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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CO Adder

    Version: .75 | Updated: 02/20/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Table of Contents|
    I. Introduction
    II. Version history
    III. Updates
    IV. Useful Terminology
    V. Mechanics and listings
    VI. FAQ/Walkthrough
    VII. Parts 
    VIII. Secrets
    IX. Frequently asked questions
    X. Contact Policy
    XI. Legal Mumbo Jumbo and Credits
    Hello hello to all and sundry. As you might have gathered, I'm CO Adder, and I'm
    the author of this here FAQ. If you're familiar with my work, it will be in much
    the same style as my previous guides. If not, then don't worry, you're in good
    hands. Even so, please forgive any mistranslations or inaccuracies, as Japanese
    is not something I'm all that good at yet.
    As was the case with my SRW Z guide, I'd very much appreciate it if, by chance,
    you know something that I don't, you would share it with me. My contact info can
    be found in the corresponding section.
    |II.Version History:|
    Version .3: 11/25/09
    Initial itinerary complete: Comprehensive mechanics section complete, FAQ,
    credits and contact policy complete, walkthrough progressed to stage 7, which
    includes both A and B routes for stage 5.
    Version .4: 11/28/09
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 13, various errata corrected.
    Version .5: 12/5/09
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 20.
    Version .6: 12/13/09
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 27, including all versions stages 21 and 22
    Version .75: 2/20/10
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 38 (not including the A route, I AM SO SORRY)
    Changed e-mail address in contact policy, it's now dazzling_addar@mail.com
    Initial itinerary complete: Comprehensive mechanics section complete, FAQ,
    credits and contact policy complete, walkthrough progressed to stage 7, which
    includes both A and B routes for stage 5.
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 13, various errata corrected.
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 20
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 27, including all versions stages 21 and 22
    Changed e-mail address in contact policy, it's now dazzling_addar@mail.com
    Walkthrough completed up to stage 38 B
    |IV.Useful Terminology:|
    In the realm of Super Robot Taisen, there are a large number of terms and names
    that will probably leave a newbie to the series scratching his head. Because we
    were all that newbie at one point, this section is here to help the unitiated
    muddle through what all of this giant robobabble is all about.
    A mech is essentially a universal term for robot, giant or otherwise. Mainly
    because it incorporates the least amount of keystrokes for a name that handily
    encompasses all of the units in the game, I'll be using this throughout the
    guide quite extensively.
    New to Neo is that pilots and machines can no longer be switched around- while
    machine parameters remain more or less the same as they always have been, these
    parameters can increase not only with upgrades, but with the pilot leveling up,
    as well. Each pilot has subtlely different morale and SP gains, as well.
    Morale is a statistic more or less unique to the SRW series. Each deployed unit
    has a morale guage, which increases as the battle goes on. The higher morale,
    the more damage that unit deals, the less damage it receives, and certain moves
    and abilities become usable. For example, Liger transforms into Fire Liger at
    120 morale, while the Sigzarl gains use of its Sig Zan at 120 morale.
    +Spirit Commands/Seishins+
    Anyway, these are extremely important. Each pilot has five spirit commands,
    though only a few are available at lower levels. Getting anywhere in the game
    without these guys is nigh impossible. They bestow, for a turn or a battle
    various beneficial effects. For example, Strike raises your hit rate to 100%
    for one turn, and Alert guarentees that you dodge one attack.
    |V.Mechanics and Listings:|
    In this section, I will thoroughly go over the new mechanics and abilities that
    Neo introduces. I reccomend that all readers give this a thorough perusal, as
    Neo brings an astoundingly large amount of new stuff that even veteran players
    might puzzle over.
    **The Main Menu**
    The first thing you'll see, you'll be prompted to press the A button. Do so,
    and you'll have four options:
    Start: Starts a new game.
    Continue: Loads an in-game save- handily, the game will tell you which mission
    and give you a screenshot of where you last saved.
    Load: Loads a save made from the intermission menu.
    Library: Allow you to view data on mecha and pilots you've encountered in the
    game, as well as listen to BGMs you've unlocked.
    Nunchuck stick: Move cursor
    Directional pad: Move cursor/switch pages
    A Button: Select unit/confirm/open battle menu
    B Button: Deny/Go back
    C Button: When a unit is selected with the cursor, brings up summary data
    Z button: Brings cursor to nearest allied unit. Repeated pressing cycles.
    + Button: Brings up victory conditions
    - Button: No function
    1 Button No function
    2 Button: No function
    There are no motion controls in this game (thank heavens).
    **The Command Menu**
    This time around, instead of a straight menu, we have a circular wheel. There
    are many commands. These will be covered in depth, but glossed over in this
    section. Note that not all commands are available to all units.
    -Attack: Denoted by a red sword. This lets you choose from a list of attack
    types: Attack, Assault, MAP, and Combination.
    -Move: Denoted by a green boot. This opens up your movement sphere.
    -Spirit: Denoted by a purple... bunch of circles. This opens up the Spirit 
    Command menu. Can be used after your turn has ended.
    -Item: Denoted by a yellow box. Allows you to use equipped usable items. Can be
    used after your turn has ended.
    -Transform: Denoted by a blue gear. Allows you to change mecha forms, if
    -Formation Change: Unique to the Gold Brothers and Watt and Amp, this is, more
    or less, the same thing as transform. Instead of the machine changing, the unit
    switches to a different Leaguer. The units share the same HP/EN- they may have
    differing totals, but they remain the same in terms of percentage. (IE, if you
    have 90% total HP and you switch, you'll still have 90% HP.)
    -Combine: Denoted by a blue man, standing arms raised. Allows you to combine
    two or more units into a single new machine after a certain morale mark is
    reached. Note- if the combined unit is larger than the current unit, you may
    not be able to use this if other units or terrain features would encroach upon
    the combined unit's space. Note that the units do not need to be near one
    another, but they both need to have the requisite morale.
    -Upgrade: Denoted by a blue man, standing arms raised. Allows you to upgrade
    your unit into a more powerful form for the remainder of the battle once a 
    morale requirement is met. This does not require more than one unit, and the
    actual name of this command changes depending on the unit it belongs to.
    -Repair: Denoted by a yellow wrench. Allows you to heal a unit within your
    area of effect. The amount repaired depends on how highly you have upgraded
    your weapons. Can be used after movement.
    -Resupply: Denoted by a yellow gas can. Allows you to refill the energy of a
    unit within your area of effect. Can be used after movement, the amount of
    energy restored depends on how highly you've upgraded weapons. DOES NOT REDUCE
    MORALE. Use it to your heart's content!
    -Magic: Denoted by brown sparklies. Unique to Ryu Priest Baurus, this allows you
    to use one of two magic spells: the first allows you to increase your allied
    units defense, the second restores HP. It affects all units within its radius.
    You can tell if they are or not if their blue outlines are reacting.
    -Board: Denoted by a blue reversed arrow. Usable only after movement. If you
    move a unit into your mothership's area of effect, you can use this option to
    have your unit board it. While aboard the mothership, that unit will regain HP
    and EN.
    -Deploy: Denoted by a blue arrow. Only available to your mothership, allows you
    to deploy a unit from your reserves that are currently aboard. Each mission has
    a limit to units that can be deployed on the map at once. Once this limit has
    been reached, you cannot deploy more units. However, if you board a unit that
    is currently deployed, you can swap it out for another. There is no limit to the
    amount of times you can do this.
    -Defend: Available only when attacked by the enemy, this command allows you to
    skip your counterattack and instead defend, which reduces enemy damage done by
    -Evade: Available only when attacked by the enemy, this command allows you to
    skip your counterattack and instead evade, which reduces the enemy hitrate by
    -Wait: Denoted by a blue arrow, pointing downward. Only usable after movement.
    This allows you to end that unit's turn without performing another action.
    One of Neo's most striking new features is that movement is no longer on a grid.
    Instead, each unit has a set circle to move in. In practice, it is not much
    different from traditional grid movement, but there are somethings to take note
    -Different units have different sizes! A large unit will take up much more of
    the map than smaller units. Keep this in mind when positioning units.
    -Each unit has the physical space it occupies, and an area of effect. The space
    it occupies is denoted by a light blue outline. The area of effect is denoted by
    a dotted circle line.
    -The terrain one fights on is important. Landbound units will need to maneuver
    around various obstructions, as well as take into account differences in height.
    **The Area of Effect**
    As mentioned earlier, the Area of Effect of a unit is denoted by a circular
    dotted line. Different units have differently sized areas of effect- as a rule,
    larger units have a larger area. If a unit is within your area of a effect, its
    blue outline will react and become active. It's difficult to describe, but easy
    to see. This affects a few things:
    -Defensive supports: In this game, every pilot and unit can use support defense
    once per turn- no more, no less. If a unit is within another's area of effect,
    it can take an enemy attack for them on the enemy phase.
    -Combination attacks: Certain attacks, denoted by a special symbol, require two
    or more units to be in proximity before use. For a combination attack to be used
    the units involved must all be within one another's area of effect. Keep this in
    mind, as facilitating multi-unit combo attacks can be difficult.
    Attacking is more or less the same as it has ever been at its core, but Neo has
    added many new bells and whistles that you need to get a hang of. A few things
    of note:
    -The displayed damage is now a fairly accurate indication of how much damage you
    will do. You should still use it as a guideline and not a law, however.
    -Attacking range is fairly limited now. To compensate, most attacks are also
    usable post-movement. If it is not, the game will let you know by displaying a
    red circle with a line through it.
    -Attacking skills are now tied to individual attacks- for example, Raijin Sword
    has the skill hit and away, which allows you to move after attacking. However,
    if you use a different attack, it will have a different skill- or none at all,
    -Consecutive Attack debuffing makes a return: If a unit is attacked by another
    unit and dodges that attack, the next attack made on the unit will have its
    accuracy increased by 10%. If the unit dodges again, the next attack will also
    increase by 10%. This will continue until the unit is hit or the hitrate reaches
    **Assault Attacks**
    A nifty new addition, Assault Attacks are sort of like MAP attacks. They can hit
    multiple enemies in one go. These attacks are indicated by a special symbol,
    which looks like a blazing comet. 
    -After selecting to use an assault an attack, you are presented with a purple
    movement sphere. You must maneuver your unit to a clear space on the map. You
    will notice that there is an arrow that follows behind you- enemies that this
    arrow passes through will be hit by the assault attack. 
    A few caveats- 
    -you can't perform an assault attack if your arrow does not pass through any 
    -You can't perform an assault attack if your unit can't move to the space you
    -You can't perform an assault attack if your unit can't move through the space
    your arrow travels through. (IE, if a land bound unit tries to move through a
    mountain, it won't work.)
    -Assault attacks cannot be used after movement.
    **MAP attacks**
    MAP attacks are much the same as they've always been. They hit multiple enemies
    on the map. Each map attack has its own unique radius- some are circular, others
    fire in a line. A few caveats:
    -You can't perform a MAP attack after moving.
    -Your MAP attacks will -not- hit your own units- go nuts.
    **Combination Attacks**
    Combination attacks, as mentioned above in the Area of Effect section, are
    attacks that require two or more units to be within one another's area of
    effect. These attacks are usually superpowerful. There are a few other things
    that need to happen as well:
    -All units must have the necessary morale to perform the attack
    -All units must have the necessary morale to perform the attack
    -All units, however, ARE NOT required to be in range of the enemy. Only one is
    **Attack Abilities**
    This is a big one, folks, so pay attention. As mentioned earlier, individual
    attacks are assigned abilities. In this section, I'll list and detail them all.
    Some abilities have a level: These levels depend on your weapon upgrades.
    0-2 Bars upgraded: Level 1
    3-5 bars: Level 2
    6 and up: Level 3
    Against enemies on the ground, your hit rate and attack power increase.
    Level 1: Hit +20%, Attack power x1.1
    Level 2: Hit +30%, Attack power x1.3
    Level 3: Hit +40%, Attack power x1.5
    Against enemies in the air, your hit rate and attack power increase. Also, if
    you initiate the attack, the enemy cannot counter attack.
    Level 1: Hit +30%, Attack power x1.3
    Level 2: Hit +40%, Attack power x1.5
    Level 3: Hit +50%, Attack power x2
    Detailed earlier.
    Detailed earlier.
    [Hit and Away]
    Moving after attacking is possible with this ability.
    Attacks with this ability can be used to bypass environmental obstacles- you
    can tell if an attack is like this if a dotted arced line appears instead of a
    normal line does.
    Attacks with this ability will knock the enemy back a certain number of spaces.
    These attacks cannot be support defended. If an enemy is knocked back into an
    obstacle or unit (ally or enemy), it will take 1000 additional damage. If the
    unit is knocked back down on to a lower elevation (say, off of a ledge or cliff
    on a mountain), it takes 2000 damage. If the unit's counterattack is out of
    range after the attack is performed, it will not counter attack.
    Level 1: Knock back one space.
    LEvel 2: Knock back two spaces.
    Level 3: Knock back three spaces.
    Attacks with this ability have a certain chance to deal extra damage and stop
    enemy counterattacks.
    Level 1: 30% chance to activate, 500 damage
    Level 2: 45% chance, 800 damage
    Level 3: 60% chance, 1200 damage
    Attacks with this ability have a certain chance to deal extra damage.
    Level 1: 30% chance to activate, 1200 damage
    Level 2: 50% chance to activate, 1600 damage
    Level 3: 70% chance to activate, 2000 damage
    Attacks with this ability have a certain chance to lower the enemy's hit and
    evade rates.
    Level 1: 60% chance to activate, -10% hit and evade
    Level 2: 70% chance to activate, -20% hit and evade
    Level 3: 80% chance to activate, -30% hit and evade
    [Lock On]
    Attacks with this ability ingore special defenses and increase critical rate.
    Level 1: 10% extra critical
    Level 2: 20% extra critical
    Level 3: 30% extra critical
    [Guard Arm]
    Attacks with this ability increase unit defense in the battle phase in which it
    is used.
    Level 1: 10% extra defense
    LEvel 2: 20% extra defense
    Level 3: 30% extra defense
    Attacks with this ability increase unit evasion in the battle phase in which it
    is used.
    Level 1: 10% extra evade.
    Level 2: 20% extra evade.
    Level 3: 30% extra evade.
    [Combination attack]
    Covered above.
    Units with this ability can restore an allied unit's HP.
    Level 1: 1500 HP
    Level 2: 2000 HP
    Level 3: 2500 HP
    Units with this ability can restore an allied unit's EN.
    Level 1: 50 EN
    Level 2: 75 EN
    Level 3: 100 EN.
    [Magical Recovery]
    An ability unique to Ryu Priest. Restores HP to all allies within its radius.
    Also grants SP.
    Level 1: 800 HP, 1 SP
    Level 2: 1200 HP, 2 SP
    Level 3: 1600 HP, 3 SP
    [Magical Recovery S]
    An ability unique to the Ryu high Priest. Restores HP, SP, and gives morale to
    all units within its radius.
    Level 1: 1000 HP, 2 SP, 1 Morale
    Level 2: 1400 HP, 3 SP, 2 morale
    Level 3: 1800 HP, 4 SP, 3 morale
    [Magical Defense]
    An ability unique to Ryu Priest. Raises defenses of all allies within its radius
    for one turn.
    Level 1: 10% defense
    Level 2: 20% defense
    Level 3: 30% defense
    [Magical Defense S]
    An ability unique to the Ryu high Priest. Raises defense of all allies within
    its radius.
    Level 1: 20% defense
    Level 2: 30% defense
    Level 3: 40% defense
    **The Siege System**
    New to SRW Neo is the Siege system, essentially the logical extension of the
    placement bonus system introduced in SRW Z. Depending on unit placements, you
    get various bonuses to your attack. Let me elucidate.
    |O: Allied unit|
    |X: Enemy unit.|
    ......X .....
    .......O.....=10 % attack bonus
    ......X..O...=20% attack bonus
    ......X......= 50% attack bonus
    ...O..X..O...= 60% attack bonus, 20% hit bonus
    ...O..X..O...= 100% attack bonus, 50% hit bonus
    That should give you a good idea of what to expect. The placement in game varies
    depending on unit size and area of effect, but using this as a guide should be
    sufficient until you get a feel for it on your own. A good rule of thumb- you'll
    see an orangeish circle fill out when you activate the siege system. The more of
    that circle is filled out, the more damage you do.
    **Mecha Abilities**
    -Coming Soon-
    **Pilot Abilities**
    Ostensibly, these aren't different at all from Mecha abilities, but they are
    affected by pilot level, not by the amount of upgrades to the machine. Due to
    the sheer amount of levels these skills have, it will take a while to get all of
    the pertinent data up. In the mean time, you can use the index feature of the
    battle menu to look it up.  In the battle menu, choose the second option, then
    the third (it has a smiley face next to it). Then choose the skill you want to
    view (I have them listed in order), and it will give you a list of pilots who
    have that skill. Move your cursor over that pilot and press the Z button on the
    nunchuck. You'll see the pertinent numbers. 
    Pilots with this skill are unaffected by being surrounded.
    [Still Water, Clear Mirror]
    Unique to Domon Kasshu. Allows the God Gundam to enter Hyper Mode at 130 morale.
    In Hyper Mode, hit, evade, and attack power increase. The amount depends on the
    skill's level. It can go up to level 9.
    When HP dips below a certain amount, Hit, Evade, and Defense go up. The HP
    threshold and the bonuses are level dependent. It goes up to level 9.
    [Leaguer Spirit]
    Unique to the Iron Leaguer units. When support defending, defense increases. The
    bonus depends on the level, which goes up to 9.
    When taking damage, there is a chance that the unit will take less damage. The
    chance of activation and the reduction are level dependent. It goes up to 9.
    [Battling Heart]
    Increases the amount of morale a pilot starts with at the beginning of a stage.
    The amount is determined by the level, which goes up to 9.
    [Energy Save]
    Decreases the amount of energy used when attacking. The amount is determined by
    the level, which goes up to 9.
    Unique to Adeu. When morale reaches 110, critical and hit go up. The amount is
    level dependent, which goes up to 9.
    Unique to Sarutobi and Kotaroh. When morale reaches 110, critical and evade go
    up. The amount is level dependent, which goes up to 9.
    [Magic Power]
    Unique to Paffy. When morale reaches 110, hit and evade go up. The amount is
    level dependent, which goes up to 9.
    [God's Blessing]
    Unique to Izumi. At 110 morale, evade and defense go up. The amount is level
    dependent, which goes up to 9.
    Unique to Gesshin. At 110 morale, hit and evade go up. The amount is level
    dependent, which goes up to 9.
    Unique to Gratches. Nearby units receive a bonus to hit and defense. The radius
    and the bonus are level dependent, which go up to nine.
    [Magic Swordsmanship]
    Unique to Galden. Increases the morale gains when attacking. The amount is level
    dependent, which goes up to nine.
    [Cocoa's Calculations]
    Unique to Cocoa. Nearby units receive a bonus to hit and evade. The radius and
    the bonus are level dependent, which goes up to nine.
    [Blood of Argama]
    Unique to Ken and Ryu Dolga. Increases starting morale and extends the morale
    limit past 150. The amount is level dependent, which goes up to nine.
    **Spirit Commands**
    Every pilot has a unique set of spirit commands. Most main pilots have 4
    commands to use, while sub-pilots usually have 2 or 3. New to neo is the fact
    that spirit commands now have levels- one to three. Spirit commands will level
    up when pilots reach certain levels- these levels are unique to each pilot.
    As some commands level up, they will become cheaper to use- in this case, you
    cannot use the preceeding levels- but there would be no advantage in doing so.
    An example: Disturbance level one is 25 SP and affects enemies within three
    spaces. Disturbance level two is 20 SP and affects enemies within four spaces-
    you can no longer use level 1, but you wouldn't want to anyway.
    As other commands level up, they will become more expensive. If this is the case
    then you can use the weaker levels to economize. For example, Hot Blood level 1
    costs 20 SP and increases damage done on the next attack by 1.5x.Hot Blood Level
    2 costs 30 SP and increases damage done on the next attack by 2x. You can use
    either of these spells if you want.
    An important thing to note about Neo is that spirit commands can be used after a
    unit has ended its turn, and during the enemy phase.
    This spell increases the user's movement by 3 spaces, to a maximum of nine.
    Level 1: 20 SP
    Level 2: 15 SP
    Level 3: 10 SP
    This spell guarantees that the user dodges the next attack aimed at it.
    Level 1: 25 SP
    Level 2: 20 SP
    Level 3: 15 SP
    This spell raises your hit rate to 100% for a turn.
    Level 1: 30 SP
    Level 2: 25 SP
    Level 3: 20 SP
    This spell casts Strike on an ally within range.
    Level 1: 30 SP, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 35 SP, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 40 SP, 5 spaces
    This spell reduces the damage taken from the next enemy attack that lands.
    Level 1: 20 SP, -75% damage taken
    Level 2: 25 SP, -85% damage taken
    Level 3: 30 SP, -95% damage taken
    [Iron Wall]
    This spell reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks for a turn.
    Level 1: 10 SP, -30% damage taken
    Level 2: 20 SP, -50% damage taken
    Level 3: 30 SP, -70% damage taken
    This spell increases your and hit and evade rates for a turn.
    Level 1: 10 SP, +20% hit and evade
    Level 2: 15 SP, +30% hit and evade
    Level 3: 20 SP, +40% hit and evade
    [Hot Blood]
    This spell increases the damage your next attack does.
    Level 1: 20 SP, 1.5X damage
    Level 2: 30 SP, 2X damage
    Level 3: 40 SP, 2.5X damage
    This spell doubles the experience you get from the next battle.
    Level 1: 20 SP
    Level 2: 15 SP
    Level 3: 10 SP
    This spell casts Gain on an ally within range.
    Level 1: 20 SP, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 20 SP, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 20 SP, 5 spaces
    This spell doubles the money you get from the next battle (naturally it won't
    work if you don't earn any money from it.)
    Level 1: 20 SP
    Level 2: 15 SP
    Level 3: 10 SP
    This spell casts Luck on an ally within range.
    Level 1: 30 SP, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 30 SP, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 30 SP, 5 spaces
    This spell restores the user's HP.
    Level 1: 20 SP, 20% HP restored
    Level 2: 30 SP, 35% HP restored
    Level 3: 40 SP, 50% HP restored
    This spell restores HP to an ally within range.
    Level 1: 20 SP, 1000 HP restored, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 25 SP, 1500 HP restored, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 30 SP, 2000 HP restored, 5 spaces
    This spell increases the morale of an ally within range.
    Level 1: 20 SP, +3 morale, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 25 SP, +5 morale, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 30 SP, +8 morale, 5 spaces
    This spell decreases the hit rate of all enemies within range by 30%.
    Level 1: 25 SP, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 20 SP, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 15 SP, 5 spaces
    This spell decreases the morale of all enemies within range.
    Level 1: 10 SP, -20 morale, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 15 SP, -30 Morale, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 20 SP, -40 morale, 5 spaces
    This spell will restore SP to an ally within range- note that you cannot use it
    on your self- this can be annoying if you want to restore the SP of a pilot that
    shares the same unit.
    Level 1: 20 SP, +10 SP, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 25 SP, +15 SP, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 30 SP, +20 SP, 5 spaces
    This spell increases the users morale.
    Level 1: 15 SP, +5 morale
    Level 2: 20 SP, +10 morale
    Level 3: 25 SP, +15 morale
    This spell casts Accelerate on an ally within range.
    Level 1: 20 SP, 3 spaces
    Level 2: 15 SP, 4 spaces
    Level 3: 10 SP, 5 spaces
    **The Battle Menu**
    This menu can be accessed by pressing the A button on an empty square.
    -End Turn: choose this option to end your turn and allow the enemy to act.
    -Index: Choose this option to open up a submenu.
    --Unit Index: Allows you choose a unit from a list and immediately select it.
    --Spirit Index: Allows you to choose a known spirit command from a list and view
    a list of units that know the command.
    --Pilot Skill index: Allows you to choose a known pilot skill from a list and
    view a list of pilots that know the skill.
    --Mecha Ability index: Allows you to choose a known mecha ability from a list
    and view a list of machines that have the ability.
    --Attack Abilities index: Allows you to choose a known attack ability from a
    list and view a list of units that have attacks with that ability.
    --Item index: Allows you to choose an owned item or part from a list and view a
    list of units that are equipped with that item or part
    -Victory Conditions: Allows you to view the winning and losing conditions. The
    victory conditions are on top and in blue, and the losing conditions are on the
    bottom in red. In the green side bar, are, in order: Turn Count, Enemy count,
    neutral unit count, allied deployed unit count, allied units in the mothership
    count, total funds, and a map displaying allied and enemy unit placement. The
    name and number of the stage are on the bottom.
    -Options: Allows you to go into the options menu.
    --Change BGM: This option allows you to go into a list of units and change their
    -Battle BGM Settings: There are two options here: The first is fixed BGMs. The
    second sets it so that the BGM returns to the map music when the battle scene is
    --BGM Volume: Self explanitory
    --BGM type: Type A allows the enemy phase music to override your unit's set BGM,
    while Type B is the traditional style wherein your music plays regardless.
    Menu Cursor Position memory: Self explanitory.
    --Support attack: Automatically sets the menu to support attack when able.
    --Support defense: Automatically sets the menu to support defend when able.
    -Save game: Allows you to make an ingame save. You can access this save by
    selecting continue on the main menu. After you save, you have the option of
    returning to the title screen- select the second option when prompted to do so.
    **Intermission Menu**
    The intermission Menu, as always, is an important element of the game. It is
    where you do your upgrading and part assigning. It also serves as your general
    base of operations- it lets you look at all of your resources at your leisure,
    as well as save and load different game files.
    Unit customization: This option allows you to equip parts and upgrade your units
    with the money you've earned. First, select a unit. To equip parts, press A, and
    the yellow bars will be highlighted. Press A again to select the slot, then A
    again, and you'll see a list of parts. Select the one you want to equip.
    To upgrade your unit, use the control stick to move to the upgrade tab. Press A
    Twice, then use the control stick to fill in the bars. There are five attributes
    to upgrade:
    HP: Increases unit HP.
    EN: Increases unit EN
    Defense: Decreases the damage the unit takes
    Evade: Decreases the chance an enemy has to hit the unit
    Weapons: Increases weapon power and ability level.
