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    FAQ/Walkthrough by psychogurl

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    Epic Mickey is copyright Disney.  The guide was written by psychogurl for use by
    GameFAQs.  Please do not post it elsewhere, unless by my written consent.  If
    you would like to host it on another site, or if there are corrections needed to
    the guide itself, please feel free to contact me at psychogurlie@gmail.com.
    Permission to post this guide has also been given to Super Cheats, Cheat
    Happens, Cheat Code Central, and Neoseeker.
    I created this guide while playing through my own copy of Epic Mickey.  However,
    when I first played the game on the thinner route (as I played on the paint path
    first) I used the guide at gamefront.com, listed below. Feel free to check out
    their guide as well as this one.  I decided to separate the game by paths, while
    the one I used simply listed the two side by side, so I won't be offended if you
    prefer the layout to this guide:
    Thinner path finished.  Paint Path hopefully coming soon, as well as a pin list.
    Table of Contents
    I.) THINNER PATH [TP0000]
    A. Dark Beauty Castle [TPDB01]
    1. Slalom [TPSL01]
    2. Ticket Booth [TPTB01]
    3. Jungleboat Ride [TPJB01]
    4. Asiaboat Ride [TPAB01]
    5. World of Gremlins [TPWG01]
    a. Tower [TPWG02]
    6. Euroboat Ride [TPEB01]
    B. Mean Street [TOMS01]
    C. OsTown [TPOT01]
    D. Mickeyjunk Mountain [TPMJ01]
    1. The Piles [TPMJ02]
    2. Mt. Osmore Slopes [TPMJ03]
    3. Mt. Osmore Caverns [TPMJ04]
    E. OsTown [TPOT02]
    F. Mean Street [TPMS02]
    G. Tomorrow City
    1. Notilus [TPTC01]
    2. Tomorrow City Lagoon [TPTC02]
    3. Tomorrow Square [TPTC03]
    4. Space Voyage [TPTC04]
    H. Mean Street [TPMS03]
    I. Ventureland [TPVL01]
    1. Tortooga [TPVL02]
    2. The Jungle [TPVL03]
    3. Tortooga [TPVL04]
    4. Pirate Voyage [TPVL05]
    5. Skull Island [TPVL06]
    J. Ventureland [TPVL07]
    K. Mean Street [TPMS04]
    L. Bog Easy [TPBE01]
    1. Manor House [TPBE02]
    2. Foyer [TPBE03]
    3. Stretching Room [TPBE04]
    4. Library [TPBE05]
    5. Ballroom [TPBE06]
    M. Bog Easy [TPBE07]
    N. Mean Street [TPMS05]
    O. Mt. Osmore Caverns [TPMJ05]
    Q. Bloticles
    1. OsTown [TPOT03]
    2. Mean Street [TPMS06]
    3. Ventureland [TPVL07]
    4. Bog Easy [TPBE08]
    5. Tomorrow Square [TPTC05]
    6. Space Voyage [TPTC06]
    R. Dark Beauty Castle [TPDB02]
    1. Oswald's Throne Room [TPDB03]
    2. Fireworks Control Tower [TPDB04]
    3. Utilidor IV [TPDB05]
    4. Sorrow Tower [TPDB06]
    5. Grief Tower [TPDB07]
    6. Loss Tower [TPDB08]
    7. Utilidor VII [TPDB09]
    S. Inside The Blot [TPTB01]
    II.) Paint Path
    III.) 2-D stages
    A. Mickey and the Beanstalk [2D01]
    B. Steamboat Willie Part 1 [2D02]
    C. Clock Cleaners I [2D03]
    D. Steamboat Willie II [2D04]
    E. Steamboat Willie III [2D05]
    F. Thru the Mirror [2D06]
    G. Mickey's Steamroller [2D07]
    H. Alpine Climbers I [2D08]
    I. Alpine Climbers II [2D09]
    J. Trolley Troubles [2D10]
    K. Great Guns [2D11]
    L. Oh, What a Knight [2D12]
    M. Plutopia I [2D13]
    N. Mickey's Mechanical Man I [2D14]
    O. Plutopia II [2D15]
    P. Mickey's Mechanical Man II [2D16]
    Q. Jungle Rhythm I [2D17]
    R. The Castaway I [2D18]
    S. Jungle Rhythm II [2D19]
    T. The Whalers [2D20]
    U. The Castaway II [2D21]
    V. Shanghaied [2D22]
    W. Lonesome Ghosts I [2D23]
    X. Lonesome Ghosts II [2D24]
    Y. The Mad Doctor I [2D25]
    Z. Haunted House I [2D26]
    AA. The Mad Doctor II [2D27]
    BB. Haunted House II [2D28]
    CC. Haunted House III [2D29]
    DD. Ye Olden Days [2D30]
    EE. Sleeping Beauty [2D31]
    FF. Fantasia I [2D32]
    GG. Fantasia III [2D33]
    HH. Fantasia IV [2D34]
    Dark Beauty Castle [TPDB01]
    Welcome to Epic Mickey.  Feel free to sit back, pop some popcorn, and settle in
    for the beginning animated sequence.  After the mad doctor is defeated, simply
    follow the instructions of the little Gremlin guy, Gus.  Don't worry about
    exploring right now - you'll have time to do that once the giant Swiss army
    knife stops trying to stab you with its corkscrew.  And now, it's time for the
    first warning:  The camera is going to screw you over.  After destroying the
    first control panel, Gus will expect you to jump across the nearby gap to reach
    the next one.  Chances are, you're going to miss once or twice, because the
    camera hates you.  Just give it another try and resign yourself to the fact that
    the camera is quite possibly the most difficult puzzle in this game.
    Kill the second control panel and the battle is over!  Already!  Now it's time
    to explore.  Right now you don't have the ability to use paint or thinner, so
    there are a great many things in this room that are going to frustrate you.
    Just stick to what they give you and you'll be fine.  First order of business is
    to smash pretty much everything you see.  If it looks fragile, give it a spin
    and grab the goodies inside.  Barrels, treasure chests, statues, machinery...
    Feel free to completely wreck the place.  Be sure to duck inside the newly
    opened door, however, to find your first pieces of collectable treasure.  First
    up is some extra content.  When you enter the room, you should see two knights
    with a hovering sketch between them.  Pick this up and you'll receive Mad
    Doctor's Lab II.  Your other treasure is a bronze pin.  Open up the red treasure
    chest and enjoy.
    Once you've smashed everything and collected your treasures, head back upstairs
    and meet up with Gus.  Another animated movie and then you're finally taught how
    to use your paint and thinner.  This hallway is all about practice, so feel free
    to go wild.  From here on out, the material you use will effect your ending, so
    before any major quests come up, resign yourself to either being good or bad.
    Playing in the middle has its advantages, but that's for your last time through
    the game (if you want 100% completion you're going to have to play the game 3
    times through).  As before, feel free to wreck whatever you want.  And if
    there's a barrel hidden behind thinner, paint it and give it a good smack.
    When you reach the first door, you're expected to fill in the middle gear right
    above it.  Most things that can be thinned or painted are fairly easy to
    recognize, so you should see the translucent gear you're going to be painting.
    Fill it in and the door opens up for you.  The next door is your tutorial-
    required thinner puzzle.  Simply thin out the bright colorful pieces around the
    metal door and bam!  Door creates a bridge, you're good to go.  You've got one
    more puzzle before you're done, however.  With a group of rocks in your way,
    thin the floor underneath them and watch them sink.  Once they're gone, paint
    the area back in and stroll on out to start your battle tutorial.
    Now it's time to choose how you're going to play!  Generally, defeating your
    enemies doesn't have much to do with your ending.  However, it does have a big
    impact on your character's abilities later on (in the form of guardians).  Since
    this is the thinner path, feel free to find the little sucker and melt him.  If
    you're feeling particularly cheap, you can always hop up on any of the broken
    walls in the area and shoot him from where he can't reach you.  You'll find you
    can do this quite a lot with your enemies.  Later enemies learn how to deal with
    your little cheater ways, but for right now you're good.  Once they're dead,
    there are tons of plants, barrels, and breakable material to screw around with.
    Don't feel obligated, though.  But you might want those E-tickets to buy some
    stuff later.
    Your first order of business in this room is the giant cage in the middle, but
    you can do some exploring first.  From where you first entered the stage there's
    a big red door on the left side.  Thin it out for the Dark Beauty Castle pin.
    Following that wall north you'll find a large blue ramp.  Thin it out to reveal
    the Dark Beauty Castle I extra content.  You'll actually need this ramp later
    so fill it back in once you're done.
    You can actually continue with the stage from here, but there's no real benefit
    if you do so let's just head on over to that cage over there.  The designers
    decided to lure you over there with a shiny e-ticket, so head on over and grab
    it.  Uh-oh!  Now Gus has you trapped and he's not letting you move until you
    spin that stupid gear to his satisfaction.  Wait all you want, he's just going
    to continue saying it until you've learned a lesson in obedience!  Spin three
    times and he'll let you move again.  Now it's time for your first moral decision
    of the game.  You can save the poor little gremlin or get yourself some freE
    tickets.  This is a thinner run, so snatch up thosE tickets!  Not only do you
    get yourself some E-tickets, but you get to piss off Gus, too. Win/win in my
    Now that that's done head up the ramp and thin out the cartoon blocks that are
    blocking your way.  From here, just keep painting in the bridges as you reach
    them.  There's some jumping to be done, but the camera doesn't feel like
    screwing you over right now.  Once you've reached the top of those ramps, spin
    attack the gear that Gus mentions.  That's one down, one more to go.  Jump down
    from the platform you're on to the one a little in front of and below you.
    Paint in the first bridge and keep on going.  Now you have a small painted area
    with some rocks on top of it.  Just take care of it like you did before.  Thin
    out the floor, let the rocks drop and paint it back in again.  Piece of cake.
    Next puzzle is the same thing.  You're still in the tutorial stage after all.
    Keep going and spin the last gear to open the door.
    Now feel free to get the hell out of here.  Gus will explain how it works
    (2-D: Mickey and the Beanstalk) [2D01]
    Welcome to the 2-dimensional platform aspect of the game!  Be prepared for a lot
    of these.  36, to be exact.  Still, they're pretty simple so let's get started.
    Start by heading towards the left, snatching up E-tickets as you walk.  Hop up
    onto the tree stump and turn around, jumping onto the vine.  From here you can
    jump onto the leaves to the left for some extra E-tickets.  If you don't really
    care about them then keep heading right and jump onto the rising and falling
    Once it hits the top hop on over to the wood plank to its left.  It will bend a
    little but it's not going to break, so don't worry about it all that much.  Head
    towards the leaf at the end and use it to jump on top of the roof.  Take a dive
    through the chimney for another bonus:  A film reel (in case you were wondering
    how I knew there were only 36 stages).  Head on over and grab it for the Mickey
    and the Beanstalk film reel.  These will come into play later.  The stage is
    pretty much just jumping from leaves to vines to beds etc, so just continue on
    up to the cloud and hop through the projector screen.
    Slalom [TPSL01]
    Meet Gremlin Tiestow.  He's got a problem and it's up to Mickey the problem-
    solver to fix it.  Sure, you can paint in the gears like he asked you to, but
    what's the fun in that?  Break his middle gear and teach him a lesson or two
    about doing his own dirty work instead of expecting you to fix it.  Let's get
    one things straight right here, right now:  Paint route Mickey is a total
    pushover.  You're not going to let other people tell you what to do.  Except for
    me.  You might want to listen to me.
    Tiestow hates you now, but he still trusts you to do some more of his work for
    him.  Let's ignore that quest too.  Oh, and there was a blotling behind the
    Go take care of that for him, too.  Head on past the door until you see the
    first pipe.  Paint it to grab the treasure chest and then feel free to thin it
    again and continue on your way.  Your little blotling friend taunts you when you
    reach the corner, but that's not important right now.  Paint the road in front
    of you and continue on.  When you come to the room of spinning gears, Gus will
    give you a choice:  Paint the pipes or thin out the gears.  I think we all know
    what we want to do by this point and your decision nets you some E-tickets.  Nab
    them and keep on going.
    Paint in this floor as well and be careful not to get hit by the steam.  They
    turn on and off on their own, so there's no need to paint them if you don't want
    to.  At the end of this new hallway there's a large rotating gear with platforms
    to jump onto.  Ignore them for now and head straight down from where you're
    standing.  You should land on one of three pieces of wood hanging out over the
    thinner pool.  Hop across them and grab yourself some more E-tickets, or don't
    bother and just grab a platform.  Once you have your tickets hop onto the first
    available platform and go for a spin.  Near the top of the gear is the exit
    platform, so hop on over there.
    Now it's time to face the blotlings inside.  No big deal.  Take care of them and
    continue on your way.  Tiestow will open the door and Gus will complain about
    how you didn't fix the pipes.  Boo-hoo.  And Oswald is being evasive and is
    quite possibly trying to kill you.  Yay.  Let's go.
    There's some extra content behind the first pipe, but that's only for good
    little mice and we've been a bit of a jerk so far.  Oh well.  You can pick it up
    next time.  Dodge the steam in front of the door and head on out.  You've got
    another gremlin to save.
    Ticket Booth [TPTB01]
    You've got some spatters to kill, and a wide open space to do it in.  If you
    were having trouble during any of the previous fights, use this opportunity to
    work on your fighting ability.  Being able to move while attacking makes a big
    difference in a lot of the later battles.  So you might want to get a handle on
    that as soon as possible.
    Once you've defeated them all you can make your way out of this dump.  But let's
    not get hasty.  You've attracted your first guardian, and Gus is going to tell
    you all about it!  The very first symbol of your badassitude, right there.  I
    know it seems counterproductive, but don't leave just yet.  You have the
    potential for so much more mayhem... by helping Tim.
    Talk to Tim at the ticket booth and he'll ask you to find his wrench to fix the
    elephant ride over in the teacups.  We're actually going to do it.  Once you've
    accepted the quest, head on over to the cups and feel free to go a little
    overboard with your thinner.  It's in one of those cups somewhere (the yellow
    one with the red rim if you feel like only being a little evil today).  If
    you're feeling particularly destructive feel free to erase the entire park.  If
    nothing else, it should get you all three guardians.  Once you've thinned out
    the cups you can pick up Tim's wrench.
    You could return it to him right now or take a little detour for some extra
    stuff.  Head over to the boat ride but don't jump on quite yet.  Instead, thin
    out that big bright wall in front of you.  If you start on the left side of the
    wall you should see a floor you can stand on.  If you're on the right side
    you'll see a boat floating in the river of thinner past the wall.  Use one of
    the moving boats as a skipping stone to get over behind the wall and grab your
    extra content, hidden behind a solid wall:  Spatter Springs Up.  Now head on
    over and give Tim his wrench back.
    Of course, now that you've fixed his elephant ride for him he wants you to fix
    the teacups, too.  If you feel too nice after fixing the elephants, now is your
    time for revenge.  Head on up using the elephants as stairs, all the way up to
    the big tent, and cross over the paint bridge in front of you (you might need to
    paint it in a little).  Once you're inside Gus will tell you what you need to
    so go ahead and do it.
    Paint in the gears that aren't moving and thin them once they've made a suitable
    platform for you to jump onto.  You'll want to start thinning just a little
    before it hits the perfect spot, since it does take time to stop the gear.
    Continue this pattern all the way to the end, thinning and painting as needed.
    Once they're all positioned, jump off them to the top of the machine.  If you
    miss, you can always go back and try again, so don't get frustrated.  Once
    you're there turn to face back outside and jump onto the partial bridge in front
    of you.  This part can be annoying, too, but after you get the hang of it it's
    not so bad.  There should be a wall you can thin out once you've crossed the
    bridge, so thin it and head inside.  You'll be introduced to your very first
    pump here, so patch up those pipes and get ready to do some damage.  You'll have
    to jump on the pipes to hit the second one, then head back to the pump and start
    filling it with thinner.  You can get a good 100 E-tickets from the teacups now,
    and Tim no longer loves you like he used to.  Once that's finished head on over
    to the boat ride and hop on.
    Jungleboat Ride [TPJB01]
    Your boat will stop once you've reached this area and you'll be forced to jump
    onto one of the stationary boats.  In order to get through you need to thin out
    the pipes.  If you start spraying thinner willy-nilly - to which I say why not -
    you'll find the pipes pretty easily.  Once that's done the doors will open so
    continue boat hopping into the next area.  The boats are stuck for now, so head
    over to the platform on your right and watch them all go down the drain.
    On top of the whirlpool, Gus has more good news.  Your next blotling opponent is
    the sweeper, who actually has a long-ranged attack.  Yippy.  So let's go say hi
    to him, shall we?  First rule of this fight, however:  Even if he can hurl
    thinner at you, keep a height distance between the two of you.  And only get as
    close as you absolutely need to.  If you stay off of his ugly little circle he
    shouldn't be much of a problem at all.  You have a better angle than him, so
    you'll be fine.  If you want some good practice, however, you can counter his
    attacks with your own.  So if you end up going head-to-head with one later you
    can always nullify their thinner with yours.  Just a heads-up, although most
    times you probably won't need it.
    Once you've taken care of the sweeper thin out the wall behind him and head
    inside.  Trigo is stuck in a cage in there, but there's nothing saying you have
    to save him.  It's up to you.  Either way, there's a leafy bridge crossing the
    stream directly ahead, so paint it and head over there.  Gus will make an
    observation about the treasure chest on the pipe next to you.  You probably want
    to grab that, so head over to the gears and fill them all in.  Two platforms
    will rise from the thinner and the chest will lower so you can grab it.  You'll
    get another bronze pin for your effort.
    The platforms that just appeared will allow you to reach the upper level of the
    stage.  If you want to go that route, fine, but there's not much difference
    between it and the lower road, minus some E-tickets and three gremlins.  If you
    feel like skipping the final puzzle in this area (and being an overall do-
    gooder) head on up and free them.  Just paint in the bridges and use them to get
    from one to the next.  Otherwise, let's take the bottom road.
    Use the grate between the two platforms to hop over to the other side.  Once
    there, thin out the wall covering the door and head on out.  Make your way
    across a couple of stones and wait to grab a boat.  Take it until it passes the
    whirlpool and jump on to dry land before it starts to sink.
