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    Heart Piece Locations FAQ by Pyrotempest

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/25/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEART PIECE LOCATIONS  WALKTHROUGH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Table of Contents>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    				<1.10>Version 1.00[Cmplt]
    				<1.20>Version 1.10[Modified]
                             <3.00>Heart Piece Locations
                                    <3.01>Goddess Cube Heart Pieces
                                    <3.02>Skyloft Heart Pieces
                                    <3.03>Fun Fun Island Heart Piece
                                    <3.04>Pumpkin Landing Heart Pieces
                                    <3.05>Faron Woods Heart Pieces
                                    <3.06>Skyview Temple Heart Piece
    				<3.07>Eldin Volcano Heart Piece
    				<3.08>Volcano Summit Heart Piece
                                    <3.09>Fire Sanctuary Heart Piece
                                    <3.10>Lanayru Desert Heart Piece
                                    <3.11>Shipyard Heart Piece
                                    <3.12>Sandship Heart Piece
    				<3.13>Lanaryu Gorge Heart Piece
    				<3.14>Heart Medals
                         ----Update Version 1.00 [Cmplt]----
    Completed the Gratitude Crystal FAQ 2 days ago, so you can also check that out
    but I decided on the Heart Piece guide today. Collecting the Heart Pieces as
    you go, much like other Zelda games, is very hard to do, and most times require
    returning at the end of the game or near so to collect them. I'm not 100% sure
    what points in the game you can acquire each individual heart as I gathered
    them at the end, but I will add which items/weapons are required or used to
    obtain each heart. I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy my guide!
                       ----Update Version 1.10 [Modified]----
    Noticed I missed a Heart Piece found in a Goddess Cube in Eldin Volcano and was
    advised by multiple sources that the Heart Piece found in the Skyview Temple
    could be obtained with the standard Beetle and didn't require the Tough Beetle.
    Also updated the Eldin Volcano Heart Piece as apparently it wasn't "in the
    open" enough for a couple people. Fixed a numbering error as well. Thanks for
    all the feedback guys, once I have access to internet again I will be starting
    a Walkthrough Commissioned FAQ next. Find anymore errors please feel free to
    contact me!
    *Note that I didn't have a proofreader on this FAQ like I did the Gratitude
    Crystal FAQ, this is why there were multiple errors.
    The Heart Pieces in Skyward Sword are all scattered around the world from in
    the sky, to under the clouds, to in Goddess chests which you must find and
    activate, then finally minigames and character rewards.
    The Heart Pieces are extremely helpful in this game unless you are either very
    good with your shield like me, or if you have loads of time to earn money and
    gather bugs for Guardian Potions +'s especially in the Hero Mode replay where
    everything does double damage.
    If you require any further help or a description on something, don't hesitate
    to send me an email at <shawn.naugler@hotmail.co.uk>.
                   ------<3.00> Heart Piece Locations<3.00>------
    		     <3.01> Goddess Cube Heart Pieces
    1) Requirements: Goddess Sword or higher
    Activate the Goddess Stone just outside of the Skyview Temple Entrance then
    return to the sky to claim your Heart Piece by travelling to the new Goddess
    Chest icon on the map.
    2) Requirements: Goddess Sword or higher, and Beetle/Slingshot/Bow/Clawshot
    Travel to the Temple of Time in Laranyu Desert and then travel outside the
    gate. Once outside, go north a bit to the area with the robot next to the mine
    cart. Activate the TimeShift Crystal and defeat the Bokoblin who is scaring the
    robot. Once defeated, the robot will move aside giving you the ability to move
    the cart forward. Move it near the ledge and use either your Beetle, Slingshot,
    Bow, or Clawshot to activate the TimeShift Crystal which creates a path to
    cross to the next area. Hop in the Minecart and travel up the rail. Charge your
    Skyward Strike and launch it at the Goddess Stone as you pass it. (If you miss
    just hop back in the cart and go back through until you get it.) Once you
    activate the stone, travel back to the sky to claim your Piece by travelling to
    the new Goddess Chest icon on the map.
    3) Requirements: Goddess Sword or higher, and the Water Dragon's Scale
    Dive under the Great Tree in Faron Woods to travel to its upper area, or just
    use the Bird Statue to drop onto the tree. Once there, travel up the tree to
    the Viewing Platform on the Northeast side of the tree. Look down off the right
    hand side of the platform to line up your jump and jump. (This may take a few
    tries.) Once there, charge your Skyward Strike and activate the Goddess Stone.
