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    FAQ/Walkthrough by black_willow00

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/03/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bass Pro Shops: The Strike   |
    for Nintendo Wii             |
    Guide written by Black Willow
    V. 1.00  11-2-10
    All original and intended for pulic use and display at Gamefaqs.com
    I.      Controls and Game Mechanics         |
    II.     The Lakes                           |
    III.    The Fish                            |
    IV.     The Lures                           |
    V.      Career Walkthrough                  |
    VI.     Invitational Walkthrough            |
    VII.    Legendary Fish                      |
    VIII.   Sidequests and Misc. Stuff          |
    A. Casting tips
       -the Wii controller motion DOES NOT mimic a real casting motion, so 
        don't be confused
       - If you're having trouble figuring out the casting motions calmly follow
         these 4 steps
         1. hold the B button to bring up the casting meter
         2. tilt the cotroller up to move the meter back
         3. when the meter gets back to green bar tilt the controller 
            forward again
         4. when the meter gets back up to the other green bar release the 
            B button
        - Sidearm and Underarm (flipping) uses the same proces but you will move 
          the controller in the appropriate direction
        - If your screwed up your cast and the lure went haywire, you can 
          immediately hit the Z button to reset
    B. Catching tips
       -when a fish bites your lure, immediately yank the controller upwards to
        set the hook
       -stop reeling if the line tension goes into the red or your line will break
       -if the line tension is too lose and goes down to red, the fish will throw 
        the lure
        games you need to bring the fish to the boat, but here you will need to 
        wear the fish down so that it stops fighting, and then bring it to the 
        boat. Continual reeling while the fish is at a distance of 0 can break the
       -If you don't want the fish that hit your lure you can hit the z button 
        reset... if you've set the hook already you'll cut the line and lose your
       -While reeling in a lure (with or without a fish) you can hit the 1 button
        to go to an over the shoulder view or back into the water view
    C. Snags
       -if you snag on a tree or the lake bottom simply wiggle the controller up
        and down to free your lure
    D. Boating
       -while in fishing mode you can use the trolling motor to move the boat by
        aiming your cast way out in the direction you want to move
       -if you get stuck in some trees or rocks you can try to go into fishing 
        mode and use the trolling motor to free yourself
       -while boating use the 1 button to bring up your mini map or enlarge the 
        map to full size
       -while boating use the 2 button to toggle your fish finder
    A. Lake Amistad, TX
       Fish: smallmouth, largemouth, striped bass, catfish, black crappie
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 50
       Description: This lake has a medium depth with about a 70ft deep point,
         quite heavy vegetation including areas with submerged tree stumps and 
         logs, some nice coves and channels to fish in. There's also 2 bridges
         to fish around for some nice stripers. There's a 'dusk on the Texas
         prarie' feel here with nice butterflies and a few alligator to add
         to the scenery.
    B. Lake Ouachita, AR
       Fish: smallmouth, largemouth, striped bass, black crappie, 
             white crappie, catfish, kentucky spotted bass
       Reputation to unlock tournament: 60
       Description: Ouachita has much lighter vegetation and a shocking 90 ft
         deep point for such a mostly shallow lake. There are plenty of coves
         and inlets to fish in and even a dam. Some nice docks, flocks of
         birds, and nice rolling hills in the backdrop make a nice experience.
    C. Lake Fork, TX
       Fish: largemouth, catfish, white crappie, black crappie
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 70
       Description: Lake Fork has more vegetation including several trees for
         bass to find cover in, and is generally deeper than the previous
         lakes. There are also tons of coves and fingers to find your record
         breaking bass. This very large lake has a rainy old texas feel with 
         some very old dilapidated docks and and old run down water mill.
    D. Lake Wylie, NC
       Fish: largemouth, striped bass, white crappie, black crappie, catfish
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 80
       Description: This like his huge and sports many coves and channels 
         and even a spillway to fish in. The vegetation is lighter here and
         with a max depth of around 127 ft. the shorelines are more moderate 
         depth. The mood is that of a nice early morning lake and a swimming 
         beach, several dock styles, houses, silos, and a couple of bridges
         complete the scenery.
    E. Lake Guntersville, AL
       Fish: whilte crappie, black crappie, smallmouth, striped bass,
             catfish, spotted bass, largemouth
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 90
       Description: This lake is more shallow with about a 56 ft. deep point,
         light vegetation, and a large dam and spillway to fish. There are 
         fewer coves and inlets to fish in so you'll have to make good use
         of your fishfinder. A couple of bridges, lighthouses, and an 
         occasional eagle add to the ambience.