    Items: This option opens up a list of all the parts you own. You can equip items
    from this menu, as well. Select the item you wish to equip, then go down the
    list of units and select the unit you wish to equip it to. When it is equipped,
    hit the B button, and the game will ask you if this is alright. Say yes, and the
    item will be equipped.
    You can also sell items you don't want here. To do so, press the Z button, then
    use the control stick to adjust how many you want to sell. The amount of money
    you get for doing this is displayed below. Press A to confirm.
    Save: This allows you to save your game. Do this often, obviously. Choose which
    slot you wish to save in. If you wish to overwrite a file, simply select it.
    Load: this allows you to load a different file. Select the file you want to load
    and voila.
    Options: The same options screen as in the Battle Menu.
    Next stage: Use this option to finish your intermission hijinks and move on.
    As informative as all that stuff was, I'm sure this is more than likely what you
    came from. In this section, I'll detail every stage in the game- allies, enemies
    reinforcements, events, the like, as well as give strategies (or whatever lame
    brained idea worked for me at the time) for how to win, as well as victory/
    defeat conditions.
    Right now, my hot blood is burning up! Let's go!
    <STAGE 1>
    Well now. After some hijinks with a giant magical sword by the name of
    Armdafasdoma (seriously I am not making this up), we get the opening roll. As
    always, kudos to you if you can read it. Back in the world we're familiar with,
    Ken of Jushin Liger bumps into Kakeru and Amane, our Banpresto originals du jour
    for this lovely game. Before much else can happen, the Drago Empire attacks!
    These folks are Liger enemies, and they're led by one Dol Sadso. The military
    sorties to take care of the invading Drago Knights, but as one might expect, it
    goes over about as well as a zeppelin made of lead. (Also, if you're attentive,
    you'll catch one of the game's only references to poor old Dr. Hell and his
    mechanical beasts.)
    Things rapidly go from bad to worse as the Drago Knights wreck Ken's school and
    a giant rock fortress pops up from the ground. Apparently, it's the dormant form
    of the God Drago. Things could get nasty. Except... LIIIIIGAAAAAA!
    Allied units:
    Liger (Ken)
    Enemy units:
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x6
    Allied reinforcements: Two enemies shot down
    Sigzarl (Kakeru)
    Ionia (Amane)
    Enemy reinforcements: Two enemies shot down
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x1
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down/Turn 4
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x6
    Ken and Liger are ready to bring the pain to the folks who did this to his
    school. For now, you're probably best off using Liger Sword, Liger's strongest
    move, to attack the bad guys. Ken's only spirit is Hot Blood right now, and that
    isn't much help. You'll notice that Dol Sadso is on the map- don't worry about
    her, she's just watching for now. When using liger sword, try to attack from a
    distance- the enemy's counter attack will be less severe and less accurate. If
    you get a critical hit, you should knock out the enemy in one hit. If not, no
    big thing, just keep at it! If you feel that Liger is in danger, don't be afraid
    to defend or evade.
    When you take out two enemies, we find Kakeru and Amane have fallen into a hole.
    A rather strange hole with a lot of nifty stuff in it- not the least of which is
    a  big ol' black robot. Due to some magic I don't rightly understand, Amane
    involuntarily gains control of the entire complex, which turns out to be not a
    hole at all, but instead a floating fortress: the Ionia! The Drago Knights don't
    like this one bit and send over a new guy to take it down. After some prodding,
    Kakeru boards the black robot. Awaken, Sigzarl!
    Now, these two units... well, they're a little less than impressive right now.
    The Ionia's offense is very weak- but on the bright side, it's very tough to
    sink. The Sigzarl's only got one move, so head for the forest (which will do
    wonders for your defense) and start using it. Liger should clean up the enemies
    in his area. If you feel like it, you can have Kakeru use Focus to increase his
    chances of dodging the enemy. Note that Kakeru and Amane can support each other,
    wich will help things along. If things get hairy, don't be afraid to hide either
    Liger or the Sigzarl in the Ionia to recover HP and EN.
    On turn 4, or when all enemies are shot down, some more Drago Knights arrive to
    crash the party. In response, Ken gets really angry and powers up Liger to Fire
    Liger, which is a good deal stronger in every respect. Hellz yeah. Furthermore,
    the Armdafasdoma comes falling from the sky to land in the Sigzarl's grasp. This
    powers up the machine as well, giving you access to a bunch of new attacks. IT'S
    TIME TO GET WIIIILD. You should have no trouble taking out the riffraff, so just
    have fun with the rest of the mission. When you shoot down all enemies, both the
    dormant Drago and Dol Sadso retreat, quite in awe of your righteous powers.
    Afterwards, it seems that both the Ionia and the Sigzarl are stored in magic
    stones. Somehow. IT'S MAGIC. Kakeru promises to get Amane out of the mess he's
    gotten in to, which appears to be being stuck in the Ionia.
    Stage 1 Intermission:
    Welcome to the intermission menu! For a detailed rundown of how it works, check
    the mechanics and listing section. Right now, you should upgrade both the Ionia
    and the Sigzarl as much as you can- they'll be useful units all the game through
    and you have to use the Ionia in pretty much every mission. You can also equip
    the parts you've gotten- I recommend giving the Repair stone to the Ionia and
    the Energy Stone to the Sigzarl. These items are very useful early game, and
    they can be used MULTIPLE TIMES. While you can only use a repair item once per
    mission, they -will not- disappear after use. You can use them again in the next
    stage, if you have a mind to. When you're satisfied, move on to the next mission
    to continue the game.
    <STAGE 2>
    Allied units:
    RaijinOh (Gin)
    Enemy units:
    Egizost x3
    Allied reinforcements: 2 enemies shot down
    Mazinger Z (Kouji Kabuto)
    Diana Ace (Sayaka Yumi)
    Allied reinforcements: 2 enemies shot down
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 enemies shot down
    Egizost x5
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 enemies shot down
    Egizost x10
    It's RaijinOh against the Jack Empire! These enemies are stronger than the Drago
    Knights you faced earlier, but they shouldn't pose too much of a threat. While
    RaijinOh isn't quite as invincible as advertised, it's still a good unit. Have
    Gin use focus and start whacking away. Note that RaijinOh has our first Assault
    Attack- but it's not very useful, so save it for later. As was the case before,
    attacking from a distance will put you on the receiving end of a less powerful
    and less accurate counterattack, so go ahead and do that. RaijinOh's probably
    going to take some hits here, so be prepared to defend or evade if you think the
    kids are in danger.
    When two enemies are shot down, some old friends arrive- it's Mazinger Z and the
    Diana Ace, here to help! After some chatting with Gin and the rest, and a pun
    about Eldoran sounding like a Restaraunt (I think?), they reach an agreement to
    pound the bad guys together. Belzef isn't phased- he merely orders some more
    Egizosts to be deployed.
    Now, about Mazinger Z- its forte is taking hits, not dodging them. However, in
    comparison to tanking units of SRWs long past, it's not that impressive. That's
    more or less par for the course for Neo. However, it's still a very nice unit
    with some great attacking power when Mazin Power activates- it's just gonna take
    some damage during the course of the battle. That's where the Diana Ace comes in
    as it has a repair function, which you can and should use liberally to keep your
    units in good shape.  RaijinOh will probably need some repairs right off the bat
    so you should move down towards it to give it some help. The Diana Ace is, gasp,
    pretty decent at combat. It won't do an incredible amount of damage, but it's
    dodgy and survivable enough.
    When you take down two more enemies, the Ionia arrives. Asuka recognizes them as
    the robots they saw on the news, and Kakeru assures them that they've come to
    help (or at least Amane does, Kakeru's getting a little too in to this hero of
    justice thing to be all that coherent). Belzef still isn't worried and just
    calls up some more monster friends. Goddamn. If this happens on the enemy phase,
    don't worry- they won't be able to act on the same turn. Anyway, once the Ionia
    arrives, try to evenly distribute experience and make sure everyone gets some
    action. If your units get damaged (which they probably will), have Sayaka heal
    'em up. When you finish up all of the enemies, the mission ends.
    A note about the Ionia- it's bloody huge, which can make maneuvering it a big 
    pain. Use Amane's Tailwind spell to increase it's movement if you have to.
    A note about Mazin Power- it activates at 130 morale and increases all damage
    done by 1.3x. Veeery handy.
    A note about general defense- when you're on the defense, try to group your
    allies together- this will prevent them from getting surrounded, and it will let
    you use support defense. If both units are at full health, it's almost always
    better to let another unit take the attack, then counterattack.
    Stage 2 intermission:
    All of the units in the last mission have joined your squad (Except RaijinOh), 
    and are now yours to upgrade. Honestly, all of the units you have except maybe 
    Diana Ace will be tremendously useful the whole game through, so try to spread 
    the love. When upgrading, prioritize HP, EN, and weapons- these statisitics 
    won't go up as your pilots level up, while Defense and Evade will. With that
    said, do what you will, and move on to the next stage.
    <STAGE 3>
    Allied units:
    King Squasher (Ramuness)
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Allied reinforcements: Three enemies shot down
    Ryu Mage Magidora (Paffy)
    Ryu Ninja Bakuretsumaru (Sarutobi)
    Ryu Priest Baurus (Izumi)
    Enemy reinforcements: Three enemies shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Solid x3
    Heavy Solid x1
    Shuraj Ragasos Custom (Da Saida)
    Awright, it's the Hero Lamuness against the forces of Da Saida! Your first real
    concern is Castle Aaa, which you need to protect. It's got 7000 HP, so it can
    take some punishment, but it's in your best interests to make sure nothing can
    attack it. Fortunately, most of the enemies will focus on you regardless. You'll
    want to use your Shield Boomerang and attack from beyond the range of the enemy,
    if possible. It's a bit inaccurate against the Medusas, so you might whiff a few
    times. If King Squasher gets damaged, DamaQ's Trust can heal it up fairly well.
    You won't have any trouble hitting the somewhat ungainly neptunes. Feel free to
    evade or defend if you think you should. I'm a cautious player, so I tend to do
    so more than necessary. After a few battles, Ramuness should learn Guts, so you
    can use that as well to heal yourself up.
    When you take out all but one Monsquar, Da Saida starts to lose him patience and
    deploys some more of them. Furthermore, a bunch of opportunistic bandits arrive
    to loot the Aaa Kingdom. That ain't right, no sir. Paffy and her entourage think
    so as well, and sortie in their Ryus: The Mage, the Ninja, and the Priest. The
    worm has turned, gentlemen!
    We're still rather outnumbered, but those solids are pathetic, and Izumi can
    easily heal off the damage you take from the enemy with his Magical Healing-you
    can access his spells by choosing the brown sparklies in the command menu. The
    first will increase allied unit's defense, and the second will heal. Bunch up
    and use Izumi's spells to triumph over these upstarts. Your Ryus are fun little
    units- of special note is the Magidora. The name of the game for our spellcaster
    is attack abilities- all of her attacks have special attributes- Knockback, the
    game's only usable attack with Freeze, Fire, and Stun. The Bakuretsumaru is a
    little straightforward in comparison, but it's got the most attack power of all
    the units on the field, so hell.
    Da Saida has quite a bit of HP, but is not particularly tough. If you are in a
    group, he might use his MAP attack, but it's not particuarly powerful. When you
    do fight him, use Sartobi's invincible and Paffy's Alert to avoid damage. If you
    want to speed things along, surround him with your units- the siege system will
    kick in and increase your damage output. When you shoot him down, Da Saida will
    regenerate 4500 HP, but Ramuness will unlock King Squasher's sure-kill move,
    King Squasher Hurricane, and bring him down to 750 HP. Shoot him down again- 
    if you want to maximize your cash, have Paffy's sub pilot, Hagu Hagu, cast luck 
    and do it with her. When you shoot down Da Saida (noooo ;_;), the mission ends.
    Stage 3 Intermission:
    Well, sadly, your Earth Tear troops can't be upgraded. But you do get the parts
    you earned last mission, so you can give Mazinger or Ionia your armored plate or
    something. Aside from that, just upgrade as you want and move on.
    <STAGE 4>
    Allied units:
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Enemy units:
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x3
    Dragon Warrior Metal Knight x2
    Allied reinforcements: Turn Two
    Mazinger Z
    Diana Ace
    Boss Borot (Boss)
    Allied reinforcements: Three enemies shot down/Turn 3
    Allied reinforcements: Turn Four
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn Two
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x6
    Enemy reinforcements: Three enemies shot down/Turn 3
    Dragon Warrior Metal Knight x8
    Dol Sadso
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn Four
    MaryuOh Dolga (Ryu dolga)
    You'll probably recognize Sharlie and her Merveille from the introductory sword-
    heist. It's her against some Drago Empire units- the Metal Knights are a new
    variety- they're more powerful and more well armored, but not by a whole damn
    lot. I reccomend landing the Merveille, the terrain affords some nice defensive
    bonuses. Merveille's second most powerful attack, Meteor Sundown, has the anti-
    ground skill, which will make it very effective against your land-based enemies.
    On turn 2, the cavalry arrives- Mazinger Z, Diana Ace, Boss Borot(!!), and
    RaijinOh. ...and as an NPC, OseKaiser. I really have no idea what his deal is,
    but he's a big help. If you want to recruit him, you need to make sure he kills
    no more than three enemies. At least, that's what the word on the street is.
    He's pretty powerful, so this is easier said than done. Anyway, the enemies here
    can take quite a bit of punishment because the lower levels of the crater have a
    30% defense bonus. However, you can use this your advantage- if you use a knock
    back attack like Mazinger Z's Whirlwind Rocket Punch, you can knock an enemy
    down a level and deal 2000 extra damage. At this point, that's pretty much a
    guaranteed KO.
    Boss Borot is your first resupply unit, and it's a damn good one, actually. His
    offense is somewhat lackluster, but he does have a powerful assault attack to
    utilize. However, Boss has two subpilots with some good spirits, and being able
    to resupply is an extremely useful (and rare) ability. If you want to prevent
    Ose Kaiser from killing enemies, it's best to position yourself so that you're
    at the edge of movement range and between OseKaiser and the enemies. It's tough,
    but doable.
    On turn 3, or when you knock out enough enemies, Liger will arrive to help out,
    but so will Dol Sadso and some more metal knights. Not good, no sir. Ah well,
    soldier on. She's not that big of a threat, but you'd do well to defend when she
    attacks- she hits pretty hard if you don't, and she doesn't miss often.
    On Turn 4, shit gets real- MaryuOh Dolga arrives, and he doesn't fuck around.
    He's got a lot of HP, and he'll take damage like a champ. Fortunately, Kakeru
    and Amane are on hand to help as well. Here's my advice- first off, finish off
    the Metal Knights. Ken will be Ryu Dolga's target- have him defend. His fire
    attack doesn't do a lot of damage if you defend, even if its fire effect is
    activated.  Be sure to have the Diana Ace around to repair, or if worst comes to
    worst, board the Ionia to undergo repairs there. 
    Now, when you're ready to take on Dolga, SURROUND HIM. Seriously, you have no
    idea how much easier this makes him. Trying to take him on without doing so is
    ridiculously hard. Use defensive spirits like focus, alert, and invincible to
    avoid his blistering counterattacks. Hitting him at all can be difficult, to top
    off his high defense, so the hit bonus you get from surrounding him really helps
    you out.
    Now, here's where things get really interesting. When Dolga's hip starts to dip,
    he acknowledges that you guys really are pretty good. But he transforms to his
    Dragon Form and fully restores himself. First off, don't panic. He's actually a
    bit easier in this form, because being airborne, he takes damage much easier,
    and his morale resets to 100. Still, the fact that you have to do it -again- is
    a real bitch. Fortunately, he'll retreat when his HP gets to about half. Pilots 
    that have it might want to use Hot Blood to increase the damage they do. Dol
    Sadso is much easier in comparison, but still a legitimate threat. The way you
    deal with her is basically the same as Ryu Dolga, except without a second form
    (thank god.) When both of those guys go down, as well as the other enemies, the
    mission ends (finally).
    Stage 4 intermission:
    Honestly, don't ask me what the hell is up with Osekaiser. If you got him, cool.
    If not, well, I can't help you because the method for unlocking him is rather
    unclear. At any rate, RaijinOh and Boss Borot are now part of your roster. At
    very least, RaijinOh deserves your attention, and for my money, so is the borot.
    When you're done with stuff, and you've saved, move on.
    It's time for a time-honored SRW tradition- Neo's first route split. The choice
    pops up when the characters are talking outside of the house for the second time
    so pay attention and don't scroll through the dialogue too quickly.
    The A route covers the debut of Ganbarugar, with Sigzarl, Ionia, and RaijinOh.
    The B route covers the debut of Gosaurer, with the Mazinger Team and Liger.
    There's no advantage to one route over the other, so take your pick.
    <STAGE 5A>
    Allied units:
    Enemy units:
    Allied reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Ganbarugar (Kotaroh)
    Allied reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Enemy reinforcements: One enemy shot down
    Dogan x2
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Dogan x2
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Egizost x4
    Enemy reinforcements: One Egizost shot down
    Jack Satan (Belzef)
    Some more Eldoran hijinks. He's a busy guy. At any rate, Kotaroh and his dad
    seemed to have accidentally let out an ancient evil sealed beneath a boulder.
    Our man in blue put things to rights, but not before it sent out an agent to do
    its bidding. Said fella summons up some mythical beasts and starts wrecking shit
    up. Kakeru and Amane aren't having this- it's go time. The Dogan/Yoroidel pair
    is pretty easy to deal with, all things considered. Take out one, and two more
    will appear. No big thing. Take those out, and three more will appear. Somewhat
    bothersome, but Ganbarugar combines, so things are evened out. Ganbarugar is
    absurdly dodgy for a multi-pilot robot of that kind, but sacrifices armor and
    attack power for it. It's extra evasiveness puts it on equal footing with the
    other Eldoran units, as well as an advantage that becomes apparent later in the
    When those folks go down, Belzef and his Egizost contingents arrive to take
    advantage of your distracted state. No big things, really. Take 'em down as you
    did in mission 2. Of course, things rarely go as planned. When you shoot down
    one of them, Ganbarugar rushes over to a building to save our little cameragirl
    from certain death- it's promptly surrounded by Egizosts. Fortunately, Raijinoh
    to the rescue- it takes care of them all in one fell swoop. However... Belzef
    has a surprise for you. He deploys in his brand spanking new machine, the Jack
    He's a pretty tough cookie,weighing in at 40K HP. Given that you're working with
    a skeleton crew this mission, it can be daunting. Fortunately, he's easier than
    MaryuOh Dolga by a goodly margin. Surround him and pound on him, and be sure to
    protect yourself with defensive spells. Don't engage him from the air! His Jack
    Crystal Beam has anti-air properties, which will fuck you up if you attack from
    the sky. He also has a MAP attack, but it's not too threatening, as it has a
    fairly narrow area of effect. Your battle with him will probably take a few
    turns to conclude, given that he has quite a bit of endurance and he can dodge,
    too. When he goes down, the stage ends.
    Stage 5 Intermission: Sadly, Ganbarugar hasn't joined you yet, though GoSaurer
    has, so give it some love. Aside from that, not much to say. Upgrade and equip
    as you want and move on. You'll be using some new units next mission.
    <STAGE 5B>
    Allied units:
    Mazinger Z
    Diana Ace
    Boss Borot
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt Robo x 5
    Gatling Bolt Robo x3
    Sword Bolt Robo x2
    Allied reinforcements: Six enemies shot down
    GoSaurer (Kenichi)
    Enemy reinforcements: Six enemies shot down
    HyperDeathBolt (Denki Oh)
    Balanced Bolt Robo x4
    The Machine Empire has somehow turned the ocean into machinery, and now they're
    gunning for YET ANOTHER school. It's up to our super robots to defend it- if an
    enemy unit enters the glowing area, it's game over, so be careful. The Bolt Robo
    enemies come in three varieties the game doesn't have the curtosy to distinguish
    via name- the balanced version has both a sword and galting guns, but is the
    weakest of the three. The Gatling Robos have no sword, but are strong at range,
    and the sword bolt robos can be attacked from a distance easily, but have a lot
    of endurance and hit hard close up. While you don't want to fight too near to
    the school, as that's pretty risky, it's best not to charge ahead, either. The
    bolt robos are actually pretty powerful, so it's best not to take them on all at
    When you down six enemies, Denki Oh, the leader of the attack, decides to stop
    playing around. He sorties in his Hyper Death Bolt, which is bad news. He's a
    damn strong guy, and with our forces divided, Mazinger and company are in for a
    rough time. However, Kenichi and his friends sortie in GoSaurer's component
    machines- which are a bit much for them to handle. Ken takes a couple of hits
    from Denki Oh to cover for Kenichi, who then combines with his friends to create
    The Greatest Hotblooded Warrior: GoSaurer!
    Now, GoSaurer is a pretty sturdy unit, and it can dodge if necessary, but it's
    real forte is its attacking power, which is very high. It has some powerful
    attacks at its disposal, including the very powerful post movement Saurer
    Bomber. Of the Eldoran machines, it's probably the most offensively powerful,
    but RaijinOh has balance and Energy Regen on its side. Ganbarugar has less armor
    and attack power than both, but is very good at evasion, and has a notable
    advantage that will become clear quite a bit later in the game.
    Anyway, back to the fight. Clean up the Bolt Robos- and don't worry about Denki
    Oh's inauspicious position- he will focus on attacking and won't really bother
    with the school. He's a powerful foe, but he's not MaryuOh Dolga powerful. This
    is good, because you don't have all that many units to work with- surround him
    with your support units, then let loose with Liger, Mazinger, and GoSaurer. Z's
    breast fire, combined with Mazin Power and Hot Blood, will do a lot of damage to
    him. He'll run away when his HP gets low. Don't bother trying to shoot him down,
    unless you're on new game plus or something. When you everything's gone, the
    mission ends. 
    Stage 5 Intermission: Sadly, Ganbarugar hasn't joined you yet, though GoSaurer
    has, so give it some love. Aside from that, not much to say. Upgrade and equip
    as you want and move on. You'll be using some new units next mission.
    <STAGE 6>
    Allied units:
    Getter Robo (Ryouma/Hayato/Benkei)
    Enemy units:
    Cloud Oni x3
    Allied reinforcements: Two Enemies shot down
    Braigar (Kid)
    God Gundam (Domon)
    Enemy reinforcements: Two Enemies shot down
    Cloud Oni x5
    Metal Knight x4
    It's New Getter's SRW debut, no doubt many of you have been waiting for this. It
    seems the J9 had a hand in rounding up the pilots. Anyway, Getter's a little
    overmatched at the moment, but you've gotta take the enemy on. Fortunately, our
    machine is equipped with a repair stone S and an energy stone S, which you can
    use if things get hairy. Now, Getter can change forms- 1 is fairly balanced in
    evasion, defense, and attack power. 2 is focused on dodging, and has an assault
    attack. 3 takes hits very well, and has high attack power, but has some issues
    with accuracy and is almost incapable of dodging. Getter 1 is probably the best
    suited for the current task. Land it, then hop down into the forest. I would
    reccomend that you cast both focus and Iron Wall- your Oni foes are rather tough
    to deal with at this point, and they'll surround you pretty easily.
    When you take down two enemies, Abe no Seimei decides to liven things up. And by
    liven things up I mean jesus christ that's a lot of bad guys. Not to worry- the
    Cosmo Rangers J9, and the King of Hearts, are both here to help you out!
    Braigar is a fairly traditional multi-pilot machine- it might seem a little bit
    short on attacks to use, but it actually has both an Assault attack and a MAP
    attack at its disposable. It can take hits well, and dodge if focus is applied.
    God Gundam might seem a little unimpressive, but when it hits 130 morale, it
    enters hypermode, which increases his damage output, dodging prowess, and armor.
    It also unlocks several new attacks, including one of the game's best Assault
    attacks. Braigar can also transform into smaller, less powerful, but far more
    mobile forms.
    For now, you should all group together and let the enemy come to you. The metal
    knights are tough if they're in the forest, but you can use knockback attacks to
    make them fall off cliffs, which does a lot of damage.  Feel free to use your
    MAP/Assault attacks, if an opportunity presents itself. This isn't as difficult
    as it looks, fortunately. Stick together and be ready to support defend, and you
    should make it out fine. The mission ends when all of the enemies are shot down.
    Stage 6 Intermission:
    In something of a dick move, none of the units you just used are available to
    tinker with. Alas and alack. Fortunately, the money and parts you earned from
    defending the laboratory are yours to do what you will with. Do so, and move on.
    Be sure to save- the next stage is kind of a doozy.
    <STAGE 7 Part one>
    Allied units:
    Getter Robo
    God Gundam
    Enemy units:
    Cloud Oni x12
    Allied reinforcements: None
    Enemy reinforcements: None
    Perhaps the only mission in the game wherein what you see is what you get, your
    goal is to break through the Oni ranks and escape. But given that you start at
    150 morale, and you have three units with Assault Attacks in great position, you
    might as well take them all out. Blast through them- this is rather simple- you
    won't kill them on the first go around (except with Domon, he's awesome like
    that), so be ready for the counterattack. If you choose to assault with Hayato,
    be prepared to be surrounded. You may want to cast hotblood with Ryouma to
    guarantee that you take out the Oni you break through. When all units have
    either reached the glowing white area or all enemies are shot down, this part of
    the mission ends.
    <STAGE 7 Part two>
    Allied units:
    Enemy units:
    Dogan x2
    Allied reinforcements: Turn 2
    Up to 4 other units
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    God Gundam
    Getter Robo
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 2
    Yoroidel x3
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x2
    Metal Knight x4
    Dol Gaisto
    MaryuOh Dolga
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies shot down
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Slave Graso x5
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Cloud Oni x5
    Dogan x3
    Yoroidel x2
    If you took the A route two missions ago, this should seem familiar. If not, say
    hello to Ganbarugar, the dodgy one of the Eldoran robots. At any rate, go on and
    take care of the Mythical Beasts. On Turn 2, the Ionia arrives, and so do some
    Drago Empire troops, complete with MaryuOh Dolga. Now, this stage introduces a
    changed mechanic- Deployment! The game will -not- prompt you to deploy your
    forces- to deploy, you've got to select the Ionia and then select the deploy
    command- the blue reverse arrow. Get your units ready to roll, and take the
    fight to the enemy. You can deploy after the Ionia's turn has ended, so you may
    want to move it first, then deploy, so you get to the enemies quicker.
