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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lvl53sora

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/31/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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           .SS~S*S~SS.  .SS       SS.  SS.     .SS~SSSSS   .SS~YS%%b   .SS~SSSSS 
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           S*S     S*S  S*b       d*S  S*b     S*S    S&S  S*S    S*S  S*S    S&S
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    LA MULANA Walkthrough
    	By: Lvl53Sora aka RaneofSoTN
    -=Version Listing=-
    Ver 0.50
    	Guide is created based off of the La Mulana Wiiware (J) game.
    	There is a lot left to be done. The guide so far is like a written
    	checklist. Everything might make more sense upon completion, steps will
    	be elaborated as the version continues. This is a placeholder with the 
    	basics presented.
    -=Table of Contents=-
    1. Introduction to Game and Guide                            [GP_001]
    2. Controls                                                  [GP_002]
    3. Item List                                                 [GP_003]
    4. Weapon/Sub Weapon List                                    [GP_004]
    5. *.EXE list                                                [GP_005]
    6. Basic Hints / Tutorial to La Mulana                       [GP_006]
    7. Walkthrough!                                              [GP_007]
       a. The Adventure beings here!                 [Surface/Guidance]
       b. You mean... its dead?                             [Mausoleum]
       c. Run away like an Egyptian!                        [SunShrine]
       d. Bathing in the sky...                        [SpringInTheSky]
       e. Preparations for the backend                    [PrepForBack]
       f. Wow its hot in here...                        [BurningCavern]
       g. Twins?! But they dont even look the same..   [TwinLabyrinths]
       h. More preparations                           [PrepForPalenque]
       i. Take down that flying man!              [ChamberOfExtinction]
       j. Giant Snake Ladies? NOT COOL!           [DimensionalCorridor]
       k. Repeat after me M-A-N-T-R-A              [ChantingTheMantras]
       l. Crying Mother                         [TrueShrineOfTheMother]
    8. FAQ                                                       [GP_008]
    9. Massive Game Checklist                                    [GP_009]
    10. Acknowledgements / TO DO list                            [GP_010]
    ======Introduction to Game and Guide====== [GP_001]
    Welcome to La Mulana! This game is about the great Lemeza's journey into the
    depths of the ruins of La Mulana. Its filled with puzzles, traps, and monsters.
    What more could you really really ask for? Unfortunately at the first draft of
    this guide, only those with Japanese Wiis can access this game, and this guide
    is written mostly for their benefit. It will be updated as time progresses and
    with the, hopefully, eventual release of the NA/EU versions. 
    In the guide, I won't be giving hints, or translations of solutions. I will be
    simply telling you how I feel it should be done. This means there will be some
    backtracking or disappearing into other areas if I feel this is the best course
    of action. At the bottom of the guide below the FAQ is a "Massive Game
    Checklist" this is a list of everything that needs to be done/solved in each
    area, and generally will also note optional items and how to get them.
    By reading this guide you have forfeited all rights to not be spoiled on
    solutions to puzzles. This guide is 100% not spoiler-free. And I will not avoid
    spoilers when they are necessary.
    Thank you, Sincerly Lvl53Sora AKA RaneofSoTN
    ======CONTROLS======                       [GP_002]
    There are 3 types of controls for La Mulana.
    1 - Jump
    2 - Attack
    A - Use Item
    B - Use Subweapon
    DPAD - Move with this
    (+) - Pause Menu
    (-) - Inventory Menu
    * To move around pages in inventory use A/B
    Classic Controller:
    B - Jump
    Y - Attack
    X - Use Item
    A - Use Subweapon
    DPAD - Move with this
    START -  Inventory Menu
    SELECT - Pause Menu
    L - Quick switch Main Weapon
    R - Quick switch Sub Weapon
    * To move around pages in inventory use RIGHT STICK
    Gamecube Controller:
    A - Jump
    B - Attack
    Y - Use Item
    X - Use Sub Weapon
    Analog stick - Move with this
    Start - Pause Menu
    C-UP - Inventory
    L - Quick Switch Main Weapon
    R - Quick Switch Sub Weapon
    * To move around pages in inventory use C-STICK left and right
    ======Item List======                       [GP_003]
    A comprehensive list of all items within La Mulana. This is broken into two
    different lists. One is the useable items and not-useable. The only difference
    is that useable items generally need to be used somewhere to solve a puzzle
    while those that aren't useable take affect passively. The list goes from 
    LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM as if viewed in the inventory.
    ---Useable Item List---
    A. Handy Scanner
    Used to scan objects, and search skeletons. Bought on surface for 10 coins.
    B. Wedge
    Used to chant Mantras. Found by killing Nuwa in the Inferno Tower.
    C. Mini-Doll
    Used to prove you are small and open the way to Shu. Gotten in Gate of Illusion
    D. Megatama
    Used to activate the ruins to allow acquisition of the mantra.exe.
    Obtained by beating Tiamat. Have La Mulana Talisman equipped to break chest.
    E. Flywheel
    Used to activate mudmen in the Chamber of Birth. Complete the 3 tasks in the
    Chamber of Illusion to retrieve. Gotten in a secret room at the top of the 
    Gate of Illusion.
