Beating a monster 10 levels higher than you?

  1. Does anyone know how i can beat a monster 10 levels higher than me cause everytime i try all my attacks miss and i cant do any damage, im at level 66, any tips?

    User Info: soup

    soup - 6 years ago

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  1. There is another method: using Riki, buff his HP and use Riki is 'Angry' (counter all non Talent Art damage by reflecting 2, 4 or 8 times the damage) .

    Every time an enemy hits you, they hit themselves harder.

    Also, yeah. poison, blaze etc.

    User Info: kahlzun

    kahlzun - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. The method I used took a little preparation, and a bit of luck.
    Using Dunban, Reyn and Sharla (in that order) I first filled up the party gauge by fighting other monsters, then lured one towards the higher level monster until it saw me and joined the fight, at which point I quickly used Dunban's Demon Slayer to finish the other monster, which forces topple on the higher level monster, then quickly target the higher level monster and start a chain, then used Dunban's Steel Strike to keep it toppled, Reyn's Shield Bash to Daze it, and finally Sharla's Head Shot, which has a chance of instantly killing any dazed monster.
    Took me three attempts the first time I tried it, and may take longer than that, but it's fairly straight forward and does the job.

    User Info: DragonEleven

    DragonEleven (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Here's another method using Melia which I assume you got at your level. Warning, this battle can go on for a good 20 to 30 mins and may take a few tries but definitely doable. I did this at lv 49 vs lv 88 Turtle and gotten both of achievements done this way.

    Melia and Sharla has decent range of their arts. Use Melia's as your main and don't select ice but Bolt, Blaze, and Earth and put in decent gems in her weapon to allow her have decent damage. Go to Eryth Sea's Hover Island 9 and fall through the center there and reach a doughnut isle underneath it. It spawns 3 lv 88 Cabo turtles and one Unique lv 89 turtle. There's 3 beaches there, one of them is not occupied by a turtle. Go there and try to attract (by sound, running up to it will do it) the one on the left. Like any ground monster, they can't just go across bodies of water! Use this loophole for your range attacks and thankfully the turtle do not have decent range arts to hit you (Melia as your main). It'll take a few tries to see the good distance without being hit but be able to hit the turtle yourself. Never mind your buddies, they shouldn't be in range to attack it otherwise they're dead lmao.

    Point is, your attacks WILL miss 80% of the time however, your latent inflictions will work on it better. The poison from earth and blaze from blaze will continue to take off some of its hp. Again, its a very long battle, but its definitely survivable since the turtle cannot come to your beach at all and try to murder you. Bolt has better accuracy and sometimes will hit it too. Higher levels is recommended but hey, I did it at lv 49 lol. Also, her Ice art does NOT have range, and if you select it you'll be stuck til you get close to it to use it. So don't select her ice art or have it equipped.

    Having some tension gems or skill links to increasing tension can help too. Because every missed attack you get, your accuracy/tension will lower and sometimes your allies are stuck to move over to help you.

    User Info: Meia_blue

    Meia_blue - 6 years ago 1 0

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