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    Boss Rush Mode Guide by Aegis_Runestone

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/23/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Boss Rush Mode (Thunder Dragon's Battle Challenge) Guide
    By Andrew "Aegis Runestone" S.
    Version History:
    0.03 - 1/10/2012 - Just started! Table of Contents created, introduction
    written, and How Boss Rush Mode Works, along with How to Unlock it.
    0.22 - 1/11/2012 - Ghirahim - 1 and Scaldera written up; some tips added to 
    the Bosses section, and extra stuff added to How Boss Rush Mode Works.
    0.33 - 1/14/2012 - Added Moldarach, working on the Imprisoned - 1, and Prizes 
    section finished.
    0.38 - 1/15/2012 - Imprisoned - 1 finished; Koloktos being written up.
    0.43 - 1/18/2012 - Koloktos finished; Tentalus started.
    0.48 - 1/20/2012 - Tentalus finished; Ghirahim - 2 started.
    0.53 - 1/24/2012 - Ghirahim - 2 written up; Imprisoned - 2 started.
    0.75 - 1/26/2012 - Imprisoned - written up; Imprisoned - 3, Horde Battle,
    Ghirahim - 3, and Demise prepared; Conclusion, and Contact Info added.
    0.75.1 - 1/28/2012 - Fixed some spelling errors. Some 3rd party info on 
    Koloktos and Tentalus.
    0.75.2 - 1/31/2012 - Added a new trick thanks to 3rd party information about
    Guardian Potions, Stamina Potions, and the Potion Medal.
    0.75.3 - 2/1/2012 - Updated Scaldera with some tactical info.
    0.80 - 2/1/2012 - Wrote up Imprisoned - 3.
    0.82 - 2/6/2012 - Ghirahim - 1 updated with new tactics and advanced ways to
    get the best time with Ghirahim - 1, Scaldera, Moldarach, and Imprisoned - 1.
    0.87 - 2/10/2012 - Wrote up the Horde Battle, added some tricks from Paradise.
    0.89.5 - 2/18/2012 - Added Advanced time strategies for Koloktos, Tentalus,
    Ghirahim - 2, and Imprisoned - 2.
    0.89.6 - 2/23/2012 - Added some more tactical info on Tentalus thanks to 
    0.94.6 - 2/24/2012 - Ghirahim - 3 written up!
    0.94.7 - 3/15/2012 - Additional info on the Horde Battle!
    1.00 - 3/17/2012 - Guide completely finished with Paradise's strats and Demise
    written up.
    1.01 - 3/23/2012 - Added a trick when fighting Demise on the basic time
    WARNING! This guide contains SPOILERS for most of the game. Do NOT read this
    guide unless you don't mind being spoiled or have beaten the game.
    That said, here is the guide's table of contents.
    -=Table of Contents=-
    {Introduction}			- {INTRO}
    {How Boss Rush Mode Works}	- {WORKS}
    {How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode}	- {UNLOCK}
    {The Bosses and Tips}		- {BOSS00}
      A. {Ghirahim - 1}		- {BOSS01}
      B. {Scaldera}			- {BOSS02}
      C. {Moldarach}		- {BOSS03}
      D. {The Imprisoned - 1}	- {BOSS04}
      E. {Koloktos}			- {BOSS05}
      F. {Tentalus}			- {BOSS06}
      G. {Ghirahim - 2}		- {BOSS07}
      H. {The Imprisoned - 2}	- {BOSS08}
      L. {The Imprisoned - 3}	- {BOSS09}
      J. {Horde Battle}		- {BOSS10}
      K. {Ghirahim - 3}		- {BOSS11}
      M. {Demise}			- {BOSS12}
    {Prizes}			- {PRIZE}
    {Conclusion}			- {CONL}
    {Credits}			- {CRED}
    {Contact and Rules}		- {CRULES}
    -=Introduction=- 						- {INTRO}
    This is my first guide for a game ever. I've done reviews before, but I felt 
    like I was competent enough to create the Thunder Dragon's Challenge Guide. 
    For now, I'm only doing Boss Rush Mode, despite the fact that I refer to this 
    as the "Thunder Dragon's Challenge," which also includes the Silent Realms. 
    I may add those later.
    I will also go over how to get the best times (at least, best to my 
    experience) when fighting the bosses.
    What I've included can be seen on the table of contents, but I'll explain a 
    little of what they are.
    First, we have "How Boss Rush Mode Works." This section will describe the 
    inner workings of the Thunder Dragon's Challenge for bosses. It'll help those 
    who are confused about the mode's functions. Granted, you can probably figure 
    it out for yourself, but I'm going to go over it anyway for others and to make
    this guide more complete.
    Second, we have "How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode." This section obviously tells 
    you how you can obtain this mode in the game; when, where, and how. Again, 
    this is for the sake of those having trouble, and also to make the guide 
    more complete.
    Third, we have the list of the bosses themselves. The names here are 
    spoiler-related, so be warned for the second time. Turn back NOW if you don't
    want spoilers. Each boss will have a strategy related to it, and how to get
    the best time. If there is a better strategy or a better way to get a faster
    time you can get, please email me with your information, and I'll add it and
    you to the credits.
    NOTE: In the third section, there is my way of getting the best time, and then
    there's the "advanced" Paradise from GameFAQs provided videos of how he got
    the best time for each boss. Both ways will be listed for you to try as
    Paradise's tactics may require more skill, and you may want to practice mine
    which I call the "basic how-to's."
    Here are his videos:
    Fourth is the prize section. You do get prizes for winning battles, and they 
    are worth it if you can pull off the fights.
    Finally, at the end, we have my conclusion, credits and contact information, 
    along with some rules about contacting me and use of this guide.
    That all said, let's start the guide for real!
    -=How Boss Rush Mode Works=- 					- {WORKS}
    -Selecting a Boss-
    When you approach the Thunder Dragon. He'll ask you if you want to do battle
    or Silent Realms. Obviously, since this Boss Rush Mode, choose Battle. The 
    Thunder Dragon will then ask you the period of time in your game in which to 
    fight the bosses. You can choose any boss once you've selected a time period
    (which are "The Beginning," "The Middle," and "Later on.") within that
    time period. You'll have four bosses to choose from when you select a period.
    The Thunder Dragon explains the rules: you cannot use ANY Adventure Pouch 
    items (except your shield) while running through boss rush mode. That means 
    no potions, no extra quivers, no medals, etc. You'll only have a max of 20 
    arrows, 20 slingshot ammunition, and 10 bombs. Use your items wisely and 
    watch your hearts. You also can only use the items you had when you faced 
    the boss. However, your current shield and the True Master Sword will remain 
    the same, making some early bosses easy to defeat.
    While you get to choose the first boss you face, in the following battles,
    you will NOT get to choose the next boss to face. For the rest of Boss Rush
    Mode, the Thunder Dragon chooses for you. After every battle you win, you may
    quit at any time; however, once you are in a battle you cannot quit and leave.
    The only way to leave while in battle is to lose the fight, which gets you a
    game over screen.
    -Bosses You Will Face-
    The bosses you will face/can choose from are the ones you've already beaten.
    This means you can face up to Imprisoned - 3 when can first access Boss Rush
    Mode (unless you didn't go to Faron Woods first).
    -Time Records-
    Every time you face a boss for the first time, the record is 59.99.99 (59
    minutes, 99 seconds, and 99 centiseconds). Obviously, you'll beat that record
    the first time you face the boss if you win. By beating a record of your own
    or by fighting the boss for the first time in Boss Rush Mode, the Thunder 
    Dragon will give you 50 ruppees as a reward. If you don't beat your record, 
    you obviously won't get the 50 ruppees.
    -Hearts and Hero Mode-
    Certain bosses like Ghirahim - 1 and Scaldera will have hearts available 
    for recovery. If you just fought a hard boss that took away quite a bit of 
    health from you, and you face one of these bosses. Take the time to get all 
    the hearts in that area; it'll save your life. Unfortunately, in Hero Mode, 
    hearts do not appear, neither do heart flowers. This makes it much, much more
    difficult to recover health, especially since you cannot use potions or 
    a heart medal, or any type of pouch item. Regardless, on normal mode, you'll 
    want to gather as many hearts as possible when the opportunity is provided to
    Once you defeat a boss battle, you are offered a prize. The prize can ONLY be
    taken if you decide to quit Boss Rush Mode. You can choose to advance to the 
    next random boss to get a better prize, however. There are only two prizes 
    that are one-time and will be replaced by something else. See the prizes 
    section for more details.
    -=How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode=- 				- {UNLOCK}
    This is very simple. You save the Thunder Dragon, get his part of the Song of 
    the Hero from him. And then you should be able to access Boss Rush Mode by 
    talking to him. Make sure thatthe Timeshift Crystal has been activated in that
    area or he won't be there (don't ask why, even though he's supposed to live 
    for thousands of years according to the lore).
    And that's it; pretty simple.
    WARNING: There is a game-ending glitch that can occur here. If you save the
    Thunder Dragon before doing any of the other dragon quests, and talk to Golo
    the Goron twice AFTER getting the Thunder Dragon's Song of the Hero, but
    BEFORE going to the other dragons, your save will be glitched.
    Basically, you won't be able to continue the game with this glitch. Nothing
    will happen in Faron or Eldin. However, Nintendo did patch this glitch. It's
    on the Wii Shop Channel, and costs 0 Wii points (in other words, it's free).
    -=The Bosses and Tips=-			 			- {BOSS00}
    Onto the meat of this guide! Bosses, again, are randomized after you defeat 
    the first boss you picked. Here are the list of bosses, how to get the best 
    times (according to my experience), and how to beat them. Though, here are 
    some tips first.
    1. Start with a boss you have difficulty with first, and then move on because
    then you have a chance of facing an easier boss later on that might let you 
    replenish hearts easily.