    F. Lamp of Time
    Used to stop time when lit. Stand in front of fires held by the SUN MOON and
    STAR candles to recharge it. Bought for 200 coins from the shop in the Twin
    Labyrinths after solving the puzzle of the room it is in.
    G. Pochette Key
    Obtained in the Chamber of Birth from fighting the mudman. Used to activate
    the Palenque fight and to make the jewel for the boss fight show.
    H. Dragon Bone/Skull
    Bought for 150 coins from one of the twin stores in the Twin Labyrinths. Store
    is opened by spending money in the reverse store until the seller removes his
    Used to remove the skull walls in the Mother's Shrine.
    I. Crystal Skull
    Obtained in Mother's Shrine after the Diary. See Diary for more details.
    Used to solve various puzzles.
    J. Chalice/Cup
    Used to hold the liquid to clense mother. Obtained...
    K. Pepper
    Gotten from the skeleton in the Gate of Illusion, used to retrieve his
    treasure. Use in front of the first face in the Guidance Gate.
    L. Woman Statue
    Statue used for puzzles in the chamber of birth and temple of the moon.
    Acquired in the chamber of birth by activating a trap then disabling it by
    placing a weight on a skeleton which then allows you to escape.
    M. Infinity Key
    Retrieve from the 
    N. Serpeant Staff
    Gotten from the Anubis in the Chamber of Moon. Used in puzzles and to kill
    the Algol protecting the Roc's Feather.
    O. La Mulana Pendant [post-diary] or Diary OR Ruins Tag [pre-diary]
    Tag is gotten from the remains of the broken statue of the Sun Shrine.
    After the chest appears in chamber of mother, the diary is retrieved from there
    when you get Xelpud's help to get to it. The Pendant is gotten from showing
    Xelpud the diary. 
    Pendant is used to retrieve items from "cursed" chests.
    ---Non-Useable Item List---
    A. MobileSuperX / MobileSuperX2
    This is your computer! 1000 MB Base ram. Upgrade to 2000 for 250 on the 
    surface after Bahamut.
    B. Heat-proof Case
    Protects against the computer in the heat! Bought for 80 coins from
    C. Water-proof Case
    Protects against the computer in the water. Bought for 80 coins from 
    D. Conch
    Makes a noise whenever solving a puzzle. Gotten on surface by putting a weight
    onto a pedastel. 
    E. Glove
    Pushes blocks faster. Retrieved from Spring in the Sky after activating the
    water flow.
    F. Grail
    Allows warping between scanned Grail Points. Gotten in Guidance gate by pushing
    a block onto a switch. Requires using the hidden passage in the wall.
    G. Necklace of Isis
    Gives access to faeries. Found in Sun Shrine, above the entrance to the
    Burning Caverns.
    H. Cross
    Makes you invulnerable (in fact it kills) the red and blue spirits. 
    Found by hitting 3 points w/ flares after opening them with the 3rd seal in the
    Guidance Gate (next to grail point).
    I. Helmet
    Protects you from waterfalls! Bought for 60 coins in the Twin Labyrinths.
    J. Grapple Claw
    Allows grappling to walls and jumping from those walls. Found in the
    Chamber of the Moon, near the entrance to the Gate of Illusion.
    K. Bronze Mirror
    Allows access to the backside areas. Found in the Sun Shrine. After 
    activating the block in the Chamber of Extinction's Entrance.
    L. Eye of Truth
    Allows you to see the Hidden (invis) enemies in the Tower of the Goddess 
    Found in the Tower of the Goddess after flooding the tower, and placing weights
    on the pedastels on the top of the left tower.
    M. Ring
    Allows extra shots of subweapons on the screen. Found in Twin Labyrinths
    by pushing a switch in the room.
    N. Scale-o-sphere
    Disables damage while swimming in water. Gotten after using the first seal
    at the top of the Spring of the Sky.
    O. Gauntlet
    Increases weapon attack speed. Gotten by using the 3rd seal in the Mausoleum
    of the Giants and the double jump and grapple claw.
    P. Anchor
    Increases weight allowing you to drop in water. Gotten after retrieving the 
    skeleton's treasure in the Chamber of Illusion
    Q. Airplane (model)
    Allows you to fight Palenque. Gotten in the Tower of Goddess. Must flood the
    tower and kill the mini-bosses to open the chest.
    R. Ocarina
    Gotten by impregnanting the women statue and giving "birth" inside the Chamber
    of the Moon. Activates the Sages.
    S. Roc's Feather
    Allows Double Jump. Gotten by defeating the Algol. Requires Serpeant Staff.
    T. Book (scroll?) of the Dead
    Allows you to damage Anubis, and take no damage from the lower Anubis' attacks.
    Gotten from Mulbruk after you try to damage Anubis once.
    U. Body Armor
    Reduces the damage taken. Gotten in the secret room in Chamber of Illusion.
    After destroying the faerie block and putting a weight on the pedastel in the
    grail point room. Go to the hidden room with a key faerie. (The hidden room is
    below the faerie point in the Chamber of Illusion). 
    V. Scripture
    Increases "EXP" gained. Bought from the shop in the hidden room of the 
    Chamber in the Moon.
    W. Boots
    Increases walking speed. Bought for 60 coins from the shop in the Mausoleum of
    the Giants.