    F. Lake Champlain, NY
       Fish: smallmouth, largemouth, northern pike, muskie, trout, walleye
             (a note here- this is the only lake without catfish)
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 100
       Description: Champlain has a moderate depth with medium to heavy cover
         and few coves to fish. There are some bridges and several channels 
         however and a few contain the game's first walleye. With a rocky 
         shorline and several lighthouses this lake is quite distinct.
    G. Oneida Lake, NY
       Fish: smallmouth, largemouth, muskie, northern pike, catfish,
             walleye, trout
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 110
       Description: Oneida is a medium to shallow lake with light vegetation
         and virtually no coves channels or inlets to fish. The shape is just
         a big square basically. There are a couple of bridges, brick walls,
         and rock outcroppings to fish however. Try not to hook any bikini
         tops on the swimming beach and keep your eyes on the water.
    H. Pickwick Lake, TN
       Fish: largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass, catfish, black crappie
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 120
       Description: Pickwick is a HUGE lake with many coves and fingers to 
         fish. It has a pretty medium depth and vegetation for the game. The 
         scenery here is very green and plush and includes and array of houses
         and docks and even a sunken shipwreck to find. Catch yourself a nice
         striper at the damn or around the barge there.
    I. Lake Toho, FL
       Fish: largemouth, black crappie, white crappie, catfish
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 130
       Description: With a 50 ft. center toho is generally more shallow around
         the shoreline and has fewer coves and channels to fish. Enjoy the 
         beautiful floridian skies and palm trees as you take in the tropical
    J. Table Rock Lake, MO
       Fish:  spotted bass, largemouth, black crappie, catfish, smallmouth
       Reputation points to unlock tournament: 140
       Description: Table rock has very murky water and heavy vegetation so 
         watch outh for snags. The two main branches of coves are rather 
         shallow with the main channel more moderate depth at about a 53 ft.
         deep point. The scenery is a quite authentic fall look for southern 
         missouri with a few cabins hidden amongst the colorful trees.
    A. Largemouth Bass
       Size: 12-24 inches, 0.5 - 20 lbs
       Description: bassically a green fish (easy to identify)
       Lakes: ALL LAKES
       Tips on catching: Many lures work but the easiest is the plastic worm.
         I also use jerkbaits, drop shot worms, topwater poppers and frogs, 
         but for tournament purposes, the most efficient technique is to 
         pop one of the unlimited supplied worms along the floor.
    B. Smallmouth Bass
       Size: 12-21.5 inches, 0.5 - 5 lbs.
       Description: shorter and darker in color than the largmouth, can also
         be identified by vertical stiping
       Lakes: Amistad, Ouachita, Guntersville, Champlain, Onieda, Pickwick
              table rock 
       Tips on catching: Basically excactly the same as the largemouth. For 
         tournaments I recommend the unlimited plastic worm or a jerkbait.
    C. Spotted Bass (a.k.a. Kentucky Spotted Bass)
       Size: 6-24 inches, 0.5 - 8 lbs
       Description: This fish is the hardest one to recognize. It looks 
         basically like a largemouth. The easiest way to tell the difference
         is the spotted bass has an extra row of spines in the middle of its'
         back, wheareas the laregemouth has only the fin towards the tail. 
         The coloring along the sides is different too, but is harder to see
         in the water, and they are generally shorter and 'stocky' looking.
       Lakes: Ouachita, Guntersville, Talbe Rock 
       Tips on catching: Again the same as the largemouth, but maybe topwaters
         are a little more usefull
    D. Striped Bass
       Size: 12-48 inches, 1 - 55 lbs.
       Description: Large silver fish with horizontal stripes
       Lakes: Amistad, Ouachita, Wylie, Guntersvile, pickwick
       Tips on catching: The plastic worm is again your friend here. My 2nd 
         choice is a jerkbait. Other than that I've used topwater poppers, 
         shad, and frogs, also spoons will work. Again for tournaments the 
         worm works the fastest and easiest. Be careful and set your drag
         accordingly as these are quite large. Take your time and wear them
         down when you have a big boy.
    E. White Crappie
       Size: 3-11 inches, 0.25 - 4 lbs.