    2. Make sure you're using the Goddess Shield or the Hylian Shield because the
    former can repair itself and the latter is unbreakable. Both shields handle 
    all types of elements so you have no need of the Iron or Wooden Shield.
    3. Take as little damage as possible. This is easier said than done, 
    especially against bosses like Tentalus. But avoid taking damage if you can. 
    Every heart on your life meter counts, and could tip the balance in your favor
    against certain bosses.
    4. Go get as many Heart Containers as you can. This means getting Pieces of 
    Heart. You can only have a max of 18 hearts since you can't use the Life 
    Medals. I recommend having at least 16 hearts before challenging Boss Rush 
    5. The Potion Trick from MariosLink. If you have a fully upgraded Guardian
    Potion and/or Stamina Potion and a Potion Medal, drink the potion before
    you ask the Dragon for Boss Rush Mode. With the Guardian Potion, you'll be
    invicible for NINE minutes. With a Stamina Potion, there will be a similar
    effect. The Guardian Potion trick allows you blow through multiple bosses
    quickly, while the Stamina Potion trick is helpful against bosses that require
    you to dash a lot; like the Imprisoned, or the Horde Battle. Stamina Potions
    are also handy if you plan to use a lot of spin attacks.
    6. From Paradise: Back-hand swinging in dueling bosses. This means you don't
    need to position the sword a certain way to swing in any particular direction.
    For example (with Ghirahim - 1), right after you draw the sword to open the
    fight, hold your sword out to your right, then when you attack, swing it
    backhanded even further right--this is done to get past his hand grab with 
    near 100% accuracy. This applies to nearly every enemy which is capable of
    blocking your attacks.
    7. From Paradise: Z-targetting. Avoid Z-targetting bosses unless you're
    standing right next to them. Z-targetting will slow you down.
    8. From Paradise: "Attack Cancelling Trick." This speeds up sword slashes.
    Basically, you make a standard horizontal slash and then jab with the nunchuck
    a split second later to make a spin attack. This attack requires practice,
    and is great for dueling fights, like with Ghirahim.
    -=Ghirahim - 1=-			 			- {BOSS01}
    You fought this boss in Skyview Temple. If you are hurt from fighting a 
    difficult boss, then use the opportunity to destroy all the pots with your 
    sword to gain some life.
    -=How to beat him=-
    Ghirahim is pretty easy once you know his pattern. First, he will try to take 
    your sword if it is drawn. If you have not drawn your sword, he will try to 
    smack you with his arm when he gets into melee range. But, always, you should
    have your sword drawn when facing Ghirahim. Then, he'll draw a sword and fight
    you with it.
    -Phase 1-
    Ghirahim will walk around, weaponless, with his hand out. He will try to grab
    your sword. Watch where his hand is facing. For example, If it is facing 
    downwards do NOT use a vertical strike that goes from the bottom to the top. 
    He'll grab  your sword. Instead, for this example, use vertical strikes or 
    diagonal strikes from above. One thing, though, Ghirahim will stop moving
    his hand after a couple seconds, giving you time to figure out which way
    to swing. Moving your sword around slowly will give you an idea of when to
    If Ghirahim grabs your sword, swing the wiimote upward sharply. It will get 
    your sword out of his grip. But, if he holds onto it too long, he'll take it 
    from you. In melee range, he'll just try to swing your sword at you, but if 
    you're at a distance, then he will throw it at you. To counter this, dash 
    away, and then find where your sword landed, and pick it up before Ghirahim 
    does. Fortunately, he's just walking, so he probably won't get to it. Whatever
    you do, though, DO NOT shield bash if he throws the sword at you. It'll just
    bounce back to him, and he'll pick it up again. Granted, if you keep shield 
    bashing, he can't hurt you, but you can't hurt him. So, it'll waste your time.
    -Phase 2-
    At this point, Ghirahim will draw his own black sword. There a few attacks 
    he'll follow with this. First is what I call "the blocking attack." Ghirahim 
    will raise his sword either vertically to his side, or horizontally above his 
    head. If you hit his sword, he will automatically counter, taking a heart away
    from your life meter. I have not tried shield bashing to prevent the counter
    since he attacks VERY quickly.
    One of the other things he'll do is summon a line of red glowing black 
    daggers. The line will either be diagonal, vertical or horiztonal. You can 
    either shield bash to deflect a dagger into Ghirahim or you can try to swing
    in the direction that the daggers are lined up when they come at you. Your 
    sword, if timed right, will deflect them all back into Ghirahim, dealing 
    In Phase 2, Ghirahim likes to teleport. Especially behind you. Avoid this as
    he might attack or prepare a blocking attack.
    Finally, Ghirahim will bring his sword back and dash at you with a strong 
    swing. This can be easily countered using a horizontal spin attack. If timed
    correctly, Ghirahim will be stunned, allowing you to get more hits in.
    After all this, you will be able to beat him.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    In my experience, you should, in Phase 1, NEVER let Ghirahim grab your sword,
    it wastes a second or more depending on how long you let him hold it. Also,
    never let him wield your sword, as that will waste time, too. As mentioned
    before, DO NOT shield bash when he throws the sword because that will waste 
    your time as well. Simply put, don't let him get your sword. Instead, plan
    carefully and then strike in the appropriate direction. It takes about 3-4 
    strikes with the True Master Sword to get him to move onto Phase 2.
    In Phase 2, do your best to hit him where his sword is not positioned during
    his blocking attack. Then, in his dash attack, always spin attack when he is
    about to reach you, stunning him and allowing you extra hits in. Finally, for
    the daggers, I recommend shield bashing unless you're good enough to deflect 
    the daggers with your sword. Doing all these things carefully, yet quickly can
    get you a record of under a minute or even 30 seconds.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    This is Paradise's strategy on how to get the best time. In Phase 1,
    immediately draw your sword and hold it out to your right as you approach.
    Once you're within striking distance, swing your arm even further right (in
    game, Link will adjust and swing left to right), and a split second later jab
    the nunchuk. If done correctly, Link will immediately follow up the first hit
    with a spin attack--while the spin attack is going on, stab repeatedly to
    chain a stab attack to the end of the combo, forcing Ghirahim to jump back and
    move onto the next phase of the fight.
    In Phase 2, you will need a little luck to get a time under ten seconds, since
    he can do the wrong actions and ruin your run. Your first set of attacks
    should be approached exactly as in phase one; hold the sword out to your right,
    swing it even further right when you get in striking range, and immediately
    jab the nunchuk to go into a spin. Now, hesitate for a split second before
    approaching him again (this seems to increase the chance of him trying his
    charge attack next, which is what you want). Wait until after you hear him
    grunt as he readies his charge, and then do another attack to spin combo to
    finish him off. With the charge, remember to swing in the same direction he
    does, or you will miss (IE if he charges past you to the left, swing left to
    right, and vice versa).
    -=Scaldera=-			 				- {BOSS02}
    You fought this thing in the Earth Temple. If you are hurt from fighting a 
    difficult boss, this is the best fight to recover hearts. After fighting 
    Tentalus, I was able to go from about 2 hearts to 12 just by using the heart 
    flowers there.
    -=How to beat it=-
    Scaldera doesn't really have phases. The only time it changes is when you've 
    dealt a lot of damage to it, and then it'll stand on its legs, high enough 
    so it is walking above you. Regardless, this boss's pattern remains pretty 
    much the same.
    You start out facing Scaldera. It's best to run up the ramp, away from the 
    boss, to where the bombs are. If you are low on bombs, stock up, and then 
    when Scaldera explodes on a bomb flower, chase it down the ramp. When you get
    there, Scaldera will get up, and start sucking in the air. Throw or roll a 
    bomb (either works) into its mouth, and it will explode from the inside. Then,
    its eye is revealed.
    Slash away at the eye. I recommend stabbing it to avoid your sword bouncing 
    off the rocky material in order to get the most damage in. Because you are 
    using the True Master Sword, you will most likely get Scaldera into its 
    "second" phase, where it stands up and runs up the ramp quickly. It will still
    roll down the ramp upon exploding against a bomb flower. Since, 90% of the 
    time, you'll be behind the boss, run to either side and avoid him rolling
    into you. Scaldera will then roll ALL the way to the bottom of the ramp. 
    Dashing after it is recommended to get to it in time to throw or roll a bomb
    into its mouth.
    This time, if you didn't kill it before, the eye will move away from your 
    sword to another side of the head. This is quite annoying as sometimes, there
    will be rock blocking your way into the eye. Stab or slash the eye one or 
    more times, and you'll defeat it.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    It's hard to get a time that will probably be better than what you got with
    the first fight with Ghirahim. Stabbing the eye when Scaldera is down is 
    probably the fastest and best way to kill it in a good amount of time before
    it can stand up again (I'm not certain because I haven't tried that strategy).
    Make sure you always get a bomb in its mouth before it finishes sucking in 
    the air. Once it's done doing that, it'll shoot out fireballs. You'll only 
    take a heart of damage if you're hit because the Fireshard Earrings, but try
    to avoid damage as much as possible because you'll need EVERY heart that you
    can take.
    In any case, make sure Scaldera does not get a chance to throw fireballs, and
    try to kill it as fast as possible by not hitting the rocky parts of its face
    (easier said than done). If you follow these tactics, you'll most likely get a
    record of a little over a minute or less.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    This is Paradise's strategy on how to get the best time. Select your bombs,
    and let Scaldera approach you. When it's in range (which won't take long),
    throw a bomb at him. The explosion will send Scaldera rolling down the ramp.
    As normal, throw a bomb when the boss is sucking in the air. Then when it's
    down, use vertical strikes on its eye. Be sure to be as close as possible
    without being too close.
    Scaldera will get up. Now, you can strike the eye before it lights up in
    flames because there is a gap between the two rocks that exposes the eye. You
    can either use a Skyward Strike (which might possibly be easier). Or, you can
    strike with your sword alone. The slashes must be completely vertical slashes 
    (an upward motion is the most reliable, according to Paradise). Because of the
    gap, your sword should go right through the gap.
