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"Showing there is still plenty of room to surprise and grow in the genre."

A game packed with inspiring and flawless design. The world is a huge open environment to explore, with a large variety of creatures and enemies. You're treated with new and exciting concepts at every stage of the game and a joyful compulsion to press on to the next area just to see what will be unveiled next.

The plot is original and intriguing and will drive you throughout the adventure. This is in no small part thanks to a strong cast of characters, each one is fleshed out and adds to the story, fulfilling their archetypical roll to a high standard. The cool characters are cool, the friendships are heartfelt and believable and the villains are multilayered, interesting and complex.

The awesome battle system is real time, fast paced and packed with complex strategy. New and innovative ideas and a wealth of customisation options available to each character make tweaking and perfecting your party become a compulsion. Experimenting with your new party set up is helped with the wealth of side quests available.

The quests start out simple and are streamlined meaning once the criteria has been fulfilled they complete automatically. As you progress they become more fleshed out revealing more about each area of the world and their inhabitants and providing better rewards for the truly dedicated.

Xenoblade Chronicles is ultimately a game that has utilised the Wii hardware to its fullest, the game goes beyond the flawless incorporation of existing ideas by bringing an abundance of new and innovative ones that fit the game perfectly and add genuine depth and value.


Pros: The impressively high standards of a ‘triple A' tile. This is clearly a game created with love and respect for the medium.

Excellent and gripping story with good pacing and fantastic characters. The action scenes are astounding.

It's visually stunning, each area is distinct and filled with detail to create a vibrant and believable world. The character models are great and each have a plethora of armour combinations and varied weapons providing wonderful diversity.

The party customisation is involving and deep. The combat is tactical and fluid and plays with graceful impact.

The side quests while simplistic in nature add as a nice distraction. While progressing through the game they provide some rewarding background on the inhabitants of the world in each area and eventually give some great rewards.

Cons: The lack of new game plus features and inability to carry over your completed quests is disappointing.

No bestiary on the worlds many fantastic enemies is a real shame. Extra info on enemies and the ability to track them down would have been very helpful for quests.

While rewards are nice for the dedicated quest completionists, locking out the extra skill trees until so late in the game was probably the developers' only real misstep in design. This is not helped by the fact that quests are reset for new game plus.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/27/12

Game Release: Xenoblade Chronicles (EU, 08/19/11)

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