       Description: a small fish with tall fins along the top and bottom
         with a more silvery color than the black crappie
       Lakes: Ouachita, Fork, Wylie, Guntersville, Toho
       Tips on catching: The best lure is a single tail grub under the soft
         plastics menu. I reel it in a little quicker than the plastic worm 
         as these fish strike with a lot of vigor. Other lures will work but
         take much more effort and patience. I've caught one on a jerkbait
         for instance. Spoons also work, but I mostly keep a stock of grubs.
    F. Black Crappie
       Size: 3-11 inches, 0.25 - 4 lbs.
       Description: a small fish with tall fins along the top and bottom
         and a darker color than the white crappie. Thhey can be easily 
         confused in the water as when they school together.
       Lakes: Amistad, Ouachita, Fork, Wylie, Guntersville, Pickwick, 
         Toho, Table Rock
       Tips on catching: Exactly the same as the white crappie
    G. Catfish
       Size: 12-45 inches, 2 - 20 lbs.
       Description: A large silvery fish with a wide open mouth and whiskers
         -very easy to identify in the water, even from an overhead view as 
         they moves disctinctly slowly
       Lakes: Every lake but Champlain
       Tips on catching: The unlimited worm works perfectly. I also use a 
         drop-shot worm. They also like grubs, and will occaisionally bite 
         on another bait like jerkbaits or spoons. Cats are heavy and slow 
         and often feel like you're draggin in a log, so take your time and 
         set your drag accordingly and wear them down.
    H. Muskie
       Size: 12-42 inches, 5 - 30 lbs.
       Description: Long and slender with a yellow/orangish color sometimes hard 
       to find, but easy to identify once you do
       Lakes: Champlain, Onieda
       Tips on catching: Worms are your best friend again, but I also use 
         jerkbaits a lot. Crankbaits and spoons also work well.
    I. Northern Pike
       Size: 18-48 inches, 5 - 40 lbs.
       Description: Long and slender like the muskie, but a brown color and
         light brown spots
       Lakes: Champlain, Onieda
       Tips on catching: Worms and jerkbaits are my choice, but spinners,
         swim baits, spoons, and topwaters also work well. Both northern and 
         muskies are heavy and fight quite hard so be mindful of your line
         tension and drag.
    J. Walleye
       Size: 12-21.5 inches, 1 - 17 lbs.
       Description: A white bottom blending into a dark green top, in this 
         game they also have a spot of red around the gills and side fins. 
         They also feature a prominent display of spines on their back.
       Lakes: Champlain, Oneida (A note, the game instructions and in game 
         lake descriptions claim that they can be found in Ouachita and 
         Guntersville, but I've yet to see one there and have heard other 
         players make the same claim.)
       Tips on catching: My choice is jerkbaits. Spoons and swim baits also 
         work well.
    K. Lake trout
       Size: 12-36 inches, 0.5 - 20 lbs.
       Description: Very similair coloring as the Norther Pike, but slightly
         different fin structure and a mouth shaped more like a salmon's (as 
         opposed to the pike's longer alligator like mouth). They can be 
         easily confused with pike while viewing underwater.
       Lakes: Champlain, Onieda
       Tips on catching: I like jerkbaits, but my 2nd choice is a spoon. Other
         baits like crankbaits and the plastic worm will work.
    Here I won't give a description of every one of the lures, I'll just 
    point out a few that I make notes on. You can experiment with them any
    way you like.
    Squirmin worm- Very very versatile. Will catch most any fish and the best
    thing is that it has an unlimited supply in your tackle box. Just slowly 
    bounce it on the bottom... it's an easy action to master. (soft plastics menu)
    Jerkbaits- These are my favourite lure. They catch about any fish and 
    have the added benefit that they "hover" at about 6 ft. depth. Here you
    can get a good view of the fish in the area. The action is easy to master-
    Just slowly "jerk" the bait in increments- tap the trigger and pull to the
    Drop shot worms- Basically a worm that floats about a foot or so above the
    weight. Many fish love it and it gives a little extra room to view. Fish seem
    to hit this lure faster than the Squirmin worm so it adds a small advantage
    in tournaments. (soft plastics menu)
    Spinnerbaits- I don't really like these. In real life you reel these in 
    rather slowly, but in this game the lure just sinks too quickly. You can 
    catch fish by dragging it on the bottom, but it's wonky.
    Crankbaits- I don't recommend these either. The deeper you go, the harder
    it is to view the fish around you. They will catch bass and you have an 
    unlimited supply, but in my opinion you're better off using the jerkbait if
    have them, but for unlimited free use the crankbait isn't too bad.