    Scaldera cannot be on fire, or you'll miss every time.
    -=Moldarach=-			 				- {BOSS03}
    You fought this boss in the Lanayru Mining Facility. There are no hearts in 
    this area, so be warned.
    -=How to beat it=-
    Moldarach has two phases. One with its claws, and one without them. Your goal
    is to put out its eye, which is only possible in phase 2.
    -Phase 1-
    Despite the fact that you have the True Master Sword, you still need to deal a
    lot of damage to the claws. I have no idea why this is, but it's the way it 
    works. Anyway, You start off facing Moldarach, it'll open its claws every once
    in awhile, revealing an eye. The claw will also be positioned in such a way
    that only swinging your sword in a certain direction will make contact with 
    the eye.
    Moldarach will try to grab you. When it's about to grab you, you'll see one of
    the claw's eyes turn red. At this point, jump away, and the boss will let out
    a roar, trying to grab you. If it suceeds in grabbing you, you'll lose a 
    heart, and have to struggle to get out.
    Once you've destroyed one claw, Moldarach will sometimes attack with its tail.
    This is obvious when the remaining claw's eye has not gone red, but Moldarach
    still roars. To avoid to the tail, just jump back. I believe a shield bash or
    just holding up your shield will work as well.
    The second claw works like the first. Just slash and dodge until it is
    destroyed. Then, it will reveal its main eye in the center. Though, this eye
    will be revealed for about a second and then Moldarach will dive underneath 
    the sand.
    Pull out your Gust Bellows, and aim for the large moving mound of sand. That's
    where the boss is hiding. Be wary, for if it stays too long underneath the 
    sand, Moldarach's tail will come out of the sand to attack you. Since you're 
    using your bellows, your guard may be down, and you'll get hit. To avoid this,
    listen for the boss's familar roar. When you hear that, put away your Gust 
    Bellows, and either dash away or bring your shield quickly.
    Now, blow away the large moving mound of sand to reveal the boss. When you do,
    it'll jump out back onto the arena. You'll see its eye, and 99% of the time,
    it'll turn red as soon as Moldarach gets out of the sand. That's a warning 
    sign that it's about to ram you and take away THREE hearts. It'll take a 
    second for it to "charge" up its ram, so you'll have the time to block with
    your shield.
    When the eye is revealed, stab at it and make sure you're close. Stabbing is
    the only way to deal damage to the main eye. It'll take about four hits before
    you kill Moldarach and between those hits, it'll retreat to the sand where you
    have to get it out again using your Gust Bellows.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    During Phase 1, NEVER let yourself get grappled by a claw. Not only do you
    lose health, but you lose precious seconds trying to escape. Also, avoid the
    tail at all costs when you've destroyed a claw.
    In Phase 2, it's a matter of getting it out of the sand quickly. This a matter
    of luck and skill, so don't sweat it if you can't get Moldarach to come out 
    immediately. Once it's out, stab as fast as you can, and shield bash the tail 
    and ramming attacks to avoid getting knocked over and losing a lot of health.
    Do not be afraid of Moldarach during any phase, though. Above, I made it sound
    really difficult to get it out of the sand with the Gust Bellows. In reality,
    it's not that hard; the Gust Bellows remove a lot of sand very quickly, and if
    you aim it well, you'll get Moldarach out in no time. Be offensive most of the
    time, and defensive when you have to. You should score a good time.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    This is Paradise's strategy on how to get the best time. Phase 1; Run up to
    Moldarach, and draw your sword. Wait for it to try to grab you and shield bash
    the claw. This will actually allow you to get multiple strikes in before it
    Repeat this process for both claws until they die. They should die fast enough
    that Moldarach will not have time to use its tail. Make sure that your shield
    bashes have pinned Moldarach against a wall when entering Phase 2.
    In Phase 2, use pure stabbing into its eye to finish it. This will only work
    if Moldarach has been pinned against a wall due to you shield bashing its
    claws, then it won't even get a chance to go underneath the sand.
    -=The Imprisoned - 1=-		 				- {BOSS04}
    This fought this ugly brute in the Sealed Grounds. The Imprisoned can be very
    intimidating. Fortunately, this form of the Imprisoned is VERY easy to defeat,
    and there are two ways of defeating him.
    -=How to beat him=-
    The first way is to basically just destroy his toes, back and front with your
    sword. Since this is a battle before you had the bow or some other ranged 
    weapon, you'll have to use your sword. No problem, though, because you have
    the True Master Sword, and each toe will go down in 1-2 hits. Not to mention
    the toes may--rarely--drop a heart. 
    When you kill all the toes, the Imprisoned will fall over backwards and you
    must run around to the head and then slash the sealing spike in its head 
    (technically, it's in the Imprisoned's nose. I bet that's embarrassing). It
    takes three upward strikes to push the spike in and it will cause the 
    Imprisoned to get up again. Repeat this process to beat it.
    The second way of beating the Imprisoned is by going up an air vent to the
    level above it and jumping onto his head where the sealing spike is and
    slashing it. You must slash down-ward instead of upward because you're right-
    -side up. Also, be careful as the Imprisoned might try to throw you off his
    head, wasting your time, and not to mention getting to the Temple more 
    quickly. Though, this version of the Imprisoned tends to not throw you off as
    easily as the next form.
    If you're successful on his head, it'll knock you off and then push the spike
    back out. Then, repeat the process.
    NOTE: When the Imprisoned gets up, it will lie on its belly and go up the ramp
    very quickly by sliding. Get up an air vent or two (depending on what strategy
    you chose), and continue your attacks once it stands up.
    The second time the Imprisoned gets up is no different than his behavior in
    its first "phase." It's the *third time* he gets up that he becomes 
    dangerous--that is, if you're using the "kill the toe" strategy. 
    First, the Imprisoned moves a bit faster, and second, it sends out red 
    shockwaves from his feet when he stomps. Each shockwave that hits you will 
    deal a heart of damage each if you get hit. Your shield can protect you from 
    this, but it'll put you behind the Imprisoned. You can avoid the shockwaves as
    they have a limited range, and when you  destroy on the toes on one leg, that
    leg no longer sends out shockwaves (it will send out a single, one-time 
    shockwave after all the toes are gone), and it will move more slowly. If you
    are not careful with dodging the shockwaves, this is a fight where you 
    could lose a lot of hearts. So, be cautious. When you've knocked him over for
    the third time, slash the spike and he'll die.
    If you're using the "land on its head" strategy, it's a bit easier. You just
    have to make sure you dash over to the head and then land on it. Again, slash
    the spike, and he'll die.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    In my experience, using the "land on its head" strategy gives you the best
    time. Why? First, you don't have to chase down the Imprisoned's toes and spend
    time killing them. Instead, you just jump on the head and deal the damage you
    need to deal immediately.
    Second, you don't have to deal with the shockwaves on the third phase. Being
    hit by shock-waves will just knock you over, take a heart of life away, and
    you'll spend a second or two to get up--that's still precious time.
    So, the "land on the head" strategy is the best for getting the best time on
    the Imprisoned.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    This is Paradise's strategy on how to get the best time. His strategy is very
    similar to mine. You still jump on the head. The first time you jump on the
    head goes the same way, just strike the spike inwards. Then, the Imprisoned
    will knock you off.
    NOTE: There a couple of nice tricks you can use on the Imprisoned. First, use
    rolls to get around faster along with dashing. The second is to strike the
    spike in once and then use a vertical spin attack, which will drive the spike
    in completely.
    However, the second time is when Paradise's strategy changes. Go up a couple
    of air vents and then draw your sword, use Z-targetting to see the ramp below
    to where the Imprisoned is. Then, as soon as he starts getting up, Jump down
    on the Imprisoned's head before the boss pushes out the sealing spike. When
    the boss is done roaring, you'll find yourself back on its head, ready to
    drive the spike in.
    NOTE: You MUST be right over the Imprisoned for this to work! So, figure out
    which vents are best to use and position yourself appropriately.
    Repeat this process for the third time the Imprisoned gets up, and you'll
    finish with an excellent time.
    -=Koloktos=-			 				- {BOSS05}
    You fought this boss in the Ancient Cistern. This great, mechanical monster 
    can be tough if you're not good with the whip. Koloktos has two phases, one 
    with axes, and one with swords. In Phase 1, it'll cover its core with hands 
    that are wielding axes, and in Phase 2, it'll be protected by a cage.
    -=How to beat it=-
    -Phase 1-
    Koloktos starts by throwing axes at you while keeping its core covered. The
    key to beating the boss is to get close to it. If it's already thrown its axes
    at you, face Koloktos and then jump back repeatedly until you're right against
    the wall. The axes will then smash into the ground in front of you harmlessly.
    Then, dash up to Koloktos before it pulls out more axes to throw at you. In
    truth, it'll still pull out axes, but when you're close, it'll not throw them,
    it'll try to slash you with them, smashing its arm into ground.
    When it smashes its arm into the ground, MAKE SURE YOU DODGE IT. The best way
    to dodge the attack is to dodge to the side, preferably to the side furtherest
    from the arm, and then pull out your whip and grab the middle of Koloktos's 
    arm (you'll see a targeting arrow over the part you need to whip), and then 
    pull it out, separating the arm from Koloktos's body. It will throw its axes
    again, so dodge like I told you before. Then approach, and repeat the process
    until you take out two of Koloktos's arms. Then, Koloktos will try to smash
    you with both arms that were covering its core. JUMP BACKWARDS. Do not jump to
    the side. If you jump to the side, you'll get hit, and Koloktos will bring its
    arms up again to block the core.
    What you must do here is when the arms are smashed into the ground is to pull
    it out with your whip like before. There's also a small window in which you
    can grab the other arm and pull it out, but it won't always work. Repeat this
    process, and then the core will be exposed.
    Once the core is exposed, slash it up. Koloktos will then reform its arms, and
    then go back into its attack pattern. Repeat the process (it's faster than you
    think) until you move into Phase 2.