    So now that we're over here, let's grab some extra content.  There should be a
    series of yellow platforms you can jump onto, leading you back behind the large
    giraffe.  Climb those.  You can get the first two from where you were dropped
    off, then jump onto the wooden platform in front of you and turn around in order
    to use it to hit the highest.  Look back at the platform and you'll find the
    highest wooden platform has some extra content on it.  Jump over there and
    snatch it up.  This one is the Pirate Gate.  Hop back to where the boat dropped
    you off and continue forward.
    If you look towards the exit and head left there's another sweeper for you to
    deal with.  Now is one of those times you simply don't have the terrain
    advantage over him.  Keep yourself moving or snipe his attacks as you fight him,
    then head on over.  You could always just ignore him, but he might come back to
    kick your ass later.  Better safe than sorry.  Hop down to the next platform,
    and then from there you can hop down to the bottom.  Once you start heading
    towards the bridge you'll be given your next objective:  spin the valves and
    send the sweepers into the thinner below.  If you bothered to use the upper
    level and rescue all of the gremlins they'll take care of the whole mess for
    and they'll leave a pathway open to the treasure chest, too.  If not, you're
    going to have to do this yourself.
    The first valve is right here on this level, on the left platform (when facing
    the door).  Head on over there, if you haven't already, and spin the valve.  Of
    course, you come with your own thinner so you can kill them on your own if you
    want.  In fact, you kind of do want to.  Cross the leaf bridge onto the center
    area and rotate your camera to the right.  You can kill the two thinners over
    there from where you're standing if you have a little bit of patience.  Or you
    can risk some pips to kill them on their own ground.
    Once you've gotten rid of them head back across the bridge and thin out the
    orange wall.  This will let you into the back of the machine, but be careful.
    The walls will try and push you out into the thinner, so time your moves right
    and don't give them a chance.  Once you've passed the two of them hop onto the
    piston and let it give you a boost onto the grates.  Head on over and grab your
    first silver pin from the chest.
    Now that you aren't in danger of losing your treasure, head back down.  Go back
    to the central area and spin the valve there.  You will have gotten rid of the
    two platforms on the left side, so head over there and jump down to the third
    valve and spin it.  The last valve is right in front of the door, so go take
    care of that and get ready to leave.
    The next puzzle sounds harder than it really is.  Step on the pressure plate in
    front of you and (once Gus has told you what to do) head on over and start
    spinning some valves.  You have ten seconds to hit the three switches, which
    should be plenty of time.  If it takes you more than once, that's fine.  But by
    your second try you should make it up there.  The clock is mostly there to make
    you nervous, so just be as fast as you can and don't listen to it.
    Once you've opened the door Small Pete will ask a favor of you.  Tuck that quest
    away for now and head on out.
    Asiaboat Ride [TPAB01]
    Gus wants you to save another gremlin.  Head on across the bridge (filling it in
    as needed) and take out the spatters that are waiting for you on the other side.
    Once they're taken care of head to the left side of the building and hit the
    gear there.  This allows you to climb higher on the pagoda.  You can save the
    gremlin up here if you want, but with some creative jumping and a handful of
    pips you can go on without him.  It'll hurt, but you can continue your streak of
    being a downright jerk.  If you want to save him, fine. He'll start the boats up
    so you can travel to the tower across the way (with all the dolls).
    If you don't feel like saving him, take a running jump from the side and just
    keep jumping through the thinner (it should take about two pips if you're
    At the top of this spinning tower of dolls is another gremlin to save.  Don't
    bother with him either.  The only help he offers is to charge you 100 E-tickets
    to fix the ride.  You can fix the ride by yourself for free, so ignore him.
    There's a painted bridge connecting your tower to the great wall, so cross it
    and head inside the red mountain on the opposite end.  Hop onto the platforms
    inside and follow them to a small hallway on the other side.  There's a hole in
    here, so watch out for your pips in case you fall too far.  Try to control your
    fall and hop on down once you're past the wall.  Here you'll be asked to shut
    down some valves, and like the previous puzzle you'll be timed while doing it.
    To expedite the process, skip the first valve and thin out the blades of the
    first fan.  Hop on through and thin the blades on each fan you come across
    before heading back to the beginning.  Now you can start shutting off some
    valves.  Just spin near each one and then hop through the fan to the next.  Just
    be careful of the remaining blades on the later fans, as they will damage you.
    Once you've gotten them all you'll need to jump through the fan with only one
    painted blade in order to exit.  Make it through there and it's time for some
    relaxing sailing.  Move your camera back to the three-tiered tower and hop on
    any of the passing boats.
    Use your new boat to hop back over to the tower of dolls and cross the bridge
    again.  Once you're inside the mountain, however, you'll want to jump over the
    hole you fell through last time.  Keep heading forward and jump over the gaps in
    the floor until you find your treasure.  Open it on up for a bronze pin.
    Now it's time to get back to the actual puzzle.  Hop down and catch a boat past
    the curve of the tower and hop off onto the platform with the overturned boat
    and the stationary gears.  Paint in all four of the gears that are missing here
    to open up a secret door with a treasure chest hidden behind it.  If you double
    jump near the wall there Mickey will latch on and you can climb on up.  Open the
    chest and get yourself another gold pin.
    Now you can jump off onto the nearby rotating platform (it will be easier if you
    thin the gear so that it's parallel to the ground, but not necessary) and jump
    on the orange switch next to it.  This will raise the fire bridge and give you
    access to the exit.  Head on over there.
    The door is locked, but it's a pretty easy fix.  You should notice a moving
    platform off to the side of the door.  Use that to reach a cloud in the air
    above the door, jumping onto it.  From here you can jump on either one of the
    metal switches on either side of the door.  Trigger one and then repeat the
    process for the other.
    You can leave now, but there's some extra content to grab.  It only takes a
    second or two, so let's go ahead and grab it.
    Head back to the rising platform and jump back on your cloud.  From here you can
    paint a second cloud directly in front of you.  Once that's done, jump onto the
    middle section between your two clouds (between where the switches once were)
    and then onto the new cloud.  Head to the end of the cloud and look down.
    There's a light blue platform below for you to jump onto.  Thin out the curtain
    in front of the platform, but be careful not to thin the platform itself.  Now
    you can go and grab the World of Gremlins II extra content.
    Jump back on your cloud and head on back to the door.  Jump through the
    projector and bid farewell to the boat ride.
    (2-D: Steamboat Willie Part 1) [2D02]
    Unlike in Mickey and the Beanstalk, there are things here that can hurt you.
    You'll see a shaking box in front of you, so hop on top of it to avoid being
    pecked by the chicken inside.  As you can see, it sends you up a good height.
    Keep heading over and use the next box to jump on top of the cow.
    Once you've reached the top of the pulley jump over to the roof of the steamboat
    and continue going.  The large pipes will spit you back up a fair distance, so
    stay on those and wait for your cow to come closer.  Hop on this one, too.
    Next up is a package that sinks with your weight.  You won't want to stand here
    too long or it'll be hard to reach the next one.  Wait for the second package to
    be a little higher than you are and then jump on it, immediately heading to the
    end and jumping to the roof where you'll nab your film reel:  Steamboat Willie
    Part 1.
    Drop down to the projector and head on into World of Gremlins.
    You can also backtrack for tickets if you really want to.
    World of Gremlins [TPWG01]
    You've hit your first real break town, so enjoy it.  From now on, I'm going to
    assume you know the basic puzzle patterns and let you do them on your own.  If
    the game decides to throw anything new at you, I'll give you a heads up.  And,
    as always, I'll keep you updated on choices, pins, and extra content.
    Speaking of which:  Once you're out of the tunnel, take a right.  You should see
    a large patch of painted wall, so thin it so you don't forget.  Go seal up all
    the pipes like Gus wants and turn the valve before heading on over to that wall
    you just thinned.  There are a series of crushers here, so you're going to have
    to run under them.  There's a safe spot in the middle, though, so don't worry
    about having to charge straight through it.
    Wait for the one right in front of you to fall and start running into it so that
    you'll pass under as soon as possible, and then wait in the clear area.  Do the
    same thing for the second and you'll receive the World of Gremlins I extra
    content.  Do the same thing on the way back and continue with the town.
    Remember the quest we got from Small Pete earlier?  This is the time to deal
    with it.  The first gremlin house on your right stands near the entry platform
    for the airplanes so head on over there and catch a ride - they'll take you
    directly to Pete's boat.  Hop onboard and use the land on either side to get to
    a valve at the back of the boat.  Spin it to open the door and then grab the
    journal from the chest.
    There's a gremlin you can turn the log into in order to prove Pete's innocence,
    so don't talk to him until you've gotten rid of the thing.  Instead, hop back on
    the plane ride and get off at the next available platform.  If you're a good
    jumper you can make it over to the largest portion of the stage from here.  If
    not, hop onto the gears below you and make your way over to the carpet ride to
    reach the place.
    On the left side of the city tower you'll find a little gremlin house with its
    owner standing outside.  His name is Shaky, and he'll trade you a pin for the
    journal so go talk to him.  Give him the journal and he'll reward you with the
    Gremlin Pin.  Once that's done you can head through the tower projector and
    activate the pump.  There isn't anything else to do but collect E-tickets, so
    let's go.
    (2-D: Clock Cleaners I) [2D03]
    You should be used to these stages by now - they almost all bother only with the
    basics of platform gaming.  Hop onto platforms, don't get thrown off, beware
    collapsing floors, blah blah blah...  Let's start climbing.
    The first couple platforms are the same whether you're going for the film reel
    or not, so don't worry about missing anything until you hit the bolt and screw.
    In order to complete the stage you're going to want to jump on and use its
    upward momentum to reach the flipping platform and, eventually, the switch that
    gets the chicken out of your way.  Do so.
    For your film reel, however, you're going to want to hop back down to the lower
    platform and head right (beware of the collapsing floor).  Clock Cleaners Part I
    will be there waiting for you.
    Now make your way out of there.
    World of Gremlins [TPWG02]
    The tower is pretty much a no-brainer.  Walk around the corner and fill the pump
    with thinner.  The door out is flipping out now, but you can make it to the
    projector.  Look around the corner and hop onto the platform they provided you.
    It'll take you back down to ground level and you can hop on over to the gate
    Time your entry right and enter the projector.  If you miss, it's game over and
    back to the beginning of the stage.  It's not impossible, though.
    (2-D: Steamboat Willie II) [2D04]
    You'll find this stage uses a lot of the same tricks it did last time.  You'll
    want to take the upper path again, hopping on boxes and cows and the like.  The
    main 'addition' is a goat.  Jump on its back and ride its musically-inclined
    speech bubble up to the package hanging above you.
    The packages here move, so be patient and make your way across.  The third
    package contains your film reel:  Steamboat Willie Part II.  The projector is
    right there, so hop down and go if you don't want the leftover tickets.
    Euroboat Ride [TPEB01]
    So your first quest is to fix the leaning tower.  I have a much better idea -
    let's knock it over! Start spin attacking the pillars you're supposed to be
    climbing until the thing finally falls over.  Problem solved.  That thing was a
    huge hazard, anyway.  Always lopsided...  There are blotlings around, too, so
    feel free to kill them at your leisure in whatever manner you see fit.
    Cross your newly made bridge towards the Eiffel Tower.  If you want, you can
    even use it as a shield against the blotlings that are mingling down there.  If
    not, there are patches of paint on the floor you can drop them through.  Now
    we're back to painting and thinning gears like in Slalom.  You know the drill.
    There's a cloud waiting for you at the end, so let's take it for a spin.
    Your new friend will drop you off near the top of the Eiffel Tower.  I wonder
    why he would do that... Start moving around the building and Gus will tell you
    Stand back, thin out the supports, and watch her fall like the Leaning Tower
    before her.  Use your new bridge to waltz on down to the coliseum.
    So Small Pete isn't happy with us selling him out (or her out, since he seems to
    be a little Dutch girl...).  Now you've got to fight the blotlings, and the
    is almost 100% available for thinning, so I'd get out of the middle as soon as
    possible.  Head for the high ground!  Shoot who you can from up there and thin
    out the floor underneath the ones that try to run away.  It really shouldn't be
    all that hard, although it might make some time.
    Now you'll want to head up towards the gate that just opened and hop in.  You're
    almost to the first boss of the game, so if you're not full on pips and/or
    guardians, you might want to do that before you go through.
    (2-D: Steamboat Willie III) [2D05]
    You're taking the upper path again, across cows and packages once more.  This
    time, however, when you reach the scaled packages you're going to want to linger
    a while on the first one.  You'll need the second package to be a little higher
    than where it starts in order to make the jump for the film screen.  Once you've
    gotten the jump, you'll get Steamboat Willie Part III.
    You can see the projector from where you're standing, but you need to take the
    bottom path to get to it, so hop down and keep heading on over.  Be careful of
    the falling cannonballs, as you don't have much opportunity to heal yourself in
    this stage.  But don't worry yourself too much.  You'll have opportunities to
    heal during the battle.
    So brace yourself, because it's boss time.
    He's huge!  Take the beginning period to smash a doll or two to regenerate your
    health if you need any, and then get ready to battle.
    He's a real pushover, so don't panic.  You basically want to keep yourself
    moving so he has to work to target you.  Once he does, however, his arms will
    move to try and squish you.  However, they cast a shadow where they're going to
    land so as soon as you see it you're going to want to double jump to the side.
    If you run the shockwave is just going to knock you down anyway and you're a lot
    slower, so double jumping will be your main manner of movement in this fight.
    Focus on one hand at a time, and shoot it with thinner whenever you aren't
    dodging.  If you run out, just hit up another doll and grab some.  Once you've
    gotten rid of one of its hands it will try to squish you another time, but its
    fragile mechanical hand will bust when it hits the ground.  Now thin the arm.
    Once that part's down to barebones machinery he'll do the same thing, this time
    completely destroying his arm.
    Now do the same thing for the other arm.
    Boss defeated.
    Great job!
    Once he's dead Gus will reward you with an upgrade to your thinner capacity, so
    you won't have to worry about running out quite as much.  You'll also receive
    the Unwind the Clock pin for defeating him.  There's nothing else to do here, so
    use his arms as bridges and make your way to the projector.
    Mean Street [TPMS01]
    There isn't a 2D stage to do here, so you'll be dropped off immediately in Mean
    Street - the main hub for this world.  Gus will give you the town's history so
    be a good listener as the animated sequence plays.
    All right.  So you've got some gears to gather for Markus, but you might want to
    grab up some goodies while you're here.  Turn around and thin out the face of
    the building you're standing in front of.  Don't climb up there yet, though.
    Head to the right and fill in the path jutting out from the building.  You
    should see some extra content floating up there, so let's nab that.  Climb on
    top of the building and make your way over there to grab the Mean Street extra
    content.  Now drop down behind the building to snatch a silver pin right out of
    thin air.  That's all up here.
    Head down the ramp and start heading left.  Big Bad Pete will force you into
    another animated sequence to do his introduction properly, and then you can get
    to work on finding those gears.  He'll scold you for double-crossing Small Pete
    and tell you that Gilda's got his gear now.  If you want the gear from her
    you're going to have to beat her race, which is pretty straight-forward and
    simple.  Run on over there and grab it.
    Gilda will give you her own quest when you go to see her.  Just smile and nod
    and wait for her to mention the race.  Follow her guardian and try not to get
    lost.  There isn't much to it, so there's not much to say about it, either.
    Once you've beaten it the gear is yours, though.
    Instead of going to see Horace, however, turn around from where you talked to
    Gilda.  There should be a large white and red building across the way.  Head on
    over to it and thin it like crazy.  Use the trees or window covers to get onto
    the roof and grab yourself a nice little gold pin.
    Horace's office is the building south of where you got the pin.  You know.  The
    big intimidating one.  Before you head inside, though, give it a good thinning.
    Climb the steps you've uncovered and start dancing around the rooftops, getting
    rid of any paint you can see.  If you hop down to the neighboring building, turn
    and thin the wall of the agency to find a bronze pin.  Now that you've torn up
    his office, head inside.
    You'll run into another animated sequence to introduce Horace, and then he'll
    give you your quest.  While Gilda's race was a tour of Mean Street, Horace's is
    a tour of the shops available in Mean Street.  Feel free to look at what the
    characters are selling when you talk to them.
    The first place you want to go is the Emporium, and it's located right across
    the street from Horace's Detective Agency.  It's the shop with the gift box
    hanging over its door.  Casey will shoo you off to go bother Paulie, who's down
    at the Ice Cream Parlor.  Talk to him again to check out his supply.
    Chances are that you're not going to have the money to buy all of these things.
    Look now but don't buy anything yet.  You still have things to do around town.
    Just make a note of what's available there.  As far as practicality, you're
    probably going to want to go with the increased wallet.  Pins are nice, but they
    don't do anything for your game.  And extra content is the same way.
    But let's set that aside for now and head down to the Ice Cream Parlor.  Just
    leave the Emporium and keep heading down the street.  It's the only other store
    in the town and it has an ice cream cone in front of it, so it's kind of hard to
    miss.  Get the book back from Paulie and check out his store.  He's only selling
    one thing right now, but it's good to note that you can always buy life from
    this store if you're in need of some.  He'll have more items available as
    Instead of heading straight back to Horace, continue your trek down the street
    to the movie theater.  Talk to the usher standing outside and he'll give you a
    new quest:  Collect Film Reels!  This is what all of that 2-D stuff was about.
    Talk to him again to turn in what you have.
    He'll give you 30 E-tickets as your starting reward, followed by a bronze pin
    (provided that you've grabbed all of the reels up until now, of course).  That's
    all you can get for now, but you'll be coming back here a lot so remember to
    talk to him each time you return.
    Now go return the book to Horace and pick up the second half of the gear.
    You'll need to turn the gears in to Gremlin Markus, which just happens to be
    across the street from the movie theater.  Head on over and let him work his
    magic.  Of course, there's another hitch in the plan.  You have to go find the
    batteries to run this thing. Markus will suggest you talk to Casey at the
    Emporium and Laralee at the museum.  If you choose to get the power spark from
    Casey (which you should really get them both, for convenience) you'll have the
    opportunity to buy things from him now that you've picked up most of the rewards
    around town.
