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The Legend of Wii-Mote: Gimmick Controller12/08/11ClanCrusher
The weakest entry of the 3D Zelda games. Don't believe the hype.12/05/11Vaztor71
Wii's Defining Game12/06/11Simon_Isturiz
Integrating everything we love about Zelda with a fun, forward-thinking new control scheme, Skyward Sword marks the beginning of a new era in gaming.11/29/11Archmonk Iga
5.5, unbiased and picky review of a highly over-rated game12/05/11astroisawesome
I forced myself to finish this game02/01/12Juxtaposition7
You can probably guess that this is a brilliant game. Here's why.12/05/11Kamikaze Tomato
The Worst of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword represents everything thatís wrong in the Zelda franchise.04/16/12RadMonk5472
Prelude to Greatness01/10/1247pik
A practical review of Skyward Sword02/27/12Aegis_Runestone
How the Wii should've been used this whole time01/06/12blaiken used peck
Oh it's good, but is it Twilight Princess good?12/02/11Bleuet
It gets so many things right, but so many things wrong as well.01/25/12Blue Blob
This game has just filled my heart with rainbows05/31/12Blue_0rb
Skyward Sword defines a generation of motion controls at its peak!02/27/12Chico86_basic
Skyward Sword - A Great Video Game, But A Mediocre Zelda Adventure (Mild Spoilers)01/03/17ChronoCactaur
Skyward Sword-- The Best Effort the Wii Could Handle.11/29/11dmbrandonn
Outstandingly dense, refined, and varied gameplay elevate this latest Zelda to the very top tier of gaming09/04/12DoubleDucks
Link is back to take the series Skyward.10/09/13elxar
Everything You Could Want From Zelda and More11/29/11Etrurianmage
Fun at parts, terrible in many others (Spoilers inside).01/18/12Ezero_De_Milo
A solid and well crafted Zelda game, but may disappoint certain Zelda fans12/13/11FenderMaster
A long tedious frustrating experience08/23/16IceMage2000
An unbiased review from someone who's been there the whole time01/04/12imagine606
Downward Spiralling Sword: The Ruination of the Zelda Franchise01/23/12justinolegero
The True Wii Zelda Has Arrived11/29/11katastrophie
Nintendo reached for the sky and grabbed a star ... as per usual.01/04/12KeyBlade999
'Skyward Sword' is less like a Zelda and more like a video game11/07/12Kimari
An in-depth response to concerns raised in Gamespot's controversial review02/06/12Labinsky
The way Zelda's meant to be played.01/13/12liberale
Outstanding game with a few flaws.04/18/12Luke_the_Duke15
The beginning of the legend.11/14/12MathewManson
Engaging environments but a questionable need for Motion Plus.01/04/12Microelectrode
Great game, hopefully Nintendo gets the waggle out the franchise next time03/23/12neonreaper
Surpasses EVERY predecessor with a SKYWARD STRIKE!04/25/12Nintendoboy77
It may lack the polish that I've come to expect from the Zelda series, but Skyward Sword's an unbelievably fun game definitely worth experiencing01/04/12nintendosega
When there's action, it's done well. When there's not.... well....12/13/11olSchooler
"Another fun Zelda masterpiece from Nintendo, but the controls may cause rage for some."11/18/13pikmintaro
In the beginning, there was an island in the sky.12/03/12RageBot
The best way to send off the Wii06/21/12Raidramon0
Very good, but thatís not good enough for a Zelda game, which should be excellent.12/15/11Sanitys_Theif
Once again, a fantastic Home Run for Zelda01/04/12sneggid
Hey look , it's David Bowie! Wait... no, that's just the new villain Ghirahim01/06/12SolidFantasy
Skyward Sword gets so many things right, but it can also be maddeningly frustrating.09/24/13SSpectre
Master, there is a 95% chance that this game is something special.01/11/12SuperPhillip
No game is perfect, but Skyward Sword comes pretty close.11/29/11SuperSmashBro13
Link's back in his all new adventure.06/13/12Sylar100
It's not perfect, but it is ridiculously fun.12/01/11Tranzience
A Good Game With Some Big Problems07/08/16unclehosh
A review without sugar-coating or rage01/17/12vghero
Fresh, fun, and flawed. This Zelda entry is worth your time and money.11/29/11Virtue777
Skyward Sword gives reason to celebrate Zelda's 25th anniversary01/06/12VirtuousYoda
After nearly a decade, Skyward Sword brings two things I've been waiting for.04/16/12Zero_Kirby

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Itís the swordplay you always wanted from the Wii with a Zelda game to match.11/21/11ExtremePhobia
Is there some kind of limitation I'm not aware of? Otherwise this game is great and worth the weight.11/29/11AssassinCaveman
No hype - Not over rated - It is a Great game!! 9/1004/18/12az47
If you can get on board with the polarising controls and aging design this could be the finest Zelda game available today.11/23/11bailer4life
The 2011 fall gaming season just got better.11/23/11bladedwraith
A big, great looking, frequently entertaining but seldom awe-inspiring adventure.01/14/15bruno_fmenedes
Another Legend of Zelda, another great game01/04/12CENO41
We can all finally put Twilight Princess behind us!02/06/12Cyckness
Change doesn't equal Quality (Minor Spoilers)12/05/11DinsFire03
The best Zelda game I have ever played11/29/11Dugger1981
Flawless, except for some sidequests that can keep this game from being perfect and completed.01/09/12FoxMulder1961
Skyward Sword Flying Success or Grounded Failure?10/14/14HinkyDinkyParle
Change of formula? It's still: Zelda = (stimulation of the brain x captivation of the mind)...01/04/12Horsie_Walker
Skyward Sword is truly one of a kind.11/29/11kazecant
LoZ Skyward Sword review10/14/15papermariofan12
Wii Motion Plus: Divides the Good and the Bad02/07/12pueojit1
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword11/29/11Shadow_RGB
A year has passed since I first heard of this game but the friends along the way made the wait worth it.11/22/11suicunes_wrath
Game that got lost under the bureaucracy03/05/12tremault
The definitive Zelda experience02/14/12Xobter_81
Nintendo makes "doing the impossible" look so easy.11/23/11YoYoLeFtToRiTe

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