    X. Fruit of Eden
    Allows you to bypass the Illusion of the Gate of Illusion. Gotten from the
    Chamber of the Moon. Must scan 4 points to activate the 4 pedastels. Then
    Place weights on those pedastels in the proper order to obtain. See walkthrough
    point [insert point here].
    Y. Twin Statue
    Allows use of the twin warps inside the Twin Labyrinths. Gotten inside the
    Infinite Chamber, near the running puzzle. Timer must be active to retrieve.
    Z. Bracelet
    Allows you to break pots in 1 hit. Bought for 150 coins in the Twin Labyrinths.
    AA. Perfume
    Allows you to kill skeletons in 1 hit. Gotten from a puzzle in Chamber of Birth
    Let a mudman hit the switch for you. Takes time.
    BB. Shoulder pads (of something...)
    Gotten from the Goddess Tower exit to Gate of Illusion. Bring a key fairy to
    unlock the section holding the chest.
    CC. Dimensional Key
    Allows you to kill the minibosses in the Dimensional Corridor. Gotten from
    the monument of birth (new puzzle) See walkthrough point [insert point here].
    DD. Ice Cape
    Reduces the damage from Lava enourmously. Gotten from dropping a weight on
    the pedastel in the lava, then pushing a block onto the switch in the Burning
    ======Weapon/Sub Weapon List======           [GP_004]
    A comprehensive list of the weapons in Lemeza's arsenal. Each has two ratings
    one is for speed and the other is for damage. Subweapons will also have a 3rd
    rating, where I rate how useful it generally is follow by a few quick comments.
    The names I use are derived from the La Mulana PC translation. These might not
    be accurate for the NA release but this guide will be updated at that time.
    All weapons are listed with a star rating 5 stars (*****) is the best.
    Speed is listed as a ?/? for with and without the gauntlet
    ---Weapon List---
     A. WHIP
     Lemeza's trusty weapon! He is no indiana jones, but this is probably the most
     basic weapon in all of La Mulana. It has a bit of reach behind and in front of
     the character. Its low damage makes it an "ok" weapon but its better to use
     any of the other weapons over this one.
     Damage: *
     Speed: ***/****
     The first whip upgrade that is available in the Burning Cavern. Requires the
     third? seal to unlock. Beat the fire demon to get access to puzzle. Drop
     a weight to raise a platform to the top. Use this platform to get to the top
     and drop a weight to open the Chain whip. It is just a strong version of the
     Damage: ***
     Speed: ***/****
     C. MACE
     The Second whip upgrade in the Tower of the Goddess. You need to speak to the
     sage who opens the trial. This is a weight puzzle and unless there are 
     multiple solutions (not confirmed) LLRRRLL stand on right is the solution.
     Damage: *****
     Speed: ***/****
     D. KNIFE
     Knife is the quickest weapon of the bunch but has very little range. But its
     damage is better than the basic whip but worse than the chain whip. The knife
     is found in the Sun Shrine, by shooting a pot with 3 shurikens then placing a
     weight to unlock it all in the same room.
     Damage: **
     Speed: ****/*****
     One of the worst weapons in La Mulana, it is required to fight Mother. This
     weapon has a lot of lateral (horizontal) range forward but is very weak. 
     This is as strong as the basic whip and just as fast. Found in the Infinite
     Corridor when walking the numbers.
     Damage: *
     Speed: ***/****
     F. AXE
     The boss killer of La Mulana! This strong weapon is located in the Chamber
     of the Moon. This is hidden behind a wall 1 room below the Eden Fruit (old
     map room PC version). Just need to break the stone/skull holding the boulder
     then dodge its falling. Axe will appear. Axe hits above and in front of you.
     Damage: *****
     Speed: **/***
     G. KATANA
     This is the low hitting weapon of the game. Just as powerful (if maybe a
     little less) than the axe, but hits low. Just as quick. Resides within the
     twin labyrinths. After shutting off the poison merely hit the two switches
     on the entrance and exit to the area holding the Katana.
     Damage: ****
     Speed: **/***
    ---Sub Weapon List---
     The first subweapon of the game. Poor damage but common and easy to replenish.
     Found in the Gate of Guidance by dropping a weight on the pedastel below it.
     Damage: *
     Speed: **** (limit 2 until ring, which changes to 3)
     The "second" general subweapon of the game. Found by killing the ghost subboss
     in the Mausoleum of the Giants. Rolls on the ground.
     Damage: *
     Speed: *** (limit 2)
     C. SPEARS
     Obtained in the Tower of Ruin. Place a weight on the pedastel in the room 
     above the spears. Thrown directly below you.
     Damage: **
     Speed: **** (limit 2)
     D. FLARES
     Obtained in the Burning Cavern by solving a block puzzle behind a hidden wall.
     The wall is the top left of the room with a bunch of blocks. Fired directly
     above. (The damage got nerfed from the PC ver).
     Damage: **
     Speed: ** (limit 2)
     Obtained in the Graveyard of the Giants by fighting the Fox Spirit Miniboss.
     Tower of Goddess must be flooded first.
     Damage: ***/**** (depends on hits)
     Speed: * (limit 1)
     Obtained in the Chamber of Extinction by defeating the mini-boss spirit. 
     One of the more OP weapons. Does a lot of damage and returns to you! Required
     for a puzzle in Chamber of Birth.