    Topwater poppers- Fish like em and the action is easy to master. The baits
    have a shape that is resistant to the direction you reel in so you "pop"
    it in the water is short bursts.
    Topwater Walkers- These look like little minnows. Slowly zigzag these on
    the surface and fish will go crazy. The advantage of topwaters is that 
    you can use the above water view to see the fish in the area and easily
    distinguish where the larger fish are as this view really differentiates
    their size better than the water views.
    Grubs- The single tail grubs are the specialty for crappie. They eat em up
    big time. Be sure to keep 3 or 4 of these if you plan on catching any crappie.
    Just reel them in at a moderate speed- no need for excessive action. (soft 
    plastics menu)
    Each lake has 2 phases- the exploration/reputation phase and the tournament.
    Each time you go to a new lake you must do the same things, so I'll describe 
    both phases up front.
    1. Exploration
       -Each lake has 5 areas that are bouyed off. These signify good fishing 
        spots, but aren't always good spots for the actual tournaments. Find and 
        enter each of the 5 areas and you will receive store credit i.e. $$$
       -On each lake you must practice and get ready for the tournament. You can 
        explore what kinds of fish the lake has and where they are located at your
        own pace.
       -To unlock the tournament you must obtain reputation points by catching 
        fish. Larger fish earn more points than smaller ones.
    2. Tournament
       -Each tournament is 20 minutes long. You must bring your catch back to the
        dock before the time runs out. If you're late you'll get a 1 lb per minute
        penalty, up to 10 minutes late, when you'll be disqualified. You can keep
        fishing past the time limit, but any fish you catch will not be counted.
       -You are allowed 5 fish per catch. So after you've caught your first five
        fish, you will automatically throw out the smallest one.
       -Only the exact species of fish will count... you can't bring a spotted 
        bass, or smallmouth bass, to the weigh in for a largemouth bass tourny
       -Place in the top 3 (out of 4) to unlock the next lake
       -Placing 1st can unlock new bass boats or win BPS $$$
    *before starting the 1st tournament I recommend buying 17 lb line and
     equipping it.
    *secondly I recommend buying 2 jerkbaits, although this much less important
    A. Lake Amistad, TX
    Goal: 5 largest largemouth, smallmouth, or striped bass
    Tips: Right off the bat the game throws you for a loop. Most fishing games 
          want a total of largemouth bass, but here you can count 3 different 
          species. Obviously you'll want 5 striped bass, as they are the biggest
          of the 3. My favorite spot is to head straight west from the starting 
          dock and park facing the bridge. This spot is close and full of striped
          bass. I recommend using the unlimited crankbait or a jerkbait if you 
          have one. If you use the plastic worm here you'll have to conted with
          the catfish. Catch 5 and you'll probably come in first... catch 1 or
          2 40+ pounders and you'll win first for sure. Getting back to the dock 
          in time isn't all that important as a 1 or 2 lb. penalty won't hurt as 
          badly as with a smallmouth tournament. As an example I've won first
          with 75 lbs. of fish, but I have seen the competition go above 140 lbs.
    B. Lake Ouachita, AR
    Goal: 5 largest smallmouth bass
    Tips: Now you have to catch the smallest tournament fish right after you just
          caught the largest :-P If you exit the cove where the dock is, and head
          left (west) you'll come to a "corner" on your left. On the map you'll be
          just south of an island. Here you'll find a school of smallmouth. Use 
          any bait you like to cath them ... I use the unlimited plastic worm and
          jerkbaits. Here you can set your drag up to 3 or 4 notches as these 
          small guys won't break your 17 lb. line. Catch as many as you can as 
          quickly as you can and hopefully you'll get enough weight. Don't worry
          if you hook a largemouth, just hit the Z button before you set the hook
          and recast the line. Don't be late to the weigh in this time as you 
          won't have much wiggle room (the max weight of a smallmouth is 5 lbs 
          as ooposed to the 55 lbs. striped bass.) Get an average of 3 lbs. a 
          fish and you'll probably come in 1st.
    C. Lake Fork, TX
    Goal: 5 largest largemouth bass
    Tips: Finding a spot here is really easy seeing as there are only 3 kinds of 
          fish in Lake Fork. For example There's one NW from the starting dock - 
          along the bank where there are a few trees sticking out. The trick here 
          is to find some good sized fish. I don't have much advice, just 
          experiment however and wherever you think is best. The simple plastic 
          worm will work just fine. This is one of the harder tournaments. You 
          really need to land a big boy or two in order to win. Just getting 5 
          fish won't do it. There are plenty of trees here that might just have a
          trophy bass hiding around them. Good luck.