    Dol Gaisto is a new face, but he's about the same as Dol Sadso, in terms of his
    endurance and attack power. He's a bit tougher, but not by much. MaryuOh dolga
    has a bit more HP, but given the much less troublesome terrain cover, he'll most
    likely be easier this time. Of course, it's not that simple- most likely, before
    you even get to him, you'll trigger the appearance of Sharlie and her Slave Pods
    rolled out brand spanking new for Neo. Cute little guys, aren't they? I feel bad
    blowing them up. They start out pretty far away, so don't worry too much. Our
    friend Sharlie has pretty low HP, all things considered. If you surround her,
    she should go down in a couple of strong hits. She can dodge, though, so be
    As the battle rages on, Dol Gaisto will most likely encroach upon you. He's got
    a MAP attack, and it can wreak havoc if you bunch up, but it's not -that- hard
    to deal with if you've got Diana Ace on hand to repair. When you shoot down the
    MaRyuOh Dolga, it'll perform it's transformation trick again. Keep at it- if you
    have him surrounded, he can't do much. If not, he might use his Assault attack,
    which hurts. A lot. Sharlie also has a MAP attack, but it doesn't hurt as much
    as Dol Gaisto's.
    When you chip down the enemy's numbers, Yaminorius summons up some more Dogans
    and Yoroidels. Furthermore, some of those incorrigible Onis arrive on the scene.
    On the bright side, the Saotome Lab team is here as well. Cleaning up the extra
    riff-raff shouldn't pose much of a problem at this point, but don't be afraid to
    dock your units on the Ionia if they're running low on HP and EN and your repair
    and resupply units can't handle the load. Slow and steady wins the race- you're
    never really in any danger of losing all of your resources in Neo, so take a few
    turns to recover if you need to. When all of the enemies -finally- hit the dirt,
    The Saotome Lab team meets up with the Ionia. But Sharlie, AKA Donut Girl, is
    absolutely adamant about getting the Armdafasdoma back and will not quit. This
    gets Kakeru pretty annoyed, but Abe no Seimei arrives before anything else can
    ...and shit gets pretty strange. He opens up a hole in reality and sends the
    entirety of our squad to parts unknown.
    Sweet Christmas, it's always something.
    Stage 7 intermission: Our roster has seemingly shrunk! What devilry is this!?
    Worry not, we'll get everyone back soon enough. For now, make sure that the few
    units you do have are upgraded and equipped well, especially the Sigzarl.
    <STAGE 8 Part 1>
    Allied units:
    Enemy units:
    Solid x4
    heavy Solid x1
    If you're a Ryu Knight fan, you'll appreciate the little bit of narration as we
    enter Earth Tear properly for the first time. Anyway, a somewhat discombulated
    Kakeru finds himself being preyed upon by some roving bandits in... Solids. Ha.
    Don't make me laugh, fellas. Using focus, this should be cake. Your Sig Blade
    and Sig Cavalry should take them out in a single hit. When you take out three of
    them... what appears to be a Penguin in an Army Jacket in a Penguin Machine made
    primarily of balls appears and takes what remains of his lackeys with him.
    All's well that ends well?
    <STAGE 8 Part two>
    Allied units:
    King Squasher
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    MOnsquar Neptune x2
    Shuraj Ragasos Custom (Da Saida)
    Allied reinforcements: Turn 2
    Ryu Knight Zephyr (Adeu)
    Allied reinforcements: 4 enemies shot down
    Mazinger Z
    Hark Custom Attack Bomber Model (Cocoa)
    Two other units
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 2
    Solid x6
    Heavy Solid x2
    Penpader (Zanbar)
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Enemy reinforcements: Da Saida shot down
    Slave Graso x6
    Slave Guns x 4
    Slave Hammer x5
    Slave Flyer x2
    Brukerima x2
    Brukerima (Ribaris)
    Looks like our heroes have met up with Ramuness! Da Saida is still out to get
    our boy, but he'll not have much sucess. I would reccomend you move King
    Squasher back a bit- there's better defenses inside the Paffrician Marketplace,
    and the town's walls will keep you from getting flanked. Though the Monsquars
    don't seem too intent on moving...
    On turn 2, Zanbar, our Penguin (Half beast, according to him) friend, is here to
    cause some havoc and loot the place. He brings along some more pansy-ass Solids
    to help him out, and Ramuness is looking a little outnumbered. HOWEVER!
    Here's one lesson from the ethos of chivalry! A knight must always protect the
    It's a bit of a stretch to call Ramuness weak, but he could definitely use the
    help. Meet Ryu Knight Zephyr and Adeu the Sonic! Being a knight, Zephyr is a
    melee machine, complete with an assault attack and a knockback attack he can use
    right off the bat. It's not the most durable of machines, but it can take hits
    and dodge as necessary, especially with shield defense. Also, something I forgot
    to mention earlier- the King Squasher has two new attacks: Summon Silgos, an
    anti-air attack that packs quite a punch, and summon Zeirom, an assault attack.
    Feel free to use either if you need to. You're pretty outnumbered, so play it
    safe. The Solids are aboslutely no threat individually, but in numbers, a few
    lucky hits can start taking their toll.
    This becomes a moot point anyway, as when you take out 4 enemies (or two of Da
    Saida's Monsquars, not sure which), Kakeru, Gin and Kouji decide to help out.
    The Ionia arrives to kick some ass, for the first in Earth Tear! Also, there is
    the Hark Custom Attack Bomber Model. Despite its name, the attack bomber is an
    absolutely excellent support unit, but isn't much on offense. It's the only unit
    in the game with both Repair and Resupply. It's also pretty beefy, capable of
    taking hits pretty well, and has two pilots with good support spells. Cocoa's
    special skill also increases the hit and evade of units around her, which is
    very useful. At any rate, from here, things are more or less pretty standard, at
    least compared to last mission. None of the enemies here should give you much
    trouble- Da Saida and Zanbar don't have much HP at all. The way you approach the
    task of taking out your enemies is up to you. You can take the fight to them or
    let the foes come to you, either way is fine.
    Also, as an aside, this is probably the first mission where you'll see Neo's
    gloriously goofy pathing AI come in to play. The AI controlled bandits seem to
    be dumbfounded by the unfathomable maze of houses and streets. Truly, we would
    be in dire straights if they could fly. This is both funny and kind of annoying
    at the same time, because it can make fights drag on longer than they need to.
    Often, you'll see a hapless cannon fodder unit just sit there for a few seconds
    as you listen to the disc churning away, trying to figure out the best way to
    send the poor bastard to his or her death.
    Just a bit of an aside, pay me no  mind.
    Something of an important note- if you shoot down Da Saida, Sanbar and his squad
    will turn tail and run, so if you want their cash and items, save his overgrown
    fish for last.
    Of course, it's not over yet. Da Saida tries a desperate move- he sends one of
    his remaining monsquars, equipped with a powerful bomb, towards the castle.
    Fortunately, Ramuness and DamaQ manage to summon up Brenton, which becomes a new
    attack for King Squasher- which he uses to great effect. But...
    Say hello to some more original enemies! We've got some more Slave Pod variants
    to deal with here- here's a quick rundown. The Slave Grasos, which you've faced
    before, are the easiest to deal with, lacking much armor or attack power. The
    Slave Guns are rather annoying- they've got fairly powerful attacks, long range,
    and decent HP reserves. The most durable of the Slave Pod family, the Slave
    Hammer, is strong at close range, but can be easily dealt with from a distance.
    The Slave Flyers have the advantage of flight and mobility, but otherwise aren't
    too strong. The Brukerima carriers have quite a bit of HP (on par with Da Saida)
    but don't take damage that well, and can't dodge at all. Given that all they are
    are giant goddamn menacing faces with missile launchers. Ribaris, whose hair is
    enviably color coordinated, is in a slightly stronger Brukerima. Your target is
    him- if you want to end the mission quickly, gun for Ribaris. If you want to
    reap the rewards of carnage, however, you would do well to leave him for last.
    Don't forget to redeploy Diana Ace and Boss Borot- they get tucked back in the
    ship after you take down Da Saida.
    Your forces are probably a little battered and bruised, but while your enemies
    are numerous, you have the advantage of morale and a good defensive position. If
    you utilize this fact, along with your healers, you should prevail without an
    undue amount of difficulty. The game's throwing these longer missions at you
    pretty fast and hard for so early in the game- don't get discouraged, they're
    ...I should be telling myself that, I need it more. @_@ 
    Stage 8 Intermission:
    Well, that's done. I'd save my game first thing if I were you, that was another
    long one. Zephyr, King Squasher, and the Attack Bomber have all joined you and
    are yours to tinker with! They're all excellent units that will serve you well
    throughout your battles, so give 'em some love.
    <STAGE 9>
    Allied units:
    Enemy units:
    Solid x2
    Heavy Solid x3
    Allied reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Fire Liger
    Allied reinforcements: 3 enemies shot down
    King Squasher
    10 unit deployment limit
    Enemy reinforcements: All Enemies shot down
    Slave Graso x2
    Slave Guns x2
    Slave Flyer x2
    Slave Hammer
    Slave Arrow
    Enemy Reinforcements: 3 enemies shot down
    Cloud Oni x5
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down/Ionia reaches the designated area
    Cloud Oni x 8
    Enemy reinforcements: 7 enemies remain
    Slave Guns x 5
    Slave Hammer x 3
    Dark Knight Shidel (Galden)
    Well isn't -that- an intriguingly shaped rock formation? Alas, Paffy and her
    entourage don't have the time or inclination to ponder the meaning of this new
    development, partly because they've got no idea of the shape's significance and
    mostly because some bandits in solids are threatening them and their new friend
    Bras. Time to lay down some MAGICAL PUNISHMENT.
    This is more or less a similar scenario to when you first used these three,
    though Ramuness and King Squasher are currently chilling on board the Ionia. The
    terrain hereabouts provides some good cover, especially higher up, so even the
    less-than-durable Solids might take a hit or two to down. Of course, on the flip
    side of this issue is that your enemies won't make much of a dent in your HP,
    especially with Izumi and his group healing on hand. The bandits should fall
    Of course, a certain ugly crone arrives to rain on our parade. She deploys some
    Slave Pods, which is a bit strange, because the Elsost army is nowhere to be
    found. There's a new model- the Slave Arrow. Defensively the weakest of the lot,
    it nonetheless has some big guns on it.  I'm not really sure what its deal is-
    maybe it has a MAP attack? I hate how the game doesn't let you look at enemy
    At any rate, things look a little grim for our now rather outnumbered Ryu users-
    but ever the allies of justice, Ken and the Saurers are on hand to set things
    right. Ken even starts out changed to Fire Liger. A word of caution- these slave
    pods are accurate beyond what you've seen so far- that's because of the terrain
    elevation and the 20% accuracy bonus it affords. Be careful.
    When you take down three enemies, the Ionia arrives- but so do some of those
    unsavory Oni. They've come to the same conclusion we have, and start beating the
    crap out of the suspiciously shaped statue. It is, indeed, Getter 1- Hayato and
    Benkei, ever quick on the uptake, realize they need to get to it before the Oni
    totally trash it. To that end, get the Ionia to the glowing white area within
    three turns or its game over. It's not a strict time limit at all, so you should
    be fine, even if you trigger the Ionia's arrival on an enemy phase. Use Amane's
    Tailwind spell to speed up if you have to. The Oni are easier to deal with than
    the Slave Pods, because they're airborne. Remember, deployment is manual! Don't
    leave your forces in the Ionia! You'll have to leave some units to leave on
    standby in the hangar this mission, but remember that you can swith them out at
    any time by docking units already deployed.
    NOTE: It's a losing condition if you let a Ryu user get shot down, so do be as
    careful as you can with them.
    When you do get the Ionia squared away, Hayato and Benkei will... leap to Getter
    1's head and board it. The Getter Team's back in business! ..well, except that
    Ryouma asshole, god knows where he got off to. Thanks to his absences, the forms
    available to you are significantly weaker than they were a couple of missions
    ago, so be wary.
    As the battle goes on, the fella behind the Slave Pods arrives- Galden in his
    Dark Knight Shidel, along with yet more Slave Pods to deal with. This guy's
    packing heat, so he is. The Dark Knight is a powerful foe- aside from MaryuOh
    Dolga, the strongest you've faced thus far. Be careful, he's got an Assault
    attack to use on you, and he's generally a skilled pilot. Still, general tactics
    apply- surround him, preferably in a way so that he can't use his assault attack
    then let loose with your strongest moves. When his HP gets low, he'll regenerate
    about 13000 HP. What a pain. Still, at that point, he should be on the ropes
    regardless. When his HP dips low (again), he'll retreat. What an asshole! Get
    back here, damn it!
    Stage 9 intermission:
    -Finally-, Getter Robo is yours to upgrade and equip, along with Paffy and her
    Ryu user entourage. Of course, without Ryouma, the thing's not quite up to snuff
    and all- thing needs three pilots, not two. Auto pilot can only do so much. At
    any rate, give your new units some attention, and get ready for a stage that can
    be a real pain in the ass.
    <STAGE 10>
    Allied units:
    Mach Windy
    Enemy units:
    Gold Arm
    Gold Foot
    Gold Mask
    Allied reinforcements: One Gold Brother's HP reduced by about... 20%?
    Allied reinforcements: 1 enemy remains
    God Gundam
    Allied reinforcements: One turn after Enemy reinforcements 2
    12 unit deployment limit
    Enemy reinforcements: One Gold Brother's HP reduced by about... 20%?
    Death Army Mobile Suit x6
    Enemy reinforcements: 1 enemy remains
    Death Army Mobile Suit x4
    Gold Arm
    Gold Foot
    Gold Mask
    Enemy reinforcements: One turn after Enemy reinforcements 2
    Death Army Mobile Suit x5
    Death Birdie x6
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Death Army Mobile Suit x2
    Death Birdie x3
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Death ARmy Mobile Suit x2
    Death Birdie x3
    On a floating baseball field in the sky, we find Mach Windy searching a certain
    Magnum Ace. However, the only folks forthcoming are the Gold Brothers- who don't
    seem to be normal in the head. Looks like Windy's gotta fight 'em off on his own
    somehow. I reccomend staying put. The pitcher's mound Windy's on will give you a
    nice accuracy boost. Mach Windy attacks with his trusty soccer ball- he's quick
    and light on his feet, though at the end of the game, his lack of firepower will
    probably dissuade you from using him much. But for now, and for many missions to
    come, he's a valuable asset to the team. Hold out as best you can against the 3
    Gold Brothers. It's best to counterattack and knock down their HP- focus on one
    Brother. Mask will probably be your first target. When you do some damage to the
    brother of choice (about 4500 in my case for Gold Mask), he regenerates the
    damage somehow. Things are getting fishier by the moment. Fortunately, the Ganba
    Team is on hand to even things out. However, the Gold Brothers have a trick up
    their sleeve...
    It's the Death Army. How, why, and when are beyond my knowledge, but somehow, DG
    cells made their way to Earth Tear. This is bad news. At least the Three Golds
    retreat to the top of the cliff to observe for a while. First thing you want to
    do is BACK UP. You do not not NOT want to engage the death army at close range.
    Their beam rifles aren't particularly powerful, but if they attack you with the
    melee attack, they will do severe damage and, worse, knock you back, which, if
    you're bunched together, can cause yet more damage. Do be careful.
    When you have the enemy on the ropes, another quartet arrives. However, someone
    with an axe to grind in regards to the DG Cells is also on hand- Domon and his
    God Gundam are on the case! The Gold Brothers join the fray again, but don't
    worry- help is on the way. The turn afterwards, the Ionia arrives, as do some
    more Death Army suits. It's time to pay those gold brothers back in full.
    Though that will probably have to wait. You'll want to go after the enemies in
    the back to build up your morale and SP before you take the three Iron Leaguers
    on. And there's no shortage- two more waves of Death Army grunts will appear as
    the battle rages on for you to cut your teeth on. The Death Birdies are quite
    dangerous foes- they've got a strong attack from any range, and they're more
    durable than the grounded foes. When you're ready, take on the Gold Brothers.
    Fortunately, they're not too tough or powerful- you can take down Mask and Foot
    pretty easily, though Arm's a tough customer. Foot only has one attack, and that
    attack is a tad weak, so you might want to prioritize the others over him. The
    mission ends when all three gold brothers are shot down.
    Stage 10 intermission:
    As you might expect, Ganbarugar, God Gundam, and Mach Windy are now yours for
    the tinkering. Joyous news! Priority goes to the two Gs, but if you're a fan of
    the Leaguers (like Milk), feel free to give Windy some love too. The next stage
    isn't quite as taxing as this one, fortunately. You might want to equip Adeu's
    Zephyr with some accuracy boosting parts.
    <STAGE 11 Part 1>
    Allied units:
    Ryu Knight Zephyr
    Enemy units:
    Ryu Chief Shine Baram (Gratches)
    Well, Adeu is clamoring for a fight with the White Wolf, Gratches. Gratches is a
    very nice guy, but not really given to meaningless exhibitions of violence. Upon
    seeing that Adeu was chosen by a Ryu, however, he decides to see for himself why
    that's the case. At any rate, it's a one on one duel with the White Wolf. You
    don't have to win this fight- either when Zephyr's or Shine Baram's HP reaches
    critical, the fight automatically ends in Gratches's favor. If you want to give
    a good showing of yourself, move back into the forest and let him come to you.
    Without the aid of focus or strike, Gratches is a tough target to nail, and he's
    got quite a bit of defense, too. Either way, this part of the mission ends after
    the event.
    <STAGE 11 Part 2>
    Allied units:
    Ryu Chief Shine Baram (Gratches)
    8 Unit deployment limit (Adeu and Domon Unavailable)
    Enemy units:
    Dragon Warrior Adoras x9
    Metal Knight x5
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    God Gundam
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    dragon warrior Adoras x5
    metal knight x6
    Dol Sadso
    MaryuOh Dolga
    The Drago empire has arrived to lay waste to the Shrine Gratches is protecting,
    for whatever reason- and it's up to us to help him do it. It's game over if the
    enemy reaches the shrine, so don't stray too far from it- you'll be getting some
    enemy reinforcements from the rear later. Form up, wait in the forest, and let
    them come to you- you've faced these enemies many times before.
    (Technically, this mission isn't a two parter, but it might as well be.)
    Naturally, things don't go quite as planned. After you take out most of the
    enemy force, Dol Sadso will arrive with some... rather inopportunely placed
    reinforcements. Told you not to stray too far from the shrine. Anyway, a rather
    distracted Gratches gets caught off guard by the new arrivals and gets smacked
    around a bit- but Adeu's on hand to help out, as is his new tutor, Domon (fuck
    yes sons).  Alas, Ryu Dolg is also here. Time to pull back and protect the
    shrine. Dol Sadso is your immediate concern, however.
    If you can swing it, have Izumi cast attune on Adeu or someone else with a knock
    back attack and send her a few spaces away from the shrine. Given Neo's goofy AI
    pathing, it might not be necessary, but better safe than sorry. If you can't, no
    worries, just make sure she doesn't have a clear path. Almost without exception,
    enemies are more interested in fighting you than heading for their goal, so it
    shouldn't be too hard to attain victory at this point. Your only major spots of
    bother are Dol Sadso and the ever tenacious Ryu Dolg and his Maryuoh Dolga. Dol
    Sadso isn't tough at all and should go down quickly- of course, Master Dolg is a
    different kettle of fish and he still knows his transformation trick. When you
    shoot him down, he'll change to his dragon form.
    Ryu Dolg's resolve and fighting ability are truly impressive, and Liger starts
    to take some heavy damage. However, the twins Yui and Mai combine their powers
    and pray for a miracle... which comes in the shape of a giant flying blue pony.
    You know what? I'll take what I can get, goddamn. Anyway, Liger unlocks a new
    form- he mounts his steed Vegalda and takes the fight to Ryu Dolg! This is an
    excellent form that will serve you well- it's quite an upgrade from Fire Liger,
    and better still, it's got two excellent subpilots, the twins. It'll be a strong
    part of your force for many missions to come. Continue your beatdown of MaryuOh
    Dolga as per normal. He'll fall fairly easily, now that he's airborne and his
    morale meter has reset- and now that you've got Vegalda. When you bring him down
    at last, Ken moves to finish him off. It's not to be- Dol Sadso blocks the blow
    and retreats with Ryu Dolg. On the bright side, the mission ends after that.
    Stage 11 intermission:
    Sadly, Gratches and his Ryu Chief have stayed beind to guard the shrine, as is
    their job. They won't join your asskicking squad for a good while. No new units
    to tinker with either, unless you want to admire Vegalda Liger in all of its
    equine glory. Make sure New Getter is well equipped, it's got some work to do
    next mission...
    <STAGE 12>
    Allied units:
    GoShogun (Shingo)
    Enemy units:
    Cloud Oni x5
    Allied reinforcements: Two Enemies shot down
    Ryu Samurai Hayatemaru (Gesshin)
    Allied reinforcements: Three enemies shot down
    Getter Robo (Now with 100% more Ryouma)
    King Squasher
    8 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Unit deployment limit increases to 9
    Allied reinforcements: All 3 towers destroyed
    Unit limit increases to 10
    Enemy reinforcements: Two Enemies shot down
    Cloud Oni x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Three enemies shot down
    Dragon Warrio Adoras x8
    Metal Knight x3
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Cloud Oni x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Monsquar Medusa x4
    Shuraj Ragasos Custom (Da Saida)
    Abe no Seimei
    GoShogun out of fuckin' nowhere. Don't ask me what it's doing in Earth Tear, I
    don't think Shingo and the crew know themselves. At any rate, time to fight some
    Oni. Move GoShogun on to one of the darker patches of ground- they give the best
    defensive cover. Cast Iron Wall and go to town. When you take out two enemies,
    two more pop up to take their places. Fortunately, Gesshin and his Ryu Samurai
    arrive, with a robot-less Ryouma in tow. The odds are a bit more even now, so
    get back to the carnage.
    When you shoot down three more enemies, the Ionia and Getter Robo reach Abe no
    Seimei's fortress as well. The Getter Team is officially open for business. And
    the business is violence against everything that moves. I shouldn't need to tell
    you what you should do next, so get to it.
    Alas, as the Drago Empire units start becoming thin in numbers, the incorrigible
    Da Saida arrives with some Monsquars. That's no big deal, but something else...
    kind of is. Abe no Seimei himself is on the scene, and his monstrosity of a unit
    clocks in at 80K HP. Even worse, he's set up three magical pillars that will
    harass you by reducing several random units by 10% of their HP once per turn.
    Pain in the ass. Fortunately, the game lets you deploy another unit.
    First thing is first- deal with the nearby Monsquars so you don't get flanked.
    The magical pillars are annoying, but tolerable- you should down them ASAP, but
    don't feel like you need to go out of your way and bumrush them. However, they
    won't always zap you- on certain turns (every third turn, I think) they'll glow
    and summon two Cloud Oni to the field. If you're the type that likes to milk a
    mission for everything it's worth, leaving one spire alive til the very end of
    the mission could be profitable. I don't think it will summon enemies endlessly,
    but it will go on for quite a while.
    At any rate, the 3 pillars will harrass you for quite a while until you get rid
    of them, which isn't too hard. They've got 15K HP a piece, but they can't
    counterattack you at all, and they have no defensive terrain bonuses. Speaking
    of 15K HP enemies, Da Saida will also be harassing you. Feel free to take him
    out at your leisure- his defeat won't trigger anything. When you blast down the
    three pain-in-the-ass spires, Lamuness will unlock his new summon attack, which
    is a medium in power between Silcos and Brenton, but has the handy Stun attack
    attribute. Now, to deal with Seimei...
    Abe no Seimei is absolutely monstrous, especially for this point in the game.
    The defensive terrain, his high HP, and most importantly, his magical barrier
    that cuts all attacks in half make him incredibly tough to bring down. His
    offense is nothing to scoff at, either, and he has a MAP attack to use on your
    hapless troops as well.
    To defeat this strange, strange man, you need to surround him, as usual. Use
    support attacks as well- every bit of damage you can squeeze out is important.
    One of Boss's subpilots knows Disturbance, which cuts enemy hit rates by 30%-
    you'll want to use that to make his counterattacks a bit less dangerous. Unleash
    your full force on him- he probably won't fall in the first turn, though by the
    second, he should go down. I reccomend having Remy (GoShogun's female subpilot)
    or Izumi casting luck on the unit you have do the deed. When Seimei falls, he'll
    try to use one of the three Armed Phantomas (apparently the official name for
    the previously incomprehensible sword) to get himself out of the jam, but Kakeru
    is having none of it and takes it for himself. This powers up the Sigzarl and
    the Ionia- the Sigzarl gains a general increase to stats and a shield, while the
    Ionia gains the Protecting Light, which reduces damage done when it defends.
    Very nice. With that, the mission ends.
    *Note: It's a losing condition to have any of the forcedly deployed units shot
    down, so be careful.
    Stage 12 intermission:
    Getter Robo's finally back in the swing of things, and our originals have been
    powered up, but aside from that, not much has changed back at the ranch. Do your
    upgrading and whatnot, then move on.
    <STAGE 13 Part 1>
    Allied units:
    Ryu Gunner Derringer (Katz)
    Enemy units:
    Solid x2
    Heavy Solid
    Penpader (Zanbar)
    The merchant Katz has found herself a bit of trouble with Zanbar and his gang-
    but she's a Ryu user as well, so it looks like the Penguin-man's bit off a tad
    more than he can chew.
    ...except not. The Derringer is absolutely terrible, hands down the worst unit
    in the game. It -will- get better quite a bit later in the game, but it is quite
    frankly not worth using at all until then. Alas, we've got no one else to use,
    so get to blowing up the Solids. Blow up two of them to end the mission. Katz
    doesn't have any useful spells to use right here either, so be careful. Still,
    this battle won't take long. Zanbar will call up some more reinforcements, but
    the Ionia's conveniently timed crash landing and the susequent deployment of its
    death machines takes the wind out of his sails and he runs away.
