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"PAC-MAN for the next generation?"

GEON is a unique puzzle/platforming/strategy game where you control a cube around a grid collecting pellets. Yes, almost just like PAC-MAN. What keeps you on your toes is that on the underside of the grid is your opponent who is trying to do the same thing. You win when you've collected the target number of pellets, go around to your opponents side of the grid and land on the finish square. To keep things interesting, you can pick from a number of cubes each with its own unique powerup ability. For example, one powerup allow you to dart around the grid very fast while another sends spikes onto your opponent's side causing them to lose pellets if they collide with one. Choosing the cube that best matches your style of gameplay is the way to come out on top.

Story: 3/3

There is absolutely no story, but no story was really needed.

Manual design and In-game menus: 2/2

Nothing to complain about here. You won't be confused navigating the menus.

Graphics: 8/10

The beauty of GEON Cube's graphics are in their simplicity. Because the gameplay relies on split-second decisions and fast reflexes, anything other than minimalistic would have detracted from the gameplay. The powerups each have a unique graphical effect but they're constrained enough to allow you to see what you're still doing. I deducted 2 points for the lack of sharpness, but that's mostly to blame on the Wii's graphical limitations.

Audio: 5/10

The music is completely forgettable but completely inoffensive. It doesn't add a single bit to the experience but it's not the kind that you want to mute. It's just there. I think perhaps that a better soundtrack could have added some intensity to the matches or strengthened the futuristic theme the designers were going for.

Controls: 6/10

In theory the control are excellent. You use the nunchuck the control your cube around the grid and a single button to activate the powerups. Unfortunately, the nunchuck simply doesn't respond to your input as fast as it needs to, so when you turn, you often turn a row later than you wanted. For some grid layouts, this can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Gameplay and Fun Factor: 30/55

It's safe to say that the gameplay is very strong and fun, but let's just say that I'm relieved I only paid $15 for this. I got quite a few fun hours from this game and each of the modes has something unique that's fun to try out. However, I got bored after a short time and haven't played it since the first 2 weeks after I bought it.

The gameplay is intense, it's challenging, and it's satisfying when you win, but it's simply too monotonous.

Replay Value: 2/10
Although there are a few modes, the gameplay is absolutely identical. I think it's safe to say that you'll get tired of Geon Cube eventually. This would have made a perfect $10 download title, but there is simple not enough in the game to make it worth any more than $15. If you can find super this cheap, I'd say go for it.

Overall score: 56/100

This very graciously gets rounded up to a 6, but a 5.5 is more accurate.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/20/12

Game Release: GEON Cube (US, 10/27/09)

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