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    Walkthrough by kymtendo

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    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++Epic Mickey Walkthrough+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Walkthrough Contents
    1. Dark Beauty Castle
    i) Disabling the Robot
    ii) Extra Content and Pins
    +++Projector Screen - Mickey and the Beanstalk+++
    2. Slalom
    i) Patching the Pipes
    3. Ticket Booth
    i) Fix the Rides
    ii) Extra Content and Pin
    4. Asia Boat Ride Tunnels
    i) Free the Gremlins
    5. Asia Boat Ride
    i) Fix the Boat Ride
    ii) Bronze Pin
    iii) Raise the Fire Bridge
    iv) Open the Door
    v) Extra Content
    +++Steamboat Willie+++
    6. World of Gremlins
    i) Patch the Pipes
    ii) Clearing small Pete's Name
    +++Clock Cleaners+++
    iii) Fix the Clock
    iv) Gremlin Windmill
    +++Clock Cleaners Part II+++
    7. European Boat ride
    i)Into the Coliseum
    +++Steamboat Willie Part II+++
    8. Clock Tower
    i) Clock Tower Boss
    9. Mean Street
    i) Collect the 1st Gear
    ii) Collect Stuff
    iii) The second Gear
    iv) Power Sparks and Pins
    +++Thru the Mirror+++
    10. OsTown
    i) Extra Content and Power Spark
    ii) More Power Sparks and Thinning out the Gag Factory
    iii) Noisy Safe
    iv) OsTown Phone Network
    v) Ice Cream Cake
    vi) Back to Mean Street
    +++Mickey's steamroller+++
    11. Mickeyjunk Mountain
    i) Switch on the TV's
    ii) Bunny Children Extra Content
    iii) Silver Pin
    +++Alpine Climbers+++
    12. The Piles
    i) Fight the Beetleworx
    ii) Through the Tunnels
    iii) Inside the Factory
    +++Alpine Climbers Part II+++
    13. Mickeyjunk Mountain Slopes
    i) Power the Door
    ii) Glida's lost Axe
    14. Inside the Mountain
    i) Three Challenges
    ii) Challenge 1
    iii) Challenge 2
    iv) Challenge 3
    v) Extra Content
    15. OsTown
    i) Gilda
    ii) Mickeyjunk Mountain Phone Network
    iii) Ice Cream Cake
    16. Mean Street
    i) Broken Projector
    ii) The Usher
    iii) Horace
    iv) Buy Stuff
    v) Pete
    17. Tomorrow City
    i) Raise the Notilus
    ii) Goofy's Leg
    +++Mickey's Mechanical Man+++
    18. Tomorrow City Lagoon
    i) Stop the Thinner Waterfall
    ii) UFO Challenge
    19. Big Tomorrow Exhibit
    i) Boss Fight - Slobber
    ii) Goofy's Torso
    +++Plutopia Part II+++
    20. Tomorrow Square
    i) Repair the Rocket Ride
    ii) Fix the Sky Tram
    iii) Goofy's Left Leg
    iv) Fix the Rocket Ride
    v) Extra Content
    vi) Free the Final Gremlin
    +++Mickey's mechanical Man Part II+++
    21. Space Voyage
    i) Find the Dog Tags
    ii) Stop the Trams
    iii) Restore the Pipes
    iv) Free Gremlin Delta
    v) Free Gremlin Omega
    vi) Silver Pin
    vii) Goofy's Arm
    viii) Board the Elevator
    ix) Boss Fight - Petetronic
    x) Rocket Part 1
    22. Mean Street
    i) Free Gremlin Markus
    ii) Fix the Ventureland Projector Screen
    iii) Hand over Film Reels
    iv) Horace
    v) Pete
    vi) Bunny Roundup II
    vii) Emporium
    23. OsTown
    i) Clarabelle
    ii) Detective Mickey II
    iii) Goofy Parts
    iv) Ortensia's Locket
    24. Mean Street
    i) Health Pip
    ii) Detective Mickey II
    +++Jungle Rhythm+++
    25. Ventureland
    i) Smee
    ii) Tiki Sam's Masks
    iii) The Compass
    iv) The Figurehead
    v) Gather the Flowers
    vi) Three Pins!
    vii) Ventureland Romance Pin
    +++The Castaway+++
    26. Tortooga
    i) Billy's Lost Belongings
    ii) Find the Keys
    iii) Paint the Lanterns
    iv) Into the Well
    v) Collect Billy's Belongings
    vi) Bronze Pin
    +++Jungle Rhythm Pin+++
    27. The Jungle
    i) Talk to Starkey
    ii) Find the Jungle Symbols
    iii) Mysterious Mystery Gems
    iv) Jungle Lanterns
    vi) Stop the Thinner Waterfall
    vii) Gold Pin
    +++The Whalers+++
    28. Tortooga
    i) Daisy Part
    ii) Open the Door to Skull Island
    +++Castaway Part II+++
    29. Pirate Voyage
    i) Bronze Pin
    ii) Fix the Pumps
    iii) Free the Captives
    30. Skull Island
    i) Anchor 1
    ii) Anchor 2
    iii) Anchor 3
    iv) Pirate Friend Pin
    v) Sea Battle Extra Content
    vi) Daisy Part
    vii) Gold Pin
    31. Boss Fight - Hook
    i) Rocket Part 2
    ii) Bronze Pin
    iii) Extra Content
    32. Ventureland 
    i) Daisy Part
    ii) Chat to Pirates
    33. Return to Mean Street
    i) Pins and Watches
    ii) Bunny Children and Power Sparks
    iii) Pete
    iv) Bunny Roundup III
    v) Horace
    vi) Jim the puzzlers Riddle
    vii) Buy Stuff
    34. Ventureland
    i) Daisy's Scrapbook
    ii) Jim the Puzzled
    iii) Henrietta
    iv) Detective Mickey III
    v) Back to Mean Street
    +++Lonesome Ghosts+++
    35. Bog Easy
    i) Badge of Courage
    ii) Paint the Plants
    iii) Extra Content
    iv) Jim's Riddle Solved
    v) Betrand's Lamps
    vi) Open the Gates
    vii) Power Sparks
    viii) Donald
    ix) Recover the Runaway Book
    x) Enter Lonesome Manor
    +++Lonesome Ghosts Part II+++
    36. Lonesome Manor
    i) Enter Lonesome Manor
    ii) Bronze Pin
    iii) Extra Content
    iv) Anvil Sketch
    +++The Mad Doctor+++
    37. Lonesome Manor Foyer
    i) Disable the Machines
    ii) Free Gremlin Haig
    iii) History of Colonel Pete
    iv) Free Screeching Sam
    v) Skull 1
    vi) Skull 2 and Silver Pin
    +++The Haunted Mansion+++
    38. Stretching Room
    i) Gold Pin
    ii) Mad Doctor Extra Content
    iii) Match the Paintings
    +++Mad Doctor Part II+++
    39. The Library
    i) Donald Part
    ii) Find Leona
    iii) Complete the Quests
    iv) Free the Gremlin
    v) Extra Content
    vi) Free the Gremlins
    vii) The Hatchet
    +++The Haunted House Part II+++
    40. The Ballroom
    i) Play the Pipe Organ
    ii) Bronze Pin
    iii) Donald Part
    iv) Free the Gremlins
    41. The Mad Doctor
    i) Battle the Beetleworx
    ii) Donald Part
    42. Back to Bog Easy
    i) Donald Part
    ii) Pins
    iii) Quests
    43. Mean Street Again
    i) The Usher
    ii) Gremlin Markus
    iii) Horace
    iv) Pete
    v) Emporium
    44. Ventureland
    i) Botanist Darvin
    ii) Jim the Puzzled
    iii) Daisy
    45. Bog Easy Again
    i) Bell Fragments
    ii) Detective Mickey IV
    iii) Finishing Up
    46. Oswalds Fortress
    i) Extra Content
    ii) Hidden Area
    +++Ye Olden Days+++
    47. Boss Fight: Shadow Blot
    48. The Battle of OsTown
    i) Health Pip
    49. The Battle of Mean Street
    i) Pin
    ii) Extra Content
    50. The Battle in Ventureland
    51. Battle in Bog Easy
    i) Pin
    52. Battle in Tomorrow City
    53. The Battle in Space Voyage
    54. Dark Beauty Castle
    i) Paint the Pipes
    ii) Pipe One
    iii) Pipe Two
    iv) Pipe Three
    v) Pipe Four
    vi) Pipe Five
    Vii) Bronze Pin
    viii) Fight the Slobber
    +++Sleeping Beauty+++
    55. Throne Room
    i) Extra Content
    ii) Pin
    iii) Activate the Gargoyles
    iv) Direct the Beam
    +++Fantasia Part II+++
    56. Fireworks Control Tower
    i) Collect Stuff
    ii) Up the Tower
    iii) Arm the Fireworks
    +++Fantasia Part III+++
    57. Grief Tower
    i) Gold Pin
    ii) Extra Content
    iii) Arm the Fireworks
    +++Fantasia Part IV+++
    58. Loss Tower
    i) Extra Content
    ii) Pins
    59. Inside Phantom Blot
    i) Mickey's Heart
    ii) Bloticle One
    iii) Bloticle Two
    iv) Bloticle Three
    v) Bloticle Four
    60. The End
    Dark Beauty Castle
    Escape Dark Beauty Castle
    ~Extra Content~
    Mad Doctor's Lab II
    Dark Beauty Castle II
    Dark Beauty Castle
    You will start off in Dark Beauty Castle where you will meet the Gremlin Gus
    for the first time. He will be your guide through this game. Your first task
    is to stop the giant robot from killing you by disabling his 'arms'.
    ***Disabling the Robot***
    Head up the stairs to the right and speak with Gus at the first console. He
    will tell you how to perform 'spin move' then will jump off over to another
    console. When able, perform spin on the console twice to destroy it. You now
    need to continue to the right over the gaps to the next console. Take care to
    avoid the mechanical arm which is still working and watch out for the search
    light, if it turns red it has seen you so move out of the way. Before you
    jump over the first gap Gus tells you to quickly press the A button for a
    small jump or press and hold the A button for a long jump. However, I cannot
    get this to work at all ... if you press the A button to jump and then press
    it again towards the end of that jump you will do a double jump which will
    enable you to jump further. Anyway, jump over the gap, then staying low,
    follow the path to the next gap where you can see Gus by another console.
    Jump over there and spin attack the console. This will destroy the remaining
    arm and reveal a hidden room below.
    *Extra Content and Pins*
    Jump off the ledge to the right to find the hidden room. Collect the EXTRA
    CONTENT, Mad Doctors Lab II, from inside and open a chest at the back of this
    room for a Bronze PIN. You can also spin attack many of the items in this room
    to collect E-tickets which you will be able to buy things with later. Explore
    the rest of the room, spin attacking barrels, flags on the walls and anything
    else that seems moveable to collect more E-tickets then head up to Gus at the
    door when you are ready to leave.
    Gus then tells you about paint and thinner and now you can use both. Continue
    down the passageway, spinning the suits of armour if you wish for items. When
    you get to the end you need to paint in the faded gear at the top of the door
    to open it. Continue through collecting paint or thinner from the barrels if
    you need it and then thin out the frame of the door at the end. Again,
    continue on up the next corridor filling in the barrels with paint so that you
    can collect from them. Thin the floor at the end to cause the rocks to fall
    then fill it back in with paint so you can cross over into the courtyard. 
    In here you will find your first enemy a Blotling, use paint on it to make it
    your friend or thinner to kill it. Once you have done that look around for a
    bright door and thin it to find a chest containing the Dark Beauty Castle PIN.
    Come out of that area and turn left to see a brightly coloured ramp. Thin the
    ramp to find EXTRA CONTENT, Dark Beauty Castle II.
    Head over to the area where you can see a big cage and jump onto the small
    platform containing an E-ticket next to the cage. Use your spin attack three
    times to open the cage and lower the catapult containing a gremlin. You can
    choose now to either collect the E-tickets from the chest and catapult the
    gremlin to his doom, or free the gremlin. I would free the gremlin as they are
    helpful and E-tickets can be found everywhere. Spin attack the gremlin prison
    to release him and he makes the catapult safe and gives you a Gold PIN.
    Now you can explore for a while and collect E-tickets from the variety of
    objects littered around the room. Even the larger plants will supply you with
    E-tickets. When you are done with the lower section make your way up the ramp
    you thinned by filling it back in with paint then thin the blocks at the top
    so you can pass. Continue up, collecting items and filling in the paths until
    you reach a gear at the top. Spin attack this gear and continue to the left,
    jumping down to a lower platform. Continue collecting E-tickets from anything
    you can spin attack along the way, heading down the ramp first to a big
    boulder which you can thin to find 10 E-tickets. Head back up and continue to
    the left past some green guardians. When you see some rocks over a gap, thin
    the floor next to them to allow them to drop then fill back in with paint so
    that you can cross. Spin attack the final gear and then you can head down and
    out through the open gate and into the projector screen, out of the castle.
    +++++Mickey and the Beanstalk+++++
    This is the first of many 2D mini levels that you have to go through to reach
    new areas. In each of these you will find a film reel which you can turn in
    for rewards later. 
    Explore all the paths, collecting E-tickets and when you get to a thatch roof
    drop through the chimney to reach the lower path and your first FILM REEL.
    Continue up and to the right then when you see a bed, jump onto it and then
    off to the left to the smaller leaf you see here. Make your way up on the bed
    to the bigger leaf, then off to the right and through the projector.
    * Checklist  *
    * 3 Pins     *
    * 1 Film Reel*
    ~New Quest~
    Patch the Steam Pipes
    ~Extra Content~
    ***Patching the Pipes***
    You will be met by a gremlin who will ask you to paint in the centre gears on 
    the left, do so and the door will open. You will be asked to fill in the pipes
    letting out steam as you go. You don't have to do this but you will be
    rewarded if you do. Look around for debris and barrels to collect items as you
    go and walk forward to repair PIPE 1 in front of you. Continue on and fill the
    path over the cogs to allow you to pass and then fix PIPE 2 to your right,
    then thin out the large cog on your left to reveal 10 e-tickets. Fix PIPE 3 on
    the left and then fill in the path to continue forward to fill in PIPE 4 on
    the left. You will reach a big cog which is turning, stand there and watch for
    faded platforms to fill in. Fill in the platforms and then jump onto one to
    reach an opening. Jump through the opening and a door will close and a
    Splatter will appear. Jump on its head to stun it and then spray it with paint
    to make it friendly. Another Splatter will appear, deal with it in the same
    way and a door will open to another area and then a grate will open with your
    reward for filling in the pipes, EXTRA CONTENT, Tunnels.
    Ticket Booth
    ~New Quests~
    Ticket Booth
    ~Extra Content~
    Spatter Springs Up
    Gremlin Tim is trapped in the ticket booth. Walk forward and kill or befriend
    all the blotlings to free Tim who will then get the boats moving in this area.
    ***Fix the Rides***
    You will then get your guardians which you can use to attack enemies and help
    you find your way. You can have a total of three guardians, the colour of
    which will depend on if you use paint or thinner, the more of whichever you
    use will gradually fill the guardians bar until you have a maximum of three.
    If you talk to Tim in the ticket booth he will ask you to help repair the other
    rides by finding his wrench. Head over to the spinning cups and thin out the
    red striped teacup to find the wrench, take it back to Tim who is now behind
    the elephant ride. Tim then wants you to fix the teacup ride. Jump on the 
    elephant ride and make your way to the top of the tent on the right. Continue
    round the tent to a bridge which you need to fill in and then head through the
    thinned door. You will see a series of gears attached to platforms. Paint the
    gears until the platforms are flat and then thin them to make them stop. Use
    these platforms to jump across and then on the other side jump to the bridge
    on the left of where you land and then turn right through a thinned wall to a
    room containing a paint and thinner pump. You will be asked to fill the pump
    and fix the pipes. First, fix the two pipes and then stand in front of the
    pump and fill it with paint. The ride will be fixed and a door will open
    containing a chest. 
    ***Extra Content and Pin***
    Jump down and head over to the boats, if you are facing the boats head to the
    far left and go into the alcove to collect the Bronze PIN from the chest. Head
    back out and spray thinner on the wall of the maintenance area on the other
    side of the thinner river. Jump on a boat and jump through to a boat
    containing, EXTRA CONTENT, Spatter Springs Up. collect any remaining e-tickets
    from the various items that you can break with your spin attack and then hop
    on one of the boats and ride it through the tunnel.
