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    Treasure Hunting Guide by Islikaplan

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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Treasure Hunting Guide
    Table of Contents
    AAA: Updates
    BBB: Contents
    CCC: Intro
    DDD: Info
    EEE: Frequently Asked Questions
    FFF: Contact
    GGG: Permission
    Submitted:	Jan 5		First version of the guide
    Table of Contents
    01. Upgrading
     01a. Wooden Shield
     01b. Iron Shield
     01c. Sacred Shield
     01d. Beetle
     01e. Bug Net
     01f. Slingshot
     01g. Seed Satchel
     01h. Bow
     01i. Quiver
     01j. Bomb Bag
    02. Hornet Larvae
    03. Bird Feather
    04. Tumbleweed
    05. Lizard Tail
    06. Eldin Ore
    07. Ancient Flower
    08. Amber Relic
    09. Dusk Relic
    10. Jelly Blob
    11. Monster Claw
    12. Monster Horn
    13. Ornamental Skull
    14. Evil Crystal
    15. Blue Bird Feather
    16. Golden Skull
    17. Goddess Plume
    18. Moonlight Merchant
    19. Selling
    20. Hero Mode
    Hello GameFaqs readers, and welcome to my guide. To keep this short and 
    simple, this guide is all about treasures. Where to find them, how to collect 
    lots of them, what to do with them, where to sell them, so on. If you have
    the spirit of a Mogma, then this guide is for you. With the tips you'll find
    here, you'll make all Mogma jealous.
    This guide was created when I had the opportunity to face Demise, but didn't. 
    Therefore, just about everything in the game has been completed. All dungeons 
    cleared, doors unlocked, areas accessed, so on. That means that when you read 
    this guide, you may encounter an error that prevents you from collecting a 
    certain item because you simply haven't gotten that far in the game yet. Over 
    time, I will try to add in extra information on how to easily acquire some 
    items as early as possible.
    The one major concept you should understand about this guide is the use of 
    zoning. At least, that's what I like to call it. You may have noticed as you 
    play the game that enemies and items tend to come back after you go through a 
    door. If you play close enough attention, they only come back if you go 
    through a door that triggers the game to load some information. You know, 
    when the screen goes completely black or white, nothing happens for about a 
    second or two, and then everything shows up again. That right there is 
    zoning. The game is loading a certain area of the game, which includes all 
    the simple stuff, such as small rocks and piles of dirt you can dig, grass 
    you can cut and pots you can break, so on. This includes basic enemies that 
    drop the treasues you are after. Using the basic technique of zoning will 
    allow you to easily gather up the treasure you want in large quantities. As 
    you read this guide, you will see that I refer to it often.
    His name is Gondo, and he is a big-hearted craftsman. He runs a business 
    repairing broken equipment, and he lives with his elderly mother. At least 
    this is what Fi will tell you. You can find him in Skyloft, inside the 
    Bazaar. Gondo will offer to upgrade your items you've collected throughout 
    the game for a small fee of specific treasures and some rupees. Below is a 
    list of what he can upgrade for you, and how much it's going to cost you.
    Wooden Shields
    Wooden to Banded
    Upgrade cost:	2 Amber Relic
    		1 Monster Claw
    		1 Jelly Blob
    		30 Rupees
    Banded to Braced
    Upgrade cost:	3 Amber Relic
    		2 Monster Claw
    		2 Tumbleweed
    		1 Ornamental Skull
    		50 Rupees
    Iron Shields
    Iron to Reinforced
    Upgrade costs:	2 Eldin Ore
    		2 Monster Claw
    		2 Ornamental Skull
    		50 Rupees
    Reinforced to Fortified
    Upgrade costs:	3 Eldin Ore
    		3 Monster Claw
    		3 Tumbleweed
    		1 Blue Bird Feather
    		100 Rupees
    Sacred Shields
    Sacred to Divine
    Upgrade costs:	3 Ornamental Skull
    		2 Bird Feather
    		1 Dusk Relic
    		100 Rupees
    Divine to Goddess
    Upgrade costs:	4 Dusk Relic
    		3 Bird Feather
    		3 Monster Horn
    		1 Blue Bird Feather
    		150 Rupees
    Hook Beetle to Speed Beetle
    Upgrade costs:	2 Ancient Flower