    Once you've gone to talk to Casey at the Emporium head around back and look for
    the painted manhole cover.  Thin that out to find his key and go return it to
    him.  This is technically all you need to do here, but let's grab another power
    spark while we're at it.  You won't have as many opportunities for these little
    buggers throughout this game, so grab what you can.  All you have to do for the
    museum power spark is grab the quest and then go talk to the usher at the
    Quick and easy, so don't bother skipping it.  You'll also receive the
    Swashbuckler pin.
    Return to Gus once you've grabbed the power sparks and he'll open up the
    projector to OsTown.  Head on over there and find out just how much Oswald hates
    (2-D: Thru the Mirror) [2D06]
    You're going to start off in a small bedroom but, as the title informs you,
    you're going to jump up and go through the mirror.  Follow the trail of tickets
    over to the deck of cards and get ready for some jumping puzzles.  Stand on the
    deck of cards and wait for them to start falling down.  You're going to want to
    try and jump up them, like going up a down escalator.  It might take a while,
    but your film reel is waiting for you up there.  You just have to hop over to it
    from the top card of the cascade.  Once you finally get the hang of it you can
    pick up the Thru the Mirror film reel.
    You can take the upper or lower path from here on out, but the upper path is
    easiest.  Just be careful of anything that sparkles, as those items will hurt
    you (as well as the swords, which should be common sense).  Just jump over the
    needles or catch a ride on the king's head to get over to the other side.
    The cards right before the last mirror will knock you back if you hit them, but
    they won't cause any damage.  Either jump over them with a running start and a
    well timed double jump, or use the momentum of the popping top hat to make it
    over their heads.
    Press against this mirror and you're done.
    OsTown [TPOT01]
    Head down to the town and you'll meet Clarabelle Cow.  She'll tell you about the
    busted bridge to Mickeyjunk Mountain, and the missing gremlin that goes with it.
    She mentions the Gag Factory, which is the huge building in front of you.
    Instead of heading over there right away, start talking to the locals.  There
    should be a dog person walking past the garden, so go bother him.  His name is
    Abner and he wants you to thin out the Gag Factory.  Go ahead and do it.  Be
    sure not to leave a single splotch of paint on it - this can include the beam
    holding the safe in the air (which you'll want to drop in this run).
    Thinning out the huge structure on top will net you a new power spark, so grab
    it while you're thinning out the roof.  Make sure you thin out all four sides
    before talking to him (your reward will be another power spark).  And, of
    thin the beam to drop the safe.  Gus will tell you not to, but what do you care?
    Gremlin Prescott is free, and he's the only one you need to get to Mickeyjunk
    He'll direct you over to your house to retrieve his missing wrench, so walk over
    there and start thinning it out before you go inside.  There's a power spark on
    your roof, so jump up and grab it.  Now you can head inside and talk to your
    The phone wants you to do something for him, but there's an easier way.  Head
    outside and Prescott will offer to go inside and take it by force.  Let him get
    his wrench back.  Head back inside and you can grab a wrench from where the
    phone used to be, which will give you another quest.  Finish up OsTown by
    talking to gremlin Prescott.  That opens the way to your next destination:
    Mickeyjunk Mountain.
    But let's not go just yet. First you want to head between Clarabelle's and
    Ortensia's house (Ortensia's house being the bright pink atrocity in the middle)
    and thin the city walls.  You should find a cave here with the Ortensia's House
    extra content sitting inside.  Grab it and the E-tickets.
    Once you've gotten the extra content you're going to head back to Mean Street to
    finish one of your quests.  And in case you were wondering, you will have to go
    through this stage every time you travel between the two.  Once you've returned
    to Mean Street, head on over to the museum and talk to Laralee.  She'll trade
    you a power spark for your gear, and she doesn't give you much of a chance to
    say no.  So now you've finished the gear quest and can head back to OsTown.
    From there you just have to cross the bridge and take the projector to
    Mickeyjunk Mountain.
    (2-D: Mickey's Steamroller) [2D07]
    You're going to have to race for your film reel here, so be ready for that.
    After crossing the buildings you'll wind up behind a steamroller.  When you jump
    on that it'll start moving, so you need to jump onto the wooden bridge in front
    of it and start running.  If you run you'll probably end up falling, so do like
    we did for the clock tower and jump instead of running.
    At the end of the bridge you'll snatch up the film reel for Mickey's
    but don't stop running.  There are some buildings to hop on that'll earn you a
    few more E-tickets.  If you want to go back to grab some more, just remember
    what I said earlier about things that sparkle.
    Mickeyjunk Mountain [TPMJ01]
    We'll get one thing out of the way right now:  Gus was right about the bunny
    children.  Having one or two on you is pretty annoying - you'll slow down a fair
    deal.  But you can always spin attack to get them off of you.  But if too many
    find you then they're going to pick you up and throw you in the thinner.  And
    there isn't anything you can do about it until you've already lost your pip.
    So let's avoid them, shall we?  First thing you need to do it fill in the guitar
    that acts as a bridge between the areas, then jump on over to the crane.  Once
    the operator gives you your quest, hop on up to the roof.  Look down and you'll
    see the outline of a thinned television. There are three of these around this
    stage, so paint this one in and let's move onto the second.  You can get it from
    the top of the crane, so you don't have to deal with the critters down below.
    If you look to your left you should see a little makeshift bridge of Mickey
    memorabilia.  Use that to cross over onto the other side, but be warned that
    there are some blotlings over here.  They're far easier to deal with than the
    bunny children and once again you have the higher ground.  So just go ahead and
    rain death upon them from above.  Once they're dead hop on down and turn to thin
    out the Fantasia booklet.  Your second television is behind it, so fill it in.
    Once that's done you can always go back the way you came, but let's not.
    Instead, turn around and follow the curve as far as you can.  There are some
    cans standing in your way, but you can thin the ground to get rid of them.  Jump
    up the steps of junk and fill in the lunchbox to keep going.  Once you get to
    the top you'll be standing next to a crank attached to the thinner stream.  If
    you didn't notice earlier, there was a thinned out platform under the stream,
    and the extra content is right behind it.  We're going to take care of that now.
    Turn so that you're facing the opposite direction of the thinner stream and
    start painting.  You might not see the outline, but there's something there.
    Once it's filled in time will slow, allowing you to hit the switch, paint the
    platform, grab the Bunny Children extra content, and get out of there.
    Now head right, past the unopened gate, to another thinner stream.  Pass in
    front of it using the pamphlets to hop around the stream and over the thinner
    pond and stop at that telephone pad.  Now, you could look up the numbers to your
    right but you have a walkthrough sitting right in front of you so why bother?
    Type 349 in the pad and head over to grab the silver pin behind the platform
    that stream was erasing.  If you absolutely need to slow time there's a clock
    across the way on the first island you visited.
    Now head in the other direction past the phone and take out the blotlings
    waiting for you.  If you wondered where you could find the code earlier, there's
    a red address book here with Mickey's face and the @ symbol.  Thin it out to
    find the numbers, although that's the only one you need.  In the corner of the
    area is your last television, so paint it and let's go.
    Head back the way you came and enter the projector.
    (2-D: Alpine Climbers I) [2D08]
    Be patient as you make your way through this one.  There are some falling rocks,
    so move carefully.  You'll be heading up in this stage.
    Once you've reached the end of your upward progression (with the goat heading
    back and forth) climb up to the tree branch using the goat as your step, and
    then head onto the larger branch across the gap.  This branch will lower enough
    to kick you off of it, though, so jump in place to keep it from falling too far
    as you wait for the winged egg to head back your way.  Jump onto the egg once it
    reaches you and continue heading that way to reach the film reel for Alpine
    Climbers Part I.
    Hop down and enter the projector.
    The Piles [TPMJ02]
    Here you'll be introduced to the other type of enemy you're going to be facing
    in the game:  The Beetleworx.  Unlike blotlings, these enemies require you to
    get close if you want to take them down.  Right now we just have a hopper so you
    shouldn't have too much trouble getting used to fighting the beetleworx.  Just
    spray him with thinner until you can see his skeleton, then run up to him and
    spin.  Since this is your introduction to beetleworx, they shouldn't be very
    difficult.  If you'd rather just get rid of them, you can always throw them into
    the thinner, too.  It takes less time and effort, but you won't get your
    tutorial battle against the things.
    Once they've all been dealt with just head past the gate the other two came out
    of.  There's some painting and some jumping to be done, pretty simple stuff.
    But after a while you'll come to an aerosol can spitting out thinner.  Paint at
    the source to put the bottle cap back on it and run past.  The thinner will wear
    down the cap eventually, but you have time to walk across before it does.
    Once you're past that portion you'll be introduced to a new type of blotling:
    The Spladoosh.  Feel free to either tiptoe through the area or blow them all up.
    There's really no difference.  Either way you choose to deal with them, fill the
    pump up with thinner and continue through the newly opened door.
    Jump past the rings carefully and take care of the spladoosh in your way.  Be
    sure to stay far enough back so you don't get thrown off the stage when he
    explodes.  Continue as normal once he's gone.  However, when you reach the last
    screw on the road, step off to the right to hit up the snow bank.  Follow the
    road and open the treasure chest for a silver pin.  That's all you have to do
    down here, so hop back on the screw and head up to the next area.
    You'll probably want to thin out the blade in front of you, just to give
    yourself some more time and options.  Also, if you do that, you have a higher
    chance of exploding the spladoosh on the other side without being in harm's way.
    Just step close to the edge of your platform and shoot him.  Hop over and repeat
    the process until you reach the end of that section.
    Now you've got some trash to take care of.  Just hop on top of it as soon as you
    can and hop right back off on the other side.  Otherwise you're going to get
    ground up alongside it.  You have to do this three times and then you're done
    with this whole section.  Gus will show you the way out and you can hop down in
    front of you, where there's a gremlin to be rescued.  Don't bother, though.  All
    he does is punch in a couple of numbers for you, and I happen to know the
    combination anyway.
    You can make your way to the lower floor now, or snipe the blotlings underneath
    you from up here.  Take care of them one way or the other and head over towards
    the phone (it looks and acts just like the one earlier).  This time you'll want
    to punch in 512.  This will cause the claws to drop down, forming a bridge for
    When you finally land on the third claw, look down.  There's the extra content
    for this area.  Drop down to it to receive the Mickeyjunk Mountain extra
    When you land, however, you've got to be careful since the block will sink under
    your weight.  Unfortunately, you're going to have to thinner hop back to the
    other side once you've grabbed it, so make sure you have at least three pips.
    Just head back to where you started and hop back across the claws.  Make sure
    you hit the high ground, instead of jumping down to where the door is.
    Once you're up there go around and head inside the little nook to grab a
    treasure chest containing another gold pin.  Now you can go around and start
    shooting at the blotlings down in front of the door.  The beetleworx aren't
    going to disappear without you going down there, so you might as well kill off
    what you can.  Head down there to take care of the beetleworx and deal with the
    Once that's finished it's time to go.
    (2-D: Alpine Climbers II) [2D09]
    Pretty standard fair again, just keep on climbing up.  When you reach the medic
    dog, though, jump on over his house and climb up until the raising and lowering
    branch.  Jump on it and then immediately head left until you fall off the
    platform.  Keeping going down the stairs and you'll end up with the Alpine
    Climbers Part II film reel.
    Now jump back down and finish the stage.
    Mt. Osmore Slopes [TPMJ03]
    First order of business is to get that door open.  There are ten blotlings for
    you to defeat, but don't let the number get to you.  Just like in the coliseum
    the floors contain large painted areas, so you can stand on the hill and drop
    them in thinner if you'd like.  Just be careful of any that climb the mountain
    and come after you.  Just run around and shoot those that do follow you and spin
    attack if anyone you're not attacking comes too close.
    Technically that's all you have to do for this stage, but we should really go
    fetch Gilda's climbing axe.  From the door you should head back and to the
    where you should see a pressure plate and a painted arm holding an anvil.  Thin
    that out to activate the switch and go catch a ride on the machinery you just
    Hop off onto stable ground and turn the camera to your right.  You'll be greeted
    with the sight of a waterfall of thinner and scattered platforms to help you.
    Instead of aiming for those tiny little things, however, look in the nook nearby
    and paint in the television there.  The thinner will fall, giving you a better
    bridge across the waterfall.  You'll have to deal with a few more aerosol cans
    on your way back up to solid ground, but this isn't your first time.  If you're
    really worried about time, however, there's a clock right next to the first can
    that can slow time down for you.  Paint in the anvil ahead to open up the shack
    and duck inside to grab her axe.
    Now you can go through the door Jack Trade opened for you.
    Surprise surprise, Oswald resents you.  And Gus once again talks about the
    'Thinner Disaster.'  I wonder what that might have been...  Self-reflections
    it's time to climb some stairs.
    If you wanted some instructions for stair climbing you're S.O.L, because you
    aren't getting any.
    Mt. Osmore Caverns [TPMJ04]
    Assuming you figured out how to run in a circle you should now be at Oswald's
    hideout.  In order to talk to Oswald you're going to have to talk to the card in
    the middle, but let's be a little evil, first.  Head up the ramps and grab the
    Oswald's Throne extra content from... behind his throne.  Now head back
    and thin out that giant orange eyesore in the middle of the room.
    You should see an open path now, so head down there and pry open the gate with
    Gilda's axe.  To stop the thinner spray from knocking you off the path thin out
    the rabbit's ears up top.  This'll drop the face and stop the spray for you.
    Unlike with the aerosol cans before, this is a permanent fix.  For the third one
    you'll notice that its ears are already plain, so thin out the face to match.
    Take care of that and then jump the gap, painting in Mean Street as you land.
    Jump onto the roof of one of the builds to move to your left, jumping onto
    another empty platform.  Don't do anything here just yet, and jump to the next
    platform.  Once you've landed over there, turn around and paint in the first
    area.  Continue doing this all the way around the statue of Dark Beauty Castle.
    Once you get to the platform on the other side of Mean Street just fill it in
    from where you are.  You'll want to be on this platform at the end.
    Once it's filled in you can jump onto the large structure in the middle to make
    your way up to the central figure.  Thin out the pillars there to make your way
    over the gate, then thin out the roof to give yourself a better platform for
    standing on.  Once you're up there, take a good shot at Sorcerer's Apprentice
    Mickey and thin him out.  You'll start sinking but don't worry.  You're safe
    where you are.  Once you've settled back down you're going to have to rely on
    your jumping skills.
    Make a jump for Mickey's hand.  If you can't make it it's going to take you a
    pip to get back and try again, so do your best.  Once you've gotten it, jump up
    and try to get onto Mickey's ear, in the area between his ear and his hat.  From
    there it's just a jump up to the grate.  Pull yourself up if you didn't make a
    clean jump and grab your treasure - a gold pin.  Hop down to the lower level and
    slide down the pipes.
    There's another pin waiting for you here - this time it's a silver pin.  There's
    some floating trash to ride back to the beginning, so jump onto one and thin out
    the gate ahead of you.  After that you just need to hop over the pipes until it
    drops you off in front of another treasure chest.  Open this one for the
    Mickeyjunk Mountain pin.
    You're done with this little side quest now, so head back upstairs and talk to
    the card in charge.  The Ace of Spades will set you off on the first of three
    challenges you'll have to beat in order to see Oswald.  Of course, all three of
    them are based off of old Oswald cartoons.
    So let's get started.
    (2-D: Trolley Troubles) [2D10]
    It may be a challenge, but there are still film reels to collect in these
    Trolley Troubles is pretty laid back for the most part.  Just hop on the roof of
    the trolley and dodge obstacles, turn switches, get E-tickets, etc.  The only
    challenging point is the film reel.  When you get to the top of the large hill
    you're going to want to stay on the trolley.  Don't let the E-tickets distract
    you, and be ready for it.  The track will end after a while, and you want to
    jump off of that thing as soon as it's in the air.  You'll see the film reel
    when you jump, so aim for it and stick the landing.
    You only get one chance at the Trolley Troubles film reel, so if you miss it
    you're going to have to start the stage over again.
    Finish up and head back to Mt. Osmore Caverns.  Onto challenge two!
    (2-D: Great Guns) [2D11]
    Climb up the tank wheels and get to the tree branches.  Stick around for a bit
    and jump on the next plane that flies by.  You're going to be plane hopping and
    bullet dodging, so pay attention as you fly.  This could very well take you a
    long while and a handful of tries.  The first plane will drop you while it
    so jump as soon as you think you're close enough to the second plane.  And be
    careful not to jump into any bullets, either.  From there it's a smooth ride
    down to the tree containing the Great Guns film reel, so jump over to it.  This
    jump isn't necessarily an easy jump, so don't get frustrated if, after a hundred
    tries trying to catch that second plane, you end up failing here and having to
    start again.
    Jump over the jerk with the machine gun and spin to knock the cannon down to a
    useable level.  The projector is inside the building it destroys, so you're good
    to go back to Mt. Osmore Caverns and start your third quest.
    (2-D: Oh, What a Knight) [2D12]
    Be careful of the sinking, biting crocodiles.  Wait for the second one to
    disappear and then hop onto the first, wait for the third to disappear before
    going to the second, wait for the third to reappear to hop onto it and then go
    inside the castle.
    Dodge the knight and jump onto his lion's head to reach the next area.  There's
    another knight to dodge here, so do it.  Now flip the switch to give yourself
    some platforms to jump onto.  There's a knight with a large lance to dodge when
    you reach the next area, so instead turn around and jump up to where the puny
    knight is marching.  If you jump over him there's another switch to flip, so do
    that and start hopping over the moving steps that it gives you.
    You'll end up on a balcony facing a cat woman (this character is Ortensia, in
    case you were wondering).  She'll blow you a kiss from across the way, which
    will result in a heart floating over to you.  Jump on it to get over to her.
    The Oh, What a Knight film reel is behind her, past a small gap.  It shouldn't
    take much to jump it and grab the film reel, so go ahead and let's finish up the
    last of these challenges.
    Now that you've beaten the trials the doors are open, so head on up to see
    Looks like Mickey finally figured out what the Thinner Disaster was.  And now
    it's back to OsTown with you.
    OsTown [TPOT02]
    Gilda is standing right outside the entrance to Mickeyjunk Mountain, so talk to
    her and start the race.  It's another power spark for very little effort.  You
    have another choice to make, and this time it's entirely up to you.  I'm not
    going to make it for you, like I have been doing up until now.
