head
     right (west according to the map) until you see a spire in the foreground a
     bit. This can be blown up with a Power Bomb. Do so to reveal another Missile
     Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 65/70] Now continue west and enter the door.
    - Just in here, you'll find a Super Missile door on the floor. Blast it open
     for yet another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 66/70] Take the upper door 
     (after saving if you so wish). Head left from this glass tunnel until you see
     a Mella in the foreground. Look toward it with Search View to find a conduit
     on one of the rocks near the Mella. Activate it and a vent will uncover. 
     Search for it nearby, and get in there with the Morph Ball. Follow it back to
     find yet another Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 67/70] Now roll out of this
     vent, and continue left, swinging across the broken part, into the room where
     you first entered Sector 3. There's a Power Bomb door here. Blast it, kill
     Desbrachian, and enter to find the last Accel Charge. [ACCEL CHARGE: 06/06]
    - Back in the large lava room, you can actually use the Grapple Beam at a 
     specific point to take you over to the other side. Use either the Grapple or
     the Space Jump to get across, then enter the southwest door, making your way
     to the Floor Observation Room before the volcano. There's a high up vent on
     the left side (camera perspective). Use the Space Jump to reach it, and climb
     in for a Missile Tank. [MISSILE TANKS: 68/70] Now return to the large lava
     room, and make your way to the high middle door, getting yourself close to
     where you fought Ridley.
    - Once you get to the room where Ridley's second shell was left, and enter the
     glass hall next. Destroy the robots here with the Plasma Beam, then run back,
     starting a Speed Boost. Once in the room, Shinespark up, then Space Jump
     either left or right to find some high ledges. A Missile Tank is up here.
     [MISSILE TANKS: 69/70] Now that everything except the Main Sector is cleared
     out, it's time to head back to the Main Sector! So get to the Main Elevator
     from here since we're pretty close.
    - From the Main Elevator, enter the hall just south from it. There's a Power
     Bomb door. Blow it up, kill the Desbrachian, and enter the new door. Follow
     the hall to an elevator, and take it. Now prepare for a big enemy gauntlet.
     After exiting the elevator, enter the next room, which is actually an 
     extremely long hall with glass windows so you can see outer space. Kinda neat.
     So follow this hall and enemies will be weirdly teleported in from ghostly
     portals. Here's a list of enemies you have to fight.
    - 4 Mighty Griptians, 2 Ghalmanians, 2 Asboreans, 2 Cyborg Zebesians, 8 
     Kyratians, 8 Super Kihunters, 4 Super Zebesians, 2 Rhedogians.
    - Yeeeaaahh...kind of a tough gauntlet. You get breaks between each wave, which
     can give you time for Concentration if you ever need it. After every enemy is
     gone, your reward at the end is...a Save Station. Up next though, is the
     Control Bridge. Enter it.
    - WOAH! Uh, hello there...giant, octopus, ghost thingy... Yeah, this is 
     Phantoon. And man, he looks scarier than before! Now Phantoon throws a lot of
     crap at Samus, so the basic key to winning? SenseMove. SenseMove SenseMove 
     SenseMove SenseMove. As for what he throws at you? Well, aside from hundreds
     of his blue fireballs, he also spawns Rage Hands (similar to Wallmasters in
     Zelda) that attack, and he also occasionally throws a black hole at Samus that
     is merely an obstacle and damages you if you get close. This black hole 
     doesn't divert shots like Nightmare's, as far as I can tell.
    - Rage Hands can be susceptible to finishers, and you're invincible throughout 
     the animation, just to let you know in case you want to take advantage of 
     that. Anyway, the main thing to do is attack Phantoon's eye. At first, all you 
     can do is charged Beam shots at his eye until he starts breaking the glass,
     creating a breach. But with the glass out of the way, you can hit him with
     Super Missiles. Sometimes Phantoon detaches his eye and has it look around
     apart from his body. If you end up getting Phantoon to critical health and his
     eye is out, it'll lie on the floor, ready for a finisher. Sometimes, however,
     he'll die without giving you a Lethal Strike opportunity, which instead his
     eye blows up before he does.
    - Well, now that THAT unexpected encounter is over with, a Grapple point will
     appear. Swing up to exit the Control Room, and due to the breach, a safety
     system locks the door behind you, so follow the rooms to an elevator. Take it
     down, but it'll suddenly stop. Use a Power Bomb to blast your way out, then
     drop to the bottom. Now, for the last Missile Tank...see the vent surrounding
     the back part of the elevator shaft? Enter the left side to get the very last
     Missile Tank, and the very last item in the entire game! Woo-hoo! [MISSILE 
     TANKS: 70/70] Follow the rooms from here, and you'll eventually enter the room
     where Adam was giving orders.
    - Samus walks in, and touching music plays. She finds...a helmet. She turns off
     her suit so she can be all touchy-feely with the helmet. As she embraces the
     helmet as her memories of Adam come rushing through, and the heartwarming
     music plays...suddenly ALL that emotion is ruined abruptly when a warning 
     siren comes up, signifying that this place is about to be blown up!
    - So yeah, escape sequence time! This time we don't have our suit on, and Samus
     is carrying Adam's helmet. All we have is 99 Energy here, no Missiles, have a
     basic jump, can slide with A, and can only defend ourselves with a Paralyzer.
     This Paralyzer can be shot with the 1 Button, and paralyzes enemies. This can
     be charged for a more effective blast. The Paralyzer can also be used to raise
     certain gates. Yes, during the escape sequence, there will be various things
     you have to slide under and gates to shoot so that they rise out of your way.
     You're given five minutes to escape, that should be plenty of time. Just 
     remember that there will be Super Zebesians (which are surprisingly not 
     deadly, but they still can kill you if their shots hit you too much) in your
     path, and some of them you'll have to paralyze. So yeah, you basically just
     have to get to your ship before the whole place blows. (One last note: the
     Status screen actually has changed! It shows a model of Samus out of her suit,
     and Paralyzer is shown under the only category there, "Weapon.")
    - Once Samus is in her ship, watch the cinematic of her flying off, leaving the
     Bottle Ship with a...somewhat non-dramatic explosion. (Just an inaudible white
     glow as the Bottle Ship leaves the screen. Boo! Super Metroid still has the 
     best explosion ever!) Anyway, after Samus flies off, we're finally given our
     item completion rate screen. If you get 100% (which you should if you followed
     this guide), Samus says "Perfect! Congratulations!"
    END OF BOTTLE SHIP...      |
    PROGRESS:                  |
    ---                        |
    Missile Tanks: 70*         |
    Energy Tanks: 5*           |
    Energy Parts: 16*          |
    Accel Charge: 6*           |
    E. Recovery Tanks: 3*      |
    Abilities Authorized:*     |
    Missiles                   |
    Bombs                      |
    Diffusion Beam             |
    Ice Beam                   |
    Varia Feature              |
    Speed Booster              |
    Wave Beam                  |
    Grapple Beam               |
    Super Missiles             |
    Plasma Beam                |
    Seeker Missiles            |
    Gravity Feature            |
    Power Bombs                |
    --------------------<|                End                |>--------------------
    And that's it. Are you asking if there are any more endings? Nope. No different
    endings depending on the time finished or item collection. For beating the 
    game, you unlock Theater Mode, which allows you to replay cutscenes from the
    game along with automated gameplay at certain spots, tieing the story together
    into a movie-like experience. You also unlock Gallery Mode, which gets more
    material unlocked depending on item collection.
    Your reward for getting 100% item completion and beating the game though is
    unlocking Hard mode. In Hard mode, damage output is changed for some enemies,
    item expansions are no longer around (sticking you with 99 Energy and 10 
    Missiles throughout the game), and the lifesaver feature (the one that gives 
    you an extra grace hit if you get hit with an attack that would kill you) is 
    gone. I would only recommend a Hard mode run for those who know the game and 
    its mechanics well, and if you're good at utilizing the mechanics to their full
    advantage. It's pretty challenging otherwise. In fact, playing Hard mode may be
    a learning experience, since Normal mode is way too easy since you can pick up
    Only thing Hard mode lacks is the post-story sequence where you can go fight
    Phantoon. If you want a challenging Phantoon fight, I suggest going through
    Normal mode in a bare-minimum run. (Getting only the items you're forced to 
    get.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this walkthrough, or this game. It's certainly
    not the best Metroid game, it's a decent Wii action game though, I'd give it a
    rent. Yes, even for Metroid fans. See you next mission! (Which will be my 
    Metroid Fusion guide. Even though I finished the Super Metroid guide before 
    this, this will be uploaded before the Super Metroid one. And don't worry, the
    maps for this guide will come in due time!)
      ___,.-----'___________,-------'             '-------,___________'-----.,___
    -'___,.-----'                                                     '-----.,___'-
    -'                                                                           '-
     :|                ___________________________________________________________
      |               |*                     ______ __    __                     *|
      |===============|                       |  | |_ |V|(_                       |
      |===============|                      _|_ | |__| |__)                      |
      |               |.                                                         .|
     :|                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    /¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯\
     This details the locations of all items in the game, from Missile Tanks to
    Energy Tanks. There's also a few new types of items in the game. These are
    listed in the order the walkthrough gets them in.
    <|             Upgrades              |>
    The Upgrades in this game are a bit weird. All except a couple aren't gained
    traditionally. Rather, Samus already has the abilities, but can't use them
    until after specific points in the game. So for those ones that aren't picked
    up, I will mention "when" you access them, instead of just "where." These are
    listed in the order the game lets you have them.