    		2 Hornet Larvae
    		1 Golden Skull
    		50 Rupees
    Speed Beetle to Tough Beetle
    Upgrade costs:	4 Amber Relic
    		3 Ancient Flower
    		1 Blue Bird Feather
    		1 Goddess Plume
    		50 Rupees
    Bug Net
    Bug Net to Big Bug Net
    Upgrade costs:	3 Tumbleweed
    		2 Ancient Flower
    		1 Evil Crystal
    		100 Rupees
    Slingshot to Scattershot
    Upgrade costs:	3 Jelly Blob
    		2 Amber Relic
    		2 Dusk Relic
    		50 Rupees
    Seed Satchel
    Small to Medium
    Upgrade costs:	4 Amber Relic
    		3 Monster Claw
    		3 Ornamental Skull
    		50 Rupees
    Medium to Large
    Upgrade costs:	5 Amber Relic
    		3 Monster Claw
    		1 Blue Bird Feather
    		1 Golden Skull
    		100 Rupees
    Bow to Iron Bow
    Upgrade costs:	3 Monster Claw
    		3 Tumbleweed
    		2 Eldin Ore
    		1 Evil Crystal
    		50 Rupees
    Iron Bow to Sacred Bow
    Upgrade costs:	5 Tumbleweed
    		3 Lizard Tail
    		2 Evil Crystal
    		1 Goddess Plume
    		100 Rupees
    Small to Medium
    Upgrade costs:	5 Amber Relic
    		3 Dusk Relic
    		3 Monster Horn
    		50 Rupees
    Medium to Large
    Upgrade costs:	3 Dusk Relic
    		2 Monster Horn
    		1 Goddess Plume
    		1 Golden Skull
    		100 Rupees
    Bomb Bag
    Small to Medium
    Upgrade costs:	3 Ornamental Skull
    		1 Blue Bird Feather
    		1 Lizard Tail
    		50 Rupees
    Medium to Large
    Upgrade costs:	4 Jelly Blob
    		3 Lizard Tail
    		2 Hornet Larvae
    		1 Golden Skull
    		100 Rupees
    Hornet Larvae
    These are found from hornet hives, as you may have guessed. All you gotta do 
    is knock one down, and walk over it to collect it.
    1) Fly to the Forest and land in Viewing Platform.
    2) Turn around, run, grab the vine, climb it, and zone to the next screen.
    3) Move forward, and the very first tree you'll see will be on your left. In 
    it is a hive, so shoot down with an arrow or nuts, and it'll fall. Note, if 
    you do this at a distance, the Hornets won't bother you. Move up to collect 
    your Hornet Larvae.
    4) Turn around and zone out to the previous screen. Once there, zone back in.
    5) Repeat 3 and 4 as many times as desired.
    Bird Feather
    These are primarily collected through using your net on small birds.
    1) Fly to the Forest and land in Viewing Platform.
    2) Turn around, run, grab the vine, climb it, and zone to the next screen.
    3) Move forward, and just ahead of you will be three birds. Creep up on them 
    with your net out and swipe them up.
    4) Turn around and zone out to the previous screen. Once there, zone back in.
    5) Repeat 3 and 4 as many times as desired.
    6) Occasionally, there will be a blue bird among the usual orange and 
    red/pink birds. If you focus on the blue one, you will get a Blue Bird 
    Feather. Seems obvious, huh?
    These are primarily collected through using your net and scooping them up 
    when you see them.
    1) Fly to the Desert and land in Desert Entrance.
    2) Run into the open field until you reach a tall dead tree. It's close by, 
    so don't run too far. Feel free to clear out the enemies nearby in case they 
    get in the way.
    3) Run in circles. Pace back and forth. Do a moonwalk. Meditate. Take a 
    stroll. Do whatever you want here. Keep in mind what you are looking for, 
    which is Tumbleweed. These things will roll around in open areas when there 
    is wind. So if you pay close enough attention to the screen, you can see the 
    wind blow. When you do, whip out your net and look around you. Chances are, 
    there'll be a tumbleweed running across the screen. Just note that if you are 
    near a wall, your tumbleweed might hit that wall and break, so open areas are 
    Lizard Tail
    These come from Lizalfos (lizards). Good thing that the drop rate is 
    guarenteed, meaning that every time you kill one, you'll get one.
    1) Fly to the Desert and land in Pirate Stronghold. Watch out for the 
    quicksand that's right above the stairs.
    2) Move up and go through the only door in this area.
    3) Once you zone in, turn left and go through the only door that you can (the 
    other two should be locked). Run down the hall and find yourself a pair of 
    Lizalfos (lizards). Cut off their tails for your loot.