    When you first arrived in OsTown there was a quest available from Clarabelle to
    fetch her some ice cream for the ice cream cake Horace wanted.  I didn't mention
    that before, because that's part of the good route.  However, you get a pin for
    delivering the cake and another for delivering a plain ol' pie.  If you go to
    Clarabelle's right now you can pick up the pie and bring it to Horace for the
    Pie pin.  Or you can ignore it and wait until your third and final run (if you
    care about completion).  It's entirely up to you.
    There's really nothing else to do here, so let's head back to Mean Street.
    Mean Street [TPMS02]
    Head on over to the usher first and go claim your rewards.  If you grabbed every
    reel you should get a silver pin from him, as well as several other goodies.
    Just keep talking to him until he tells you you're short some reels.  Turn
    around and talk to Markus.  Check and see what you need to do to get the
    projector screen to Tomorrow City up and running.  You only need five power
    sparks, so you can turn those in now if you'd like.  If you've grabbed the ones
    I've mentioned so far, you should have more than enough.
    Let's go to City Hall and talk to Pete, though.  There's an opportunity for
    another pin here, so let's start that quest off.  You're going to have to do him
    a favor first, but it'll annoy Oswald so it's not that big of a deal.  He wants
    you to suck up some bunny children in town, so head back outside and bait the
    children into grabbing you.  Then suck them all up with the vacuum.  It's pretty
    simple, so don't worry about it.  Afterwards head inside and claim your power
    spark.  Talk to him again to get his quest for Tomorrow City:  Petetronic.
    Now you'll want to duck inside the Emporium.  Since you won't be fulfilling a
    lot of the quests in this game, you'll probably want to buy yourself some power
    sparks for later on.  They'll still be here later, though, so you don't have to
    spend all of your money right away.
    Now you can head on to Tomorrow City.
    (2-D: Plutopia I) [2D13]
    This place is just made of weird.  In order to get past the house you'll have to
    take the doormat up to the roof.  From here you'll be riding a fire hydrant up
    to jump on the bone platforms in the sky.  They vanish from time to time, so be
    careful not to fall.  When you reach the red bone you're going to have to drop
    down and attack the cat on the ground in front of you.  This will finish your
    bridge, so hop over the cleaver and ride on up to grab your Plutopia Part I film
    reel.  From there it's a short walk to the projector.
    Notilus [TPTC01]
    Now that we're here, head right.  There are a few blotlings to kill, so take
    care of them and then turn your attention to the pillar nearby.  Thin out the
    base to create a ramp for yourself, and use that to get on top of the highest
    pillar so you can paint in the gear.
    Once you've got that finished head back the way you came and turn to look at the
    platforms on the nearby pillar.  Start climbing those, painting and thinning as
    needed, to get to the top of the crane.  Paint in the gear at the top to get
    this crane working again.
    Climb back down and keep heading in that direction.  Across the way there's
    another pillar you can thin, but don't do that quite yet.  Instead, look for the
    thinned out portion of building hanging against the wall.  Paint that in and
    then you can topple the pillar.  Climb your new ramp up to the roof and paint in
    the gear up there.
    Right now we're just circling the center to get these gears filled in, so
    continue across to the next area (we're heading counter-clockwise if you want to
    keep track of it that way).  Climb the ramp-like area up to the platforms you
    just extended, and then head up until you see a bit of painted floor.  Thin that
    to drop the structure on top of it and reveal another gear.  Paint back in the
    floor and paint in the gear as well.  You don't need the pillars that the gear
    raises for you, but the floor can be useful in snatching up 100 E-tickets from
    the area underneath it.  Of course, you don't need that either.
    After jumping down from this latest gear you'll land in front of another set of
    rotating platforms, to line those up again to climb to the top.  Paint in the
    gear on top of the crane to raise the Notilus.  You've made your way around the
    entire stage, so head on over to the projector and let's continue.
    (2-D: Mickey's Mechanical Man I) [2D14]
    The stage starts off simply enough.  Jump the platforms and be careful not to
    get shocked by the electricity.  Just keep pushing forward until you get to the
    boxing ring.  This is the more difficult part of the stage.  Your mechanical man
    is going to be fighting in this ring, and he's going to lose pretty badly.  Jump
    on top of his head and use the ape man's uppercut to spring you up to the
    rafters.  Mickey has a tendency to slide off, but it's not impossible by any
    Once you're up in the rafters head all the way to the right, where you can hop
    onto a higher platform.  From here you'll have to go back the way you came using
    the swinging lights.  Your Mickey's Mechanical Man film reel is up here on the
    other side of the rafters.
    The projector is on the other side of the ring, so let's leave this place.
    Tomorrow City Lagoon [TPTC02]
    You'll be introduced to your first real beetleworx here, so beware of him.  He
    actually has the capability of doing you a good deal of harm, and there isn't
    any option to just throw him in the thinner.  Thin out his shell and take him
    out to avoid having to deal with him the rest of the stage.  But don't be
    surprised if it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it.
    You have two choices for completing this quest, so let's get to it.  Be careful,
    however, as the thinner path makes this stage a lot more difficult.  There are
    three valves for you to take care of down on this first island alone, so let's
    take care of them.  Start on the left side of the stage and spin the one that's
    already showing through the wall.  This will break one of the pillars, allowing
    you to reach the second level.  But we don't need to go up there right now.
    Look on the floor for a long strip of painted floor and thin that out to reveal
    the second valve.  Spin that gear as well.  That will start a nearby block to
    start hovering from a thinner stream.  There's going to be a stream of thinner
    to your right now, so hop over that to hit the third valve (which should be in
    plain sight).  You've gotten everything you needed over here, so look at the big
    lake of thinner in front of you and paint in the platforms going over it.
    There's another beetleworx over here, so be careful when you finally make it.
    Take care of the beetleworx and spin the valve on the far wall.  That will
    finish up this quest.  Technically you're done, but if the last remaining sliver
    of the thinner waterfall annoys you there are two valves to spin on the second
    floor.  They'll start shooting thinner in the air when you activate them, but
    the doorway will be clear.  If you want to get them one is up from the pillar
    you dropped earlier, and the other is across the way.  Thin out the wall behind
    where the spout is and head inside to spin the valve.
    You can explore around the area (particularly out in the thinner lake) for some
    E-tickets, but you don't have to.  You're free to continue on.  However, if you
    want the easy route on the upcoming fight, I suggest you thin out what you can
    and try to get yourself two or three guardians.
    Once you're done exploring head past the gate and into the hallway.  There's
    another new blotling in here for you to defeat:  The Slobber.  If you're feeling
    particularly lazy and don't want to deal with the stress of beating this guy (or
    the time it takes to do it) I suggest wagging your remotes frantically to send
    your guardians after him.  Two hits will kill him every time.
    If you want to fight fair, feel free.  Gus will give you the basic run down:
    Keep out of his reach until he starts sucking you towards him.  Once he starts
    that, shoot thinner down his throat until he eventually starts coughing and lets
    you go.  He'll throw thinner at you before he does this, so you'll know when
    it's about to happen.  After doing this successfully four times or so he'll
    finally die.  When the battle is over head back towards Mister Rover to grab a
    gold pin from the treasure chest.
    Now it's time to learn about sketches.  Overall these will prove very useful to
    you.  For now they just want you to power up the ride, so let's get that done
    and over with.  Just like with paint and thinner, you'll be selecting your
    location based on the location of your Wiimote.  Point it towards where you want
    to drop the television and hold the - button.  Holding it will give you the
    ability to alter its position even after having used the sketch.  Move it until
    you think it's on top of the switch and let go.
    You should try to do this without leaving the carousel, so you get used to
    throwing televisions around long-range.
    Talk to Mister Rover and let's get out of this place.
    (2-D: Plutopia II) [2D15]
    As with the earlier stage, this place is fairly strange but not difficult.  Make
    your way over until you see the cat on a pogo stick and attack him.  That will
    get him to move out of your way and you can jump onto the patch of ground being
    shot up by water.  Jump on the cloud and wait for the door to open before
    running past it.  When the door opens again, pop inside to grab your Plutopia
    Part II film reel and run back out.
    With the falling bones that come up next, you'll be fine so long as you don't
    step on any of the cracks.  Those are the only areas the bones are going to
    actually land.  There's another cat to attack past the stairs, so do so and then
    hop up to where he moves using the street blocks.  Hit him again to create a
    You don't really have to bother with the cat, but it's pretty simple and nets
    you some more E-tickets.
    Tomorrow Square [TPTC03]
    Now that you're in tomorrow square let's start with some free E-tickets.  There
    should be a stand to your right with 100 E-tickets on top of it.  Thin out the
    two painted legs and watch it fall, then hop down to grab it.  There are some
    television sketches down here as well, so it's a useful spot to start out with.
    Once you're out of there start heading up the ramp located next to you.  There's
    a gremlin banging on his cage up here but ignore him, and ignore the television
    panel, too.  This is the one we'll want to pick up last.  Instead jump onto the
    track and lay a television on the panels to the left and the right of your
    starting point.  You should probably start by going to the right and then the
    left, as you'll want to be at the left platform when you finish.
    Right next to the second platform there's a large cutaway in the wall that you
    can use to get up to the next level.  Head over there and climb all the way up,
    killing the spatter that gets in your way.  Once you've taken care of him thin
    out the wall and take care of the next one.  The next obstacle requires you to
    thin out the painted orange area above the metal wall, dropping it down.  This
    is as far as you'll need to go, and you're going to be making a leap of faith
    If you drop straight down from that area you'll land on a very broken road
    underneath it.  Start filling it in and make your way around.  At the end of the
    path you should find a shiny, breakable wall.  Tear it down and grab the
    Tomorrow City extra content inside.  It seems silly, but now you're going to
    want to run all the way to the other end of the road.  From here you'll need to
    try and double jump back onto the main area.  If you can't make it then don't
    worry all that much.  You'll still get to keep your extra content even if you
    Either way, it's now time to leave.  Go start up the final switch and start
    following the track towards the gateway.  Just be careful of the trams.  Once
    you get nearer to the end of the track there's a nice platform away from the
    track that you can use to get away from the mayhem of the trams for a little
    while.  Wait for a tram to be just about ready to pass you and jump back on as
    close as you can, sprinting inside.  Head left first and grab the treasure chest
    that's sitting there - yet another gold pin.  Now you can head to the right and
    actually leave.
    (2-D: Mickey's Mechanical Man II) [2D16]
    There will be several fake paths to take to get to the film reel, but feel free
    to ignore all of the upper levels inside the first building (unless of course
    you want the E-tickets).  Instead, you're interested in the outdoor area.  The
    first power line is broken at the bottom and will be bouncing up and down.  Jump
    on top of it and then jump to the platform to its left to pick up the Mickey's
    Mechanical Man Part II film reel.
    Now you just need to complete the stage.  Do some creative head hopping and take
    the projector out of here,
    Space Voyage [TPTC04]
    Meet the Beetleworx Tanker.  He's pretty easy to deal with if you're running a
    paint route, but as we've been abiding by the thinner rules we're just going to
    have to try and distract him.
    All right, first we're going to want to take a right and hop down onto the
    landing area that is completely free of trams or electricity.  There should be a
    large space pod in front of you, but don't bother with it right now. Instead,
    look to the right where there's a road of pipes going around behind the stage.
    Walk along those instead.  At the end of the path you're going to find a
    spladoosh, so deal with him and then hop onto solid ground again.
    The wall to his left is breakable, so go ahead and bust it.  The next wall is
    painted so thin that one as well.  There's another painted wall behind that one,
    and then another breakable wall.  Take them all down.  Now that you're over here
    you can see an area of the tram track that isn't completely painted it.  Paint
    it in and then scurry along the wall to the next area, continuing in the same
    direction you were going before.  You'll end up with the busted pistons and a
    spladoosh, so you can startle it and hide behind a piston until it explodes.
    After this you're going to want to stick to the wall again and head over to
    another unpainted portion of the track and paint it in.  This will make your
    life a lot easier as it shuts down the electric fences around the area.
    Continue along the wall to your next safe haven and bust down the wall there.
    The Petetronic extra content is inside, so grab it.  If you continue going from
    here you'll end up with the space pod you originally started nearby.  If you
    want some more E-tickets then thin out the door and hop in.  Follow the trail it
    drops you off by and head up to the top to grab another 100 E-tickets.  If you
    aren't going to bother with them then head over to the busted pistons and
    catapult your way up to the second level.
    As far as the actual main quest goes, you're going to want to paint in the
    electrical generator on the elevator.  Some guardians should be dancing around
    in front of the elevator, and it's on the right side if you're staring into the
    elevator shaft.  You just have to paint that in and jump in the elevator without
    getting killed.
    Since you aren't rescuing the gremlins, there are two or three beetleworx
    generators running in the area, so fighting any of them is pretty useless, as
    they're just going to come back again.  However, there is a good way of dealing
    with them.  If you remember correctly, Gus said something about televisions
    really messing with beetleworx.  Go ahead and plant one near the tanker and then
    run over there to paint in the energy box and grab the elevator.  It will take
    him some time to reach the television, attack it, and then recover from the
    If you don't have enough time to make it in one run, throw down another one.
    You'll be battling on Petetronic's field, so let's talk about that first.  Most
    of the stage is made of paint, with a large thinner pool underneath it.  Every
    twelve panels there's one that's made of solid material (there are four of these
    in all).  Pete is going to start off by lobbing paint at you, twice per round,
    so you'll probably want to stand on one of the solid areas.  These platforms
    will also be raised above the painted panels.  Stand on either the left or the
    right side of the platform and then jump out of the way if it looks like he's
    going to hit you with thinner.
    The next part is the tricky part.  If he didn't hit you Petetronic will throw a
    fit and start shaking his fist at you.  He'll then jump up and slam his full
    weight down onto the ground, sending you flying in the shockwave.  To avoid
    getting hit with this move you're going to want to jump right after he does, and
    double jump when Mickey starts falling again to make sure Pete lands before you
    After his tantrum Pete will start throwing his disk at you.  If you got hit by
    the previous shockwave you'll likely be hit with the disk before you can even
    recover, which is why it is crucial to dodge that attack.  When it gets close to
    you spin and knock it back at him.  Once you've hit him he'll collapse and the
    center of the stage will fill in, allowing you to shoot thinner into the pump on
    his back and fill up on thinner in case you're running low.  Once you've hit the
    mark for that turn run back to your solid platform.
    From here Petetronic will start hurling more shots of thinner at you per turn,
    so just keep dodging them and jumping at the right moment.  He will eventually
    set up a shield to protect against his disc, so you'll have to break holes in
    his defenses and hit him through the gaps.  Each time you hit a shield piece the
    disk will come flying back at you, so spin it back again until one of you gets
    hit.  Just continue with the pattern of dodging, hitting his disc back, and
    filling his pump with thinner.  After three times of this Petetronic should be
    You'll receive another increase to your thinner capacity once the battle is
    Grab the disc for the first of the three rocket ship parts and head back to Mean
    Mean Street [TPMS03]
    Once you're back in Mean Street Oswald will inform you of the great blotling
    revolt and ask you to go take care of it.  You might as well get that done
    Head to the center of town and start killing some blotlings.  There are only
    three of them, so it's not a big deal.  Rescue Markus and then we can go back to
    exploring.  Head over to the Emporium and pick up the television sketch upgrade
    if you can afford it.  It's something that should come in handy throughout the
    game, like the wallet before.  It seems impractical, but now head into the Ice
    Cream Parlor.  They have an extra pip for sale, so go ahead and buy it.
    You should have finished your essential shopping now, so head on over to the
    cinema and talk to the usher to get some more free goodies.  Now you can go pop
    on over to Markus and open up the door to Ventureland.  You should probably have
    enough power sparks, but if you don't you still have a quest waiting for you at
    City Hall, so go talk to Pete.  Talk to Pete three times to get his new bunny
    children quest, the Defeated Petetronic pin, and his new quest for Ventureland.
    Rounding up the bunny children is the same as last time, so it won't take too
    long to take care of.  The only big difference is the number of them.  There are
    two more this time, and they're up by the train station.  Turn the quest in for
    another power spark and let's head out.  If you need more, you can always swing
    by the Emporium and purchase a few.
    Once you've finished your shopping and powered up the projector to Ventureland
    we can continue on with the story.  Hop on in.
    (2-D: Jungle Rhythm I) [2D17]
    The film reel in this stage is one of the easiest to get, as there isn't any
    need to choose the top path or bottom path.  The Jungle Rhythm Part I film reel
    is right next to the projector area.  Simply jump into the tree stump and use
    the left exit to head underneath the ramp and pick it up.  Go back the way you
    came and head through the projector.
    Ventureland [TPVL01]
    The first thing you're going to want to do is head around behind the projector
    and jump onto the high ground.  Walk towards the wall and stay pressed against
    it until Mickey picks up a power spark back here.  It's close to the 10 E-
    tickets floating in the air nearby.
    Once that's done Gus is going to want you to see what's up with Smee, so head on
    over there and pick up his quest.  He'll want you to grab three parts to get the
    door to Skull Island working again, so that's our goal for now.  First, though,
    you'll want to check out behind the nearby tree (the one with the tree house).
    There's yet another power spark back here, so let's grab that one, too.  Now
    climb up to the tree house and pick up the tiki mask.  You'll need this for the
    Jump down and head over to the Tiki Hut (Smee should have shown you where that
    is).  Talk to Tiki Sam and he'll let you know that he wants three tiki masks
    before he'll give you the wheel.  Hand him the one you've got and then head
    outside.  Behind the tiki hut is a painted wall that leads you into the
    storeroom.  Thin it out and grab the mask inside.  You can turn it back in to
    Tiki Sam.
    You're going to actually need to find the last mask, but neither of them is
    'hidden' so they'll be easy to find.  You can either climb on the roof of the
    building one of the sailors is guarding and jump into the open gap on the tower
    next to it, or you can ride the waterwheel up to grab one.  Either way, grab
    your last mask and turn it in for the wheel.