    NOTE: During the part where Koloktos has only two arms guarding the core and
    two arms with axes, things change. If you get too close, it will try to slice
    you with its axes. It will also randomly throw its axes at you from time to
    time. Eventually, you'll get a chance at those arms guarding the core, though.
    So don't fret.
    -Phase 2-
    Koloktos, after taking a beating, has had enough. It breaks out of the center,
    stands up, and draws swords for each arm. Intimidating, right? Not really. 
    Koloktos is still, while challenging, predictable. It start approaching you,
    but not doing anything yet.
    Then, Koloktos will try to smash you with THREE arms. Dodge, and then take out
    one of them with your whip, and Koloktos will drop a sword. Pick it up, and 
    slash its legs, knocking the boss down. Then, as fast as you can, slash up the
    cage on the core until its destroyed and then damage the core.
    Now, it'll start swinging its swords in a flowing motion while walking toward
    you. Sometimes, Koloktos will destroy some pillars. The pillars will drop 
    hearts, and it's tempting to go after them, but DON'T DO IT. Koloktos WILL hit
    you, you'll lose a heart, only to gain a heart or vice-versa. It's a waste of
    NOTE: I got an email from Anonymous (they wanted it that way) with info on
    Koloktos: "in Phase 2 of Koloktos' fight, Koloktos doesn't have to be the one
    who destroys the pillars with hearts in them. After you whip an arm off him,
    you can grab one of his swords and break down the pillars yourself. But when
    this happens, you have to make sure you're not standing too close when the
    pillars collapse, because pieces of them can fall and hit Link (causing a 
    heart of damage AND wasting time, just to get the heart in the pillar)."
    Before the boss starts swinging, though, it'll summon some undead bokoblins.
    Kill these bokoblins (you do not need to use a fatal blow on these ones). They
    sometimes will drop hearts. These are safer to grab because Koloktos may not
    have started swinging yet. (And even if it is swinging its swords, you can 
    technically control where the hearts drop, unlike with the pillars.) 
    Regardless, they are an opportunity to recover health if you've lost some.
    Then Koloktos will repeat the pattern of slamming three arms down. Separate an
    arm, take a sword and repeat the process of killing its legs and core. Keep 
    repeating, and you'll defeat it.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    In both phases, AVOID GETTING HIT BY THE ARMS. If you do, Koloktos will just
    pull up the arm(s) immediately, giving you no chance to whip the arm and pull
    it off of Koloktos. Also, getting hit in the swinging phase of its attacks 
    will knock you down and put you closer to Koloktos, giving it a chance to hit
    you again during the swinging phase.
    In Phase 1, avoid staying away from the bosses or Koloktos will just throw
    axes forever and you'll never make any progress in killing it.
    In Phase 2, kill the Undead Bokoblins, otherwise, they'll curse you and you'll
    won't be to use your sword or items for a bit, and because of that you can't
    use the whip to remove the arms.
    That's all the tips I have for getting the best time. Go at it!
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    You start Phase 1 by dashing up to the boss, and selecting your whip. Just
    like I told you in the strategy, you need to be close to have Koloktos attack
    you in melee range with its axes.
    Allow Koloktos to strike, and immediately jump to the side that's left of the
    attack to avoid getting hit. Whip immediately, and pull off its arm. Repeat
    this process until Koloktos only has two arms left. Then, run away so it'll
    start throwing the axes at you.
    Now, instead of dodging the thrown axes, dash up to Koloktos just as it throws
    the axes at you. Draw your sword, and use the "Attack Cancelling Trick" (see
    tips in the "Bosses" section above), and then follow up with a veritcal spin
    attack on its core. This should damage the boss enough that it'll not have a
    chance to even recover its axes before they return to it.
    This will be enough damage to force Koloktos to enter Phase 2. Select your
    whip, dash forward, and then jump backwards when Koloktos swings to avoid
    getting hit. Pull out an arm, grab the sword that falls, and slash up
    Koloktos as you normally would. Make sure to use vertical strikes as they seem
    to have less recovery time than horizontal.
    Just repeat this process (remember to kill the Cursed Bokoblins as they come),
    and you'll win with an excellent time.
    -=Tentalus=-			 				- {BOSS06}
    You fought this boss on the Sandship. This is the one which requires you to 
    use both Skyward Strikes and the Bow to defeat him. Tentalus has three Phases.
    He swaps between Phase 1 and Phase 2 regularly, and then finally starts 
    destroying the ship, leading to Phase 3.
    -=How to beat him=-
    -Phase 1-
    There are no mind-blowing strategies for this Phase, I have found an
    interesting trick. I'll talk about it below.
    NOTE: You can fall off the ship in this battle, but you won't take any 
    damage--it's like falling down any other pit.
    To begin, Tentalus will start smashing tentacles through the deck of the ship
    upwards. If you're standing on one of the spots where a tentacle will come 
    out, it'll hit you, and you'll take damage. Sometimes, a tentacle will just 
    whack you for damage, but most of the time it'll grab you, and you'll have to
    shake your wiimote and nunchuk to escape. I've never seen what happens if you
    don't escape, but I assume it either throws you onto the deck or into the water.
    Regardless, you need to destroy these tentacles using Skyward Strikes. Now,
    the Skyward Strike CANNOT be completely vertical. Any other direction BUT
    vertical will work. When you use a Skyward Strike on a tentacle, it'll be
    severed and Tentalus will take damage. 
    Now for my trick: a well-placed Skyward Strike can sever multiple tentacles
    at once. This is extremely hard to do, but if you can get it down somehow,
    it'll speed up the battle considerably.
    Once you've severed enough tentacles, Tentalus will reveal himself.
    -Phase 2-
    This is an irritating Phase. Why? Because it's hard to hit the eye with your
    Tentalus will start by appearing in the water before the front of the deck.
    He'll try to smash you with his large arm-like tentacles one at a time.
    Tentalus has one large eye, and you need to hit it with your bow. The annoying
    factor in this is whenever Tentalus prepares to swing one of his arms by
    leaning back, his eye leans back as  well,  changing the angle at which the
    eye is at. This makes it difficult to perform a straight shot at his eye 
    because sometimes the arrow will just bounce off his rubbery flesh instead of
    striking the eye.
    NOTE: Skyward Strikes are useless against Tentalus in Phase 2. Neither his
    body nor his eye will react to a Skyward Strike.
    WARNING: If you waste too much time trying to hit the eye, Tentalus will drop
    back down into the water and restart Phase 1. - from anonymous (same person
    who gave the Koloktos info).
    Now, it is possible to hit the eye. The best time to hit the eye with an arrow
    is right after dogding his attack and before he leans back again to attack you
    After you strike his eye, Tentalus will fall on the deck, and his eye will be
    vulernable to your sword. Run up as close as you can, and strike as many times
    as you can before Tentalus gets up. After this, he'll drop into the water 
    again, and he'll start Phase 1 up again. However, this time, there will be a
    few more tentacles appearing, so be prepared.
    NOTE: Some Phase 2 info from Luigi: "I just wanted to say that when battling
    Tentalus Phase 2, you can prepare a skyward strike and when it tries to slam
    you with its tentacles you can dodge him, and then Skyward Strike him. If done
    correctly, his tentacle arm should sever from his body. Then you have a small
    window of time in which his face will stay still, allowing you to shoot an 
    arrow to his eye."
    Repeat Phase 1's process, and then Tentalus will show himself again on the
    left or right side.
    Then repeat Phase 2's process until he goes back to Phase 1, in which the
    tentacles will rise out of the deck en masse. This can make things difficult
    or easy, depending on how good you are with your Skyward Strikes.
    On the third time he appears, Tentalus's Phase 2 pattern changes very 
    slightly. After an attack, he'll almost immediately lean back to attack again.
    Dodge and get your bow out as fast as you can, and try to hit the eye. When
    you successfully do so, strike the eye with the sword as usual.
    Once you've knocked Tentalus's Phase 2 three times, he'll start destroying the
    ship's deck. A box will fall onto the deck, allowing you to get up to the
    upper deck of the remaing part of the ship. 
    Be warned, as you climb up the box and onto the upper deck, barrels will be
    rolling across the upper deck onto the bottom one, and if one heads your way,
    it'll smash into you (unless you dodge it) and you'll lose a heart. However,
    you must get to the upper deck before Tentalus destroys the lower one, or else
    something bad happens.
    -Phase 3-
    Tentalus will rise right in front of Naryu's symbol on the deck. There will be
    a pause, but then his "hair" will start attacking you in the form of eels. Use
    your sword (don't Skyward Strike) to sever the eels. Rarely, they will drop
    hearts upon death, but it is difficult to grab them as he'll  send more of his
    hair to attack you, and you'll easily get hit. Don't go after the hearts
    unless you are really good at dodging those eels.
    Once the eels are gone, Tentalus's eye is open enough to shoot at. This is
    much easier than before as Tentalus does not lean back to attack you (at least
    from my experience, he doesn't. I never gave him the opportunity to do 
    anything after I killed the eels), and you have a clear shot into his eye.
    Again, once you've struck the eye, slash Tentalus up. Then, he'll get up, and
    then just repeat your attacks because Phase 3 doesn't change.
    NOTE: When you drop below 10 arrows, an arrow pick-up will appear to replenish
    your arrow supply.
    After slashing up his eye enough, you will defeat Tentalus.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    A lot of it depends on how you handle Phase 1, and how good your aim is in
    Phase 2. Phase 3 doesn't seem to matter as long as you're fast at killing the
    In Phase 1, time your Skyward Strikes well, and try not to miss. Remember, NO
    vertical Skyward Strikes as they will just hit the tentacle, and instead of
    severing it, it will just drop into the deck below. Also, if some tentacles
    get in a line, you can sever multiple tentacles at once. That increases the
    speed of the battle.
    In Phase 2, it's hard to master this, but if you never miss with your bow, 
    it'll increase the speed of the battle immensely.