    <STAGE 13 Part 2>
    Allied units:
    Attack Bomber (temporary mothership)
    King Squasher
    11 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x5
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Monsquar Neptune (Da Saida)
    Allied reinforcements: Queen Saidarone reduced to 50% HP
    MagmaSaurer (Kenta)
    Enemy reinforcements: Five enemies remain
    Solid x5
    Heavy Solid x3
    Penpader (Zanbar)
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 3
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 4
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 5
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 6
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Da Saida Shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x7
    Monsquar Neptune x7
    Monsquar Neptune (Reska)
    Queen Saidarone (Da Saida)
    Enemy reinforcements: Queen Saidarone reduced to 50% HP
    Monsquar Medusa x7
    Monsquar Neptune x7
    Queen Saidarone regains 16K HP
    Now for the real meat of the mission. Da Saida's after the Queen Saidarone, and
    you can't let him have it. It's a race to the crystalized Guardian Knight, and
    he's got a bit of a head start. First thing's first- the Attack Bomber is your
    mothership unit for this mission, so be careful with it. For this mission only,
    it has all of the Ionia's unique mothership functions, so use it as such and
    don't ask me how everyone is fitting inside of it. I reccomend moving it before
    you deploy your units, you need to work fast to catch up to Da Saida.
    As you blow through the monsquars, Zanbar and his gang arrive from behind- this
    can't be good. You might want to split your forces- some to go after Da Saida,
    and some to take on Zanbar's crew. Don't be fooled, Da Saida will summon up more
    Monsquars as the batle goes on, so divide your forces evenly. Zanbar and the
    solids are pretty much made of paper, so don't worry about them too much.
    On turn 3, Da Saida will send out some more monsquars. Mow 'em down and catch up
    to the man himself. Same deal on turn 4- don't worry, you're gaining. Da Saida's
    Neptune isn't too quick. Turn 5- almost there! Turn 6- oh knock it off Da Saida
    this is getting ridiculous. On Turn 7, if he's still alive and kicking, you'd
    better hurry- fortunately, no more reinforcements. When you take him out, we
    have the first of several events that are new to Neo- the game won't end the
    mission or change the map, but it will pile up all of your units into the ship
    automatically. You keep Morale/SP/HP/EN/etc, so it just serves as something of a
    At any rate, things go... somewhat awry. Da Saida's pretty determined, and that
    determination grants him a victory- Queen Saidarone is under his control. We're
    gonna have to beat him up- but first, we'll have to cut through some more of his
    Monsquars, including Reska. At this point, doing it won't be hard. The hard part
    is Da Saida himself.
    His new Queen Saidarone is loaded for bear in most ways. It can be hard to hit,
    its got a lot of HP, and it hits hard. He's not Abe no Seimei tough, since he
    doesn't have a magical bullshit barrier, but be careful nonetheless. He's also
    got an Assault Attack up his sleeve, so be careful with your placement. Standard
    boss tactics apply, more or less. However, the game pulls a mean trick on you
    when you reduce his HP below 50%. He regenerates 16K HP, and the game shoves all
    your units except GoSaurer and King Squasher back in the Attack Bomber! God, I
    wish they'd stop with that. On top of that, Da Saida unlocks his Yari Panther
    attack- every bit equal to Ramuness's Samurai On. This could be bad- to put the
    icing on the cake, the underground chamber we're fighting in is about to fill up
    with magma!
    The more timid hearts among the Saurers are getting discouraged, but Kenta's
    burning resolved is matched only by his stoutness. In response, the earth itself
    bestows him with a gift- the MagmaSaurer! Da Saida's not amused, and neither is
    the non-robot magma. He summons up some more Monsquars (GIVE IT A REST GODDAMN)
    and you've now got a five turn limit to take down Queen Saidarone. It's up to
    you whether or not you want to blow up everything or focus on Da Saida- but,
    whichever course of action you decide on, do it quickly! If you're not confident
    in your ability to take out all the weaklings before the time limit expires,
    bust through the enemy lines and take out Da Saida ASAP. Otherwise, go on a good
    old fashioned rampage. As for Da Saida, second verse, just the same as the first
    verse. Surround him again and beat him down (avert your eyes if you must, I can
    barely stand to see him lose).
    When you reduce his HP to zero, he's still not done- but Kenta and the rest of
    the Saurers have a new trick up their sleeve! The MagnaSaurer and GoSaurer can
    combine- and that combined form has a really big gun. Da Saida gets a full on
    blast to the face, which allows for a chance to get out of the rapidly filling
    undgerground cave. Queen Saidarone is apparently having some technical issues,
    so Da Saida is forced to call it a day as well. Phew. The mission ends.
    Stage 13 intermission:
    That was a long one! Now, you've got a new unit, the MagmaSaurer. It has unique
    and useful function: it shares upgrades with GoSaurer! In other words, if you
    upgrade one, you upgrade the other. That way, no matter what you do, provided
    you upgrade GoSaurer, the MagnaSaurer will be in top fighting form too. Ain't it
    a grand thing? At any rate, get ready for a mean mission and move on.
    -Note-: Provided you haven't sold any of your items, you will notice a screen at
    the end of the mission that will give a list of parts and your total funds. You
    can only posess 9 of one type of part at a time- when you find a tenth, the game
    will automatically sell it for you at the end of the mission you obtain it. Very
    very handy!
    <STAGE 14>
    Allied units:
    Six unit deployment limit (Ryus unavailable)
    Enemy units:
    Solid x4
    Heavy Solid x2
    Slave Arrow x2
    Slave Guns x2
    Slave Flyer x2
    Shuraj Ragasos Custom (Reska)
    Queen Saidarone (Da Saida)
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Allied reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Watt/Amp combo
    Unit limit increases to 9
    Allied reinforcements: Galden Shot down
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Dogan x3
    Yoroidel x5
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Solid x4
    Heavy Solid x6
    Slave Graso x2
    Slave Guns x 4
    Slave hammer x4
    Dark Knight Shidel (Galden)
    Enemy reinforcements: Galden shot down
    Dark Knight Shidel Dragon Form (Galden)
    This stage is pretty tough, the reason for which is rather apparent right off
    the bat- you've got an extraordinarily low unit deployment count, and two high
    HP enemies to deal with right off the bat. You don't have much to work with in
    terms of morale, either. It's game over if Amp, the female Iron Leaguer, is shot
    down, so be careful. About Amp- she's not too impressive now, but she'll get a
    bit better later in the mission. If you want to recruit her, you'll need to have
    her shoot down at least 10 units in this mission. This is actually a lot harder
    than you might think, given the general enemy shortage in the early parts of the
    stage. At any rate, whether or not you want to get her or not is up to you. For
    now, deploy your strongest units and send them out and get them some morale.
    All of the named enemies will harrass you throughout the battle, so be prepared.
    Merveille has quite a bit more HP than she did in stage 7, but is otherwise more
    or less the same. Queen Saidarone is pretty much identical to its stage 13
    showing as well, save that the Queen Saidarone Tornado is part of its repetoire
    from the beginning of the battle. Reska and the Shuraj Ragasos is... really no
    big deal right now. No big deal at all. Be prepared to evade/defend when they
    come knocking- or counterattack, if you're daring.
    When you've taken down most of the enemy contingent, Yaminorius, of all people,
    arrives on the scene. Apparently, he can travel between the worlds at will with
    his magic. Or something. At any rate, he summons up some mythical beasts for you
    to battle with. This... really helps you a lot, actually. They're not too tough
    and you need to get as many units as possible to high morale as you can. Take
    advantage of the new enemies.
    Now, when you want to take down your more powerful foes, I reccomend that you
    use Anti-Air attacks against Sharlie's Merveille and Reska. The most powerful
    one at your disposal (and in the game), is Getter 3's strongest attack,
    Daisetsuzan Oroshii. It will do a lot of damage to her, if it connects. To that
    end, surround her and let loose. Other good choices are King Squasher's Silcos
    and Mazinger's Rust Hurricane. The Ionia's Io Killer won't do much, but at least
    you can get it off without worrying about the counterattack.
    Queen Saidarone is pretty tough, as usual, especially since you have so few
    units to work with at once right now. Taking him down might take the better part
    of a few turns. On the bright side, doing so is exactly the same as it was last
    stage, and you don't have a pesky time limit to worry about, either.
    When Da Saida is forced to flee, the Ryu Users break into the Galden-occupied
    Castle Paffricia. Things take a bad turn when the dark knight reveals that the
    princess's fiance is dead, but Watt, Amp's older sister, saves the situation
    with her timely arrival. Sarutobi and Izumi join the fray, and Watt joins up
    with her Sister. Of course, Galden's also got some reinforcements on hand- some
    more Solids and some more Slave Pods, and he also deploys. Adeu and Paffy are
    still somewhat preoccupied in the throne room, but they'll pop out soon enough.
    For now, take out the enemies. If you want to recruit them, this is a great
    opportunity to get Watt and Amp some kills. Otherwise, not much to say about the
    cleanup, except that the AI's goofy pathing will once again make you giggle as
    the poor little slave pods try to maneuver around the marketplace. A note about
    Watt and Amp: They have a special option in the command menu: switch, denoted by
    two curved arrows. This allows you to switch between the sisters. Honestly there
    is not much point to this, as they're more or less identical, but it's there if
    you want it. Their strongest move is a combo attack, so keep that in mind. Of
    course, since they're always together, you can always use it.
    Galden's a real wimp compared to Da Saida and his Queen Saidarone. Surround him
    and pound on him, easy peasy.
    ...that's what you were thinking, right? Nope. Galden reveals Dark Knight Shidel
    in its true form (it... shits out a tail and gains evil tit-eyes?). Whatever the
    case, Dark Knight Shidel's Dragon Form is a really fearsome opponent. Clocking
    in at 90K, he's got more endurance than Da Saida, though Queen Saidarone's
    attack power is notably stronger. It's going to take everything you've got to
    down this jerk, so surround him and let loose. Don't leave anything in reserve,
    rotate your units, the whole nine yards. Beware his new Light Beam attack. It's
    actually rather weak, but it has anti air properties, which can hurt if you
    decide to attack from the sky. Galden's a worthy foe, but he too shall fall if
    you don't lose heart.
    When he does go down... he doesn't. Goddamn. However, Izumi is the man with the
    plan- the Dark Knight draws its power from dark magic. If we can overpower that
    magic, defeating Galden is possible. Puffy and Adeu combine their powers and
    unleash a new combination attack: Fire Crush Dawn! Galden isn't too pleased.
    Neither is the Shidel. Which blows up. HELL YEAH. The mission is over, thank the
    Stage 14 intermission: Give yourself a pat on the back- that stage can kind of
    come out of left field, having to face both Da Saida and Galden. At any rate,
    upgrade your units. If you fulfilled the requirements, Watt and Amp have joined
    you- since you went to the trouble of doing it, you might as well give them some
    (platonic) love. When you're ready, move on.
    <STAGE 15>
    Allied units:
    King Squasher
    Ryu Gunner Derringer (Katz)
    8 unit deployment limit (Ganbarugar unavailable)
    Enemy units:
    Slave Graso x7
    Slave Guns x3
    Slave Flyer x2
    Slave Hammer x2
    Allied reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Unit limit increases to 9
    Allied reinforcements: Two turns after the arrival of the mythical beasts
    Revolgar (Rikiya)
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Death Army Mobile Suit x5
    Death Birdy x3
    Breukerima x3
    Breukerima (Ribaris)
    Gold Arm
    Gold Foot
    Gold Mask
    Enemy reinforcements: 7 enemies remain
    Dogan x3
    Yoroidel x3
    Enemy reinforcements: Ribaris's Breukerima shot down
    Debajino (Ribaris)
    Slave Hammer x2
    For some reason, the Ganba Team members have been collectively turned into dogs.
    I do not know why. I'm not even sure I want to know. Let's focus on something
    else. Like the Elsost forces. How about them. Aren't those slave pods cute? They
    sure are. Anyway, the ever-useless Derringer is joining us for this mission. You
    can stuff it in the ship for the duration, so if you don't want to put up with
    it wasting space, I reccomend that. Otherwise, you've faced these enemies quite
    a few times before. I reccomend getting rid of the Slave Gun enbankment on the
    hill first thing- they can be annoying if you leave them be.
    When you reduce the enemy force considerably, Ribaris reveals his trump card-
    the Death Army, with the three Gold Brothers in tow. He himself also pops up,
    along with 3 other officers in Breukerimas. Braigar is also on the scene, and
    Ribaris thinks this seals the deal- but in a move that surprises no one but our
    redheaded friend, Kid and company rejoin the Ionia. Awright.
    Anyway, Braigar probably starts out a good distance from your forces. Transform
    into of its more mobile incarnations and hurry over to the main group. Braigar's
    tough, but no unit in this game is capable of clearing the map by itself. From
    there, let the enemy come to you. Try not to get overwhelmed by the Gold trio-
    they're not -that- powerful, but they can tell on you if they gang up on a unit.
    As the battle rages on, Yaminorius arrives to make your life miserable. The
    Dogbar Team is fast getting fed up with not being able to do anything, and they
    detect a Ganbar robo nearby, much like how the Saurers found the MagmaSaurer.
    They decide to go out on foot and find it. You needn't concern yourself with
    this right now, focus on the task at hand. There's a bunch of high HP enemies
    here, but they're small time compared to Da Saida and Galden. They make up for
    it with their numbers- taking out the grunts first is probably in your best
    interest, but this mission can be tackled in more or less any order. The Gold
    Brothers will go down fairly easily, but they can cause some considerably damage
    if you let them. The Breukerima Carriers have MAP attacks and heavy firepower,
    but are a little inaccurate and you'd have to be trying to miss one of them.
    Two turns after the Dogbar team heads out to that little snow pile, they make it
    and attempt to activate Revolgar. ...Sousuke, however, realizes that being a dog
    makes it very difficult to work high-tech equipment. DamaQ, however, comes up
    with a hasty solution: King Squasher's Saint Bomb. It has the power to dispel
    Don Halmarg's evil magic, so maybe it will work on whatever curse has afflicted
    the boys? Only one way to find out: Ramuness gets his blood burning and uses it.
    It works, miracle of miracles! Ganbarugar and the new machine Revolgar deploy.
    Revolgar is very much similar in vein to MagmaSaurer- it's weaker than the main
    robot, but it will gain a combo attack to use later. However, there's a rather
    interesting difference between the two. Kenta is not a part of the GoSaurer
    pilot team- Rikiya, however, is a subpilot for Ganbarugar. To that end, if you
    choose to deploy the Revolgar, Ganbarugar will be short a pilot. To offset this
    disadvantage, even if you never use Revolgar, Rikiya's levels will never fall
    behind, while Kenta needs to be deployed to gain experience. Anyway!
    When you shoot down Ribaris, he isn't done quite yet. He deploys two more Slave
    Hammers, and his personal machine: The Debajino. It's adorable, but we're gonna
    have to trash the poor thing. It's modestly powerful, but it's not even as tough
    as Gold Arm, HP wise. He won't last long. Alas, Ribaris. You're just on the
    wrong side. When all enemies are shot down, the mission ends.
    Ribaris didn't get the memo, however, and deploys a whole bunch more Slave Pods,
    somehow still standing in his half-broken Debajino. To save us all a lot of
    trouble, the Ganbar Team unlocks their own combination attack: The Revolver
    Buster. And it's got some  mighty powerful destructive force behind it, wiping
    out a large portion of the enemy in one shot. (Sadly you cannot do this in game,
    the Revolver Buster isn't a MAP attack.) Ribaris, rapidly getting tired of never
    managing to win, decides that discretion is the better part of valor and beats a
    hasty retreat.
    Stage 15 intermission:
    Braigar has finally rejoined your crew! That's everyone from before Seimei's
    little magic trick accounted for. A unit that's rivaled by few when it comes to
    cleaning up large amounts of enemies, it's definitely worth your attention. ...
    of course, to balance things out, Katz and her Ryu Gunner Derringer have also
    joined your squad. And it will remain useless for a long while. You can upgrade
    it if you want, but the investment won't really be worth it for a long time.
    There's also Revolgar, but like the MagnaSaurer, it shares upgrades with its
    main robo.
    <STAGE 16>
    Allied units:
    King Squasher
    10 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x6
    Monsquar Neptune x4
    Ice Tower x2
    Queen Saidarone (Da Saida)
    Shuraj Ragasos Custom (Reska)
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Allied reinforcements: Ice crystals destroyed
    Unit limit increases to 11
    Allied reinforcements: Sharlie's HP reduced below 30%
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies shot down
    Metal Knight x2
    Metal Knight Gunner
    Enemy reinforcements: Ice Crystals destroyed
    Monsquar Medusa x4
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Slave Arrow x2
    Slave Guns x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 3 enemies remain
    Metal Knight x4
    Metal Knight Gunner x6
    Metal Knight Barbados x4
    Dol Gaisto
    MaryuOh dolga
    It seems that Bras is Sharlie's sister, and that she's under some sort of mind
    control, courtesy of Idoro. However, before we can attend to that, we have a
    slight problem to deal with: the wily hag has summoned up an impenetrable wall
    of ice to block our progress to the top of the mountain. To deal with it, we're
    going to have to get rid of those two giant ice crystals, tootsweet. Split your
    forces evenly in two. Now, this is IMPORTANT. You need to down the two crystals
    in the SAME. TURN. Or it is GAME OVER. Feel free to attack them as at your
    convenience, but shooting down one and leaving the other alive at the end of the
    turn means you lose. And we want to avoid that, if at all possible.
    Note: The higher up you go, the more accurate the enemy (and you) become. Near
    the top of the mountain, neither side will be missing an awful lot.
    As you begin to tear into the enemy embankment, Dol Gaisto deploys some of his
    Metal Knights for you to fight. They're not many, but there's a new model- the
    Metal Knight Gunner model. This thing is twice as tough as the average metal
    knight, and it's got more firepower, too. Be careful when dealing with them in
    When you do take the two of them down, Ramuness summons Zenzain, the seventh
    guardian knight. It unleashes its powerful attack on Idoro and Reska, which in
    turn destroys the wall of ice. Da Saida decides its time to fight you face to
    face, and calls up for some reinforcements. Idoro deploys her slave pods, as
    well. I reccomend switching out some of your units to evenly distribute your
    morale gains, there's a lot to do this mission, and you'll need a full crew of
    fighting fit units.
    Now, this is IMPORTANT TOO. Shooting down Sharlie's Merveille is a LOSING
    CONDITION. DON'T DO IT. Instead turn your attention to Reska's big fishship.
    Idoro's riding along in it, so we need to get rid of it if we're to rescue poor
    Sharlie.  At this point, doing so shouldn't be difficult. When you send the two
    girls (I use that term lightly for Idoro) packing, your next job is to reduce
    the Merveille's HP below 30% (16500) to stop its movements.  Do so. Shooting her
    down is still a losing condition, so be careful. You have to be -trying- to down
    her to fail here, but it's easy to get into that boss encounter mindset.
    When her HP dips, Kakeru and her brother manage to bring her back to her senses.
    The Merveille then switches sides and joins you! Sans... 50K HP. Sigh. I'm not
    surprised, of course, but it's still a kick in the pants.
    When you take out the majority of the enemy, it becomes apparent that Dol Gaisto
    just sent out some recon units. The main Drago Empire force arrives, sandwiching
    you. Dol Gaisto and, to his chagrin, Ryu Dolga are both here to fight you, but
    one thing at a time. More than likely, you've still got Da Saida to take care of
    before you can turn your attention to the Drago. He's even tougher now, reaching
    the 100K HP mark, the first boss in the game to reach six digits. Don't lose
    heart- aside from the extra 20000 HP and some boosted accuracy, he's not any
    different than he was the last time you fought him. Poor old Da Saida will take
    off in a huff when you beat him.
    Now, the Drago empire is employing the new Gunner model, and an entirely new
    design: the metal knight Barbados. This enemy is incredibly durable and has some
    noteworthy offense as well. Your best bet is to knock it down ledges to deal
    heavy damage in one blow. It's best to wait at the top and let the enemy come to
    you, but you'll have to go and fight a few stragglers at the bottom before the
    mission is over. Every time I play this stage, at least one Metal Knight gets
    stuck wandering aimlessly around the base of the mountain.
    The two Drago generals are about the same as they've always been, though they've
    got quite a bit more HP. At this point, you should be pretty well aware of how
    to handle them. Hell, Dolga's easier this time around. When you beat him down,
    he won't even transform to his dragon form, he'll just retreat. You're almost
    there- finish them off, and this long mission is over.
    ...of course, Ryu Dolga doesn't know when to quit and reappears atop the summit
    of the moountain. Using the power of the ancient shrine, he powers up his MaRyu
    Oh Dolga- this can't be good. This cheeses off Dol Gaisto, who is still smarting
    from how many times Dolga's shown him up. He deploys a Barbados to attack him,
    but Dolga takes it out in one shot. Wow. This isn't good. Fortunately, he lets
    you off for now and retreats.
    Stage 16 intermission:
    The Merveille has joined your crew, at long last! Now, it's a pretty good unit,
    but I reccomend against upgrading it. You'll see why in a few missions. Still,
    it wouldn't hurt to put a few bars on it for good measure. Up to you, really. At
    any rate, the next mission could be trouble, so equip your units well.
    <STAGE 17 Part 1>
    Allied units:
    11 unit limit
    Allied reinforcements:
    All enemies shot down (2):
    Unit count increases to 12
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x5
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x6
    Monsquar Neptune x6
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x6
    Monsquar Neptube x6
    This is probably the first two part stage wherein the first part is more than a
    mere formality. This part of the mission isn't too difficult, but won't end in
    two turns, either. This can be an irritating battle because of the map you're
    fighting on. Elder Gear, the ancient city from 5000 years ago, is difficult to
    get around on because of the spire on the center, and the fact that enemies will
    swarm you from all sides. You don't really get a sense of progress from this
    mission, which is why it can be kind of a pain. Basically, you've got three
    waves of Monsquars to eliminate. Use the terrain to your advantage and knock
    them down when they come up to the higher level- this will do them in quite
    After the second wave goes down, Magnum Ace arrives to offer your squad words of
    encouragement and some more tangible help. He is absolutely kickass, one of the
    best units in the game. Sadly, this is only temporary. He won't join until the
    end of the next mission. Still, with his help, it shouldn't be too tough to bust
    through the last of them. When you do, Don Halmarg's endless supply of Monsquars
    starts to become a real problem. However, the Elnost forces arrive to... assist
    you? Everyone's surprised, but Ribaris affirms that he and his Lady Chaos wish
    only to protect Earth Tear, and Don Halmarg's scheme to revive the calamity god
    Gobriki runs rather counter to that goal. Magnum Ace stays behind to hold off
    the enemy while the Ionia makes a break for Don Halmarg's fortress, the Boi Boi.
    <STAGE 17 Part 2>
    Allied units:
    King Squasher
    Attack Bomber
    11 unit limit
    Allied reinforcements: One enemy shot down
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Allied reinforcements: Da Saida shot down
    Queen Saidarone (Da Saida)
    Unit limit decreases to 10
    Allied reinforcements: Don Halmarg erects his barrier
    Unit limit increases to 11
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x4
    Monsquar Neptune x6
    Queen Saidarone (Brainwashed Da Saida)
    Enemy reinforcements: Da Saida shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Calamity God Gobriki (Don Halmarg)
    Enemy reinforcements: Regularly incoming waves as you shoot down enemies
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptube x3
    Well, here we are at Don Halmarg's fortress. He's still got minions to spare,
    somehow, and he's brainwashed Da Saida after he learned the truth about himself.
    He looks kind of stoned. At any rate, it's a losing condition for any forced
    deployed units to be shot down, so be careful with them. First thing's first-
    trash those Monsquars to build up your morale, then go after Da Saida. He's been
    knocked down to 80K HP. To that end, try to take him out without expending too
    many of your resources. As the battle rages on, the Boi Boi fortress will rain
    lightning death upon your forces, much like Abe no Seimei's magical pillars. It
    is not an unmanagable amount of damage (those Neviims you had to face in Alpha 3
    now those were a bitch), but it gets annoying as the battle goes on, which can
    make regenerating your resources dangerous. Take on Da Saida as you would any
    other boss- you don't have to reduce his HP to a certain amount, just blow him
    up. It's for his own good, really. Morale might be an issue, but take your time
    and you'll get him.
    When you do shoot him down, Ramuness tries to break the curse on him with his
    Saint Bomb- but in this space, Don Halmarg's power is too great. Things are
    looking bad, but Milk, Cocoa, and Reska bring their hearts together and power up
    King Squasher, increasing Ramuness's morale and SP, along with healing him fully
    to boot. Ramuness tries the Saint Bomb one more time, and Da Saida returns to
    reality. And he's pretty mad at Don Halmarg. As thanks for saving him, and to
    repay his former master back in full, Da Saida joins your group in his Queen
    Saidarone. Hell yes sons.
    Don Halmarg is... less than pleased, but he's got a contingency plan. He uses
    the power of the Armed Phantoma to revive Gobriki ahead of schedule- that's one
    mean looking motherfucker. Apparently, Don Halmarg is actually Gobriki's soul-
    he needed to revive his body to regain his full power. The crew of the Ionia is
    less than impressed- let's kick this guy's ass.
    Calamity God Gobriki is your most powerful foe yet by a long stretch- his 200K
    HP is going to take some doing to shave off. To make matters worse, you've only
    got 10 units to work with now, and some of your units probably aren't yet ready
    to take on the boss. For your convenience, he summons up some more monsquars.
    They're both a help and a hindrance. Go after them first, you'll see why in a
    moment. Now, about Da Saida and Queen Saidarone. He's a definite contender, in
    my opinion, for best damn unit in the game. The Queen Saidarone is a very nice
    unit with a variety of attacks to use- his only shortcoming is range. Where Da
    Saida and Hebinadako really shine is in their spirit commands, however. Our pun
    loving main pilot knows Exhaust, which is -incredibly- useful in this game. It
    will reduce the morale of multiple enemies by a minimum of 20- this is pretty
    much your best tool to weaken bosses before you attack them. Hebinadako, Da
    Saida's Advisor Robo and Q Ball analogue, knows rouse and confusion. Neither of
    these spells are entirely too rare, but in one package along with Da Saida's
    exhaust makes for an extremely potent combination that lets you control a good
    portion of the battlefield.
    On a less important note, Reska has become a subpilot for the attack bomber,
    lending Hot Blood and Strike to their repetoire. Honestly not that useful, but
    it can help you out in a pinch.
