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"Simply the smoothest, best multiplayer on the Wii and compares to nearly any shooter on any platform."

Wii FPS have sort of been almost, but not quite. Medal of Honour Heroes 2 was the first serious online FPS offering on the Wii, with very well done controls, no friend codes, and 16 vs 16 online, but had some small problems like a short campaign and poor AI. COD:WAW Wii had brought many core gameplay elements that make the COD franchise suceed to the Wii, but had rusty graphics, and many hackers, and only deathmatch online modes. The Conduit had introduced Wii speak and fully customizable controls to the Wii, with a very impressive tech engine made for the Wii, but suffered some majour online glitches, and an engine outdoing it's art style. All of these game were very good still, but had some issues that just made them, below other platform shooters. Many people had second thoughts about Modern Warfare Reflex coming to the Wii. It seemed like a lazy money making scheme. Well unfortunately it isn't making money at the moment when it really deserves too. The incredible competition at Christmas will be hard, competing with big brother Modern Warfare 2. Of course if you are only a Wii owner this is a huge buy, and if you own a 360, PS3 or just like PC gaming also, then look into this after buying Modern Warfare 2.

The campaign was epic at it's time, and still is, I guess for those who haven't played the game already. If you haven't played COD4, the campaign will be one of the best experiences you will ever have, and if you have played COD4, the campaign will still be a fun introduction to the new Wii controls and kind of cool experience using a different controller. The story is set in an unknown middle eastern country and in Russia. The story is explained during briefing while loading the next level, which is great storytelling and very well done. Unfortunately the campaign only runs at a locked 30FPS which is half of what COD4 had, so it will feel a little laggier.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:Reflex has many modes for a Wii game. First of all you have your main campaign, which will last 7-just above 10 hours to finish depending on difficulty settings. Then there is the bonus level Mile High Club, which is extremely fun. Also there is arcade mode, which makes you have a score for the amount of kills you get, and limited in lives, which can be done on just 1 specific level or the whole campaign. Both arcade mode, campaign and Mile High Club have squadmate mode support for basically all of the game. The game does not have splitscreen, but it wasn't a huge deal. The main part of the game though is really online multiplayer. The game features the full perk system, challenges, cammo, scopes, and modes that the original had. The only missing mode is the playlist Ground War, but it didn't effect the game that much. The online limitations have been bumped up to 10 players, rather then the 8 WAW wii had, although this is 2 less then what COD4 had. Still the difference is noticeable from WAW's 8 players and makes the maps seem well made for the game, and not too crowded. The game features also host migration, which is nice, and hotfixes which haven't quite been used yet, but will be a nice addition for the future. Also there is free name changing and name colouring if you're into that stuff.

Gameplay and Controls
The gameplay and controls of COD:MWR are truthfully one of the best of any game. The controls are completely customizable and even more customizable then The Conduit. It has many control presets, options, button layouts and different ways to play the game. A new control factor is precision mode which centers, you're gun in the middle of the screen so you have more precise shots. You can make precision mode only for scoped weapons like snipers, or just for ADS, or just for hip firing. This is the best part about COD:MWR.

COD4 had some of the best graphics I have seen in years, and most games are still trying to match that exceellence. Of course HD games ported to Wii have suffered before, but COD:MWR was a very good job for Wii. It isn't as good COD4, but it looks very similar and looks much better then COD WAW Wii. It has much more detail, better gun fire, better lighting, explosions, environments and the guns look much more accurate. The water effects don't look too bad either on the few levels you see water, besides the Shipment level. The graphics have some rough parts compared to COD4, but it is still exactly what you would expect if a top game like COD4 was done well on the Wii.

The sound is basically the exact same as the original. With the loud gunfire, the huge explosions and the terrorists screaming. Some great voice acting by characters help, and although the Wii has Dolby Pro Logic II and not Dolby Digital 5.1, I couldn't really tell the difference. The sounds is very good.

Campaign 8/10
Modes 9/10
Gameplay/Controls 9.5/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
*Overall 9/10*

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition (US, 11/10/09)

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