     Damage: ***/**** 
     Speed: ** (limit 1/2)
     Obtained ??. 
     Weapon is dropped behind you which does damage to targets it touches (even 
     Damage: *
     Speed: ** (limit 2/3)
     H. GUN
     Powerful quick shots. Bought on Surface for 100 coins. Each set of 6 bullets
     then cost a lot! (400 or 350 depending on store).
     Damage: *****
     Speed: *** (limit 2 shots at a time).
     I. SHIELD(S)
       a. Small Shield
       Bought on Surface for 10 coins. Only Soo many uses. Will break and must be
       b. Silver Shield
       Found in the Graveyard of Giants by attacking a floor and falling down it.
       Blocks more than the shield. Never have to replace, but can be de-equipped
       by blocking too much.
       c. Aegis Shield
       Found in the Dimensional Corridor. By lighting all of the torches. Required
       for getting the Chalice. Blocks more than Silver Shield.
       All shields have a block limit before they break/become unequipped. Simply
       repurchase or re-equip the shield to put it back to use.
      Used to summon bosses. Found in each area by different means.
      Described within walkthrough.
    ======*.EXE List======                        [GP_005]
    These are the executables found in La Mulana. These are used in the
    MobileSuperX computer that Lemeza carries. Some have combos with another .EXE.
    This is a complete list, also contains what they combine with and their general
    affect of the combo.
     A. reader.exe
     Translates ruins tablets. 
     B. xmailer.exe
     Xelpud's mailer. Receives Emails from xelpud.
     C. glglmap.exe
     Displays the basic map (if gotten) for the zone.
     D. glglstr.exe
     Displays the full map include secret rooms (if gotten) for the zone.
     E. bunemon.exe
     Allows you to record hints.
     F. bunplux.exe
     Allows you to record MORE hints (needs bunemon.exe).
     G. torude.exe
     Allows you to scan. Needed to get hints off of walls and retrieve 
     Mantra.exe and emusic.exe
     H. guild.exe
     Chimes when a hidden shop is around.
     I. mantra.exe
     Selects which Mantra to chant.
     J. emusic.exe
     Allows you to play music from the game.
     K. deathv.exe
     Makes a Ping when a hidden room/store is on the screen.
     L. randc.exe
     M. capstar.exe
     N. move.exe
     O. mekuri.exe
     P. bounce.exe
     Q. miracle.exe
     R. mirai.exe
     Allows backside Grail point warping.
     S. lamulana.exe
    ======Basic Hints / Tutorial to La Mulana======         [GP_006]
    Welcome to La Mulana! Where your brain will need to be used as the great ruins
    is filled with traps and puzzles. There are many things in La Mulana Wii to
    help a new person to the game. People familiar with the PC will have a general
    idea on what to do, and while the early game is mostly the same, the late game
    has been changed to a great extent! Reading a PC FAQ will only work for so far
    into the game. Here are some tips to help you progress.
    The 10 "hints" to La Mulana Wii
    1. Conserve sub-weapons! Sure they are buyable and generally useful, dont spam
    them at all times or you might find yourself farming for coins to deal with
    something you didn't see coming. Using all your flares on a boss could leave 
    you quite seriously in the dark in the Chamber of Extinction, while without a
    chakram it'd be impossible to progress past a certain point.
    2. All enemies have 3 potential drops. EXP, Money, and an Item. This item is
    fixed! If you notice a bird drops a weight, he will always drop a weight if
    an item is rolled. So if you want to farm specific subweapons, find the enemy
    that drops it. There will be a list later {link to it here}.
    3. HP is now easier and harder to refill. EXP is capped at your HP value and 
    not the full bar. So at 32 hp you need 32exp to refill! 64 hp, 64exp. This just
    more helpful in general, but exp is now a drop. So its harder to get those 
    valueable exps. Be sure to visit the HOT SPRINGS on the surface or within the
    Graveyard of the Giants (after activating it) if you need a health boost.
    4. Pay attention to the background! This is now important in La Mulana Wii.
    You wont ever know where something is if you dont watch the background, and in
    some cases, the background contains hints for progression! See a serpeant? Try
    to use the staff somewhere. See a skull shaped hole.. you get the picture 
    right? Useable items are now useable! So aim to use them! Also it helps to scan
    the "paintings" in the background. They might tell you something important!
    *HINT* This is how we figured out how to flood the left side of the Tower in
    the Japanese version without being fully able to read Japanese! *HINT*
    5. Save after SCANNING each grail point. Because you generally do NOT revisit
    most grail points the first time you scan them, the game creates the continue
    point before the scan. if you die in that area you might forget to rescan that
    grail point! This can make something annoying if you "swear you had this point"
    and when you try to warp to it later, you have to track to it again!