    The next quest we should take care of is Scurvy Pat.  There's a side quest you
    can do for him to get the compass, but we'll just buy it instead.  Damien Salt
    is the last person on your list because he's going to require you to do some
    town hopping.  He wants you to set him up with Henrietta, and to do so you'll
    have to get him either flowers or ice cream.  So let's head back to Mean Street
    and buy some ice cream from the Ice Cream Parlor, shall we?  Come back and hand
    it over to him and watch and see how his love life turns out.  When all is said
    and done he'll give you the figurehead for 50 E-tickets, so go talk to Smee
    Once the door is open, feel free to leave. There isn't much more for you to do
    (2-D: The Castaway I) [2D18]
    Once again you're going to want to take the upper path.  Make sure you jump from
    the waves when they're high enough that you know you can make the next platform,
    and hop onto the first seagull you see and just keep moving from seagull to
    seagull (and occasional treetops).  The second tree you're going to be jumping
    onto has the Castaway Part I film reel, so grab it and finish the stage.  Just
    be careful of the rolling rocks, because they'll knock you back.
    Tortooga [TPVL02]
    You'll be greeted with a quest right off the bet, and it's a pretty easy one so
    let's get to it.  In front of the projector screen there's a line of boats
    (Billy should have pointed them out to you earlier).  The tide here rises and
    falls gradually, but you're just going to be hopping boats for the most part, so
    just be sure not to sink any of them.  The overturned boats will sink with your
    weight, while the others will stay afloat.  After your first two boats you'll
    find yourself with a distance between you and the next boat.  Wait for the tide
    to fall and hop onto the platform that the thinner was hiding before.  Use that
    to bridge the gap and keep going.
    The thinner will rise above the deck of the other dock, so jump onto the roof
    and grab the bag right away.  Wait for the thinner to start sinking again before
    using the deck to get back onto the boats.  Head back to Beluga Billy and give
    him his bag back.  Beluga Billy will ask you for another favor, but he gives you
    a watch sketch and references The Legend of Zelda, so we can excuse him.
    The jailbirds are in the jail cell on the main island, so paint in the bridge
    and start on your way over there.  There are some blotlings waiting for you,
    though, so feel free to stand on the bridge and snipe them from where you're
    standing.  If you're having troubles at the bridge, run onto the island and hop
    on top of the well.  That gives you height and immunity to their attacks.
    Anyway, you're only going to need to free one of the jailbirds in order to get
    Billy's lost belongings, so let's go grab a key.  Walk over towards the painted
    steps and thin them out, then drop down the hole they uncover.  The key is right
    down there, so grab it and then turn to the waterwheel.  It doesn't have any
    paddles right now, so paint one in and ride it back up to the top.  In order to
    get inside the jailhouse you'll need to thin out the frame (it's located right
    by the bridge down to the harbor).
    Ruffian Branderson (the first guy you'll come across in the jail) is the one you
    want to let out.  He'll open the way for you to get Billy's bag, so don't bother
    with the others.  The way down is hidden behind the first painted door along the
    wall, so thin it out and head down to the basement.  There are two spatters
    there waiting to fight you, but they're pretty simple and they don't respawn, so
    take care of them first.
    As for the actual puzzle, just find the five gears you'll need to spin (the one
    near the treasure being the last) and pop a watch sketch to hit them all.  Once
    that's done you can run back up and turn it in to Billy.  Return his item to him
    and he'll open the projector to the jungle for you.  If you find watch sketches
    particularly desirable, you can buy some more for Beluga Billy for 10 E-tickets
    each, but since you only have a small holding capacity you might want to hold
    off on that.
    (2-D: Jungle Rhythm II) [2D19]
    It's time for another upper path.  Jump onto the tree stump right in front of
    you and use it to backtrack to the branch of the nearby tree.  From there you
    can start jumping from treetop to treetop.  Be careful of the falling coconuts
    from the largest tree and keep going until you reach your Jungle Rhythm Part II
    film reel.  There isn't much of an upper path after this, so head all the way to
    the end of the stage (catching a ride on the elephant) and hop onto the tree so
    you can reach the projector.
    The Jungle [TPVL03]
    Starkey is the person you're looking for here, so right away you're going to
    want to take the right path.  There are two beetleworx to fight on the left, so
    take care of them while you're here.  You can pretty easily just knock them into
    the thinner river, so the fight should be quick.  Just be sure to take the right
    path once you're finished, and as soon as you get close to Starkey he'll start
    talking to you and pile on the quests.  There are nine enemies throughout the
    stage that he wants you to defeat, including both blotlings and beetleworx, so
    you're going to have some difficult fights up ahead.
    You don't absolutely need to find the symbols, so let's ignore them in favor of
    taking care of the enemies.  If you keep heading in the same direction you'll
    come across a gap separating you from a spladoosh.  Blow it up and hop over
    there.  There are three more of them on this island, so stand back and get rid
    of all four.
    You'll have to backtrack from here, but there's a bridge you can fill in between
    the two islands, so you can just walk back over there.  Head all the way back to
    the projector and thin out the wall on the right side (where you just came
    You should uncover a secret path so follow it.  There's another spladoosh up
    here, so take care of that one as well.  You'll probably be collecting several
    red jewels on your way to defeat the enemies, but they aren't important to you
    this time.  Just ignore them and continue with what you're doing.
    From here you can jump over to a platform to your left, so go over there.
    There's a bridge to paint in right here, so use it to cross over onto the next
    area.  From here there are two platforms to paint so go ahead and paint them in
    so you can cross over to the top portion of the island you've yet to explore.
    Keep heading to the far end of it against the wall and look down for your last
    spladoosh.  Take care of him and then your only opponent will be the pirate
    beetleworx, who is a serious pain in the butt.
    You'll probably want to cheat your way through this fight, and there's a good
    way to do this.  You simply need to stay where you are and drop a couple of
    televisions onto the lower area and let him kill himself.  You can fight him if
    you'd like, but he's even nastier than the tanker you met in Space Voyage.
    If you do choose to fight him, you'll need to thin out his armor like all
    beetleworx.  When he's finally down to his frame he'll head towards you and do a
    quick spin.  Once he's finished he'll stagger a little (sometimes) and his back
    will be facing you.  Spin to hit it, and then run away again.  You'll have to
    hit him three times to get rid of him.
    To be 100% honest with you, I've never - in the three times I've beaten this
    game - fought him hand-to-hand.  I tried and got my ass handed to me, so... take
    that as you will.
    Whichever way you choose to fight him, he's the last enemy on your list so go
    talk to Starkey once he's dead.  That's all you have to do in this area, so
    follow him back to Tortooga through Hangman's Tree.
    (2-D: The Whalers) [2D20]
    Be careful of the exploding barrels on deck.  Once you touch any part of them
    the fuse will start running, so get out of the way quickly to avoid getting
    caught in the explosion.  Just head across the ship until you reach the end and
    have to jump onto some icebergs instead.  There's a seagull flying just above
    the water and you'll want to land on it, so take a running double jump and try
    to reach it.
    You're going to be hopping from seagull to seagull in order to get the Whalers
    film reel.  Getting onto the first one is harder than the rest of it, so you
    don't have to panic.  Jump over the blowhole when it's not spraying water and
    head over to grab the film reel.  You can just drop down from its head into its
    mouth to leave, but be careful of the falling obstacles.
    Tortooga [TPVL04]
    You should still remember how to boat hop across the thinner lake, but if you
    don't there are a couple of painted bridges you can climb to get up to the main
    area.  Either way, you'll want to make it over to the main area so it's up to
    you which path you choose.  However, don't let the shiny treasure over by your
    original starting area fool you.  You don't want it, as it's for a quest you
    aren't doing.
    Several of the pirates around the area will offer to sell you things, such as TV
    sketches, but you don't need to purchase any of them.  Particularly if you
    bought the holding upgrade for your televisions, as by this point you should
    have more than enough of them.  There's also a man selling watch sketches, but
    if you feel you need more of those you can always return to the basement where
    Billy's items were being held.  You can gather at least three free ones from
    down there.
    Your goal is up on the higher level, so head up the ramp and go back towards
    where the jail is.  Starkey will be waiting near a wooden door for you, so talk
    to him to open the Skull Gate.  Once you're ready you can head on through.
    (2-D: The Castaway II) [2D21]
    Gamers with arachnophobia should watch out for this stage, as in order to get
    the film reel you'll be jumping on top of spiders to get there.  Thankfully they
    aren't particularly well drawn, although they aren't a circle with lines,
    The one you're going to want to jump on is the fourth spider down the line,
    dropping down over a large hole.  Jump on his head (if you touch his arms you'll
    get thrown back instead) and wait for him to go back up to run over to the tree
    to the left.  Once you're there you'll hop onto the tree your earlier spider
    ride is hanging from, and from there you'll jump onto a swinging spider.  This
    one will swing you right over to the tree with the Castaway Part II film reel.
    After you've grabbed the film reel head on down and make your way to the rock in
    the river ahead.  You'll be jumping on turtles' backs to get across so be
    careful.  Watch their patterns in order to learn their habits, but don't be
    surprise if they throw you for a loop.
    Once you've crossed the moat you can continue on through the projector.
    Unfortunately, this isn't the last time you're going to see spiders in these
    areas, so you have been warned.
    Pirate Voyage [TPVL05]
    The beginning of this stage should be an old, familiar trick by now, so thin out
    the gears to make your way down the river of thinner.  This is only the
    introduction to the stage, but the whole thing is full of old tricks that you
    should be fairly used to now.  Once you've reached the stage proper Gus will
    inform you about the pumps around the area.  This is your goal to get the door
    open, but we have some side quests to deal with first.
    The first thing you're going to want to do is jump on top of the corner
    fencepost (which is also the tallest).  If you look up from here you can see an
    area you can jump onto in front of a painted door.  It's not too terribly far
    away, so jump over to it and thin out the door to reveal a treasure chest with a
    bronze pin inside it.  That's all you need from up there so drop down and follow
    the trail you're on.  You'll see a platform you'll need to paint at the end of
    the way, so do so and continue to paint in whatever platforms you need to get
    over around the flaming building.
    There are spatters waiting for you on the higher portion of the building, but
    you can kill them from the lower level if you lure them to the edge for you.
    Hop over there and head up the roof towards the painted bridge.  There's a
    sweeper up there so you can either defeat him or erase the bridge under his feet
    and drop him in the river.  Cross over once he's taken care of.  On the left
    side there's a large painted wall, so thin it out to reveal one of the three
    pumps.  Fill it up with thinner and continue on your way.
    To your right there's a building lower than your platform with a painted roof.
    Thin that out to reveal another one of the pumps.  You don't need to jump down
    there to take care of it, though.  You can fill it up from where you're standing
    if you want to.  Head back over to the other side and drop down to the lower
    level.  There's another spatter here so take care of him, and then start
    thinning out the building you're standing in front of.  You can't thin out the
    door here, but if you thin the floor and wall around it the door will fall
    forward (much like in Tortooga) and reveal the last pump for you.  Fill it with
    thinner and then hop onto one of the boats.
    There's a whirlpool not too far past the gate, so be prepared to jump off onto
    the second cell.  You can thin out the bars to head inside, where there's a
    spatter waiting for you on one side and a sweeper on the other.  The sweeper is
    on the other side of two spiked crushers, so feel free to shoot him between the
    gap before jumping over there.  At the end of the tunnel you'll see the boats
    rising out of the whirlpool in front of you, so jump on one to continue the
    After a short while the boats will head underneath a gate that you can't fit
    under, so jump off to your left and thin out the bars to take the projector out
    of this place.
    (2-D: Shanghaied) [2D22]
    Beware the multiple obstacles on your way up the stage.  The floor will collapse
    underneath you at one point, something comes out of the furnace to attack you,
    the coo-coo clock jumps out, people pop out of windows to attack you, and the
    deckhand shoves his mop at you.
    Getting up to the Shanghaied film reel is a bit of a pain, and isn't immediately
    obvious.  Once you've hit the top of the deck (before jumping onto the sails)
    there is a box of rockets.  Spin on top of it to set them off, and then hurry up
    the sails so you can hop on the cloud they create in order to reach the film
    reel, which is above the projector.  Eventually you'll get it, and you can just
    drop down to leave.
    Skull Island [TPVL06]
    There's another pirate beetleworx wandering around the area, so be careful not
    to run into him.  Your two quests for this place are simple:  untie Smee's ship
    and break Hook's machine.  The two often go along the same path, so it won't be
    too bad to get them both done at once.
    The first thing you're going to want to do, however, is some pretty tricky
    climbing to get on top of the area you entered through, painting in the treasure
    chest up there to grab yourself another silver pin.  Now you can head towards
    Skull Rock using the stones and overturned boats lined up in front of you.
    Stick to the left path and hop onto the wooden dock once you've landed on the
    island to keep the pirate beetleworx from bothering you.
    If you keep heading left from there you'll cross the first of Hook's machine
    pumps, so fill that up with thinner on your way past.  Keep going left and thin
    out the painted wall in the middle of the path while taking care of the spatters
    (who should be more annoying than dangerous by now).  You'll find Hook's second
    pump here, so fill this one up as well.
    While we're here we might as well take a little detour.  There should be a
    medium-sized rock in the thinner in front of you, so jump on it.  Hop over the
    overturned boats to the left from here and aim towards the large rock in front
    of you.  This should reveal a treasure chest, so hop back to the rock you were
    on before and take the right path to get up there and grab a new gold pin.  Once
    you've gotten it hop on back to your initial rock before jumping right onto the
    larger rock.  From here you can head over to one of the anchors holding Smee's
    boat down.
    There is a sweeper guarding it, however, and once you step on the island it's
    going to head inside and lock the gate behind him.  There's a path near where
    you boarded that leads to the top of the island, however, and you can thin out
    the top of the cave to get inside.  Of course the option is always there to
    cheat and kill the sweeper before even dropping in.  Thin the anchor from up
    here to begin raising the boat, or you can hop inside and do it.  If you do
    however, you'll have to spin the gear to get back out.  No big deal, though.
    After that's taken care of cross back to the path with the two pumps and
    backtrack to the first one.  You can hop on top of the machine that's covering
    it to get to another raised platform.  You should be standing in front of a row
    of masts, so thin out the nets and baskets so you can use them as steps down to
    the next area.  Take care of the sweeper on the upper level and thin out the
    large painted rock he was guarding, revealing another anchor that you'll need to
    The last anchor is over by where we started, but in the opposite direction.
    Trying to get over there may very well have gotten you attacked by the pirate
    beetleworx, so we're going the long way.  There's a path leading right from the
    island you've just finished, so take that all the way over to the partially
    sunken ship.  Climb up it and jump from the head to the actual island itself.
    You're above the beetleworx and assorted blotlings now.  To your right is a
    painted bridge area, so thin that out and drop down.  The wall behind you is
    painted as well, so thin that out and take care of the spatter that comes to
    attack you.  You'll get the Sea Battle extra content from his area.
    There's another painted bridge in the other direction.  Thin it and head down.
    You should be where your gold pin was located, so hop over towards the left,
    where you can see the blotlings wandering around on the surface.  Where you
    board the island is near a ramp, so run up it and keep hopping up before the
    blotlings can hurt you.  There's a sweeper near the top, but it shouldn't take
    much to get rid of it.  The last two pumps for Hook's machine are up here, so
    fill them up.  You've released some thinner on the island now, but the machine
    is broken.  If you're lucky the thinner will separate the island into two parts
    with the beetleworx on the other side.
    Head down to the lowest part of the island and take care of anything that
    threatens you at all.  From Smee's boat you should see an overturned boat with a
    pip over it.  That's the beginning of your path towards the last anchor.  Two
    spatters are already in a cage on this island, so you'll have to climb up to the
    top.  There's a sweeper waiting for you up there so take care of it and thin the
    first painted rock.  There's a gear there for you to open the gate, freeing the
    splatters and giving yourself access to the anchor.
    Because you used steps to get to the top of the island you once again have the
    high ground and can take care of both the spatters and the anchor without being
    in any danger.
    With the last anchor thinned out the ship is raised, so paint in the helm and
    continue on your way to fight Captain Hook.
    Unlike with the other bosses so far you have two choices on how to beat Captain
    Hook using thinner.  First you have to get to the boat, however, and be sure not
    to let the crocodile frighten you on your way over (a startled player might drop
    Mickey into the thinner).  Hit the nearby gear to lower the lifeboat and climb
    aboard, painting in the one in front of it.  Use this one to get on deck.
    And since I gave you warning about the crocodile, I feel it's only fair to warn
    you now as well:  You are going to be subjected to some slow, AWFUL dialogue
    here.  Just... hope it doesn't take you more than one try to finish this battle.
    Otherwise you're going to be hearing it every time.  Unlike the animated
    sequences, this cannot be skipped.
    But I digress.  Your two options here are fairly simple:  Smash Captain Hook
    into things until he breaks, or feed him to the crocodile.  The first one should
    be fairly self-explanatory, so let's start with the basics.  First you're going
    to want to get rid of Hook's hobo barrel.  Once you've thinned it out completely
    (seeing as it's made of paint) run on over and give him a good whack.  This will
    send him careening down the track towards whatever object happens to be in his
    way.  Do this enough times and he'll break.
    If you want to feed him to the crocodile then you're going to have to use a
    little more planning.  The first thing you have to do is restore the gangplank.
    This happens when Captain Hook starts at the top of the track to the left of the
    plank.  Thin out his barrel and make him spin, which will open the gate and
    extend the track.  Next you want him to move over to the area to the bottom
    right of the plank.  Spin him again to connect the top path with the gangplank.
    Now, when he hits that top area again, you can thin him out and spin him all the
    way down to the crocodile below.  It will take less time than smashing him to
    pieces, but you have to make sure he's in the right location to set these things
    As far as dodging his attacks, it's not so simple.  You'll have to stay a fair
    distance away from him to avoid getting hacked to death by his sword.  This
    means that, after getting rid of his barrel, you have a fair bit of distance to
    travel before you can attack him.  Stay back and be careful of his thinner
    attacks.  Unlike Petetronic, Captain Hook will actually aim at you, so you can't
    rely on dumb luck and just stand there shooting at him.  Every now and then
    he'll decide against using thinner and throw bombs instead.  You can spin to get
    rid of them or run away to avoid them.  The choice is entirely yours.
    However you choose to defeat him, you'll be rewarded with another upgrade to
    your paint thinner capacity and the Captain Hook pin.  Of course, if you go the
    crocodile route, you'll be treated to a reenactment of the scene from the
    original movie.  This makes it all worth it to me.
    Before grabbing your rocket part, however, go over to the glowing green wall and
    break it down with a spin.  There's a bronze pin in here, so grab it before you
    leave.  Now you can grab the rocket part, but don't leave just yet.
