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"One of the deepest metroid games ever. But is it the best?"

METROID OTHER M- I got this game just a few days ago, yes I've already beaten it, which brings up the question,how long is this game? All this and more revealed in this review.

First and foremost I am a major, major, major, fan of the metroid series. I've played almost every game and love them. While playing this game I was thrilled by some of the stuff in it, and disipointed by others. Let's go in depth on this.

Story- Unlike most metroid games (the primes for instance), the story is incredibly in depth and does a great job at explaining Samus and her past. The game starts out with the ending scene from Super Metroid, Mother Brain is pounding the infint metroid as it heals Samus. Long story short Samus beats Mother Brain and awakens in a quarintine room. She is given a quick weapon demonstration and sent on her way. She is then seen standing in front of the federation giving the report that all metroids have been eleminated. Weeks later Samus is flying through space and recieves a distress call code named:Baby's cry. With thoughts of the baby metroid on her mind she diverts her flight path. After arriving on the space station she intercepts a galactic federation team on the team is her previous commmanding officer Adam Malkovich. Agreeing to join the crew they run of into the station. Samus agrees to explore the station on Adam's orders, she runs through the station and a little later she finds a report that tells her the commander of the station is named Madeline Bergman. Anyway she learns the federation is creating unfreezable metroids and proceeds to destroy them.

Graphics- The digitality in this game is amazing. You feel like your watching an animated movie, everything is amazingly detailed. The characters, the metroids, the other aliens, even Samus looks fantastic. You play through the game constantly looking at everything it is beautiful. I think that this game beats the primes and their graphics were awesome. I hope you enjoy these graphics as much as I did.

Characters-This game has a set of about eight or so characters in it, and I'll be honest besides the ones like Adam you completly forget about the other. The game must feel the same way because one of the characters actually goes around killing the others(ironically this character dies as well later on). All in all while the characters were well done, they were mostly forgetable.

Weapons-Now we are at the important parts the weaopns. Samus has a great collection of items in this game. She gets the amazing screw attack along with the space jumps which lets you jump infinitly. The one ultimate downside I have with the weapons is aside from two choice items Samus begins the game with all of her toys but has to wait for authorization to use them. I think this bites personnaly but that is not really much to complain about.

Length and replayability-This game is pretty good size depending on how many times you die and how many items you look for it will take you around 10 hours to beat this game. With another 3 hours or so finding expansions. After you beat the game you get to explore the whole stations no hold and find all the expansions you missed(and you'll always miss some.)
Towards playing it again if you get all the items in the game it gives you a hard mode which really jus depends on your tastes.

All in all this was a great game and one definatly worth buying if you want to.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/03/10

Game Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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