    6. If you are stumped or need a hint, feel free to visit Xelpud (surface) or
    Mulbruk (Sun Shrine). They will often being your shining light and help
    you advance! *HINT* They changed up getting the serpeant staff *HINT*
    7. Hold no wall or statue or 'thing' sacred, unless it strikes at you with 
    lightning! There are more secrets in this game. Fake walls are here and there,
    breakable walls are common, and heck sometimes you might need a specific weapon
    and/or subweapon to 'open' an area. More or less this will lead you to a bunch
    of coins (which who doesn't love $$$$), but often it can be necessary to
    8. Faeries are your friend. There are 4(!) different faeries in La Mulana Wii.
    Two of them are new (what?)! There is of course the Healing Faerie who does
    12 hp every few seconds, and the Key faerie to unlock things. But now there are
    the Battle Faerie, attacks with your currently equipped subweapon (thats not
    a gun), and the Coin/Luck Faerie which spawns more coins/weights/subweapons 
    from pots and enemies that are broken. It even forces pots to respawn the 10
    coins they normally hold! There are rom combos to guarentee each one but if you
    are unable to use that combo, you can manip faeries in a different way.
      a. Each faerie has a different appearance animation. As long as you warp away
      or exit the screen before it fully forms you can retry for a different one.
       I. Healing Faerie is a circle w/ 2 stars forming it!
       II. Battle Fearie is a star pointed one w/ 2 stars forming it!
       III. Coin/Luck Faerie is I and II combined (animations)
       IV. Key Faerie is star pointed with 4 stars forming it. Slightly different
           from that of the battle faerie.
      b. See rom combos for which forces which faerie to spawn. 
    9. Traps now do a portion of your max health in damage. 1/5th to be as
    accurate as possible. Please note this, so a trap is the same amount of danger
    no matter how much HP you have, but as you progress traps take more HP off, so
    it can take longer to recoup! Be careful of traps in your adventure.
    10. Try not to get frustrated! Sometimes the easy way is really the way to do
    it! My friend once shrugged off an easy idea that came to his head while
    playing, when I told him later how to do it and it was what he had said... well
    its quite easy to see he facepalmed right? Try everything and anything that
    might come to mind! Nigoro went all out in their puzzles, and made sure that
    they kept it all in good clean fun. Just have fun warping in pipes ya? *HINT*
    ======Walkthrough======                                 [GP_007]
     a. The Adventure beings here!                 [Surface/Guidance]
       -Get 20 coins, 1 weight
       -Talk to Xelpud
       -Buy Scanner, and 1 set of Weights
       -Get Conch
       -Retrieve DeathV.exe
       -Open La Mulana
       -Get first Life Crystal
       -Get Shurikens/activate 2 chests.
       -Retrieve Map
       -Activate Elevator
       -Kill 2 red skeletons
       -Open Amphisbaena's Room
       -Retrieve Grail
       -Get 2 chests
       -Warp to surface buy scanner.exe
       -Get Weights (15)
       -Spawn Amphisbaena's altar
       -Get hidden chest
       -Retrieve Ankh Jewel
       -Kill Amphis. (Alternate heads)
       *Note* I do not always tally weights from now on, please make sure you
       bring plenty of them into La Mulana! 20+ is recommended upon any journey
       from the surface into the dungeon from now on.
       *NOTE#2* This guide will recommend getting 'hidden' chests to keep your
       money flow high. This game has a lot of buyables so dont 'waste' your money
       as a recommendation, nothing 'required' takes more than 200 coins!
     b. You mean... its dead?                             [Mausoleum]
       -Activate (scan) Guidance Gate Grail Point
       -Go to Mausoleum of Giants
       -Get Throwing Stars [aka Rolling Shuriken]
       -Buy Boots
       -Set Time to (star)
       -Activate Ankh Jewel chest pedastal
       -Get Life Crystal
       -Get Ankh Jewel
       -Set Time to (sun)
       -Get Altar to Appear by dropping weight on pedastel by Twin Labys exit
       -Buy Helmet for 60 coins in Twin Labyrinths
       -Set Time to (moon)
       -Fight Sakit
       -Activate Infinite Chamber Grail Point.
       -Talk to Faerie Queen
       -Return to Guidance Gate.
     c. Run away like an Egyptian!                      [SunShrine]
       -Go to Sun Shrine
       -Activate Grail Point
       -Get Dagger
       -Warp to Grail
       -Activate Mine Cart
       -Activate light for platforms
       -Activate Map chest (floor switch)
       -Retrieve Map
       -Push mine Cart
       -kill bats to spawn life crystal on way down
       -get Ankh Jewel
       -Retrieve life crystal / finish activating Elmac's Altar
       -Open the Sun
       -*OPTIONAL* Retrieve Axe Early. Not required covered later in guide...
       -Buy Waterproof Case
       -Fight Ellmac   
      d. Bathing in the sky...                        [SpringInTheSky]
       -Warp to Mausoleum, go to Labyrinths shop, buy 20 weights (40coins)
           The above will unlock the opposite shop, go buy dragon skull now
       -Return to Guidance Gate
       -Go to Spring in the Sky (get 2 chests if have not yet)
       -Activate Grail point.
       -get caltrops
       -fight miniboss
       -get seal
       -get scaleosphere
       -start waterflow
       -get gloves
       -Get Ankh Jewel
       -Get Hidden Chest
       -drain water to Sun Shrine
       -Go to Sun Shrine
       -Get Bronze Mirror  (Activate switch in Extinction)
       -Warp to Sun Shrine Grail
       -fight miniboss to exit to burning cavern
       -get flares
       -activate burning caverns Grail Point
       -get ice cape
       -Go to Sun Shrine
       -Go to Moonlight Shrine
       -GET AXE *Skip if gotten earlier*
       -Save/heal -> Fight Bahamut.
      e. Preparations for the backend                    [PrepForBack]
       -Get 2nd Seal
       -Get Life Crystal (just below seal)
       -Get Hidden Exe
       -Get chest (top of waterfall)
       -Get isis pendant
       -Go to Moonlight Shrine
       -Activate Anubis / Attack
       -Book of Dead / Kill Anubis
       -Roc's Feather
       -Buy MSX2
       -Buy 20 more weights!