    You will arrive in a locked area and you need to thin out the pipes to break
    the locks on the door or paint the hippos floating around to open the door.
    Upturned boats sink and you only have a few seconds to jump off them before
    getting harmed by the water. As I am following the blue path, head left over
    the sunken boat onto a stable boat and spray the hippo here with paint.
    Follow the path of boats spraying another two hippos to unlock the door into a
    new area. 
    *Checklist    *
    * 4 Pins      *
    * 1 Film Reel *
    Asia Boat Ride Tunnels
    ~New Quests~
    Find Small Pete's ship's log
    ~Extra Content~
    Pirate Gate
    ***Free the Gremlins***
    You will be alerted to the presence of Sweepers. They throw out thinner at you
    and have a good aim but can be dealt with like the other baddies, just spray
    them with paint to befriend them. Follow the path and take out the Sweeper
    here then thin out the wall behind the platform that the Sweeper is walking
    on. Enter the area back here and release GREMLIN 1, he tells you there are
    two more gremlins to release. Collect from all the items around here and paint
    in a bridge over the thinner river. You will see a cut scene showing a chest.
    Jump over the platforms ahead and fill in the gears of the rotating platforms
    to lower the platform containing the chest. Head back over the bridge and
    collect the Bronze PIN from the chest. Go back left and then use the two
    pistons that were activated by turning the gears to reach the upper level.
    Paint the walkway as you go and spray the Spatter below. Jump down onto the
    bridge and then jump left onto a platform to free GREMLIN 2. Jump back onto
    the bridge and walk back to the other end of the bridge and fill in the 
    platform on the left, jump across these alcoves to release GREMLIN 3. There
    are things to be collected from most of the alcoves running down both sides so
    collect them if you want and then jump onto the last bridge and over the
    yellow platforms on the left. You will have to fill two of the platforms in
    with paint as you progress and then from the top one jump across to find EXTRA
    CONTENT, Pirate Gate. Go back onto the platform you just jumped from and 
    carefully jump down near the giraffe to release your final GREMLIN. Jump up to
    the platform on the left, collect the stuff up here and then jump down to the
    bottom to trigger a scene. The gremlins you saved will take care of the
    Blotlings in this area and unlock the door. Thin the yellow wall next to you
    and carefully make your way down the path avoiding the moving walls. Hop onto
    the piston at the end and follow the walkway above to get the Silver PIN.
    Jump down to the open door below and head through. To open the next door you
    have to shut off all the steam valves. Step on the pink glowing platform and
    then quickly run to the valve on the left and spin to close it and hop up and 
    hit each valve as you progress before the time runs out. If you have been
    following the good path Small Pete will arrive to give you a new quest to find
    his log book. We will get to that later for now head through the door into the
    next area.
    *Checklist   *
    *6 pins      *
    *1 Film Reel *
    Asia Boat Ride
    ~New Quests~
    Navigate the Asia Boat Ride
    Raise the Fire Bridge
    ~Extra Content~
    World of Gremlins II
    ***Fix the Boat Ride***
    Fill in the bridge then neutralise the Blotlings over the bridge. Go around
    the left hand side of the pagoda and spin the gear here to activate it. This
    pulls out two blocks around the front of the building which you can use to get
    onto the upper levels and free the gremlin. Gremlin Braun will then fix the
    boat ride which you now need to take.
    ***Bronze Pin***
    Jump on a boat and ride it to the turning platforms in the middle, all the
    dolls on here can be broken and items gathered. Make your way to the top and
    free the gremlin. He will offer to fix the whirlpool for you but it will cost
    100 e-tickets. Give them to him if you want to collect a pin later. 
    Paint in the bridge and cross over it then follow the path to a partly thinned
    wall. Jump through this wall onto a platform and then fill in the subsequent
    platforms to reach the top. Just before the top you will see a platform
    through a thinned wall, it contains a chest which you can break for items.
    Make your way to the next level and drop down to a tunnel with rotating fans.
    Ignore the steam valve for now and just make your way through to the end,
    thinning the coloured fan blades to allow you to jump through unharmed. Go
    back to the first valve and spin to turn it then continue through quickly
    turning off the other valves as you go. This will open the way to a chest up
    Go out and use a boat to get back to the tiered platform, over the bridge and
    then back up the platforms, this time however, jump carefully to the top
    section, staying to right so that you land on a platform up here. Jump across
    the gap and continue forward over the gaps until you come to the chest at the
    end which contains a Bronze PIN.
    ***Raise the Fire Bridge***
    Drop down onto a boat and ride to the platform which contains several gears
    and platforms. Stand back and in front of the two left platforms. Fill in the
    gears and wait until the are both flat and then thin out the big middle gear.
    Jump onto the lowest platform here on the left and then up to the next
    platform and onto a switch which activates when you step onto it and creates a
    Dragon bridge for you to cross and reach the temple.
    ***Open the Door***
    Before using it, fill in all the cogs here now and it will make a door open in
    the right wall which contains a chest. Jump over there and collect the Gold
    PIN. Jump back down and cross the dragon bridge. You now need to activate two
    levers, one on each side. Look for a moving red flower at one side of the door
    and take it up. Jump onto the cloud then onto the nearest platform which is
    actually a switch and will lower. Repeat with the furthest switch and the door
    will open.
    ***Extra Content***
    Before using the exit look down and to the right, you will see a capsized
    boat below. Jump onto it and then onto the area on the right on which you
    can see a blotling. Deal with it and two more and then go around the building
    here to find a gear which can be turned with a spin attack. A wall will drop
    down revealing a trapped gremlin. Free him and he will make it so that you can
    climb up at the back of this area and also fixes the magic carpets so that you
    can use them to reach two levers across the river. Climb up and deal with the
    sweeper at the top. Then face the pagoda and paint the flying carpets in front
    of you. Now you can either use them to fly you back to the exit door and use
    the flower again to get back up onto the cloud where you jumped on the
    switches. Look across from the cloud and you will see another which needs
    painting in. Jump to the middle platform and paint it to jump across to the
    platform up here. Thin the wall and enter to find EXTRA CONTENT, World of
    Gremlins II. Hop down and exit through the projector screen.
    +++++++Steamboat Willie+++++++
    Stay low fist and travel along the bottom of this area to collect all the
    e-tickets and then go back to the beginning and onto the first crate which will
    push you up and allow you to reach the swinging cow. Jump off the cow to the
    right and continue jumping into the chimneys so they blow you up and into the
    e-tickets and onto the next cow. Continue right jumping across the parcels
    quickly to reach the FILM REEL Steamboat Willie. Exit via the projector screen
    below and enter the World of Gremlins.
    *Checklist     *
    * 8 pins       *
    * 2 film reels *
    World of Gremlins
    ~New Quests~
    Save Gus's House
    Open the Gate
    ~Extra Content~
    World of Gremlins I
    ***Patch the Pipes***
    Grab the items from the various pots/chest/barrel behind you then continue
    forward into the Gremlin village. First we need to patch up the pipes. Run
    around the circular section and fix the pipes here then spin the valve in the
    centre. Spend a little time collecting items from down here and find a wall
    which has a hole in it. Jump through carefully to avoid the two crushing
    machines and make your way through each one to find the EXTRA CONTENT World of
    Gremlins I.
    Go back out and jump up to the ledge containing Gus' faded house. Fill it in
    with paint and Gus will repair the windmill. Go inside Gus' house to find a
    Bronze PIN.
    ***Clearing small Pete's Name***
    Now we can work on the Small Pete Quest. Head to the right side of the centre
    of town and talk to Gremlin Bennett (he is wearing orange). He will point out
    the boat crashed above. Jump onto the airplane ride and ride it to where you
    see some land near the boat. Jump off and get on the boat then walk to the
    back to find a valve which can be turned using spin attack. Turn it to open a
    door at the front of the boat and reveal a chest. Before going to the chest,
    thin out the wall at the back of the boat here to find a chest with items in.
    Go round to the front of the boat and open the chest to find Small Pete's SHIP
    LOG. Now you have two choices, you can either take the log to Bennett and
    clear Small Pete of any blame and get a reward later or you can give it to
    Gremlin Shakey by the clock tower to receive a gold pin, however, Small Pete
    will not be allowed into town if you do and you will not be able to get some
    quests later on.
    Whichever you decide, give over the Ships log and then run around and collect
    E-tickets and items from the various pots laying around then head up the magic
    carpet ride to the clock tower. Collect all the items up here and then jump
    into the projector.
    ++++++Clock Cleaners++++++
    Follow the platforms up and then ride the gear up to the top and jump onto the
    platform on the right. Spin attack the lever here and drop down to the walkway
    below. Continue right avoiding falling down the opening hatch and collect the
    FILM REEL Clock Cleaners Part I through the now open door. Now continue up the
    platforms until you get to a baddie with a scythe on a track. Avoid him and
    make your way up and right over the two turning platforms. Stand on the
    wooden platform on the right and wait for another platform to come down on
    the cog here. Continue over the platforms to the left to reach the projector
    screen out of here.
    ***Fix the Clock***
    Collect all the stuff from the pots here and then fill the machine at the
    front with paint to open the exit gate and the clock face. Walk around to the
    clock face that opened and jump onto the fallen face and quickly in to collect
    a nice wad of e-tickets. If you linger too long on the fallen clock face
    platform it will take you down to the bottom but will raise again like a lift.
    After collecting the E-tickets take the lift down to the bottom of the clock
    ***Gremlin Windmill***
    Head over to the ledges which lead to the exit door and then jump on the house
    near the exit to get up onto the ledge above and then jump across over to the
    steps leading to the windmill. Before going up there though head down to the
    left and thin out a wall here and jump down into the area that has opened up
    to collect a chest full of items. Now make your way up to the windmill. The
    plants around here contain items so collect them and then get onto the little
    wall here so that you can jump onto one of the platforms on the windmill
    sails. Ride it all the way to the left and collect a golden E-ticket voucher
    then go all the way back to the right and jump over the sail through to ledge
    here that you can see below a cloud and containing a splatter. Deal with the
    splatter and free the gremlin that is trapped here. Gremlin Ditto opens a new
    projector screen to the European Boat Ride. If you take this projector rather
    than the one opened earlier you can get a film reel that you would not be able
    to get otherwise. 
    ++++++Clock Cleaners Part II++++++
    Make your way up until you come to a big cog with three platforms on. Stay on
    the left platform until your weight rotates it and pushes the other platform
    up then jump onto the middle platform, up to the right platform and then onto
    the walkway on the right to claim FILM REEL, Clock Cleaners Part II. Backtrack
    down to the start and make your way along the lower path until you come to a
    platform on a track. Jump onto the platform and ride it up to a cog that is
    moving up and down. Take the cog up to the top and wait on the left hand side
    of the bell here for the scythe baddie to come along the track and ring the
    bell giving you some E-tickets. Jump up and through the projector.
    *Checklist     *
    * 9 Pins       *
    * 4 Film Reels *
    European Boat ride
    ~New Quests~
    Reach the Clock Tower
    Get Inside the Coliseum
    ~Extra Content~
    Inky Mickey
    ***Into the Coliseum***
    Jump down and dispatch the splatter then open the chest here for a Silver PIN.
    Climb back up and move over the platforms filling in the cogs to make them
    turn and then thinning to make them stop. Make your way to the end to a small
    alcove and then jump up. You will see a chest in a room to the right which we
    cannot get to yet. Jump down and you are in the coliseum where Pete will open
    the door to the treasure. Head back up and over to the treasure room to
    collect a Bronze PIN and a stash of E-tickets. Then follow the passageway
    here for EXTRA CONTENT Inky Mickey. Go back out of this area and turn right,
    staying on the upper level. Keep walking right and you will come to another
    passageway with the exit projector. Jump through the projector into ...
    ++++++Steamboat Willie Part II++++++
    Start by going up the crane and over to the right. Keep high jumping over the
    platforms and over a cow on a crane until you reach two parcels suspended by a
    crane stand briefly on the left one to make the right one rise then jump on
    the right one and quickly off onto the ledge to the right to claim the FILM
    Jump down off this ledge and go left to collect the e-tickets from the lower
    level before continuing right and into the boat. Make your way carefully up
    the stairs avoiding the annoying cannon ball that rolls down the stairs. At
    the top jump up to the ledge on the left and into the projector.
    *Checklist      *
    * 11 Pins       * 
    * 5 Film Reels  *
    Clock Tower
    ~New Quests~
    Clock Tower
    Stop the Music
    ***Clock Tower Boss***
    This is one of the few big bosses in the game and it is very easy. As we are
    following the paint path, use the paint to befriend him. Start by spraying
    the left hand until it is almost all blue and then move to the right hand.
    this time, spray the hand until it is completely blue and stops moving around
    and crashes down. Then quickly go back to the first hand and fill it in with
    paint so it too stops and then jump onto the right hand and move into the
    centre of it and it will rise and allow you to paint in the clock face.
    A door at the bottom of the clock tower will open and Gus will tell you that
    your paint and thinner capacity can change depending on how you deal with
    important characters in Wasteland. As we have been following the paint path
    your paint will now be increased by one bar. Jump through the projector.
    *Checklist     *
    * 12 pins      *
    * 5 Film Reels *
    Mean Street
    ~New Quests~
    OsTown Projector Screen
    Gilda's Lost Axe
    Recover Horace's Book
    Find Casey's Key
    Museum Power Spark
    Collect Film Reels
    ~Extra Content~
    Mean Street
    Mickey Faces
    Small Pete Pin
    Welcome to Wasteland
    Home of the Gremlins
    Bronze x2
    ***Collect the 1st Gear***
    After the cut scene, Gremlin Marcus will ask you to get him two gears to fix
    the projectors. One can be got from Horace at the detective Agency and the
    other from Big Pete in the city Hall. As you walk forward there will be a
    cut scene with Big Bad Pete. If you helped Small Pete earlier, this Pete will
    give you some e-tickets as a reward. He will mention that he knows you need a
    gear but he lost it in a race with Gilda. You will then receive the Small Pete
    Head over to the fire station which is just on your right if you are facing
    Pete. Talk to Gilda here and she will tell you about her axe that she left on
    Mickeyjunk Mountain. She will then challenge you to a race which is pretty
    easy, just follow the guardian and collect the GEAR from Gilda at the end.
    ***Collect Stuff***
    Before we go to see Horace we have some things that we can collect first. Go
    back to the building where the projector you entered through is (Up the slope
    near the City Hall). Thin out the roof just to the right of the projector and
    jump up onto the roof. Keep following the roof to the right and then fill in
    the overhang below at the end so that you can walk on it and collect the EXTRA
    CONTENT, Mean Street. Drop down and go behind this building to collect a
    Silver PIN. 
    Head back down the slope and go right, to the museum. Jump on to the red
    canopy on the left side and then up onto the canopy over the door. Thin out
    the wall here and the roof to reveal a GOLD PIN. Jump up and grab the pin then
    jump back down and go right, to the dark building across the street, which is
    Horace's Detective Agency. 
    Horace asks you to get a book back from the Emporium owner, Casey. Leave the
    Detective Agency and cross the road on the right to the Emporium which has a
    sign of a wrapped gift above the door. Speak to Casey who will tell you he
    lent the book to Paulie, the Ice Cream Parlour owner. Before leaving, speak to
    Paulie again and you will be able to buy the EXTRA CONTENT, Mickey Faces for
    200 E-tickets. You can also buy the Welcome to Wasteland PIN and the GREMLIN
    VILLAGE PIN here too if you have enough E-tickets, they are 200 each too. If
    you do not have enough tickets, lots of things in Mean Street can be spin
    attacked to reveal items such as lamp posts and fire hydrants, just explore
    and collect as many as you can.
    ***The 2nd Gear***
    Go out of the Emporium and turn left. Walk down the street a little way and
    into the Ice Cream Parlour. Talk to Paulie and he will give you the book. Give
    the book back to Horace and he will give you the second GEAR.
    ***Power Sparks and Pins***
    Leave the Detective Agency and turn right down the street here and go past the
    Ice Cream Parlour to Gemlin Markus on the left. Gremlin Markus will then ask
    you to collect a power sparks to get the projector running.
    Go back towards the centre of town, but take the right hand side path straight
    after the Ice Cream Parlour and thin out the manhole cover at the end to
    reveal a key. Jump in to collect the key and then go to the Emporium and talk
    to Casey, he will give you a POWER SPARK for the key.
