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"Nintendoman1987 Review - Xenoblade is the new greatest game of all time!"

Xenoblade Chronicles has finally released European shores and we should all be so thankful that it has. This is a game that any gamer should play! Whilst it is obviously and RPG the way that the game is presented will appeal to all types of gamers. It is very hardcore and complex, but never feels confusing. This is a game that you do not want to miss out on!

Gameplay:- 10/10
The gameplay is fantastic! There are lot of RPGs out there that has a really good plot, but let down by poor gameplay or vice versa! This has both. The gameplay is very complex with a wealth of things to do. Way more than I can fit into this small section of review. The great thing is, it never feels overly complicated for no reason. There are so many gameplay elements. The combat is part real time, part turn based. You have full control over your character and battles are played out on the field. There are no separate battle scenes that have to load up. When you see an enemy it has a symbol over its head to indicate its level, a symbol to show you if it will attack on sight, or by sound, or just retaliate when you hit it. There are also a few more that I wont get into. You can have 3 of your party fighting at once and when you enter a battle your character will automatically do standard attacks every few seconds as long as you are stood near him, remember, you still have full control of their movement. To do special attacks, known as Arts, you select them yourself. They are all different and some can give you special bonuses if you meet specific requirements. One for example will cause the status effect slow as long as you hit the monster in the side. Others can do increased damage from behind, another can topple the enemy if another status effect has been cast on the enemy. It is a very in depth battle system which again has so much more than I can write hear. There are so many more things outside the battles such gathering materials and collectables, building the relationships between characters, rebuilding a town, completing sidequests, building the relationships of NPCs in towns, gem crafting, the list goes on. I could write so much about it all, but we would be here a long time. Certain events happen at certain times and don't worry. You don't have to wait around for hours for that time to come (like a certain other review states) there is a simple wait option where you can change the time to whatever you want. Like I have said several times there is so much to do that it can be its own curse. You want to progress the amazing plot line, but you want to do all those sidequests. Its almost like you are playing 2 different games at times. Its just the perfect game!

Story:- 10/10
The story in this game is absolutely amazing. Its has a storyline that stands toe to toe with some of the great video game storylines of all time and whilst it has elements that can be quite cliche in the RPG world, it is still very unique! The story opens with 2 giant gods fighting. They strike each other with swords and they both freeze! Millenia have passed and life has begun to grow and evolve on the bodies of the giant gods with colonies of human like beings, known as Homs, living on different parts of the gods. There is also another race of creatures called Nopons which are like little furballs. Whilst these seem out of place at first, as you begin to progress the game, they are very fitting with the story. On the body of the other god lives the Mechons. Giant robot like creatures which are your enemies. Even though they are robots they have a lot of character to them and really give off a villainous vibe. Imagine what the Transformers movies would be like if there were only the bad robots, the Deceptacons, and no good robots and you may get a similar vibe to this story. Obviously that is just a small element as there is a lot of other story elements that play out as you go on through the game. The whole cast of characters are very likeable and the plot is filled with mystery, intrigue, plot twists and some really awesome action sections that give the script a very movie feel. A very long movie.

Graphics:- 10/10
The graphics are amazing. The art style is lush and each area is a joy to behold! There is no draw distance so you can see across the massive landscapes for as far as the eye can see, and these areas are massive. They can be really wide and really high, and it feels great to climb to the top of a huge cliff, waterfall, statue etc and just jump off. You can sometimes be falling for a good 20 seconds before falling to your death or landing safely in the water. Words simply cannot describe how vast some of the areas really area. Most games would be set in just 1 of these areas and this game many, many more of them. There are even no loading screens within the same area, so if you walk from the landscape into a city, you just smoothly waltz in. Even if you fast travel to somewhere within the same area it is instant. Loading screens only happen when you change entire locations. The cutscenes look great. Very action packed and full of life. Monolith Soft always do a fantastic job with there cutscenes and this game is even better than any of there previous work!

Sound:- 10/10
The soundtrack is very nice which some great choices of tracks in its soundtrack. The voice acting is fantastic. All the english voice actors do a brilliant job and really play the parts well. If you prefer you can even set the voice acting to japanese and read english subtitles, but as the english actors do such a great job it would be a shame for you to miss out!

Controls:- 10/10
Using the Classic Controller is the way to go in this game, and I don't say that often! Mostly for the controlling the camera, which is really awkward when using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. There are no motion controls so there really is no reason to use it if you have a Classic Controller. The controls are very responsive and there are no issues at all.

Play Time Replay Value:- 10/10
This is a massive game. Even if you were to avoid all the sidequest and just do the main storyline then it would still be massive. With hundreds of sidequests on top of that, it just makes it even longer. This is one of the biggest games I have ever played. Sure you could say that Monster Hunter has 500 hours of gameplay, but that's not all unique and has you fighting the same monsters several times. This is massive game with every step of it being unique so in that respects its one of the biggest games on a console ever, if not the biggest!

Buy this game. Even if you are one of those people who only plays Xbox or PS3, but you have a family Wii or your sister has one then still buy it! If anyone has a chance to play this then do it. Think of your most favourite game of all time and imagine that you never played. This game could be the same for you. This game could quite easily stand on top of the gaming market and be the greatest game of all time!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/14/11

Game Release: Xenoblade Chronicles (Classic Controller Pro Pack) (EU, 08/19/11)

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