    Paint in the stairs Captain Hook destroyed at the beginning of the fight and
    head up there.  Paint in the treasure next to your skeleton helmsman and use it
    to hop onto the sails.  If they're too far away just paint in the sails and they
    should make a straight path for you.  After the third one drop down to the front
    of the ship and grab the Animatronic Croc extra content.
    That's the end of that, so let's get out of here.
    (In case you were wondering, Captain Hook is one of my favorite characters,
    hence the consistent use of Captain throughout the battle)
    Ventureland [TPVL07]
    Once you're back in Ventureland the pirates will move on out, and Smee will give
    you one of Daisy's arms (even though we don't particularly care about getting
    her fixed).  Just like in OsTown, Gilda is loitering around (this time on top of
    the building Damian Salt had been guarding earlier) waiting for you to finish
    her race.  Go ahead.  You should have enough power sparks to finish the game by
    this point, but getting a few more for stupid quests like these is never a bad
    Just like in the Emporium in Mean Street, you'll want to swing by the Tiki Hut
    to go shopping.  They're selling a stopwatch upgrade in here, so go ahead and
    buy it if you have the E-tickets for it.  If you don't, then don't worry all
    that much about it.  Ventureland is the best place for E-ticket farming.  Once
    you're done there you should return to the building the pirate was guarding
    earlier.  This is the Hut Shop and he's selling you another pip upgrade, so
    snatch that up as well.  There's also a pin and some extra content to buy in
    there, but if you don't have a surplus of E-tickets you can always wait until
    later to buy them.  Get what's useful to you in the game first.
    If you paid attention at all to Ventureland before you left it, you should
    realize that all of the plants are missing.  There is a quest to fill them all
    in, but don't bother turning it in.  But you will want to paint in all of the
    plants anyway.  Ventureland is a large area full of plants (30+ bushes occupying
    the entire premise) and they have a ridiculously high yield of green E-tickets,
    which are worth 30 a piece.  Add that up with thE-ticket on the rotating mask
    and you have a lot of opportunities to get rich in this town (upwards of 900 E-
    tickets per run, if you're incredibly, incredibly lucky).
    Mean Street [TPMS04]
    You've just made it back to Mean Street, so it's time for the usual routine.
    Talk to the usher to get some more rewards and then go find out what Markus'
    problem is.  The answer:  Even he's getting annoyed with the bunny children and
    wants you to kick their little asses.  There are three of them running around
    with power sparks, so get ready to zap some annoying little critters.
    The first one you're going to find is in the town square, so squirt him with
    thinner and steal his power spark.  The second is just wandering around the
    inner streets, so do the same for him.  If either of them decide to cling to
    your legs, the vacuum pipe is always available for sucking up annoying little
    bunny children.  The last one is up by the train station.  Take care of him and
    feel free to use the vacuum to get rid of him.  Mean Street is no place for
    those annoying little things.
    Swing by City Hall to talk to Pete while you're over there disposing of bunny
    children anyway.  He's not happy with you for ignoring Pete Pan, but he's still
    more than willing to put you to work taking care of the bunny children around
    Mean Street.  This time they're hiding in barrels, however, instead of roaming
    out in the open.  This is actually an improvement, as you'll know where they are
    right away, and you'll be right next to them when you do find them.  So let's go
    break some barrels.
    There's a barrel between Horace's Detective Agency and the Museum that wasn't
    there before, so let's take care of this one.  There's another one next to the
    Emporium, so we'd better destroy it.  Your last barrel is by the train station,
    in the corner of the unpainted side.  Take care of this one and you're done, so
    head inside to get your power spark.
    Now that that's over with we can go turn in the stolen power sparks to Markus,
    who informs us that we need 15 to power up the final projector screen.  You
    should have enough but, if you don't, you can always buy some at the Emporium.
    This is the very last time you'll absolutely have to use power sparks, but later
    on in the game Markus will offer to open up a secret area for 30 of them, so
    there's no sense in giving any up.
    You can head out to Bog Easy now.  But if you want an example of just how much
    Oswald hates you this run through go talk to him.  It has absolutely no
    importance to anything, but I love his little tirade.
    (2-D: Lonesome Ghosts I) [2D23]
    It's once again time for the upper path, and there isn't anything hard about
    this one.  Ride the books up, jump to chandeliers, ride the dresser drawers, and
    suddenly you're there.  Grab the Lonesome Ghosts Part I film reel and drop down.
    The lower level is full of obstacles if you want to try and go back to grab some
    more E-tickets.  You'll have to deal with one of them before you hit the
    projector, but it's not hard by any means.
    Bog Easy [TPBE01]
    Once you arrive in Bog Easy Gilbert the ghost will ask you to scare some of the
    locals in town.  Sounds like fun, so tuck that away for later.  The first thing
    you're going to want to do is head directly in front of the dock and head over
    to the painted boat.  Thin out the top portion and head inside, grabbing the
    Badge of Courage inside before leaving and heading back to the docks.  Ian will
    offer to buy the badge for 200 E-tickets, so go ahead.
    Once that's done, start island-hopping over towards the town.  If you want to,
    feel free to paint in the plants so you can get some stuff from them, but be
    aware that you might lose a guardian that way.  If you want some more E-tickets
    head on over to the ghost right outside of town and take his quest.  You'll be
    grabbing his book later, but you can steal it right out from under him and get
    some E-tickets for yourself in return.
    Before you go scare Louie, play around in the city for a little bit. There's a
    building nearby with a persistent woman knocking at the door.  Start thinning
    that one out and use the balcony to get up to the roof.  If you go to your left
    from jumping onto the roof you should end up on a stone roof with a power spark
    on top.  Grab it and hop back down.  Talk to Gilbert there and get ready to
    Now you can start hopping across the next line of islands.  On the way you'll
    see some extra content on one of the islands, so head over and pick up the
    Lonesome Manor Passageway extra content. Hop over to the shack and thin out the
    lights like Gilbert asked, and then the quest will be complete.
    Now that that's done you can head back into the town and climb up the stairs
    leading into one of the buildings.  The book that Ian was looking for is located
    in here, so go pick it up.  Now make sure you don't talk to Ian again before you
    leave for Lonesome Manor.
    It's time to leave the city, so head on towards the back.  Before you take the
    projector, though, head to the left to pick up the power spark floating back
    here. Talk to Gabriel, who's standing next to the projector, to pick up another
    quest:  Pipe Organ Madness.  Now we can head over to Lonesome Manor.
    (2-D: Lonesome Ghosts II) [2D24]
    If you want the ten E-tickets inside the first door, you're going to have to
    sneak past it and then go back to pick it up.  It's a little tricky, but not too
    much so.  If you don't feel like dealing with the door, however, there's a
    switch nearby you can spin to get rid of the ghost altogether, meaning the door
    will no longer open and close.  You'll be hitting up a lot of switches here.
    The next switch is after the floating dresser drawer.  Hit it to allow the book
    to rise.  Next is the ghost throwing objects down at you, and his switch is on
    top of the dresser.  When you reach the shutter windows you'll have the choice
    to go left or right, so go left to get the film reel.
    Hop over above the window from there to hit the switch that keeps the ghost from
    trying to knock you off the rug.  Right when you land after that is the switch
    to get to the projector from here, so flip it and then grab your Lonesome Ghosts
    Part II film reel and get out of here.
    Manor House [TPBE02]
    Head to the left when you first arrive, stopping just below the pressure plate.
    You should see the bottom of a painted tree from where you're standing, so thin
    that out and that should raise some islands in the thinner.  If you want to you
    can continue ahead past the small stream of thinner and take care of the
    spladooshes where they can't touch you, and then you can drop down to their
    Behind the area you were just standing is a bronze pin, so let's pick that up
    while we're over here before heading back across and continuing on our way.
    Before you can even reach the manor the Mad Doctor is going to try and stop you.
    He doesn't actually do anything to you, however.  He just locks the door.  Now
    you're going to have to get it open again, so thin out the painted portions of
    the pillars and used them as steps to get to the second level.  Right after you
    land on the second level overhang thin out the painted portion of the wall and
    step inside for the Lonesome Manor II special content.  Head back to the
    overhang and walk to the other side to pick up your first anvil sketch.
    Right after you acquire this several blotlings will summon, so you're going to
    have to deal with them one way or the other.  However you want to deal with them
    (or ignore them, if that's what you want), drop your anvil sketch on top of the
    pressure plate right outside of the building and open the door, giving you the
    opportunity to continue, so let's get out of this place.  There's a painted wall
    on the way, but ignore it.  There's a skeleton beetleworx back there, and the
    only stuff you're going to get out of it is some E-tickets.
    In case you wanted to grab the E-ticket treasure from next to the pressure
    be careful as the ground will collapse underneath you if you aren't fast about
    (2-D: The Mad Doctor I) [2D25]
    The bridge in front of you is going to collapse as you walk, so hop over it in
    strategic places to take the top path.  You don't have to take this path,
    however, and if you do you're going to have to watch out for the crumbling floor
    and dropping knives.  The two paths are going to intersect at the stairs, but
    they'll split again at the table saw.
    Take the top path and beware the skeleton spiders as you cross towards the Mad
    Doctor Part I film reel.  There isn't anything too tricky for the rest of the
    Foyer [TPBE03]
    The first thing you're going to want to do is take care of the beetleworx.  And
    I don't mean killing them.  There are two beetleworx generators in this stage,
    so let's go shut them down before we start trying to kill the endless army.  The
    machines are behind the two doors that you start off facing, so head back there.
    There is a machine on each wall, so turn towards each and thin out the red jewel
    in the middle.  This will shut the machine down, assuring that you won't have to
    deal with any more beetleworx than are already out.
    In order to free the ghost (which you'll have to do in order to open the door
    into the next area) you'll need to stand on one of the two pressure plates in
    this hallway.  Lay an anvil on the other one and the cage will open.  Attack the
    bottle with your spin attack and he'll be free, revealing the way to open the
    The two skulls are on either side of the main room, behind painted walls.  Head
    to either of them and thin out the walls to head inside.  There will be some
    spladooshes to deal with, but it really isn't anything all that difficult.  Once
    you've taken care of the hoppers on the bottom floor your only other real
    concern are the three sweepers, one on the second layer of either side, and one
    in front of the door.  Once you've gotten inside the hidden room and taken care
    of all of the enemies, just paint in the other half of the skull.  Do the same
    on the other side.
    On the right side room there's a treasure chest with a silver pin inside of it,
    so be sure to paint it back in if the spladooshes happened to thin it out.
    Once you're done with both of the skulls Sam will ask you to talk to him again.
    Once you've done so the stairs will raise and the door will open for you.
    (2-D: Haunted House I) [2D26]
    This stage is pretty short, all things considered, but it can be tricky.  Either
    way you decide to go you're going to be dealing with flying bats, so wait before
    moving in front of any windows or holes.  Also, beware that there are more
    spiders in this stage, and they're supposed to crawl out of nowhere and scare
    The only really difficult part is climbing up the stairs, as a shadow figure
    will race you before unleashing the grim reaper (who walks down the stairs just
    like everybody else).  Instead of running past him you're going to want to jump
    onto the low-dangling chandelier, which will rise before he hits you.  From
    there you just have to jump onto the next chandelier and then to the desk.
    Watch out for the spider on the floor and, when he's not hiding under there or
    on his way back, slip under the table to grab the Haunted House Part I film
    You're going to want to chandelier hop over to the other side, too, because the
    grim reaper is a little annoying to deal with.  Just make sure to land on the
    chair and, again, look out for the spider.
    Stretching Room [TPBE04]
    The poltergeists are going to mess with the paintings in here, so you're going
    to have to line them all up again. First, however, we should grab the pin and
    extra content that are lying around.
    To get an understanding of how the room works, however, might need a little bit
    of explaining.  In order to spin a part of the painting you just have to walk
    over and spin it until it shows the bottom of the work, then move on to the next
    one.  When you want to go up a level simply paint in one of the three gears
    around the center and spin it.  If you want to go to the top panel, paint them
    both in and spin.
    We're going to want to go to the third floor first, so paint in the two middle
    gears and spin it.  In order to get the extra content you'll want to head over
    to the safari picture and spin it until you see the Mad Doctor extra content
    floating there.  Head back out and head over to the gravestone picture and spin
    it until you see the busts of the dead husbands.  Thin it out and grab the gold
    pin.  Once that's done you can thin out the gears and head down to the bottom.
    If you can't remember exactly what the pictures looked like, don't worry.  One
    of them has a barrel of TNT as the base, the other a collection of stone busts,
    and the last a body of water full of piranhas.
    Once all of those are showing paint in the middle gear to reach the next level.
    On this level you'll want one painting to show a man standing in his boxers, the
    other should have the gravestone and names, and the last should have a man with
    another on his shoulders.
    Finish those up and paint in the last gear to hit up the top level.  Here you'll
    have a distinguished looking man with a beard, the old woman's head, and the
    scientist with the monocle and moustache.  Once you've gotten all of those lined
    up spin the middle gear and the door will open, revealing several blotlings (I'm
    sure you've heard them by now).  Stay on top of the gear and just thin out the
    floor under your enemies, or stand out of their range (on solid ground) and
    shoot them.  This should be a piece of cake by now.  Once that's finish you're
    free to leave.
    (2-D: The Mad Doctor II) [2D27]
    You're going to find the film reel in here pretty easily, but it's not going to
    be quite so simple to grab.  You can be a reckless idiot like I was and jump
    into the fire, or you can be patient and save your pips for later enemies.  Jump
    over the fire and use the pot on the table to climb up to the platform with the
    bottle.  Spin attack to knock it down, extinguishing the fire and leaving the
    Mad Doctor Part II film reel free to grab.
    There is an upper and a lower path from here, but there's no big different
    between the two.  If you want to take the upper path, spin next to the pot you
    hopped on earlier and you can jump and ride it up to the next level.
    Library [TPBE05]
    The first obstacle you're going to have to deal with is the moving book cases,
    so head up to the first set and either sneak through between them or thin out
    one of them and walk through it, turning back to paint it back in and get it
    moving again.  At the end of the bookcases you'll find half of a skull so paint
    that in to get them to stop moving.  If you thinned them and didn't let them
    start moving again then they're going to stop wherever you stopped them, which
    can be a pain in the ass for later.
    Once you've stopped them from moving head on up to talk to Madame Leona. She'll
    give you three quests to complete, but we're only interested in one of them.  In
    fact, feel free to thin out any of her books if they're annoying you.  For the
    first of the two remaining skulls you'll want to go over towards the three
    bookshelves that attempt to squish you against the rail/throw you off of the
    path with a break between each of them.  The end of the path will have a wall
    you can thin out, so do so and head inside.
    There are more books trying to push you off in here, and they're pushing you
    right into the thinner.  Be careful to land only barely on the first island, as
    the bookshelf won't touch you there.  On the second island the book doesn't go
    forward all the way, so stand as far forward as you can.  The third is just
    going to be a pain, so if you don't feel like bothering with it just jump over
    the thinner to get to the end of the path.  You might lose a pip, but chances
    are you were going to lose it anyway.
    The skull is against the wall where the bookshelves belong so paint it in to
    stop them.  Stopping the bookshelves will reveal a hidden passage, so walk over
    to where the fireplace was originally and use it to get back to the other side.
    These bookshelves have calmed as well, so walk over to the other side and get
    ready to run.
    There is absolutely nothing hard with getting over to the other side of the
    hallway.  Just run against the first bookshelf until it retracts and don't stop
    running until you hit the wall.  It should only take one try.  Thin out the wall
    to reveal a pressure plate hidden inside.  Jump on it and get ready to run
    Stepping on the plate will cause the last skull to appear, but you only have a
    small window of time to get over there and paint it in before it hides away
    again in the bookshelves.  You can use a stopwatch if you feel you absolutely
    need to, but it's not difficult to begin with.  Just step on the plate and run.
    Once you've filled in that skull you're all done, but there are some extra
    things to finish up.
    The bookshelves will rearrange themselves into stairs for you once you've
    finished, so climb up them to another painted wall with another pressure plate
    behind it.  Stepping on this one will raise them into stairs to reach onto the
    highest area of the stage - a series of wooden walkways up in the ceiling.
    You'll want to thin out the spider web and deal with the sweeper up there before
    you stand on the pressure plate, as they only give you a small handful of
    seconds to get up there.  The Library extra content is up in these beams, so
    jump onto the first one, walk to the end, and then head to the beam to the left.
    There will be another sweeper wanting to kill you there, so feel free to take
    care of it as soon as you're on solid ground on the first one.
    Once you've grabbed the extra content feel free to finish with this place.  Just
    be warned, because as soon as you turn in the quest to Madame Leona a slobber is
    going to appear.  If you want to deal with it using guardians, make sure you
    have at least two of them.  If you don't, start thinning out the library until
    you get enough of them.  If you want to fight fair, then the rules are the same
    as the last time you fought him.  If you already have three guardians and
    haven't thinned out most of the library by now, then use them to speed up the
    fight.  You can collect them back just by erasing stuff around the stage.
    Leave whenever you're ready.
    (2-D: Haunted House II) [2D28]
    This stage is pretty straightforward for the most part, so just keep jumping up
    and over.  After the second skeleton with the pan over his head you should start
    taking the upper path.  Beware of dangling spiders and bats, though, as the
    second window will open up to let a swarm of bats through, which will knock you
    to the floor.  Just keep on jumping carefully from window to window to get the
    Haunted House Pare II film reel.
    You can just jump down from here (avoiding the irritating bats and spiders) but
    you can also go back the way you came.
    Ballroom [TPBE06]
    The main point of this room is to fix or break the pipe organ, but we're saving
    that for later.  First we should secure our means of escape, so head to either
    the left or the right wall and thin it out.  There are pressure plates hidden in
    each of these areas, so activate them with an anvil.  This will start the tables
    moving up to the second layer, which is how we'll be getting out of here.
    Take the tables up to the second floor, getting rid of the beetleworx and
    walking around to the other side.  Thin out the curtains on this side (once
    you've killed the beetleworx) and head over to the treasure chest.  There's a
    bronze pin in there, so grab it.  Ignore the blue chest you passed, as it's for
    a quest we aren't doing.
