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Deviation in tradition is acceptable so long as it's not accompanied by deviation in quality.09/07/1094067
The "M" Stands for "Mistakes"09/09/10Awasai
9 thumbs up out of 1009/09/10Shah138
People who expect something different frown upon this game... Allow me to enlighten you.09/09/10SuperSmashBro13
A pouty thumbs down.09/07/10UnaidedCoder
Even ignoring the plot, this game has many issues that should have been resolved09/09/10VRX3000
Hard Luck Woman...10/20/10discoinferno84
What should have been another Metroid masterpiece is marred by terrible storytelling and stupid controls09/02/11Archmonk Iga
"Any objections, Lady?" Yes, quite a few, actually!01/14/13Big_Isaac
I just had to give it a chance.....I just had to......09/16/10Cabadiah
A jewel of a game? If and only if you count its scratches.09/13/10Celebi7242
Samus Aran + Human Emotions = Ruined Franchise?? Not even close...09/22/10CrimsonGear80
One Step Sideways, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back11/22/10darkknight109
I have some objections, Adam09/09/10Fang289
A game that should've been left in the oven just a bit longer........10/18/10gazm0tr0n
Metroid: Other M is a the red headed step child of Metroid games09/09/10Giggles the Turtle
Samus may have developed emotional instabilities, but she still knows how to kick ass.09/13/10HailToTheGun
Space Marine Jane09/24/10horror_spooky
Metroid: Other Movie - A Lifetime Channel Original09/10/10John325
Metroid Other M - Controversy is Thy Name07/14/11kenryoku_maxis
A sad, strange little game. It has my pity. And my compassion.07/24/14KMAnsem
Old Meets New: The Evolution of Metroid10/08/10kobalobasileus
A ray of sunshine at the end of this long journey.01/18/11KonRadio20
Another Memory07/30/13Kuronii
Does it live up to the series?09/10/10Link_Wind_Hero
Hey, Samus? Shut up and let me play.09/10/10LinkIII_IsBack
Modern Gamers, Who Always Want "More", I Hope You're Happy11/30/10MotherKojiro
Metroid: Other M - It may not be Super Metroid, but it's still a great game on its own06/08/12NettoSaito
A smaller, less impressive game than the Prime series, though it still manages to entertain.10/14/10nintendosega
Metroid Other M - A bad game, or just different?10/19/10Onilink99999
This game had so much wasted potential...09/17/10Reach_Out_12
A Metroid title worthy of your time.10/05/10Relle
Thumbs Down09/07/10SpiralSage
Thoughtless design choices permeate everything about Metroid: Other M.09/24/13SSpectre

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For those who want to disagree.09/03/10BondOfFlameX
Too many bad descisions...09/03/10charyon
Don't judge a book by its cover.09/09/10blazemace
It's not good, it's not bad... it's just... O.K.09/07/10BluePenMan
A great game for Metroid fans, perhaps not as much for others...09/09/10bullfrog0403
Why does everyone hate this game?!01/08/13DARKDEATH98
Metroid Other M- not the best, certainly not the worst09/09/10Dokurai
Metroid other m is a mediocre ...Remake? (Spoilers)02/13/17Dragonwinged
Can I have something Other than M?12/03/10EliteChozo
A must own Wii gem, but a few minor flaws keep it from perfection09/03/10endless172
"Crazy how something good can come out of something bad"09/09/10Gameboyguru
Deja Vu all over again09/09/10geminidomino
Another M from Another World09/09/10GerudoThief
Gameplay: Awesome. Story: Embarassing.01/05/11Koelker12
Change is usually a good thing...09/20/10kvmer
This Metroid (would be) Other M09/09/10latiosu
A risk that falls a bit short10/05/10Mageknight
Other M review from a TRUE metroid fan.09/09/10MithosderHeld
In order to dispel the 3/10 scores but to balance off the 10/10 scores...:09/13/10Moulinoski
Finally, a true 3D Metroid game...09/07/10papercup
Samus is back on a whole new adventure09/09/10SilentWanderer
The black sheep of Metroid04/09/12SuperGamecube64
A game with a lot of potential, yet it so clearly misses the mark.02/27/12unclehosh
As disappointing as it is innovative.09/09/10Virtue777
The most personal Metroid game to date09/09/10Xyphas

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This game is just like every Other M09/03/10Yorutaun_
The M stands for M-Azing09/03/10AXBHikaru
Perhaps the most controversial Metroid yet. How does it end up?09/03/10ChronoShot
Beautiful Visuals, But More Movie Than Game10/06/11CoachDozier
This game finally gives Samus a story09/13/10cybercrud
No Objections, Lady09/13/10darksword500
Classic Metroid Comes Home... in 3D No Less!09/03/10darksydex3226
Metroid: Other M - The Black Sheep of Metroid?09/01/10darthmoose87
Sadly, a major low point for the series09/09/10defiancecp
BEST 3D METROID GAME EVER!!09/03/10DraimanBelieve7
A hard game to rate09/03/10EvilHeartburnMan
Old school awesome Metroid in 3D finally!!!09/13/10fortysix_too
Metroid Other M: Another change in perspective which ends in success09/03/10Glakma3
An experiment with its own successes and failures.09/09/10GreenEarthPFC
This aint your daddy's Metroid09/03/10heartlessprinny
Linear, very short, yet magnificent.09/03/10Kamikaze Tomato
A bad game? Well, sorta...04/25/11KnightMysterio
Metroid: Other M. Good and bad. Spoiler free.09/09/10Night-Assasin
It's Metroid! But in 3D... didn't a certain trilogy do that?06/11/13Phazon_Master
Other M: Refreshing, Innovative, and Enjoyable.09/03/10Pryce89
An Open Letter and Review of Other M10/11/10sarikuya
Very Interesting but somewhat of a downfall...09/03/10Slayerkat
One of the deepest metroid games ever. But is it the best?09/03/10Torch2010
Metroid: A different approach, anOther M09/03/10Valroths
One step forward, three steps back. Metroid's biggest mistake.09/07/10Whatsagame132
Metroid- The way it was, the way it always will be.09/03/10YoYoLeFtToRiTe

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