       -Go back to Moonlight Shrine
       -Eden Fruit/Grapple Claw
       -Go to Chamber of Extinction and scale through it grabbing the chakram from
         the mini-boss, and then eventually unlocking the 3rd seal by using
    	 the hidden 'passage' by the water. Scan the Grail point!
       -Go to Graveyard of the Giants
       -secret chest above the 'secret path' to the grail point, also get the 
        grail point. [The room with the possible to block off puzzle]
       -open hotspring!
       -Silver Shield *Hint* Attack the ground just above where it is to fall down
       -remove giant's eye
       -get mirai
       -Warp to Spring in Sky
       -Life crystal (spring in sky 1n sage)   
       -Warp to burning Caverns / Get Chain Whip
       -stash of coins on surface (use 3rd seal)
       ***Gate of Illusion detour***
       -drop weight to activate gate
       -fools go down not up, scan blue sphere, then fall down.
       -fools go down not up, mario under pots (first pot on left to be specific)
       -take pepper to start of guidance gate use on face
       -get cross from guidance gate
       -return treasure for anchor
       -drop weight to open area
       -get mini-doll
       -erase 5 before 1 disappears *new pedastel puzzle*
       -continue with gate of illusion to grail point
       -mini-doll use in mausoleum of giants
       -save/heal  -> shut off virgins to shu
       -(optional) open body armor, retrive w/ key faerie (break faerie wall from
           elevator then drop weight on it. key faerie unlocks chest. 1s of faerie
       -kill shu
       -get infinite key!
       -get MAP .exe's (Guidance from Illusion + surface buy)
       ***Infinite Corridor/Shrine of Mother detour***
       -Talk to QUEEN FAERIE *IMPORTANT* Activates Faeries
       -use infinite key to go down
       -get keyblade (kill flowers?)
       -walk the #'s to open key use to go down solution here: 
        http://i55.tinypic.com/dh6at1.png  :: Thank you CrispyYoshi
       -Fools try to run, activate timer to use secret passage to get twin statue
       -Open next floor down, avoid all traps (best you can) to drop weight
       -Last floor. (Heal/return if low from traps).
       -Read tablet, go to right side, drop weight, go back to left, drop weight
          fight 1 eye, then kill 100 eye. 
    	 Best way to do this is use of axe!
       -shrine of mother now open
       -*optional* Dive into shrine until you get to grail point. 
      f. Wow its hot in here...                        [BurningCavern]
       -Mausoluem -> Grave -> Tower of Ruin
       -Get Life Crystal
       -Fight miniboss
       -Get Ankh
       -Get Spears
       -Activate stuff / Grail / 20% la Mulana-ese
       -Buy Toruda.exe
       -Burning Cavern -> Activate Altar
       -Fight Viy
       -Escape Chamber of Extinction
      g. Twins?! But they dont even look the same..    [TwinLabyrinths]
       -Activate Twin Labs (poison puzzle)
       -go 1l to drop weight to activate elevator
       -go 1r for twin labs Grail (front) (left side)
       -Zip to Surface -> Tower of Goddess
       -Read the disappearing tablet -> drop weight -> Flood the tower! (sorta)
        The points for this are Pot in Mausoleum (being pointed to) and fake wall
    	in Spring in the Sky on the RIGHT SIDE, where a painting faces left.
    	2s1e of Mausoleum Grail, 3s of Sky Grail
       -Get Grail point  (Tower of Goddess)
       -Flood Tower Mausoleum
       -Flood Tower Shrine
       -Fight Minibosses in Tower
       -Climb left side of tower, drop weights, get eye of truth
       -power statues -> get airplane model
       -Activate Statues
       -Graveyard of giants tower exit -> open fox room
         Activate all pedastels 1n of the way you got in, then follow the chain.
       -Get bombs! (fight foxy)
       -Go back to Twin Labs (right side) (Moon)
       -Rev Grail Point -> Activate chest (flare)
       -Fight Rtside miniboss
       -Open Katana
       -Activate Black Mage for thingy (do not kill)
       -Twin warp to left side, Solve puzzles for Lantern of time
       -Activate pedastel (flare)
       -get Ring
       -Activate chest (pedastel weight)
       -get front grail
       -get katana
       -grab ankh
       -fight left side miniboss
       -life crystal
       -kill baphomet
       -exit/save twin labs, take breath.
       -Warp front Twin labs, go right until chamber of mother entrance, get map.
      h. More preparations                           [PrepForPalenque]
       -Go to Upper Illusion Gate (Tower of Goddess Entrance)
       -Get to Fly Wheel Room and activate retrival quest
       -Read the 3 tablets (1s)
       -Break the stopped pots
       -Kill the Mini Boss [ Bat ]
       -Put the lizard in the light
       -get and activate the Flywheel
       -Go to Holy Shrine of mother (grail point active if you did optional early)
       -use glgl maps (both) to show hidden statue
       -use dragon skull on statue to remove walls
       -go check on "diary"
       -Get "tag" from statue in Sun Shrine
       -show tag to xelpud
       -use xelpud's help to get diary!