    Four turns after the Calamity God's appearance (or probably if you reduce him to
    a certain amount of HP), Don Halmarg pulls out all the stops and encases himself
    in a magical bullshit barrier. You -cannot- harm him. Don't even try- any attack
    you try will end in total failure. All you can do is wait for now. After you
    defeat enough of his weakling monsquars (I kind of lost count, I got MAPhappy.
    I AM ASHAMED OF MY INCOMPETENCE.), Da Saida gets tired of not being able to do
    anything and applies what is perhaps the best solution to any problem:
    Throw your goddamn axe at its face.
    It works like a charm and the barrier goes down. Now's the time- defeat Gobriki!
    He's big and he's got a whole lot of HP and power, but he's not fundamentally
    different from any other boss you've faced so far. Surround him-which is easier
    than it looks, because of his massive area of effect-, cast Disturbance and
    Exhaust if possible, then go to town and let loose with your strongest attacks.
    There's no defensive cover in this area,so Don Halmarg will take a lot of damage
    compared to... certain other bosses. MARYUOH DOLGAAAAA. It will take most of
    your resources and a lot of willpower, but Don Halmarg's ambitions will come to
    naught in the end.
    When you do him in, he once again tries to use the power of the Armed Phantoma
    to wiggle out of his tight spot, but Ramuness and company are just not having
    this. By combining the power of the seven guardian knights into one superpowered
    King Squasher Cyclone, Ramuness deals Gobriki a mortal blow. The Boi Boi, curse
    its lightning bullshit, begins to explode, presumably because Don Halmarg was of
    the opinion that, if on the off chance he died, he didn't want anyone else to
    take over his swanky fortress of evil. Kakeru runs over to recover the Armed
    Phantoma that Don Halmarg was once in posession of (there's three in all, I'm
    led to believe), but Ribaris has somehow found the time to pop in and proceeds
    to hork the damn thing. Goddamn. The mission ends thereafter.
    Stage 17 intermission:
    Queen Saidarone and Da Saida have joined you! As I said before, King Squasher's
    counterpart is one of the best units in the game, so definitely give it some of
    the love it deserves. Aside from that, be sure to save and take a breather, that
    was a long mission. The next one is shorter, but it's also pretty tough.
    <STAGE 18>
    Allied units:
    10 Unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Hell Dragon Trooper x5
    Hell Dragon Gunner x3
    Hell Dragon Bomber x4
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Mach Windy and Magnum Ace auto-deploy
    Allied reinforcements: Sharlie's HP reduced below 30%
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Death Army Mobile suit x2
    Death Birdy x4
    Gold Arm
    Gold Mask
    Gold Foot
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Hell Dragon Trooper x3
    Hell Dragon Gunner x5
    Hell Dragon Bomber x5
    Slave Hammer x2
    Slave Graso
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon Form (Galden)
    Yikes. Say hello to the Hell Dragon Tribe. They're after Earth Tear, and now
    that Don Halmarg's started draining the magical energy that powers the barrier
    that keeps them out, they're not gonna just sit around anymore. They are pretty
    much the toughest enemy faction in the game, in terms of raw statistics. They
    are extremely durable and they've got a lot of attack power, too. Furthermore,
    the gunners have an almost unfairly long range and are very accurate. The aerial
    bomber units are probably the least threatening, but that doesn't say much. Your
    best bet is to stay put and let them come to you- you can't afford to let your
    units get seperated and preyed upon- they won't last long. Take on one Hell
    Dragon at a time- they take a lot to drop. You'll start wearing down their
    numbers soon enough.
    When you take out half of the enemy, those incorrigible Gold Brothers decide to
    crash the party with some of their Death Army buddies. They start out fairly far
    away, so don't concern yourself with them yet. Focus on the much more dangerous
    Hell Dragon Tribe. When the Death Army comes knocking, you'll notice that these
    guys are total pansies in comparison. You'll steamroll them. The Gold Brothers
    are the same as they've always been, more or less, so deal with them in the
    usual way. The narrow streets of Paffricia makes it difficult to surround them,
    so be aware.
    They go down without much of a fuss, but it's not over yet, no sir. Some more
    Hell Dragons drop down from the sky. Even worse, Galden's still around to make
    your life miserable. He gets rid of a Hell Dragon, but with Idoro's magic, he
    absorbs its power into the Shidel, which powers it up considerably. It's now
    toting a hefty 130K HP and generally enhanced firepower. For now, though, focus
    on the hell dragons around you. He's brought all of three slave pods, which at
    this point aren't much of a concern.
    (It was at this point that my game froze and I raged too much to continue that
    night, will finish up later.)
    This is more or less a repeat of the first part of the mission with the added
    distraction of Galden, and should be treated as such. Given the fact that you've
    got more morale now, it should be quite a bit easier. You've fought Galden in
    Paffricia before, so you should know how to deal with him. He's tougher now, but
    not unmanagably so. He'll take a while to drop- he's got a lot less HP than the
    Calamity God you faced last mission, but he takes hits noticably better. At any
    rate, when you drop Galden, he shrugs it off, more or less, and starts putting
    the hurt on Adeu. He then turns his attention to the Ionia- but Da Saida is not
    one to let his new friends be put in such a situation. He and Ramuness then get
    into an argument about who'll take down Galden, and the Royal Squash combination
    attack is born! The mission ends afterwards.
    Mission 18 Intermission: Magnum Ace has joined your squad! He's the best Iron
    Leaguer in the game, and is pretty much an excellent unit all around, sporting
    firepower, durability, and evasiveness, along with some potent attack abilities.
    Show your leaguer spirit and give him some love, then move on.
    <STAGE 19>
    Allied units:
    Penpader (Zanbar)
    Enemy units:
    Cloud Oni x5
    Allied reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    12 unit deployment limit
    Zanbar retreats into the Ionia, cannot be redeployed
    Allied reinforcements: Sharlie's HP reduced below 30%
    Merveille (Sharlie)
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Hell Dragon Trooper x4
    Hell Dragon Gunner x3
    Hell Dragon Bomber x4
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Slave Graso x2
    Slave Flyer x2
    Slave Arrow x2
    Slave Guns x2
    Slave Hammer
    Dogan x2
    Alsugunos (Ribaris)
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x2
    Slave Arrow x2
    Slave Guns x2
    Breukerima x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Ribaris shot down
    Hell Dragon Trooper x2
    Hell Dragon Gunner x2
    Zanbar and his crew are up to no good again, this time menacing the Good Thunder
    Team. Before it can become apparent that they've bitten off more than they can
    chew (again), some Cloud Oni arrive and wipe out the solids. This ain't good.
    Zanbar thinks so too, and decides to team up with Shingo and the crew to make it
    out of the mess alive. Head for the forest near your starting position and take
    the enemy on from there. Zanbar's Penpader isn't that great of a unit, but there
    are two factors that make it worth using: One, you've only got two machines as
    of right now. Two, it's a goddamn penguin robot. The only attack you can use
    right now is the Zanbarium Beam, but combined with GoShogun, it should be more
    or less enough for your purposes.
    When you take out all of the Cloud Oni, some far more fearsome customers arrive-
    it's the Hell Dragon Tribe. Zanbar intends to buy the Good Thunder Team time to
    escape, but he rapidly finds himself overmatched. Fortunately, the timely
    arrival of the Ionia, and Amane's kindness (or love of penguins) saves Zanbar's
    hash. Time to rumble.
    The Hell Dragons are much the same as they were last mission. They should go
    down easier, given the lack of cover on the plains, but be careful- if you send
    out one unit on its own, it will get overwhelmed quickly due to the open space
    you're fighting in. Stick together, or you'll regret it. In the town or on the
    plains, these guys are tough. Even so, you outnumber them, and you should be
    able to down them without too much effort. Keep your repair units handy.
    When you defeat the Hell Dragon Tribe forces, the Elnost army appears on the
    scene to take you on. And they've got a new weapon...
    It's the Alsugunos, a sister machine to the Sigzarl. This guy's big, red, and
    he's got an axe large enough to give Getter 1 pause. He's also got 150K HP- that
    Ribaris has gotten himself one pimped out ride, that's for sure. Oh, and that
    jack off Yaminomious sent a couple of mythical beasts to play with you. Like we
    care. Do an about-face and take on the enemy head on. The slave pods aren't new-
    you've been facing them for a long time.
    When you thin the enemy numbers considerably, they call for backup. No big deal,
    really. What is a big deal is Ribaris and his Alsugunos. It's the second most
    powerful foe you've faced so far, and it's got quite a bit more attack power
    than Gobriki did. Use caution (and defensive spells). Surround him and pound on
    him with everything you've got- be especially careful of his Sig Axe attack,
    which will knock back your units a great distance.
    When you hand him his ass on a platter, he retreats, so as not to endanger the
    Alsugunos further. Kakeru almost takes off after him, but is dissuaded not to,
    thanks in part to the arrival of some more Hell Dragons. There's only four of
    them, though- take them out. When you do... well, remember back at the end of
    mission seven? Where shit got pretty strange?
    Shit gets -really- strange. I don't claim to understand all of it, but Kakeru
    and company corner Ribaris, who once again sorties in the Alsugunos. However,
    something goes wrong with it, and Kakeru takes the Armed Phantoma back. This...
    does something weird to Amane. Things kind of spiral from ther- OH MY JESUS WHAT
    HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR. This is not cool. Totally not cool. Using the power
    of this atrocious new haircut, Amane (now spelled in katakana, for whatever
    reason) opens up a wormhole and sends the Ionia and crew back to earth.
    Mission 19 intermission: ...uh, well then. A couple things to note. Sharlie, for
    somewhat apparent reasons, has taken over as the Ionia's operator. To this end,
    the Ship actually gets a lot better. While we lose Amane's wonderful support
    spells, the Ionia actually gains some offensive capability, as it can now summon
    the Merveille midbattle to attack. That means you no longer can deploy that
    machine individually, but it's worth it to make the Ionia better. The second of
    said things to note is that Goshogun has finally joined your ranks. It's claim
    to fame is its incredibly strong MAP attack, as well as general beefiness and
    some pretty darn impressive offensive power. Definitely a unit worth your time
    and love. Third, the Sigzarl has received another small upgrade to general
    statistics. Always welcome. Do what you will with what you have, and move on.
    <STAGE 20>
    Allied units:
    Great Mazinger (Tetsuya)
    Venus Ace (Jun)
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Gatling Bolt Robo
    Sword Bolt Robo
    Gandobra x3
    Allied reinforcements: 3 enemies remain
    Daiteioh (Momotaro)
    Allied reinforcements: 1 enemy shot down
    12 unit limit
    Enemy reinforcements: 3 enemies remain
    Hyper Deathbolt (Denki Oh)
    Dogan x2
    Yoroidel x4
    Enemy reinforcements: 1 enemy shot down
    Egizost x9
    Slave Hammer x2
    Slave Graso
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon Form (Galden)
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 enemies remain
    Egizost x5
    Cycler x5
    Jack Satan (Belzef)
    Japan's self-defense forces are hard pressed to deal with the Machine emperor
    with outdated tanks- Momotaro and his buds are about to be in a bad way. Or they
    would be...
    If not for the Hero of the Earth, Great Mazinger and his trusty sidekick Venus
    Ace! Yep, good old Tetsuya's been holding down the fort while we've been away
    dicking around in Earth Tear. He's absolutely determined to defend the peace of
    the world, regardless of how long he has to keep it up. Denki Oh finds this
    amusing- it's time to rumble!
    The Combat Pro is a little overmatched at the moment, but we're just gonna have
    to take on the enemy regardless. Great Mazinger is an excellent machine- think
    Mazinger Z, but better in most every way. Venus Ace is essentially Diana Ace,
    but better, as well. Don't let that dissuade you from using Kouji and Sayaka,
    though- as you'll soon find out, they work best when used in tandem. At any rate
    you shoudl put the pair next to eachother and start attacking- have Jun do her
    best to heal off the damage Tetsuya's taken. You should also note that is' the
    big GAME OVA if you let an enemy reach the school, but as usual, they seem to be
    just a little bit more interested in you.
    When you take down four enemies, Denki Oh's boss, the Machine God, phones in,
    telling him in no uncertain terms that he needs to get off his ass and stop
    dicking around and take out that blasted Great Mazinger. He does, so, if a bit
    reluctantly. Things are looking pretty damn bady- Tetsuya takes a nasty hit, but
    he's still determined to keep going. This reall pisses off Denki Oh, and his
    subsequent rampage... it blows up the goddamn rock again! This time, it's
    Yaminorious's boss phoning in. Except instead of phoning in, he's here in person
    with all five of his heads. Emperor Gokuk is mighty pleased to be stretching his
    legs (so to speak) again after all that time stuck underground. However, our old
    glowy blue friend Eldoran is here to keep him from getting out (again). Gokuk
    calls up some mythical beasts. Eldoran is outnumbered, outgunned, and outheaded,
    for that matter. Momotaro, Kakeru (version young) and Mai (version young) are
    all prepared to fight the enemy themselves (how, don't ask me, they've got some
    crazy SCIENCE!!1 kid on their side), and Eldoran decides to fall back on his
    tried and true contingency plan:
    Give some random kids a robot and let them do it. It's worked so far, right?
    It's name is Daiteioh! Momotaro and the rest are here to give the beleagured duo
    a hand. This is good, because Gokak's release entailed a bunch of Mythical beast
    units being deployed near the school. Get there, double quick, and make sure the
    enemy doesn't get there. Take out one of them ASAP. When you do, Belzef arrives
    on the scene in his Jack Satan. Jesus Christ it's like a party except everyone
    had to come dressed as an Eldoran villain. He deploys a large number of his
    Egizosts. Things are looking grim, but...
    Miracle of miracles, it's the Ionia! Whether he knows it or not, Poofy Amane has
    done us a big favor. The other three Eldoran Robots sortie. I reccomend having
    Great Mazinger and Venus A board the Ionia, they could use a break, so they
    could. Now, let's show the enemy what for! The only caveat here is that you
    can't let the enemy get to the school. Aside from that, this is easy-peasy. You
    have faced all of these enemies before. They're not that hard. When you thin
    their numbers, Belzef decides (finally) that these Egizosts of his just aren't
    cutting the mustard. However, his subordinate informs him that the new Cycler
    model is ready for combat. The Jack Satan Deploys, along with a mess of more
    Jack Empire units, including the aformentioned model. They're quite a bit more
    tough than the Egizosts, and they've got some nasty firepower. Use caution.
    Both the Jack Satan and Hyper Death Bolt have gotten upgraded since the last
    time you've fought them, but compared to the foes you've been fighting recently,
    they're not all that tough at all, even with Jack Satan clocking in six digit HP
    this time around. Surround them, beat them down, use disturbance or exhaust, the
    details are up to you. The mission ends when you blow everything up. It's not
    too hard.
    Stage 20 intermission:
    For those at home who are paying attention, you'll note that all of our series
    have now been accounted for! With the addition of Great Mazinger and Daiteioh,
    we've got more or less a full compliment. There'll be more units to join us, of
    course, but that's besides the point. Anyway! Daiteioh: Another Eldoran robot,
    more or less the same as the others. Interesting as it seems, Daiteioh's biggest
    advantage is that, when all is said and done, it's got a borderline flawless set
    of spirit commands and is the Eldoran king of attack abilities. Aside from that,
    it's got no major flaws and is pretty balanced all around- I'm not sure I'd call
    it the best Eldoran, but an argument could be made.
    Great Mazinger is an excellent unit, though if you're familiar with Mazinger Z,
    you're familiar with Tetsuya's ride. He's a key component in one of the game's
    most powerful combination attacks, as well as a less powerful but more versatile
    combo move with Mazinger Z: Double Burning Fire. Venus Ace... with her inclusion
    we've got another combo attack with Diana Ace, which is worth seeing at least
    once. If you're a fan, upgrade, if not, save your cash. Save your game and move
    Route split number two!
    Yep, it's time for another one. I hate these because they always mess up all the
    parts I've got equipped and it takes ages to get everything back in order. Oh
    well, it's no Alpha 3.
    Route A: If you're an Eldoran fan, this is the way to go. It covers some rather
    important events in those plotlines.
    Iron Leaguers
    Ryu Users
    Ramuness and company
    Kakeru, Zanbar, and the Ionia
    Route B: Conversely, if you're more a fan of the Dynamic productions folks, you
    probably want to take this route, as it covers some imporant events in both the
    Liger and New getter stories.
    The Mazinger Team
    Getter Robo
    Domon and God Gundam
    Kakeru, Zanbar, and the Ionia
    The choice will come up early, so be aware. Route A tends to give out more cash,
    but route B will have you come out with a generally higher level. Make your
    choice and move on.
    <STAGE 21 A>
    Allied units:
    Enemy units:
    Egizost x6
    Cycler x2
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    BakryuOh (BakryuOh)
    Allied reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    11 unit limit
    Allied reinforcements: Belzef reduced below 40% HP
    God RaijinOh (Gin)
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Dogan x2
    Yoroidel x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Egizost x4
    Cycler x4
    Jack Satan (Belzef)
    Enemy reinforcements: Belzef reduced below 40% HP
    Dogan x4
    Upon the realization that he has been losing time and time again to a bunch of
    gradeschoolers, Belzef gets... a little angry, to say the least. He summons up
    some Jack Empire beasts. RaijinOh's a little outnumbered, but at this point, the
    Egizosts shouldn't pose much of a threat. I'd reccomend taking on the group that
    does not have any cyclers in it. These guys mean business. When you take out a
    few of the enemies, Yaminorious sends out some mythical beasts. Belzef isn't too
    thrilled with having to rely on his aid, but that doesn't really help us out-
    RaijinOh's pretty much outnumbered totally. However, all is not lost- RaijinOh's
    resident science whiz manages to send out the Bakryu Dragon, a powerful robot
    meant to be used in tandem with RaijinOh. It has two froms- Dragon and King. The
    flying dragon form is more mobile and is better at attacking airborne targets,
    but the King is tougher and has more overall firepower.
    When the enemy is on the ropes, the Ionia arrives with some reinforcements. To
    even things out, Belzef sorties in his Jack Satan, still pretty peeved. He's put
    on some extra HP in the interval between last mission, but you've faced this guy
    before, and he doesn't have anything new up his sleeve. Take out his lackeys,
    then focus on him. When you reduce his hp to below 40%, Belzef's anger reaches
    FUUUUUUUUUUUCK levels and he starts beating the everloving crap out of Gin and
    his friends. Things are looking grim, but RaijinOh -is- absolutely invincible,
    after all. It combines with the BakryuOh to form...
    God RaijinOh!
    And it's packing some serious heat. With its Final Fire attack, God RaijinOh
    knocks off almost all of the HP the JackSatan regenerated. Hurry and finishe
    the job- the mythical beasts can wait. About our new combined unit- it has both
    HP and EN regen. In fact, it's the only allied unit in the game to have HP regen
    naturally (except BakRyu Dragon). This makes it an excellent and borderline self
    sufficient unit. To form it, though, you need to have both RaijinOh and the
    BakRyuOh/Dragon at least 120 morale. Distance doesn't matter, nor does it matter
    if one of the units is on the Ionia. All in all, this is a pretty darn easy
    mission. Take out all of the enemies to end it.
    Stage 21 A: Intermission: In case you didn't notice, Zanbar stealth joined you.
    You can upgrade his unit if you want. I did because IT'S A GODDAMN PENGUIN. Hng.
    Also of note is the BakryuOh. It shares upgrades with RaijinOh, but you can
    equip parts to it if you so desire. When you're ready, move on.
    <STAGE 21 B>
    Allied units:
    8 unit deployment limit (Getter Team, GoShogun, God Gundam, Braigar unavailable)
    Enemy units:
    Metal Knight x6
    Metal Knight Gunner x4
    Metal Knight Barbados x2
    Allied reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    God Gundam
    Getter Robo
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Metal Knight x4
    Metal Knight Gunner x2
    Metal Knight Barbados
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Metal Knight Gunner x5
    Metal Knight Barbados
    Dol Sadso
    Dol Gaisto
    Powered Drago Knight Adoras
    Enemy reinforcements: Powered Drago Knight Adoras shot down
    MaRyuOh Dolga (Ryu Dolg)
    It looks like those Drago empire folks are stirring up some more trouble. Ken
    sorties to stop them, as does the rest of the Ionia's crew. Well, the rest of
    the Ionia's crew that's actually available. Domon, the Good Thunder Team, the j9
    and the Getter team are all at the Saotome labs doing some maintenance. They'll
    be along soon enough. For now, just take on the Metal Knights. There's not a
    whole lot special about this mission right now, just a throwdown. It can be
    tough if you haven't been using the Mazinger team a lot. Also of note is that
    Zanbar and his Penpader have stealth joined you. You'll be able to upgrade him
    if you want to after this mission is over.
    After you take down some of the enemy, some more arrive, but so do the rest of
    your units. They start out irritatingly far away from the action, so use Accel/
    Tailwind to move quickly down to the field of battle and start wrecking things.
    Take out some more enemies- be careful of the Barbados units, this is the first
    time you've faced them in such numbers. A viable strategy is to get up close and
    personal so they use their Ram attack, then use a knockback attack so they can't
    When the enemy numbers thin yet more, the Drago generals sortie, along with some
    more Gunners. Ken's childhood friend, Shinichi, has apparently taken some bad
    drugs and is freaking out something fierce. So fierce that he becomes a Dragon
    Knight Adoras. Naturally, this causes Ken no small amount of distress, and the
    ever bloodthirsty Ryouma insists that they kill him dead, no questions asked.
    Shinichi himself, still vaguely conscious, agrees with this assessment. The more
    gentle hearts among your squad are hesitant, but the game doesn't really give
    you a choice. 
    Taking out Shinichi isn't difficult at all. He's got only a little bit more HP
    than a Barbados and much weaker attacks. When you reduce his HP to zero, Ken
    steels himself and decides to do the deed himself. For some reason, Ken will
    automatically change to Fire Liger, even if he's in Vegalda mode, and finish his
    friend off. Ryu Dolg arrives on the scene then to mock him, and Ken is -really-
    pissed off. Time to settle the score with these jerks.
    The generals are more or less the same as they've always been, and they don't
    even have a whole lot of HP, so surround them and take them out. Ryu Dolg is a
    different story, but still isn't that difficult- the game is most likely going
    easy on you because you're at half staff right now. There's nothing really out
    of the ordinary to note about this battle. When you take out MaRyuOh Dolga, Ryu
    Dolg is impressed, but he's still alive and kicking. Ken's rage gets the better
    of him, and the Dolga Blizzard attack inflicts heavy damage. Liger then... some
    how, it disappears. Weird. The map ends when all enemies are shot down.
    Stage 21 B intermission: As I said before, Zanbar is now officially in your
    roster, so if you're as enamoured with the concept of the Penpader as I am, you
    can upgrade him if you wish. Aside from that, make your rounds, save, and move
    <STAGE 22 A>
    Allied units:
    8 unit deployment limit 
    Enemy units:
    Dogan x5
    Yoroidel x10
    Emeperor Gokaak
    Allied reinforcements: Gokaak's HP reduced by ~40%
    Gokaak recovers 60K HP
    GekiRyuGar (Sousuke)
    Ganbarugar and Revolgar autodeploy, go to 130 morale, use the new combo attack
    and negate the HP regeneration
    Allied reinforcements: Gokaak's HP reduced to ~50%
    Gokaak recovers 84K HP
    Great Ganbarugar (Kotaroh)
    Great Ganbarugar uses the Ganbarugar Breast, which negates the HP regeneration
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy reinforcements: 3 enemies remain
    Yoroidel x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Regular intervals
    Yoroidel x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Gokaak's HP reduced by 20%
    Gokaak regenerates 48K HP
    Yoroidel x2
    Sousuke temporarily leaves Ganbarugar
    This is a pretty straightforward mission, but that doesn't make it easy. Emperor
    Gokaak, as you can see, has some pretty considerable power at his disposal. He's
    your toughest foe so far- I'm kind of surprised that they shoved him in a route
    split. At any rate, he's got a whole lot of Mythical beasts to throw at you.
    Kotaroh and Rikiya deploy to deal with them, along with the rest of the Ionia's
    crew. Annoyingly, you've got a pretty narrow deployment limit. Fortunately, you
    have a night limitless supply of enemies to raise morale on. When you reduce the
    enemy to low numbers, Gokaak will summon up a surprisingly small number of
    reinforcements. However, when you take them out, he'll summon more. He'll do
    this a lot. It's -not- an infinite reinforcement mission, but you have to take
    out a whole mess of them for Gokaak to stop summoning them. Use this to your
    advantage, and trash them to your heart's content.
    Fighting Gokaak is much akin to fighting Gobriki back in stage 17. He's got more
    or less comparable HP and attack power. He's a bit harder to surround because of
    the disagreeable terrain surrounding him, but do your best- smaller units like
    your Ryus and iron leaguers should fit behind him where larger units have some
    difficulties squeezing in. When you do some damage to him, he shrugs it off. Get
    used to this trend of bosses just recovering the damage you've done. Sousuke
    heads off to look for the golden egg Zanbar found a while back, then dropped in
    the forest- his Ganbar commander is reacting to it. Meanwhile, get back to the
    beat-down. As the battle wears on, Gokaak will regenerate again. Fuck him. This
    time, though, things aren't all bad. Sousuke manages to find the golden egg and
    protect it from Yaminorious, and it grants him a miracle: GekiRyuGar!
    GekiRyuGar is much like Revolgar. It's got a powerful finisher move, but less
    firepower in its weaker attacks. It's also rather dodgy. But that doesn't really
    matter right now- all three Ganbar robos unleash a new combo attack upon the
    Emperor, which more or less negates his regeneration. Keep beating him up. After
    an attack or two, he'll regenerate -again-. This guy just doesn't want to give
    up. Yaminorious sees that his master is in a bad way, and like the loyal minion
    he is, uses his magic to power up Gokaak. Things look grim- none of your units
    can move! But Kotaroh's resolve is even greater than Gokaak's, and this resolve
    is rewarded by the greatest miracle of all...
    Behold, Great Ganbarugar! A combination of all three Ganbar Robos, this unit is
    vey powerful and pretty much obsoletes that new combination attack. Oh well. It
    will use one of its powerful attacks to once again undo his recovery- now's the
    time, finish him off! It might take more than one turn, but take heart- you can
    deploy some reinforcements of your own from the Ionia. You're almost there! When
    you defeat Gokaak, he explodes. And the mission ends. Sweet.