    D. Lake Wylie, NC 
    Goal: 5 largest largemouth bass
    Tips: The closest spot to find a largemouth here is straight out from the 
          starting dock and to the right. There's a corner on the north bank that
          has a school of them. Again, this is a tricky tourney. You really need
          to get 3-4 fish over 10 lbs. There's not much else to say here, just do
          your best and hopefully you'll have a little luck.
    1st place unlocks a new boat!! - Tracker Pro Crappie 175
    E. Lake Guntersville, AL
    Goal: 5 largest striped bass
    Tips: Near the starting dock there are 2 bridges. Under the northern bridge is
          a school of striped bass. There are also some catfish here to contend 
          with, but that's not too difficult. You may need 130 or 140 lbs of fish 
          depending on the competetion, so reel in 5 as quickly as you can and try
          to get at least 2 big boys. Fish right up to the timer if need be, as
          a 1 or 2 lbs. late penatly probably won't affect you much.
    F. Lake Champlain, NY
    Goal: 5 largest smallmouth bass
    Tips: Ah, once again a smallmouth tournament. Just north of the starting point
          is a short brige under which is a nice gob of smallmouth. They're easy 
          and quick to catch so bring in a bunch of 'em. These smallmouth tourneys
          can be a lot of fun since it really depends on the quality of your 
          catches. Placing 1st here shouldn't be too tough. 
          p.s. --- Be sure to set your drag up to 3 or 4 to bring these guys in 
                   faster. You won't have to worry about your line breaking if you
                   have a 17 lb. test equipped. 
    G. Oneida Lake, NY
    Goal: 5 largest largemouth and smallmouth bass
    Tips: OK, this tournament can be tough. The largemouth here can be a little 
          slow to catch. South from the starting point is a dock and house. Fish 
          along the rock wall to the right of the dock (west). The school here is 
          quite thin- maybe 1 or 2 bass in an area- so I use the jerk bait in 
          in order to get a good view (the worm sinks too quickly and all you
          can see is weeds).  Be patient and try different spots along the wall
          to find the big ones. There may be other spots that have a thicker 
          school of bass so feel free to explore, but this is a large lake with
          very little distinguishing features so it'll take a lot of time to find
          a good spot and you'll likely have to retry the tournament, so it's up
          to you.
    H. Pickwick Lake, TN
    Goal: 5 laregest smallmouth bass
    Tips: Easy as pie. Head straight into the cove (with large rocks along the 
          right bank) and fish out as many smallmouth as you can. Set your drag
          accordingly and use whatever techniques you've learned up to now.
          -actually not always easy... I did lose one tournament to a player that 
           got 22.5 lbs (out of 25) but if you quickly drop anchor and don't
           dilly-dally, you'll usually keep them from going that high.
    I. Lake Toho, FL
    Goal: 5 largest largemouth bass
    Tips: Toho is stocked full of largemouth so finding some won't be a problem.
          The fastest is the northern tip of the map- there's a little cove full
          of em. As with the other largemouth tourneys it requires every second
          and a little luck to win. The bass seem to strike the plastic worm 
          the fastest so I use that, although topwater poppers is a fun alternative
          in crystal clear waters like this- but strikes take a little longer so
          I recommend the worm.
    J. Table Rock Lake, MO
    Goal: 5 largest Kentucky Spotted Bass
    Tips: Head west along the southern bank and stop at the last cove before the
          the main river. The simplest way is to use the plastic worm and bob it
          on the bottom. Another tip is to set the drag up to 3 since these fish
          won't get up above 8 lbs. Fish fast and hard and you'll place 1st, but 
          2nd place will also unlock the invitational mode.
    The invitation is a series of 5 tournaments. You don't need to place high to
    get to the next tournament as each one gives you points depending on your 
    finish. Here's the breakdown:
    Place:       Points:       Reward:
    1st          10            $50 
    2nd          7             $25
    3rd          5             $10
    4th          0             $0
    Unfortunately the invitational is always the same 5 lakes, insteading of 
    picking random lakes. They also use the same fish. You will probably need to  
    use different fishing spots as the starting docks is now in a different 
    place then it was for the tournament.
    A. Lake Amistad, TX
    Goal: 5 largest striped bass
    Tips: Ok, since in invitational mode the starting dock has moved, the bridge  
          is no longer the quickest spot. So head out of the cove and turn left 
          (south) and stop next to a couple of trees on your right. There should 
          be a school of stripers here. If you've gotten this far you shouldn't 
          have any problem winning this tourney. Place 1st and you'll get a $50 
          gift card. 