    Normal Beam
    When: N/A
    Category: Beam
    Description: This is the normal Power Beam that Samus starts off with. It comes
     equipped with the Charge Beam function. Press 1 to fire small shots, and hold
     1 to charge up and fire Charge shots. Other Beams add to this Beam's 
    Morph Ball
    When: N/A
    Category: Bomb
    Description: This is the Morph Ball. Samus can curl up into a sphere and roll
     around into passageways that Samus normally can't go through. To enter Morph
     Ball mode, press the A Button. The Morph Ball comes packed with the Spring
     Ball function: press 2 while in Morph Ball to jump.
    Power Suit
    When: N/A
    Category: Suit
    Description: The Power Suit is a Chozo-designed battle suit designed for war.
     Samus's blue jumpsuit, the Zero Suit, contains the data for her Power Suit.
     By mental command, she is able to materialize the suit over her. The Power
     Suit can adapt to and utilize any technology, whether made by the Chozo, or
     foreign-made. The Power Suit utilizes a defense shield mechanism that can be
     enhanced through Energy Tanks. If the shields take a hit that drains it 
     completely, the suit deactivates, and said hit becomes fatal to the wearer.
    Normal Missile
    When: During Brug Mass battle.
    Category: Missile
    Description: This is the normal Missile Launcher. This Arm Cannon function
     allows Samus to fire Missiles at enemies. To use, press A while locked on in
     Search View. This can be used on certain objects, but mostly on enemies.
    Normal Bomb
    When: After Brug Mass battle.
    Category: Bomb
    Description: These are the Morph Ball Bombs. They can be used as weapons, and
     as tools for clearing out Morph Ball passages. If they detonate when the Morph
     Ball is near, they repel the Morph Ball in a direction depending on where the
     Ball was located. If the Morph Ball is right on the Bomb, it gets popped up in
     a sort of "Bomb Jump."
    Diffusion Beam
    Where: Just south of Subterranean Control Room, Sector 1.
    How: Destroy three FG-1000s (Missiles make quick work)
    Category: Beam
    Description: The Diffusion Beam function spreads your charge shots on impact,
     able to hit many surrounding enemies. I believe this also gives your Beam
     slightly more power.
    Ice Beam
    When: In the room right after the constant Vorash attack in Sector 3 (first
    Category: Beam
    Description: The Ice Beam adds a freezing capability to Samus's beam. This
     increases the overall power, is extremely useful against fiery enemies, and
     eventually freezes enemies. Most enemies aren't frozen solid by this, however.
     It usually freezes a part of the enemy, which hinders the enemy in some way.
    Varia Feature
    When: Right after climbing to the very top of the volcano in Sector 3, before
     fighting Goyagma.
    Category: Suit
    Description: The Varia feature strengthens Samus's defense shields, causing her
     to lose less energy from attacks. It also prevents heat damage.
    Speed Booster
    When: In a hall sometime during the first visit to Sector 2--use Search View on
     an ice wall that needs this, then walk away a bit.
    Category: Misc.
    Description: With this item, after Samus runs in a straight line for a few
     seconds, she starts running faster, and energy surrounds her. She can break
     through materials that require this, and can kill most minor enemies upon
     impact. Samus can also perform the Shinespark with this upgrade. While in
     Speed Booster run, hold 2 to prepare it. Release 2 while pressing a direction
     on the D-Pad to jump in that direction, or release 2 without pressing a
     direction to jump straight up.
    Wave Beam
    When: Sometime after Ferrocrusher, you'll be trapped in glass walls with Super
     Zebesians firing at you.
    Category: Beam
    Description: The Wave Beam upgrade increases the Beam's power, plus gives it
     the ability to pass through transparent and semi-transparent surfaces. Simple.
    Grapple Beam
    When: On your second visit to Sector 3, you'll eventually get to a room where
     Anthony is fighting a Rhedogian. Lock onto the Grapple point.
    Category: Beam
    Description: This item allows for transportation whenever floating Grapple
     points are available. To use the Grapple Beam, lock onto a Grapple point when
     in Search View. If the light emitted is greenish-blue, press A to activate.
     When swinging, press 2 or A at the right time (when Samus is currently 
     swinging towards where you want to go) to jump off. If another Grapple point 
     is nearby, she automatically shoots her Grapple Beam at the next point.
    Super Missile
    When: Soon after you arrive at the Geothermal Power Plant in Sector 3.
    Category: Missile
    Description: A powerful Missile that can destroy even the toughest of 
     materials. Is really powerful against enemies, and can destroy blast doors
     that require this. To use the Super Missile, lock onto something that can be
     Missiled with your Search View, Charge up, and then release.
    Plasma Beam
    When: Right after the cutscene where Ridley is introduced, Samus activates this
    Category: Beam
    Description: The most powerful Beam upgrade, the Plasma Beam further increases
     her Beam's power, and adds a piercing effect to enemies. Can take down even 
     the mighty Ridley.
    Space Jump
    When: When chasing a mysterious Platoon member through Sector 1, you'll 
     eventually get to a room with the bridge out. Samus activates this and the
     Screw Attack.
    Category: Misc.
    Description: The Space Jump is a movement system that allows Samus to traverse
     large gaps. To perform, first do a running jump so that Samus is spinning.
     Next, press 2 again just as you start to descend to jump again. Just to note:
     the jump cannot be spammed, but don't let too much time pass between each 
     press. You'll need to practice until you get it right. Unlike the Space Jump
     in the 2D games, you only gain extra height from the first mid-air jump.
    Screw Attack
    When: This is available the same time the Space Jump is. See above.
    Category: Misc.
    Description: The Screw Attack envelops Samus in powerful energy whenever she
     does a running jump. This energy can heavily damage (and/or kill) most 
     enemies, but is completely ineffective against bosses and some of the more
     powerful enemies. Hello nerfs! (Get it, because it's like the Animaniacs' 
     "Hello nurse!"? It's a pun! ...Ah whatever.)
    Seeker Missile
    When: Dropped after killing the Rhedogian while leaving Sector 1 to get to
     Sector Zero.
    Category: Missile
    Description: This upgrade allows Samus to lock onto multiple targets when 
     charging a Super Missile. Lock-on targets are shown alongside the initial 
     target. When ready, release the Charge to fire Missiles at each target. This
     uses up as many Missiles as there are targets locked on.
    Gravity Feature
    When: Activated by Samus shortly after leaving Sector Zero. She activates it
     when she's about to get sucked into space from a breach.
    Category: Suit
    Description: The Gravity feature further reduces the damage Samus can take from
     enemies, and also negates any abnormal gravity effects, such as movement in
     liquid, and gravity-manipulated areas.
    Power Bomb
    When: Available after the Queen Metroid fight, needed to blow up Queen from
     inside. Is usable throughout the post-story portion of the game.
    Category: Bomb
    Description: The Power Bomb is an advanced tool. Much more powerful than the
     Bomb and annihilates pretty much every enemy in its blast radius. To use, go
     into Morph Ball mode and hold the 1 button to charge. Release when the meter
     is at full. After using a Power Bomb, you'll have to undergo a long cooldown
     before you can use it again. Just like Bombs, Power Bombs have unlimited usage
     aside from said cooldown effect.
    <|           Missile Tanks           |>
    Missile Tanks are the most common items in the game. Unlike other Metroid
    games, each Missile Tank only adds one extra Missile to your reserves. As such,
    there are a total of 70 Tanks in all. As you start off with 10 Missiles really
    early in the game, you get a total of 80 in total.
    Missile Tank #1 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: After fighting the Brug Mass and Bombs are authorized, head south. In this
     very room, you'll fight some Geemers, and you may notice one pop out from the
     ground. Head down through the new opening as a Morph Ball, Bomb the grating,
     and grab this.
    Missile Tank #2 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: A few rooms south of the one that was beside the System Management Room,
     in the one that has two "floors" and the side door at the bottom leads to a
     useless small room, search for a grating on the top level and either Missile
     or Bomb it. Roll through the ventilation shaft as the Morph Ball to eventually
     arrive back at the docking bay, but on a higher alcove. The Missile Tank is
    Missile Tank #3 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: In the room where you first met the 07th Platoon, make your way on top of
     the stacks of crates. Once up here, you'll notice a suspicious vent on a ledge
     to the left. Bomb that (as Search View suggests) and roll on in to find this.
    Missile Tank #4 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: Drop to the bottom of the room where you first fought Reos. Search for a
     vent to Bomb out and do so. Drop in as the Morph Ball and you'll find this
     Tank in the small area below the floor. Careful of Geemers that attack as you
    Missile Tank #5 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: Once you start heading back to Adam after turning on the power, in the
     room with the bridge, the bridge will retract on you, making you fall and face
     three Sidehoppers. After those are killed, head towards the screen to find a
     place to Kick Climb. You'll find this Tank.
    Missile Tank #6 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: After getting the power back on, head to the tall room just south of the
     Save Station before Adam. Use the terminal at the top to flip up the "flaps"
     on the side to use as ledges, then find the green-lighted vent somewhere on
     the left. Once there, roll into it as the Morph Ball and grab this.
    Missile Tank #7 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the room with the small ecosystem in the background, close to the green 
     room where you first fought three Griptians, find the open vent, jump up to 
     it, pull yourself up (D-Pad towards it, then 2) and collect this Tank. This is
     actually an inevitable item to get much like Energy Tank #1.
    Missile Tank #8 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: After having your first encounter with the small, white creature, you'll 
     be in a really green hall with a skyline. Kill the Reos and both Fly Pods, and
     you'll see some glowing bugs crawling out of a hole on the side. Climb in,
     roll through, and you'll find a cloaked terminal. Use it and the hologram will
     turn off, revealing a door. Backtrack in this room a bit to find some metal
     ledges. Climb up them to get this.
