How long is this game?

  1. Hi! Approximately, how many hours it takes to finish this game?

    User Info: UchihaSasukeKir

    UchihaSasukeKir - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If this is your first playthrough and you just want to pass the story and watch the magnificent world structure i would say around 50 hours. If this is your second one, if you want to do a ' speed run ' it is like 30 hours. If you want to do everything insanely, like all the infinite quests ;) explore all of the worlds, collect everything and have all the items, and i am not kidding... -.- , you should take about 250 hours or more to do it. *facepalm*

    If you want more information about this game, contact me or post a question! :D I would be happy to answer it :)))

    Some of the information about the time long, was researched at a dedicated xenoblade jp wiki.

    Hope you got it all :D And GOOD LUCK! :D

    User Info: ripshocks

    ripshocks - 6 years ago 0 0

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