    B. Lake Fork, TX
    Goal: 5 largest largemouth bass
    Tips: Again, lake fork is loaded with largemouth. Head southwest and fish in 
          the corner of the cove here (there are 2 trees sticking out). This is 
          one of the harder tourneys. You'll need a couple good size bass to place
          1st so good luck.
    C. Oneida Lake, NY
    Goal: 5 largest smallmouth bass
    Tips: Turn the boat around and head east. There's a school by the bouys on at 
          the east end of the lake. There's a few catfish here too so you may want
          to use a jerkbait instead of the squirmin worm... by now you know how
          to do this either way :-D
    D. Lake Champlain, NY
    Goal: 5 biggest largemouth and smallmouth bass
    Tips: Obviously you want 5 laregemouth here. Just south of the starting dock 
          along the east bank is the closest place to find them, but there's also
          smallmouth mixed in here. So if you'd rather have just a school of 
          largemouth, head west under the bridge and stop and fish NW into the cove
          here on the west bank. If you've upgraded to a faster boat it shouldn't
          take more than 30-45 seconds to get here. I would recommend a jerkbait
          since the water is so deep here and the area is so large, you'll want a 
          good view. You'll need a couple big ones, but this should be easier than
          the largemouth only tournaments, like at lake fork and lake toho.
    E. Table Rock Lake, MO
    Goal: 5 largest kentucky spotted bass
    Tips: Well for the final tournament of the game this one is suprisingly easy.
          Just head west along the southern bank and pull into the last cove 
          before reaching the main channel. There's nothin but spotted bass here.
          Catch em any way you want (I recommend the worm) and catch em quick, and
          you'll have no problem finishing first. And if you win the whole 
          invitational, you'll win a new boat!
    I imagine this is the section most of you are looking for. I've personally 
    caught each legendary fish and can verify that these locations are correct.
    When you hook the legendary fish a "sparkly" effect will show (similiar to 
    catching a reward fish) and you will be congratulated accordingly when you 
    land him. Sometimes when fishing in the area, a gold sparkle will appear over 
    the water in the spot where the fish is located. It won't happen as soon as 
    you drop anchor however, so be patient and keep fishing... also it will 
    re-appear again later if you don't immediately catch the fish, but it may take
    some time. 
    * note Oneida Lake has 2 legendary fish 
    * note there is no legendary trout
    * note Lake Amistad has no (0, zero) legendary fish... I guess in Texas "the 
      one that got away" never gets away ;-)
    * note I've listed the in-game description of each fish's weight (where one
      is given) and the weight of the fish I personally caught so feel free to 
      compare yours to mine :-D
    * I recommend buying and equipping a baitcasting reel and a 7 foot rod (this 
      lets you cast up to 150+ feet and is better when fighting The Monster).
    A. Name: "The Monster"
       Lake Ouachita
       striped bass 
       estimated at 65 lbs, 4 feet long
       My catch: 62.0 lbs.
       Located: The far west end of the map where a creek empties into the lake.
                This is inside one of the bouyed exploration locations. The monster
                is towards the back and to the right (by the north bank) in some 
                weeds and about 5-8 foot depth.
       Tips: Here's how I caught this guy - it took me quite a long time though,
             so maybe you guys have better suggestions - I used a topwater lure
             to fish out some good stripers by luring them in close to the boat.
             1. this makes nabbing the legendary fish easier when the gold 
             sparkles come and 2. you can nab a 55 pounder in the meantime using 
             the topwater view to see where the big ones are. When you see the 
             gold sparkle immediately switch to a drop-shot worm and cast in the
             exact spot where the sparkle was. Now just barely bounce the worm 
             along the bottom so that you don't attract the other fish or any 
             catfish. If the monster is still there he should strike and you'll
             see the sparkle effect when you hook him. If not, then go back to the
             topwater and keep catching big ones until the spot appears again and 
             retry. Be sure to use 17 lb test line and your best lure and rod as 
             this is the largest fish in the game. Keep your drag down to 1 notch,
             take your time luring him in, and slowly wear him down- believe me
             as long as it takes to hook this bad boy YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOSE HIM
             This fish took the longest time to lure out and the longest time to
             land. Have fun :-D
    B. Name: "Caspar" 
       Lake Fork
       white crappie
       My catch: 5.8 Lbs
       Located: From the starting dock head south and around the bend until you 
                go into the west half of the lake. Head north into the long 
                channel (the end of which is the northernmost point on the lake)
                and find the buoyed off eploration challenge area. There's a 
                school of bass here, south of this is a school of catfish, and 
                finally the 3rd school south of the bouyed area is the crappie. 