    Missile Tank #9 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: After getting past the large room on the left side of Sector 1, the one
     with your first Dragotix, you'll be in a clean hall filled with Geemers. Kill
     them (you can activate the conduit in here for bug repellant--easier kill) and
     search for a small vent side on the left. Roll in there to claim this Tank.
    Missile Tank #10 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: After your first Dragotix, you'll eventually get to a Save Station with a
     locked door. Take a detour by Missiling the broken door on the side and follow
     the rooms. After the elevator sequence (once in the shaft, Missile a support,
     then drop down to a safe alcove), climb to the top of the elevator shaft, and
     pull yourself into a vent just above the topmost hand ledge on the right to
     find this.
    Missile Tank #11 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the very next room from #10 above, search for ventilation openings 
     along the right wall and roll in with the Morph Ball to find a blue box. Bomb
     that for an easy, but hidden Tank.
    Missile Tank #12 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: A little further from the above Tank, you'll enter a long Morph Ball 
     tunnel. Just head right, through to the end, until you get to a drop. If you
     don't end up rolling right over the gap, plant a Bomb, then jump just before
     it explodes to get a bit more of a boost so you can get back up and grab this.
    Missile Tank #13 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: Just out of the other side of the Morph Ball tunnel where you get the
     above Tank is a room full of webbing clumps and Wavers. Bomb the webbing 
     clumps on the left to find vent opening. Roll through as the Morph Ball, Bomb
     the grating, and grab this Tank.
    Missile Tank #14 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: This is found in the Biological Experiment Floor. If you don't know, it's
     the smaller round room a bit north of the larger round room. Anyway, in here,
     as you climb up, you'll spot this Tank on a lower ledge. Just jump down to 
     grab it.
    Missile Tank #15 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: This is in the metal hall partially submerged in water, and filled with
     Whipvines. It's a bit right of the door that leads to the elevator to 
     Bioweapon Research Center. The leftmost Whipvine that's underwater has this
     Tank hiding behind it. Destroy it, then jump up into the hole, pull yourself
     in, and grab it.
    Missile Tank #16 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: This Tank is in the next room over from #15, actually. Get to the right
     side of the room, and trudge through the water to the very right side. Search
     View and you may find a tunnel. Roll through in Morph Ball to grab this.
    Missile Tank #17 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: A bit north of the square room where you fight your first Groganch, you'll
     get to a room that opens to an elevator shaft. On the map it's the room that
     links to a similar room on the right. Anyway, stand on the cage here, and
     search for a blue container stuck in a hole in the ceiling. Missile it, and
     this Missile Tank will pop out.
    Missile Tank #18 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the Floor Observation Room (where you first fight an Asborean), roll
     under the yellow stairs as a Morph Ball to find this.
    Missile Tank #19 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the first large room from the Main Elevator, this can be found by
     rolling under a collapsed icicle that has a layer of snow on it.
    Missile Tank #20 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the next, watery room right of the room where Tank #19 was, this is
     sitting in plain sight under the water on the right side of the room.
    Missile Tank #21 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the room where you first fight a Kyratian, you'll notice a small stream
     of water flowing through a hole near one of the doors. Roll in that hole with
     the Morph Ball to find this Tank.
    Missile Tank #22 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: After the huge room where you had to Missile then Bomb away the large ice
     wall blocking the way (or have the Gigafraug ram into it twice), you'll get to
     a smaller, metal room. On the right side, you'll notice an open vent from the
     right side, near a red light. Jump in, and roll through as the Morph Ball.
     When you hit a wall, jump to find this in a small room.
    Missile Tank #23 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the room where there's a drained, frozen-over Gigafraug corpse. (Also 
     is a metal room.) Freeze the middle fan (left one's already frozen) with a
     Charge shot, and climb in. Roll on in to find a hidden room with a blue
     container. Bomb/Missile the container and this Tank will pop out.
    Missile Tank #24 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: It's in the Water Tank. This room is the one north of the one that you had
     to collapse a tall ice tower with a Missile and Bomb. Drain the water in the
     Water Tank, then return. Fight two Kyratians, then climb up to the other side
     of this room. Find an open vent, climb in, and claim your prize.
    Missile Tank #25 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the room where you get the Speed Booster authorized (just south of Tank
     #19's room), Speed Booster run up the ramp. Once at the top, Shinespark back
     towards where you came from to find an alcove with a blue container. Break it
     open with a Bomb/Missile to get this. You can also reach this with the Space
    Missile Tank #26 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the Sector Generator Room, use the rotating cylinders to help you over
     to the right side. On the right-side rotating cylinder, let the top grab ledge
     move so you can jump off onto the ledge towards the camera. Do so and collect
     this Tank. (The Sector Generator Room is a bit north of where the path splits,
     which is the room with the collapsed bridge.)
    Missile Tank #27 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: After the Ferrocrusher boss, you'll go down a lift. At the bottom, get
     past the Save Station into the next room. In here, just get behind the stacks
     of crates over to the right side of the room to find this Tank. It's easy.
    Missile Tank #28 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: This is in the large, snowy, hall-like room close to where you get the
     Wave Beam authorized. Killing the Volfons here reveals a Missile Tank, and
     Search View suggests that it's sitting on the east-most structure hanging from
     the ceiling. A well-placed Shinespark can get this for you, but an easier way
     of getting it is waiting until you have the Grapple Beam and heading back to
     this room, where the avalanche has created a mound of snow that leads easy
     access to this Tank. But, if you can get it early one way, and it's not too
     difficult at all, why not?
    Missile Tank #29 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: Once you have the Speed Booster, return here. Take the elevator up from
     the Main Elevator's room, and in the next hall, destroy the Fly Pod in the
     northern opening in the ceiling. Use the Speed Booster from the room south of
     this hall and Shinespark up the opening where the Fly Pod was to find a room 
     with a blue container. Bomb/Missile it for this Tank. You can get this 
     earlier, but it's extremely hard to get the Kick Climb, as it seems barely 
     high enough to do it and requires pixel-perfect timing. I figured using the 
     Speed Booster would be easier.
    Missile Tank #30 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: There's a fairly large (and lit) room with a broken lift shaft that needs
     to be Kick Climbed up to reach the door above. However, the lift shaft 
     continues up past the ceiling of this room. Start a Speed Booster run from the
     next room south, and Shinespark up the lift shaft to a room with a blue
     container. Missile/Bomb it for this Tank.
    Missile Tank #31 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: This Missile Tank can be found while climbing the Desert Refinery room. 
     It's the circle room in the northeast side of the map. Anyway, it's quite easy
     to spot. When rolling the Morph Ball through some kind of vent, it'll split in
     a circle path. Take a right to get this, though you can spot this if you take
     the left path.
    Missile Tank #32 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the room of Dessgeegas shortly after getting the Ice Beam authorized,
     look in Search View for a fire vent that's constantly spewing fire. Shoot a
     Charged shot there to stop the fire. Get the Morph Ball in there and Bomb the
     container for this Tank.
    Missile Tank #33 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: After defeating Ridley, you'll be forced to go through the Super Missile
     door in the room adjacent to the Geothermal Power Plant. Drop down this next
     shaft carefully, until you spot an open vent. Climb in and roll to find this
    Missile Tank #34 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: Once you have the Grapple Beam, return to Sector 1. (You'll be going 
     through here eventually though) Once in the giant tree room, take the door in
     the bottom level. Follow the hall into the next, green room. As you take the
     corner, use the Grapple Beam to get onto the hill. On the right side of this
     hill is an opening. Roll in, Bomb the rock, then roll in and Bomb the blue
     container for this Tank.
    Missile Tank #35 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the room where you get the Space Jump/Screw Attack activated, search 
     for a yellow-lighted vent amidst the pile of rubble below. Roll in with the
     Morph Ball to find a blue container. Bomb it to get this Tank.
    Missile Tank #36 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the large, circular room, the one with the big tree, run up along it.
     Eventually the Speed Booster should kick in. Just keep running until you reach
     the end. Shinespark straight up, then hold right as you fall to land on a 
     ledge with this Tank.
    Missile Tank #37 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the room just north of the Main Elevator, you'll find a Baristute. 
     There's also a Super Missile cover on the right wall. Blast open that cover
     and jump inside to find this Missile Tank.
    Missile Tank #38 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the long room south of the now-flooded glacier room (which is, in turn,
     next to the Water Tank), Missile the ice on the pipe in the ceiling to create
     an opening. There's a dent in the floor directly below said opening. Use the
     Speed Booster here and Shinespark from the floor dent into the hole. Pull
     yourself in for this Tank.
    Missile Tank #39 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the same room, and in the same pipe from Missile Tank #38, roll to the
     other side of the pipe to find a blue container. Bomb it to get this.
    Missile Tank #40 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the gravity-manipulated area, there's a tall room that has upside-down
     gravity and lots of platforms. At the bottom, this Missile Tank is found in
     the wall, and an open vent cover to the left of it. Just climb in from the
     vent cover and get this. It's easier when you don't have the Gravity feature
     activated, so you can just "drop" to the vent instead of finding the right
    Missile Tank #41 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: On the second go-through for the gravity-manipulated area, you'll have the
     Gravity Suit activated. From the room where you fought Nightmare, enter the
     first room that has super gravity. When you see your first Grapple point, use
     it, swinging over to the left wall. Kick Climb from here to find this Tank.
    Missile Tank #42 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: Once you have the Gravity Suit activated, return to the fairly large, 
     snowy room where you had to Missile down stalactites to use as platforms in
     the water. This room is north of the gravity-manipulated area. Jump into the
     water and you may spot a hole in the bowed-out portion of the wall. Jump in,
     pull yourself in, and grab this Tank.