    Before going back to Gremlin Markus, head back over to the Museum but this
    time, enter into the building. Speak to Laralee, she will give you the power
    spark that she has on display but needs something interesting to put on
    display in its place. She hints that you should go to the cinema and talk to
    the Usher. Go out and follow the path down, past the Ice Cream Parlour and
    look opposite Gremlin Markus to see the Usher. He will ask you to bring film
    reels that you collect to him, he will give you Hooks Cutlass and you will
    also receive the Swashbucklers PIN. If you talk to him again he will give you
    some E-tickets for the reels you have collected so far. Talk to him a third
    time and he will give you a Bronze PIN.
    Return to the museum and hand over the cutlass to receive the POWER SPARK. Go
    back to Gremlin Markus and he will fix the projector screen to OsTown and give
    you some E-tickets before you leave through the projector screen, collect as
    many E-tickets as you can from around town, don't forget to check on the
    roof tops too. If you are struggling to get on any of the rooftops try
    thinning them out, this often creates a ledge that you can jump onto. If you
    make your way onto the roof of the 'New Sounds' shop next to Horace's
    Detective Agency you can thin a section of roof up here to reveal a Bronz PIN.
    When you are ready, head over to the dark area at the bottom of town and jump
    through the only working projector screen into OsTown. 
    ++++++Thru the Mirror++++++
    Jump up next to the mirror and you will automatically go through the mirror.
    Cross the globe and stop on the deck of cards. You will see some cards
    drifting down from above, use them to quickly climb up to the shelf on the
    right. Then turn back to the cards and wait for one to come out of the pack
    and start floating down again. Jump on this card and travel a little way to
    the left, you will see a Film Reel up here so double jump and claim the FILM
    REEL, Thru the Mirror. 
    Go back up on the cards and onto the shelf, then jump over the bowl, avoiding
    the sharp pins then use the cards to take you down to the next shelf. Jump
    down to collect the E-tickets and make your way left and then right to collect
    more E-tickets, avoiding the card swordsman who can hurt you. When you are
    done, head all the way to the right and stand in front of the mirror to go
    through into OsTown.
    *Checklist     *
    * 20 pins      *
    * 6 Film Reels *
    ~New Quests~
    Bridge Repair
    Noisy Safe
    Thin the Gag Factory
    Paint Moody's House
    Gremlin Prescott's Wrench
    OsTown Phone Network
    Mickeyjunk Mountain Phone Network
    Ice Cream Cake
    Find Goofy's Parts
    ~Extra Content~ 
    Ortensia's House
    Walk forward and there will be a cut scene with Clarabelle, she will then tell
    you that the bridge to the projector screen needs fixing and asks you to find
    out what the noise is, coming from the gag factory.
    ***Extra Content and Power Spark***
    Start by collecting some stuff. First thin out the roof of the house next to
    Clarabelle's house to find a white E-ticket. Then go to the next house, which
    is yours and thin out your roof to collect another POWER SPARK from the right
    hand side window. Go behind the houses and thin out the walls to find a hidden
    alcove containing EXTRA CONTENT, Ortensia's House.
    ***More Power Sparks and Thinning out the Gag Factory***
    Then head over to the Gag Factory which has the safe hanging outside it and
    speak to Abner the Goofy like dog standing by the bouncing cabinet. He will
    ask you to thin out the Gag Factory, so do so making sure to avoid thinning
    the wooden post holding the safe, As you are thinning out the chimney you will
    find another POWER SPARK and then when you have completed thinning out the Gag
    Factory, Abner will give you a POWER SPARK.
    ***Noisy Safe***
    Now speak to Moody in front of the Gag Factory, he will ask you to go and
    paint his house which is next to yours. Go over and paint it then go back to
    Moody for the combination which is 7-5-2. Climb up to the safe and there will
    be a cut scene where Mickey opens the safe and frees Gremlin Prescott.
    Prescott will tell you that he needs a wrench and that the phone in your
    house tricked him out of it. Go into your house and speak with the phone in
    there, it will give you a quest to paint in 3 power boxes around town.
    ***OsTown Phone Network***
    When you go outside Gremlin Prescott will ask you if you will let him go into
    your house and take the wrench by force. Decline his request and get on with
    painting in the power boxes. The first one is on the side of Mickey's house.
    The second one can be found by thinning out Clarabelle's lawn to reveal a pit
    containing E-tickets and on the wall, a Power box. The third one can be found
    on the roof of the Gag Factory, behind the piece of wall that the safe hangs
    from. The final one can be found to the left of the Gag Factory, walk along
    the path and thin out the wall to reveal another alcove containing a couple of
    E-tickets and the final Power box. 
    Head back to the phone and it will give you the wrench. It will also ask you
    to dial 726 on one of the Phones at Mickeyjunk Mountain and will give you a
    Bronze PIN. Go over to the bridge and speak to Gremlin Prescott who will take
    his wrench and fix the bridge.
    ***Ice Cream Cake***
    Before going over the bridge to the projector however, go over to Clarabelle
    and speak to her until she talks about a cake for Horace, she will then give
    you the quest to go back to Mean Street and buy some Ice Cream from Paulie.
    Go to the fountain in the centre of this area and speak to Animatronic Goofy,
    he will ask you to find all his parts which we will get to later.
    ***Back to Mean Street***
    With all that done, go back to the projector that you entered here from (not
    the one over the bridge) and go back to Mean Street. Collect as many E-tickets
    from around Mean Street as you can then head to the ice cream shop and buy an
    ice cream for 100 E-tickets. Now return to OsTown and give Clarabelle the ice
    cream. When you return from Mickeyjunk Mountain you can collect the ice cream
    cake from her and take it back to Horace in Mean Street. Now we can finally go
    to Mickeyjunk Mountain so head over the bridge and jump through the projector
    ++++++Mickey's Steamroller++++++
    First go left and pick up the E-tickets from on top of the house here then go
    right and continue forward until you can jump onto the steamroller, Quickly
    run along the wooden structure in front of it and collect the FILM REEL, at
    the end. You can then go back and collect the E-tickets from below, but take
    care not to touch the sharp nails. Continue right and up and you will come to
    the projector screen.
    *Checklist    *
    * 21 Pins     * 
    * 7 Film Reels*
    Mickeyjunk Mountain
    ~New Quests~
    Seek Out Oswald
    Power the Crane
    ~Extra Content~
    Bunny Children
    ***Switch on the TV's***
    Down onto the guitar bridge and fill it in to get to the centre of this area.
    Dispatch a spatter here and when the bunnies crowd around you shake to get
    them off. Make your way to the crane and Decker will tell you that you need to
    paint in the TV's. The first TV is just behind the crane fill it in with paint
    and the bunnies here will be drawn to it and will sit and watch the TV.
    Go to the right hand side of the crane (if you are facing it) and see
    some debris in the thinner river which you can use to get across to a large
    phone on the other side. Jump to the ledge on the left and then jump on the
    phone buttons in the order given to you earlier 7-2-6, this will restore the
    connection from OsTown. Continue right here and see a couple of splatters and
    another TV, deal with the spatters and then fill in the TV. Go back to the
    centre and Look over to the left a little. You will see a red block in the
    thinner river with a silhouette of Mickey's head on. Jump onto it and up to
    the top and then walk forward and drop down slightly to a lower ledge You will
    see a blue poster here of Mickey, thin it out and find your final TV behind
    it, the TV will quieten the splatters down here and now you want to cross the
    thinner river behind here to free a Gremlin. Use the debris in the river to
    cross it but do not linger on any of the items as they will sink and drop you
    into the water. Once you have freed the Gremlin head back to the middle area.
    ***Bunny Children Extra Content***
    Look over to the left with your back to the crane and see a thinner waterfall
    use the debris in the river to get over to there and then jump up the left
    hand side to get to the top where you will find Mickey's head spewing out
    thinner. Spin attack the switch attached to it and the thinner will stop
    flowing for a short while. The camera angle here sucks but quickly jump down
    and into the gap behind where the thinner was falling to claim EXTRA CONTENT,
    Bunny Children.
    ***Silver Pin***
    Make your way back to the centre again and go back to the phone. Almost
    opposite the TV you will see a book leaning against a wall which can be
    thinned to reveal more numbers to dial, 512, 349 and 033. Head back to the
    phone pad and dial 349 to stop the thinner flow on the right. Quickly paint
    in the ledge and jump onto it and into the cave behind where the thinner was
    flowing to open a chest containing a Silver PIN.
    Go back to the centre again and take the obvious path up to the projector
    screen. It is worth mentioning that in the centre area there is also a clock
    which when painted slows time momentarily, however it seems more hassle to use
    it than not.
    ++++++Alpine Climbers++++++
    Take care to avoid the falling rocks here and make your way upwards. When you
    see a sheep jump on its back to get to the branch above then ride the 'birds'
    to get up to the highest point. 
    You will see a Mountain Goat up here, when you do, jump on its back when it is
    near the tree to allow you to get onto the branch here. Continue upwards as far
    as you can and then look right for another bird to jump onto. Wait for it to
    move to the other bird up here and jump across then ride that one to the right
    and you will find the FILM REEL, Alpine Climbers Part I.
    *Checklist     *
    * 22 Pins      *
    * 8 Film Reels *
    The Piles
    ~New Quests~
    Ascend the Mountain
    ~Extra Content~
    Mickeyjunk Mountain
    ***Fight the Beetleworx***
    You will meet your first Beetleworx here, it looks like a bird and I haven't
    found a way to befriend it. So, spray thinner at it to knock off its wings and
    then spin attack to kill it. You can also just spin attack it until it falls
    off the edge. Two more will appear from a tunnel, deal with them in the same
    way and then head into the tunnel.
    ***Through the Tunnels***
    Walk through the tunnel and then paint in the guitar ahead so that you can
    cross the gap. Jump up the boxes here that make convenient stairs and onto
    another guitar. Standing on the small part of the guitar that is painted in,
    Fill in the rest of the guitar arm, then see the thinner spray? Above it is a
    thinned Mickey head, fill it in to stop the thinner spray for a few seconds so
    that you can run past. Continue forward and up and you will reach another
    tunnel in the mountain. In here is a new enemy, the Splashdoosh. These cannot
    move, but if disturbed will blow up and explode ... just make sure you are far
    enough away when they do so that you do not get hurt by the stuff they release
    as they explode. You can choose to either creep past these enemies or spray
    with paint so that they explode. 
    Behind the Splashdoosh is one of those machines that you can either fill with
    thinner or paint, as we are following the paint path, fill it with paint. A
    door will now open so head through it, over a gap into the factory.
    ***Inside the Factory***
    Make your way up the conveyer belts, avoiding the thinner sprays and jumping
    over the objects until you come to a large room with a variety of enemies.
    Deal with them as you go along and when you reach the Splashdoosh here look
    around on the upper level on the left for a trapped Gremlin. Jump up here and
    free Gremlin Ronald. Gremlin Ronald will then use the telephone keypad to
    create a path ahead. If you do not free him you can still progress using the
    keypad yourself to enter 512. Cross the machinery to get to the other side
    staying high rather than dropping down to the lower level. Go right up here to
    find a chest at the back in an alcove containing a GOLD PIN.
    Make sure you have full health by collecting from the various trash up here
    and then go back onto the last 'claw' you jumped on to get here. Look down to
    see a platform containing EXTRA CONTENT, Mickeyjunk Mountain. Go and collect
    it jumping to prevent the box from sinking, then you are going to have to
    jump across the thinner to get back onto safe ground. When you are done, make
    your way back over the machinery and drop down to fight the enemies that are
    congregated here, you should have three guardians so use them to help if you
    like then head through the pipe to a projector screen.
    ++++++Alpine climbers Part II++++++
    Make your way up, over two birds and then onto a ledge on the right, take care
    here to avoid the barrels and jump up onto the kennel to reach the next ledge
    and up two more ledges until you see a branch attached to a rope moving up and
    down. Jump onto the branch and then continue left dropping down the ledges to
    the FILM REEL, Alpine Climbers Part II below. 
    Jump onto the boulder and make your way back up and over the branch to a ledge
    on the right, taking care to avoid the falling rocks here. Jump onto the birds
    back and continue up to the projector screen.
    *Checklist     *
    * 23 Pins      *
    * 9 film Reels *
    Mickeyjunk Mountain slopes
    ~New Quests~
    Knock Knock
    ***Power the Door***
    There are two ways to open the gate here, fight and defeat all the enemies or
    power the door yourself. As we are following the paint path we need to power
    the door which is a bit harder than the thinner path. move to the edge of this
    upper part and look right to see an anvil, go over and use it to reach the
    upper level and then left and paint in the aerosol to climb higher.
    Paint in the turning noughts and crosses board and make your way over it and
    befriend the sweeper on the other side. You can fill in the aerosol on the
    right to collect some stuff if you need it, then head back to the left and
    jump onto the wooden lift. Look up to see a thinned anvil, paint it in to
    raise the lift but make sure you jump off when you see an opening on the left
    so that you do not get squished at the top. As you move left you will see a
    section of floor below some turning platforms that you can thin to reach the
    first TV. Thin it and then drop down to paint in the TV. 
    Make your way back up and fill the floor back in. climb up the rotating
    platforms to the top. If you stand on the first platform you can look up to
    the right and paint in a clock to slow down time and make the ascent a little
    easier. When you reach the top, continue right, avoiding the crushers and
    spikes. Ride up the last one and whilst going up, paint the aerosol and to
    stop the thinner spray above and quickly jump off to the left. You will find
    the second TV here, paint it to open the gate below.
    ***Gilda's Lost Axe***
    Before going through the gate however, we need to go and find Gilda's axe.
    You will be back near the gate so dispatch all the enemies however you want.
    Look up to find a Mickey hand coming out of the wall, thin it and an anvil
    will drop from the hand onto a pressure plate below. 
    This activates some platforms to your left, so use them to make your way up
    and around the corner. Jump off the second platform onto a structure below
    and paint in the TV on the right hand side to make some stepping stones appear
    in the thinner river below.
    Drop down and cross the waterfall, painting in the lids of the two aerosols as
    you go up, then move forward and look a thinned anvil near the wall. Paint it
    to open a door to your left.
    Go through the door and into the room beyond to find Gilda's Axe. Go back to
    the gate you opened earlier and into the next area.
    Inside the Mountain
    ~New Quests~
    Three Challenges
    ~Extra Content~
    Oswald's Throne
    ***Three Challenges***
    Climb the stairs, filling in the path as you go, when you get to the top, to
    follow the paint path, talk to the card in the middle who will give you a
    series of three challenges. You can choose the thinner path here if you wish
    which is to spray thinner on the big square on the floor to reveal a staircase
    which you can descend for another route, however, you will have to destroy
    Gilda's Axe for this and will not be able to complete the quest.
    As we are following the paint path, continue on with the first challenge. Jump
    into the projector screen on the left.
    Challenge 1 - Trolley Troubles
    Jump onto the trolley and ride it forward over the platforms, hitting any
    switches that you see along the way. After the second switch the trolley will
    pick up speed, as it does get ready to jump off to the right. When the trolley
    stretches up for the last time before it falls, jump off onto a platform on
    the right to claim the FILM REEL, Trolley Trouble.
    If you fall off without reaching it you can just go left and kill yourself in
    the water so that you can try again.
    With the film reel in hand, jump down to the projector screen on the right.
    Challenge 2 - Great Guns
    Enter the projector screen in the centre and then jump onto the tank and then
    onto the tree. Wait on the branch for a plane to appear and jump onto the
    plane. Ride this plane, avoiding the bullets, until you see another plane,
    jump across onto it and then ride it until you see a FILM REEL, Great Guns on
    a tree. You can now go back and collect E-tickets from below if you like,
    otherwise just continue right, drop down and spin attack the cannon here to 
    blast the door and reveal the projector.
    Challenge 3 - Oh, What a Knight
    Enter the right hand side projector, then move right, jump on the horse and
    wait for the crocodiles heads to pop up out of the water then flatten, use the
    heads as stepping stones to get into the castle.
    Avoid the little man with a sword and go right to see a lions head pop out of
    the wall, jump on its head and then onto the platform, go left to find a lever
    which you can activate with spin attack. The lever will extend a drawbridge to
    the left where you can collect some E-tickets. go back to the right and jump
    over the gap. Avoid the knight here and spin attack the lever to extend some
    ledges which you can climb up, carefully jump off the second moving platform
    onto the edge of the ledge on the right to avoid being harmed by the big
    jousting knight here. Continue to the left and spin attack the lever to
    activate more ledges above you, to the right. 