    That's the best I can give you. Good luck!
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    Start the battle by selecting your bow, and then putting it away.
    In Phase 1, draw your sword and charge a Skyward Strike. Take down as many as
    you can, efficiently. After four tentacles are down, jump into the water, and
    you will find yourself getting up just to face Tentalus rising from the water.
    Since Tentalus drops arrows, just spam your bow at his eye until you get a hit
    on it.
    Then, run up to the edge (don't jump off), and slash Tentalus's eye up. Once
    he is roaring in pain, jump into the water in front of him.
    Phase 1 will start again. Kill four tentacles and then jump off the ship again
    to continue on with the battle.
    NOTE: The video shows that once you're charged with a Skyward Strike, you can
    use a spin attack to sever multiple tentacles at once.
    Again, when you get up, Phase 2 will have started again, and Tentalus will
    already be up out of the waters. Spam your bow again until you hit the eye,
    and then slash him up. Again, jump into the water in front of him.
    This third time in Phase 1, use Skyward charged spin attacks since the
    tentacles are coming in massive numbers. Once four of them are down, dash into
    the water.
    Phase 2 again - just repeat what you've been doing, and then Tentalus will
    enter Phase 3.
    In Phase 3, while Tentalus is taking a "break" before he attacks with his
    hair, fire an arrow into his eye, and go straight for the kill. Dash into the
    water in front of him, and then repeat this strategy to win with a good time.
    This one definitely looks like you'll need some practice to perfect this.
    -=Ghirahim - 2=-			 			- {BOSS07}
    You fought this version of Ghirahim in the Fire Santuary. He's tougher than
    the previous version, but as you may recall when you first fought him in the
    dungeon, he actually wasn't that tough. However, he makes his previous vision
    look like a joke, despite the fact that you probably got a work-out when you
    first fought Ghirahim's first form.
    -=How to beat him=-
    -Phase 1-
    Ghirahim, with a slightly new look, will start out by summoning two daggers.
    He will then walk toward you. When he is close enough (and when you have your
    sword drawn), he'll raise his hand again in preparation to grab your sword.
    The floating daggers make it a bit more difficult to hit Ghirahim in the right
    direction because they'll block the attack, and if you happen to mess up and
    swing the other direction, he'll just grab your sword.
    NOTE: Fi lies about how to remove your sword from his grip. She says you must
    swing up and down (I.E. sudden down and up motions with your wiimote) to break
    Ghirahim's grip. In reality, all you need to do is what you did the last time
    you fought him--a sharp swing up with your sword.
    If Ghirahim does grab your sword, the daggers--after a second--will stop
    spinning and point at you directly. Instead of taking your sword, Ghirahim
    will let the daggers fly into you, instead, if you can't break his grip.
    Fortunately, it's not that difficult to break his grip.
    NOTE: Ghirahim will fling the daggers at you suddenly if you do not confront
    him for a bit.
    After slashing him up a few times, Ghirahim will summon FOUR daggers to
    protect himself. Just continue the pattern despite the increased defenses.
    When you've beaten him down enough, he'll lick his lips in that creepy way he
    does and enter Phase 2.
    -Phase 2-
    Ghirahim pulls not one, but two swords this time. There are many, many things
    he will do with those blades.
    First, he'll attack you directly. He won't charge, but he'll swing twice.
    Shield bash to protect yourself from his swings--they won't knock him back,
    but they will give you an opportunity to damage him.
    NOTE: While he is striking, you can still attack because his guard is down and
    he's not defending with his swords, but he'll still damage you for a heart (it
    would be two, but since it knocks you over, the second swing will miss).
    Second, he'll do the classic, "blocking attack." Remember that? This time it's
    with two swords. He will ALWAYS parry above his head, so don't bother with 
    vertical strikes. There's an interesting trick I found with this part of Phase
    2. The trick is to use a horiztonal spin attack on him. It does a lot of 
    damage, and Ghirahim can't defend against it. Sucks to be him.
    Third, he'll sometimes jump into the air and try to stab you into the ground
    with both swords. When you see him jump, just dash away, and he'll land behind
    you harmlessly. You can hit him at this time, if you want to play it risky,
    for extra damage, but in my opinion, it's not worth it because you're trying
    to score a decent time, right?
    Fourth, Ghirahim will summon daggers in two different ways. First, it'll be a
    circle of daggers either vertically around yourself or horiztonally around 
    yourself. All the daggers will be pointing at you. The way you counter this is
    to use either a horizontal or vertical spin attack. It'll send the daggers
    flying back to Ghirahim to deal some damage. Second, the daggers will form a
    circle in front of him and he'll send wave after wave after wave of daggers
    until he's out of them. They will come in lines like before, but this time, it
    might be wise to shield bash since they come a little faster than before. 
    It'll only send one or two daggers back at Ghirahim, but that's still damage.
    After you get enough hits in, you'll beat him.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    In Phase 1, it's like before; you must avoid letting him grab your sword.
    Ghirahim will hold your sword longer than last time no matter how sharp your
    upward swing is, so avoid it as much as possible. Again, the the direction of
    his hand will indicate where you can swing at him for damage.
    In Phase 2, it's really difficult because Ghirahim is random. I've had him do
    pure swinging attacks with one surrounding dagger attack in one fight, and
    then he would use all his techniques in another. So, you just have to adapt to
    what Ghirahim gives you, and pray that he does not use daggers in front of 
    himself as that will give a chance to deal as little damage as possible.
    When he is parrying, use a spin attack (horizontal) to do the most damage
    quickly. When he's slashing at you, shield bash/defend to give you an opening.
    Remember, it will NOT knock Ghirahim back, but it'll give you a moment to get
    a couple of hits in.
    When he summons his daggers around you, use the correct spin attack as fast as
    possible to deal the needed damage to him and to avoid getting stabbed 
    When he leaps up into the air, the best way is to dodge the attack, not try to
    get some hits in. It's far too risky, and in Boss Rush Mode--especially when
    you're playing Hero Mode--you need every heart you can get.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    Phase 1, use horizontal spin attacks, and the "Attack Cancelling Trick,"
    to quickly get Ghirahim into Phase 2.
    Once in Phase 2, hope he continues to parry, and just spin attack him
    repeatedly until he's defeated. He may teleport at one point. Get to him as
    fast as possible to finish him off.
    -=The Imprisoned - 2=-			 			- {BOSS08}
    You fought this guy--again--on the Sealed Grounds. This time, the Imprisoned
    means business. He has arms now with several fingers. He basically uses these
    to "cheat" and climb up a level closer to the temple. However, you can use
    this to your advantage.
    -=How to beat him=-
    When the Imprisoned first starts to climb up a level. Groose will tell you
    that you've got to stun the Imprisoned before it climbs up using one of his 
    super bombs. Don't do it. It's a waste.
    Instead, fly up an air vent to the next level and slash apart the Imprisoned's
    fingers. When all the fingers are destroyed, he'll pull his arms down and
    continue walking up the circular ramp below. NOW, have Groose stun the
    Imprisoned. Why? So you can jump on his head and drive the sealing spike back
    into his nose!
    The reason I had you stun the Imprisoned AFTER his fingers are destroyed is
    because if you just jump on the head of the Imprisoned when he is not stunned,
    there is a really high chance that he'll knock you off before you can drive
    the spike in. However, when the boss IS STUNNED, he CANNOT throw you off his
    head! So, you get free hits in.
    After the first time the Imprisoned tries to climb up, and whenever Groose is
    ready, stun the Imprisoned and fly up an air vent to the next level and repeat
    the slashing process. If the boss ever raises his arms to pull himself up, 
    make sure to destroy the fingers first and then stun him.
    You'll should easily beat this form of the Imprisoned.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    Just use the strategy I listed above, and you'll get a really good time for
    the second form of the Imprisoned. 
    The thing you MUST remember is to destroy the fingers first, THEN stun him.
    If you hit him with a super bomb while he's trying to climb, he will just let
    go and continue walking. In other words, the Imprisoned won't be stunned, and
    you will not be able to stay on his head easily.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    Don't bother killing any toes or fingers. Just jump on his head, and slash the
    sealing spike down, and then use a vertical spin attack to drive it in. If
    you're fast enough, you'll get it in before the Imprisoned throws you off.
    Repeat this process, because, apparently, it stops the boss from grabbing the
    cliff edge. And make sure you do so quickly.
    When you're going to stab a third time, Groose will call you and say his
    machine is ready. At this point, the Imprisoned should be sliding up the hill.
    So, get to the level where the Imprisoned is slithering up. 
    Swap to Groose as fast as possible, and aim carefully. You need to hit the
    Imprisoned with a super bomb while he's slithering, so you'll need to aim
    ahead of the Imprisoned far enough that when the bomb lands, it'll hit him,
    but not too far.
    Swap back to Link. Immediately, take a air vent to the cliff above the boss,
    and jump onto his head, driving the spike in the same way you did before.
    You'll score a good time using this strategy.
    -=The Imprisoned - 3=-			 			- {BOSS09}
    Yes, the third form of the Imprisoned is the "next" boss after the second 
    (technically, there is no order because the bosses are random). Again, this is
    in the Sealed Grounds.
    -How to beat him-
    In my opinion, this boss isn't too hard if you're fast, or took a Stamina
    Potion before you asked the Thunder Dragon to fight (see "The Bosses" section
    for tip #5). You don't necessarily need a Stamina Potion, but it would help if
    you're having a lot of trouble.
    The third version of the Imprisoned has three Phases, so pay attention.
    -Phase 1-
    The Imprisoned will start off like last time--on the ground with arms, and
    legs. Though, it is noteable that he has a tail now, which can smack you if
    you're not careful. However, once the Imprisoned starts moving, you'll notice
    that he moves faster and he's producing shockwaves from his feet.
    Groose will immediately announce that he's ready to fire a super bomb at the
    start of the battle. So, go ahead an stun the Imprisoned and either jump on
    his head and drive the sealing spike in, or destroy the toes.