    Missile Tank #43 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the small room just south of the large circular tree room, you should
     spot a Grapple point past a hole in the glass. Use the Grapple Beam to swing
     inside, then look around for a blue container. Break it open for this Tank.
    Missile Tank #44 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: From the big circular tree room, take the upper door and follow it until
     you're at a green room. Slide down, then prepare a Speed Boost run back up
     the slope to destroy the obstacles in the way. Slide back down, and fire a
     Super Missile at the blast door in the ceiling to reveal a Grapple point. 
     Speed Boost run back up, then use the Grapple Beam on the point as you slide
     back down to be taken up to a hidden room with this Tank inside a blue 
    Missile Tank #45 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: From the green room mentioned in the above Tank's description, head right
     (or north, hence the map). Destroy the Super Missile barrier at the end, then
     go back and Speed Boost run right. When you enter the next room, immediately
     Shinespark up, into the hole in the ceiling. Kick Climb the rest of the way up
     if necessary, and destroy the blue container for this Tank.
    Missile Tank #46 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: From the broken bridge room where the path splits off (two Save Stations
     just north off the room), take the top path by Shinesparking or Space Jumping
     across. Follow the path until you're in some kind of cryostasis research area,
     where a bunch of enemies are in stasis tubes. Kill all the enemies that are in
     the tubes by using Beam shots or a Power Bomb, and a blast door will open in
     one of the walls, revealing this. Just Space Jump to the Tank from the top.
    Missile Tank #47 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the large Experiment Floor, enter the building overlooking the room.
     In this hall, there's a Super Missile barrier on the floor. Blow it up to get
     this Tank.
    Missile Tank #48 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: North of the Experiment Floor is the Materials Storehouse. Look across to
     the west while facing the stairs to find that there's a ledge, along with this
     Missile Tank inside a vent. Space Jump over there, turn into the Morph Ball,
     and roll into the vent to collect this.
    Missile Tank #49 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the room where you got Missile Tank #45, take the lower door that goes
     north. There's an open door here. Enter the room, and Kick Climb up where the
     vegetation is to find this.
    Missile Tank #50 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: Just east of the Save Station that has a detour going north, there is a
     holographic room. If the holograms aren't turned off, go to the terminal and
     do so. Far up on the east wall is a Super Missile barrier. Blast it open, then
     Space Jump to the alcove to find this.
    Missile Tank #51 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: A bit east of the entrance to the Bioweapon Research Center is a metal,
     partially submerged room. Kill all the Skulteras and the Whipvine down here,
     then run right so the Speed Booster activates. Ram into a grating that 
     requires said item to find this Tank.
    Missile Tank #52 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: North of the square room where you fight your first Groganch, there's a
     hall with lowly Kihunters. Turn the corner, and before you drop, Space Jump
     right, into an alcove with this Tank.
    Missile Tank #53 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: A bit more east, after going up an elevator shaft using a Morph Ball 
     cannon, you'll find a room with some ecosystem closed off by glass. There's a
     conduit behind the glass on the east side. Activate the conduit to allow 
     access in, then head left while inside to find this.
    Missile Tank #54 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the large curved room in the northeast part of the map, there's what
     looks like a paved road with a yellow divider on one side of the room. Follow
     this "road" until the Speed Booster kicks in. Keep running, and you'll blast
     through some ground, eventually reaching a high ledge in the next room, where
     this Tank lies.
    Missile Tank #55 [ ]
    Where: Bioweapon Research Center
    How: In the room where you find James's dead body (shortly after the entering
     elevator), take the door up in the catwalk to find a Missile Tank. Take it,
     but you'll have to fight off 14 Super Zebesians in order to be able to get out
     of the room.
    Missile Tank #56 [ ]
    Where: Bioweapon Research Center
    How: There's an unexplored room in the cluster of rooms. To get there, take the
     upper door after taking the elevator to this cluster. You'll be led to a room
     with a staircase, and a column that displays holographic screens. Look behind
     that to see an opening. Jump in, Kick Climb up, then roll through the vent as
     a Morph Ball. Eventually, you'll reach this Tank.
    Missile Tank #57 [ ]
    Where: Bioweapon Research Center
    How: In the room just below where Tank #56 was (and where you get dropped to
     after getting said Tank), look for a floor panel on the right side to Missile
     off. Do so, and find this Tank.
    Missile Tank #58 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the Save Station that has a detour going north, take the detour. Follow
     the rooms until you get to the room with the elevator shaft. You'll notice a
     hole in the ceiling next to said shaft. Prepare a Speed Booster run to get in
     here, then Shinespark up through the hole. Drop down to find a grab ledge. Get
     on the left one, pull yourself up, and find this Tank in a blue container.
    Missile Tank #59 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the room just south of the above Tank, there's a Super Missile door.
     Blast it open and head in to find this Tank.
    Missile Tank #60 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: On the way back to the room where you fought Fune and Namihe, you'll 
     notice that, in the brown room with all the Grippers, you'll notice a hole in
     the ceiling close to the vent. Shinespark up here to find a blue container
     that contains this Tank. Just below the Tank is a vent shortcut that leads
     close to the Main Elevator.
    Missile Tank #61 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: From the Main Elevator, head right until you need to use the Grapple Beam,
     and swing up. Blow up the Power Bomb door, kill the Desbrachian, then enter
     the new door to find this.
    Missile Tank #62 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: Get to the room you end up in after taking the elevator from the top of
     the Desert Refinery (which is larger than it looks from the map). Where you
     see usage for the Grapple Beam, instead Space Jump off the edge toward the
     opposite wall. You'll see an open alcove with this Tank inside, so just head
     in and grab it. The way back up can be done by dropping down and finding an
     open vent to enter.
    Missile Tank #63 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: Enter the small halls just right of the large lava room. On the side 
     closest to the Dessgeega room, blow up the Super Missile door on the ceiling
     at the top of the Kick Climb shaft, then Kick Climb further up to grab this.
    Missile Tank #64 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the same hall, just a little closer to the large lava room, there's
     another Kick Climb shaft that you have to go down this time. Fall down to the
     very bottom where there's lava to the left. Space Jump left and time your
     button pressing just right and you'll barely make it to a ledge with this 
    Missile Tank #65 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the large lava room, on the northern "path", there's a spire that can
     be destroyed by a Power Bomb. Search for it with Search View (or just look at
     the map for the item dot), and use a Power Bomb to blow it up, revealing this
    Missile Tank #66 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the northwest room from the large lava room, close to a Save Station,
     there's a Super Missile door on the floor. Blast it open to find this.
    Missile Tank #67 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: On the west side of the glass tunnel overlooking the large lava room 
     (right side, due to camera perspective), there's a Mella in the foreground.
     That marks that there's a conduit on a nearby rock if you use Search View.
     Activate it and a vent will open just nearby. Roll through it to find this.
    Missile Tank #68 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the Floor Observation Room (south of large lava room, north of the
     volcano, you will find a high-up vent. Use the Space Jump to reach it and find 
     this Tank. (Truthfully, you can get this much, much sooner by finding the 
     opposite entrance to this vent in the very next room and climbing yourself in 
     there, but it's an oversight I made while making the walkthrough.)
    Missile Tank #69 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: Once you get the Plasma Beam available, return to the room where you found
     Ridley's second (lizard) shell (you can't immediately get here after defeating 
     Ridley). Now, enter the glass hall next to it, and use the Plasma Beam to
     destroy the robots so they won't have their barriers up. Freezing them with
     just the Wave Beam won't do, because they won't give you enough time for a
     Speed Booster. Anyway, once they're gone, run back into said room for a Speed
     Boost, and when you enter, Shinespark up. There's some upper ledges on here,
     this Tank is on one.
    Missile Tank #70 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: From the Main Elevator, go south. Blow up the Power Bomb door, kill the
     Desbrachian, then follow the rooms ahead. Past an enemy gauntlet and a secret
     boss, you'll go down an elevator. Power Bomb yourself out when it stops 
     suddenly, and drop to the bottom. Enter the vent wrapping around the back of
     the elevator shaft from the left side to find a blue container with this Tank
    - Admittedly, just like Tank #68, this could've been gotten a LOT earlier. 
     Like, you could get this right when Adam first told you to go to Sector 1,
     since you get to this same spot with the elevator. However, it's listed as the
     last one because of an oversight on my walkthrough.
    <|            Energy Tanks           |>
    Energy Tanks are the second rarest item in the game. There's only five of them,
    and each gives Samus an extra 100 energy. Pretty simple.
    Energy Tank #1 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: In the room with the collapsed ventilation shaft next to the System
     Management Room, roll into the shaft as a Morph Ball, Bomb the grating, and
     collect this. This is actually unavoidable, as this is the only way to get to
     System Management Room.
    Energy Tank #2 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the large curved room in the upper right of the sector's map, where you
     fight the second Groganch, find a transport platform to hang onto around the
     south side, and jump to the ledge at the end. Follow the Morph Ball path, and
     when you get to the second split path, take the downward so you can grab this.
    Energy Tank #3 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: After having Speed Booster authorized, make your way towards the room with
     the bridge that collapsed on you. In the room before, prepare a Speed Boost.
     Once in this bridge room, Shinespark across to be able to continue. However,
     use Search View to find a hole in the ground. Fall in as a Morph Ball to land
     in a Morph Ball cannon. Jump out, and follow the tunnel out to a ledge with
     this Energy Tank. Be careful, you can easily fall off after exiting the 
    Energy Tank #4 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: This one's kinda simple. After the Ferrocrusher boss, and you go down the
     lift, you'll eventually have to travel across a long, snowy room, since the
     other path is not traversable right now. After going through a lot of ceiling
     obstacles with the Morph Ball after Shinesparking to a Morph Ball cannon, you
     will eventually get dropped into the next room over, which has this Tank.
