Where is the giant key in satorl swamp?

  1. Someone mentioned a secret door in the fortress but the only door in that room is the sideentrace. there is a wall that i can examine behind the throne but no door at all. Please help =)

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    schallmau3r - 5 years ago

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  1. First, solve "Kacha's kidnapping" quest, passing wither through main or side entrance, but any way get the key near the tree (outside of the fortress, on the back side, near the tree)
    Then, get back to Nopon Merchant Camp, get quest from Kacha, go to silent obelisk and roughly north, then east and through a cave. You'll be on a plateau, with an object on the ground (the key) and 5x Deluded Igna, dispatch them, get to the side entrance, enter, stick to the wall behind the throne. When you spot the blue marker press "A" to reveal the secret passage, follow it to the roof, and examine the altar.
    Back to Nopon Merchant Camp, complete Kacha's quest and get another from her. Retrieve (if you don't have it) the mirror on the leg, get back to the fortress's rooftop, examine the altar again.
    You'll get an item *and* spawn three giant spiders (fight or flight as you see fit)

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  1. just examine the wall (press a ^^"), it will move aside and you'll be able to climb to the roof. Although I'm not sure whether it will open until you've advanced far enough with the questing (after you save the little Nopon and kill Deluded Igna's)

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  2. The key is found on the hill left from the fortress (between the fortress and the swamp), guarded by 5 monsters. After you got it, you can move the wall behind the throne and climb to the roof.

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  3. I'm pretty sure you have to find the key guarded by some Ignas. If you go inside the swamp near the fortress, you might be able to see an upper pathway connecting to a cliff that leads to where the key is. Follow the path to the Ignas, defeat them, and you'll gain the key. I'm not sure if you have to bring the key back to the nopon, but afterwards just come back to the fortress, (by the side entrance is more easier, unless you want experience from some Ignas and the unique monster) examine the wall behind the throne, and then you'll see an altar. Be prepared though, because there are three Level 32 huge spiders after you examine the altar. Then report back to the nopon.

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  4. To find the Giant's Key and the deluded Iguna's...

    1. Go to the silent obelisk.... make it NOON time to EASILY SEE where i'm about to tell you where to go.

    2. head directly EAST PAST the first, second, & THIRD LIGHT GRAY/BROWN LINE /marks/scribble on your map that signify change in elevation (or that there are hills going up).

    ( The lines on the map are vertical lines and both are touching the "Exile Fortress" title/landmark name. NOTICE - i didn't notice this at first and maybe you didn't either --- the 1st and 2nd lines that i'm talking about are actually connected and form a "U" - the "Exile Fortress Covers it up. So AFTER going around the1st and 2nd lines or "U" shaped line and past the THIRD line...........

    3. STOP MOVING! FACE SOUTH! then, GO directly SOUTH and there is a great BIG CAVE opening.

    4.. FOLLOW THE PATH and you will reach the 5 iguanas will be there on alert by SIGHT and are either lvl 24 or lvl 25. they did chain attacks on me and my people were 9 lvls higher than they were - so GL!

    5. After defeating the lizards head to the tree on the south end of the plateau where a RED EXCLAMATION MARK appears and pick up the key..


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