    Climb up there ledges and you will end up on a balcony, wait here for a heart
    to arrive and jump on it to get to the next balcony, avoiding the melee below.
    Go through to claim the FILM REEL, Oh, What a Knight. Drop down to the
    projector below and you are done.
    ***Extra Content***
    The doors will now open but before going through one of them jump up to the
    platform in between them and you will see Oswald's throne. go behind it to
    collect the EXTRA CONTENT, Oswald's Throne. 
    Go through the door now and after a cut scene you will be transported back to
    *Checklist      *
    * 23 Pins       *
    * 12 Film Reels *
    ~New Quests~
    Back to Mean Street
    Deliver the Cake to Horace
    Time to complete a few quests. First talk to Gilda on the bridge, you will
    hand over the axe and she will reward you with E-tickets and a POWER SPARK. If
    you talk to her again you can run another time trial race around OsTown. You
    do not need to jump on any of the houses in this race, just follow the
    guardian around them. when you get to the Gag Factory you will have to jump
    up onto the roof and then down along the right hand side wall of this area.
    ***Mickeyjunk Mountain Phone Network***
    As we found the power boxes and dialled the numbers on Mickeyjunk Mountain we
    can now go to the phone in Mickey's House to collect our reward of another
    ***Ice Cream Cake***
    Go find Clarabelle in her house and she will give you the Ice Cream Cake now
    to deliver to Horace in Mean Street.
    you are done here for now, so head up the slope and into the Mean Street
    projector screen.
    Mean Street
    ~New Quests~
    Tomorrow City Projector Screen
    Detective Mickey I
    Find Dog Tags
    Bunny Roundup
    Confront Petetronic
    ~Extra Content~
    Mickey Faces II
    Thinner Falls 
    Mean Street Romance
    ***Broken Projector***
    As you walk forward you will speak to Oswald who tells you that you need to
    get to Tomorrow City but that the projector screen is broken. Gremlin Markus
    will need power sparks for this but you should have collected enough to get it
    going straight away. Before we do however, we can collect some stuff.
    ***The Usher***
    First go to the Usher on the left, if you have collected all the film reels so
    far you will receive several rewards - the first cartoon that you can watch in
    the extras menu, a POWER SPARK, an increase to the capacity of your wallet,
    and a Silver PIN.
    I lingered a little here as I was writing the guide and The Usher squished
    down into a blob and would not interact. Not sure why this is, perhaps I
    accidently sprayed him with thinner but if this happens at any time you spray
    him with paint and he will raise back up.
    Head over to Horace's Detective Agency, he will first ask you to track down a
    book that has been stolen and will show you some footprints leading out of the
    door. Talk to him again to  give him the Ice Cream Cake and receive another
    POWER SPARK and a Mean Street Romance PIN. He will also ask you to track down
    some dog tags in Tomorrow City which we will get to later for now, leave the
    Agency and head outside to look at the footprints.
    Paint the faded footprints on the floor and follow them up onto the top of the
    cinema by thinning out the roof. Speak to Shifty who is up here and he will
    offer to sell you the book for 50 E-tickets if you did not fill in all the
    footprints or he will just give you the book if you filled in all the
    footprints as he can see the evidence is too strong.
    Go back and return the book to Horace who will give you another POWER SPARK.
    ***Buy Stuff***
    You should have quite a few E-tickets now, you need 450 before you go into the
    Emporium, if you need more don't forget many of the items littered around Mean
    Street contain E-tickets so go and collect some. Then go into the Emporium
    where you can buy another POWER SPARK for 50 E-tickets and some new EXTRA
    CONTENT, Mickey Faces II and Thinner Falls for 200 each.
    Go inside the City Hall now and speak with Pete who will give you a quest to
    round up the Bunny Children outside. I am not sure if this is a thinner path
    quest, but, do it anyway as you will get more quests and rewards later if you
    do so.
    Head outside and look around for the bunnies, they are quite easy to find, one
    will be up the slope on the right behind the building there if you are
    struggling to find all 3, that is where it will be. Let the bunnies cling to
    you and then jump over to the pipe by the City Hall which will suck them in.
    Then go inside to speak to Pete and claim your POWER SPARK reward.
    Talk to Pete again and he will ask you to help with Petetronic in Tomorrow
    You have just about finished for now in Mean Street. Head over to Gremlin
    Markus and hand over some power sparks to get the projector screen working,
    then go and jump through the Tomorrow City projector screen.
    Go forwards, up the moving platform and onto a house, drop down the chimney
    to collect the E-tickets then go out of the door when it opens and back up
    on top of the house. This time jump over the chimney to the lower level, over
    the fire hydrant and up the stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs
    stand on the next fire hydrant and wait until it rises so that you can jump
    over the cleaver to a cat. spin attack the cat to create a platform then
    carefully jump under the cleaver when it has risen to full height to get back
    to the fire hydrant. Jump onto the Fire hydrant and when it raises, use the
    bone platforms to go right and collect the FILM REEL, Plutopia Part I. Be
    careful though, if the background turns to the same colour as the bone
    platform it will disappear, so wait until there is a different colour
    background to continue. 
    Keep going right, over the hydrants and you will reach the end where you can
    jump through the projector into Tomorrow City.
    Tomorrow City
    ~New Quests~
    Raise the Notilus
    ~Goofy Parts~
    ***Raise the Notilus***
    Start by going right and jumping across the thinner pool and deal with a
    couple of spatters here. Look to the right and you will see a couple of
    columns. Spray the base of one with thinner and the column will fall allowing
    you to climb up. Do so and paint in a gear at the top which will raise some
    pillars in the thinner river for you to cross to get to the second crane.
    Jump back down to the right and jump over to the right and cross the thinner
    river to another spatter. Deal with him and then look for a thinned column
    portion, fill it in with paint and then thin the base of the column next to it
    to make it topple and follow it up to the left to another gear that needs
    filling in. Paint it to extend some more platforms then head over to them on
    the right.
    Climb up the debris and then up the platforms to the top where you will see a
    section that can be thinned. Thin it to reveal the gear and fill the floor
    back in so you can reach the gear to paint it. The gear will raise some
    pillars. Look down off the ledge to the right and you will see some golden
    E-tickets, jump down to collect them.
    Continue left to reach the island with the temple and climb up the columns to
    the top of the temple. It can be a bit awkward as the torches will knock you
    back if you hit them, so carefully jump around them. When you reach the roof
    of the temple, thin it our and drop inside to find the final gear which will
    open a door with some golden E-tickets.
    Free the gremlin here and he will raise the sub for you but we have a GOOFY
    PART to collect before we leave.
    ***Goofy's Leg***
    First collect the golden E-tickets and then go to the crane opposite the
    temple where you can see a pillar containing rotating platforms. Use these to
    climb up, thinning the gears to stop them when flat. When you reach the top
    turn around and thin out the wall opposite. jump across to the platform and
    into the area you just opened to find a chest containing Goofy's Right leg.
    You can now go to the submarine and into the projector screen.
    ++++++Mickey's Mechanical Man++++++
    Go right and jump on the car to make the horn beep and the mechanical man run
    off. Continue right taking care to avoid the electricity and you will enter a
    boxing ring. Jump on the gorilla's back then onto the robot's head. When the
    robot's head gets knocked off, ride it into the air and jump off onto the
    wooden beams above. Go right up here to the highest point and then jump onto
    the swinging lamp. Jump carefully from this lamp onto the ledge beyond and
    then onto next lamp and onto a ledge on the far left to collect the FILM REEL,
    Mickey's Mechanical Man. Drop back down and go right to the projector screen
    and exit.
    *Checklist      *
    * 25 Pins       *
    * 14 Film Reels *
    Tomorrow City lagoon
    ~New Quests~
    Shut Down the Valves
    UFO Challenge
    ***Stop the Thinner Waterfall***
    When you walk forward you will meet a new Beetleworx enemy, they are
    relatively easy to defeat, but like the birds, I do not think that you can
    befriend them. To kill them you need to wait until they are spinning and then
    spray thinner at them until they tip over. When they are on their back, spin
    attack. Repeat once more and it will go down for good.
    Your objective is to stop the thinner flow, you can thin out the gears and
    turn them yourself, but as we are following the paint path we will use a
    move towards the fall and look down, there are platforms in the thinner river
    that you can paint and use to cross to the other side so do this. There will
    be another beetleworx spider here so deal with it the same way as the last one
    and then jump on the big square block to get to the next tier up above.
    Befriend the blotling and continue round to the left, move over the stepping
    stones in the water fall and continue left to befriend more blotlings.
    When you get as far as you can go, look for a pillar in front of you that can
    be thinned at the base and thin it to make a section drop that you need to
    paint to use as a ledge to get up to the next tier. The camera is awful up
    here and there is an sweeper up above that you need to deal with, just aim in
    the general direction and you will get it. Fill in the floor, walk to the end
    of the painted section and then jump over the grate which will collapse and
    drop you into the thinner river if you stand on it. Go past the sweeper and
    you will come to another section of path to be filled in and beyond that
    another grate to jump over. When you get to the wall at the end jump over onto
    the platforms on the right and continue across until you get to a gremlin's
    cage. Free Gremlin Wilko and he will shut down the thinner waterfall. 
    ***UFO Challenge***
    Before we head to the door however, we need to go get a pin. Go back down to
    the bottom and behind where the thinner fall was you will see a trapped
    gremlin, jump across and free him. Gremlin Roger will offer you a challenge,
    you need to head over to the UFO in the thinner river. To get there, go all
    the way to the left on the lower tier. Jump onto the box here (if you cannot
    see a box, look up and you will see a yellow bracket holding the block up
    above, thin it to drop the box and then jump onto the ledges in the wall to
    the left and continue up to the top then follow this structure down and round
    to the left. The plants here all contain items so if you are short of health
    or want to collect E-tickets spin attack them along the way. Fill in the
    walkways down here so that you can cross and get to the UFO. A load of enemies
    will come out of the UFO and even with using your guardians they can be very
    difficult to befriend, I suggest for this battle that you just use spin attack
    especially on the sweepers. When they are all befriended or defeated you will
    be rewarded with a Bronze PIN.
    Make your way back to the door. If you take the opposite path back you can
    collect more stuff from the plants along the way. Whichever was you choose
    climb up to the second tier and head through the now opened passage into the
    Big Tomorrow Exhibit. Get ready for a boss fight.
    Big Tomorrow Exhibit
    ~New Quests~
    Defeat the Slobber
    Talk to Mister Rover
    TV Pin
    ~Goofy Parts~
    ***Boss Fight - Slobber***
    If you are not at full health, use the boxes around here to collect some
    health. The Slobber will try and slash you with its claws if you are close up
    or spray you with thinner at a distance. Right after the slobber throws
    thinner at you it will start sucking you towards it. at this point you need
    to quicky spray as much paint into its mouth as you can. If you hit it with
    enough paint it will cough and you will be able to jump back. So this three
    times to defeat it.
    If you do not choke the slobber with the paint it will slam its claws to the
    ground and knock you back. Don't forget that you can collect health from the
    boxes around this area.
    ***Goofy's Torso***
    You will then get a quick tutorial on how to use sketches, watch it carefully
    and then you will receive the TV PIN. Drop a TV on the pad using the pointer
    and the - button to power the Big Tomorrow. Go back to where you fought the
    Slobber and open the chest that has appeared here to find Goofy's torso. Go
    and talk to Mister Rover who will rotate the carousel so that you can get to
    Tomorrow square.
    ++++++Plutopia Part II++++++
    Move forward, waiting for the doors to close so that you can pass and standing
    on the moving manhole cover so that you can reach the E-ticket above. When
    you get to a cat, spin attack to make it move off and break some of the path
    which will raise up with water. Jump left onto the tree with the film reel and
    while the door is closed, move to the far left side. When it opens, walk
    forward and claim the FILM REEL, Plutopia Part II.
    Be careful of the bones falling and make your way right to the cat again. Spin
    attack the cat and follow it up the tree and hit it again to create a bridge
    which you can walk along and collect more E-tickets then jump down onto a bed
    below. You can go back left if you wish for another couple of E-tickets but
    be careful not to touch the water.
    *Checklist      *
    *27 Pins        *
    *15 Film Reels  *
    Tomorrow Square
    ~New Quests~
    Enter space voyage
    Repair the Rocket Ride 
    ~Extra Content~
    Tomorrow City
    ~Goofy Part~
    Left Leg
    ***Repair the Rocket Ride***
    Walk forward and make your way up the ramp on the left. Free Gremlin Apollo at
    the top and he will tell you that dropping TV's on the three power pads will
    power the People Mover. A chest here contains a TV sketch, get it but do not
    use it yet, first go left and jump onto another platform here with a power
    pad. grab the TV from the chest and place it onto the power pad. Jump back
    down and go to the right, past where you freed the gremlin and jump up to a
    platform here to get another TV sketch and place it on the pad. Finally go
    back to the first pad you saw and drop a TV onto that to open the door and 
    cause electricity to flow through the track.
    Thin the floor and you will see platforms below, navigate them to collect
    another two TV sketches.
    ***Fix the Sky Tram***
    Go to the far right of the ramp and find more floor to thin, drop down onto
    a ramp which you can walk down and find a set of gears. Paint the two gears 
    that are across from each other and spin the centre gear to get the Sky Tram
    ***Goofy's Left Leg***
    Go back up the ramp and walk right, along the outer perimeter to find an
    alcove. Thin the wall on the right and jump up. Keep moving up and thinning
    the walls then at the top fill in some of the path above you so that you can
    jump up here. Fill in the path as you make your way left and befriend the
    spatter that you find up here. Thin out the wall at the end and continue
    around the corner to befriend a spatter and watch the Sky Trams. Jump on to it
    when it arrives and ride it to the next one, jump onto that and then ride to
    the final car and jump down to the platform. Thin out and spin attack the 
    beetleworxes and then look around for a blue chest which contains Goofy's Left
    ***Fix the Rocket Ride***
    Go back across the Sky Trams. The first jump is a bit of a leap of faith due
    to the camera angle but look up at the track and you should see when the 
    bracket holding on the sky tram comes closer. Make your way back to where you
    jumped on the first tram and then you are going to continue left around this
    path. Thin out the top of the wall in front of you, then, thin out the floor
    to make the wall drop and then fill it back in to continue forward. Thin out
    the next wall you come to and spin attack the wooden framework to destroy it.
    Deal with another spatter and then thin out the silver area on the wall and
    go in to find a machine with a cog and to the left, a gremlin to free. Spin
    attack the machine and you will get the rocket ride moving. Then go to the
    left and free the gremlin.
    ***Extra Content***
    Head back down the passageway you travelled to get here and go back to where
    you thinned the floor to make the wall fall down. Thin the floor again and
    look down. You will see segments of a walkway down there so drop down
    carefully and fill it in so you can walk left until you come to a broken door
    in the wall, spin attack it to collect the EXTRA CONTENT, Tomorrow City.
    Follow the path back, all the way to the end then carefully jump round the
    broken section and back into the main area of the city.
    ***Free the Final Gremlin***
    Go back to the ramp where we freed the first gremlin and get onto the track,
    then onto the rocket ride carefully avoiding the people mover carriages. Ride
    the rocket up to final gremlin and he will disable the people movers.
    Go down the track to the door you opened earlier and enter the door. On the
    left is a check containing a Gold PIN. Follow the tunnel right and jump in the
    projector screen.
    ++++++Mickey's Mechanical Man Part II++++++
    Go right to some safes suspended by ropes, jump on the single safe to raise
    the group of safes and then quickly jump on them and off onto the ledge on the
    left. Start moving right again up here over another ledge and then back down.
    Jump on the swinging safe and then continue up and right. You will see the
    film reel through the wall here so drop down and go outside jump on the broken
    power pole avoiding the electricity to get up and to the ledge with the FILM
    REEL, Mickey's Mechanical Man Part II. Continue right, jumping onto the poles
    up here, then go left on the lower section to collect E-tickets if you wish.
    Take care not to hit the fire on the car though as it will hurt you.
    When you are done, continue through the doorway into another boxing ring. This
    time you are outside the ring and you have to time your jumps carefully to get
    over the spectators. Wait until the first one lowers his fist and then quickly
    jump onto his head and across the other spectators to the projector screen at
    the end.