    Energy Tank #5 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: As you move toward the Geothermal Power Plant, you'll find this in plain
     sight in the room just before the Power Plant itself.
    <|            Energy Parts           |>
    Energy Parts are segmented Energy Tanks. There's 16 in total, and collecting
    four of them completes an Energy Tank. Otherwise, they don't affect your 
    energy. Hm...fans of The Legend of Zelda may find something oddly peculiar...
    Energy Part #1 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: After getting told to head to Sector 1 after turning on the electrical
     systems, you'll be going down a very tall room in an elevator. Once at the
     bottom, climb up. You can find the starting ledge over on the right side. Just
     climb up (left to right) while destroying any Bulls in the way, and you'll
     eventually get as far up as you can go and find this.
    Energy Part #2 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: After killing the King Kihunter boss in the Biological Experiment Floor,
     in the next hall, you'll find this in a window. How to get? Well, head right,
     and when the hall opens up, search for a vent cover, blast it open, and roll
     in there with the Morph Ball. Roll left, Bomb, then grab this.
    Energy Part #3 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the first visit to Sector 3, you'll eventually reach a Save Station
     after a vital quick time event with Vorash. In the room next to the Save
     Station, you'll spot a trio of fireflies. Jump into the alcove they're flying
     in, and roll through the tunnel to the left. Follow it to find this.
    Energy Part #4 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: The second time you have to run through the large lava room, you'll have
     to deal with Magdollites. The first run was Vorash troubles. Anyway, you'll
     eventually get to a Magdollite that fires molten rocks. Once on the rock 
     behind it, drop, and search for a hole in the rock. Get in there as a Morph
     Ball, Bomb the grating, and collect this.
    Energy Part #5 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the room after the Save Station, after the long run to the volcano, you
     will fight Cyborg Zebesians, then use the terminal to lower the lava. Entering
     the left Morph Ball vent gets you further, but entering the rightside one gets
     you this item.
    Energy Part #6 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: After fending off the Rhedogian from Anthony in the second visit to Sector
     3, you'll get to a room of Grapple points and lava pits just past a Save
     Station. Grapple across to the other side, but look over the edge of this
     floor towards the camera. You'll spot a gap. Make a jump off, and curve back
     in to find this Part. Make the same curved jump back out.
    Energy Part #7 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: North of the giant, circular, tree room, is a green room with a large hill
     separating both sides. You need the Grapple Beam to cross. Well, once you have
     the Space Jump/Screw Attack, get on the hill, and Space Jump off left, then
     north to an alcove with a red container. Bomb/Missile/Screw Attack it to 
     destroy it and get this.
    Energy Part #8 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: After the story, you'll return to the Bottle Ship, starting in the Main
     Sector. Make your way through the rooms until you get to a disabled elevator.
     A scene will show you a door, and a prompt for Power Bombs. Get close to said
     door, and plant a Power Bomb. Kill the Desbrachian that comes out, then enter
     the door revealed to arrive at the Residential Area. Run left or right around
     the room until the Speed Booster activates, Shinespark up, then Space Jump
     towards this item held in the center.
    Energy Part #9 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: Head to the long room that's just south of the flooded (purple water)
     glacier room. Once in there, find the Power Bomb door, blast it open, kill the
     Desbrachian, then head inside the door to find this.
    Energy Part #10 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: From the tall, snowy, broken bridge room, the path splits off: a high 
     road, and a low road. Take the high road by Space Jumping or Shinesparking 
     across. Follow this path until you reach a cryostasis sort of room. Kill the
     Fumbleye, then drop down. There are three vents that can be Bombed. There's
     nothing behind two of those vent covers, but there is this Energy Part inside
     one of them.
    Energy Part #11 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the Materials Storehouse room (top right corner of the map), there's a
     bunch of item containers. Most are empty, but one of them contains this Energy
     Part. If you cleared the story portion of the game, this should be really easy
     to pinpoint, due to the item dot.
    Energy Part #12 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: This Energy Part can be found in the lower-left room of the map, just
     after the Materials Transfer Lift segment. In here is a Power Bomb door. Blast
     it open with a Power Bomb, kill the Desbrachian, then enter the door to grab
    Energy Part #13 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: In the square room where you fought your first Groganch, look towards the
     door in the northwest corner to see that there's a platform next to the door.
     Space Jump to it, then activate the conduit with a Charge shot. This will
     temporarily raise some ledges, so use the Space Jump to cross them, so you can
     get this Energy Part.
    Energy Part #14 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: From the Save Station that has a detour going north, go north and follow
     the rooms until you're at an observatory above the large room with the 
     Dragotix. Take the vent here with the Morph Ball and follow it until you see
     a hole/webbing block in the wall. Head through there (if there's a webbing
     block, Bomb it) to find yourself in that Dragotix room. Swing across using the
     Grapple Beam to get this item.
    Energy Part #15 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: Head to the room where you fought Fune and Namihe, over in the lower-right
     corner of the map. There's a Power Bomb door here. Blow it up, kill the 
     Desbrachian, and enter the new door to find this.
    Energy Part #16 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: From the Main Elevator, head right, through the hall, and use the Grapple
     Beam to swing up to the higher ledge. Blast open the Super Missile door and
     walk in to find a terminal. Use it, and a blast door (as well as another 
     Grapple point) will open. Swing into the new alcove to find this final Energy
    <|           Accel Charges           |>
    Accel Charges are special items that decrease the length of time spent normally
    charging your Arm Cannon. There are six in all.
    Accel Charge #1 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: Sometime after your first Dragotix, you'll encounter a locked door in a
     Save Station. Take a detour via the broken door by Missiling it, then follow
     the hall to a room with a door to the side. Enter that door to enter the
     bathroom, of sorts. Walk over to the door that's ajar to find...a DEAD BODY!
     Nah, just kidding, it's the Accel Charge.
    Accel Charge #2 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the room where you get the Ice Beam authorized (room just northeast of
     the giant, open, lava room), search for a floor panel that can be Missiled, 
     and do so to find a Morph Ball cannon. Get in it as the Morph Ball, activate
     it with a Bomb, and get shot up to this item.
    Accel Charge #3 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: In the Experiment Floor (the large room that looks like it's under a 
     blizzard, you'll find a rock covered in snow that is close to Maurice's dead
     body. It can be Missiled. Missile it to uncover this item.
    Accel Charge #4 [ ]
    Where: Main Sector
    How: Once you get the Wave Beam, return to the tall elevator room filled with
     Geemers that is just south of the Save Station, which is in turn south of 
     Adam's room of command. Part of this room is blocked off by a blast door. Look
     inside with Search View to find a conduit. Power it up with your Beam and the
     blast door will open. Head inside to get this.
    Accel Charge #5 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: In the room just before the Geothermal Power Plant, where you can find an
     Energy Tank in plain sight, use the Grapple Beam on the Grapple point and 
     swing into an alcove with this item.
    Accel Charge #6 [ ]
    Where: Sector 3
    How: Back in the VERY first room where you first entered Sector 3 (from Sector
     1), there's a Power Bomb door here. Blast it open, kill the Desbrachian, then
     enter the new door to find this last one.
    <|         E. Recovery Tanks         |>
    The rarest item to collect. These E. Recovery Tanks increase the amount of
    energy you can restore with Concentration. These are a bit like the Reserve
    Tanks in Super Metroid, just altered. Each E. Recovery Tank adds 100 energy to
    the Concentration power, and there are three of these in total.
    E. Recovery Tank #1 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: This one's simple. After Speed Booster is authorized, simply run with it
     along the hall without stopping, passing underneath Missile Tank #25. You'll 
     break into a room you have been in before, and then break through an ice wall 
     that reveals this.
    E. Recovery Tank #2 [ ]
    Where: Sector 2
    How: Late in the game, you'll find this in an alcove in one of the rooms of the
     gravity-manipulated area, but you can't get it at the time. When you return
     through these rooms with the Gravity Suit activated, you can just Space Jump
     up into the alcove to get this.
    E. Recovery Tank #3 [ ]
    Where: Sector 1
    How: Just south of the large curved room in the northeast corner of the map,
     is a room made of catwalks and rather large test tubes. Near the south door is
     a Power Bomb door. Blast it open with a Power Bomb, kill the Desbrachian, then
     enter the new door to find this.
      ___,.-----'___________,-------'             '-------,___________'-----.,___
    -'___,.-----'                                                     '-----.,___'-
    -'                                                                           '_
     :|                ___________________________________________________________
      |               |*                __ _  __ _ ___    _  __ __               *| 
      |===============|                /  |_)|_ |_| | | ||_)|_ (_                 |
      |===============|                \__| \|__| | | |_|| \|____)                |
      |               |.                                                         .|
     :|                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    /¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯\
     This section details all the creatures you encounter in the game, from normal
    enemies to one-time bosses. The bosses obviously take a bit longer to kill and
    are generally more difficult than regular enemies. Enemies are listed in
    alphabetical order, while bosses are listed in the order you face them in.
    <|              Enemies              |>
    - Asboreans are worm-like creatures in horseshoe crab-like armor. They slide
     around, attempting to ram into Samus. They also spawn Asborean Spawn that
     constantly chase Samus. To damage the Asborean, you have to shoot at its
     glowing red underside enough times to stun it, where its head (or rather, its
     body) will hang out. Running up to it to perform a Lethal Strike will remove
     the Asborean from its armor. At this point, it rapidly tries to scurry to
     Samus and wrap around her before exploding, as a sort of kamikaze maneuver.