    Stage 22 A intermission: Everyone's back together now. Liger's received a nice
    upgrade, but for some reason you can't see it in the intermission menu. Odd. At
    any rate, GekiRyuGar is the same as Revolgar in that it shares upgrades with
    Ganbarugar. To form Great Ganbarugar, all three pilots must have 120 morale.
    This is actually one of Ganbarugar's advantages. In terms of raw power it might
    not be the greatest Elodran, but it will be able to combine very easily, because
    all subpilots gain morale equally. The other Eldoran robots need to raise the
    morale of seperate units. At any rate, do your upgrades and whatnot and move on.
    Keep in mind that your units from the other route have been stripped of their
    parts, so be sure to attend to that.
    <STAGE 22 B>
    Allied units:
    Mazinger Z
    Great Mazinger
    Getter Robo
    God Gundam
    11 unit deployment limit 
    Enemy units:
    Dragon Knight Adoras x11
    Metal Knight x4
    Metal Knight Gunner x3
    Metal Knight Barbados
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Thunder Liger (Ken)
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Metal Knight Gunner x4
    Metal Knight Barbados x2
    Dol Gaisto
    Dol Sadso
    MaRyuOh Dolga (Ryu Dolg)
    Enemy reinforcements: 7 enemies remain
    Metal Knight Gunner x4
    Metal Knight Barbados x2
    Ken's whereabouts are still unknown, and the Drago Empire is still causing
    havoc. You should be familiar with this map from stage 4, way back when. Those
    Adoras units are terribly weak at this point in the game, second only to solids
    in general "I am bad and I should feel bad" department. Deploy your units and
    get to wrecking them. Knockback attacks in conjunction with the unlevel terrain
    will slaughter them. The game is even nice enough to start you split up, so you
    can maximize the carnage. This is really very easy.
    When you reduce the enemy by a good amount, the Drago generals will show up
    again, still under the impression that they can prevail against you. To their
    credit, Dol Gaisto does have a plan- suicide bomber Metal Knights. Sharlie's
    having a hard time shaking them- things could end up in tragic pieces.
    If it were not for Ken, who is not quite as dead as advertised. He sorties in
    Thunder Liger, a truly beastly machine that will wreck some shit. Ryu Dolg is
    less than impressed, and sorties as well. Get back to fighting.
    Now about Thunder Liger. Under normal circumstances, you need 140 morale to
    change to this form, and it is mutually exclusive to Vegalda. Thus, you have a
    choice to make- generally superior statistics and firepower to extra movement
    and two subpilots for a lesser requirement. Usually, Thunder Liger is the better
    choice, but it's hard to pass up the twins and their support spells. At any rate
    this mission is more or less the same as the last one, except the terrain is
    five times as troublesome.  There's nothing special to say here- blow up the
    bosses, revel in how awesome Thunder Liger is, and move on.
    Stage 22B Intermission: We're all back together now. For some strange reason,
    some of the new arrivals from Route A aren't showing up in the intermission menu
    but rest assured they're there. We'll just have to go over them another time. Do
    your best and rearrange all the parts you had set up before the split, then move
    <STAGE 23>
    Allied units:
    Enemy units:
    Egizost x2
    Cycler x2
    Dogan x2
    Yoroidel x2
    Allied reinforcements: 2 enemies shot down
    Allied reinforcements: 2 enemies remain
    6 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Hyper Death Bolt reduced to 20% HP
    GranSaurer (Youji)
    Unit deployment limit increases to 8
    Allied reinforcements: Hyper Death Bolt shot down
    Unit deployment limit increases to 11
    Allied reinforcements: Gildabo reduced to below ~40%
    Gildabo recovers 28K HP
    King GoSaurer (Kenichi)
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 enemies remain
    Egizost x2
    Cycler x2
    Dogan x2
    Yoroidel x2
    Jack Satan (Belzef)
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Balanced Bolt Robo x4
    Gatling bolt robo x2
    Sword Bolt robo x4
    Gandofara x4
    Enemy reinforcements: Hyper Death Bolt reduced to 50% HP
    HyperDeathBolt recovers 40200 HP
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Sword Bolt Robo x4
    Enemy reinforcements: Hyper Death Bolt shot down
    Gandofara x7
    Gildabo (Engine King)
    Kenta's going solo here, so if you're not confident in him, retreat towards the
    school and cast iron wall. This is a good strategy regardless, as it prevents
    you from being surrounded too badly, but if you feel like the MagmaSaurer is up
    to it, you can take a more offensive approach. Also, take note- the enemies have
    begun to increase in HP and durability. Keep this in mind. When you take out two
    enemies, GoSaurer will deploy. Take the fight to the enemy to hurry this part
    along- the longer you take, the harder it will be. When you take out most of the
    enemy, Belzef deploys in the Jack Satan and calls up some more grunts.
    You need to take him out, but that's actually kind of hard. You've got a very
    tight deployment limit and not a lot of enemies to work with in terms of gaining
    morale. I reccomend trying to spread out as much as possible between your heavy
    hitters and tuck GoSaurer back in the Ionia- it's probably already got maxed
    morale. When you're ready, attack the Jack Satan with all you've got. It will
    most likely take a couple of turns, because 6 units are hard pressed to deal
    120K damage regardless of the circumstances.
    When you do defeat him, he'll retreat. But Denki Oh is here to capitalize on
    this opportunity. He summons up some of his Bolt Robos and powers up his Hyper
    Death Bolt. All of your units are back in the Ionia except for the Saurer robos,
    and the damn deployment limit is -still- six. Send in some fresh troops and fire
    away at the Bolt Robos to get some more morale. They're tough, but the Cyclers
    you just faced were much more fearsome. As I said before, Denki Oh has powered
    up his Hyper Death Bolt pretty significantly. It now clocks in at over 100K.
    This isn't a big deal in and of itself, but...
    He's fond of the same trick that Emperor Gokaak pulled back on route A: when you
    deal certain damage thresholds to him, he'll automatically recover some HP. He's
    a real persistent fella, and he's got much more HP than advertised because of
    this. The second time he regenerates, the GranSaurer arrives to turn the tide.
    It's... an okay machine, I guess, but the pilot, Youji, is a supporter thrust
    into an active combat role. He can't hit things particularly well and his damage
    isn't -great-. But don't worry, his real power will shine through soon enough.
    For now, keep beating on Denki Oh. You'll beat him evenutally, but because of
    the deployment limit, it won't be soon.
    When you do shoot him down, Denki Oh's colleague, Engine King, arrives. And in
    one of the more frustrating moments of the game STEALS YOUR DENKI OH KILL. You
    still get the cash and experience, but it's the principle of the thing! I worked
    -hard- to beat that asshole! Oh well. Engine King summons up some more of the
    flyers and faces you down. Fortunately, the unit limit has steadily been going
    up, so deploy some more units and take it to them.
    Gildabo is a bit weaker defensively than the Hyper Death Bolt, and has less HP,
    but his attack power is quite a bit higher, and he has an assault attack. Be
    wary. When you reduce his HP to a bit below half, or around there, he'll... yeah
    you guessed it, he'll regenerate some HP. What the fuck. The Saurers are feeling
    about the same way and they're not gonna take it anymore- they combine into the
    greatest hotblooded warrior in all the galaxy: King GoSaurer!
    And this bastard is worthy of the title King. It is an offensive and defensive
    monster, complete with a powerful MAP attack and -five- pilots. Its only real
    flaw is being a bit inaccurate and the fact that you have to jump through some
    hoops to deploy it in the first place. The pilots of all three machines need to
    be at 120 morale to combine. At any rate, finish off the Engine King. At this
    point in the mission, you should be able to do it fairly easily. If you've still
    got the willpower to not throw down the wiimote in exasperation. SCREW YOU DENKI
    OH. When all enemies go down, the mission ends.
    Mission 23 Intermission: Well, the new arrivals from the preceeding route split
    are now yours to tinker with, but without exception they're forms of robots that
    share upgrades with a machine you already have, it only really matters if you
    want to assign parts. At any rate, the GranSaurer is also now part of your unit
    roster. We've got quite the menagerie at this point! Move on when you feel like
    you're ready.
    <STAGE 24>
    Allied units:
    MaRyuOh Dolga (Ryu Dolg)
    8 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Metal Knight x6
    Metal Knight Gunner x6
    Metal Knight Barbados x3
    Allied reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    DaiTeiOh autodeploys
    All units get to move again
    Ken and ryu Dolg reach maximum morale
    deployment limit increases to 10
    Allied reinforcements: Gildabo reduced to 50% HP
    Gildabo recovers 18K HP
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Ryu Dolg retreats
    Metal Knight x4
    Metal Knight Gunner x6
    Metal Knight Barbados x6
    Dol Gaisto
    Enemy reinforcements: 
    Balanced Bolt Robo x4
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Sword Bolt Robo x2
    Gandofara x2
    Gildabo (Engine King)
    War, like politics, makes strange bedfellows. Due to some long-lost-brother
    circumstances, Ryu Dolg is forced to turn against the Drago Empire, which has
    betrayed him. Dol Gaisto has two hostages- the twins, Yui and Mai. Fortunately,
    that doesn't actually impede you in any way. Get to blasting the Metal Knights-
    it seems that the Drago Empire has forsaken its Dragon Knights entirely. For
    good reason, those assholes were terrible. Anyway, as in the last mission, your
    foes are stronger now, so be aware that you'll need to put in more effort to
    drop them. Don't have Ken and Ryu Dolg take on the entire map by themselves!
    That's a sure recipe for pain. They'll get surrounded and beaten down. Instead,
    have them move towards the Ionia and make it a group effort. Those Barbados
    models are tough as always, so try to take them down one at a time.
    When you take out all of the enemies, Gaisto gets impatient and decides to just
    up and kill the hostages. However, Dol Sadso, loyal to Ryu Dolg to the extreme,
    intervenes and saves the two girls. However, Dolg himself is in a bad way- Dol
    Gaisto has him surrounded. He's about to seal the deal, but Sadso sacrifices
    herself to save him. This really pisses Dolg and Ken off- time to repay that in
    The second wave is the same as the first, except there's more high HP barbados
    units to deal with. Don't falter- they tend to clump together, making them prime
    targets for a good MAP or assault attack. Gaisto himself is actually pretty damn
    easy, clocking in at only about 70K HP. He'll go down without much fuss. Ryu
    Dolg takes off in hot pursuit when he goes down.
    When you take down that mob, Engine King and his subordinates arrive to piss on
    your cheerios. There's not too many of them, actually, and by now your troops
    are more than ready to take them on. Engine King is about the same as he was the
    last mission, except this one's quite a bit easier, thus making Engine King not
    as tough to deal with either. However, he does have a trick up his sleeve. When
    you reduce his HP to about 50%, he'll head over to DaiteiOh and immobilize it.
    Things don't look too good, but a mysterious strangah is here to set things to
    right: Hiryu arrives in his DaiRyuOh. He blasts Daiteioh free, leaving you with
    no distractions to finish off this mechanical despot. When you finish him and
    his lackies, the mission ends.
    Stage 24 intermission:
    Hiryu and the DaiRyuOh have joined you. It's a decent enough machine, though as
    you  might expect at this point, its real utility is the fact that a bit later
    on you'll be able to combine into a stronger unit with DaiTeiOh. Aside from that
    bit of news, there's not much to note. The next mission is rather long and more
    than a little taxing, so be prepared.
    <STAGE 25 Part 1>
    Allied units:
    MaRyuOh Dolga (Ryu Dolg)
    Getter Robo
    11 unit deployment unit
    Enemy units:
    Metal Knight x4
    Metal Knight Gunner x5
    Metal Knight Barbados x5
    Dol Gaisto
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Cloud Oni x14
    Abe no Seimei
    We're fighting in the now-familiar area near the Saotome Labs against yet more
    Drago Empire forces. Dol Gaisto does not know when to quit. This is similar to
    your previous battle with these enemies, though it's both easier and harder in
    different ways. On the one hand, you're fighting a downhill battle- the enemy's
    got a fundamental disadvantage. On the other hand, the mountainous terrain makes
    those Gunners and Barbados models really tough to knock out. It's doable, of
    course, but as always, your best bet is to use the elevation to your advantage
    and knock them down ledges.
    Dol Gaisto will be up in your face pretty soon after the start of the battle,
    and he's... a little different this time around. As you can see, he's got some
    more HP this time, but that's not the big difference. He's finally learned a
    thing or two from his countless defeats and he's whipped up a barrier system
    that cuts your attacks, without exception, by a startling amount of damage. I'm
    not sure of the exact figure, but about half seems right. Combine that with the
    forests at the base of the mountain and you've got a recipe for a long fight.
    Use your knockback attacks to get him into more suitable open spaces. On the
    bright side, he hasn't become any more offensively fearsome, so you can safely
    work around him as you take out his minions. 
    The game probably realizes that this sudden shift in Dol Gaisto from "punching
    bag" to "jesus why won't you die already" was a bit sudden, so they make things
    a little easier on you. When you reduce his HP to about 40%, Ken and Ryu Dolg
    will combine their powers and punch through the barrier with their twin sure
    kill techniques. Sufficiently humbled, Gaisto beats a retreat. Furthermore, Yui,
    Mai and (of all people) Da Cider convince Dolg to join the Ionia's crew. Things
    are looking bright!
    ...well, if not for that newly arrived monstrosity at the foot of the hill. Yep,
    Abe no Seimei's not going down that easily. It seems his defeat back in Earth
    Tear was just a minor setback. He summons a whole pack of his little oni buddies
    and begins the assault on the labs once more.
    The Oni, however, are actually a lot easier to deal with than the metal knights.
    Their airborne nature means they cannot take advantage of the abundant cover on
    the map, and at this point your morale is probably pretty high. Send in some
    fresh troops and trash them. There's quite a few, especially around the boss-man
    himself, so don't send anyone going solo.
    It shouldn't take you too long to get rid of those ugly fellas. Soon, your only
    concern will be the ugliest fella, Seimei himself. He's got more HP than he did
    back in stage 12, of course, but... he's actually a whole lot easier now. All
    things considered, you're a whole lot stronger now, and he hasn't changed at all
    except for 20K HP. His magical bullshit barrier returns, but it's not all that
    annoying compared to Gaisto's system. Using your strongest attacks and hotblood
    level 3, you should be able to cut through his 100K HP reserves pretty damn
    quickly. Watch out for his knockback attack- it's unlikely he'll be in any kind
    of position to use it in this capacity, but it can hurt a lot if you fall down
    a level.
    ...of course, being brutally murdered -again- doesn't seem to phase Seimei much.
    Absolutely confident in his imminent victory, Seimei takes some time to gloat.
    Things aren't looking too good, but Dr. Saotome, who's gone off the deep end a
    while ago, has a desperate plan. He beckons Getter Robo to the crater above the
    laboratory and orders a full scale evacuation of the institute. The good doctor
    releases the safety valve on the cache of raw getter energy located below the
    place, dying in the process. The results are quite spectacular. Seimei isn't
    particularly impressed, and Hayato and Benkei are pretty shaken. Ryouma, on the
    other hand... has fucking lost it.
    He starts tearing Abe no Seimei a couple of new assholes while his teammates beg
    him to get a hold of himself and stop before the Getter Rays completely go out
    of control. He does, fortunately- and by combining their three hearts, the
    Getter team unleash the true power of the Getter rays right in Seimei's flabber-
    gasted face. He's well and truly beaten this time- but he still has the last
    laugh, leaving our heroes a chilling warning: with the Getter Rays at its side,
    humanity will create nothing but an infinite hell. Shut up and die already.
    Alright! Looks like we'-
    Goddammit when did you and your hair get here, Amane?
    <STAGE 25 Part 2>
    Allied units:
    11 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Alsugunos reduced to 50% HP
    Alsugunos regenerates 40K HP
    Sigzarius (Kakeru)
    Enemy units:
    Death Army Mobile Suit x10
    Death Birdie x4
    Alsugonos (Amane)
    Enemy reinforcements: Every enemy phase after turn 2
    Death Army Mobile suit x3
    Death Birdie x3
    Well this is interesting. Amane's transported us to nowhere in particular and
    now he's summoned up some Death Army guys to beat us up. We can't have that, no
    sirree. Right off the bat you'll notice the big and unfriendly Alsugonos. It's
    even stronger than it was last time, now that Amane is at the helm, and it has
    some new attacks. Of note are its finishing move of extreme power and its MAP
    attack. Careful of it. Also, two things to note you might not notice right away-
    Getter 1 has two new attacks, Final getter tomahawk and Getter beam full power.
    They're both exceedingly strong- FGT can be used after movement and has knock
    back properties, while GBFP is even more powerful and has a fire effect, but it
    can't be used after moving. The second thing to note is Ryu Dolg is available
    for deployment.
    Your only real goal here is to trash the Alsugunos, but to do that you're going
    to need to bash the death army in. Amane has a near inexhaustible supply of them
    so on that front you should be fine. He'll summon up some more every enemy phase
    for you to fight. Fortunately, they won't move on the phase they're summoned,
    which makes them very managable. When you're satisified with your troops morale
    and SP levels, go and beat down on Amane's poofy smug hair. He's tough, but you
    are tougher. And you outnumber him.
    Of course, when you start making some real progress, he'll regenerate 40K HP and
    decide to leave you in the dimensional lurch. Kakeru is just pissed off now, and
    takes some extreme measures. By using the power of the three Armed Phantomas, he
    unleashes the true power of the Sigzarl and powers it up: Behold, the Sigzarius!
    This prevents Amane from leaving, and it lets all of your units act again. Hell
    yes. Time to finish this. Shoot him down and the map ends with Kakeru cutting
    right through the dimensional barrier.
    Stage 25 intermission: The only -new- unit you have is MaryuOh Dolga. It's an
    all around good unit, so upgrade it. The Sigzarius is essentially the already
    impressive Sigzarl on steroids, with a new MAP attack. Do your stuff and move on
    <STAGE 26>
    Allied units:
    12 unit limit
    Allied reinforcements: 
    Enemy units:
    Solid x10
    Heavy Solid x10
    Heavy Solid Leader unit
    Enemy reinforcements: 3 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x4
    Slave Guns x4
    Slave Arrow x2
    Monsquar Medusa x4
    Monsquar Neptune x4
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon form (Galden)
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Slave Guns
    Slave Hammer
    Slave Arrow x2
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Compared to the last stage, this isn't too tough. The Solids are numerous, but
    even though they've been powered up... they're still pathetic. This is a nice
    opportunity to level up some of the units you haven't been using as much lately.
    Try not to get surrounded, though- with so many enemies, that can begin to tell
    on you.
    When all but three enemies remain, the remnants turn tail and flee like COWARDS.
    BABIES. COWARD BABIES. Fortunately for your inner Heavy Weapons Guy, Galden is
    here to welcome you back to Earth Tear with another rumble. He's got some slave
    pods... and Monsquars? Looks like Don Harumage is getting ready to make his move
    again. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about the battle, except for
    Galden running around and dicking things up. When you thin the enemy's numbers,
    Idoro will deploy some more of them for you. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY THE MORE THE
    Defeating Galden is the same as its always been. Surround him and pound on him.
    This is pretty obviously a cooldown mission from the climactic battles of the
    last one. Even so, Galden is al legitmate threat if you mess around, so don't
    take him too lightly.
    When you take him down, he will, as usual, not care. What an asshole. Paffy and
    Adeu are in a bad way thanks to Galden's general immunity to being reamed. The
    princess, in desperation, awakens the power of the Holy Stone her parents gave
    her. Things don't go well. Unless you like giant craters.
    Stage 26 intermission: Adeu is currently MIA, so the parts you've equipped to
    his Ryu have been returned to your inventory. Aside from that, there's not much
    to say right now.
    <STAGE 27>
    Allied units:
    Ryu Chief Shinebaram (Gratches)
    Ryu Samurai Hayatemaru (Gesshin)
    Allied reinforcements: Turn 2
    9 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies reamin (second instance)
    Ryu Knigh Zephyr w/Holy Stone (Adeu)
    Unit limit increases to 10
    Allied reinforcements: 5 enemies remain (third instance)
    Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr (Adeu)
    unit limit increases to 11
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt robo x3
    Gatling Bolt robo x2
    Sword Bolt Robo x2
    Gandofara x2
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 2
    Gatling Bolt robo x4
    Sword Bolt Robo x4
    Ganddofara x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Slave Guns
    Slave Hammer
    Slave Arrow x2
    Monsquar Medusa x2
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Hell Dragon Trooper x8
    Hell Dragon Bomber x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Hell Dragon trooper x3
    Hell Dragon Gunner x3
    Hell Gragon Bomber x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Monsquar Medusa x5
    Monsquar Neptune x2
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon form (Galden)
    Enemy reinforcements: 5 enemies remain
    Slave Guns x2
    Slave Flyer x2
    Slave Hammer x2
    Elder Gear's in a spot of bother- it looks like the Machine Empire has figured
    out how to get to Earth Tear. This could be bad. For now, you should stay put
    and cast focus on both Ryu users. All you need to do is last out the turn- be
    careful and counterattack when you can. On turn 2, some more enemies arrive, but
    so does the Ionia- better late than never! Deploy and kick some Machine Empier
    ass. If they're hurting, hide Gratches and Gesshin inside the Ionia. As the
    battle continues, some Hell Dragons will arrive- uh oh. Fighting them on this
    somewhat bothersome terrain can be difficult, and Neo's ever-glorious pathing
    routines won't make things go any quicker. They tend to bunch up, so try to use
    a MAP attack if you can.
    As you chip down their numbers, some more Hell Dragons arrive to join in the
    battle. There's nothing for it but to grit your teeth and bear it- this is an
    uphill battle. Remember that the elevation difference can be used to deal extra
    damage with knockback attacks. When the Hell dragons are nearly finished, Galden
    arrives to screw with you. He's got some more Monsquars, but they're SMALLTIME
    compared to your draconic mutual enemy. However, Adeu's still alive and well,
    and he's got a nice looking new sword to test out. 
    Zephyr's got a teeny bit of an upgrade- nothing major, but a small aesthetic
    change and a general increase to statistics. If you're concerned that he's going
    to stay the same all throughout the game, don't be- you'll get your wish soon
    enough. Anyway, I'd focus on the Hell Dragons for now- they're more dangerous by
    a long shot. Galden will as always run around and mess you up when he can, but
    you should be pretty much used to this by now.
    When the battle starts taking its toll on Galden's forces, Idoro arrives to be a
    general pain in the neck and bolster his numbers. The newly arrived slave pods
    start wrecking up Elder Gear something fierce- Adeu tries to stop them, but a
    single Ryu would be hard pressed to do anything against that kind of firepower.
    However, he's got one last option: using his warm feelings for Paffy and all of
    his friends, he unlocks the true power of the Holy Stone.
    The Lord of Lords, Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr, has arrived!
    This thing... my god, it's just a little monster. It's essentially Adeu's Zephyr
    but oh so much better. It can dodge, tank, and deal out a ton of damage with the
    powered up techniques it uses. Once it again, it's a little lacking in the range
    department, but it's upgraded energy reservs means that it can use Final Crush
    Dawn quite a bit. Still, remember what game you're playing- no matter how good
    the unit, in Neo, no one machine can take on the world by itself.
    At this point the mission is mostly clean-up- you've still got Galden to deal
    with, but... you just did this fight last mission. It should go more or less the
    same. If you have trouble defeating him... well damn it how did you get this far
    anyway? Look at the last chapter's strategy if you need to. When you do shoot
    him down, his bullshit Hell Dragon power kicks in again and he starts hacking.
    Adeu's about as tired of this idiocy as we are, and hears the voice of his long
    missing father Arthur. Adeu learns the technique that is sure to severe the root
    of Galden's Hell Dragon power: the Ryuseiken, Meteor Zapper! With this, Galden
    can't continue on, and Idoro is forced to intervene and save him. The mission
    ends when all enemies are shot down.
    Stage 27 intermission: It's worth noting that Lord Zephyr hasn't really -joined-
    you, per se. Instead, the Ryu Knight has gained the ability to class change- at
    120 morale, you can use the class change command to power up into the Paladin
    form. In other Ryu related news, Gesshin, Gratches, and their Ryus are now part
    of your lineup. Furthermore, Hidel, Katz's older brother, has taken charge of
    Ryu Gunner Derringer, making it an actually worthwhile unit. Awesome. Spend your
    funds and whatnot on what you like, then move on. There's another route split
    coming up.
    Route split, version three. Our choice this time is to either search for the
    rest of the Holy stones or go see what the Machine Empire is doing in Earth Tear
    and whatnot.
    Route A:
    Mazinger team
    Ryu Users
    Ramuness and Company
    Kakeru and company
    Route B:
    Getter Team
    Liger and MaryuOh Dolga
    Iron Leaguers
    Ganbar Team
    Earth Defense Force
    God Gundam
    Kakeru and Company
    <STAGE 28 Route A>
    Allied units:
    8 Unit limit
    Allied reinforcements: 2 enemy units shot down/One warship shot down
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon Form (Galden, uncontrollable NPC)
    Allied reinforcements: Rigul's Dome reduced to 50% HP
    Bakuretsumaru and Magidora Autodeploy
    Ryu Wizard Magidora (Paffy)
    Unit limit increases to 10
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Slave Arrow x2
    Slave Guns
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon Form (Galden)
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Hell Dragon Gunner x2
    Hell Dragon Bomber x2
    Hell Dragon Warship x2
    Hell Dragon Warship (Rigul)
    Doom (Adoria)
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 enemies shot down/1 warship shot down
    Hell dragon bomber x3
    Hell dragon gunner
    Hell dragon warship (Idoro)
    Rigul retreats
    Enemy reinforcements: Idoro shot down
    Hell Dragon Gunner x4
    Hell Dragon Bomber
    Hell Dragon Warship x2
    Doom (Rigul)
    This mission starts out kind of rough. You've only got 8 units to work with at
    the start, and Galden is even tougher now that he's got some defensive terrain
    to work with. This will be a long battle- send out your heavy hitters first and
    get as much morale as you can for them, then try to maneuver galden on to one of
    the lower levels, where cover isn't as good. There's not much real advice I can
    give on this- it's just a matter of gritting your teeth and plowing through his
    HP. The grunts he's got with him aren't very impressive, fortunately.
