What is a guaranteed way to capture a Boss Pokemon?

  1. I'm having trouble getting Boss Pokemon after I beat them. Is there a method to getting a Boss Pokemon every time you battle one?

    User Info: VideoGameGuru13

    VideoGameGuru13 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    What kind of boss do you need?

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    Rubyyoshi - 7 years ago

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  1. I may have an answer!
    when they start to charge to make a massive shockwave, BEFORE they become immune to damage, hit them with super effective hits AS MANY TIMES AND AS RAPIDLY AS POSSIBLE. i've managed to Wobble a SINGLE boss doing this TWICE. it can be tricky and takes some quick thinking, but it is possible, once wobbled though you have to KO them to force them to drop.
    so here are some steps:
    1. widdle them down to a good chunk of their health remaining.
    2. run around and survive while staying in close proximity to them to be able to attack soon.
    3. wait for them to start puffing steam from their heads then hit them with a fast move that is super effective against their type.

    not 100% sure but i'm about 80% sure that this is an effective method, i've already gotten gengar, lapras, and lucario this way.

    User Info: Xiloscent

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  1. No, there isnt.

    User Info: hectorpatino

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  2. You can only increase your odds of catching them, Use a Gutsy or Scrappy pokemon that has a move with a high chance of a critical hit, or a move like Focus Energy that will increase their critical hit ratio.

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  3. hectorpatino's right.
    See the Board.

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  4. Heres a tip try try again.

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  5. The only sure-fire recruited boss is Ivysaur at the beginning. Or, it is for me, anyway. Another way is to keep your combos higher, giving the boss status effects, and get critical hits more often. This can be achieved by using a move like fury attack, which is low power, but fast, focus energy, to increase your chances of getting a critical hit, and a move like poison powder, or stun spore, or something, which will give a status effect. If you want all three moves, I suggest you team up with someone who can use at least one of those moves.

    I hope this helps!

    User Info: Leikis

    Leikis - 7 years ago 1 0
  6. There is no garentied way of catching a legy (like zaorikusan and hecktorpatino said) BUT you can try with a pokemon that has the abilaty scrappy or gusty(makes it more likely to do critical damage) so you can use the wobble feature more offen(wobble is when it gets dizzy like and if you kill it during it wobbling it makes it a 90% chance that you will catch it!)! Hope this helps! |^_^|

    User Info: TheFF10Master

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  7. There is NO guaranteed way to catch a boss. The only guaranteed boss you will catch is the first boss, Ivysaur. But there are many ways to help you capture a boss. Unfortunatly, I cannot help you with that. Just search around and you'll find it. =P Hope I helped!

    User Info: Draikonack

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  8. There is not a guaranteed way honestly. HOWEVER it seems simpilar to befriend a boss using a pokemon of a much higher attack power. Ex: I befriended Normal Rank B bosses Electabuzz and Magmar using an Advanced Rank S Rotom.

    I trully believe its more about luck than anything else.

    User Info: MiniMoAngel

    MiniMoAngel - 7 years ago 1 0
  9. Well, it depends what boss you're talking about. but, every battle royale pokemon cannot be caught on stage. the only wild boss you can get is Ivysuar. the rest must be caught in another place, or caught by a code.

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  10. But actually, i get raichu and pidgeot from boss battles, everything depends about your, my recomendation is try to make the bosses have a status condition and try to kill him with one pokemon or try to not die

    User Info: Sebastian95man

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  11. There is technically a way to get a boss pokemon that works 80 to 90% of the time for me. First thing you have to do is only beat 1 stage (so for example Rank S fiery furnace is moltres) then before beating any other stage on that rank, go recruit with points in the terminal. Every time I've tried this so far, it's the first "boss" pokemon I beat for that rank, then when I go clear another stage, it changes to a completely random pokemon of that rank. So, that's one way to get at least 1 pokemon you want. Failing that, you could also try what everyone else has mentioned, high critical hits to get the boss to wobble, or use a pokemon with Lucky ability as they seem to have a good effect in befriending pokemon for me as well.

    User Info: XDoggStrafe

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  12. Oh, I should mention that you'd need to recruit for that rank, so a rank S boss would need to be recruited at the Rank S terminal, and C bosses in the C terminal etc. I forgot to include that in my last answer.

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  13. There is absolutely no guaranteed method to getting a boss, however, you can continually go through the level until you get the boss you want. But remember, it's only going to last until you get a better pokemon.

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  14. Actually, and i haven't tried this, but i'm assuming it would work. Get a pokemon with false swipe, spam it on the boss until they get stunned, then kill them. That's the only thing i can think of.

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  15. Another way that MIGHT help, is to take a pokemon with endeavor, preferably lucky, gutsy or scrappy, and spam endeavour (doing 1 hp damage each hit, once it reaches your own hp) till its dizzy, then ko with another move.

    User Info: nessonett106

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  16. Here is my best idea: Get two controllers out and use both, get a weak pokemon out and a strong one.
    Hit the pokemon with the weak till it has stars and kind wobbles, smack him with the strong one and its a surefire way to get a pokemon.

    User Info: KirbyKing1999

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  17. If you do a direct move after a long time battle, your chances will increase.
    If you use the same attack in consecutives times, you will "Taunt" the opponent. Try using various Leech Seeds consecutives on the boss.

    User Info: BRUNO-CHUCKY

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  18. You need a pokemon that has the move false swipes and a strong move to kill the boss.

    1st hit the boss with false swipes over and over without stoping (it won't die because false swipes leaves a

    pokemon with 1hp even if you hit them with the same move for an hour)

    soon it will become dazed (unable to attack and stars spining around its head)

    kill the boss using your other move while it is still dazed

    if done corectly it will fall and you may recruit it.

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  19. If my method above helpd any one please reply

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