     This can be avoided if it's taken out quickly. The Asborean is weak to the Ice
    - Occasionally, the Asborean will also stick itself out of its armor while
     standing so it can create Asborean Spawn. A Lethal Strike can be performed 
     here without having stunned the Asborean to end it more quickly. This seems to
     happen more often in Hard mode, but can be hard to pull off with all the Spawn
     crawling towards you.
    - Baristutes are similar creatures to the Sidehopper. They're immensely strong,
     and large in general. When Samus is beside them, they can kick towards her.
     They also spit a mucus which can render Samus immovable for a short time. 
     Their hops create a damaging shockwave every time they land. Overblasts can
     also be performed on them. In-game concept art seems to suggest that 
     Baristutes may be part of an evolutionary line between Sidehoppers and 
    - Bulls are spherical enemies that appear to have stalks all around them. They
     emit poison gas and actively chase after Samus whenever she's near. The safest
     thing to do is to take them out from a distance.
    - Cyclaws are Skrees modified by the Galactic Federation to be used as 
     bioweapons. They feature increased shielding, and first attack much like
     regular Skrees do. If they miss, they then try to jump towards Samus in an
     attempt to latch onto her, then explode, causing immense damage. They cannot
     be shaken off, so it's imperative to kill them before they do this.
    - Desbrachians are weird, large bug-like creatures that are under the control 
     of MB. When you first face them, you're stuck in Search View and will have to 
     fight them off with just your Beam and Missile types. The only way to end the 
     fight is to lock onto MB and attempt to fire. It's pretty difficult in Hard 
     mode, as the Desbrachians seem smarter there and try as much as they can to 
     block your view of MB.
    - Post-credits, Desbrachians can be found posing as Power Bomb barriers. Using
     a Power Bomb can get them out of hiding, and you can truly fight them here.
     They're fast, can dodge a lot of your attacks, and mainly swipe with their
     claws. Highly resistant to the Plasma Beam and Super Missiles, so it requires
     a lot of shots to kill. You can't use the Screw Attack or Overblasts, because 
     if you jump, the Desbrachian jumps up to you and slams you down for heavy 
     damage. The more damage a Desbrachian takes, the redder it gets. Once it's red 
     and stops moving, quickly move in for a Lethal Strike, otherwise it'll curl 
     into a ball and start glowing green, healing the damage it took. If it does 
     this, use a Power Bomb to end its healing process abruptly.
    - Dessgeegas are creatures that resemble Sidehoppers. They love harsh, volcanic
     climates, so they're only found in Sector 3. Unlike Sidehoppers and 
     Baristutes, these can actually walk around aside from the usual hopping, which
     can create damaging shockwaves from their lands. They can spit a web-like
     substance, much like Baristutes, to immobilize Samus. Spam the D-Pad movement
     to escape. Dessgeegas are susceptible to Overblasts when they aren't moving.
    - Dragotix are rather large creatures that feature two heads. One head is 
     small, and can breathe white-hot flames at Samus, while the other side's head
     is a massive mouth that can swallow Samus whole. If she's in its mouth, turn
     into the Morph Ball and plant a Bomb to get away. The Dragotix has a weak spot
     on its underbelly: it glows green. Firing Missiles or Charge Shots here can do
     the trick, at least until you get more powerful abilities.
    - FG-1000s are advanced guardbots. These floating bots can attack by firing
     beams and by ramming. Their heavy armor prevents them from taking damage from
     standard weaponry, thus making their only vulnerability their beam cannon,
     which they open up before charging their beam shots to fire.
    - Though FG-1000s have heavy armor, once Samus has the Wave Beam, their armor
     can be pierced with even normal Beam shots, making them not nearly as big a
     threat as their first encounter.
    FG II-Graham
    - The FG II-Graham is another guardbot found in the Pyrosphere. They're 
     programmed for two purposes: floating turrets that shoot simple shots, or
     creating large purple barriers that can block small tunnels. The former can
     be destroyed with a few shots, but the latter need to be frozen in order to
     progress, and can later simply be destroyed with Plasma Beam shots.
    Fly Pod
    - The Fly Pod is a mass of some weird substance, acting as hives for Reos,
     Mellas, and Himellas. Fly Pods are susceptible to Missiles, Wave Beam, and
     Plasma Beam. Fly Pods in Sector 3, which are on fire, cannot be shot with
     Missiles unless you put out the fire with the Ice Beam. Even after, several
     Ice Beam shots can destroy the fiery Fly Pods.
    - Fumbleyes are weird creatures. They appear as large, barnacle-like growths
     from the ceiling, have an eye, and a tentacle-like arm grown from it. The
     Fumbleye uses this arm to grab Samus and cause massive electrical damage. As
     they are protected with an energy shield, they are unkillable until you have
     your most powerful weapons, such as the Plasma Beam, Super Missiles, Screw
     Attack, or Power Bombs. Thus, they serve merely as obstacles until then. 
     You'll have to guess when the Fumbleye is going to try to grab Samus and jump
     at the right time to prevent from getting grabbed. SenseMove cannot be used
     to dodge.
    - The classic mollusk-like enemy with spikes protruding from their back. Their 
     first 3D appearance was in Metroid Prime, but they retained their passive
     nature from the 2D games. Here, they aggressively attack Samus, intentionally
     crawling toward her and sometimes jumping around in a ball to attack. It only
     takes a few shots to kill them, though.
    - The Ghalmanian is a chameleon-like creature with extremely long tails and
     tongues. They usually blend into their surroundings, making them virtually
     invisible. They also attack by spitting globs of some kind of fluid at her.
     Ghalmanians also occasionally attack with their tails, making them visible for
     a brief moment. This attack can either be SenseMove dodged or counterattacked.
     By pressing 1 at the right time, Samus will grab the Ghalmanian's tail and
     swing the creature around before throwing it, making it vulnerable to the
     Lethal Strike.
    - The Ghalmanians can also be killed by firing Missiles at them while they're
     invisible (the lock-on still tracks them), which makes them visible and 
     stunned, ready for another Lethal Strike chance.
    - Gigafraugs are large creatures encountered in Sector 2. They are blue, 
     two-legged, and have a tadpole-like tail. They also have head armor, which
     makes them immune to the damaging effects of Overblasts and Lethal Strikes.
     They can be attacked from behind, and can also have their head armor blown off
     by Missiles, removing their immunity to said techniques. Lethal Strikes can be
     performed when the Gigafraug groans and lands on its belly, but be careful
     with Overblasts. They'll attempt to ram into a wall and knock you off, causing
    - Grippers are flytrap-like creatures that hide in the ground or act as 
     harmless plants, then when Samus approaches, they come to life/spring out of
     the ground in an attempt to swallow Samus. If they're successful, get into
     Morph Ball mode and Bomb it to death, as it'll quickly drain your energy.
    - Poison Grippers are the smaller, purple-colored Grippers. They make no
     attempt to conceal themselves and actively search for prey. Despite the name,
     these are surprisingly weaker than normal Grippers.
    - Griptians are armadillo-like enemies encountered in Sector 1. They can attack
     with their claws and roll into a ball to run over Samus. They can also dig
     into the ground, then attempt to attack Samus from below. They can be stunned
     with Bombs or charge shots, where you can use Lethal Strikes. When they're in
     a ball, a charged shot can make them stumble out of their ball form. A Missile
     right after can also stun them for the Lethal Strike. Griptians can also
     attempt to hop on Samus and glomp...er...I mean, attack Samus while pinning
     her down. Yeah. This can be counterattacked by pressing 1 after taking damage,
     where Samus kicks the Griptian high into the air.
    - Groganch's are weird creatures. Their body is wood-like, feature multiple
     limbs, and a head. They attack from far away by firing poison containers at
     Samus, but can attack close-range by quickly sweeping its head. The Groganch's
     only weak point is the glowing spot on its body. The Groganch constantly
     switches body structure in an attempt to throw off your aim, switching the
     weak spot to on top or below it.
    - I find the easiest method of attack is to keep your distance, and fire 
     Missiles at its weak spot while shooting down the poison tanks it fires. It's
     hard to classify this as a boss...while it certainly takes a lot more shots
     than from usual enemies to kill, it's also encountered multiple times. They
     never re-spawn though, so perhaps they're a form of mini-boss.
    Heat Bull
    - A more powerful, heat-based version of the Bull. It emits fiery gas, and it
     chases after Samus to explode violently, causing major damage. It can be
     frozen with the Ice Beam, which blocks its stalks, eventually causing it to
     bloat up and blow up.
    - An icy, flying bug found in Sector 2. They have blue bodies, red eyes, and
     snowflake-like wings. They can fly in groups, and occasionally grapple onto
     Samus much like Reos. Himellas never stop coming unless their respective Fly
     Pods are destroyed.
    - Joulions are small, floating creatures found in Sector 2. They emit purple
     electricity with which they can fire in spheres or lightning strikes. They're
     vulnerable to any Beams (invulnerable to Missiles), but constant normal shots
     can anger them, making them tougher to kill, so charge shots are recommended
     until you get the Wave Beam, which can overload their internals and kill them
    - Kihunters are Space Pirates from another galaxy. They are bee-like in 
     appearance. They attack by swooping down at Samus in a ramming attack and by
     grabbing Samus. She can counterattack this grab. Kihunters can be ripped from
     their wings with charged shots, or by jumping on top of them and literally
     ripping them off. Lethal Strikes can be performed when they're stunned after
     having their wings ripped off.