       -show xelpud the diary to get talisman
       -Go to Infinite Corridor and get Death Seal! La Mulanaese 60% tablet
       -Retrieve Crystal Skull and Life crystal *missable if you kill 8 bosses
          before retriving this crystal*
      i. Take down that flying man!              [ChamberOfExtinction]
       -Go to Chamber of Birth (Side 1) [Goddess -> Graveyard -> Birth]
       -First tablet in Chamber!! La Mulana-ese %'age tablet (100%)
       -*OPTIONAL* Wait for mudman to trigger switch for perfume
       -Activate 'secret' glyph
       -'push' over things to break wall
       -Get "statue"
       -Activate "painting" *requires wall warping*
       *impregnanting statue*
       -go to colorful squigglies in Sun Shrine
       -take it to moonlight into the V or U shaped area, pause until lameza is 
         sleeping then unpause
       -Grab ocarina and go to sage 1r
       -Go to Spring in the sky's sage
       -Tower of Goddess' Sage + Mace upgrade LL RRR LL (R)<this is Lemeza
       -*optional* if lantern lit, stop time and open up secret shop when doing
         the one below
       -Go to Chamber of Birth (other) (left side of tower)
       -Break pot and show statue to get map
       -Present Serpeant Staff in front of snake picture
       -Use Crystall Skull on skull imprint
       -Same room enter the mudman hole to buy Ankh Jewel (150)
       -Statue on Left, Dragon Skull on Right, infinite key while falling in middle
       -Throw chakram to hit "amazon" switch
       -Continue on.... until fly wheel, use it on BOTH imprints
       -continue on using warp to drop a weight on the pedastel
         on the wall on the opposite side, swing to open path to chest opened
    	 earlier... Retrieve this! This is the dimensional key!
       -Continue back to "amazon" point, then go into 'secret' path (jump) to
        push forward. Drop down and eventually do Dance of Life
       -Reset to get back to fight Mudman for Pochette Key
       -Warp to Chamber of Extinction to show Pochette key in painting.
        *Optional* Earlier you triggered 1 part to light this chamber up for good.
    	Re-do the puzzle to get the 3rd seal to re-trigger another seal. This will
    	make the lamp show up, fire a flare at it (above the elevator going up and
    	down) to light this area for good.
       -Prep for Palenque / Go to Burning -> Chamber for Boss fight
         Use Pochette key to start Plane in battle   
      j. Giant Snake Ladies? NOT COOL!           [DimensionalCorridor]
       -Prepare mentally, get a good cry, ready thyself!
         *OPTIONAL* Go to 'hidden room' in Moonlight Shrine to buy Scripture 
    	 This will make your exp gains about double meaning you might not have to
    	 leave to heal
       -Head to Dimensional Corridor entrance in Twin Labs, show off Crystal Skull
       for entry.
       -Grab map
       -Fight the mini bosses IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER FOR BEST RESULTS!
         *NOTE* There is a way to get stuck, and this will guarantee you get the
    	 Aegis without any problems! Also Warping is disabled in here until the
    	 boss has been killed. Use of Lantern of time once per set is suggested.
    	 *NOTE* This is supposedly fixed w/ the updated version of the game.
       -Fight Bull (Left Up from grail)
       -Talk to Sage, get BIRTH and DEATH mantras
       -Fight Merman (2 down from Bull)
       -Fight Scorpion Girl?
       -Fight Fox (Up Up Left from Grail)
       -Activate 1st pedastel! (Aegis room)
       -Fight Worm Egg
       -Finish getting Aegis! (2nd and 3rd pedastels)
       -Fight Tornado Wyvern to get to return to grail
       -Trash Worm (large)
       -Kill Armored Knight/Fish
       -Take out Chimera Charger?
       -Two bosses left! Activate Secret entrance by 'summoning the spirits'
         Fox room, Worm Room, Chimera room, Tornado Room (?) -> Opening
    	 To summon attack left/right for a bit in middle of room.
       -Kill Next Mini boss for Ankh Jewel
       -Grail Point save/heal
       -Tackle final Mini-boss above Boss chamber
        *OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED* There is the final life crystal above this miniboss
    	instead of using him as a platform ala PC he drops water orbs which summon
    	a water pillar you can use you jump to the platform. This is the 'harder'
    	method but has no inherent danger. The other method of getting up is via
    	damage boosting as he moves to the right side. After this the "true" way
    	of getting to the crystal is by using your Lantern of Time but this isn't
    	necessary. You can make it with a Straight up jump fall into a double jump
    	onto the small platform. Then from there it should be clear...
       -Take on the Lady known as Tiamat. She is one giant snake lady.
      k. Repeat after me M-A-N-T-R-A              [ChantingTheMantras]
       -Obtain Magatama from chest after Tiamat.
       -Goddess -> Graveyard -> Birth -> Extinction
       -Fight double mini-boss then re-enter room, use magatama in middle of room
        after the floor elevates you
       -Continue on to Surface -> Extinction -> Inferno Tower.