    NOTE: If you choose to destroy the toes, you will not have enough time to
    slice up all of them on both feet. But if you're quick enough, you will have
    enough time to slice all the toes up on one foot. If a foot is missing all the
    toes, then it'll slow down the Imprisoned AND the respective leg will stop
    producing shockwaves. Also note that Groose will be ready about every 3-5
    seconds to fire a super bomb, so don't fret.
    Unfortunately, it is really difficult to get at the monster's toes because he
    is moving so fast. Even if you dash, you'll need to be good at avoiding the
    shockwaves. So, I recommend stunning the Imprisoned and then jumping on his
    head to drive the spike in.
    Once you drive the spike in once, regardless of how you choose to do it; the
    Imprisoned will enter Phase 2.
    -Phase 2-
    You might be scared at first when you enter this Phase, but it's not that bad.
    The Imprisoned will regrow all his toes and fingers, and then a black halo
    will form over his head. Immediately, the Imprisoned will start flying toward
    the Temple! There's no way to jump on his head or even get at the toes.
    Never fear, for Groose is here. Throw a super bomb at the Imprisoned and he'll
    fall straight down into the middle of the pit on his back. Get down there as
    fast as you can and drive the spike into his head. Once you've done the damage,
    the Imprisoned will get up and enter Phase 3.
    -Phase 3-
    This is a little more scary; the Imprisoned will reform the halo and start
    flying again. Just throw a super bomb at it, again, right? WRONG. Groose will
    be unable to get to his bomb stash because the ruins are now blocking it!
    Never fear, for you are here. Groose will call you up so that he can throw you
    onto the Imprisoned's head. It's now a race between you and the Imprisoned to
    the Temple. You can beat it easily by going up the air shafts. But watch your
    stamina meter when you need to dash toward Groose. Make sure BEFORE you dash
    that you know which direction Groose is at. Otherwise, you waste time and
    By the time you get to Groose, the music will have changed to its "alert"
    music, meaning the Imprisoned is close to the Temple. Get in the Groosenator,
    and then position yourself so you'll land on the Imprisoned's head. While
    the game sets you up to land on the head, if you aim straight at its mouth or
    too far behind, you'll send Link back down to the pit.
    Fire, and land on the boss's head. Then quickly drive that spike in before
    "all is lost," and you'll win.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    I'd recommend, in Phase 1, to stun and jump on the head of the Imprisoned to
    drive the sealing spike in instead of trying to kill the toes. Because there
    are constant shockwaves and the Imprisoned moves faster, it's difficult to get
    at his toes.
    In Phase 2, you just have to fire the bomb as early and as fast as you can
    while aiming properly. And then make sure you get to the sealing spike as
    quickly as possible.
    In Phase 3, there's not much you can do to be fast unless you know where the
    air vents take you well enough to know which one to use to land right next to
    Groose (if such an air vent exists). Be fast as you run to Groose, but 
    perserve your stamina as well, if you run out, it'll most likely be game over.
    Regardless, you'll probably get a time of two and a half minutes or maybe
    under for your time.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    Paradise's tactics are quite advanced and will require some major practice
    before you can pull off a time under 1-2 minutes.
    You start off by rolling and dashing towards the nearest air vent. Don't
    bother with the Stamina gauge yet, as you'll reach it before it depletes. Now,
    don't use Groose to stun the Imprisoned, instead get close to the boss's head,
    and use a Jump Strike (yes, those exist in Skyward Sword) to land on his head,
    and get a free hit in. I imagine this would take a lot of practice, and a near
    -perfect aim to strike the spike and land on the Imprisoned's head at the same
    time. Follow up with a vertical spin attack to drive the spike in quickly.
    NOTE ABOUT JUMP STRIKE: From Paradise: "There is a little "crack" on the edge
    right before the sweet spot to make the jump attack. Make sure you do a very
    hard turn left on the joystick and run-jump off the edge. Wait ever so
    slightly before swinging the sword midair to do a pseudo double-jump (you need
    the extra distance). Overhand spin ASAP before he tosses you off. With
    practice, this move is repeatable a good 75% of the time."
    In Phase 2, switch to Groose, fire a super bomb, and when you fire it,
    immediately swap to Link using the "B" button. Apparently, there is a space of
    time where you can swap to Link right as you fire the super bomb. If you're
    not quick enough to hit the "B" button you'll have to watch the bomb fly into
    the Imprisoned.
    While you have control of Link, Go into the center of the pit. Don't worry,
    the game won'tharm you for this. You'll end up near the Imprisoned's body, so
    either roll or dash to the Sealing Spike, and drive it in with a upward 
    vertical slash, and a upward vertical spin attack.
    Phase 3, go up the closest air vent, which should be in the pit. Go up it, and
    then to the next closest one to raise yourself to the second level. You should
    be facing the raised area with bomb flowers on it. Then, dash left until you
    get to another air vent. Apparently, this is the one that puts you right in
    front of the Temple (so, it does exist).
    Run toward the hill on the left side of the Temple doors, and go up it. Get
    into the Groosenator. Aim for the Imprisoned, land on its head, and drive the
    spike in with a downward slash and vertical spin attack.
    -=Horde Battle=-			 			- {BOSS10}
    Technically, this isn't a boss battle, but it's a tough battle. You face this 
    battle in the Realm of Hylia (though, the dragon refers to it as the "Sealed
    Grounds"). It's basically hordes and hordes of monsters trying to kill you.
    NOTE: I REALLY recommend the Potion Trick for this battle, especially with
    a Stamina Potion. A Guardian Potion isn't necessary, unless you're in Hero
    Mode because you might lose a lot of health from this battle depending on
    your skills with shield bashing, spin attacks, and dodging.
    -How to beat them-
    Really, it's more about how to get to Ghirahim as fast as possible more than
    beating the hordes. The battle starts out in the darkened Realm of Hylia, and
    you're faced with a small number of normal, red, bokoblins. No, problem,
    right? Wrong. It gets worse with every "barrier" you run up against. What do I
    mean by "barrier?" Well, When you get to a certain point on the hill, Ghirahim
    will snap his fingers and summon a barrier to block you. 
    NOTE: Be careful, as some of the monsters CAN get through the barrier, while
    you can't.
    -First Barrier-
    You have a choice: kill as many bokoblins as possible, or run down the hill. I
    recommend running down the hill while killing some bokoblins to avoid getting
    a lucky shot on you. As you down the hill, more and more bokoblins will attack
    you in massive numbers.
    As soon as you reach the small cutscene with Ghirahim hovering creepily over
    Zelda, he'll snap his fingers and block your path with a barrier. 
    NOTE: Every time he does this, some monsters, or a monster will spawn. You
    must kill that monster or those monsters in order to proceed.
    When you hit the first barrier, Ghirahim will summon 5 red Bokoblin captains.
    Kill them all to advance through the barrier. The captains will take about
    three hits to kill instead of a one-hit kill like with a normal Bokoblin.
    -Second Barrier-
    Before you reach the second barrier, you'll notice the pattern change a
    little, along with hordes of normal Bokoblins, you see some carrying bombs.
    These guys are VERY dangerous. Make sure to let them throw bombs into the
    hordes (killing a ton of them) before engaging the bomb carriers. This is
    easier said than done because they'll come in more and more numbers as you
    head down the hill. Some captains will appear as well to try to stop your
    When you reach the second barrier, three Moblins will be summoned. This can be
    intimidating; however, use the bomb-throwing Bokoblins to your advantage and
    have them hurt the moblins with their bombs. In the mean time, keep hacking
    away at the Moblins, making sure you shield bash their spear attacks. The
    bombs can also destroy the Moblins' shields while damaging them. And even
    better, some bombs will kill the Moblins, making this an easy fight.
    NOTE: ignacio laco gave a new strategy on fighting the bomber bokoblins.
    "When bomber bokoblins appear, let them throw bombs. Then stun the whole
    group with gust bellows to make them explode with their own bombs. When the
    three giant shielded bokoblins [Moblins] appear, throw a bomb in the center of
    the three. They will face their shield to the bomb trying to block the blast 
    but they will leave their backs completely unprotected for you to slash."
    Once the moblins are dead, the second barrier will fall.
    -Third Barrier-
    If you didn't kill a lot of bokoblins from the previous barrier, you'll be
    chased by them. Bokoblin archers will be waiting for you down the hill; avoid
    them, and either kill them from the side (avoid using the bow) or just flee.
    The archers will not chase you.
    More bombing, normal, and captain Bokoblins will rush you as you go down the
    hill. When you reach the barrier, a single blue Bokoblin captain will appear.
    While this sounds like easy-pickings, he's not. In fact, he's harder than the
    Moblins. What he'll do is he'll run for the barrier and then cross past it.
    Then, he'll wait for you, and charge attack you. This hit will take life away,
    and knock you down, making you a sitting duck for a few seconds. Then, he'll
    run away past the barrier again (coward) and repeat his charge attack.
    The way to beat this one is to either back away from the barrier, so he has to
    expose himself, or shield bash him when he charges. It'll take about 5-6 hits
    before he goes down. Between those hits, he'll fall to the ground, and if
    you're fast enough, you can use a fatal blow on him to finish him quickly.
    With the barrier down, proceed down the hill.
    -Fourth Barrier-
    This will start with a massive horde of Bokoblins being lead by one who is
    blowing a Monster Horn. You can steal it if you want with the whip, but I do
    not recommend it.
    As you run down the hill, more and more Bokoblins will rush you. Ignore them.
    When you reach the barrier, two Stalfos will be summoned. These ones seem to
    be easier than what you fought before. I've found that they will die as long
    as they aren't defending. Bombs from the bomb carrying Bokoblins can work to
    your advantage, too. Just avoid being hit by the Stalfos as they take off
    two hearts a hit.
    With the barrier down, again, proceed down the hill.
