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"A fine port, a great Wii game"

It seems that the Call of Duty series has taken the path of the Battlefield 1942 series and moved from World War II to modern times. But wait, this happened 2 years ago. It seems that Activision is a bit late in porting their fourth installment of the Call of Duty series to the Wii. Of course, it is better late than never.

It is logical why Activision would remove the number 4 from the title and just call it Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because the sequel to the game lacks a 4 and there have been no other numbered Call of Duty games for Wii. But for some strange reason, they decide to add the sub-subtitle "Reflex Edition" or "[REFLEX]". This is totally unnecessary and unwanted. I suppose they add that to show that you must have reflexes to use the Wii's controls, but why did they not just add "Wii Edition" to the end, which would make so much more sense. But of course, in the end, titles and subtitles have no real effect on the game, and the main thing is the game was ported in the first place which should be a joy to Wii owners. But the question is, how well of a job did they do porting it?

I have not played Call of Duty: World at War for Wii so I cannot personally compare this game with that. However, the default controls for this game are slightly different from World at War, but the game offers a number of pre-set control schemes, one of which is World at War's Wii controls. In addition, you are able to individually assign different actions to different buttons or gestures, allowing for a lot of customization.

The aiming controls take a bit of getting used to, but a plethora of customization options are given. You can adjust cursor and camera sensitivity and camera speed and even the size of the box that the crosshair pointer can move in before the camera starts to move. Of course, with all these customizations and options, it can still be a bit difficult to configure them exactly to your preference. Some have said that the aiming controls in this game are a downgrade from World at War and even Call of Duty 3. You can be the judge of that, but hopefully, with all the options, you will be able to tinker it to a way of your liking.
Numerical Rating: 7

The graphics of this game are not bad. If they are of any inferior quality compared to the original, it is not that noticeable to be distracting. Unless you play the original CoD4 game so much or you play 360 or PS3 games very often and can't stand graphics any lower, the graphics of this game should not be a problem. And if you fall into either of those categories, then you probably wouldn't be getting this game either because you could've had CoD4 already. If you desire this game, it means either the Wii is all you got or you really like the Wii; and people in either of those situations would not care so much about "super-special-awesome" graphics.

I played the first few levels of CoD4 for 360 a couple months ago. When I played the same on Wii, it all looked pretty much the same. Now, if we put the two side by side for comparison, I'm sure that the 360 would trump the Wii, but why would you want to do that?
Numerical Rating: 9

If you can find yourself in the game's controls, the gameplay's quality should be the same as the original. As described in the title, unlike the previous Call of Duty installments, this takes place in modern times (possibly 20 minutes into the future). You actually have weapons that aren't ancient. In the game, there are 2 main campaigns that you alternate between: U.S.A's Marine Corps, and Great Britain's SAS. Of course, that makes no difference in the gameplay since the game is played the same as persons from either side of the Atlantic. But it does offer some interesting story perspectives and twists.

In the game levels, you have objectives you must follow, and you have a little handy icon pointing in the direction you must go, which you will need very often. Sometimes, when you play, you forget about your objectives and you just keep shooting in a battle, which, while lengthening playtime, is not getting nearer to winning the game.

The game follows the formula of modern first-person shooters where you can only carry a couple of weapons and must trade them with ones you find on the ground to gain new weapons. What happened to the good old days of Quake and Goldeneye where you finish a level with a whole arsenal following you along? Also, another feature in this game is non-displayed regenerative health. You get shot a couple of times, your screen begins to turn red, you hide for a couple of seconds, and you're completely back to full health. Where did this come from? Being able to stand upright while taking 99 shots to the chest and dying on the 100th is a bit unrealistic, but so is being able to take a shot and heal after a couple seconds for an infinite number of times. The difference is that one is quite simple while the other is more complicated.

The sound/music of a game is hardly ever a factor unless it is noticeably bad. The music is fine, and sounds very much like a war game; it sounds very action-y. The voice acting is fine. The sound of guns is fine.
Numerical Rating: 10

Without Wi-Fi, I am completely unable to start any multiplayer games. There is no splitscreen multiplayer in this game or multiplayer against computer-controlled bots.
Numerical Rating: 7

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a great game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [REFLEX] is a great Wii game. It's not a bad port. If you can configure the aiming controls to your liking, the game will be great. Having played the original months before the port, I don't notice any major degradation in graphical quality, though I'm not an expert.

Should you buy, rent, or ignore this game? Well, if you already have Call of Duty 4 for another system, there is no reason to even consider this game unless you really want to play it with Wii controls. If you only have a Wii and really want Call of Duty and/or have played and liked Call of Duty: World at War, you would probably be making a pretty good decision by just buying this game, because it's pretty good. If you have a Wii and another system and must decide which system to buy CoD4 for, it's up to you, but the original is usually better and cheaper unless you really like Wii FPS controls.

When coming up with an overall score for this game, one must think of how this game could've been made better. Really, the only thing is an offline multiplayer, which I think constitutes the removal of 1 point.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/09

Game Release: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition (US, 11/10/09)

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