       -Activate ladder by pedastel 1r
       -Activate 2nd stairs by pedastel at base of ladder
       -Prepare/fight Nu-Wa for the Wedge
       -Warp to chamber of Extinction and obtain the mantra.exe from the lit up
        wall. Use Toruda.exe to "scan" the room. It will show up.
       *Actual Mantra Chanting! Mantras show up in REVERSE AREA NUMBER ORDER*
       -Warp to infinite corridor and go to "entrance" to reveal Mantra tablet
       -READ the tablet to obtain the mantra
       -Use it 2L to reveal the "seal" (if you dont see the seal it didn't work).
         Make sure to select it in Mantra.exe
       -Warp to Goddess -> Graveyard -> Birth -> Extinction read tablet
       -Chant back at Entrance to extinction in Birth
       -Go Obtain the Chalice (Birth)
       -Warp to Rev Twin Labs, get Mantra 2L, chant it 1R of grail
       -Warp to Goddess -> Inferno -> Extinction, crack the snake statue
       -Warp to Sun Shrine -> Burning, get mantra.
       -Warp to Goddess -> Inferno, chant at first faerie.
       -Chant DEATH to the two LONE faeries, BIRTH to the pack. Obtain yellow
         fluid into the Chalice.
       -Warp to Goddess go 1N of surface entrance, read Mantra (its in the light)
       -Chant in the MACE room
       -Warp to Sun Shrine, read Mantra behind broken statue
       -Warp to Moonlight Shrine, chant mantra in Anubis room (snake staff room)
       -Warp to Goddess -> Graveyard, climb up to get Mantra
       -Chant Mantra at entrace to Illusion in Graveyard. (suggestion warp to
         Illusion for quicker trip).
       -Warp to Guidance Gate, shuriken room holds mantra
       -Chant Mantra in Bat room in Illusion (room next to Flywheel).
       -Mantra's are done, check vocal chords, save/etc.
       -Retrieve any OPTIONALS you wish to at this time... its approaching.
      l. Crying Mother                         [TrueShrineOfTheMother]
       -Warp to Infinite -> True Holy Mother Shrine.
        *NOTE* The shrine is different, you can climb on some tentacles.
       -Go to where you got Crystal Skull to place a weight
       -Push to Beelzebub and kill him.
       -Obtain Grail Point
       -Warp to Infinite Corridor and visit Queen Faerie.
       -Stock up/Final Preparation
       -Grail -> Mother....
      n. Wait What? ESCAPE? HOLYYYYYYYY                    [TheEscape]
    ======FAQ======                                         [GP_008]
    There really isn't much here yet, but feel free to email me at
    roydragonlynbt AT gmail DOT com
    Q: How do you flood the Goddess Tower?
    A: There are two parts to it now after reading the tablet. The right side is
    flooded by going down through the pot in the Mausoleum of the Giants. The pot
    in question is the one being pointed to near Sakkit (to the right).
    The left side is flooded just in the Spring of the Sky. Look for the painting
    facing to the left and its through a false wall on the right. Remember where
    you flooded the water into the Sun Shrine? Top Right wall there.
    Q: How do you get into the Gate of Confusion/Illusion?
    A: There is a new item in La Mulana Wii compared to the PC version. You now
    need the Fruit of Eden. This is not found in the tower of the Goddess cause
    the tree doesn't exist in this version. Instead it is hidden where the map
    used to be in the PC version (room w/ the 4 extra chests). The 4 pedastels
    are missing and can be revealed by scanning 4 points in the Moonlight Shrine.
    A. Platform above the Grapple Claw Chest      B. Between the 4 Hands
    C. The trap pedastel at the bottom of the elevators
    D. "Between two Dancers". Best described as next to the platform spawn near
    where you open up the way to the mini-boss Anubis.
    Q: How do you kill things in the Dimensional Corridor?
    A: There is another new item! (Joy!) This is the Dimensional Key, which 
    grants Lemeza the ability to permanently kill the mini-bosses. Without this
    kills do not count. To retrieve, go to Chamber of Birth and open the chest
    by using the Infinite key while falling endlessly. Then open the path from
    the room to the right (use wall warps to arrive). Easy to get from there.
    ======Massive Game Checklist======                      [GP_009]
    TO BE WORKED ON! Right now the outline of the guide is pretty much this...
    ======Acknowledgements / To do List======               [GP_010]
    Thank you to UltraJMan for introducing me to La Mulana and the joys of this
    Thank you to CrispyYoshi for the image of the new 'numbers' puzzle and also
    for being there and apart of the crew.
    Thank you to the crew who helped J and myself and a few others accomplish the
    feat of beating this game while still in japanese!
    I still have to actually write a physical walkthrough other than just a list
    of checkpoints with minor details.
    Need to retrieve the list of functions of rom combos.
    Need to retrieve the list of the rest of the roms.
    Need to find the "alleged" emusic2.exe
    Need to write a "good" boss guide.
    Need to devote more time to this guide.
    Need to include more of the optionals (like Gate of Time)
    This guide is permitted for use only on gamefaqs.com
    Any other website using this guide without my permission is obviously
    breaking this and I would appreciate notices. Thank you very much!

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