    -Fifth Barrier-
    As you run down the hill, you see hordes of red bokoblins, and some blue
    captains. Try to ignore them, or kill as many as possible.
    Moblins will come up the hill, ignore them because of their slow speed. And
    then you'll have to deal with line after line of archers. It's best to run
    past them because killing them takes too long, and you can lose a lot of
    hearts this way.
    Finally, you'll be at the bottom of the hill, and Ghirahim will summon a
    barrier behind you and around him and Zelda. Not to mention he'll summon about
    40+ normal red Bokoblins to handle you. This is a bit easier, but don't get
    cocky as you can still lose life here. Spin attacks and horiztonal attacks
    should handle the job, and you'll win.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    I've found that ignoring as many monsters as possible is generally a good
    tactic for getting this done quickly. The disadvantage is that it may leave
    you with few hearts left. However, if you're using the Potion Trick, you
    should be fine.
    NOTE: This battle will take up a lot of time using the basic strategy. The
    best I've gotten is about 3 minutes, which is a 1/3rd of the time you have
    with the Potion Trick.
    Remember, you still have to kill the summoned monster(s) at the barriers to
    proceed with the battle.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    Dash forward while hugging the wall, ignoring all the bokoblins (make sure to
    grab the Stamina Fruit along the way), and use rolls to avoid getting hit.
    Within seconds, you should reach the first barrier. Now, pull out your sword
    and destroy the Bokoblin captains. When the barrier lifts, continue hugging
    the wall down to the next one.
    When you hit the barrier, you're about to do something funky and awesome: As
    the Moblins spawn, go over to the one closest to the edge, climb up his wooden
    shield and drop below to the lower levels. Congratulations, you just Sequence
    broke the Horde Battle.
    You'll land past the third barrier, and so, while hugging the wall, you'll
    reach the fourth barrier, and the Stalfos will spawn. Spin attack to deal
    massive damage to them, and then slice where they are not blocking and they'll
    HERO MODE NOTE: In Hero Mode, you can charge your Skyward Strike INSTANTLY
    with the True Master Sword. Paradise does this to increase damage with his
    spin attack on the Stalfos. It might be possible in normal mode to do this,
    but you just have to be careful not to get hit.
    Keep hugging the wall and dashing. You'll avoid the moblins and the archers
    for the most part. When your stamina runs low, stop dashing and just run
    normally. You might get hit by an arrow, but that's not a problem as long as
    you keep moving.
    You'll get to the final barrier where Ghirahim summons the 40+ bokoblins to
    stop you. Use a vertical Skyward Strike to destroy a large bunch of the
    monsters, and then finish the rest with your sword. Congratulations, you got
    an awesome time.
    -=Ghirahim - 3=-			 			- {BOSS11}
    You fought this boss in the Realm of Hylia right after the Horde Battle. This 
    form of the Demon Lord is the hardest. You will need to be tempered on either
    your shield bashing techniques or dodging techniques. Otherwise, you'll lose 
    a lot of health in this batttle, and you cannot use potions or Life Medals. 
    So, be careful. I HIGHLY recommend using the Guardian Potion trick when
    fighting this boss.
    -How to beat him-
    Ghirahim appears unarmed at first, but later on, he'll start pulling out his
    swords, so be weary. He is completely invicible to all weaponary and even
    Skyward Strikes. So, keep that in mind; however, hitting him with your sword
    will knock him back.
    -Phase 1.1-
    You start out on a floating platform made of magical stuff. What you need to
    do is to knock Ghirahim off the platform, as it'll be your only way of hurting
    him. So, start by stabbing him repeatedly. If he starts to attack, get ready
    to shield bash. As tempting as it is, DO NOT DODGE. If you dodge, it'll give
    Ghirahim a chance to walk back to the middle, destroying all progress you've
    made against him.
    Once you've knocked him off, he'll create another platform to land upon. Since
    he's prone on that platform, the game will automatically allow you to use a
    fatal blow. Use it, and you'll hit Ghirahim in the chest. Then, the platform
    will float upwards and extend into a larger one, and you'll enter Phase 1.2.
    -Phase 1.2-
    This time, when you get close to knocking Ghirahim to the edge, he'll place 
    his two hands in different, yet parallel directions. You'll know he's doing
    this because his hands will turn purple. DO NOT STAB ANY OF HIS HAND POSITIONS
    WHEN THIS HAPPENS. Why? Because if you strike incorrectly, Ghirahim will twist
    you around to the edge of the platform, giving him a chance to knock you off.
    Instead, look at the positions of his hands. If they are diagonal, use the
    opposite diagonal strike. If they are horizontal, use vertical strikes, if
    they are vertical, use horizontal strikes. You'll have to do this a few times
    before you can knock him off the edge again, and then you can deal another
    fatal blow.
    The third time he gets up is exactly the same. Just get him to the edge with
    your sword, and when his hands go purple, stop, take your time, and slash him.
    NOTE: Whenever Ghirahim's hands turn purple, you usually only have to know 
    once which way his hands are positioned because he'll keep that position until
    he's knocked down. Sometimes, this isn't always the case.
    Once you've dealt the third fatal blow, the platform will lower, you'll enter
    Phase 2.
    -Phase 2-
    Ghirahim will get up, and the game will note the revealed crystal in his chest
    from all those fatal blows you dealt him. Now you can hurt him, however, you
    will need to stab him there.
    Before you can do any of that, Ghirahim will summon one curved black sword.
    Now, there are two ways to fight this sword. One is to keep your distance and
    allow him to launch red Skyward Strikes at you. Welcome back to the "deflect
    the magic attack with your sword" battle. You'll have to hit the magical blast
    back to Ghirahim, and like in previous Zeldas, he'll knock it back at you.
    Do this repeatedly until Ghirahim gets hit by his own magic, and then run up,
    and stab him in the chest repeatedly.
    Another way to fight this sword is get up close and just hack away at his
    blade. You'll actually destroy it, unlike in previous fights, giving you an
    opportunity to attack his chest. I prefer this way because as long as you're
    slashing at him as fast as you can, he won't attack.
    -Phase 3-
    After you've hurt his crystal chest enough. Ghirahim will insult you, and then
    summon a huge sword. Fortunately, according to Fi, there's a connection
    between this sword and his crystal--meaning, the sword is breakable.
    Shield bash the sword when it comes to hit you. This is hard to time, so you
    will have to practice your timing with the shield bash. When you do, Ghirahim
    will bring up the sword to parry.
    Now, depending on the direction the sword is positioned is the direction you
    should slash. If it's facing veritcally, use horizontal slashes. If it's
    facing horizontally, use vertical slashes. If you do not stab or use diagonal
    slashes, the sword will reveal a core, similar in color to Ghirahim's crystal,
    and then with another slash, it'll break, giving you the chance to get at his
    If you mess up, Ghirahim will knock you back with a slash (or you can shield
    bash or dodge to avoid it), jump back and regenerate the sword completely.
    This forces you to start all over again.
    Ghirahim will do this one or two more times before you defeat him.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    The only advice I can give you is to avoid getting hit, and also to not allow
    him to twist you over to the edge in Phase 1.2. In other words, avoid stabbing
    at all costs when his hands turn purple.
    In Phase 2, I recommend destroying his sword rather than play the bouncing
    game with the magic attacks. It's much faster, and it gets you to Phase 3 much
    In Phase 3, I recommend being patient and striking the blade in the correct
    direction, quickly, yet efficiently. Messing up on this will definitely
    increase your score, which, as you know, is a bad thing in the Thunder 
    Dragon's Challenge.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    I'm just going to quote Paradise here:
    "Ghirahim 3 is heavily luck based for the fastest time, but you can still
    get well under a minute even with bad luck, provided you know how to deal
    with unwanted crap he can do. I'll try not and be too wordy with this, but
    this is the most complex fight in the game by a considerable margin so bear
    with me.
    Phase 1a
    Hold forward on the nunchuk and Z-target even before the fight starts. Try to
    time a downward swing (or stab) right as the START message fades off the
    screen (flailing never seems to work). If timed right, you cancel his opening
    attack. Use vertical cuts exclusively, and swing as fast as you possibly can.
    If you didn't cancel his opening attack, you can land 3 hits before needing to
    block it, then continue to attack. When you knock him off, jump after him
    (A + forward while targeting). During the cutscene, ready the nunchuk so Link
    will face him as soon as you regain control, a split-second later, lock on and
    use the finisher. Immediately backflip (twice if unlucky) to fall off the edge
    and save about 2 secs.
    Phase 1b & 1c (Reliable method)
    Hold forward on the nunchuk and Z-target while Link gets back to his feet.
    Start swinging vertically even before you regain control. 8 hits will trigger
    his purple hand guard stuff. This part is all reflex based. 3 hits (4 if
    unlucky) will drive him to the edge, and one more knocks him off- to save
    time, use a spin for your 3rd attack (though if you're unlucky and he needed
    4 hits this may cause problems). As before, jump off after him, face him
    before locking on, and backflip off the edge afterwards.
    Phase 1b & 1c (Unreliable method)
    Same as above, except during your initial 8 hit combo, use exactly two
    diagonal cuts somewhere in the first 7 moves. This will cause him to do a very
    delayed kick attack- keep attacking while he readies this move (should land 12
    hits total from the start of the phase) and quickly block. This will send him
    right to the edge, 2 hits (one to unbalance him) will knock him off. This is
    obviously riskier since going from and all-out attack combo to a block can be
    tricky, also sometimes he misses your shield entirely and you'll end up 
    dealing with the purple [crap] as above. When this method works, it IS fastest
    Phase 2
    Hold forward on the nunchuk and Z-target during the cutscene, and stab like a
    madman to land it as early as possible. He will parry, and counter attack.
    Block his move and stab him twice. Unlock, and advance while charging a
    Skyward Strike. There is a pattern on the ground here, stand on the outer
    edge of the innermost circle (not the dot). Lock on once you're in position.