                He's about in the middle of the channel.
       Tips: I caught this one without seeing the gold sparkle above the water.
             I simply kept catching crappie until one of them lighted up with a 
             sparkle when I hooked him, but the sparkle will appear above him 
             eventually. I recommend the single tail grub, of course. 
    C. Name "Leviathan" or "Levi" for short
       Lake Wylie 
       estimated at 40 lbs and 4 feet long
       My catch: 40.0 lbs
       Located: In the southeast corner of the lake is a spillway (an area with
                large cement walls and sluice gates). Levi is by the south wall,
                around the middle gate.
       Tips: Once you see the sparkle stick a drop shot worm in the spot (catfish
             really really love the drop shot- even more than the squirmin worm)
             and snag him. The squirmin worm will work too. Take your time and 
             slowly wear him down.
    D. Name: "hubs"
       Lake Guntersville
       black crappie
       estimate at 7 lbs and feet long
       My catch 6.2 lbs
       Located: Go down the long channel south of the briges (the south end has
                2 long fingers- we want the eastern, narrower one). Before you 
                get to the bouyed of area, the southeastern bank juts out a litte. 
                Off this point is a school of crappie... and also... Hubs!!
       Tips: Not to hard to land really as he's pretty light... as with any 
             crappie I recommend a single tail grub.
    E. Name: "Wally"
       Lake Champlain
       estimated at 25 lbs
       My catch 22.0 lbs.
       Located: Head towards the Northeastern cove. At the southern end of that
                channel is a large school of walleye (it's directly north of the
                island east of the bridge).
       Tips: I had a hard time singling out wally from the large number of walleye
             here. I used the jerkbait to both find him and catch him. In the
             underwater view you can pick him out of the bunch as his coloring 
             is unique - he's much darker- and has bigger fins. You might try
             catching several walleye away from the sparkle or lure them in close
             to the boat to help split them up, and then cast to the spot. With  
             17 lbs test, landing him won't be too hard.
    F. Name: "Goliath"
       Onieda Lake
       estimated at 4 feet long
       My catch: 35.0 lbs.
       Located: In the southeast corner of the lake, where the cement wall borders
                the lake (in one of the buoyed exploration areas). If memory 
                serves me, the actual sparkle appears near the rocks up against
                the wall.
       Tips: Ah, the famous muskie- notoriously difficult to catch. I didn't find
             this guy too hard to catch... certainly easier than "the monster."
             Catch a couple muskie until the sparkle appears and then cast there.
             I recommend the jerkbait, the squirmin worm, or the dropshot worm. 
             A jigging spoon sometimes works well too, but the previous ones
             are the prime choices.
    G. Name: "Striker"
       Onieda Lake
       Northern Pike
       Estimated at 50 lbs
       My catch: 50.0 lbs.
       Located: West of where Goliath was... next to the rock wall. The sparkle
                appears west of the middle small dock that stick out of the wall.
       Tips: Cast a worm, or drop-shot worm on the sparkle when it appears. You 
             can also use any other bait you use to catch pike, but the worm you
             can bounce in the exact spot. He's a big boy now, so take your time
             and wear him down. Keep the drag down to one notch and real him
             carefully. It will take a while, but with patience he's no problem.
    H. Name: "The Captain"
       Pickwick Lake
       smallmouth bass
       estimated at 8 lbs and 2 feet long
       My catch: 8 lbs.
       Located: Go to the damn in the northwest of the lake. Now travel along
                the north bank to the east. You'll see a series of coves, the 
                first of which has a buoyed area. Pass it and the next one and 
                pull into the 3rd cove. Immediately to the right is a mini cove
                within the cove. There's a school of smallmouth here and "The
                Captain" is in with them.
       Tips: The squirmin worm works just fine. I can't think of much else to 
             say. Just reel him in and enjoy some fish 'n chips captain style!
    I. Name: "The Mouth"
       Lake Taho
       largemouth bass
       estimated at 20 lbs.
       My catch: 22.0 lbs.
       Located: Head south then east. The area we want is the buoyed area that
                is located on the eastern most point of the map. The sparkle 
                should appear on the north east corner.