    4) Now turn around and zone out, and then zone back in again.
    5) Repeat 2 though 4 as many times as desired.
    Eldin Ore
    For the most part, you'll find these from digging into small patches of dirt 
    found on the ground.
    1) Fly to the Volcano and land in Temple Entrance.
    2) Right out front of the entrance of the Earth Temple are two piles of dirt 
    that you can dig through. One to the left, one to the right. Each one has 
    about three to five digs in them, which means about six to ten digs per run. 
    Dig in them for a chance to find ore popping out.
    3) Turn around and zone inside the Earth Temple. Once in, zone back out.
    4) Repeat 2 and 3 as many times as desired.
    Ancient Flower
    These are sitting out in the open, waiting for you to pluck them from the 
    earth. Most of the time, you'll want to activate a Timeshift Crystal for them 
    to be seen.
    1) Fly to the Desert and land in Desert Entrance.
    2) Activate the Timeshift Crystal nearby.
    3) Look around you for some vines to climb. Up top should be an Ancient 
    4) Hop in the cart and zone to the next screen.
    5) To your left is a small hallway with a frog in the sand. Clear the frog 
    and activate the Timeshift Crystal behind it. With it activated, an Ancient 
    Flower should pop up behind where the frog was.
    6) Hop back in the cart (twice) to zone back to the previous screen.
    7) Repeat 2 through 6 as many times as desired. If a flower doesn't show up, 
    it will most likely appear when you re-do the step the next time.
    Amber Relic
    In a sense, this is the most common treasure found in the game, along with 
    the highest in demand when it comes to upgrading. They are scattered 
    throughout every part of the game, often in plain sight. At the same time, I 
    haven't found a location (yet) where you can scoop up a couple of these 
    quickly without having to do a lot of flying and running. When I do, I'll 
    post and update.
    1) Various locations.
    Dusk Relic
    These are primarily found in the Silent Realm, the tests you have to endure 
    as you are on your journey to reforge your sword into the Master Sword. 
    Similar to Amber Relics, they are out in the open in the Silent Realms. You 
    may be able to find four of five of these during a trial.
    1) Silent Realms, any of them. There are four in the game, so with a bit of 
    searching and luck, you'll come across a few of these when you aren't really 
    expecting it.
    2) Thunder Dragon? I haven't tested this idea yet, but I know that the Thunder 
    Dragon offers challenges to you, one of which allows you to enter the Silent 
    Realms again, but he'll be timing you. Technically, it doesn't matter. You are 
    back in the Silent Realm where Dusk Relics are found. You should be able to 
    collect them and keep them, but like I said, I haven't checked this yet.
    3) See Moonlight Merchant.
    Jelly Blob
    These things are going to be a bit tougher to pick up, considering that they 
    only drop off of enemies that you kill. They drop from three different types 
    of enemies, and they are Chu-Chus (blobs), Deku Baba (flowers), or Aracha 
    (those sand mites in the desert). I felt that the easiest one to track down 
    were the blobs, considering they show up literally everywhere. They type 
    doesn't matter, they drop rate is the same, which is very low. I found a 
    location that has a few of them, is easily resettable, and is nearby. There 
    may be dozens of good locations, but I don't think we need to explore them 
    all, unless there is one that is significantly better than here.
    1) Fly to Skyloft and land near the waterfall cave.
    2) Go in the waterfall cave, and clear all the enemies inside. You should 
    find about eight blobs in here, and you can roughly get one Jelly Blob in 
    every two cave runs. It's low, but it's easy.
    3) Exit the cave on either side once you've killed them all to reset them.
    4) Repeat 2 and 3 as many times as desired.
    Monster Claw
    Just like the Jelly Blobs, these Monster Claws are dropped by enemies. To 
    make it worse, they only come from one kind of enemy, which are Keese (bats). 
    It doesn't matter what version it is (regular, fire, electric, curse), 
    because the drop rate is the same. Also, just like the blobs, we can use the 
    same location.
    1) Fly to Skyloft and land near the waterfall cave.
    2) Go in the waterfall cave, and clear all the enemies inside. You should 
    find about twelve bats in here, and you can roughly get one claw per cave 
    run. Keep in mind that if a bat drops a claw, it'll make a distinct sound, so 
    it's not necessary to run to the corpse and check it's loot. These things have 
    a tendancy to fly all the way across a room upon death, but if it drops a 
    claw, you'll still hear it, even if you knock it back to Majora's Mask.
