Where can I find the sacred water for the Water Dragon?

  1. Can anyone please tell me in detail where to find the sacred water for the Water Dragon? I know it is behind a waterfall but I cannot find it! Please help me!

    User Info: CPENNARIM

    CPENNARIM - 5 years ago


  1. Are you using your sword doswing ability? It'll point you to Faron Woods.

    Regardless, the holy water is in the final room of the Skyview Temple, the fountain room where you struck the statue after beating Ghirahim. So you'll have to head back through Skyview Temple again. There's some Mogmas hanging around you'll need to get one hidden key, otherwise all of the doors and pathways in the temple are still open, no need to re-solve everything. Your only obstacles are some generally harder enemies, and a group of Stalfos in the room where you fought Ghirahim.

    Once you're back in the fountain, there's a holy water deposit in the very back of the room behind where you struck the statue. Use an empty bottle, and your sword dowsing to find the specific spot.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

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  2. the water is in the final room of skyview temple. douse for it after entering the final room.

    Hint: it is in an area marked by 2 fairies flying around. if you still can't find it, stick to the perimeter and slowly walk in a circle around the entire water area. When you see the fairies (they look like tiny glowing moths) take out an empty bottle and scoop. if you get regular water, dump it and keep scooping, moving a little each time.

    User Info: jeffreymcclain

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  3. No, the sacred water you're supposed to find is in the first dungeon of the game. Go to the last room (where you got the tablet piece) and douse for it. Scoop up the water IN THE PLACE THE DOWSING SAYS IT IS. If it says it's sacred water, you've done the job right.

    User Info: yoshipikmnghost

    yoshipikmnghost - 4 years ago 0 0
  4. Enter Faron Woods and head for the first dungeon you went to there (Skyview Temple). Once you've proceed all the way through the dungeon again, this should be fairly quick as you have the map and some experience here, enter the chamber behind the big door that held the boss battle. Behind the boss battle room is another door that leads to the first of the springs that Zelda needed to purify at and that you activated one of the switches with a skyward strike. On the left side to the back of the altar, there is one waterfall that has small faeries floating around it-- this is the sacred water, so scoop some into an empty bottle and take it back to Faron (the Water Dragon) for her healing bath. Also remember this location because faeries will always spawn there for you to catch when you want to!

    User Info: alphawerewolf

    alphawerewolf - 3 years ago 0 0

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