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"Game that got lost under the bureaucracy"

I get the serious feeling from this game like I got when I saw the film 'Wild Wild West'. I should explain that by saying that it appears to be plagued by a producer who has so many good ideas but has no idea about balance.

Motion controls on the Wii are really quite good when used properly, I have played many games where the controls can be fun and exhilarating. What I find with SS is that the motions controls are used over-enthusiastically and inappropriately. I always thought the point of having motion controls was to take the player into the game and to feel as natural as possible. Instead these motions controls stick out like a sore thumb and get in the way. I'd like to compare with some other games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has a flying section where you must tilt the Wii mote in order to turn left and right. This is pretty much exactly the same concept as the bird in SS. HOWEVER, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, it works. in SS it doesn't. The difference? Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn't use motion plus. Irony? Well it seems like through using motion plus in such an over-zealous fashion, Nintendo has actually produced the worst possible way to do some actions. Even the log-in screen could have been so much better if they had just used the sensor on the front of the Wii mote. instead it's just far too awkward and over-pronounced.

I think I've pretty much made my point here, in that there seems to have been so much intent to use the motion plus, it's almost like there has been some form of bureaucracy getting in the way of good game design. A bureaucracy that pretty much follows "Use the motion plus for everything you possibly can".

The next bit of bureaucracy comes in the form of "Don't let the player go for too long without telling them exactly what they need to be doing right now". Nintendo won't let you play the game how you want top play it. They don't want people to be explorers or adventurers. They want to spoon feed you.

Nintendo's agent in this game is named 'Fi' and is there to ruin your moment time and time again. If Fi was a real life being and not a character, she would come and kick Michael Schumacher out of the driving seat before he wins a race. She would come and push you out of the way before your first kiss and kiss your date instead of you. She would be the seagull that swoops down and knocks your chips out of your hand after you just spent your last £ on them.

Last thing that ruins this game is whatever the money was spent on instead of getting more level designers to make a bigger, interlinked and more consistent world. This could actually be the fault of that producer who wanted the player to fly everywhere. Perhaps if the player didn't need to fly, the world would have been interlinked and we would be able to run from one end to the other like in past Zelda games. If the world was interlinked, the player would have a better connection to the world. There could have been more interesting areas to discover instead of having to backtrack over the same areas numerous times. There could have been more characters located throughout the world rather than in one town that is disconnected from everything. Instead what we are given is one disjointed series of glorified dungeons with far too many fetch quests that send you backwards and forwards in a bid to artificially stretch the length of the game.

Graphics:- Colourful pretty but ultimately unimpressive when compared to the likes of Xenoblade and Mario Galaxy. 7/10
Music:- Was there music? 1/10
Gameplay:- While there was truly some potential there, it was totally ruined by 'motion plus' obsession. 2/10
Story:- Started off promising and then sort of disappeared. 3/10

Conclusion:- This series was once great, but It has been put through the wringer so many times now and has just become a warped and twisted caricature of itself. True love can blind a dedicated fan to these inadequacies, but a person who is not so tolerant may find themselves incredibly frustrated by this game. 2/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/05/12

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Limited Edition) (EU, 11/18/11)

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