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Reviewed: 01/04/10

Yeah, I have scene it, unfortunately...

Alright, Scene it? Twilight is essentially any old Scene it? Game, except based off the popular series Twilight. (It's a trash series, but only a fool would deny it's popular) So you should be able to expect the same questions from this game. If only that were true, instead what I got from this game (Rented, thank god) was endless female fanservice, and questions that were either impossible to answer unless you were a complete stalker, or so easy an illiterate could have figured them out.

Story: Non-existent.

Well, Twilight's Story is pretty weak in the movie/books (Basically just "Ooh Edward" and the overuse of adjectives describing his perfection) but this doesn't even have a story, because it's not about story, it's about Trivia.

Trivia: 1/10

This stuff borders on insane. It's not even things like "Where was the scene filmed" or "Who said this line" It's just Edward fanservice. It's all things like "What color were Edward's eyes in the last scene" or "How long was Bella staring at Edward?" there was no actual relevant trivia. And the questions were (As stated at the beginning) either impossible unless you stalked the thing. At one point, it showed that clip of them climbing the tree, and the question was "How many takes did it take to make this scene?" which was not mentioned anywhere in the game, at all. Then another question involving that same scene was "How many people were in this scene?" which, if you've seen the scene I'm talking about, is two. It was ridiculous! Then there were the cards you pick up that let you move forward/backward. They all were something along the lines of "Edward took you out to dinner tonight, move forward X spaces" or "You forgot about your date with Edward, move back X spaces" or some slightly different scenario

Design: 1/10

Wow... I don't know how they took a family board game and destroyed it so, the controls are ridiculous on the Wii, and I can't get my system to support the game longer than ten minutes. It may have been a disc problem, because I tried it at my friend's house too, although it was probably just shoddy designing. Also, all the board pieces were Cullens or Bella. This is expected, but seeing as how it's a vampire themed game, they could have at least put Dracula, or count chocula or something in as a joke. But no, it's just the pieces of them. And the graphics, the little cutaways to questions and whatnot were amazingly poor. It was N64 graphical quality. The Wii also isn't able to hold up to HD standards, so all the clips of Twilight were poorly rendered, and seeing as how I was unable to see the smaller details, the questions were impossible. (I couldn't see what color Edward's eyes were, and that came up about three times.) And the soundtrack, you remember that music from the ads for the movie? It was basically the first three seconds of that looped every time you cut.

Fanservice: 10/10

This game is more fanservice than all the internet fanfiction combined. It was ridiculous how often it cut to Edward. You know what, I'm just going to leave this part, but seeing as it's a "Game" this part doesn't count.

Playability: 1/10

Unless you're a droning fan of the series, with nothing better to do, and no access to a DVD player to just watch the movie, this game is not for you. This game borders on stalker levels of obsession, and viewing it objectively renders no other result than failure. This game has almost shattered Konami's dignity entirely. Do not buy this game, even if you are a fan of the series, just rent it.

Overall score: 1/10 because 0 isn't an option.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Scene It? Twilight (US, 11/24/09)

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