    3) Exit the cave on either side once you've killed them all to reset them.
    4) Repeat 2 and 3 as many times as desired.
    Monster Horn
    These drop from Bokoblins leaders (goblins), but since they are somewhat 
    uncommon, and even rarer in groups, you'll have to turn to an alternate 
    method of picking them up. Good thing that the alternate way is a fun way.
    1) Fly to the Volcano and land in Temple Entrance.
    2) On the side, there'll be four goblins standing together in a little camp. 
    Instead of charging in, try to creep up on them. When they see you, one of 
    them may take out a horn to signal all other local goblins that you have 
    arrived. This is exactly what you want. With your whip handy, as soon as you 
    see a goblin take out his horn, you can use your whip to snag it off of them. 
    You don't even need to kill him. Just take the treasure and run! They don't 
    always take out their horn and alert others, so you may need to do this a few 
    3) Turn around and zone into the Earth Temple if you killed them. Once in, 
    zone back out.
    4) Repeat 2 and 3 as many times as desired.
    5) See Moonlight Merchant.
    Ornamental Skull
    These drop from Bokoblins (goblins) of all sorts, except for the cursed ones.
    1) Fly to the Volcano and land in Temple Entrance.
    2) On the side, there'll be four goblins standing together in a little camp. 
    Run up to them, bully them a bit, and hopefully they'll drop your loot.
    3) Turn around and zone into the Earth Temple. Once in, zone back out.
    4) Repeat 2 and 3 as many times as desired.
    5) There's a rare chance that they will drop a golden skull instead of an 
    ornamental skull.
    Evil Crystal
    A manifestation of evil in a pretty purple ball! They have a small chance of 
    being looted after defeating a Cursed Bokoblin (goblin).
    1) See Moonlight Merchant.
    Blue Bird Feather
    A feather that is blue. Not much to it.
    1) See Bird Feather
    2) See Moonlight Merchant.
    Golden Skull
    A skull that is gold and shiny. Occassionally dropped by Cursed Bokoblins in 
    place of an Ornamental Skull.
    1) See Ornamental Skull.
    2) See Moonlight Merchant.
    Goddess Plume
    This is considered to be the rarest item that exists in game, mostly for the 
    reason that it doesn't drop from any enemy. Almost all others are lootable 
    after you defeat an enemy or are somewhat commonly found lying around in the 
    game here and there. But this one is much harder to find. There is no easy 
    way to gather these up. Fortunetly, this is also an item that is the least 
    required in game to upgrade items and equipment.
    1) See Moonlight Merchant.
    Moonlight Merchant
    The Moonlight Merchant is a gossip stone that sells you items. Not just any 
    items, but the harder to get items. It has unlimited amounts of them, but at 
    a high price. This is for the desperate or lazy, so be sure to bring a heavy 
    wallet with you. Note: This is only accessable after you have completed the 
    last Silent Realm event in Skyloft, and he only appears at night, hence the 
    name moonlight merchant.
    1) Fly to Skyloft and land near the waterfall cave.
    2) Go in the waterfall cave. Just like any gossip stone, look for a group of 
    butterflies and play your harp. It'll pop out and introduce itself.
    3) The menu on the first page consists of the following:
    Goddess Plume		200 Rupees
    Blue Bird Feather	200 Rupees
    Golden Skull		200 Rupees
    When you select other, it'll offer you these:
    Monster Horn		100 Rupees
    Dusk Relic		100 Rupees
    Evil Crystal		100 Rupees
    If you select other again, you'll exit his services and tell you that that is 
    all he has for sale. Even though he'll say "that's all I've got to sell right 
    now", it will be all that it will ever sell. The menu doesn't expand and the 
    prices won't change.
    If you do decide to use his services, he'll take your rupees and make a 
    treasure chest appear next to you. Pop it open and claim your treasure. If 
    you wish to make another purchase, you'll need to zone out and back in. The 
    treasure chest will dissapear, allowing the merchant to make another one show 
    up. This can be a bit annoying if you are looking to buy a few items from him 
    at the same time, but it sure beats the luck factor of hunting these down 
    If you find yourself on a mountain of treasure and not sure what to do with 
    it, or feel that you have a lot of extras after upgrading as much as you can, 
    you can always sell them! The person who will buy your treasure is the same 
    person who sells you shields and ammunition at the bazaar. He's none other 
    than the gear peddler, Rupin. He will only buy your treasures if you visit 
    him during the night, so find a bed and take a nap until it's dark out.
