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"Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Edition"

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

So Treyarch decides to make Call Of Duty 4 for the Wii. Well, let's just see how it works out.

Ok so the gameplay throughout the game is good. Campaign is something recommended for new people since you need to know how well some guns are. The Campaign has a total of 5 acts starting with Prologue, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Epilogue. The game's campaign has enemy intels which you need to collect to unlock special bonuses. It's the same as the Xbox360 and PS3.

Controls 9/10
So Treyarch decided to allow you to customize your controls to your liking. They are fast but turn up sensitivity because the gestures might not respond and turn up camera speed for faster turning. Wii zapper is available to play but the controls maybe a little tricky and is not customizable.

Sound 9/10
All right the sound is great here but it might not be good because of the chances of an enemy throwing a grenade and you can't here it bounce and be killed. The bullets are not really loud so it can be hard to know if you're under fire or not. The explosions are loud and the music is great.

Graphics 9/10
All right so here we have the graphics. It's good for the Wii and similar to World At War's graphics. The blood is detailed and there is not much gore in this game. The explosions and guns are a little realistic but are good. The environments are great on the game. Sad part is the graphics are a little toned down on multiplayer.

Multiplayer 10/10
This is why the game is popular for the Wii right now. Ok let's get to the basics. In multiplayer there are a total of maps that you can play in. Multiplayer features a create-a-class feature that allows you to start with what weapon and perks you start off with. There are challenges that can be unlocked while leveling up. When you complete a challenge you are rewarded experience points which is required to level up. There is a mode once you reach maximum level that's called Prestige. Prestige makes you start all over to reach the max level but I recommend you don't do it since there's no reward for doing prestige. Bad part is the lag shooting online can happen anytime even with a good connection.

Play Time/Replayability Few hours and 8/10
If you're really good at this game you should finish the campaign in 2-3 hours. If you're not that good it could take you 6hrs. –1 day to finish the campaign. The replayability is high if you're interested on getting all intels or when you want to beat all levels in campaign on Veteran difficulty which will be annoying since grenades are thrown a lot and explode faster.

Overall 9/10
The game is a must have for Wii owners if you're looking for a FPS game for the Wii. You should buy the game or rent it, your choice. Hope you enjoyed my review thanks for reading it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition (US, 11/10/09)

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