    Now we can take care of the pipe organ.  Instead of playing his song we want to
    make him angry, so start thinning out his keys.  This will break the solid keys
    between them and make him angry, so don't worry when he yells at you.  Once
    you've broken enough of them he will send two tanker beetleworx after you, so
    hop on over to the tables and run up to the second level again.  You're going to
    need to hop onto the pipes from here in order to reach the next projector.  Hop
    up using the pipes as stairs to get there, and get ready to face the next boss.
    (2-D: Haunted House III) [2D29]
    The first thing you're going to need to do is climb up the stairs until you
    reach a large hole.  Jump up to the second windowsill here and keep on moving in
    that direction, jumping from windowsill to chandelier to windowsill until you
    reach the Haunted House Part III film reel.  Then you can drop down.  On your
    way over, however, keep in mind that the chandeliers will fall if you linger on
    them for too long, so be sure to keep moving and don't stop unless you're
    absolutely sure it's 100% safe.
    You're not going to be dealing directly with the mad doctor himself, but instead
    you're going to be stuck getting rid of his beetleworx generators.  They require
    a little bit of timing and strategy, though.  You're going to have to get rid of
    the beetleworx and wait for it to open up and produce another one.  Once it
    opens it'll reveal a red jewel in the center of the door, so thin that out to
    break the generator.
    If the beetleworx prove too difficult, there are items inside the walls to heal
    you back up.
    To defeat the generator on the right side you're going to have to kill the
    beetle beetleworx.  Once it's defeated it will open up the door for you and you
    can thin out the jewel.  When the door is taken care of the enemy will drop a
    stopwatch sketch for you to use.
    In order to get rid of the one on the left take care of the skeleton beetleworx
    (this one will work like the pirate beetleworx from before).  Kill it and take
    out the jewel to disable the generator once it releases the next one.  Now you
    just have one more to take care of.
    The first thing you're going to want to do about this generator is to take care
    of the tanker on the platform nearby.  If you climb up the rails on its right
    side you can stand right next to it and start thinning it out to take care of
    It won't be able to hit you from where you are, but you can easily take care of
    There's another tanker on the opposite side of the river of thinner, and that's
    the one you're going to have to get rid of in order to open up the last
    generator.  You can kill it fair and square, but if you don't want to deal with
    it feel free to kill it using your television or anvil sketches.  The anvil will
    kill it in one hit, but you likely only have one or two of those, so you'll have
    to be accurate with your sketch.  If you use the television sketches you can
    take care of him in three shots.
    If the other two beetleworx are giving you any difficulty you can also use
    televisions against them, or kill them in a fair fight.  It's entirely up to
    Once you've taken care of the tanker (in whichever way you see fit) take out the
    last gem and you'll be done with this fight.
    You'll receive the last rocket part you need, as well as a thinner capacity
    increase and the Mad Doctor pin.  The way out will be open now, but you have
    some other things to take care of before you can leave.
    On the left side of the machine there should be some steps, so head over there
    and start climbing.  The Mad Doctor Pod extra content is available as you climb,
    so be sure to grab that.  Once you've gotten that one hop over to the main
    machine and continue heading towards the wall to grab another gold pin from the
    treasure chest.
    Now you're finished, so take the projector back to Bog Easy.
    Bog Easy [TPBE07]
    When you first arrive you're going to be greeted by one of the ghosts, who will
    inform you that they've all decided to stay.  Head on down towards Louis' shack
    and talk to Ian there.  He'll send you on a quest to break the candlesticks
    floating around the area, so let's go rescue some ghosts.  If you head off
    towards Louis' you can find the first two of them.  While you're heading that
    direction feel free to swing by the shack.  If you head behind it you'll pick up
    the sign for Bertrand's Bog Easy shop, and if you talk to Gilbert he'll ask you
    to free Louis' boat for him.  Head over to the crumbling area of the dock and
    drop an anvil on it to free the boat.
    Once you head back to town you can grab the other three on the way towards the
    projector screen to Mean Street.  One of them is right near the dock, so go talk
    to Gilda while you're over there and complete her race.
    Once you're done with the race return to Ian and then talk to Bertrand.  He'll
    open up his store for you now, so head on in and buy the anvil upgrade he's
    selling.  He's selling some extra content, too, but those can wait until the end
    of the game, or until your next time through.  Once you've bought what you need
    from Bertrand head on back to Mean Street.
    Mean Street [TPMS05]
    Once you arrive Oswald is going to inform you about your next quest.  You're
    going to have to climb Mickeyjunk Mountain to take care of the shadow blot.
    Once you've gotten the mission rundown head on over to the cinema for some more
    prizes.  You should have enough for another pip increase.  After that you can
    head back to Pete and pick up another bunny children quest.
    These things are going to be harder to take care of this time.  There's one of
    them on the ground waiting for you in the center, and one down one of the side
    alleys.  The rest are hanging out on rooftops.  There's one on top of the
    detective agency, and one on the last building you can walk to from there.
    Knock them both down only the ground to drag them over to the pipe.  From there
    you can head to the City Hall roof and Fire Station, and then jump to the roof
    of the Emporium.  There's another one by the Ice Cream Parlor roof, and one from
    the Cinema roof.  The last two are up by the Train Station, so drag them over to
    the pipe and head inside to collect your reward.
    If you talk to Markus he'll inform you that he found a secret component in the
    machine, so if you really want to open that up you're going to have to go and
    buy some power sparks at the Emporium.  They cost 50, 100, 150, and then 200 E-
    tickets to buy (one for each of the lower prices).  Once you've gotten 30 you
    can talk to Markus again and open up the door on top of the Fire Station.  If
    you want to save that for your paint game, feel free.  If you do open the secret
    door you'll receive 200 E-tickets and the Mickey & Oswald extra content.
    Once that's all taken care of head on over to Ventureland and buy yourself some
    more stopwatch sketches.  You'll need them in the upcoming fight.  So once
    you've gotten some stopwatches head back to Mean Street and from there go to
    OsTown and, finally, Mickeyjunk Mountain.
    Mt. Osmore Caverns [TPMJ05]
    The place hasn't changed much since the last time you were here, but there's
    some more extra content for you to grab.  The Oswald Poses extra content is on
    one of the Mickey dolls' hands, so grab that before you go and talk to Oswald.
    Once you jump through the projector you're going to have to face off against the
    Shadow Blot, so be prepared for one of the tougher battles in this game.
    (2-D: Ye Olden Days) [2D30]
    Things are out to attack you in this stage, so be careful that they don't.
    There are some jumps that might not seem immediately apparent, but there's
    always a way to get to where you want to go.  The first of this trick jumps is
    going to be after you've passed the knight with his spear.  From the bottom it
    looks as if there aren't any platforms, but once you're on the tree branch you
    should be able to see them both.  Be careful, however, as the knight is now
    stabbing up towards you, instead of remaining stabbing at the ground.
    In order to get the Ye Olden Days film reel you're going to have to climb up the
    tower to the right.  You'll need to flip the switch once you've reached the
    first gate to start them moving and opening up.  Once you've done that alternate
    between the main tower and the side tower until you reach the top.  Once you've
    grabbed the film reel you can flip the switch to cross over to the projector
    Go through the projector and now it's time to fight.
    After the first couple times this battle gets easier, but it's a pain in the ass
    the first time you do it, so don't be surprise if you die once or twice.  The
    first thing you're going to want to do is grab the Spatter Puddle extra content,
    because even if you die you'll (hopefully) get to keep that much and won't have
    to worry about it on the next try.  It's located close to where the Shadow Blot
    is going to attack you from, on the left side.  It's hidden inside one of the
    blockades up here, so be careful and grab it.
    The Shadow Blot functions a lot like the slobbers we've fought earlier, so don't
    waist all of your thinner on him when he's not going to be taking any damage.
    Just like the slobber you're going to have to wait until his mouth is open and
    he starts sucking you towards him.  You should have plenty of stopwatches by now
    if you haven't been wasting them, so use one when he opens his mouth to make
    sure he chokes every time.
    He attacks in a set pattern, so don't get too worked up.  He'll start by lobbing
    thinner at you from a distance.  Once that fails he'll come charging towards
    so jump off to either side once he starts heading for you.  When you want to
    look out for is when he screams in anger and flies into the sky.  He's going to
    start throwing paint down at you from above, so run around and avoid it.  Once
    he's finished with these attacks his shadow will grow and you need to move out
    of the way because he's dropping.
    When he pops back out of the ground he's going to start sucking you towards him,
    so let your thinner fly.
    After you've gotten the first hit down he'll add some blotlings into his attack.
    Just take care of them when you have time, like after he's charged past you.
    Continue until you can get the second hit, at which point he's going to start
    shooting a concentrated ball of thinner at you as well as his usual attacks.
    Just stay calm and wait for the opportunity to attack.
    If you start running out of thinner you can replenish it by attacking the tools
    lying around the battlefield.  There's life in there, too, so if you get low
    just track one down and grab some more life.
    Once you've hit him the third time he'll die and you'll be rewarded with the
    Shadow Boxing pin.
    Now it's time for the big reveal:  The thing you've been fighting up until now
    is only a small part of the real Blot.  And in a big moment of stupidity the
    real Blot is now running around Wasteland at his leisure.
    OsTown [TPOT03]
    Now that the Blot is free he's sunk his bloticles into each and every world he
    could reach.  It's up to you to take care of them, and you're going to start in
    In order to defeat a bloticle you have to hit each of its weak spots, which take
    the form of bright green pustules on the tentacle's body.  You have to shoot the
    weaknesses in order, however, as only one will be fully exposed at a time.
    There are only two weak spots on the two bloticles in front of you, so take care
    of them first and then head towards Clarabelle's flower garden.  There are some
    blotlings wandering around, too, so take care of them if they try to attack you.
    This last bloticle has three weak spots, the last of which is in the hole
    underneath Clarabelle's garden.
    Talk to Gus once you're finished to receive another pip increase.  After that
    you'll be heading back to Mean Street.
    Mean Street [TPMS06]
    Once you've convinced Oswald to head for the rocket in Tomorrow City you'll be
    tasked with getting rid of the bloticles in Mean Street.  Thankfully there's
    only one.  Unfortunately, it's being guarded by a slobber.  If you want to avoid
    the thing all together you're going to have to do some creative roof hopping.
    Start at the cinema and move around the buildings until you're at the other end,
    then do a running jump from that roof to the one across the way (the area
    usually accessible through the Detective Agency) and then jump towards the
    museum.  You'll need to get on the front overhang to take out the first pustule,
    and then jump up onto the roof.
    From there you'll head towards the Train Station, running behind it, then to the
    City Hall roof and Fire Station roof.  When the slobber is far enough away walk
    to the top left corner of the Fire Station roof (on the base, not on the tower)
    and thin out that pustule.
    Now jump over to the Emporium roof and wait for the slobber to move close to the
    museum.  Jump down and climb back up onto the Detective Agency roof.  On the
    left side, directly next to the stairs, move as far forward as you're
    comfortable with and kill the pustule located nearby.
    You're going to want to be at the Fire Station for the last one, so head over
    there however you can (I suggest waiting for the slobber to pay attention to the
    museum, then hopping down and climbing up the Fire Station side).  Take care of
    it and the slobber will go along with the bloticle.  The Repair Mean Street pin
    is now floating where the bloticle used to be, so jump down and grab it.
    The people should return, too, so head on over to the cinema and pick up the
    Blot Mirror extra content for your reels.  This is the last time you're going to
    be handing over any reels this game.  Since this will be the last time you're
    asked to explore Mean Street, feel free to buy some extra content with the E-
    tickets you have left.  Unless you want/need to buy more sketches and are afraid
    you won't have the E-tickets.
    Ventureland [TPVL07]
    The next place they're going to send you is Ventureland.  Start by taking the
    high ground and getting rid of the blotlings wandering around.  Once that's over
    you're free to explore at you leisure, so run around and start killing
    The bloticle in front of the Tiki Hut has three spots to hit, while the other
    two bloticles only take two hits each.
    Stock up on sketches if you need them, and buy the extra content if you want it.
    Next area up is Bog Easy, so head back to Mean Street to pick up the projector.
    Bog Easy [TPBE08]
    The bloticles in this area are huge, so don't worry if you can't find the weak
    spot and yet it won't die yet.  Chances are it has wound around to the other
    side of the stage.  You have a natural advantage now, though, as the blotlings
    are separated from islands and you can easily snipe them from where they can't
    The bloticle near the docks has two pustules you can hit without leaving the
    dock area, so grab the two of them before you start island hopping.  Once you've
    gotten onto the island where your first spladoosh was located head to the
    opposite end and take care of the spladoosh across the way.  There are two
    pustules you can hit on the bloticle nearby, so just turn to the left and hit
    them both.  If you can't find one, chances are the spladoosh took it out with
    his thinner explosion.  If you stand just past the bloticle and look up you can
    see another pustule, so pop that one as well.  Keep turning your camera left
    along its outline to take out the last pustule, which will take out the bloticle
    you've been fighting so far.
    Keep heading towards the city and you'll run into the next bloticle you'll need
    to take out.  But first, there's a large spladoosh waiting for you at the
    entrance, so take care of it.  Walk around to the other dock and hop out onto
    the first part of the bridge.  Turn around and you'll see the first weak spot on
    this bloticle.  Take care of it and then jump over to the small island to take
    out the next two.  After you've taken care of all three of them on this side
    cross back across the city and back where you came from, taking care of the
    pustules on this side.  This will get rid of the second bloticle.
    Start heading towards Louis' shack again and take care of the blotlings as you
    go.  The first weak spot is right next to Louis' shack, so pop it and continue
    down the line on your way back to the city.  When you get to the curl you're
    going to want to hop over to the island nearby, as the next two pustules are
    over here.  That should take care of all of them.
    This is your last stop as far as shopping in concerned, so do what you gotta do.
    If you have extra E-tickets after purchasing everything you need, you might as
    well dump it all on extra content and/or pins.  The leftover E-tickets aren't
    going to help you anyway once you head over to Tomorrow City, as you'll never go
    back to any of the hub towns afterwards.  Gus will warn you of this as well.
    The No More Bloticles pin will be waiting for you right outside the projector to
    Tomorrow City, so grab it and let's get ready to go.
    Tomorrow Square [TPTC05]
    The biggest problem you're going to face in here is actually going to be the
    people mover track.  With several of the bloticles' weak points being located in
    a spot that would be easy to hit if you could stand on the track, you're going
    to get really sick of the electricity.
    Head up the first ramp (where the Goblin is banging to get out of his cage) and
    take care of the first two pustules.  Once those are gone kill any nearby
    enemies to clear out the floor underneath you.  You'll want to jump down from
    the ramp and head to the opposite side, hitting the two pustules over here
    before returning to the ramp.  The last one is right here, so hit it and let's
    go for the next one.
    The next bloticle is to the next platform on your left, down the track.  You can
    take care of the sweeper from this location right now if you don't want to deal
    with it one-on-one.  Head over there and start sniping the pustules on the
    bloticle nearby.  You actually won't have to move from this spot to get rid of
    it, which is pretty awesome.
    The last bloticle is over by the third television pad, so walk over there along
    the electrified track.  If you can get onto the right corner close to the track
    you should be able to hit all but one of the bloticle's weak spots.  The last
    one is going to require you get on the track, though.  It's annoying, but jump
    down and take it out.  You're finally done with this place, so let's continue on
    our way to Space Voyage
    Space Voyage [TPTC06]
    Oh goody, more bloticles.  Your most dangerous enemies are actually on the
    bottom floor, so head to the pistons as fast as possible and book it to the
    solid ground of level 2.  First you're going to want to paint in the bridge to
    get to the center of the stage and kill off all of the blotlings.  This can be
    your safe haven from now on.  Move counterclockwise from where you crossed to
    find an area across the way with two spatters hanging out in front of an old
    beetleworx generator (it should be directly across from the opening of the
    elevator).  Take the two of them out and then cross over.  Before you start
    taking out the bloticle, however, you can head over following the bridge to a
    treasure chest we couldn't get before due to the tanker.  This one's a silver
    pin, so pick it up and then head back to get rid of the bloticle in this area.
    Go back to the middle and start moving clockwise.  The first platform is where
    you came in on, so ignore that.  The second platform is where you want to go so
    paint in the bridge and cross over there.  Once again, before taking out the
    bloticle, there's a treasure we had to give up earlier because of the beetleworx
    generator next to us.  Follow along the bloticle inside the hallway and pick up
    the bronze pin inside.  Now head back out there and kill it.
    The last bloticle is in the center area, so head back over there and take care
    of it.  Once this one is dead you'll immediately be taken up into the rocket,
    which is why we had to grab our treasure before removing any of the nearby
    Dark Beauty Castle [TPDB02]
    Ah, so here we are again.  It's been a while since we last roamed around the
    halls of Dark Beauty Castle, and a lot has changed since then.  Your first task
    is to get rid of the thinner that now occupies a majority of the castle.  The
    way to do so is around the way.  Get rid of the sweeper on the next platform
    before heading down the rail to jump onto a small platform peeking through the
    thinner.  From there you can cross to the wooden frame.  This is where the
    machine is that will help you get rid of the thinner.
    You're going to want to use a stopwatch sketch for this part.  You really won't
    need it for much else anyway, so feel free to use a couple.
    Step on the pressure plate in front of the machine to make the thinner go away.
    Once it's gone the clock will start ticking and you'll have to find the five
    leaking pipes and patch them up.  Start by heading straight down from where you
    are now, dropping off the wooden framework and then once more from there.  There
    are two pipes down here, one on either side, so patch them up.  Once those are
    done head up the ramp to the left to hit up the third one.  The fourth one is
    across the way hidden behind what used to be an Oswald statue.  You'll have to
    make sure you're past Oswald's outline when you spray it with paint; otherwise
    you're going to paint in the statue and need to thin it again to get through.
    To the left of that is the final one, so run over there and paint in that pipe
    as well.  The thinner will now stay lowered, and the door forward will open to
    reveal a slobber.  Fun.
    As usual, there are always the cheating options left.  However, if you want to
    make sure that your guardians aren't going to be targeting the wrong blotling
    turn the sweepers to your side using paint.  I know that we've typically dealt
    with them using thinner, but there is a minimum of three blotlings on the floor
    at all times, so if you kill off the sweeper they're just going to spawn a new
    one.  Once the slobber is done, however, you can kill off the other two.  You'll
    get the key to leave this place, but there's more to get here.
