Pumpkin Island Gratitude Crystal?

  1. Has anyone else experienced Kina not asking you to find someone to plow the field? If so how do I make her ask? I have completed the chandelier sidequest and done just about every other gratitude crystal sidequest. I am going for my third sacred flame right now, and I know she is supposed to ask right after the chandelier quest but she isnt.

    User Info: morthaeus

    morthaeus - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Link might need to talk to the Mogma boss first for the first time in your current save file in dungeon 6, where you're going actually, then talk to Kina afterwards, not sure though.

    After dungeon 6, the Mogma boss will be in the bottom of that small skydive section at the base of the volcano near the 2nd save point, he's in one of the platforms that Link can skydive onto, you can try just going there straight and have scrapper pick him up. Again, not sure if this is possible without talking to Kina first.

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    An0nym0usGam3r - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well to do this you have to break the chandelier at the begining of the game by rolling into the wall at the top of the stairs faceing it. You have to deliver soup to the guy at the sparring hall, you have to harvest pumpkins, and you have to play your harp with Kina at and actually pass. Then she will ask you to harvest more pumpkins and after that she should ask you to find someone that is good with plowing in Skyloft.

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Other Answers

  1. It does come after the chandelier quest is finished, but I don't think it's straight after (if you do the chandelier quest as soon as possible)... I'm pretty sure I'd found all of the sacred flames by the time it appeared for me... just keep checking back after each dungeon, and the same goes for other quests... they'll appear at some point, so just give it time.

    User Info: DragonEleven

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  2. You need to beat the boklobins during the third time at Eldin Volcano. During that you meet Guld. He is the person you bring. After you get all your items back and save the mogmas, Kina will ask you to find the person to plow the field.

    User Info: G___Bax

    G___Bax - 5 years ago 2 1
  3. The guide at IGN and the Prima guide all seem to be off when it comes to what you need to do before a side quest opens up. I couldn't finish this quest until after I beat The Imprisoned for the second time and then Levias. I ended up doing the 3rd Eldin Volcano trip before Faron Woods because I started this quest, unaware that I would have to search for all my items once I got there

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  4. Like previous side quests with the punkin patch, they all can't be activated at the same time.
    Try coming back much later in the game.

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  5. Took me forever to get her to talk to me. I thought I had completed the chandelier quest but I didn't realize she wouldn't talk to me until I made a decent score on the harp playing part. (as in better than failing) Once I did better on the song she gave me the plow quest the next morning.

    User Info: TheSilversage1

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  6. you have to defeat "the imprisoned" for the second time. Only after you defeat this boss again, as well as breaking the chandelier, delivering the soup, and helping Kina carry the pumpkins to the storage shed will you unlock this side quest.

    P.S.- you might also need to play the harp with Kina, removing you from your debt to the owner of lumpy pumpkin, before the quest becomes available.

    User Info: jeffreymcclain

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  7. It has nothing to do with the imprisoned it's available after completing the 6 dungeon ant talking to guld afterwards.

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