    *Checklist      *
    * 28 Pins       *
    * 16 Film Reels *
    Space Voyage
    ~New Quests~
    Find the elevator
    Restore the pipes
    Collect all Rocket Parts
    Redeem or Defeat Petetronic
    ~Extra Content~
    Space Voyage
    ~Goofy Part~
    Rocket Part 1
    ***Find the Dog Tags***
    Head right, keeping on the ledge by the wall to avoid the trams until you come
    to an alcove with a glass wall that has a dog collar behind it. You can see a
    big circular elevator behind the glass enclosure, spray it with thinner and 
    jump inside. When you reach the top, jump out and walk right, over the pipes
    to the top. You will see a power plate here where you can drop a TV. Collect
    the golden E-tickets and You should have some TV's left from the ones we
    collected in Tomorrow City so use one and it will power the crane nearby. If
    you do not have one, leave this for later, when you can collect some TV's from
    a gremlin we will free.
    Walk off the platform you are on and jump down. Deal with the enemies down
    here and walk behind the structure to find a BRONZE PIN in a chest. Go back to
    the front, head left and jump down to where we started. You can now go behind
    the area containing the DOG TAGS and jump through to claim them for Horace.
    ***Stop the Trams***
    Go back out and look right, you will see some pipes that you can walk along.
    Follow the pipes to the next platform and deal with the Spashdoosh 
    (a guardian will make it friendly). Break the wall to the left of the
    Splashdoosh, thin the next wall and then free Gremlin Epsilon. He will offer
    to switch of the trams or the electricity on the track. We can stop the
    electricity ourselves so choose to stop the trams.
    ***Restore the Pipes***
    Break through the next door here and the next one beyond, collecting E-tickets
    from the boxes. Go out onto the track, avoiding the electricity and move to
    the left to see some pistons rising and falling and another Splashdoosh.
    neutralise the Splashdoosh as you pass and go into an alcove a little way
    past, on the right. Fill in the pipes here with paint to calm the pistons.
    ***Free Gremlin Delta***
    Go back out and into the alcove with the pistons, go behind the pistons to the
    right and jump into the open part here at the back where you can see a tram
    moving along crazily. Quickly jump up onto the platform here and make your
    way to the trapped gremlin to free him. He will give you the option to be
    given three TV's or to shut down one of the Beetleworx Generators. Unless you
    need the TV to power the crane. Jump to the next platform and out through the
    hole and break the door in front of you to collect the EXTRA CONTENT,
    ***Free Gremlin Omega***
    Run around the track and fill in any missing parts, this will stop the
    electricity, with this done go back to the pistons and use them to access the
    upper level. Look back to the left and fill in the path to get to the other
    side, taking care to avoid the thinner being shot at you from the Beetleworx
    in the centre of this area. Wait for the crane to arrive and jump on it. Ride
    it to the rocket and you will see another platform that you need to paint in.
    Paint it from the crane, you may need to paint it and then wait for the crane
    to return back to jump onto it. Use the platform to release another trapped
    gremlin. Gremlin Omega will give you the same option as the last one, so
    choose which you want, I chose to stop the Generator. 
    ***Silver Pin***
    Ride the crane back down and fill in the bridge to reach the centre area.
    Avoid the Beetleworx down here rather than fighting him and run around to the
    right until you find another bridge that you can cross to the outer structure.
    Once you have crossed the bridge thin it out again to prevent the Beetleworx
    from following you. If your back is to the central area, go right to the end
    to find a chest containing a SILVER PIN.
    ***Goofy's Arm***
    Go back to the left where you will see another big globe which you can thin
    out and jump inside. It will twist and take you to a ramp which you can walk
    up and find the Goofy part, Goofy's arm.
    ***Board the Elevator***
    Go back to the central area, you can either fight the Beetleworx here, which
    is not really worth the effort (you need to thin it, spin it and repeat three
    times as usual) or you can just avoid it and run around the back of the
    rocket, find the power box and paint it in. The elevator door will open and
    you can quickly jump in, but be quick because the Beetleworx will thin it
    ***Boss Fight Petetronic***
    As we are following the paint path and we want to complete the help Pete quest
    we will use paint for this fight.
    Dodge the thinner that Pete throws at you, the raised platforms cannot be
    thinned but the lower ones can, so take care to stay close to the raised
    platforms so that you do not end up being hurt by the open track. You can fill
    in the platforms, that Pete destroys, with paint if you need to.
    when Petetronic is done with throwing thinner at you he will jump and when he
    lands will throw you back. This is quite easy to avoid by just jumping before
    he lands.
    He will then throw a light disc at you which you need to spin attack back to
    him to stun him. He will turn around and you can run to the centre and spray
    him with paint on his back. You need to repeat this sequence three times,
    the amount of thinner he sprays at you will increase each time but it is
    relatively easy to avoid by staying on a raised platform and jumping to avoid
    it. The speed of the disc will also increase and he will raise a shield so you
    will have to keep hitting the disc back until it breaks through the shield and
    stuns Petetronic. 
    ***Rocket Part 1***
    If you hit Petetronic with a disc and it does not stun him a health item will
    appear on the platform. When the tank on his back is full with paint, the
    fight will end and you will be given a paint increase and EXTRA CONTENT, Space
    Voyage. Collect the rocket part in the centre here then enter the projector to
    return to mean street.
    Mean Street
    ~New Quests~
    Ventureland Projector Screen
    Detective Mickey II
    Find the Missing Pirate
    Bunny Roundup II
    Restore Pete Pan
    ~Extra Content~
    Mickey Faces III
    Mystery Solved
    Redeemed Petetronic
    Tomorrow City
    ***Free gremlin Markus***
    Go and speak to Oswald who is in his usual place in front of the statue. He
    tells you that the next rocket part is in Ventureland, but of course the
    projector is broken. Gremlin Markus has been trapped by spatters. Go over
    there and as we are following the paint path, befriend the three spatters and
    release Gremlin Markus. 
    ***Fix the Ventureland Projector Screen***
    Go back to Oswald and he will be happy with your efforts and give you a POWER
    SPARK. Go to right, to Gremlin Markus' normal haunt and he will give you
    another POWER SPARK and tell you that he needs 10 power sparks to fix the
    projector. If you have been following this guide you should have 15 by now,
    give them to him and he will fix the projector but we do not want to go
    through just yet.
    ***Hand over Film Reels***
    Instead, go to The Usher and hand over your reels, he will give you another
    cartoon, The Mad Doctor and increase the number of TV sketches that you can
    Go over to Horace's Detective Agency and talk to him several times to get 
    quests in OsTown and Ventureland. Talk to him again to hand over the dog tags
    and receive a POWER SPARK and the Mystery Solved PIN.
    Go to the City Hall and speak with Pete who will give you another Bunny
    Roundup Quest, keep talking to him and he will give you a POWER SPARK for
    helping Petetronic. Talk to him again and he will tell you about Pete Pan in
    Ventureland. If you saved Petetronic with paint rather than destroying him
    with thinner you will also receive the Redeemed Petetronic PIN.
    ***Bunny Roundup II***
    There are more bunnies this time. You will find a couple out in the open, two
    more up the ramp to the right of the City Hall and two more in the alleys by
    the Ice Cream Parlour. However, if you just hang around a little they are
    likely just to find you and make the whole job a lot easier.
    Take them to the pipe next to the City Hall and then go and speak to Pete
    again who will reward you with another POWER SPARK.
    If you go to the Emporium you can buy the EXTRA CONTENT, Mickey Faces III for
    200 E-tickets and the TOMORROW CITY PIN. You can also buy more power sparks
    here but you shouldn't need to as we can collect all the ones we will need for
    We are done here now but instead of heading to Ventureland use the OsTown
    projector so we can finish up some quests there.
    *Checklist        *
    * 33 Pins         *
    * 16 Film Reels   *
    ~New Quests~
    Ortensia's Locket
    Animatronic Goofy
    Start by visiting Clarabelle in here house which is the first house on the
    left as you enter OsTown. She will give you a Happy Birthday PIN for giving
    Horace the Ice Cream Cake earlier.
    ***Detective Mickey II***
    Leave Clarabelle's house and if your back is to the door look left to see some
    footprints. Follow the trail of footprints, filling them in as you go, between
    Ortensia and Mickey's houses and then behind Mickey's house to find Ezra
    hiding there. You may have to fill in some sections of grass too to make the
    footprints appear. If you have filled in all the footprints when you talk to
    Ezra he will give you the flower for free, if not you will have to pay 50
    ***Goofy Parts***
    Go over to Animatronic Goofy by the fountain and talk to him, as you have all
    the parts he can rebuild now and get out of the machine. You will receive the
    Animatronic Goofy PIN and Goofy will now be able to wander around OsTown and
    you can at last enter Ortensia's house. 
    ***Ortensia's Locket***
    Go inside Ortensia's house and you will find a locket, pick it up and head
    back outside. Animatronic Goofy will meet you and tell you that the Museum
    Lady said that it was valuable and had offered to buy it for E-tickets.
    If you give it to the museum you will of course receive E-tickets, however, if
    you give it to Oswald you will receive an extra health pip which is far more
    valuable and probably more the paint path.
    You have finished now in OsTown so head back to the projector to Mean Street.
    Mean Street
    Symphony Sunflower
    ***Health Pip***
    Talk to Oswald as you enter and he will ask you about Ortensia's Locket and
    ask if he can keep it, you don't have the option to say no, he will then just
    take it and give you a health pip in return.
    ***Detective Mickey II***
    Go back to the Detective Agency and give Horace the flower from OsTown. He
    will give you a POWER SPARK and a SYMPHONY SUNFLOWER PIN.
    Now it is time to finally go to Ventureland so head up to the projector
    screens and it is the first one on the left.
    ++++++Jungle Rhythm++++++
    collect all the E-tickets, high and low and then when you find a hollow tree
    stump, jump into it and collect the E-tickets and jump out under the log to
    the left where you will find the FILM REEL, Jungle Rhythm: Part 1.
    Jump back up, out of the stump and continue right to the projector screen
    *Checklist      *
    * 36 Pins       *
    * 17 Film Reels *
    ~New Quests~
    The Door in Ventureland
    Tiki Sam's Mask
    Scurvy Pat's Compass
    A Pirates Love
    Find the Flowers
    Daisy's Parts
    ~Extra Content~
    Mickey Spill
    Swamp Iris Pin
    Sparkle Daisy Pin 
    Mickey Mum Pin.
    Ventureland Romance Pin
    Gold Pin
    Go through the arch and immediately jump right up to the ledge here, walk
    along this ledge and you will find a POWER SPARK. This place is filled with
    E-tickets so be sure to look in the plants around this area
    Go find Smee who is sitting crying on the floor by a chest on the right. He
    will tell you that you need to fix the door-opening contraption and that you
    will need ... The Ships wheel which was sold to Tiki Sam, the Figurehead from
    Damien Salt and the Compass from Scurvy Pat.
    ***Tiki Sam's Masks***
    Start by going over to the Tiki Hut on the left side of town (if your back is
    to the entrance archway). Of course he will not just give the wheel to you, he
    wants you to find some masks first, three of them. 
    The first one is in the tree house almost directly opposite the Tiki Shop. You
    will see a platform that needs filling in, coming out of the tree, fill it in
    when you jump on the first platform if you want but then instead of using it
    to get higher, just go left, onto a plant and then onto a concrete ledge.
    Follow he ledges up to the top of the tree house and you will find a Tiki Mask
    in the front, left hand corner so collect it. The door into the tree house is
    locked though so you cannot go inside, so for now, go back down the ledges and
    when you get to the lowest ledge jump onto the Tiki House to the left, you
    will have to fill in some sections of roof to make your passage easier.
    Walk around this hut to the other side and you will see a building next to it
    with a rather broken looking clock tower, you should see a mask here in the
    clock tower, if you don't just thin it out and the mask will be there.
    Jump down and go over to the water wheel and jump on one of the platforms on
    it and stay on to the top, at the top you will find the final mask. Behind
    the wheel is a ledge coming out of the wall, jump on to it and then to another
    on the left to collect a bunch of E-tickets.
    Now carefully jump back down and go and give the masks to Tiki Sam who will
    reward you with the SHIPS WHEEL. While you are here, talk to him again and you
    will be able to purchase the Mickey Spill EXTRA CONTENT for 200 E-tickets.
    ***The Compass***
    Scurvy Pat is wandering by the fountain, he is hunched over and wearing an
    eye patch and he looks like Moody. Talk to him and he will tell you there is
    something he wants inside the tree house. He will give you a key, so head back
    up there and enter the tree house to find a stuffed bear. Take it back to
    Scurvy Pat and get the compass in return.
    ***The Figurehead***
    Go over to Damien Salt next who is standing by the red chest to the left of
    the Tiki Hut Store.
    Damien Salt is in love with Henrietta who is sitting on the fountain across
    from him. He doesn't know whether to get her flowers or ice cream and if you
    help him win Henrietta's affection, he will give you thr figurehead
    Talk to Henrietta and she will tell you she likes flowers, not ice cream. If
    it had been ice cream it would have been easy but as it is we now need to go
    to OsTown to see Clarabelle about some flowers.
    Go back through the projector screen to Mean Street and straight into the
    OsTown projector screen.
    ***Gather the Flowers***
    Talk to Clarabelle in her house and she tells you that you need a bouquet of
    flowers and tells you to find them either in OsTown or Mean Street. As we are
    here we may as well get the ones here rather than travel to Mean Street. 
    For the first flower thin out Clarabelle's lawn again and jump into the pit.
    The second flower in the cave in the wall behind the houses, between
    Clarabelle's and Ortensia's houses. The final flower is in the cave in the
    wall near the Gag Factory.
    ***Three Pins!***
    Take the flowers back to Clarabelle and she will make you a bouquet and three
    PINS will appear in her house, The Swamp Iris Pin, The Sparkle Daisy Pin and
    the Mickey Mum Pin. Collect them and go off back to Mean Street and back to
    ***Ventureland Romance Pin***
    Go to Damien and give him the flowers, there will be a cut scene where he goes
    and gives the flowers to Henrietta, who is clearly thrilled and you will
    receive the figurehead and then Ventureland Romance PIN. Open the chest behind
    where Damien was stood to find a Gold PIN.
    Take all the ship parts back to smee and the gate will be fixed. Before you
    leave though talk to Animatronic Daisy by the exit door. Like Goofy, she will
    ask you to find her parts, we will get to that soon. For now run around town
    and collect E-tickets which you will find in abundance in the plants, around
    the back of the arch where you came in. You will see that there are also some
    on the spinning mast on the fountain but to reach these you have to get onto
    the rooftops and deal with dreadful camera angles, so it really is not worth
    the effort.
    When you are done, leave Ventureland through the projector screen.
    ++++++The Castaway++++++
    Careful here, you may drop right in the water which hurts, stay on the rafts
    and when you see solid ground jump onto the seagull from the final raft. Jump
    onto the next seagull and then onto the tree, continue over another gull and
    onto a tree carrying the FILM REEL, The Castaway: Part 1. Drop down but
    be careful of the boulders that are being thrown, they will roll over the
    rocks down here so you are not even safe standing on one of those. Jump over
    the bear and to the projector screen
    *Checklist      *
    * 41 Pins       *
    * 18 Film Reels *
    ~New Quests~
    Find Hook
    Billy's Lost Bag
    Billy's Lost Belongings
    Into the Well
    Paint the Lanterns
    Find Starkey
    Bronze x2
    ***Billy's Lost Bag***
    For this you will have to cross the thinner sea. This thinner will rise and
    fall with the tide so be aware of this as you cross and cross with care. Jump
    right onto the boats an move across them to the building you can see in the
    distance. Be careful when you arrive there as the thinner can rise and take
    away most of the deck and pier around the house so stand by the pots as soon
    as you can and you will be safe.
    Jump onto the roof of the house and follow it round to the right to find
    Billy's Bag. Take it back to him and he will give you the Watch Sketch which
    slows down time and a Watch PIN. It seems the contents of Billy's bag have
    been stolen though so now you need to go across to the jail and retrieve his
    ***Billy's Lost Belongings***
    This time you need to jump off the front left of this area onto a platform in
    the thinner sea. Wait for the tide to drop and paint in the walkway to the
    other platform. follow the path upwards to the jail which you can identify by
    the handcuff sign by the door.
    Deal with the blotlings up here and before approaching the jail thin the door
    on the far right on the back wall to find a trapped Gremlin. Gremlin Marc will
    stop the pipes that allow spatters to enter this area.
    Go back to the jail and stand to the side of the door and thin out the frame,
    if you stand in front of it, it will fall on you and crush you. Inside you
    will find three pirates who have the belongings but of course will not give
    them to you until you do something for them. So now you need to find keys to
    release them.