    Return to the sky and claim your Heart Piece in the new Goddess Chest icon on
    the map.
    4) Requirements: Goddess Sword or higher, and the Clawshot
    Once you complete the Pirate Stronghold dungeon and open the bone mouth, return
    to the front door. Aim at the Clawshot icon above the door and go to the upper
    platform. Head to the end on the platform and use the Skyward Strike on the
    stone. Travel back to the sky to claim your Heart Piece in the new Goddess
    Chest icon on the map.
    5) Requirements: Goddess Sword or higher, and the Clawshot
    The area before the Fire Sanctuary leads outside to an area with a waterfall.
    In that area there is an area of the wall that is not fenced. Run and dive off
    of this area and lean to land on the stone pillar with the Goddess Stone on it.
    Skyward Strike this stone and then use the Clawshot to travel back up to the
    waterfall. Once there head to a Bird Statue to return to the sky and travel to
    the new Goddess Chest icon on your map to claim your Heart Piece.
    6) Requirements: Goddess Sword or higher
    Drop to the Earth Temple on Eldin Volcano and travel up the mountain to the
    "hot" area that leads either down the steep hill or towards the Fire Santuary.
    Go down the steep hill and keep to the left. You will come to a platform that
    has a dig area on it with a  platform just below it with the Goddess Stone. Use
    a Skyward Strike and return to the sky to travel to the new Goddess Chest icon
    to pick up your Heart Piece.
                            <3.02> Skyloft Heart Pieces
    1) Requirements: Completion of the Missing Child Quest and 10 Gratitude Crystals
    Take the 10 Gratitude Crystals to Batreaux under the Graveyard Shed to recieve
    your Heart Piece.
    2) Requirements: The Clawshot
    Go to the roof of the Knight's Academy and you will see a chimney with a
    Clawshot emblem inside. Drop inside the chinmey where you will see Gaepora
    bathing through a grate. Turn right and climb through the crawlspace and drop
    into Zelda's room. The Heart Piece will be in Zelda's Wardrobe.
    3) Requirements: Medium Wallet with 3 Extra Wallets or larger, 
    Beetle/Slingshot/Bow/Clawshot, and every item purchased in Beedle's Shop
    **Recommended completing Beedle's Missing Beetle Quest to reduce prices in shop
    by 1/2
    Go to Beedle's Shop and purchase your Heart Piece for 1600 rupees or 800 with
    Beedle's Missing Beetle Quest.
    4) Requirements: Completion of Fledge's Workout Quest, and the Bow
    After completing Fledge’s Workout Quest you will be able to find him in front
    of the Sparring Building. Talk to him and agree to help him work out. Score 600
    points or more to obtain a Heart Piece.
                        <3.03> Fun Fun Island Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Complete Fun Fun Island's Sad Sad Situation Quest
    Play the High Dive minigame and go through all the rings, dodge the Dodoh
    balls, and land on the 50 rupee zone(2 Red 2 Blue Rupees). Dodoh will award you
    with the Heart Piece.
                        <3.04> Pumpkin Landing Heart Pieces
    1) Requirements: Start the Chandelier Replacement Quest Chain
    Inside the Lumpy Pumpkin on the 2nd floor, roll into the guard rail 2-3 times
    to knock down the chandelier and obtain the Heart Piece.
    2) Requirements: Complete Chadelier Replacement Quest Chain
    Speak to the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin(Pumm) after completing the jobs he
    gives you and he will give you a Heart Piece.
                         <3.05> Faron Woods Heart Pieces
    1) Requirements: Access to Faron Woods
    At the Great Tree in Faron Woods, there is on one side a tight rope that leads
    to a Heart Piece, it's hard to miss
    2) Requirements: The Goddess Sword and advancement in the storyline
    Leave the Sealed Grounds and head out the door heading to Faron Woods where
    Gorko will be standing. Speak to him and he will ask you to draw something on
    the Goddess Wall. (It's a good idea to save before this.) Walk up to the wall
    and activate your Skyward Strike and attempt to draw the circle/heart/rupee/
    triforce. If you don't draw it correctly you will by default receive 3 hearts.