    - Super Kihunters are later encountered. These are blue, and have crystalline
     growths on their heads. They are simply stronger versions of the normal 
     Kihunters, and as no normal Kihunters are found later in the game, the Super
     Kihunter is suggested to be a matured Kihunter. Plus, whenever a Super 
     Kihunter is killed, it emits a piercing shriek, which can get quickly 
    - The Kyratian is a creature that appears to have armor attached to it. It can
     generate electric attacks and has intense reflexes, able to reflect charge
     shots and Missiles with kicks. It can fire electric orbs at Samus and can
     perform Overblasts on Samus. If its cannons are frozen over with the Ice Beam, 
     its attacks are limited, resorting to melee combat.
    - Once enough damage has been taken, the Kyratian will encase itself in 
     electrical energy that reflects Beam attacks. It's at this point where mere
     contact can be damaging, and it does many extremely damaging attacks, like
     jump attacks that generate shockwaves, or large electric orbs. It can be taken
     out of this state with a Missile, which usually stuns it for a Lethal Strike.
     After getting the Wave Beam, its "powered up" state can be interrupted with
     several charge shots. Once you have the Plasma Beam, it can be killed with
     several shots of those. Screw Attack kills them outright though.
    - This creature returns from Super Metroid, and has been given a major design
     overhaul. They now literally look like lava monsters, emerging from lava pools
     as a form of body, head, and arms. They attack by swiping their hands, 
     slamming them down, or by spitting molten rocks at them. They can be killed
     with several Beam shots, but once the Ice Beam is acquired, their mouths can
     be frozen, then shot with a Missile for extra damage. They are only 
     encountered in specific rooms of Sector 3.
    - The Mella is a fiery bug creature similar to Reos and Himellas in this game,
     and fly around with their backs on fire. They attack similarly to the other
     mentioned creatures, and come out from fiery Fly Pods. Only found in Sector 3.
    - The Metroid is a dangerous, parasitic creature that can quickly drain the
     life energy of its victims. It floats around with a disheartening cry before
     rushing toward the victim. If they latch on, have Samus quickly get into
     Morph Ball mode and plant Bombs until they detach. They can be frozen, but
     these need to be tricked: dodge their initial strike, then shoot them 
     immediately. After freezing the Metroid, kill it with a Super Missile.
    - Metroids can only be fought during the Metroid Queen battle.
    Mighty Griptians
    - These are enhanced versions of the Griptians. As they appear later in the
     game and replace all normal Griptians, it's possible that the Mighty Griptians
     are more matured Griptians. They have large spikes on their backs, and have
     wing-like protrusions on their shoulders. They are much more aggressive and
     much more painful. Highly resistant to Beam shots, it's advisable to use Super
     Missiles or Power Bombs. Even the Screw Attack can't kill them easily. They
     are susceptible to Overblasts, Lethal Strikes, and counterattacks just like
     the normal Griptians.
    - Reos are flying, bug-like creatures found in the Main Sector and Sector 1.
     They attack with ramming attacks, and can occasionally grapple onto Samus.
     This attack can be counterattacked. Reos usually spawn from Fly Pods, which
     can be destroyed permanently with numerous Missiles.
    - The Rhedogian is a durable creature, possibly cyborg, that Samus encounters
     multiple times throughout the course of the story. It attacks with stretchable
     arms, fires missiles, can fly, fires large laser beams, and features large
     horns that can be frozen (which serve no purpose being frozen, really). 
     Sometimes, when the Rhedogian charges to fire a laser, it seems to suck in
     air while having the laser "cannon" glow red. Fire a Missile at it from here
     to stun it, making it susceptible to Lethal Strikes. These Lethal Strikes
     cannot kill the Rhedogian, however.
    - You only encounter one Rhedogian throughout the story, yet this can't really
     be classified as a boss, considering you're able to fight two others after the
     story. Considering how hardy they are compared to normal enemies, these can
     probably be classified as mini-bosses like the Groganch.
    - Rinkas, those circular energy projectiles normally encountered in Tourian
     make a surprise appearance in the final area of the game during the story.
     The Rinka cannons are only in a few hallways, most notably marked with Seeker
     Missile doors that require blasting. Considering Seeker Missiles take a while
     to charge, these Rinkas can be quite a pest.
    - Sandfangs are worm-like creatures found in the desert areas of Sector 3. They
     pop out of some depressions and spit sandballs, attack, or attempt to drag
     Samus into the sand. They can be killed with enough hits, but if you stay far
     enough away from them so that they jump too high from the sand and wriggle
     helplessly on the floor, you can perform a Lethal Strike. It's tricky to do
     this though.
    - Sidehoppers are the weakest of the three similar enemies (Dessgeega, 
     Baristute), and are thus seen close to the beginning of the game and hardly
     anywhere else. They attack by simply hopping around, creating shockwaves, 
     which can actually be considered deadly at the time they're encountered. It is
     recommended to use Overblasts to deal with them at the time you fight them.
    - Skrees are bat-like creatures that hang from the ceiling. They no longer
     burrow into the ground, and instead get up on their feet and fly back to the
     ceiling. Aggravated Skrees can unpredictably blow up.
    - Skulteras are aggressive fish creatures that live in water. They usually are
     in a school, and attack aggressively when they spot Samus. They can latch on
     to her with their teeth and gnaw, doing damage. This can be counterattacked.
    - Snomers are blue Geemers that live in the frigid climes of Sector 2. 
     Considering this is their first appearance, Snomers are probably genetically
     engineered by the Galactic Federation. Other than their appearance and 
     enhanced resistance, they're virtually similar to Geemers.
    - Sovas are bugs that have fire on their backs. They appear different from
     Geemers (finally), showing that they have a large abdomen behind them, which
     they can inflate, then deflate, propelling them forward at an alarming rate.
     They're weak to the Ice Beam.
    - Volfons are creatures found in Sector 2. They attack similarly to wolves,
     ramming Samus and sometimes jumping on her to swipe at her. Even though they
     are found in the frigid climes of the Cryosphere, they are oddly susceptible
     to the Ice Beam. Charged Ice Beam shots can freeze their back legs to the
     ground, where they are then susceptible to Missiles.
    - Wavers are floating creatures that seem to be similar to mollusks. Their
     "wings" spin around them as they fly. If they spot Samus, they attempt to ram
     into her. Several Power Beam shots can kill them.
    - Whipvines are plants that fixate themselves on ceilings or walls, and are
     invulnerable until you approach. They then open up, revealing a vine-like arm.
     The Whipvine can snatch Samus up, swing her around, then electrocute her. Only
     when the Whipvine is "open" will it be vulnerable to a single Missile.
    - Zebesians are a race of feral Space Pirates that took their home in Zebes,
     and are controlled by Mother Brain or Ridley. They can be found in different
     types on the Bottle Ship, and are all susceptible to Overblasts, Lethal 
     Strikes, and counter attacks. The race was destroyed at the hands of Samus, 
     but a splinter group have been cloned and experimented on. Will Space Pirates 
     truly be gone one day?
    - Cyborg Zebesians are Zebesian Space Pirates captured and modified by the
     Galactic Federation to be used as bioweapons. They do melee attacks which can
     be counter-attacked, but mainly focus on using their beam attacks and 
     Missiles. Overblasts can be done on any Zebesian, but Cyborgs and especially
     Supers knock Samus off immediately unless they're damaged enough first.
    - Super Zebesians have stronger armor plating (colored red) and have enhanced
     arm cannons, possessing Wave Beam technology able to pierce transparent and
     semi-transparent materials. They constantly use this charged beam to deliver
     powerful attacks. All Zebesians can have their claws frozen temporarily, which
     makes them resort to melee attacks. Lethal Strikes can be performed on all
     Zebesian types when they are stunned, sitting on the ground after taking a 
    - Oddly enough, normal Zebesians aren't encountered in the game, but a hologram
     during training has Samus fight a normal Zebesian to practice her moves. Like
     all Zebesian types, a counter-attack can be performed whenever the Zebesian
     attempts a melee attack. Just press 1 at the right time and Samus will 
     retaliate with a kick to the face.
    - Zeros are larval Kihunters. They appear as tiny pillbugs, and are 
     invulnerable to all weapons except...strangely, Bombs. Zeros don't last long,
     but the ones that do can suddenly sprout into fully-grown Kihunters if you
     stick around long enough.
    <|               Bosses              |>
    Brug Mass
    - The first boss of the game. This is, as named, is a mass of Brugs and an
     Emperor Brug, which makes up the "eye." At first, you can't do anything to it,
     until you look at in Search View. After dodging its attack, you're able to use
     Missiles. Thus, you can either hit the Emperor Brug (eye) with Missiles via
     Search View, or use an Overblast. Either one causes the Brug Mass to attack
     harshly and get itself stuck. The troops at this time freeze that arm. Shatter
     the frozen arm with a Missile to damage the boss.
    - Repeat the Overblast/Missile, then freeze to Missile thing twice more, and 
     the Emperor Brug will seperate from the body. It'll crawl around a bit before
     summoning the Brugs back to reform the Brug Mass. Kill the Emperor before it
     can do that.
    Fune & Namihe
    - Fune and Namihe are encountered shortly after collecting the Diffusion Beam
     function in Sector 1. They burst through the walls and ceilings and shoot
     energy bombs at you. To get them out, Missile them while they have their heads
     poking out. When they've taken enough punishment, they'll fully crawl out.
    - Here, they'll attempt to throw more energy bombs at you, and they actually
     can absorb your regular shots so they can attack more. What you need to do is
     hit them with a Charge shot to stun them, then head in for a Lethal Strike.