    ***Find the Keys***
    Leave the jail and go to the ramp leading up on the right. Thin it out and
    drop down to claim the first key. turn to the water wheel on the right and
    paint in one of the platforms to allow you to jump on it and ride it up. Be
    quick though, if you miss it you will have to paint in another one as when it
    hits the water it will be thinned again.
    Fill in the ramp again and go up to the next level and thin out the roof of
    the building here do that you can jump up. go left, across the rooftop and
    onto the building next to it. Thin out the tower part and find the next key.
    Jump down and climb onto the roof of the jail in front of you, thin out the
    chimney to find the final key.
    Go back to the jail and open the cells. The first cell contains Ruffian
    Branderson, open his cell to open up a passageway to Billy's Belongings. Open
    the next cell and Cutpurse Tycho will open the well for you and you receive a
    new quest 'Into the Well'. In the final cell is Scallywag Gabe who will tell
    you that parts of an old ride are submerged in the harbour and that restoring
    the lamps will cause some of it to rise.
    ***Paint the Lanterns*** 
    The first two lanterns are on the walkway outside on this level. The first one
    is by the ramp just outside and the second is over on the left by the other
    ramp going down. Turn around and look up to see the tall building that you
    thinned earlier to get onto the roof. You will see a stick poking out of the
    top, this is the final lamp so go fill it in by climbing back up.
    ***Into the Well***
    Go over to the well and stand in the centre. When you get to the bottom, spin
    the gear here. Wait for the thinner to drop and drop down to stand on the 
    ground which is revealed and then onto the platform in the middle and up onto
    the higher platform. Up here is a chest which needs painting and then opening
    to find a BRONZE PIN. Wait for the thinner to drop again and a platform will
    appear to the right, you will probably have to take one hit to reach it, but
    when you do, quickly jump off and onto the higher platform here. Fill in the
    walkway up and quickly go up before it gets thinned out again, continue up
    back to the jail level.
    ***Collect Billy's Belongings***
    Look at the doors on the back wall were you freed the Gremlin. Thin the first
    door that you can, on the left. Go inside and then left down the slope and
    into a room. Didn't think you would just be able to take the stuff did you?
    You have to spin the gears, quickly and in the right order. You can use your
    watch sketch to help but you don't really need to. Deal with the spatters and
    then, with your back to where the treasure was spin the gear closest to you on
    the right, then the left, then the far right, far left and then back to the
    last gear near the treasure.
    You will now be able to grab the treasure and head out.
    ***Bronze Pin***
    We are almost ready to leave here, so collect any stuff you want from the
    various items laid about and go right towards Billy. Before returning the
    treasure to Billy though get back onto the boats to the left of where Billy
    is standing. jump onto the second boat and then turn around to see two
    platforms nearby. Jump onto the lower one and then up onto the higher platform
    to reach another chest. Paint it in and open it to receive a Bronze PIN.
    Head back over to Billy and give him his stuff and he will open up a projector
    screen for you and give you a new quest. Go over to where the water wheels is
    and jump into the projector screen.
    ++++++Jungle Rhythm Part II++++++
    Move right, on to the tree stump and then left onto the tree stump branch.
    Jump right, onto the first tree, then travel across them to another taller
    Tree stump branch containing the FILM REEL, Jungle Rhythm: Part II.
    Jump down and collect the E-tickets whilst moving right, waiting for the birds
    to drop their wings so you can get up and over them. Jump onto the Mammoth and
    wait until he walks right, towards the tree, jump up, into the tree then onto
    the branch containing the projector screen.
    *Checklist     *
    * 44 pins      *
    * 19 Film Reels*
    The Jungle
    ~New Quests~
    Find the Jungle Symbols
    Hostiles in the Jungle
    Mysterious Mystery Gems
    Jungle Lanterns
    ~Daisy's Arm~
    ***Talk to Starkey***
    First we need to go and see Starkey to get some quests here. As soon as you
    enter, ignore the path ahead with the pogo hopping Beetleworx birds and take
    the path to the right, filling it in as you go so that you can pass. walk over
    the log at the end to find Starkey over here leaning against a tree. Starkey
    want you to find three symbols around the Jungle and he also wants you to
    defeat the enemies scattered around the jungle, as we have to wander around
    for the symbols, we may as well clear up some baddies while we are doing it.
    ***Find the Jungle Symbols***
    As a side note this area is teeming with E-tickets so don't forget to spin
    attack the plants to collect some. Cross over the log that you used to get
    here and walk forward until you see a door seemingly going into a hill on the
    right hand side. Thin out the door and the rock beside it to create a passage
    through and find SYMBOL No1. 
    Go through the hill and take out the pogo birds, remember use thinner then
    spin attack, or you can just spin attack and push them in the thinner river
    2/9 down. If you look down you will see a boat with a gem on it we could
    collect it now but for the sake of keeping this walkthrough tidy I will create
    another section outlining the positions of all the gems we need to collect
    Look left and you will see some steps leading up. Take them and paint in the
    bridge at the top to cross. Walk forward to the edge of this area where you
    can look down and see the stone heads with glowing eyes. Look down and a
    to find a wooden platform attached to here that you can fill in. Fill it in
    and go left to fill in another wooden platform on the left wall with a health
    item on. Jump to the platform containing health and then on to the top of this
    structure here where Gus will tell you about an old well. Ignore this for now
    and walk past the well to the left edge. You will see a plant here that needs
    painting in, so paint it and use it to  get to the next ledge. Thin out the
    area right next to some plants by the wall to uncover SYMBOL No2.
    Jump down from here and you will have to fight your first Beetleworx Pirate.
    These can be quite tricky, and they are very fast. You have to thin them and
    when the pirate spins he will stumble for a second and you will see a glowing
    green spot on its back. You need to jump and spin attack him very quickly. The
    camera is dreadful as you keep having to run and turn to look at him to see
    what he is doing. Do this three times and eventually you will defeat him, 3/9
    down. There are plenty of plants here containing health, so remember this if
    you are low on health.
    You will see a Splashdoosh here too, so befriend it with a guardian or make it
    explode 4/9. Walk forward and paint in another fallen log to get back to where
    Starkey is but head left, filling another bridge to another Splashdoosh 5/9.
    Go left, over the tree roots and left past another red gem to another
    Splashdoosh 6/9. Turn back round and see another two Splashdooshes here. Deal
    with them, 8/9 down. Look at the back of the tree here and see another rock
    covered in moss, thin it to reveal the final SYMBOL.
    Before we go back to Starkey though we may as well get rid of the final
    hostile. Go back to where the projector screen is and if you are facing it,
    thin out the wall on the left to reveal a cave. Enter the cave and go up the
    ramp to find the final Splashdoosh, defeat it 9/9 down. While you are here
    you may as well collect the red gem and drop down.
    Go back to Starkey now who will tell you to join him in Tortooga and will open
    the door to the projector screen out of here.
    Before you take it though, let's go and collect all those gems.
    ***Mysterious Mystery Gems***
    There are 5 to collect altogether.
    1. In the cave where we killed the final hostile
    2. Thin the wall near Starkey
    3. Go to the hill at the start where we found the first symbol. Climb up the
    ledges on the left side and then fill in the area at the top so that you can
    jump onto the bouncing palm here. Jump onto the next bouncing pal and then
    turn towards the wall to paint in a platform. Jump to it and then fill in the
    plant in the wall next to it and jump across and finally onto the next plant
    containing the gem.
    4. Look down and left to see the boat with the gem on that we saw earlier.
    Jump down and collect the gem now.
    5. Go back to the tree where you found the final symbol, remember the gem
    here? Collect it.
    Head back to the statue heads where you fought the pirate and start with the
    first head on the right as you are facing them. Press A and a gem will click
    into place. Press A again for another gem to click into place and a lock to
    open on the well.  
    Go to the next face and fill in the right eye with paint, then press A to
    insert a gem into the middle eye and again to fill in the final eye on this
    statue which will open another lock on the well.
    Continue to the next face. Fill in the two eyes here with paint to release the
    third lock on the well and to create a platform up, then move to the final
    statue and insert the final gem and open the final lock.
    ***Daisy's Arm***
    Make your way to the well above and stand on top of the well to be lowered
    down and receive your first Daisy Part - Daisy's Right Arm. Stand back onto
    the lid of the well to go back up.
    ***Jungle Lanterns***
    You may also have noticed some faded out lanterns in this area, so let's go
    fill them in.
    1. The first one is right by you, drop down and walk forward to the edge of
    this area, to the right of a big twisted gnarly tree. Fill it in with paint.
    2. The second one is over by where Starkey was standing, just to the side of
    the fallen log bridge.
    3. Go back to the projector we entered from and head up the steps where we
    found the second symbol. When you get to the top you will see a lantern on the
    left hand side edge (not over the bridge). This will open up a hidden door
    with a trapped gremlin behind it. 
    ***Stop the Thinner Waterfall***
    Go over the bridge now up here on the right and immediately that you get to
    the other side look left and fill in a platform on the tree. Jump up and into
    the area you just opened to free Gremlin Buzz who will stop the thinner flow.
    ***Gold Pin***
    Follow the now dry riverbed over towards the Hangman's Tree where you found
    your last symbol and to the right of the tree, in the river bed you will see
    some barrels and a little further on a thinned out chest. Paint it in and open
    it to receive a Gold PIN.
    You are finally ready to go through the projector, so fill in the platform
    around here to jump up and go into the tree. climb to the top to find the
    projector and enter it to get back to Tortooga.
    ++++++The Whalers++++++
    Go right, and jump on the pelican, wait for it to rise and then go along the
    top keeping away from the barrels that will explode when you pass them. You
    will eventually come to some icebergs below and a pelican that you can just
    see above, make the long jump onto the Pelican's wing, keep going, across the
    Pelicans waiting for them to move closer before you jump and then off onto the
    Whale up here. Take care to avoid its water spout and continue right to the
    FILM REEL, Whalers.
    Either go back left now along the lower levels if you need some E-tickets,
    otherwise jump into the blow hole to reach the Whale's mouth and then the
    projector screen to the right.
    ~New Quests~
    Open the Skull gate
    Pirate Hero
    ~Daisy Right Leg~
    ***Daisy Part***
    There is not a lot to do here, we will start by collecting a Daisy Part. Jump
    across the boats to the building with the projector screen outside. just to
    the right of the house is now a blue chest containing DAISY'S RIGHT LEG.
    ***Open the Door to Skull Island***
    Head over to the main part of town and go up the slope to the upper part.
    Follow the path left to find Starkey who will open the door to skull island
    and give you the Pirate Hero PIN.
    You are just about done here, there are a lot of e-tickets around to be
    collected from a variety of items and there are a few places that you can
    thin out the walls and jump in for some e-tickets, however, these are really
    not worth the hassle for the reward. You can also speak to the pirates around
    here who will fill up your thinner/paint or give you watch or TV sketches.
    When you are finished head through the door nest to Starkey and into the
    projector screen.
    ++++++Castaway Part II++++++
    Head over the floating platforms, avoiding touching the water and then when on
    dry land carefully make your way right, through the spiders until you come to
    a spider hanging over a pit with an arc of E-tickets. Stand on the back of
    this spider and jump onto the tree to the left. From here, jump onto the tree
    on the right, then onto a swinging spider to reach the FILM REEL, The Castaway
    Part II.
    Jump back down to the left for a safe landing and then make your way right,
    across some turtles, to the projector screen.
    *Checklist       *
    * 46 pins        *
    * 21 film Reels  *
    Pirate Voyage
    ~New Quests~
    Fix the pumps
    ***Bronze Pin***
    Walk forward a little and wait for the first turning platform to get into the
    right position and thin out the gear on the wall, continue over the plaforms
    using the same strategy for each until you reach dry land. Go through the arch
    and then head right until you come to a dead end. Paint in the platform here
    that is attached to the building over the river and continue filling in the
    pathway around the burning windows so that you can continue forward onto a
    Deal with the spatters and climb up to the right, back over the burning
    building, you will see a bridge but do not cross it yet, jump off the roof
    onto the balcony that you can see here. Thin out the wall/door to find a
    Bronze PIN.
    ***Fix the Pumps***
    Jump down to the walkway below then onto one of the boats coming out of the
    tunnel. Ride it until you see a place on the left where you can jump off.
    Deal with the Spatter here and you will see the pump behind a metal grate.
    Jump up onto the ledge you can see to the right, it is quite a high jump so
    be careful not to fall down into the river. From here go left onto the rooftop
    of where the pump is housed and before thinning out the roof, continue left
    and thin out the wall at the end to find another pump. Fill this with paint,
    thinner will work too, but we are following the paint path ... right?
    Go back to the roof above the other pump and thin it so that you can drop down
    and fill that one too. The grate behind you will now open, so go through. Look
    over the river and you will see a pinky glowing window opposite. Hop on a boat
    and get over there, deal with the spatter and then thin out the left wall so
    that the window will fall revealing the final pump. you know what to do now,
    fill it with paint and the thinner level will drop allowing you access to the
    ***Free the Captives***
    Jump onto a boat and ride it under the gate into the tunnel. Jump off a to
    a ledge on the left before you get sucked down by the whirlpool and thin out
    the metal bars so that you can walk through and release Gremlin Erik who will
    then release the Rigger Greene locked in a cell across the river.
    Jump straight across to another ledge with a grate and a Spatter behind it and
    then go right to jump onto a rock and then to Rigger Greene. We have found the
    Pirate that Horace was looking for. Talk to him and then raid the room for
    loot and a Silver PIN.
    Go back to the ledge on the left that we crossed to get here and thin out the
    bars. Deal with the spatter and make your way carefully through the spiked
    crusher. Go left and befriend a sweeper, walk to the end and jump onto a boat
    as it emerges from the whirlpool. The first to cells on the left and right
    contain Splashdooshes and some E-tickets, not really worth the hassle but you
    can always use your guardians on them to turn them friendly and collect the
    stuff. Jump off the last platform on the left to reach the projector screen.
    Climb up avoiding the hand on the right wall and the fire coming out of the
    stove on the left. Climb up the stove pipe and then right onto the next
    platform. Watch out for Pete popping out of one of the port holes. Jump up
    onto the deck where you can see a box of fireworks. To the left of here you
    will see a ship mast platform, tip it so that it is leaning downwards to the
    fireworks box, then stand in the box and spin to set off a firework. Quickly
    Jump up onto the mast on the left, over the cloud the firework left and then
    left onto another moving mast platform. Quickly weigh the left side down so
    that it tips upwards and quickly continue up the remaining clouds to reach
    the FILM REEL, Shanghai'd above the projector.
    It may take you a few attempts to reach the film reel as the clouds do not
    hang about for very long but it is attainable. Jump down carefully to the
    platform below and head into the projector screen
    *Checklist       *
    * 48 Pins        *
    * 22 Film Reels  *
    Skull Island
    ~New Quests~
    Smee's Boat
    Hook's Machine
    ~Extra Content~
    Sea Battle
    Pirate Friend
    ~Daisy's Left Leg ~
    ***Silver Pin***
    Go left and climb up the cave above the projector screen. It is not easy but
    if you jump fast and round to the top of the cave you will find a crevice
    containing a thinned out chest. Fill it using paint and the open it to find a
    Silver PIN.
    ***Anchor 1***
    Jump back down and over the platforms to the island. There are some of those
    evil pirates here along with other baddies, just avoid them and head right,
    past Hook's Machine and then jump onto the walkway. Climb up the building at
    the end of the walkway and off to the right. Look across the thinner sea to
    find some crows nests. Thin them out so you can use the platforms to get
    across. Go Right onto a rock platform from the last crows nest and onto the
    island below. Go up and deal with the sweeper, then thin out the rock above to
    reveal the first Anchor. You need to thin the anchor to release it and the
    boat will raise slightly
    Before we continue with the anchors, lets take care of Hook's Machine. Go back
    to the house that we climbed earlier and fill a pump next to it with paint
    then go left to the main part of the island where all the baddies are and if
    you are facing Hook's Machine you will see a part that can be thinned on the
    left, thin it to reveal ledges going up, follow the ledges up to find a pump.
    Fill it with paint and then continue right, up another ledge, to another pump.
    Fill it again with paint and Gus will tell you that there is just one more to
    fill to stop the machine. Go back to the house and go right, past it,
    dispatching some spatters and to a wooden wall that can be thinned through.
    Thin it, deal with another spatter and walk forward to find the final pump.
    Fill it and the machine will turn the monsters back into pirates.