    If you do it right you will be told by Gorko that you did it correctly and he
    will reward you for helping his research with a Heart Piece.
    3) Requirements: Bomb Bag
    Near the entraced to the Sealed Grounds there is a bombable wall. Plant a bomb
    there and behind it is where a Heart Piece is hidden.
                         <3.06> Skyview Temple Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Beetle
    In the temple in the room that is very large with, what looks like a giant
    bottle shaped, statue in the middle, fire your beetle at the top of it in the
    back and fly into the switch at its pinnacle. Hitting this switch opens a gate
    to a the Heart Piece in the back of the statue.
                         <3.07> Eldin Volcano Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Access to Eldin Volcano
    This Heart Piece is basically impossible to miss upon entering Eldin Volcano
    first time as it is laid directly in front of you and seems like it's 
    taunting you. After proceeding to encounter a pair of Pyrups, climb the nearby
    platforms and work your way around the higher ledges to reach the Heart Piece.
                        <3.08> Volcano Summit Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Mogma Mitts
    On the path leading to the Fire Sanctuary, there is an area where a group of
    Blessed Butterflies are flying around. You can strum your Goddess Harp here to
    summon a Gossip Stone and recieve a treasure and this Gossip Stone will tell
    you about a Heart Piece hidden nearby. Once you have the Mogma Mitts, burrow in
    the digspot directly in front of the Gossip Stone to follow a path that leads
    to the Heart Piece.
                        <3.09> Fire Sanctuary Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Mogma Mitts
    After obtaining the Mogma Mitts you will find a dig spot near the river of
    lava. Burrow down it and catch the Mogma that is fleeing in fear. Once you
    catch him, he will recognize your Mogma Mitts as his brothers and reward you
    with a chest containing a Heart Peice.
                        <3.10> Lanayru Desert Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Bomb Bag, and the Clawshots
    **Recommended having the Lanayru Desert Map Upgrade
    In the northeast of Lanayru Desert there is a wall off the raised platform that
    you can see from a distance that can be bombed. Roll a bomb at it from the
    platform of jump off and stand next to it and blow it up that way. Follow the
    path either avoiding the Chuchus or killing them and follow the Clawshot Path
    along the walls to the chest containing the Heart Peice.
                           <3.11> Shipyard Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Complete the Sandship Dungeon
    Return to the Shipyard and head to the area where you rode the Mine Cart on the
    rail to advance to the holding bay the first time and speak to the Goron who
    will ask you if you'd like to play the Rickety Coaster game.  If you can clear
    the "Heart-Stopping" course in 65 seconds or less you will be rewarded with a
    Heart Piece.
                          <3.12> Sandship Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Clear the Crow's Nest area on top of the ship
    Travel to the stern(back) of the ship use your Clawshots on the Clawshot Emblem
    to drop down to the area below the main deck where you will find a chest with
    the Heart Piece found inside.
                         <3.13> Lanyru Gorge Heart Piece
    1) Requirements: Heal the Thunder Dragon and gain access to the Thunder
    Dragon's Lightning Round/Boss Rush Mode
    Clear to Stage 4 of the Minigame and quit to be rewarded with the Heart Piece.
                         	  <3.14> Life Medals
    If you haven't noticed already, after collecting all of these Heart Pieces,
    you're still 2 Hearts short of your max 20 Heart collection. This is because in
    Skyward Sword, they decided to add 2 Life Medallions into the game which each
    add one heart to your max hit points as long as you carry them in your
    The first Medal can be purchased from Beedle at his AirShop for 800 rupees.
    The second Medal is found in a Goddess Chest. To activate the chest you must
    hit the Goddess Cube in the Southwest Lanaryu Desert next to a cactus. Travel
    back to the sky to retain your prize.
    I would like to thank Nintendo for making a great new addition to the Legend of
    Zelda franchise. All of the information in this FAQ was found by me, and was
    not taken from anywhere else. If you happen to see any errors or would like
    more detail on something email me at <shawn.naugler@hotmail.co.uk> 
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    This guide is copyright ©(2011) to Shawn Naugler.
    I will give you permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to 
    me and that you send me an email asking me if you may use it. Please do not
    plagiarize. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not like someone
    trying to pass it off as theirs.

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