    If you head to the door and start moving counterclockwise you should run into a
    little hidden area that wasn't available to you before.  Head inside the little
    hole and paint in the treasure chest to receive a bronze pin.  It should be to
    the right of the area you explored your first time here.
    Smash the things around you if you feel you need to stock up on anything (pips,
    paint, thinner, etc).  Once you're ready to go you can head over to the door an
    open it, revealing your way out of here.
    (2-D: Sleeping Beauty) [2D31]
    So we're actually into full length motion pictures now, are we?  The way is only
    peppered with occasional pips and sketches, so there's no need to backtrack
    unless you really need one of the items.  As per usual you want to stick to the
    high path.  The Sleeping Beauty film reel is right in front of the dragon, so
    you can drop down once you've grabbed it.  There's a television sketch beneath
    the area you were just on, so head back and grab it if you need it.  There's an
    anvil sketch underneath the bridge, so drop down and walk under it if you need
    one of those.  Across the bridge there's a tiny stump with a stopwatch sketch
    inside of it.  You should have room for at least one more of these, so head
    inside and get it.
    Oswald's Throne Room [TPDB03]
    The first order of business is to get rid of the slobber.  Once that's finished
    (however you chose to deal with it) head to the left of the door and thin out
    the painted wall there.  Head inside the newly opened room towards the back wall
    and spin attack it.  The wall will crumble and you can thin out the chain here
    that's holding up the chandelier.
    Once that's done head towards the throne and thin out the section of painted
    wall on the same side.  Once that's open you can paint the wall behind that one,
    grabbing a stopwatch sketch.  Now head back to the hallway you entered before
    and start moving up.  You can paint in the floor and walls to keep the tentacles
    back, so run up to the top and break the wall up there.  There's a chain behind
    this one, too, so thin that out as well.  Instead of heading back down the way
    you came, however, thin out the floor here and go down it.  On the way you'll
    pick up the Throne Room extra content and you'll land back in the room you were
    at before.
    Now it's time to head up towards the second level, but we'll have to be careful.
    The way up is on the right wall, already opened for you to enter.  Head inside
    but don't get too eager.  A boulder is going to start falling towards you as
    soon as you start heading upstairs, so run back out and wait for it to crash
    into the wall.  Sneak past it and head back up the ramp.  Thin out the painted
    wall on the way up for the Oswald and Ortensia extra content.
    This is another area with a minimum blotling requirement, so friend the sweepers
    so you won't have to keep dealing with them.  The paintings over here should be
    thinned out already, but if they aren't then go ahead and thin them.  There's a
    chain hidden behind one of them, so take care of that.
    There's a painted passageway that links the two walls together in the middle, so
    thin that out and hop down.  There's a gold pin hanging in the air above the
    entrance to the throne room, so push towards the door and double jump if you go
    past it and are close enough to still grab it.  Once you've gotten it you can
    finally leave.  The first painting along the right wall has a crack in it, so
    spin attack it to reveal the last chain.  Thin it out and the way will be
    (2-D: Fantasia I) [2D32]
    The water in this area will hurt you, so be careful of it.  Head to the right
    until you see Yen Sid's iconic hat (from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, of course).
    Touch it to bring the stage to life.  Ride the book up to the first windowsill
    and then jump over to the Fantasia Part I film reel once it's safe to jump (the
    water and the butterfly will hurt you).  Continue dodging obstacles as you make
    your way up and over to the projector, and then leave when you get there.
    Fireworks Control Tower [TPDB04]
    Oswald will give you the mission briefing once you've mad it up here, so listen
    close and get ready to do this.  You're almost done!  As soon as you regain
    control head behind the consol to pick up the Sleeping Ortensia extra content.
    Now it's time to move out and start our task of climbing the towers.
    Utilidor IV [TPDB05]
    It's time to take care of the first tower.  Be very careful as you move forward,
    as floors are going to collapse.  Hop onto the first chandelier and paint in the
    gear on the wall in order to move to the next one.  Jump over the tentacles when
    you have the opportunity.  There's another chandelier for you to jump onto after
    this short platform so hop over there and look up towards the tentacles coming
    from the wall above.  Paint the chandelier underneath them before painting in
    the gear on the wall.  Wait for the tentacles to retract and then paint in the
    sword and shields in front of it to give Mickey some time to get over there
    without being pushed off right away.
    You'll notice a painted wall on the next flat area, so thin that out and head
    inside.  There are several tentacles poking out over the pathway in front of
    but there's no need to panic.  Once they've retracted jump over to where they
    all are and stick to the left wall between the two tentacles that come out
    You should be able to thin out the upcoming wall from here, so do that and wait
    for the tentacles to leave again.  Run for the edge and double jump over to the
    silver pin.  Heading back is the same principle, only now you'll be facing so
    that you're hugging the right wall.  Go back to the main hallway and jump onto
    the swinging chandelier.
    You'll have to thin out the door in front of you while on the chandelier,
    revealing more of the hallway and another swinging chandelier.  You can see the
    floor past the new opening but don't let it trick you.  Once you're over there
    it's going to crumble, so jump onto the next chandelier.  Even Gus is surprised
    at how convenient all these chandeliers are for you.  Keep chandelier hopping
    until you can't anymore.  The next hallway is full of tentacles, so wait for
    them to retract and then run like hell.  The next area is just ahead.
    Sorrow Tower [TPDB06]
    It's time to climb some more stairs.  Once again, the principle is pretty self-
    explanatory.  Just beware of the breaks and tentacles along the way.  Take these
    stairs slowly and you'll be all right.  The stairs are going to crumble as you
    walk over them, so don't try to rush it.
    Jump over to the chandelier when there aren't any more stairs to climb and use
    it to bridge the gap to the second half of the stairway.  Once you're at the top
    the real fight begins.
    Once you arrive up there Gus will tell you what it is you need to do.  Spin the
    gargoyles and paint in their heads in order to power the crystals.  In order to
    make this easier on you, be sure to spin the gargoyle until you hear a clicking
    noise, and then spin once more for good measure.  You can spin them and paint
    them one at a time or spin them all first and then paint them.  It's up to you.
    Just be sure not to stand around in the center, as that's where the Blot will be
    Once you've gotten that done the Blot will retreat and you can head to the next
    tower.  Gus has obviously never played a video game, as he expects the next two
    towers will be easier.  Once you've entered the room with the projector turn
    left and pick up the Horned Blot extra content.  Use the barrels in here to
    stock up on anything you might need.
    (2-D: Fantasia III) [2D33]
    Be careful as you climb, as the brooms are dumping water left and right.  You'll
    want to jump up the stairs as the brooms are walking away from you, and then
    wait for the third one to go just about under your platform before jumping over
    him to ride the book.
    The film reel is on the other side of the rotating books.  These are the books
    that run under the water on the way up and then push you off of them on the way
    under.  Getting over to the Fantasia Part III film reel is easy, and getting out
    is equally easy. Just let the books drop you and climb back up to grab a ride to
    the other book that's taking you up to the final platform.
    Be sure to jump over the broom and don't get hit by the running water when you
    jump the small pool of it.
    Grief Tower [TPDB07]
    The first thing you're going to want to do is look to your right, where you
    should find a thinned out treasure chest on a small ledge jutting out.  There's
    a gold pin inside, to open it up and get ready to tackle the second of the three
    towers.  If you couldn't stock up completely after last tower, there are some
    more things in here for you to use.
    This is another tower you're going to have to climb slowly, and there are a
    hundred times more tentacles in this tower than there were in the other.  Just
    keep blocking the tentacles with painted shields so you can walk past them and
    jump the gaps the Blot is going to create for you.  After a while you'll run
    into a painted wall but it is 100% worthless so don't touch it.  It'll actually
    make it easier to die if you do thin it out.
    As you keep climbing you'll eventually pass the Blot Attack I extra content, so
    carefully jump over and grab it, keeping your double jump in reserve so you can
    jump back to solid ground.  Besides being interrupted by the Blot every couple
    of seconds this tower is actually pretty easy.  But then again, so was Sorrow
    Tower.  It was Utilidor IV that was the pain in the ass.
    You should reach the top with little difficulties, so it's time to do this
    gargoyle thing again.  Watch out, though, as the Blot will send his little
    blotling minions to mess with you.  If you want to you can always try throwing
    down a television to distract them, but Papa Blot's arm is going to thin it away
    the second he reaches in there anyway.  Be careful of his scream, as well, as
    parts of the bridge will collapse and knock you out of the ring, killing you.
    The sweeper is the most annoying enemy, so if you feel like killing any of them,
    kill the sweeper.
    Once you're past the bridge and into the next projector room turn left again and
    jump off the tops of the painted barrels in order to grab the Slobber Charge
    extra content.  Stock back up and head into the projector.
    (2-D: Fantasia IV) [2D34]
    You've got to be careful and quick in this stage, as the water level
    continuously rises as you climb.  This leaves you only a very small margin of
    error, so try to get as far ahead of the water as possible.  In order to get the
    Fantasia Part IV film reel, however, you're going to have to stop when you see
    it and wait for the water to catch up so you can get up there.  Don't linger
    after you've gotten it, as the water is still rising.  Jump right back across
    and head up to the projector.
    Loss Tower [TPDB08]
    Finish stocking up and let's start on our way up the final tower.  Eventually
    you're going to run out of stairs, at which point you're going to have to turn
    around and start climbing the tower in the opposite direction using painted
    After the first couple of pseudo steps you're going to be walking into a small
    room.  There will be two spatters and a sweeper inside, and you can't leave
    until you've taken care of them all.  Deal with them the best you can and leave
    once you're finished.  There are items around here that you can break to gain
    back health, paint, or thinner once the battle is done.
    Head back outside and it's time for some more climbing.  Be careful of the
    tentacles on the third step, as they'll knock you right off and send you back to
    the beginning of the stage.  Which means you'll have to fight those guys again.
    Once you hit the solid step you'll be entering a room with two sweepers and a
    spatter, so take care of them again.
    The game will save after this point, so you don't have to worry about doing that
    again.  Start painting in steps and continuing on your way.  Right below the
    entryway to the next room is another solid step with a chest on it.  Carefully
    head down there and grab a gold pin for your effort.  There are steps to the
    right of the treasure, so paint the two of those in and hop up to the entryway.
    This fight is quite possibly one of the most annoying in this game, so get ready
    for it.
    There's a slobber and two spatters in there.  If you haven't tried my cheating
    strategy yet I suggest now to be the best time to try it.  Just run away from
    the slobber and take out the two sweepers.  If you have three guardians, take
    care of one sweeper and let all of your guardians deal with the others.  Being
    close-quarters with a slobber is not a pretty sight, so you'll want to get out
    of there is quickly as possible.  If you don't know how well you can survive
    with him in there, feel free to lay televisions if you have the time.  Guardians
    are my recommendation, though.
    Once that mess is over and done with head outside and climb the solid steps all
    the way up to the tower, and prepare for one of the creepiest things you've ever
    Absolutely nothing.
    No roaring, no spitting, no clawing.
    Position your gargoyles, light them all up, and try to get across the bridge.
    Spoiler alert:  That's not going to happen.
    Head back towards your broken crystal and get ready to fall.  If you want to
    explore the rooms you're falling down into (which I suggest you do), switch your
    sketches over to the stopwatch and get ready to use it once the floors start to
    The first floor is television sketches.
    The second floor is paint
    The third floor is thinner.
    The fourth floor is anvil sketches, AND the Blot extra content.
    The fifth floor is stopwatch sketches.
    The sixth floor is the end.
    Once you've reached the bottom open up the treasure chest for your Skydiver pin.
    Utilidor VII [TPDB09]
    Now that you're back on solid ground head out the door and be prepared to cross
    another nightmarish utilidor level.
    As per usual move ahead slowly so you don't end up falling into an endless pit
    and having to start all over.  Just take your time to cross over to the first
    chandelier, which is much higher than you can reach.  Thin out the walls nearby
    and use them to get over to the other side.  Walk along the balcony and paint in
    one of the gears that are missing.  You don't want to paint in both of them or
    the chandelier will hang far too low.
    Hop through the wall to catch the chandelier from here.  There's a painted
    chandelier right in front of the one you're standing on, so paint it in and jump
    over there.  There's a silver pin floating near its edge so grab that while
    you're up here.
    The floor is going to collapse (as if that's never happened before) and send the
    chandeliers swinging.  Jump down onto the swinging chandelier and get ready for
    some pretty smooth jumping.  When it reaches the top of its swing you're going
    to want to have already started for your running jump, jump, double jump, spin
    attack, and then land on the higher level of the stage.
    Hopefully you made it, because there's a treasure chest with a gold pin up
    as well as the Blot Attack II extra content.  Snatch them both up and jump back
    down the hole.  There should be a breakable treasure chest in front of you, so
    break that if you need any pips or anvil sketches.  Just keep heading in that
    direction, because the other way is blocked.  Eventually the wall should
    revealing the next path.
    There's a series of thinned out platforms for you to run across, which seems
    great, but there's a catch.  Once you paint in the platform the tentacles will
    start gnawing on it, making it disappear again.  So you've got to be quick
    across the place.  Paint in the first platform, jump over, paint in the next
    platform, jump over, all the way to the end.  It may take some getting used to,
    but it honestly sounds a lot harder than it really is.
    Once you're across it's time for more chandelier hopping.  As you swing you're
    going to want to cover the tentacles coming from the right wall.  They exist
    solely to push you off of the chandelier, so be sure you get them.  Once you've
    gotten to the second of the swinging chandeliers jump off onto the painted
    Most of the solid floor is going to vanish, so take solace in the fact that the
    Blot cannot rid you of what is not there.  Paint in the segments of floor ahead
    of you and wait to cap the tentacles poking out by the second area.  Jump across
    the sections in order to get back to some more chandeliers!  The two that lower
    themselves in front of you are weighted, so you don't have a chance to linger on
    the first one for very long.  If you feel like you've dropped too far start
    double jumping to let it rise back a bit before you try jumping over to its
    The second chandelier will drop you off on solid ground, and the end of the
    Inside The Blot [TPTB01]
    It's time for your final adventure in the world of Wasteland.  You're going to
    have to get rid of the Blot once and for all, no way around it.  So let's start
    by navigating our way through him.  It's a fairly straight path, so don't worry
    too much about it.  After a short trek you'll be reunited with Gus.  From here
    continue on and drop down off of the ledge you were walking on.  Paint in the
    treasure chest there and open it up for a bronze pin.  Once you've grabbed that
    continue on your way across the thinner.
    Once you've gotten to the heart you're going to be killing bloticles again.
    They go in a specific order, so you'll have to pay attention to where Gus points
    you.  Eventually the bloticle is going to lead you into a new area, so follow it
    and keep taking out the pustules.  You can actually hit the first two straight
    from the entrance, but the next one requires you move.  Be careful of the
    tentacles and jump over there from island to island.  The bloticle isn't
    dangerous to stand on, so for the last one you can simple jump on it and shoot
    down at its weakness.
    Now you'll be lead into a room with the zombie characters.  They can't die, and
    they can't be turned friendly, either.  You just have to stay away from them and
    kill the pustules.  Once the bloticle is gone they'll disappear, too.  You can
    hit the first spot without leaving the safety of the upper level, but the rest
    of them require you to head down there.  Since we know the bloticles are safe,
    jump down onto it and start running along it to take out the rest of its
    weaknesses.  The last two are up a steep rise in the bloticle, but with patience
    and good aiming you can take them down from below.
    Once that's finished head back towards the heart.  The Blot will have beefed up
    his defenses, so take care of the blotlings that are trying to kill you to
    reveal the path to the second bloticle.  The opening is on the complete other
    side of him, so head on over there.  Before you go through the passage, however,
    you can drop down to grab the Lonesome Manor III extra content.  Grab it and
    jump back up to start wailing on this bloticle.  There are a few tentacles in
    the hallway but nothing too bad.
    You'll be back with the mutant blot spawn zombies again once you leave, so do
    whatever it takes to keep from being on an equal level with them. You can snipe
    the first two from the entryway, then run over the bloticle to the first rising
    platform (make sure none of them are on it, however, and jump one once it's
    started rising so they can't join you up there.  Use that to get to the next
    level and continue walking over the bloticle and killing pustules as you go.
    Once you get the top of that path you don't have to go any further.  You can
    take care of the last two spots from here without having to go all the way over
    to them.
    The way back is a lot more difficult than the way in, although it's not too
    tough if you know what to expect.  There are still a good number of tentacles
    around here, so be careful not to run into any of them.  There's now a crushing
    platform up ahead, so stand by it and wait for it to finish its two quick
    crushes before running underneath it.  Be sure to stop before the next crusher,
    because it would be a shame to die now.  Wait for this one to finish its two
    crushes as well before running past it and continuing on your way.  You're done
    with the hard stuff after this, though, so head back to the heart.
    There are more blotlings around now, and tougher ones, too.  It's all sweepers,
    so keep the high ground as much as possible and take them out from up there.
    There are too many of them at first for you to risk going down to their level,
    as just one hit from each of them might be enough to take you out.
    Once you've taken care of the enemies the next path will open, so take the
    rising platforms to get enter the hallway.  It's time to bloticle walk again.
    You'll have to move up to the top platform this time, but there aren't any sharp
    inclines so it shouldn't be much of a problem to take care of the pustules and
    reach dry land without dying.  The only difference on the way back is that
    you're going from the other direction, so the tentacles can get a little
    annoying when they originally wanted you to jump from high platform to low
    platform.  Now it's the other way around.
    When you come back there will be two sweepers on the ledge directly underneath
    you.  I know it goes against your standard policy, but friend one of them.  If
    you friend them and stay up on the ledge far enough away that enemy sweepers
    won't hurl thinner at you he'll start killing the ones that pop up, creating
    pips for you.  Seeing as the enemies come back after dying anyway, it's a useful
    trick to keep from having to kill them all yourself.  As soon as you're up to
    full pips feel free to turn the other guy, too.  This will create a little wall
    for you, and hostiles won't keep popping back up.
    There's a slobber down on the ground floor, so distract him with televisions
    when you have to go down there.  You can take out the pustules while he's
    watching Steamboat Willie, so it's a win/win for the both of you.  Until you
    kill its host, of course.  There aren't any new rooms to explore for this
    bloticle.  It's all here.  When Gus tells you to take the high ground, that
    mean's you're finally ready to strike the final blow against the Blot.
    So climb up, take aim, and let's finish this adventure!

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