    ***Anchor 2***
    Walk back to where you thinned the wooden wall and look across the water to
    see another cave with torches in it. Jump onto the ledge here containing two
    barrels and make your way over to the cave.
    As you approach the cave, you will see the anchor and a sweeper but a gate
    will come crashing down preventing you from getting to the anchor. Go left
    across the platforms to the top of the cave. Thin out the top of the cave,
    deal with the Sweeper and thin the anchor. Spin the gear nearby to open the
    gate and we are off to find the final anchor.
    ***Anchor 3***
    Make your way across the water and left, back to the main island. The blotling
    pirates may have been changed back to normal but there is still a Spatter and
    a Sweeper here, either ignore them and run past or befriend them. Look to the
    left of Smee's boat to see the final cave. Jump across there and make your way
    up the ledges to the roof of the cave. Watch out for the Sweeper waiting to
    ambush you here and thin out the big rocks, one contains a health pip, the
    other a cog. Spin the cog to open the grate below and go down there to defeat
    the Spatters and thin out the anchor.
    This boat will now be raised, we can go to fight Hook now, but first we need
    collect a few things.
    ***Pirate Friend Pin***
    Go back to Hook's Machine, up the slope on the right of the main island, there
    is no longer a thinner pool here, instead you will find Gunner Andrew and a
    thinned chest. Paint the chest to receive a Pirate friend PIN.
    ***Sea Battle Extra Content***
    Go back out and left, over to the house we climbed before. Head over the crows
    nests again and instead of heading for the cave like last time, go left.
    Travel across three sunken boats to a rock platform and then over one more
    boat to the island beyond. Climb up, over the wrecked boat to the top and then
    jump to the ledge containing some barrels. Thin out the wooden platform on the
    right and drop down. Go left and thin out the wooden barrier, deal with the
    spatter and pick up the EXTRA CONTENT, Sea Battle.
    ***Daisy Part***
    Go right now and up the ledges to find Pete Pan and a chest containing
    Daisy's left leg. Collect it and talk to Pete Pan who will ask you to release
    a sprite from a mast and that if you do so, he will deal with Hook. That is
    for our next mission, but not right now.
    ***Gold Pin***
    Head back down and look across the water again to see a big rock to the left.
    That is where you are headed. Thin out the board here to drop down and then
    down onto a big rock platform in the water. Go left over two sunken boats and
    from there thin out the rock. Go back left and then quickly over the line of
    sunken boats to the rocky island. You can jump off the last boat onto a ledge
    and follow the path up to find a Gold PIN.
    Now you are ready to go battle Hook, go to Smee's boat and jump on, paint the
    ships wheel and off you go.
    Boss Fight - Hook
    ~New Quest~
    Save the Sprite
    ~Extra Content~
    Animatronic Croc
    Rocket Part - 2
    Jump across the floating boxes and spin the wheel at the end to lower a boat.
    Jump on the boat and paint in the boat next to it. Jump on this newly painted
    boat to ascend onto the ships deck.
    We could fight Hook here with thinner and bashing, however, as we are
    following the paint path we are going to save the sprite. Start by painting in
    the staircase that Hook thins to arrive on the top deck. Turn to your left and
    paint in some crates here so that you can climb up to the rigging.
    Hook will be trying to stop you with thinner, but just keep your head and keep
    going forward. Paint in the first sail and it will rotate allowing you to jump
    onto it. Move to the end and paint the next sail and jump across. Move to the
    middle of this one and you will see some gears. Paint in the middle gear and
    the sail will rise.
    At the top, thin the net to lower a platform on the left. Jump on the platform
    and then onto the next sail. Paint in the weight this time which will bring up
    a moving platform on the right. 
    Jump onto the next sail and thin the bags at each end and paint in the gear.
    Jump across and jump and spin to free the sprite.
    ***Rocket Part 2***
    Pete takes over battling Hook and you can explore the deck in peace. Also your
    paint capacity is increased. Go over to the chest you see here to collect
    Rocket Part 2.
    ***Bronze Pin***
    Break through the wall on the left of this alcove to find another chest which
    is holding a Bronze PIN.
    ***Extra Content***
    Finally go back up to where you fought Hook and cross the sails to the other
    side until you cannot go any further then drop off the edge and look behind
    you to find a chest containing EXTRA CONTENT, Animatronic Croc.
    You are all done here, so go back down to the projector screen and return to
    ~New Quests~
    Return to Mean Street
    Find Daisy's Album
    Solve Jim's Riddle
    Solve Another Riddle for Jim
    Ice Cream For Henrietta
    Plant Painting
    Restore Bog Easy Plants
    ~Daisy's Left Arm~
    ***Daisy Part***
    There is quite a lot to do here now. Smee will greet you and if you dealt with
    Hook's machine he will give you the final Animatronic Daisy part.
    Go and take the parts to Daisy first and you will receive the Animatronic
    Daisy pin and a power spark. Talk to Daisy again and she will ask you to get
    her Scrap Book from Mean Street.
    ***Chat to Pirates***
    Now go round and speak to all the characters here. If you have been following
    this guide you will get a variety of things from the characters.
    Talk to Jim the puzzled, a Goofy like dog in the centre, he will read you a
    riddle. It is easy to solve. Look over on the Tiki Hut roof to see a mask.
    Fill it with paint and a TV Sketch will fall out. Go back to Jim the Puzzled
    and he will give you some E-tickets and a new riddle which you can solve in
    Mean Street.
    If you talk to William who is one of the two characters stood chatting, he
    will give you a Power Spark if you stopped the thinner river in the Jungle.
    Go and speak to Herietta who is sat on the fountain. She will ask you to bring
    her some ice cream .... I thought she was lactose intolerant!
    Now go and speak to the Dog, dancing near the tree house. This is Botanist
    Darvin and he asks you to paint in all the plants in Ventureland. So we may
    as well go do that now. It would be too difficult to tell you the exact
    locations of all the plants, they are everywhere, just look carefully for
    their thinned form and you will find them all eventually. There are a whopping
    30 to find altogether, however when you get down to it showing just 1 left, go
    and talk to Botanist Darvin and he will tell you that you have found them all.
    Oh well, collect the power spark and E-tickets off him and speak to him again
    to get a quest to paint in all the plants in Bog Easy.
    If you are short some, check behind the projector screen on the upper level,
    where you can also find a POWER SPARK hidden in the bushes. There are also two
    by the fountain and two hidden behind the building that Animatronic Daisy is
    in front of.
    One last thing to do now before we leave. If you are facing the waterwheel,
    look at the big building on the left and go around the left side of it to find
    some ledges that will take you to the roof. Up here you will find Gilda who is
    up for another time trial race which will end on the little platform at the
    top of the waterwheel. She will give you a POWER SPARK if you make it.
    Now we are finally done and can head through the projector to Mean Street.
    *Checklist     *
    * 53 pins      *
    * 22 film Reels*
    Return to Mean Street
    ~New Quests~
    Bog easy Projector Screen
    Bunny Children and Power Sparks
    Bunny Roundup III
    The History of Colonel Pete
    Detective Mickey III
    Find the Hatchet
    ~Extra Content~
    Mickey Faces IV
    Blot Roar
    ***Pins and Watches***
    Talk to The Usher first who will give you a Gold PIN for the reels you have
    collected and speak to him again to increase your watch sketch capacity.
    ***Bunny Children and Power Sparks***
    Go across the road now and speak to General Marcus. the bunny children have
    stolen his power sparks. He tells you if the Bunny child runs away from you
    then it probably means he is holding a power spark. We are being good so we
    need to spray those bunnies with paint.
    Go to the main area of town where you will see two Bunny Children running away,
    spray them and reclaim the power sparks. Next go behind the train station up
    the ramp to find the final Bunny Child. Take the sparks back to Gremlin Marcus
    and he will ask you for 15 more to get the final projector working which you
    should already have. Hand them over and the projector screen to Bog Easy will
    be activated.
    As usual we have a few things to do here first, before we head through. start
    by visiting Pete in the City Hall. He will tell you that the Bunny children
    are causing trouble again and this time some are hiding. Before we go and
    collect them though, speak to Pete again. He will be happy that you found Pete
    Pan and will give you some E-tickets, you will also receive the Hook vs Pete
    Pan PIN and a POWER SPARK. He will then ask you to get some old cartoon clips
    of Colonel Pete from Lonesome Manor.
    Talk to Pete once more and he will tell you where you can find Daisy's
    Scrapbook. As you come out of the City Hall, go right, next to the ramp and
    you will see a door under here has opened. Inside it you can find Daisy's
    ***Bunny Roundup III***
    It is now time to collect the Bunny Children. The first one is up the ramp on
    the right hand side of the train station in a barrel. The next one is on the
    right hand side of the Emporium in a barrel and the final one is on the right
    hand side of Horace's Detective Agency in another barrel. When you have
    collected them all and sent them up the pipe, go and talk to Pete for a POWER
    Go talk to Horace now and he will give you another quest in Ventureland, this
    time to find a mask. Talk to him again and he will ask you to find a hatchet
    in Lonesome Manor. Talk to him once more and he will be glad you found Rigger
    Greene and will give you a POWER SPARK and some E-tickets.
    ***Jim the Puzzlers Riddle***
    Remember the riddle that Jim gave you for Mean Street? Well it is easily
    solved now. Go to the train station and thin out the roof near the projector
    screen. This will allow you to jump up and then climb up onto the top of the
    roof. Once here, look out over town and see a cloud in front of you. Jump on
    it and ride it to the clock face thin out the clock face to open a door
    underneath, across the ramp from where you found Daisy's Scrapbook. Jump down
    and collect the item.
    ***Buy stuff***
    First we need to stop by the Emporium and buy the EXTRA CONTENT available
    here, Mickey Faces IV and Blot Roar.
    Then, go to the Ice Cream Parlour and buy an extra health pip, you should now
    have 7 and the Fantasyland EXTRA CONTENT. If you got the Ice cream Quest for
    Henrietta you will also be able to buy an ice cream now to take back to her.
    If you did not talk to her and accept the quest, it will not be available to
    Lets return to Ventureland to wrap some things up.
    ~New Quests~
    Jim's Third Riddle
    Ice Cream 
    ***Daisy's Scrapbook***
    Go over to Daisy and return her scrapbook to receive some E-tickets and a
    sketch and she asks you to find her dear Donald.
    ***Jim the Puzzled***
    Go speak to Jim and he will give you some E-tickets for solving the riddle.
    Speak to him again to get the final riddle.
    Give the ice cream to Henrietta to receive a POWER SPARK and the Ice Cream PIN.
    ***Detective Mickey III***
    Go over to the Tiki Hut Shop and look for footprints coming out of the back,
    follow them, filling them all in and they will lead you to the Tiki Hut. Speak
    with Dolly Dalmatian stood here. If you filled in all the footprints she will
    give you the Tiki Mask for free.
    ***Back to Mean Street***
    Go see Horace and receive another POWER SPARK for completing the quest then
    jump into the Bog Easy projector screen.
    ++++++Lonesome Ghosts++++++
    Enter the house and ride the book to a chandelier. jump off the chandelier to
    another book and ride that up and to another chandelier. Jump off this one
    onto a platform with a dresser on it. 
    Ride the drawer, coming out of the dresser, to the other side and then
    continue right, over some platforms to find the FILM REEL, Lonesome Ghosts
    PART I. Drop down and go right, avoiding being hit by the door and through
    the projector screen
    *Checklist        *
    * 56 Pins         *
    * 23 Film Reels   *
    Bog Easy
    ~New Quests~
    Help Gilbert Scare someone
    Lonesome Manor Gate
    Recover the Runaway book
    Recover Louis's Courage
    Light the Lamps
    Find Donald's Parts
    Pipe Organ Madness
    ~Extra Content~
    Lonesome Manor
    ***Badge of Courage***
    As soon as you get there a ghost called Gilbert will talk to you over by a
    semi sunken ship. He tells you that he can open the gate for you if you help
    him scaring someone. This smells like a thinner path quest, so do not be drawn
    Instead, we can take a little shortcut here. Thin the top of the ship here to
    find a way inside the ship which contains a Badge of Courage. Leave the ship
    and Ian the Ghost will ask if he can buy the badge for 200 E-tickets to stop
    Louis getting it. Refuse of course and you can now make your way towards Bog
    Easy Square, over the rocks and broken platforms. 
    ***Paint the Plants***
    As you go on your way over here you can paint in a lot of the plants for the
    Botanist Darvin's Quest. 
    1.Jump left off the first rock to another rock containing a plant to paint.
    2.Jump back to the first rock and this time go forward onto the rock ahead and
    paint in the plant here.
    3. Follow this ledge to the end and jump off to the left to another rock and
    another plant
    4,5,6. Jump right, to the next rock and fill in three plants here
    7. Forward onto another rock and another plant
    8. Go over the wooden platforms and instead of going straight into Bog Easy
    Square, go right to where you can see a Ghost sitting on a rock. Talk to him
    for a Quest and paint in the plant to the side of him.
    9.Now go into Bog Easy Square, but before doing anything, go left, over
    towards that shack we saw earlier. Jump onto the wooden platform, then left
    onto the rock and over to another plant to fill in.
    10,11. Go back to the platform and jump over onto the rock on the right for
    the final two plants
    Note: When I went back to list these numbers .. I realised I didn't have 20,
    I am sure these are all the locations, perhaps I forgot to mention some places
    where there was more than one. 
    ***Extra Content***
    Jump over the two rocks on this side to pick up the Lonesome Manor Passage
    Jump off left onto the wooden platform, and fill in the next part so you can
    jump across to the hut. Here you will find Louis who needs his courage medal,
    which you just happen to already have. Talk to him again and give him his
    badge. You can now visit his hut if you are low on health to get it filled up.
    ***Jims Riddle Solved***
    By doing this, you will fail the Ghost Quest. Go inside the hut and press A on
    the radio in here. This is the answer to Jim's final riddle.
    ***Bertrand's Lamps***
    Go back to the square and talk to the characters around here. 
    Bertrand is scared, we can help him by painting in the lamps here. The first
    one is right in front of Bertrand. The next one is to the right of him on the
    upper part. The third one is near where you go to get to Louis's Shack. The
    fourth is to the right of the character banging on the door and there is
    another, amost directly opposite but slightly to the left. One more is
    opposite this one and then there are two more by the Lonesome Manor Gates.
    Bertrand will tell you that if you ever need a refill of paint you can go to
    him any time.
    ***Open the Gate***
    As you have done right by the people of Bog Easy, Metairie will now open the
    gate for you. You can find her wandering around, so go and speak to her and
    she will give you a Gold PIN and open the gate.
    ***Power Sparks***
    You can find two more Power Sparks here too. One is by the left lantern that
    you lit by the Lonesome Manor gate. 
    The other is more tricky and requires you to thin out front and rooftop of the
    house that the character was knocking at the door and jump up onto the roof at
    the right hand side then move along the roofs to the left and find a POWER
    SPARK. It can be a little tricky getting the jump right to get on the roof but
    jump out and up and you should make it.
    Jump down and go speak to Donald, of course he wants you to find his parts, we
    will get to that in a bit. 
    ***Recover the Runaway book***
    Go up the stairs near Donald and into the shop here. You will find the Runaway
    Book. Take it back to Ian, the ghost on the rock in the thinner river. He
    asks you to do another favour which is to give the book to Leona and tell her
    it was him that sent us.
    ***Enter Lonesome Manor***
    Before you go through the gate, talk to the ghost here. He will give you a
    quest to calm the organ in the manor. With that done, jump into the projector
    ++++++Lonesome Ghosts Part II++++++
    Make your way up to the top using the platforms and floating items, ignoring
    the way to the right across some windows. When you get to the top you
    will see a sleeping ghost on the left. spin attack the switch on the wall to
    turn on the light and scare the ghost, making him possess the book he was
    sleeping on and make it take flight.
    Jump on the book and ride it all the way up then continue right, avoiding the
    objects that the ghost here is throwing down. Past him is another switch, turn
    it on the same way and then wait for the window shutter to close. Jump on here
    and off to the left. Jump to the platform opposite on the right and turn on
    switch which will scare another ghost away. Patiently ride the book up, it
    will get there in its own time and collect the FILM REEL, Lonesome Manor Part
    Switch on another light here and the Ghost will open a door through to the
    projector screen. Go back and collect the E-tickets if you wish, but if you
    have been collecting them from stages as you go along, you should have plenty,
    I had 2000 at this point.