    King Kihunter
    - The fight starts off right after a Search View section in Sector 1 after
     falling down a long structure. You're immediately assaulted by waves of 
     Kihunters. Utilize the Diffusion Beam here, it'll help. A LOT. After the waves
     are gone, the flowers on the hive supports will open and start firing red
     energy balls. Dodge them, and when they stop, fire Missiles at the flowers to
     destroy them and the supports. You may have to go through another wave or two
     of Kihunters before they're all gone.
    - Once the supports are gone, the hive will fall over and break open, revealing
     the King Kihunter itself. As it's defenseless, swarms of Kihunters will cover
     the King, protecting it. Just keep killing the swarms, and when there's a 
     break, use that to pummel the King with Missiles. If you're quick, it'll be
     over in one round, but most likely you'll have to deal with at least another
     Kihunter wave before the King can kick the bucket.
    Mystery Creature
    - This is a very simple boss fight, really. Samus is pinned down, so movement
     is impossible. You're stuck in first-person mode, and you can't shoot the
     creature's body (I guess its skin is invulnerable to your weapons, except the
     tail), so what do you do? Well, it's a matter of keeping the tail away. The
     Mystery Creature uses its tail to try to stab you in the head. To prevent 
     this, Missile the tail. You have to be quick. If you don't, you can SenseMove
     with a shake of the Wii Remote to move Samus's head away and avoid getting 
     hit. That's hard to time too, though. The more you hit the tail, the faster
     the creature moves it, making it harder to target. Eventually, the fight will
     end with Anthony firing a plasma shot at it. I'm not sure if it's time-based
     or if you have to take the health bar down to one hit left for it to work, but
    - Mystery Creature is fought in Sector 1 in the vast Test Area, shortly after
     finding out that the Galactic Federation has been taking creatures from 
     planets and making bioweapons on the Bottle Ship.
    - This is a large creature of the lava that you fight after climbing the
     volcano in Sector 3. Goyagma's attacks first consist of swiping its arms
     across your playing field, and throwing giant lava blobs which have to be
     SenseMoved. Goyagma's weakness is its chest, and you'll have to shoot the Ice
     Beam at it until that part's frozen. Then, quickly, you'll have to Missile it
     to cause damage. If you don't do it quickly, Goyagma will sink into the lava,
     melting the ice. Perform this once more and its weak spot will change.
    - The weak spot is now the top of its head. But how to reach that? Well, 
     Goyagma now tries to slap the ground, causing small eruptions of fire. 
     Eventually, Goyagma will tire out after slapping one of its arms down, so 
     freeze that arm with the Ice Beam. Once that's done, jump on the arm to 
     attempt an Overblast. Samus will run up Goyagma's arm, jump onto its head, and
     Charge blast. This is how to damage Goyagma. Do it once more, and Goyagma will
     alternate between slaps and sweeps before doing the constant eruption slaps.
     Performing one last Overblast does a nifty finisher. Goyagma actually tries
     to slap Samus off, but she jumps onto the hand, gets launched up into the air,
     lands on Goyagma's head, and delivers the finishing blow.
    RB176 Ferrocrusher
    - The Ferrocrusher is encountered in the Materials Storehouse in Sector 2. The
     first phase begins with the Ferrocrusher able to attack with its arms, run 
     over Samus, grab Samus and grind her against a wall, and spin its body around
     while grinding its arms against the ground. Samus needs to aim her Ice Beam at
     the arm joints. Once an arm joint is frozen, Missile it to break it off. Do
     the same to the other arm joint to begin phase 2.
    - Spiky wheels deploy from the front, which cause extra damage. The 
     Ferrocrusher's only attack is to run over Samus. Your next target is the 
     wheels: hit them with the Ice Beam until the wheels freeze over and the 
     Ferrocrusher can't move. The battery will pop out from the roof of the  
     vehicle. This battery can be damaged with Missiles, but that's way too slow.
     Getting up close and personal with an Overblast can disable the battery in one
     go and end the fight.
    - This boss is first encountered earlier on during your first visit to Sector
     3, but is later fought in the second visit to Sector 3, in the Blast Furnace.
     This boss is kinda simple. It jumps around, dripping magma balls, then it pops
     its head out. Charged shots stun the Vorash and allow for a Missile shot at
     its belly before it sinks, but occasionally it'll open its mouth, where a
     Grapple point is stuck. Use the Grapple Beam there to "fish" Vorash out so you
     can get free hits. If Vorash "catches on" to this and keeps closing its mouth
     to prevent the Grapple Beam from connecting, Grapple over to the other 
    - Eventually the Grapple point in its mouth will disappear. After jumping 
     around a few times, it will attempt to jump ONTO the ground and slide along 
     it. If you're not careful in dodging this attack, Vorash will swallow Samus, 
     go under the lava, then spit her back out. Major damage. So avoid at all 
     costs, and just continue pummeling Vorash with Beam fire until it's dead.
    - This boss is fought in the Geothermal Power Plant in Sector 3. Ridley's 
     specialty is extremely powerful attacks, but are pretty easy to read. On the
     ground, Ridley does tail swipes, various fire breath attacks, and a grab if he
     gets too close to Samus. If grabbed, counter attack by firing a Charge shot 
     into his mouth when he opens it. In the air, Ridley does a super fireball that
     spreads out as fire shockwave. Jump it. He also can stab Samus with his tail.
    - Now that his attacks are talked about, what's the strategy for him? It's just
     like usual: pummel him with attacks. If he's on the ground, he'll be 
     susceptible to getting stunned, which can be used for a Lethal Strike. It does
     some good damage to him, but doesn't kill him. Eventually, after taking enough
     damage, Ridley hardens his skin and makes himself faster and immune to plasma.
     Get him back to his normal state by firing a Super Missile at him. Keep 
     blasting him, using Super Missiles whenever he hardens his skin, and Ridley
     will eventually be gone.
    - Nightmare is fought in a tall room of Sector 2 close to the entrance to 
     Sector Zero. It attacks with homing energy balls (SenseMove to avoid), large
     arm lasers (jump to avoid), and slide attacks on the floor you're on (Space
     Jump away to avoid). Nightmare will also use its gravity manipulator on the
     end of its tail to...manipulate gravity, making things harder. You basically 
     need to attack Nightmare's mask with Missiles or Super Missiles, but when
     gravity is altered, you'll need to shoot Beams at its gravity manipulator
     until it freezes over. After its health is gone, its mask will break, and then
     drop to the floor, motionless.
    - The second phase starts on the return trip. Nightmare this time is a bit 
     faster and more powerful. However, he has a couple new attacks: firing large,
     slow, homing energy balls, a red laser, and a black-hole attack. Whenever he 
     fires a red/black ball from his gravity manipulator, it explodes into a 
     black-hole and stays there for quite a while. While the black-hole is in the 
     room, all shots will get sucked into the black-hole, so you'll have to wait 
     until it's gone (explodes in a bright white flash after a couple minutes) or 
     use the Shinespark from the Speed Booster to attack.
    Queen Metroid
    - This final story boss is fought in Room MW of the Bioweapon Research Center
     area. The first phase just begins with having to face off six Metroids. The
     Metroids can be frozen (easily done by shooting right after dodging one of
     their attacks), so do so. Once frozen, shoot them with Super Missiles. It gets
     difficult as more Metroids come out at once. If you get caught in a Metroid's
     grasp, quickly get into Morph Ball and plant Bombs until the Metroid comes 
    - Once the Metroids are gone, the second phase starts, where you actually have
     to fight the Queen. She doesn't have very many attacks, sadly. All she has is
     a ramming attack by moving really fast, and a fire breath attack that deals
     nasty damage (two Energy Tanks). To dodge the fire breath attack, either stay
     behind her or jump over the fire stream. To harm the Queen, you have to target
     the crystals on her neck, best done with Seeker Missiles. After the crystals
     are gone, the actual battle will finish, but it's not over.
    - After a cutscene, you're stuck in Search View and will have to pummel the
     Queen Metroid's belly with Beam shots. Once the Queen gets up, she'll open her
     mouth, getting ready for an insta-kill attack. Use the Grapple Beam to get in
     her mouth and you'll roll right into her belly. Immediately charge a Power 
     Bomb, and release to finally kill the Queen.
    - Phantoon can be fought in the post-story segment of the game, past a Power
     Bomb door just south of the Main Elevator in the Main Sector. Just to get this 
     out of the way: the key to winning this fight is SenseMove spam, considering
     he throws a crapton of stuff at you, such as hundreds of blue fireballs, Rage
     Hands (similar to Wallmasters in Zelda), and fire black holes in the floor. 
     All those do is serve as obstacles that damage Samus if she steps on or near
     them. Rage Hands can be Lethal Striked.
    - Attacking Phantoon is simple: hit the eye. At first, you can only use Beam
     shots, but he quickly will breach the room, allowing you to hit his eye with
     Missiles or Super Missiles. Occasionally, Phantoon will warp his eye to the
     inside, where it will be sort of disembodied from his head. If Phantoon is at
     critical health during this, his eye can be stunned, so you can go for a 
     flashy Lethal Strike. However, Phantoon sometimes doesn't let you get the 
     Lethal Strike, and instead his eye blows up before he dies.
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    Nintendo - For having many great franchises.
    Team Ninja - An awesome company helping to make the gameplay of this game, 
     which I rather enjoy!
    D-Rockets - For making the gorgeous CG cinematics.
    Wikitroid - A great Metroid wiki. Helps me find out the actual enemy names.
    Metroid Recon - For being a big help to my guides and being one of the best
     Metroid fansites out there.
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