    There are three possible things he can do here:
    - He attacks you. Block it, and stab repeatedly to end the phase (the Skyward
    Strike you charged will stun him and allow you to land extra hits). Ideal.
    - He charges his own skyward strike. Attack his Skyward Strike (vertical if he
    swung vertical, horizontal if horizontal) to reflect it and stun him. Stab
    repeatedly to end the phase. About half a second slower than the above scenario.
    - He summons knives. Get as close as possible and attack-to-spin to knock his
    sword out of his hand (3 quick hits in the same direction disarms him). If
    you're extra unlucky, you might only hit twice here, swing in the same
    direction again. As soon as he's disarmed, back away from him while charging a
    Skyward Strike, and stab the moment it's ready to stun him, and then stab
    repeatedly to end the phase. This is a good 5 seconds slower than the above
    scenarios, and much harder to pull off too. Thankfully, he doesn't do this
    attack at this point of the fight too often (your mileage may vary).
    Phase 3 (Reliable way)
    Move towards him (not locked on) to make him attack sooner. Block, and then
    immediately do a horizontal spin which will always connect if done quickly
    enough after blocking. Wait until he repositions his sword, and spin attack
    again through the area you damaged to break the greatsword, and then stab him
    once. Repeat this process again to win.
    Phase 3 (Risky way)
    Same as above, except after blocking the first attack, do a horizontal attack,
    and then immediately attack-to-spin in the same direction to break his sword
    before he repositions it--you need to be quite fast with this 4-hit combo for
    it to work (and then stab). This doesn't work the second time around, as he
    always moves his sword after the first hit landed. So quickly do two opposite
    direction horizontal spin attacks (right then left, or vice verse) and pray
    you get lucky with which way he moves the sword. Stab him again for a very 
    well earned victory."
    -=Demise=-				 			- {BOSS12}
    WARNING: This boss is ONLY available in Hero Mode for the Thunder Dragon's
    Challenge. However, even in Hero Mode, he deals only two hearts of damage. I
    don't know why, but I guess the developers didn't want players pulling their
    hair out and throwing their wiimotes at their TVs in rage.
    -How to Beat him-
    You fought this guy... in a place of infinite water, which you could walk 
    -Phase 1-
    Demise will start out by approaching you. Attack him, and he'll block, and
    then counter attack. Jump back to avoid the counter-attack, but be warned,
    he's FAST. As for Shield Bashing--it's really hard to use Shield Bash against
    him in my experience, so I recommend dodging. If you've mastered Shield Bash
    against Demise, by all means, use it.
    How do you deal damage to him? Let him swing, dodge, and then slash him up a
    bit. Using Spin attacks is helpful, too; however, the recovery time makes it
    difficult to dodge before he hits you. If you land enough damage on him in
    a single attack, he'll try to strike TWICE, which can hurt if you're not
    NOTE: A fun tactic I learned from Paradise is to strike right then left, and
    then use a spin attack or strike. The problem with this is the timing needs to
    be perfect for you to Shield Bash/dodge the oncoming attack. More on
    Paradise's strategy later.
    Finally, when you deal enough damage, the environment will change. The area
    will grow dark and lightning will begin to strike the ground. Demise will
    raise his sword to the sky, and lightning will charge it up like a Skyward
    You can do the same thing. Get a lightning bolt to hit your sword, but DON'T
    SWING YET. Instead, wait for him to launch his Lightning Strike, and dodge to
    the left or right. Then swing your Lightning Strike at him, and he'll be
    NOTE: While these attacks are technically "Skyward Strikes," and are referred
    to as such in other FAQs. Here, I will refer to them as "Lightning Strikes."
    So, don't be confused.
    While he's stunned, let him have it. However, be wary as soon as he isn't
    stunned anymore, he'll immediately swing at you, and then summon another bolt
    of lightning to charge his sword.
    What's unfair about this battle is that the lightning will miss you sometimes,
    leaving you with an uncharged sword. You'll know you missed getting a charge
    when a bright lightning bolt arcs into the water next to you.
    However, keep at this, and Demise will fall. The game will notify you to use
    an fatal blow on him. Ignore it as no one has EVER gotten the first fatal blow
    on Demise. He'll get up too fast for you to use it.
    NOTE: Demise will also try to charge you with a ramming attack no matter if
    his sword is charged or not when you're at a distance. In my experience, it's
    impossible to dodge by jumping to the side. The arc of his swing is just far
    too wide. I'll try using a back-flip to see if that's more effective.
    After the first fall, Demise will get up and summon another lightning bolt
    onto his sword. Keep up the strategy of dodging his Lightning Strikes, and
    then returning your own blows.
    Eventutally, he'll fall again. This time, the game allows you to use a fatal
    blow. However, you still need to be fast, otherwise, he'll get up again.
    When you do use the fatal blow, it'll be an epic attack as Link charges his
    sword with Lightning and then stabs Demise right through the stomach.
    -How to get the best time (Basic)-
    The best way is--of course--to not get hit, and to make sure you get your
    blows in during the first Phase.
    In the second Phase, also try not to get hit, and always counter-attack. There
    is a neat trick in which you can use the Bug Net to reflect Demise's Thunder
    Strikes back at him. It's very amusing to do that. 
    Reflecting the Thunder Strikes back at him will definitely decrease the amount
    of time you get when you finish him.
    -How to get the best time (Advanced)-
    Paradise got a time of 0.24.26 on Demise. You may be thinking, "What? I don't
    need the basics to get this! Show me how!" Well, there's a GOOD reason this is
    called the "advanced" way of getting the best time. It "sounds easy on paper"
    (Paradise), but it takes a lot of practice and good reflexes to perform this
    type of tactic.
    I'll quote Paradise: "Phase one, order of attacks is:
    Right (blocked)
    Left (blocked)
    Right Spin (hits him twice)
    Up (blocked)
    Right Spin (hits him twice)
    Any five attacks
    Down (blocked)
    Any six attacks (make sure first one ISN'T down)
    Up (blocked)
    Any six attacks (make sure first one ISN'T up)
    Sounds easy on paper like that, but trying to do all that as fast as possible
    is rough. To get the fastest phase 1, you'll also need to mix in attack-to-
    spin combos (see "Attack-Cancelling Trick" in Tips), which is even crazier
    (phase one can be low decimal 8 secs in theory, but I've yet to even go under
    9). His blocking is patterned based on the direction Link swings, so don't
    deviate from the order of moves even for attacks he will block.
    In phase two, just wait until he does his thunder shooting move (around 6
    seconds)--hit him while he swings the sword for this to stun him (think like a
    star opportunity in Punch-out). 9 hits knocks him down--charge a [Lightning]
    Strike. Wait about half a second after he's on his feet, and skyward-spin to
    stun him again, 5 hits knocks him down, [then] use the finisher."
    -=Prizes=-			 				- {PRIZE}
    For beating a boss, you'll earn a prize, but only if you quit after beating 
    that boss. The more bosses you beat, the better your prize. When you first do 
    Boss Rush Mode, your objective is to get the Hylian Shield. Why? It's the 
    best shield in the game. It's completely indestructable, and it guards against 
    all enemy elements (Fire, Lightning, and Curses).
    After that, you can just toy around with Boss Rush Mode to see how many rupees
    you can get, top your best time, or just see how long you can last.
    Here are the prizes for winning a number of battles against the bosses. 
    NOTE: The last fight will be unavailable until you get to Hero Mode. Also, the
    number of bosses defeated shown here are the number of bosses you've defeated 
    in a row, not the boss's number in the line-up.
    1 Boss defeated - 20 rupees
    2 Bosses defeated - Random Small Treasure
    3 Bosses defeated - 100 ruppees
    4 Bosses defeated - A Piece of Heart or 200 rupees (if you've already gotten
    the Piece of Heart)
    5 Bosses defeated - 300 rupees
    6 Bosses defeated - Random Rare Treasure
    7 Bosses defeated - 500 rupees
    8 Bosses defeated - Hylian Shield* or 1,000 rupees (if you've already gotten
    the shield)
    9 Bosses defeated - 2,000 rupees
    10 Bosses defeated - 3 Random Rare Treasures
    11 Bosses defeated - 3,000 rupees
    12 Bosses defeated - 9,900 rupees
    *If your Adventure Pouch is full, the shield will go straight to the Item 
    Check Out. So, don't fret if your pouch is full and you make eight battles 
    in a row.
    -=Conclusion=-			 				- {CONL}
    To conclude, the Thunder Dragon's challenge is quite fun and can really hone 
    your skills against the bosses you've faced. If you're playing normal mode, 
    it'll most likely prepare you for Hero Mode.
    I really liked writing this FAQ, and there's still more to be done, but I felt
    like this was ready for release. I hope you find it useful, especially with 
    some of the tricks I found against some of the bosses.
    Good luck in your adventure!
    -=Credits=-			 				- {CRED}
    Thanks to Nintendo for making such an awesome game.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ. (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    Thanks to NeoSeeker for hosting this FAQ (http://neoseeker.com)
    Thanks to an Anonymous person on information for Koloktos and Tentalus.
    Thanks to MariosLink for the Stamina and Guardian Potion information.
    Thanks to Paradise for the videos on how to get even faster times, and some
    nice tricks.
    Thanks to Luigi for some info on Tentalus!
    Thanks to ignacio laco for info on the Horde Battle!
    FAQ Copyright Aegis Runestone 2012
    -=Contact and Rules=-			 			- {CRULES}
    You may contact me at aegisrunestone[at]gmail[dot].com with your suggestions,
    comments, etc.
    DO NOT send inflammatory, rude, or troll emails. I will delete them on sight.
    Also, do not spam my mailbox. Thank you. If you find something wrong with this
    FAQ, please notify me.
    Game sites may use this FAQ if they ask me for permission first. You cannot 
    reproduce this guide unless you're using it for personal use. DO NOT STEAL 
    THIS GUIDE. I have ownership over it, and wrote it with my own hands.

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