    Head to his house and talk to him. Out of the sixteen treasures total, he 
    will only buy four specific ones at a time. If you want to sell something 
    that he isn't buying that night, use the bed next to him in his house and 
    sleep until night. His buying list changes every night, so keep talking to 
    him every night to see if he'll buy what you are looking to get rid of. His 
    list of items that he'll buy is semi random. I called them Night A, B, C, and 
    D just to give them names, but which night you get is completely random. 
    However, he will always buy the same four items, as in he won't mix and match 
    Night A
    Hornet Larvae		20 Rupees
    Eldin Ore		30 Rupees
    Jelly Blob		30 Rupees
    Evil Crystal		30 Rupees
    Night B
    Bird Feather		20 Rupees
    Ancient Flower		30 Rupees
    Monster Claw		30 Rupees
    Blue Bird Feather	100 Rupees
    Night C
    Tumbleweed		20 Rupees
    Amber Relic		30 Rupees
    Monster Horn		30 Rupees
    Golden Skull		100 Rupees
    Night D
    Lizard Tail		20 Rupees
    Dusk Relic		30 Rupees
    Ornamental Skull	30 Rupees
    Goddess Plume		100 Rupees
    Hero Mode
    For those who don't know, Hero Mode is an option that is offered to you once 
    you beat the game for the first time. After the credits roll, it'll ask you 
    to save the game, and warn you that it'll delete everything. Out of paranoia, 
    I declined this the first time and decided to look it up. What it does is 
    that you'll start a brand new game, but it's twice as hard. All damage you 
    take is doubled, and enemies no longer drop recovery hearts. But in a few 
    ways, this is not a "brand new" game. The big thing here is that all 
    treasures and all insects you have collected will carry over into the new 
    game, allowing you essentially jumpstart your new game.With this info, you 
    now know that you can easily take advantage of this. How? Simple! Stock up 
    on a bit of everything! Collect all the treasure you can to upgrade your 
    items and shields immediatly. Collect a ton of bugs to upgrade your potions 
    to maximum efficiency. On your first play through of the game, you most 
    likely didn't have everything you wanted to upgrade stuff. Well, this section 
    here will help you out!
    Since this is a treasure guide, we're only going to talk about treasures. 99% 
    of all treasures are used with Gondo and upgrading the stuff you got. The 
    other 1% is a single Ancient Flower used to revive Scrapper, which 
    coincidentally is right behind Gondo, meaning that 100% of treasure is used 
    in the same spot.
    Here is a full list of the TOTAL amount of treasure you'll need to upgrade 
    everything. This means that when you beat the game and want to take on hero 
    mode, you want to have at least this amount of items to be ready for it.
    Hornet Larvae		4
    Bird Feather		5
    Tumbleweed		16
    Lizard Tail		7
    Eldin Ore		7
    Ancient Flower		8 (7 for upgrades, 1 for Scrapper)
    Amber Relic		25
    Dusk Relic		13
    Jelly Blob		8
    Monster Claw		17
    Monster Horn		8
    Ornamental Skull	12
    Evil Crystal		4
    Blue Bird Feather	5
    Golden Skull		4
    Goddess Plume		3
    Feel free to collect more than the amount shown. Keep in mind that since your 
    treasures carry over, you can sell the extras for quick rupees to help you 
    purchase other items. Also, if you dump all your rupees into the moonlight 
    merchant on Feathers, Skulls, or Plumes (200 each), you can sell those back 
    for 100 each, meaning you can effectively carry over half of your rupees. Not 
    a bad start, huh?
    ===FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS===========================================EEE===
    Coming soon.
    If you have any questions, comments, things that you believe I should 
    include, an easier method of doing things, anything at all, feel free to 
    shoot me an e-mail and let me know what's up. If it causes me to make a 
    significant change to this guide, I'll give you credit for it here.
    When sending an e-mail, be sure to set the subject to something like Treasure 
    FAQ, so I know you are trying to contact me about my guide, so I won't delete 
    it assuming it's junk/spam mail.
    www.gamefaqs.com is the ONLY website that I give permission to pose this 
    guide. If this is seen anywhere else, they did not ask me for permission, and 
    it should be removed from that site.
    All information that is displayed through out this guide has been gathered by 
    myself, through exploration of the game, and generic info found all over the 

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