A good set up for Reyn?

  1. Which arts are most effective for reyn, or which combinations (he seems to have a few which are meant to be paired...)

    I couldn't quite figure out anchor chain from the in game description, anyone tell me exactly what it does as well?

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    nauticalius - 6 years ago

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  1. This question is two years old, but I'll try my hand at it anyways.

    The previous post covered Tank-Reyn, but he is also capable dealing huge amount of burst damage, so you could try setting up for that as well. Berserker->Magnum Charge->Sword Drive deals massive damage, and using Sword drive in chain attacks is also great for damage as well. This makes taking out regular enemies quick and easy, and can be combined with Tanking later in the game to make Reyn very effective. Early game, this isn't really possible, but late game, you could use this strategy to draw aggro to Reyn, then use Hammer Beat and Mad Taunt to keep Aggro, and Last stand or Rage to keep Reyn alive. Mad Taunt only gives a temporary aggro boost, but considering you can reset it fairly often, it should be able to keep aggro on Reyn for long enough for your burst arts to recharge. Its also worth mentioning that Wild Down has the lowest cooldown of all topple arts, so Reyn is an excellent choice in a topple lock party. Additionally, seeing as he deals very high burst damage, he is useful in a party designed to kill things before they kill you. What i mean by this, using chain attacks to deal massive damage to kill things immediately, which is accomplished by sacrificing defense and healing. A chain attack of Magnum Charge->Talent Art->Red Art->Sword Drive would deal a huge amount.

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  1. It basically depends on how you want to use Reyn... the game's intention seems to be to use him as an aggro magnet, drawing the attention of all enemies, so that he takes the damage instead of the other characters, which is generally done by dealing heavy damage.
    I personally find Lariat (decent damage to multiple enemies), Hammer Beat (draws aggro), and Sword Drive (huge damage) work pretty well at doing that, so I don't really use his talent art (Mad Taunt) at all, so instead I use Magnum Charge, which uses up the talent guage instead, but multiplies the amount of damage done by the next art (by 4.2x at the maximum level) which when used before Sword Drive causes massive damage.
    The other moves would depend on how you want to use him... personally I kept Wild Down and Shield Bash as they are handy for topple and daze, but you'd need someone else who can break, and I also like Aura Burst, as this helps to draw aggro, hits multiple enemies, and reduces their strength, but it does require an aura to be active, so my last slot is Rage (aura that reduces attack but creates spike damage, and reduces physical damage taken) which is handy for surviving longer once you've drawn the aggro with your other moves, but I could probably switch that one out quite easily depending on the situation.

    As for Anchor Chain, it's main use is to stop you from being knocked or blown backwards by certain attacks (mostly later in the game) which I found useful in narrow areas or areas with dangerous surroundings (they get quite annoying when enemies keep getting thrown backwards)... the other effects of the move just relate to aggro, as I believe that when you take damage, the aggro of that creature towards you would go down, and if it goes below the aggro of another character, the creature's focus will shift to them, so this prevents that, while also slowly increasing aggro as well, helping to keep the focus of their attacks on Reyn.

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