    When Galden does go down, he'll retreat. However, some hell dragons are on the
    approach, inlcuding their rather large warships. Head over and face them. The
    warships have a lot of attack power and endurance, but in the end, they actually
    aren't that hard to deal with- they're airborne and impossible to miss. Of more
    concern is the enemy's Doom, piloted by Adoria. It's got some notable attack
    power and accuracy, but... it's got about half of Galden's HP and it flies. If
    you so choose you can take it out easily more or less immediately.
    When you take out one of the warships, the enemy general Rigul calls up some
    reinforcements. However, Galden is still around- and he's a little bent out of
    shape about the Hell Dragons interfering in his quest to best you. To that end,
    he joins the fight as an allied NPC. He's not on your side, per se, but he won't
    attack you. He provides a great distraction, as he's pretty unkillable. Idoro,
    however, has other plans. Revealing that she was a Hell Dragon all along (how
    does that work), and so is Galden, she tries to convince him to join their cause
    and take over Earth Tear. Galden is not having this at all and lashes out and
    attacks. Oh well. Rigul retreats for the time being, leaving the job to Idoro.
    There's nothing all that special about this battle now, except for the irksome
    terrain making it longer than it needs to be. When you take out Idoro, however,
    things get a little more interesting- both Galden and Adeu leave the battlefield
    and some more Hell Dragons arrive, along with Rigul in his own custom Dome. Now
    you're under a two fold assault, but they start out a good distance away and the
    original hell dragon force is probably mostly out of comission. Rigul's a bit
    more fearsome than Adoria, but not unmanagable. When you reduce his HP to about
    half, he'll admit that you've got some serious power, and gun for the Ionia.
    Sarutobi and Paffy move to stop him- Bakuretsumaru takes a big hit for his pains
    and things start looking grim. However, Paffy overcomes her fear of the Holy
    Stone, and class changes into Ryu Wizard Magidora. Much in the same vein as Lord
    Zephyr, the Ryu Wizard is a stronger version of its basic form, and it now has a
    nice MAP attack. Anyway, finish up the enemies and complete the mission.
    Stage 28 A Intermission: While you were having fun with the Hell Dragons, the
    rest of the team were busy with the Machine Empire. However, the Gold Brothers
    have joined you, and Daiteioh and Dairyuoh have gained the ability to combine
    into Perfect Daiteioh. Sweet. I reccomend giving the Golds some attention, then
    moving on.
    <STAGE 28 Route B>
    Allied units:
    Magnum Ace
    Mach Windy
    Allied reinforcements: Gold Brothers shot down
    Three Gold Brothers (Gold Arm)
    All units regenerate HP and EN fully
    Allied reinforcements: 3 turns pass
    Perfect Daiteioh (Momotaro)
    10 unit deployment
    Enemy units:
    Gold Arm
    Gold Foot
    Gold Mask
    Enemy reinforcements: Gold Brothers shot down
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Gatling Bolt robo x2
    Ganddofara x4
    Gildabo (Engine King)
    Enemy reinforcements: 4 enemies remain
    Gatling robo x2
    Gandofara x4
    Dark King GoSaurer (Magnet King)
    Enemy reinforcements: 3 turns pass
    Gatling Bolt Robo
    Sword Bolt Robo x2
    Back on the floating stadium where we first met the Iron Leaguers, Magnum and
    Windy, along with the Daigetsu, are facing down the three Gold Brothers. It's
    time to put an end to this long dispute and bring Arm, Foot and Mask back to
    their senses. This is a fun mission- it's a straight up brawl between you and
    the three brothers. I reccomend going after Mask, first- he's the weakest of the
    three in terms of HP. Foot should be next, then Arm. It'll be a long and hard
    fight, but it's perfectly within reason if you use your units effectively and
    support attack/defend well. Be sure to surround the enemy and use spells when
    you need to. The Gold Brothers are about the same as they've always been, so at
    this point it shouldn't be too difficult to take them down, even with only four
    units. The pitcher's mound is a problem, though- try to knock Gold Arm off of it
    as soon as you can, or his attacks will be a lot more accurate than they have
    any right to be.
    When you take them out, they manage to get back up and keep fighting thanks to
    their DG cells. Hiryu can't see any other course of action but to truly defeat
    them, but Momotaro, Magnum and Windy won't hear of it. Magnum Ace puts his all
    into his next ball: the true expression of the heart, the Asteroid Cannon! The
    Gold Brothers are completely overwhelmed, but so is Magnum. Engine King sees the
    situation as an opening to take out some of the Ionia's crew, but the newly
    awakened Gold Brothers put a stop to that plan. With their Leaguer Spirit
    rekindled, they join your team. Alright!
    All of your units get a free HP and EN refill, so face your enemies without fear
    and bring the hurt on them. You may remember Watt and Amp from stage 13- the 3
    Gold Brothers work much the same way, except there's three players to switch to.
    Gold Arm is a beastly tank- one of the best units in the game at taking hits. He
    also has the most firepower of the three. Gold Mask is a dodgy little fella, but
    he doesn't have much attack power. His strongest attack does have the fire
    ability, however. Gold Foot's speciality is combo attacks. He doesn't have much
    in the way of offense, but when he combines his power with his brothers, he can
    utilize their true power, which is nothing to scoff at.
    Anyway, you need to hold out for a couple of turns. I reccomend that you leave
    most of your enemies alive- you're going to need some morale to spare to deal
    with Engine King. Alas, when the enemy numbers thin (you need to take out a few
    to get the mission moving), Magnet King arrives. Engine King's contemporary has
    a creation he wants to test on you: the Dark GoSaurer. Uh oh. Thing's could be
    better. This is where I reccomend you just hunker down and leave your foes more
    or less intact.
    Three turns later, Magnet King calls up a couple more enemies. This galvanizes
    the Daigetsu into action, and despite Momotaro and Hiryu's bickering, they are
    able to succeed in combining their two machines: Behold, Perfect Daiteioh! The
    Ionia arrives just then. Time to counterattack- Perfect DaiteiOh gives you a
    good demonstration of its power, weakening Dark GoSaurer pretty significantly.
    You'll want to distribute morale about as evenly as possible. Don't worry if you
    turn up short- you can always wait around for a little bit and it will go up
    automatically. Use your strongest Anti-Air attacks on Magnet King's GoSaurer
    copy, then move on to Engine King. Beware Dark GoSaurer's MAP attack! Neither of
    these foes are -that- impressive. The  mission ends when all enemies are shot
    Stage 28 Route B intermission: The Three Gold Brothers have signed on to your
    team, and from the other route, Ryu Mage Magidora has gained the ability to
    class change like Zephyr. I definitely reccomend upgrading the Gold Brothers,
    they're a lot of fun to use.
    <STAGE 29>
    Allied units:
    11 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Dark GoSaurer
    Adeu autodeploys
    Unit limit increases to 12
    Allied reinforcements: Galden reduced to 30% HP
    Ryu Wyatt Derringer (Hidel)
    Ryu Kaiten Hayatemaru (Gesshin)
    Ryu High Priest Baurus (Izumi)
    Ryu Grand Chief Shinebaram (Gratches)
    Ryu Wizard Magidora (Paffy)
    Ryu Ninja Master Bakuretsumaru (Sarutobi)
    Lord Zephyr autodeploys
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt Robo x3
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Gandofara x2
    Dark Gosaurer (Magnet King)
    Gildabo (Engine King)
    Enemy reinforcements: Dark Gosaurer shot down
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Galting Bolt Robo
    Sword Bolt robo
    Dark Knight Shidel Hell Dragon Form (Galden)
    Enemy reinforcements: Every turn until the deadline
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Galting Bolt Robo
    Sword Bolt robo
    Enemy reinforcements: Galden reduced to 30% HP
    Hell Dragon gunner x3
    Hell Dragon bomber x2
    Hell Dragon Warship x2
    Enemy reinforcements: 3 enemies remain
    Hell Dragon Trooper x3
    Hell Dragon Gunner x2
    Hell Dragon Bomber
    Doom (Adoria)
    This mission is pretty damn tough. Right off the bat you're faced with a rough
    task- take down Magnet King's Dark GoSaurer before 10 turns pass. This wouldn't
    be all that demanding if not for the fact that not only do you have Engine King
    and Gildabo hounding you, but you don't have a lot of grunts to work with to
    build your morale reserves. Immediately deploy your heavy hitters and do what
    you can to raise their spirits. Ignore the father and son duo, focus entirely on
    Dark GoSaurer. 10 turns is a lot of time, so don't worry about the time limit.
    The real issue here is mustering enough firepower to bust through Dark GoSaurer
    and his 150K HP. Combined with the forested terrain, it's a pretty monumental
    task. It'll take a couple of turns, but provided you don't let Engine King
    divert your attention it should be doable.
    Now things get interesting. Adoria's brainwashed Galden- so now instead of his
    normal variety "I am evil", he's super extra "I am so evil I've got glowing red
    eyes with no pupils" today. His Shidel's got 20K extra hp, to boot. On top of
    that, the Machine Empire's giant... thingy is about to do... whatever it is it
    was meant to do. You've got 5 turns to reduce Galden to 30% HP and bring him
    back to his senses. On the bright side, a steady supply of machine empire grunts
    will pop in every turn, so morale isn't as much of an issue. This time, the time
    limit is. Galden's got a lot of HP and defense, and unlike Dark GoSaurer, he can
    dodge, too. He also has a -supremely- annoying tendency to spam his assault
    attack all over the damn place, making it difficult to get a beat on him. Do the
    best you can. Remember that you don't need to do it all in one turn- take pot
    shots at him. Every little bit helps. The one nice thing about this battle is
    that you don't actually need to shoot him down.
    -Note- The Ionia cannot move or attack until Galden's HP is reduced below 30%
    When his HP dips, Adeu berates Galden- he was so uppity about being the Lord of
    Lords and having all of Earth Tear bow to him, and now he's letting his sorry
    butt be used by those asshole Hell Dragons? The Dark Knight opens his eyes and
    frees himself from Adoria's control by running himself through, destroying the
    control gem in the process. He then returns the Holy Stones he had commandeered,
    and finally stops whatever it was the Machine Empire was trying to do. Then he
    pretty much collapses. At Adeu's behest, he's taken aboard the Ionia to recover.
    Adoria's a little surprised that you managed to break her control on Galden, but
    she falls back on the old standby of "if at first you don't succeed call up some
    reinforcements and hope they can do it." However, the Ryu Users aren't having it
    at all. Using the power of the Holy Stones, they all class change. Hell yes sons
    time to kick some ass.
    Every class changed Ryu is essentially the same as it was before. On steroids.
    Forever. These guys are, statistically, some of the best units in the game. A
    little lacking in terms of boss killing firepower, maybe (except for Adeu), but
    when it comes to taking on grunts you're hard pressed to find a better set of
    units. And with those Hell Dragons knocking, let's give them a spin. When you
    thin out their numbers, Adoria takes to the field herself with some more enemy
    units, but at this point in the battle, they won't pose much of a challenge to
    you and your class changed Ryus. Adoria's Doom itself has a paltry 70K HP, like
    it did when you first faced her on the A split. She'll go down easy, forest or
    no forest. The battle ends when all units are shot down.
    Stage 29 intermission: Well, that was fun. All of your Ryus have the ability to
    class change now. This works the same way as it does with Lord Zephyr- get to
    120 morale and change. Aside from that, nothing noteworthy. Just get ready for a
    pretty gnarly couple of missions.
    <STAGE 30>
    Allied units:
    12 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Slave Graso x3
    Slave Hammer x2
    Slave Arrow
    Slave Flyer x2
    Slave Guns x4
    Debajino Beta (Ribaris)
    Wall Cannon x2
    Wall Arrow x2
    Wallteria Castle (Chaos)
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x3
    Slave Flyer x3
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x6
    Slave Flyer x3
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x6
    Slave Flyer x3
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x6
    Slave Flyer x3
    Enemy reinforcements: 6 enemies remain
    Slave Hammer x6
    Slave Flyer x3
    Enemy reinforcements: Wallteria Castle shot down
    Death Army Mobile Suit x7
    Death Birdy x2
    Debajino Beta (Ribaris)
    Signikus (Chaos)
    Enemy reinforcements: 7 enemies remain, will happen multiple times
    Death Army Mobile Suit x2
    Death Birdie x2
    It's time for a decisive battle with the Elnost Army- and we're doing it in
    style. This fight's going down on top of their flying fortress, Wallteria. A few
    things right off- aside from the normal assortment of slave pods, we've got our
    friend Ribaris in the super-cute but actually kind of badass Debajino Beta. Ryou
    isn't too impressed by it, and it's got less HP than what you've been fighting,
    but don't underestimate him. He's nowhere near the pushover the regular old
    Debajino was. Aside from Ribaris and his hair, there's also a couple of unique
    new enemies. The Wall Arrows are the two spheres near the center of the map.
    They've got powerful attacks, but they're stationary. Of somewhat more concern
    are the Wall Cannons. They can't attack directly, but every enemy phase, they'll
    fire a MAP attack at a large area in the direction they're pointing. This deals
    1000 damage to any unit of yours in range, unconditionally. It's not -too- big
    of a deal, but this is a long fight and the damage can start to tell.
    Your first course of action should be to deal with the Cannon right next to you.
    The enemy will replace the damaged installations a few turns after you destroy
    them, but don't let that stop you. You don't want this guy raining death on you
    at this point in the battle. When that's done, move the Ionia up and deploy the
    rest of your forces to deal with the slave pods and wall arrows. The wall arrows
    should be approached with caution- they've got a nasty bite.
    Now, as you can see, the amount of enemy reinforcements this stage gives you is
    more or less absurd. On the bright side, this means morale is by no means an
    issue and there's lots of enemiest to level up on. If you're interested in
    recruiting Belzef and his Jack Satan later, I reccomend getting the Eldoran
    Pilots some levels here. Ryu Priest baurus is an MVP here- with all the enemies
    and cannon fire, you're going to be taking a lot of damage. Be sure to have his
    healing spells on hand. His class changed form is especially helpful.
    It's not a requirement, but feel free to take out Ribaris for fun and profit.
    His Debajino Beta won't take too much out of you, but you've still got stuff to
    do this mission, so don't go overboard. Speaking of other stuff to do, your main
    target is the Wallteria Castle, which has 150K HP and a nasty attack that will
    harass you throughout the battle. Killing it is pretty easy- it's got no defense
    aiding cover, but this introduces you to a bit of a problem with some of the
    late game bosses in Neo: they're so ZYBER HUGE you can't fully surround them.
    The best you can get on the castle is the 60%/20% boost, and you can only get
    this by fanning out to the outer edges and attacking from the center. Even so,
    right now, it's not a problem. Just beat it up.
    Of course, it doesn't end with that- Chaos still has a trump card to use. Not
    just one, but two: the first, her newly rolled out copy of the Alsugnos, the
    Signikus (Gold instead of red), and, more worryingly, the Death Army. Ribaris
    also reappers to join the fight.
    Now, I would reccomend gunning straight for Chaos here- Ribaris's Debajino has
    gained an extra 40K HP in the five minutes he was away. You'll need to plow
    through the death army before you can get to her, though. The Death Army will
    flow in regularly as you take them out, but they aren't in limitless supply. If
    you really feel like it, you can take all of them out. Anyway, Chaos's Signikus
    is every bit as offensively fearsome as the genuine article but has a lot less
    in the way of HP. It won't take too long to get rid of, but it'll put a pretty
    respectable resistance.
    When you do take her out, Chaos refuses to give up and uses the power of the
    Holy Stone meant for Galden's Shideru to power up the DG Cell's control core.
    This cockeyed scheme goes about as well as you would expect...
    Stage 30 Intermission: Well then. You've got some time to upgrade and equip part
    stuffs to your units, so do so. Prepare yourself for one of the game's hardest
    <STAGE 31>
    Allied units:
    Debajino Beta (Ribaris)
    9 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Signikus shot down
    Ribaris autodeploys, unit limit increases to 10
    Enemy units:
    Death Army Mobile Suit
    Death Birdy
    Signikus (Chaos)
    Gundam Head x4
    Devil Wallteria
    Enemy reinforcements: 
    This gets its own little write up. Basically, every turn that one of the initial
    set of enemies is not present, an enemy reinforcement will replace it. This will
    not keep up indefinitely, but it will for a long time. Basically, if you take
    out a Gundam Head, it will simply grow back the next turn.
    Enemy reinforcements: Devil Wallteria shot down
    Signikus Mass Produced Model x3
    Alsugnos (Amane)
    Enemy reinforcements:
    The reinforcements rule is now in effect again, more or less. If a Gundam Head
    or Signikus is missing, it will be replaced once per turn.
    You want Gundam? YOU WANT GUNDAM!?
    Yessir, it's Devil Wallteria. And this is a fight and a half. You've got a lot
    on your plate for this mission, but first thing is first. You need to get some
    morale and SP. It's going to be a long and laborious process, and you have two
    primary sources. The two Gundam heads near your starting position are dangerous
    and durable, but beggars can't be choosers- they respawn at a constant rate
    throughout the battle. The other source is less risky- the two Death Army grunts
    will also respawn regularly. Of course, the Gundam Heads aren't your only issue.
    Amane's highjacked control of Chaos's Signikus, so Chaos is being forced to face
    you down against her will. And, who could forget that gigantic monstrosity in
    the back? Devil Wallteria can't move, fortunately, but if you get too close-
    near the raised platform and on top of it- it'll attack without hesitation, and
    it's got some fearsome firepower. If more than one unit is in range, he'll most
    likely use his MAP attack. Be careful.
    Anyway, the first part of the battle is more or less the longest part. You've
    got to deploy your units one by one and get them in to fighting shape by taking
    out the Gundam Heads and Death Army suits.  The terrain is a little annoying to
    deal with- ground based units will be hard pressed to find a place to stand with
    all of that mechanical matter strewn about. There isn't much disadvantage to
    flight here- if you need to, take to the skies. Just be careful fo the Death
    Birdie's anti-air attacks. The Gundam Heads are ridiculously accurate and very
    powerful- you're going to take damage fighting them, so send out Izumi and his
    group healing spells.
    When you feel ready, get rid of the Signikus. You need to shoot it down before
    you can move on to the Devil Gundam. Don't blow too much of your resources on
    it, though. You've still got a lot of stuff to do here. It's pretty much the
    exact same as it was last mission, so there shouldn't be any issues here. When
    you shoot it down, Ribaris safely recues his beloved Lady Chaos, and we gain the
    necessary password to shut down the core unit that's holding the Holy Stone.
    Of much more import, when you stop the Signikus, is the Devil Wallteria. As was
    the case with Wallteria castle last mission, surrounding it is more or less an
    impossibility, so you've got to make do. Unless you can't help it, don't attack
    from the air- it's beam cannon is a sickeningly powerful anti-air attack. You
    can only have 10 units out at a time here, so no matter how you slice it, you
    probably won't get this bastard in a single turn. While Devil Wallteria does
    have HP regen, it's only 4800 a turn, and that's practically nothing at this
    point in the game. The only advice I can really give you is to use support
    attacks as much as you can, try your best to get the elusive 60/20% bonus (which
    I was not able to do, my placement must have been off), and, most importantly,
    DON'T BLOW EVERYTHING ON THIS BOSS. There's still more to do afterwards!
    When you do cut through the Devil Wallteria's 240K HP, Domon unlocks his most
    powerful technique: The Sekiha Tenkyoken God Finger! With it, he stops the Devil
    Wallteria's movement and blows a hole clean through it, giving him the needed
    opening to go in and grab that Holy Stone. He'll be unavailable for the rest of
    the battle, unfortunately. I remember back in Another Century's Episode 2, the
    God Gundam served as what some considered a glorified can-opener. I suppose he
    still remains in this capacity in Neo!
    Anyway, Amane will reappear when Domon takes off. He's not -too- bothered by the
    situation turning against him, and for good reason- he's brought some mass
    produced Signikus units with him. They're not as strong as Chaos's, thank god,
    but 24K HP is nothing to sneeze at. They're pretty much the strongest non-boss
    enemy in the game. Furthermore, the Devil Wallteria fully regenerates, and the
    Gundam Heads start coming back for round two. Things aren't looking too great.
    Still, if you can just take out the Alsugunos and buy Domon some time, victory
    is still within our grasp!
    Deploy some fresh units and wait near the right side of the Devil Wallteria.
    This might seem like a strange directive, but you'll see why- after a turn or
    two passes, Amane will start with his greatest bullshit move yet. He'll warp to
    a different place on the map, regardless of if he's surrounded or not. Thus, it
    is best to use his own godhax against him and be ready and waiting. When you're
    in a favorable position, pull out all the stops and beat his poofy-haired girly
    ass in. I dunno about you, but I've had just about enough of his insufferably
    smug attitude. If you want, you can hang around for a while and take out the
    MP Signikuses and Gundam Heads, but at this point, you probably just want this
    shit done.
    When Amane goes down for the count, Kakeru prepares to physically yank Amane out
    of the accursed machine's cockpit, but the dastardly Larva uses Kakeru's love
    for his brother to his own advantage and gains an opening. Zanbar appears to try
    and buy Kakeru time to recover. He gets pretty handily blown up for his pains.
    Things look grim, but this time, Amane genuinely resurfaces and manages to
    distract Larva enough for Kakeru to unlock the true power of the Sigzarius. With
    a sword strike that would make the Sword that Smites evil himself proud, the
    Alsugunos is destroyed, and Amane is safe and sound- fortunately, so is Zanbar,
    who had the good sense to eject. Domon finally pops out, Holy Stone in hand.
    Time to get out of here.
    Stage 31 intermission: Well that was something. Anyway, a few notes. Domon and
    Kakeru both have their strongest attacks now. Ribaris and his Debajino Beta are
    also a part of your squad now. All around, it's a nice unit. It's specialty,
    surprisingly enough, is tanking hits, and it does it quite well. It's also quite
    versatile in terms of offense, with all sorts of handy tricks up its sleeve. I
    absolutely love its design, so I can't get enough of using it. Anyway, upgrade
    it or not, it's up to you. Time to move on.
    <STAGE 32>
    Allied units:
    King Squasher
    Queen Saidarone
    11 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Lots of enemy units shot down
    Rune Knight Shidel (Galden)
    Attack Bomber is unavailable
    Enemy units:
    Monsquar Medusa x10
    Monsquar Neptune x8
    Calamity God Gobriki (Don Harumage)
    Enemy reinforcements: Turn 4, and every turn thereafter
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Enemy reinforcements: Calamity God Gobriki shot down
    Monsquar Medusa x7
    Monsquar Neptune x7
    Calamity God Gobriki Dragon Form (Don Harumage)
    Enemy reinforcements: Two turns afterward and every turn after
    Monsquar Medusa x3
    Monsquar Neptune x3
    Well isn't this familiar. This is more or less the exact same fight, at the
    beginning, as stage 17. Except you're a whole lot stronger now. And there's a
    big ol' black hole in the middle of the stage. This is actually mostly for show.
    The only thing it does is just make the middle of the battlefield an area where
    units can't move to. It's annoying, but tolerable. Split into two groups and cut
    a swath of general destruction. There's no shortage of monsquars to beat down in
    this mission- they'll flood in at regular intervals. They most likely aren't
    infinite, but you would have to be pretty crazy/bored so sit around and murder
    them all.
    Calamity God Gobriki is downright weaksauce at this point. He's exactly the same
    as he was back in stage 17, and it shows. Surround him and blast him to bits,
    but as you might expect, don't go all out. He's got a trick up his sleeve. This
    time he's prepared for getting his ass handed to him- he takes on an even more
    fearsome new form and re-erects his magical bullshit barrier. Da Saida isn't too
    impressed with this- he figures another Axe toss will do the job. He is sadly
    mistaken. Don Harumage summons up some more Monsquars (how many of these does he
    have, anyway?) and sits at the center of the map, totally invincible.
    This is more or less the same as what you had to do back in stage 17- kill some
    time (and monsquars) until the plot decides its time to fight this asshole. I
    believe there's a specific number of enemies you have to kill to trigger the
    event, but I lost count. Sorry guys. When you do reach the threshold, Cocoa
    comes up with a desperate plan to neutralize the barrier. The Ionia's forces
    combine their powers into one strike and attack with all their might, but it's
    still not enough to break through. However, Galden won't let it end this way. He
    deploys in his Dark Knight Shidel, and class changes to the legendary Rune
    Knight! With his added power, and the morale boost his change of heart entails,
    the Ionia's crew manages to bust through. Cocoa and her sisters then ram Gobriki
    getting up close and personal. It seems that the Attack Bomber has been totaled,
    but the sisters are safe and sound. We need to buy them some time for them to
    work their magic.
    Basically, just wait around a little and kill some more Monsquars. Don't bother
    trying to surround Don Harumage right now- one last story event will simply
    rearrange all of your units anyway. When you either wait long enough or kill
    enough enemies,  Cocoa and the girls not only take down Gobriki's barrier, but
    fully restore the HP and EN of all your units. Hell yes. It's time to take out
    this traffic-cone headed jerkoff once and for all. Gobriki's new form is pretty
    tough, of course- 290K HP is nothing to laugh at, and his offense is a lot more
    powerful now, too. He's also got a MAP attack. Still, he doesn't bring anything
    particularly too terrible to the table. I reccomend you use Da Cider's exhaust
    spell to greatly increase the damage you do to him. Surrounding Gobriki is very
    much possible, but it can require some maneuvering. The stage will end when you
    finally bring him down- Ramuness and Da Cider will decisively trounce him with a
    well timed Royal Squash.
    Stage 32 intermission: Galden and his Shidel have joined you, which is very cool
    indeed. Arguably the best Ryu in the game, Galden excels in pretty much every
    area, and he has some powerful crowd control options to. A machine that is very
    much worth your tim. Anyway, do your upgrades and move on. Do note that if you
    want to recruit Belzef in the next mission, your Eldoran pilots need to be near
    level 80.
