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"Quite easily the greatest game I've ever played. It's pretty much the pinnacle of video games in general."

"Quite easily the greatest game I've ever played. It's pretty much the pinnacle of video games in general."

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a testimony to the reason why we play video games. And what is that reason, you ask? Well there are many different reasons why we play video games. And Skyward Sword manages to fulfill all of those reasons, making up to be one of the greatest games of all time in my personal opinion.

Gameplay: Skyward Sword is for the most part, like any other Zelda game. There's an open overworld, there's towns, there's sidequests, there's dungeons, etc. The game manages to throw quite a bit of new things into the series though. The main thing is of course the motion control. Over the past 5 years many people have viewed the Wii's motion control as a fad that's just not precise enough for good gameplay. Skyward Sword proves to the world that motion control can indeed enhance gaming, ya just gotta use it right. Of course, the motion control isn't exactly 100% precise, bit it gets pretty dang close. Your hand really does become Link's hand, in other words... the sword play is awesome. The best sword play ever seen in a Zelda game, and arguably the best combat in any adventure game period. Items are accessed easier than ever before, and the customization is seamless and easier than ever. The game is also surprisingly challenging too. If you don't respect your foes and take advantage of their weaknesses properly, you WILL be getting multiple Game Overs.

As for the overall world of the game, There are only 4 main areas in the entire game, and that's including the sky. That may sound underwhelming at first, but as you progress through the game the world opens up more and more and the environments get so varied and fun. And this game has some of the best dungeons in Zelda history because they're so unique and they're not afraid to think outside of the box. I also like how the sidequests in this game aren't as hidden as they usually are in Zelda games, because I personally prefer sidequests that aren't too much out of the way of the main adventure. I can go on and on and on about how great the gameplay in this game is, but I have to shorten it for this review. Simply put, the gameplay in this game is extremely fun and innovative.

Story: Freaking awesome, freaking amazing, freaking fantastic, freaking glorious, freaking fabulous, freaking MARVELOUS. I have never been THIS interested in the story of any other Zelda game. The new villain Ghirahim is probably my new favorite villain ever. His sense of confidence and craziness, mixed along with his demonic anger and awkward happiness.... it's just great. There's so much personality, character development, and presence. It's all so cinematic and beautiful, and it's sweet how they connect the stories of every Zelda game so fondly in this brilliant prequel. I mean.... what else can I say. I just love the story of this amazing game, and I give huge respect to Nintendo for making the Zelda story better than it's ever been before.

Graphics: The visual style changes with each Zelda game these days. This time around, Nintendo took the cel-shaded art style from Wind Waker and blended it with the realistic Twilight Princess art style. Making out to be a cool water-color art style. In general though, the game is just beautiful. The character models are crisp and fluid, and the environments are absolutely stunning. Just the whole structure and art of the dungeons and areas is so great. This game is simply pretty and it least proves that the Wii really is stronger than the Gamecube. Just like the gameplay, I could keep on going about how greatly structured the depth and purity of the environments are, but this review would last over 20,000 words.... so I can't do that. Heheh...

Music/Sound: The soundtrack in this game is very balanced. It's calm when it needs to be, it's subtle when it needs to be, and it's epic when it's needs to be. I can't really say that this game has my favorite soundtrack of any Zelda game, because that award goes to Wind Waker. But that's not to say that the soundtrack in this game isn't awesome, because it is awesome. Great music has pretty much been a staple of the series ever since Link's first outing in 1986, so it's not really that big of a deal in that aspect. Let me just point out that the boss themes, Fi's theme, and Ghirahim's theme are some of the tracks in this game that stand out. Along with some others that I won't get too much into.

Playtime/Replayability: The game itself took me around 40 hours to beat, and there's also a Hero Mode for skilled players who want to have a go at the game again. It'll probably take longer for you to beat Hero Mode because of the immense challenge that's there. There are bugs and ancient souvenirs that you can collect to upgrade your items which adds to the replay value. Oh yeah, and did I mention the boss challenge mode that allows you to play all the bosses in a row? Yeah, a dedicated player could probably get 100+ hours of gameplay, So you get your money's worth. But then again.... Playtime has never really been a problem with Zelda, these are some massive games. And Skyward Sword is no different.

Overall, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as you can see mushes together all the reasons why we play video games. For story, for visual pleasure, for substance, for polish, for likability, and most importantly for gameplay. I pretty much didn't mention a single flaw with this game in this review, and that doesn't mean it's flawless. Because every game has some type of flaw somewhere, there's no way around it. It's just that the few flaws in this game are so dim, bleak, and hard to see that they're just irrelevant to the overall awesomeness of the game. This is my new favorite game of all time, and I really wasn't expecting it to be this good... even though I should've expected it, coming from one the greatest developers ever. The motion control, the story, the creativity, the characters, the environments, the dungeons, the concept, the challenge, the soundtrack.... aw man, I just can't stop with the compliments. The references to past games will keep long time fans entertained, and there's no doubt that Skyward Sword is amazing game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of such an influential game franchise. This game is phenomenal in every way and no gamer should miss out on it. A ten out of ten is the only score that this game deserves, and that 5 year wait between Twilight Princess was totally worth it. Thank you very much, Nintendo.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/12/12, Updated 05/18/12

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (US, 11/20/11)

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