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"Wii Motion Plus: Divides the Good and the Bad"

Where to begin? I really liked Skyward Sword. Don't get me wrong it's a great game and is definitly worth playing, but the Wii Motion Plus gets in the way while also enhances the game.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics on Skyward Sword are really cool. There is lots of texture and the pixel count is extremely high. The really cool thing about is the way the game blends as the depth of field increases. The further the depth, the more it looks like an oil painting. I really liked this style because everything also looks colorful. So at this point I'm sure you're guessing why I gave it that score. Well, these graphics do not fit with the Zelda series. Everything seems surreal and fake to. It almost seems like a kids games. The strange cross between Wind Wakerand Twilight Princess doesn't seem right and seems more like a cop out to me. IMO, I would have done Twilight Princess graphics or entirely new graphics somehow similar to Minish Cap. Overall the graphics are good.

Sound 10/10
Second best Zelda music in the series, my favorite being Wind Waker. The music is 100% orchestrated in response to the 25th anniversary. This is high quality music. The down side to this game is that it needed voice acting. It could easily slide in Wnd Waker, and just barely slide in Twilight Princess, but this game with the amount of story without a doubt needed voice acting. On a side note, Fi; Link's companion; has the sorriest excuse for a voice ever. It's just random notes. Although with all these sound issues, the. USC without a doubt made up for it.

Story : 7/10
This story was well thought out and high quality, but it was just too much even for me and I love story in games. The lack of voice acting also made this worse. It was very complicated and hard to follow. It never quite explained the Gods of Old (Nayru, Din, and Farore) purpose in the series beside the creation of the Triforce. This game is the first in the series and explains almost everything in the whole series. It explains the incarnation of the Master Sword, why Vaati, Ganondorf, Ballum, Majora, and Malladus actually exist, how Hyrule forms, and reincarnations of many of the recurring characters. What I would have changed is the first sword becoming the Skyward Sword and staying in the clouds, becoming the Picori Blade, then Four Sword, and finally the Master Sword.

Gameplay 10/10
Here's where the game really shone. The Wii Motion Plus is the best and worst add on thing from Nintendo. It is very accurate and works like a charm. However, at times it can get messed up and you'll have to recalibrate it . The sword swings like a real sword. There is no need for the sensor bar in game, just to calibrate it, so you can play it like its a regular controller almost. The one major downside is the god awfull swimming and just as bad flying. I hate to say this but the water temple from Ocarina of Time plus Super Mario 64 would be much more simple. However the dungeon and boss designe are the best I've ever seen. I spent nearly 30 minutes in the first dungeon trying to find a switch. The boss battles are even better. You never go straight head on the boss. You have to wait and see where the weak points are. The first part Ghiriham is possibly the most difficult thing in the universe. You have only 6 hearts and every attack does 1 heart. Don't want to give out spoilers but it is very challenging and will make you want to break everything in sight. The overworld is utterly small. There are about 7 islands to go to in the sky, and three unbelievably small provinces. The games size is like all of just Hyrule field in Twilight Princess and the reef islands in Wind Waker. That's is about how big it is. Because of this there are literally no random caves or holes to. Explore like I the others minus Wind Waker; and the sky is even worse. None of the islands really do anything. This game is more about going from one dungeon to the next, not really exploration. That is its biggest downfall. Don't forget Fi. She is pointless in game and notifies you at the stupidest points.

Replay Value: None
After you beat the game, all you get is an utterly pointless Hero Mode that isn't really fun. Playing the game again is mor like a chore instead of a game.

Overall: 7/10
This game is a must buy for fans of the Zelda series, but not as the first Zelda game you've ever played. If you want a better first experience, play Ocarina of Time for GameCube or 3DS.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/07/12

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (US, 11/20/11)

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