       Tips: As with any bass, most every lure works fine. I just dropped a worm
             on the sparkle and got him. He's pretty big and fights well so take 
             your time and carefully wear him down and you'll be fine.
    J. Name: "Tucky Blue"
       Table Rock Lake
       kentucky spotted bass
       My catch: 9.0 lbs.
       Located: Travel down the east wing all the way to the end, past the bouys
                on your left. There's a school of spotted bass here and the 
                Tucky's sparkle will appear way back to the end and a little on 
                the left.
       Tips: There's not much to say, he's not too tough. Use any lure you use to 
             catch bass... the worm works just fine.
    A. Trophy Room
    The trophy room shows the largest fish you have caught of each of the fish 
    species. If you catch a larger one it will replace the current one. It also
    displays the legendary fish you've collected.
    B. Challenges
    The challenges menu gives you two possible mini-games; the bass boat challenge
    and the casting contest. Both will pay reward money for the BPS. The boat 
    challenge is a race around the lake against an NPC boat. Navigate through the 
    bouys around the course and beat the opponent. The casting challenges consist
    of a set of rings set in the water which you must cast your lure into. Cast 
    into each ring before the clock runs out to collect the reward money.
         Bass boat challenges:
          Lake Amistad
          Lake Fork 
          Lake Guntersville
          Lake Ouachita
          Lake Wylie
          Lake Champlain
         Casting contests:
          Lake Oneida
          Lake Pickwick
          Table Rock Lake
          Lake Toho
    C. Reward fish
       Every lake has random fish that will give rewards when caught. You can tell
       when a reward fish is hooked by the gold sparkle effect around its' mouth
       when you set the hook and the white sparkles that emit while reeling it in.
       There are 3 possibilities of a reward for landing the fish:
       1. Reputation points
       2. Bass pro shops gift card money $$$
       3. A randomly selected lure (you get 2 of them I think)
    *size has nothing to do with the reward fish- it's completely random as I've 
     actually caught a 0.5 lb largemouth as a reward fish
    D. Angler challenges
    In every lake there are NPC fisherman on boats. When you approach them they 
    will say "Hey, how's it going." or "Hey, watch it!" if you try to ram them.
    30% of the time they will challenge you to a contest. If you accept you can 
    win BPS reward money. There are a few different challenges...
    -be the first to make a perfect cast
    -catch the largest (selected fish species) - only the first one counts
    -be the first to catch a (selected fish species)
    -be the first to catch a (selected fish species) and a (selected fish species)
    E. Boat garage
    Boats are not bought but unlocked by winning tournaments. After the 3rd lake
    is when you can start unlocking them. Obviously you'll want to start using the
    faster boats once you get them in order to save time in your tournaments.
    Tracker ProTeam 170
    Top Speed 34.0
    Acceleration 9.7
    Tracker Pro Crappie 175
    Top Speed 38.0
    Acceleration 8.9
    Tracker ProTeam 175 TXW
    Top Speed 41.0
    Acceleration 8.1
    Tracker ProTeam190 TX
    Top Speed 51.0
    Acceleration 9.7
    Tracker Tournament V-18
    Top Speed 57.0
    Acceleration 7.3
    Nitro 640
    Top Speed 47.0
    Acceleration 9.4
    Nitro 898 
    Top Speed 70.0
    Acceleration 5.7
    Nitro Z6
    Top Speed 52.0
    Acceleration 8.1
    Nitro Z9
    Top Speed 79.0
    Acceleration 6.0
    Unlocked by winning the invitational
    Need money for lures, rods, and reels? Here are the ways you can make money
    to buy more awesome BPS gear!
    1. Completing casting challenges or boat challenges
       -casting challenges are the quickest way to make a small amount of money
        if you need to get a few lures.
       -the boat races are longer and they actually pay less than the casting 
        contest even though they are harder.
    2. Angler challenges
       -completing these challenges from random NPC's can net you $10
    3. Reward fish
       -catching a random reward fish has a chance to net $10
       -obviously this isn't a good way to make money quickly!!!
    4. Winning tournaments
       -placing first in a tournament wins reward money
    5. Winning invitational tournaments
       -placing 1st in an invitational tourney can win up to $50
    6. Completing Exploration challenges on each lake
       -this is a one time event in each lake. Once all 5 areas have been entered
        you will recieve the reward.
    The end
    -If you have any corrections, questions, or additions, contact me-
      black_willow00@yahoo.com   or post your comments in the forums.

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