    <STAGE 33>
    Allied units:
    Bakryu Dragon
    9 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: All Arkdamas shot down
    10 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcments: All enemies shot down
    11 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Emperor Wallzar reduced by ~100K HP
    Jack Satan (Belzef)
    Enemy units:
    Egizost x4
    Cycler x4
    Dogan x2
    Yoroidel x2
    Giant Arkdama x3
    Jack Satan (Belzef)
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 Arkdama's shot down
    Cycler x3
    Egizost x3
    Enemy reinforcements: All Arkdamas shot down
    Cycler x3
    Egizost x3
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Egizost x8
    Cycler x6
    Emperor Wallzar 
    Enemy reinforcements: Emperor Wallzar reduced by ~100K HP
    Wallzar regenerates 54K HP
    Egizost x8
    Cycler x6
    If you wish to recruit Belzef and his Jack Satan, you must fulfill these
    -all- Eldoran series pilots must be level 80 or above (Gin, Asuka, Kyouji,
    Bakryu Oh/Dragon, Kotaroh, Rikiya, Yosuke, Kenichi, Hiromi, Shinobu, Kenta and
    Youji. Or in layman's terms: the pilots of RaijinOh, Bakryu Oh/Dragon,Ganbarugar
    Rivolgar, Gekiryugar, GoSaurer, Magma Saurer and Gran Saurer)
    Gin must be the one to shoot down Belzef's Jack Satan in this mission
    Belzef and pals have finally gotten serious, and they're sending out the big
    guns of their forces: the Giant Arkdamas. The Earth Defense Force is on hand to
    stop them, and so is the Ionia. It won't be easy, though- Belzef's putting every
    thing he's got into this, and his resolve is as firm as anyone's.
    Now, you've got six turns to take out the three Giant Arkdamas- the large units
    at the edge of the map that look like they could be the final boss of the latest
    Shin Megami Tensei game. They've got 30K HP, but they're not actually that hard
    to defeat. They won't counterattack, either, which means you can pretty much
    throw yourselves at them at your convenience. On the normal enemy front, there's
    just the regular compliment of wicked beasts and mythical beasts. There's a lot
    of cyclers, which can really start to hurt if they gang up on one unit, so be
    As you start to take out the Arkdamas, Belzef will summon up some more units.
    Be quick about your work- six turns is enough time, but if you dilly dally you
    will run short of it. If you want to recruit the Jack Satan, this is your last
    chance to get the Eldoran pilots all above or equal to level 80. Fortunately,
    there's a whole mess of enemies in this mission and the Arkdama's themselves
    give a lot of EXP when you attack them, let alone shoot them down. The most
    difficult Arkdama to get is the one all the way back- you'll need to bust
    through the enemy forces to get to it, and it's rather far away.
    Complicating matters is that every enemy phase there's an Arkdama on the field,
    all of your units will have their EN drained by a certain amount. This more or
    less falls under the category of "annoying, but tolerable". The amount of EN
    drained isn't -that- much, and it doesn't interfere with your ability to use
    resupply if you have to. Now, back in SRW MX, when you had to deal with that
    nasty electromagnetic net that drained half of your energy each turn, now that
    was a bitch. Fuck Giga Gourmet. Anyway, all the more incentive to take out those
    Arkdama's quickly.
    When you do, you're free of their EN draining tyranny. You've still got belzef
    to deal with, though, and he's a moderately tough customer. He's not different
    from any previous fights with him, of course, but you're going to want to save 
    some of your resources- he's not your primary concern in this mission. If you
    want him on your side for the rest of the game, do him in with Gin, RaijinOh's
    When you do take him down, your primary concern becomes apparent. Say hello to
    the emperor of the Jack Empire, Wallzar. This nightmarish looking fellow is no
    pushover, clocking in at about 360K HP. Fortunately, despite his HUGE GUTS, you
    can surround him without issue, like Gobriki. He's brought some little friends
    along to harras you- you can start the beatdown at your leisure, so I would
    recommend that you destroy the grunts first. You don't have to, but, hey, more
    cash, exp, and morale.
    The procedure for Wallzar is the same as it was for Gobriki- surround, exhaust,
    disturbance, murder. He's got quite a bit more HP, of course, but he actually
    has a little less attack power, I've found. While his most powerful attack is
    nothing to scoff at, in my experience, he doesn't actually use it all that much.
    Anyway, let loose with your strongest attacks. When you do some good damage to
    him, he'll regenerate some of it off and summon yet more little buddies. Belzef,
    however, is fed up with the poor treatment his Emperor has been lavishing upon
    him and gets super mad, attacking his former superior. That knocks off most of
    his regenerated health. Time to resume the assault in earnest! It might take a
    turn or two (he's got a -lot- of HP), but Wallzar is honestly pretty smalltime
    in terms of the MEGAHUGE bosses you'll face. I'd say that due to circumstances,
    Gobriki and Devil Wallteria were harder.
    After the fact, Belzef will insist on a final duel between himself and RaijinOh-
    with nothing left in his life to live for, he must see this score settled. As
    you might expect, Gin and his friends triumph- but if you managed to fulfill the
    requirements, Taidar will convince his masters to come over to our side because
    we're really a nice bunch of fellas. With that, the mission ends.
    Stage 33 Intermission: If you recruited Belzef, his Jack Satan will now be yours
    to tinker with. It's actually a pretty nice unit. It might not seem that way,
    given that it kind of lacks offense, but it has three pilots, a MAP attack, and
    good range. Also, while Jack Crystal Beam isn't too powerful as finishing moves
    go, it has the anti-air ability. It's the second most powerful anti-air attack
    in the game, and by far the most abusable given its low morale requirement,
    power and range. Besides, Belzef, like most Eldoran antagonists, is fucking
    awesome and he will wreck your shit. And his copilots are a fairy and a fat man
    with a mohawk. If that is not enough of an incentive to use him, then there's
    just no pleasing you.
    <STAGE 34>
    Allied units:
    King GoSaurer
    Great Ganbarugar
    God RaijinOh
    Perfect DaiteiOh
    Thunder Liger
    King Squasher
    Allied reinforcements: 2 enemies remain
    12 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt Robo x3
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Gandofara x6
    Enemy reinforcements: 2 enemies remain
    Balanced Bolt Robo x3
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Gandfara x4
    Dark GoSaurer x5
    Dark GoSaurer (Magnet King)
    Enemy reinforcements: Magnet King shot down
    Gandfara x8
    Gildabo (Engine King)
    The first part of this mission is best described as a massacre. You've got all
    of your combined Eldoran units, Thunder Liger and King Squasher at maximum
    morale against some run of the mill Machine Empire units. Murder them. AND I
    Things get just a little bit more complicated when you take out most of them,
    however. Magnet King deploys some more units, as well as his trump card- Mass
    Produced Dark GoSaurers. These guys have a lot of HP- 18K. Fortunately, they are
    not actually that difficult to defeat. They have a lot of attack power, but they
    are also -very- inaccurate if you attack from a distance. Gang up on them and
    beat them down from all angles to quickly and efficiently dispatch these copies.
    Of course, there's also the other grunts and Magnet King himself to deal with,
    but you should be more or less used to that by now.
    Magnet King is the same as ever, so take him down the usual way. This time, he's
    down for good- he praises his god Kikaishin one last time and explodes. Engine
    King then arrives to gloat a little bit, then fight you. He's brought some more
    Gandofaras with him. At this point in the game, Engine King is not much of a
    threat- his 125K HP is pretty weak. Finish him off to end this easy mission. Of
    course, Engine King doesn't really want that to happen so he uses his special
    Pattern 101 to completely wreck the Eldoran robot's shit. Thanks to some timely
    encouragement from their teachers, however, Kenichi and the gang manage to beat
    the wily Engine King. Incensed, he kidnaps the teachers and leaves for SPAAACE.
    Stage 34 Intermission: Nothing new this intermission, actually. Do what you want
    (because a pirate is free), and move on.
    <STAGE 35>
    Allied units:
    King GoSaurer
    Great Ganbarugar
    God RaijinOh
    Perfect DaiteiOh
    11 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt Robo x3
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Gandofara x2
    Gildabo (Engine king)
    Enemy reinforcements: Engine King shot down
    Balanced Bolt Robo x3
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Gandfara x4
    Mecha Castle Dragon x4
    Mecha Castle (Engine King)
    Enemy reinforcements: 1 Dragon shot down
    King GoSaurer retreats
    Gandofara x4
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies except for Mecha Castle shot down
    Gandofara x2
    Sword Bolt Robo x2
    Dark GoSaurer x2
    Gildabo (Engine King)
    In contrast with the last one, this is a tough mission. You're facing Engine
    King right out of the gate, and he's a bit stronger than last time. It's not so
    much his presence but the lack of enemies to work with that is worrying- it's
    not exactly quick or efficient, but the safest way to proceed is to do what you
    can with what enemies there are and then slowly chip away at Engine King with
    normal attacks. It will take a few turns, of course, but to blow all of your
    resources now would be unwise. On the bright side, once again, all 4 eldoran
    machines deploy combined and at maximum morale, so feel free to use them. A bit
    of a caviat worth noting- you can't board any Eldoran robot aboard the Ionia for
    this mission- it's a pain, especially since they'll probably run low on EN by
    the end, but it can't be helped. I would -sincrely- reccomend finishing off our
    kingly friend near the start of your turn.
    ...because when you do, the wily machine will put his plan into action. Engine
    King forces the Ionia's troops to show the power that comes from their hearts,
    and then analyzes it and uses it to power up his Mecha Castle. Oh boy. And you
    thought Gokaak had a lot of heads. He summons up some more Mechanical Beasts for
    your pleasure, as well. Now, about the Mecha Castle: DON'T ATTACK IT. It's a
    lose condition to shoot it down, and it's pointless to reduce his HP regardless.
    Instead, focus on the other enemies. The Dragon heads are tough customers, much
    like the gundam heads. They have both anti-ground and anti-air attacks, and they
    are naturally very accurate and powerful, so approach them with caution. You
    need to take out all four.
    Sadly, Anti-air attacks don't work on these guys. They look airborne to me, but
    I guess since they're a part of the most assuredly grounded Mecha Castle the
    ability doesn't take effect. They don't move, fortunately, so you can easily set
    up some MAP attacks to chip them down without fearing a counter-attack. Engine
    King won't just sit on his laurels, of course- he'll throw MAP attacks at you on
    a regular basis. Once again, Izumi's High Priest is an MVP here- his healing and
    morale boosting spell is an absolute godsend (both literally and figuratively).
    When you take out one dragon head, the Saurers make use of the opening and go to
    rescue the teachers. A couple more flyers arrive. Continue as you were. Again, I
    would reccomend shooting down the last enemy/head at the start of your turn...
    Because, as you might expect, things take a turn for the worse. While Kenichi
    has been eminently successful in rescuing their beloved instructors, Engine King
    starts having some trouble with his contraption. He learns the hard way that a
    heart is not something easily controlled, for better or for worse. The Machine
    God Kikaishin decides to arrive personally and start taking Engine King to task 
    for trying to go beyond his scope and betraying the Machine Empire. It looks
    like the end for our longtime foe, but Gildabo, a loving son to the end, recues
    his father at the cost of his own life- finally understanding just what a heart
    Engine King totally loses his normally unflappable composure and physically
    merges with Gildabo's body, ready to murderlate his old boss. The Machine God is
    less than impressed and comandeers the mecha castle. Engine King is still intent
    on defeating the Ionia as well- how he'll do that with both his god and us on 
    his ass is beyond me. For whatever reason, you've got 8 turns to shoot down 
    Engine King. This is not -too- hard, though it is a little samey. We already did
    this once this mission, jeez. He's got more HP and attack power now, but not 
    -too- much. No biggie, really.
    He'll fully regenerate when you shoot him down- Engine King refuses to give up,
    in the name of his precious son. However, Mr. Nakajima's words manage to reach
    him- and he realizes slowly the true meaning of Gildabo's sacrifice. His unit
    will become a simple enviromental obstacle for now- it's annoying, but he can't
    interact with you at all. The machine God, of course, shows some mild annoyance
    that Engine King couldn't defeat you in the end. He decides to take matters into
    his own hands and puts the mecha castle back on line, complete with some powered
    up Dragon heads. ARGH.
    Okay, no big deal. Just blow up everything. Again. The mecha castle can be a bit
    annoying, because most likely Engine King is blocking some of your room to move
    and you can't fully surround it, but it's only about as powerful as the devil
    wallteria, and you're much more used to fighting bigass bosses now. Exhaust and
    disturbance will make this fight a lot easier. Just lay into him and it will be
    over soon enough. When you reduce his HP to zero, the machine god decides he's
    too good for being blown up and regenerates. Engine King, moved by the Ionia's
    absolute refusal to give up even in the face of Kikaishin, sacrifices himself so
    that the Eldoran robots can use their most powerful attack: the Eldoran Special,
    which is so mighty it literally blows away the tower and half of the battlefield
    with it. With a heavy heart, our heroes prepare to return to earth- except that
    asshole Kikaishin is STILL ALIVE.
    Stage 35 Intermission: Not much to say here. Do what you will and move on.
    <STAGE 36>
    Allied units:
    King GoSaurer
    Great Ganbarugar
    God RaijinOh
    Perfect DaiteiOh
    11 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Gandofara x2
    Dark GoSaurer x4
    Enemy reinforcements: Kikaishin reduced to ~210K HP
    Kikaishin regenerates ~84K HP
    Balanced Bolt Robo x2
    Gatling Bolt Robo x2
    Sword Bolt robo x5
    Dark GoSaurer x3
    Enemy reinforcements: Kikaishin reduced to ~80K HP
    Kikaishin regenerates ~64K HP
    Gandofara x5
    Dark GoSaurer x4
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies except for KikaiShin shot down
    Dark GoSaurer x7
    Oh man. This can't be good. Looks like the machine god's gonna fight you face to
    face now, and he's goddamn HUGE. Like some sort of evil purple Tron. Anyway,
    first thing you want to do is put your Eldoran units in the ship. Morale is at a
    premium this mission and they start with more than enough, so let your other
    units have it. First thing's first- this is not a traditional boss battle. This
    is more a war of attrition than anything- the flow of battle is such that our
    friend Kikaishin will send out a few enemies and then sit back and watch. Take
    them out with one group of units, then beat down on the machine god. After you
    do enough damage, he'll send out more. Switch your roster out, take those guys
    out, then repeat until he dies. It's not that simple in practice, of course.
    Kikaishin will regenerate twice during your battle, giving him about 500K HP all
    told. However, he has no HP regen ability- so the battle lasting multiple turns
    will not put you at a disadvantage. This is a good thing because it's going to
    take a while. The first batch of enemy reinforcements will come at about the 210
    thousand mark. He'll shrug off most of the damage you just did, annoying. Break
    off the attack and take out the weaklings. If you're using exhaust to decrease
    his morale, be warned you're probably going to have to do it a couple of times.
    The next wave will arrive when you make quite a bit more headway-  at around the
    80K mark. He'll regenerate less HP this time, too- we're making progress. When
    or if you take them all out, he'll summon one last squad of reinforcements. This
    one is a doozy- -seven- Dark GoSaurers. It's up to you whether or not you want
    to take them all down, but it is profitable, and taking down the machine god
    with all of them harassing you can be difficult. When you reduce his HP to zero,
    the mission ends. Kenichi and friends finally finish the tenacious bastard off
    for good- the Earth is safe from mechanization!
    Stage 36 intermission: Well, pat yourself on the back. That was a long, hard
    fight. Anyway, we've got a route split coming up.
    Route split numbah three: There's still some foes left to put paid to, even with
    all of the progress we've made. Namely, we've got the Hell Dragon Tribe, who are
    as we speak preparing to invade Earth Tear en masse on one side, and the Drago
    Empire still running around making a mess of things here on Earth. There's also
    that Yaminorious fella running around, but do we even care about him anymore?
    Route A: Go to Earth Tear
    Ryu users
    Iron Leaguers
    Guardian Knights (Ramuness and company)
    God Gundam
    Route B: Stay on Earth
    Eldoran Robots
    Mazinger Team
    Getter Team
    Bio Armors (Ken and Ryu Dolg)
    As per usual, the Ionia and other original characters will go on the route you
    pick. Also of note is that Amane is well enough to command the Ionia again! That
    means Sharlie is now a sub pilot, and you can deploy the Merveille as a stand
    alone unit again, if you so desire.
    <STAGE 37 B>
    Allied units:
    Great Ganbarugar
    11 unit deployment limit
    Enemy units:
    Dogan x6
    Yoroidel x5
    Enemy reinforcements: Six enemies remain
    Egizost x4
    Cycler x3
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemy units shot down
    Metal Knight Gunner x6
    Metal Knight Barbados x8
    Dol Gaisto
    Well, it looks like Yaminorious is having some difficulties of his own with
    strange visions, but that's not our concern. Those mythical beasts have beefed
    up considerably since you've fought them last, so be careful. Fortunately, the
    Ganbar team auto-deploys in Great Ganbarugar (again), so you've got a powerful
    unit right off the bat. Chip away at their numbers, and Yaminorious will send
    out some Wicked Beasts. Looks like he has a few of those tucked away, too. They,
    too, are beefed up considerably, especially the cyclers. Use caution around them
    if you don't want to suffer the consequences.
    Even so, it shouldn't be too hard to take these fellas down. What is a little
    more troublesome is the arrival of the Drago Empire. They've brought a -lot- of
    Barbados models. This is gonna be a long fight... to make matters worse, the
    somewhat cowardly Yaminorious uses this chance to run. Ohhh well. Don't take the
    enemies lightly- they can easily swarm and overwhelm you, and they've got some
    huge HP and armor. Attack power is fairly high too, and you don't have Izumi on
    this stage- be careful.
    Even so, there's nothing -new- in this stage and the enemies tend to bunch up,
    making them prime targets for blasting with MAP or assault attacks. It just
    takes time and effort to drop them all. Dol  Gaisto is a pain as usual, but
    given the foes you've been fighting lately he shouldn't give you a whole lot of
    trouble, not at all, even with his asshole barrier system. Take him out, and his
    posse, to end this fairly easy mission.
    Stage 37 B Intermission: There's not much to say here, honestly, except that,
    ONCE AGAIN, all of your parts have been fucked beyond recognition. It is also
    <STAGE 38 B>
    Allied units:
    Great Ganbarugar
    11 unit deployment limit
    Allied reinforcements: Any emperor reduced below 120K HP (the second time)
    All units go to max HP, EN, Morale and SP
    Allied unit limit increases to 12
    Enemy units:
    Egizost x10
    Cycler x6
    Enemy reinforcements: All enemies shot down
    Dogan x4
    Yoroidel x6
    Emperor Saiaak
    Emperor Rezaak
    Emperor Gokaak
    Enemy reinforcements: Any emperor reduced below ~200K HP
    Each one regenerates 40K HP
    Enemy reinforcements: Any emperor reduced below ~120K HP
    Each one regenerates 40K HP
    Enemy reinforcements: All three emperors shot down
    Dogan x6
    Yoroidel x7
    Emperor Gokaak
    The first part of this stage is much the same as the last, and should be more or
    less treated as such. There's not a whole lot to say about this- the Egizosts
    are still incredibly pansy after all this time, and the cyclers are tough but
    not insurmountable. Seriously. Things get a little more interesting when you
    shoot them all down, though.
    Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's three Gokaaks, all of which have
    270K HP. And yes, you do have to shoot them all down. First of all, don't panic
    or anything. This looks a whole lot worse than it really is. Take out the enemy
    reinforcements first, you don't want them getting in the way when you're in the
    middle of fighting the three emperors. Also heal up Ganbarugar and the Ionia,
    they take a big hit when Gokaak, Rezaak, and Saiaak first appear, and you lose
    if they get taken out. When you are ready to assault the three emperors, there
    are a few things to keep in mind.
    One: These units are airborne. Therefore, Anti-air attacks will deal a lot of
    damage. If you recruited Belzef, the Jack Crystal Beam will cause some serious
    havoc, as will Getter 3's Daisetsuzan Oroshi and Perfect Daiteioh's Setlock
    Cannon. Second: Focus on only one unit! It doesn't really matter which. Saiaak
    is the easiest to surround, so it might as well be him. Pound on whichever you
    choose- when you do enough damage, all three emperors will regenerate 40K HP.
    That's why you should only focus on one. Keep at it. When you get one of them
    down to about 120K, they regenerate again. Things are looking seriously grim.
    One Gokaak was bad enough back in stage 20, but this is ridiculous. However, the
    Ganbar Team's teacher rallies the civillians- no matter what, they believe in
    the Ionia and its crew. With that unfaltering faith, the energy of miracles is
    born: all of your units are -fully- regenerated. HP, EN, morale, even SP is up
    at max. Suddenly, those three overgrown dragons aren't looking so scary.
    Now, the new condition is to take out all of the emperors in the same turn. This
    might remind you a bit of the final battle of Rand's route in SRW Z. The same
    general principal applies, but it's a bit easier this time because your troops
    are superpowered, and Gokaak and company don't have any natural HP regen to deal
    with. Cripple one, then move on to another and leave it barely alive. Repeat
    until they're all ready to kick the bucket, then take them all out in one swoop.
    When you defeat all three of them, Kotaroh's dad goes back to normal, everyone
    is happy, and the mission is- OH WHAT THE FUCK I'VE KILLED YOU TWO GODDAMN
    TIMES NOW. Okay, don't panic. Thanks to the power up we got, we're still in
    good shape, and Yaminorious is as tired of Gokaak's bullshit as we are so he
    casts a spell to restore our HP and EN again. Bust through the lines and take it
    to that giant dickface. This part of the fight is probably the easiest- Gokaak
    has more HP now, but there's just one of him. Surround him and murderlize his
    face. Note that when you reduce his HP by a good margin, he'll start attacking
    the school. Yaminorious will erect a barrier to protect it, but it won't last
    forever- you've got five turns to finish the job. That should be more than
    enough time to blow him up. When Gokaak goes down for the -third- time this game
    the mission finally ends. The Ganbar team reveal their identity to their class
    mates, Kotaroh's dad finally returns to his normal human form, and the Ionia's
    crew basks in the praise of the civillians they risked their lives to save. Our
    longtime foe Yaminorious takes off, not entirely sure what to do now. Despite
    this, the Eldoran pilots decide to have a big group picture taken to commemorate
    this occasion.
    Stage 38 B Intermission: Our forces have rejoined for the last time, and it is
    now your unhappy task to put all of your parts back to rights. Good luck with
    Coming soon!
    Also coming soon!
    |IX.Frequently Asked Questions|
    A somewhat self-explanitory section, if I do say so myself.
    Q. What Gundams are in this game?
    A. The only Gundam series to be featured in this game is G Gundam, and the only
    mobile fighter is the God Gundam.
    Q. What?! You serious?!
    A. Yessir.
    Q. That's lame.
    A. Well, yes and no. If you're really craving Gundam, try SRWZ or SRWAP. Mobile
    suits galore in those titles.
    Q. Then, uh, what Series are in this game?
    A. Here's a list for you.
    Mazinger Z
    Great Mazinger
    New Getter Robo
    Jushin Liger
    NG Kight & 40 Lamuness
    Lord of Lords Ryu Knight
    Genki Bakhatsu Ganbarugar
    Greatest Hotblooded GoSaurer
    Absolutely Invincible RaijinOh
    Perfect Victory DaiTeiOh
    Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    Galactic Whirlwind Braigar
    Space Soldier Goshogun
    Shippu! Iron Leaguer
    Q. Wow, I haven't heard of any of these series...
    A. To English speaking audiences, they're pretty obscure.
    Q. Speaking of that, is this game available in English?
    A. Nope. And it most likely will not be.
    Q. So, you know Japanese?
    A. Enough to get by and know what's going on in the story, for the most part.
    Q. Isn't the Wii Region Locked?
    A. Yeah. You can either mod it (which I don't think I'm allowed to discuss here)
    or simply buy a Japanese Wii.
    Q. That's kind of a hassle...
    A. It's the price we pay for importing.
    Q. On that note, where did you buy this game?
    A. Play Asia. I highly reccomend their services.
    Q. Help! The game isn't starting, and I've done everything to be able to play
    Japanese games...
    A. This game requires use of the Nunchuck. Plug that sucker in and the problem
    should resolve itself.
    Q. Oh, okay. Does this game have any motion controls?
    A. None, sir or madame.
    Q. Cool. Oh holy god, what am I doing!? This isn't like any SRW I've played
    A. Don't worry. If you're lost, read the Mechanics and Listings section through
    thoroughly. That should set you to rights.
    Q. I don't know Japanese, will I be able to play this game okay?
    A. With a little trial and error (and if you need it, help from the guide), sure
    thing. It's not as incomprehensible as it might seem at first- a big part of it
    is just memorize what symbols associate with what commands.
    Q. Okay, this part is giving me trouble...
    A. Check the guide. If it's not there, feel free to contact me. But as you might
    expect, the guide is a work in progress.
    Q. How do I contact you, then?
    A. Check the next section.
    Q. ...are you sure the only Gundam in this game is the God Gundam?
    A. Sure as sure can be. 
    |X.Contact Policy|
    If you want to contact me, please read this section.
    Feel free to IM me (my SN is IrtehAdder on AIM) if I'm on online. On weekdays,
    you can usually reach me in the afternoon (pacific time). You can also E-mail me
    at dazzling_addar@mail.com- I've finally got my act together and I check my mail
    more or less regularly. 
    Some guidelines for this:
    -Be polite, or at least not hostile.
    -Be legible. I won't be able to help you if I can't understand you.
    -Be sure to let me know right away that your contacting me is concerning my FAQ.
    Ideally, it would either be in the subject of your e-mail, or the first IM you
    send me.
    -Please, don't abuse my contact information. I'm a pretty agreeable person, but
    I don't have as much time as I used to.
    -If you can't reach me via IM or E-mail, make a topic on the Neo board. Most
    likely, I will see it.
    |XI.Credits and Legal Mumbo Jumbo|
    This FAQ is for personal use only, don't host it without permission, as of yet
    only GameFAQs has permission to do so, etc. etc.
    This guide is copyright 2009, Nick Pappas
    Credits go to...
    CJayC, for creating this fine site and repository of gaming information.
    Banpresto, for being awesome (and surpassing all expectations and making Neo an
    absolutely excellent game!)
    PlayAsia, for fast and easy game imports
    The SRWZ Board, SRW Genesis, and the SRW Wiki for many lovely pieces of info. 
    If there's something in here that you can't find, you can probably find it in 
    one of those places.
    JL Lee, for corrections on various erratta, translations, and unknown options
    menu settings. You da man.
    Starquo, for filling me in on the name of the pilot of the Gransaurer. Thanks!
    And you, the reader, for giving purpose to this little document

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