Where can I find the intel computers?

  1. Where are the two intel computers on the help Macmillian to chopper level?

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  1. second part of the list (19-30)
    once again full list can be found at gamebattles.com/forums/t/2679174.html
    thanks again LGZ -B.A.D

    All Ghillied Up
    19. This one is on the second floor of the first Church you enter. You need to climb a ladder to get to it.
    20. In the area with a ton of cargo containers, instead of sneaking right past the guards grab the intel on the can.
    21. After taking out the sniper on the fourth floor fire escape, ascend all the way up to that platform, jump through the window, and take the intel on the grey table to your left.
    One Shot, One Kill
    22. This one is on the fire escape of the first apartment you come out of after you shoot down the helicopter and carry the Captain. You need to climb a ladder and ascend a few stories. It will lie on the ground of the top stairwell.
    23. After the helicopters arrive, head southeast to a now opened corridor. The intel is on the ground in the corner.
    Sins of the Father
    24. After the diner/gas station firefight. This intel is inside the diner on a table on the left. You need to get it before the story progresses automatically.
    25. In the firefight with the snipers and the machine gunners. At the alley before that fight, head right at the red dumpster and ascend the first stairwell you see on the left. An intel, along with two enemy troops, should be in that building on the second floor.
    26. In the first courtyard after you enter the enemy base through the wall. It's across from the first firefight in the rightmost room on a desk.
    All In
    27. After you destroy the first BMP, move up and clear the enemies at the far building. Before entering through the gate, enter down the near alley before the enemy building. At the end lies an intel on the ground.
    28. After entering through the gate into the missile area, the intel is located in the far hangar to your right.
    No Fighting In The War Room
    29. When Price stops at the exit to the bathroom, head left outside and take the first left into a dark room. The intel is located on a table.
    30. Located in the southwestern room after you breach the control room with explosives. You'll have to go all the way around the room to get it. The intel is on the rectangular table in the center of the room.

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  1. Try searching for an intel guide on Google or check out the Reflex forums for an answer at forums.activision.com/viewforum.php.?f=57

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  2. Here is a video with the location of both intels:

    For the second one you need to wait until a helicopter leaving more enemies appear, then the doors will open.

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  3. There is a guide in the FAQ section.

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  4. This is from
    gamebattles.com/forums/t/2679174.html thanks a whole lot LGZ-B.A.D. ; ) numbers 1-18 provided here. due to lack of space allowed per post. will post 19-30 on my next post.
    Crew Expendable
    1. In the room with the two sleeping Russians It's on the table next to a desktop to the left of them.
    2. In the first big cargo hold room down the stairs. It's to your left after descending the stairs on the floor.
    3. On a table in the very first house you clear on your left.
    4. On the second floor in the building where Nikolai is being held. It's in the oversized bathroom.
    Charlie Don't Surf
    5. Inside the first target building in the basement. Behind the room with the AK-47 on the wall.
    6. In a guard post to the south after the first target building. It's on the second floor on a table.
    7. After the heavy firefight with the machine gun truck, walk down the road until you see a stairwell on your right. On the rooftop of this building lies an Intel near a television.
    The Bog
    8. In the first lollipop you infiltrate this mission, if you stick around the second floor after it is clear, some marines will breach a door in the hallway. Inside lies another Intel.
    9. After destroying the tanks using the Javelin, run down the alley and keep turning left until you see a refrigerator. On the opposite side of that area, behind a stack of boxes, you will find the intel.
    10. After the firefight with the flashbang, it should be inside the building with the soda machine near the door. Get this one after the firefight.
    11. In the makeshift building right before the barn but after the greenhouses.
    War Pig
    12. After the first big firefight down the road, it will be in the far building on the second floor lying on a bed.
    13. In the building across from intel twelve. The building will have an AK-47 on the wall and the intel will be on the second floor next to a dresser.
    14. In the building with the two machine gunners after the small alley with all the cars. The intel lies on a bed on the second floor.
    Shock and Awe
    15. The intel is in the far corner of the room where the recon team is being held up.
    16. In the building across from intel fifteen in the closet on the second floor. Just make a few sharp rights when you enter the second building.
    17. In the first house after the forest on the second floor. It's on a dresser.
    18. On a booth in a restaurant near in the water tower.

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