    *Checklist       *
    * Pins 57        *
    * Film Reels 24  *
    Lonesome Manor
    ~New Quests~
    Enter Lonesome Manor
    ~Extra Content~
    Lonesome Manor II
    ***Enter Lonesome Manor***
    Go left and you will see a pressure plate and above it an anvil. Thin out the
    tree holding the anvil and it will fall, holding down the pressure plate and
    revealing some platforms in the thinner pool below.
    ***Bronze Pin***
    Go down and stand on the platforms, you can either hit the Spashdooshes and
    make them explode or you can send your guardians to befriend them. When they
    are neutralised jump over there and go left, behind the Spashdoosh to a chest
    containing a BRONZE PIN.
    ***Extra Content***
    Go back across the thinner pool and head back to the upper area, this time go
    past the anvil to the front of the manor. There will be a cut scene with the
    Mad Doctor. climb up to the second floor by thinning out the pillars to use as
    steps and then thin out the window on the right to find Lonesome Manor II
    ***Anvil Sketch***
    Go back out and to the left window, thin this out to free Gremlin Neville. He
    will give you a new sketch, an Anvil Sketch, which is fun to use later to kill
    enemies. You will also receive the Anvil PIN.
    some baddies will now appear below, which you will need to deal with, but
    first, open the chest up here to claim another Anvil Sketch. Go back down to
    the lower level and deal with the enemies as you wish then go down the stairs
    and place an anvil on the pressure switch. (scroll to the anvil with + and
    stand off the pressure switch then point the wiimote over the pressure pad and
    press - to drop an anvil.
    Go up the steps to the projector screen and jump through. You can thin the
    wall to the left but there is a Skeleton Beetleworx in there which is an
    unnecessary battle for a couple of E-tickets.
    ++++++The Mad Doctor++++++
    Make your way right, carefully, everything seems to be a trap here. When you
    see a circular saw wait for it to rise and then jump up to the higher level.
    Jump across to the right, under two spiders and to the FILM REEL, Mad Doctor
    Part I.
    Jump down the gap here to the projector screen
    *Checklist      *
    * 59 Pins       *
    * 25 Film Reels *
    Lonesome Manor Foyer
    ~New Quests~
    Help the Ghost in the Foyer
    ~Extra content~
    Lonesome Manor I
    ***Disable the Machines***
    We need to get rid of all these enemies first. Go through the doors directly
    in front of you and you will find two machines with red lights on. Thin the
    red light and the machines will be deactivated. Kill the two bird beetleworx
    here and you will get a sketch.
    ***Free Gremlin Haig***
    Go out and climb the staircase on the right to the upper balcony and then jump
    onto the table that comes by.  Almost as soon as you jump on it, jump to the
    other table that is floating up her and ride it round to a big picture. Thin
    the picture to find a trapped gremlin and EXTRA CONTENT, Lonesome Manor I.
    Free Gremlin Haig and he will make the pressure plate active so that you can
    open the door, but we don't want to do that yet so ...
    ***History of Colonel Pete***
    Go back out and thin a wall opposite the blank projector screen to reveal a
    chest containing the old cartoon of Colonel Pete.
    ***Free Screeching Sam***
    Go to the area where you stopped the machines and drop and anvil on one
    plate, then stand on the other and the gate will open. Go in and spin to
    release the ghost. Screeching Sam will show you some skulls on the doors in
    other rooms which we now need to go and fill in.
    ***Skull 1***
    Go up the left staircase (if you are facing the blank projector) where you
    jumped onto the table. You will hear Splashdooshes snoozing below. Walk around
    up here to make them explode, you may need to thin out the floor a little to
    get them to wake up. Drop down and paint in the skull on the wall here. This
    opens the first lock.
    ***Skull 2 and Silver Pin***
    Go back outside and then up the other staircase and walk around up here to
    make all the enemies explode in safety. Drop back down and thin out the wall
    under where you were just stood.
    You will see a thinned chest across the room, so paint it in and open it to
    find a Silver PIN. Fill in the skull with paint on the wall and the other lock
    will be released. You now need to go and talk to Screeching Sam again.
    NOTE: There seems to be some glitch here, if you paint skull 2 in first, when
    you paint in skull 1 ... nothing happens, no door opens, nothing. The only way
    to get out of it is to quit the game and come back to fill in the skulls again
    in the right order.
    The stairs will rise and you can now exit with ease. 
    ++++++The Haunted Mansion++++++
    Make your way to the Mansion and drop down through the hole, keep going right,
    when you see a broken staircase, jump across and climb to the top quickly
    before the shadow reaches the top. Wait for the grim reaper type dude to go
    down the stairs and look for a dropping chandelier. Jump onto it and hop over
    to the swinging chandeleir to the left. Jump over to the platform on the left,
    taking care to avoid the crawling spider and when it is safe, go under the
    table and collect the FILM REEL, Haunted house Part I.
    Go back right and through the projector screen
    *Checklist      *
    * Pins 60       *
    * Film Reels 26 *
    Stretching Room
    ~New Quests~
    Match the Paintings
    ~Extra Content~
    Mad Doctor
    ***Gold Pin***
    Paint in the two gears in the central gear system and then spin the big gear
    in the middle. When you stop go to the painting with the gravestone and spin
    it until you get the bottom of the gravestone and then thin it out and go
    through for a chest containing a Gold PIN.
    ***Mad Doctor Extra Content***
    Go back out and look for the guy with the long ginger moustache. Spin this
    painting twice to get an opening with the Mad Doctor EXTRA CONTENT.
    ***Match the Paintings***
    Now there is an easy way and a hard way to do this, we of course are going to
    do it the easy way. Go back to the central gear system and paint in one gear
    this time, then spin the middle gear.
    Thin the painting with the barrel of TNT and go inside to spin a gear. The
    structure will move and you will find a trapped Gremlin. Free him and he will
    restore all the paintings for you .... told you we were taking the easy route.
    Spin the gear again to get back to the top and deal with the baddies that come
    out of the door that opens. Then jump through the projector.
    ++++++The Mad Doctor Part II++++++
    Walk a step to the right and wait for the electricity to stop then continue to
    the right. You will see the film reel in a fire here but we need to put the
    fire out before we can collect it. 
    Jump pver the fire and up to the right and then left onto the platform above.
    Spin attack the bottle here and it will drop down and put the fire out. Jump
    down and collect the FILM REEL, Mad Doctor Part II. 
    Continue all the way to the right and you will end up on a bed, trapped in 
    with a circular saw coming down, the you will be miraculously transported to
    another room and another bed. Go right, through the window and into the
    The Library
    ~New Quests~
    Settle the Library Bookcases
    Catch the Flying Books
    Restore Leona's Paintings
    Return to Ian in Bog Easy
    ~Extra Content~
    Art Appreciator
    Art Appreciator Pin
    ~Donald's Left Leg~
    ***Donald Part***
    This is a crazy room. Walk forward to see a flying book, hit it with paint (do
    not use thinner or you will fail a quest) and it fill fall and enable you to
    pick it up - BOOK 1. Look at the walls to see a blank painting on each side.
    Paint them in to fix PAINTINGS 1+2 and then move towards the first set of
    moving bookcases and look right. Thin out the bookcase on the wall and walk
    through to find a chest containing a Donald Part.
    ***Find Leona***
    Continue past the chest and thin out the wall on the left here. You will now
    be between two sets of sliding bookcases. You can stop the bookcase on the
    left by thinning it out, making it easier to pass, but to be honest, it is
    pretty easy to time it and get through fine without doing so. When you get
    through, go up the staircase to speak to Madame Leona. She will tell you what
    she wants you to do and will tell you that the hatchet is up in the rafters.
    ***Complete the Quests***
    So now we have three new quests. As they require us to wander around quite a
    lot, rather than completing them all individually we will work on all three as
    we are moving about. 
    The first SKULL 1 is at the bottom of the staircase you walked up to get here,
    so go down and fill it in. This will stop the bookcases moving here. Go past
    the first set of now still bookcases and look right to see PAINTING 3. Thin it
    out and you will see a gear. Spin the gear twice and the painting will be
    straight and then you can fill it back in.
    Go back to Leona and past her to the right. Go up the stairs and carefully
    make your way through the moving bookcases, you will probably have to double
    jump to be quick enough. Thin the wall out at the end and go through. Walk
    over to the thinner pool and turn with your back to it. Look up and wait for
    the book to fly over the safe part of the room. Paint it and pick up BOOK 2.
    If you do this looking the other way there is a chance you could make the
    book drop into the thinner. Look on the wall on the right to find PAINTING 4,
    thin it, spin it, fill it in.
    Move over the thinner, attempting to avoid the bookcases, which can be
    difficult. The bookcase in the middle does not reach the end of the platform
    so you can stand there and quickly hop over, passed the next bookcase and onto
    the next platform. Turn around and you will see SKULL 2 on the wall, Fill it
    Jump across and free Gremlin Jumbo, who will offer to collect the remaining
    books for you, for just 50 E-tickets. Seems like a bargain to me, so accept.
    Go left to the bookcase with a hole in and press A to spin back outside. Go
    and speak to Madame Leona and she will reward you for your work so far.
    Go up now to the left, to a row of bookcases that you can see coming crashing
    out, you can use your watch if you like to slow down time, but you can make
    it without by just running if you time it right. Thin out a wall at the end
    and you will find a pressure plate. Drop an anvil on it and make your way
    through the now stopped bookcases to a skull that has appeared at the end and
    fill it in. 
    Go and speak with Madame Leona and she will open the gate below, however a
    giant slobber will drop down. Don't worry, as we have done all the quests for
    Leona she will deal with him for you.
    We need to go and get the hatchet now and a few other things. Climb up the
    stairs that the bookcases made and thin the wall at the top, turn around and
    thin the spider web opposite too. Go through the thinned wall and step on the
    pressure plate to raise a platform and enable you to get up, where the spider
    web was.
    ***Free the Gremlin***
    There are a couple of sweepers here, deal with them as you will, I find the
    easiest way is to just spin them off the rafters but be careful as they will
    thin out the rafters you are on. From the first rafter you will see a trapped
    gremlin across the way. It seems like a long jump but you can make it with a
    double jump and a spin at the end. Quickly spin again to knock the Sweeper
    off and free Gremlin Jarvis
    ***Extra Content***
    Go to the end of this rafter and thin out the spider web then jump across to
    the next rafter, it is probably best to befriend the Sweeper across from you
    to save hassle. With that done, continue forward, through another spider web
    to claim some EXTRA CONTENT, Library.
    ***The Hatchet***
    Look right and thin the spider web, without hitting the now friendly Sweeper.
    Jump across and continue over the platforms to a big spider web beyond. Thin
    out this web and jump down, spin the Sweeper off here and stay back from the
    wall, listen and you will hear a Spashdoosh about to explode so stay back.
    The wall here will be destroyed by the thinner explosion and you will see
    another Spashdoosh, do as you will to him and turn left to deal with yet
    another. Paint the floor and chest back in and open the chest to find THE
    HATCHET. Spin attack the coffins here if you need health or fluid and then
    drop through the floor back to the ground floor.
    Deal with the sweepers you knocked down here and head through the projector
    ++++++The Haunted House Part II++++++
    Go right, staying high to avoid the gaps in the floor, when you get to a
    spider hanging by a thread jump under it and then wait until the skeleton
    crouches down and jump onto the pot on its head. Jump across to the other
    skeleton and then ride it right and jump to the top of the clock. Jump up onto
    the high windowsill, under the spider and onto the next windowsill. Be
    careful here as a flock of bats will fly out of the wall and knock you down as
    you jump if they touch you.
    Go over to the next windowsill and then over the next spider to make a big
    jump to the next ledge containing the FILM REEL, Haunted House Part II. You
    may need to use the double jump and spin to reach it.
    Jump down and go left along the bottom if you want to collect E-tickets,
    otherwise, head out of the projector screen.
    The Ballroom
    ~New Quests~
    Play the Pipe Organ
    Play a Tune
    ~Donalds Arm~
    ***Play the Pipe Organ***
    Walk forward to the organ ahead of you and Gus will say something about
    helping it. Walk up to the organ and stand on the platform. Agree to help and
    then you have to jump on the keys in the right order to finish his song. It
    is pretty easy and if you fail you can always try again with no penalty. When
    you play the tune correctly you will get the Play a Tune PIN.
    ***Bronze PIN***
    Climb the pipes now behind the organ, go as far right as you can then look to
    see a platform which you can jump to. Jump there and there is one of those
    spider Beetleworx. It is hard to fight in this space so I suggest just
    thinning the wall next to you quickly, go into the room here and then paint
    the wall back in, trapping it on the other side. Open the chest in here to get
    the Bronze PIN.
    ***Donald Part***
    Thin out the curtain opposite the chest and you should see a blue chest across
    the way. Go and jump over to it to collect the DONALD PART. You need to go
    onto the next ledge now where another Spider Beatleworx is waiting. You can
    either avoid it like last time or defeat it. The camera angles really suck up
    here though, so it is up to you.
    ***Free the Gremlins***
    Either way, thin out the curtain here to find a trapped Gremlin. Free him and
    he will give you some more anvil sketches. Go back to the pipes and back to
    the pipe before the one that you jumped off to get to the balcony. Look up and
    you will see another trapped Gremlin but you cannot reach it. The trick here
    is to place a TV sketch or an anvil on this pipe and then stand on it, double
    jump and spin to release Gremlin Stuffus who will offer to help fight the Mad
    Doctor for 100 E-tickets. Sounds like a bargain, so accept.
    You will see a chest above which you could probably get to using another
    sketch, but it looks like just a normal chest and I didn't need anything that
    badly to warrant using my sketches. Go back to the left, on the pipes, and
    when you reach pipes going up to the left, take them to get to the projector
    ++++++The Haunted House Part III++++++
    Move right but stand back from the door to avoid the door knob that comes
    flying off. Keep going right until you come to a windowsill, jump on that to
    get over the gap in the floor.
    Wait here and you will see chandeliers that lower from the ceiling. Jump
    across making sure you do not linger too long as they will fall. You will then
    reach a ledge containing the FILM REEL, Haunted House Part III. Drop down and
    go through the window to the projector screen.
    The Mad Doctor
    ~New Quests~
    Battle the Beetleworx
    Go Back to Mean Street
    ~Extra Content~
    The Mad Doctor Pod
    Mad Doctor
    ~Donald's Right Leg~
    ~Rocket Part 3~
    ***Battle the Beetleworx***
    Go through a cut scene and the Gremlins will help you disable two of the three
    beetleworx machines. Now there are two ways to tackle the rest of this room.
    As we are following the paint path, I will walk you through the paint way.
    Walk forward, avoiding the carts and when you get to the second part of the
    tracks, quickly drop an anvil on the beetleworx on the platform ahead of you.
    Go to the left to see a TV plate and then right to find a pressure plate on a
    platform. Look across the thinner pool to see another pressure plate. It is
    important that you figure out your route here before starting, because you are
    going to need to be quick. It may take you a few times to get it right but you
    will succeed eventually. 
    NOTE: You can use a watch sketch here to slow everything down but I didn't as
    I feel disorientated with it on, so it is achievable without.
    Start bu dropping a TV on the power plate, then run right and go up the sloped
    track over the thinner pool, near the platform with the other pressure plate.
    Look across the thinner pool and drop an anvil on the pressure plate where the
    Mad Doctor and enemies are and then quickly run back and up onto the pressure
    plate on the platform. This will cause the whole track to be fixed and the
    cart will run around the track and crash into the final generator, disabling
    it. You will receive the Mad Doctor PIN and your Paint capacity will be
    increased again. You will also now have all the ROCKET PARTS.
    Before we head to the projector screen out of here, climb up the machinery on
    the left here to get the EXTRA CONTENT, the Mad Doctor Pod. Jump to the right
    to get on top of some more machinery and go all the way to the far wall to
    find a chest containing a Gold PIN.
    ***Donald Part***
    Go back to where we started and paint in a wall near the first part of the
    track, climb on this wall and jump to the overhead track. walk along the track
    and jump up to the rafter at the end. Look right and you will see a blue chest
    containing Donald's RIGHT LEG.
    Time to make our way to the projector and out of here, back to Bog Easy
    Oops I forgot to put a checklist earlier and cannot be bothered counting back
    so here is what you should have now
    *Checklist      *
    *67 pins        *
    *29 Film Reels  *  
    Back to Bog Easy
    ~New Quests~
    Fix Donald's Boat
    Fix the Bridges
    Help Bertrand Open his Store
    Restore the Bell
    Investigate Donald's Pains
    A Keeper for Donalds Doll
    ~Extra Content~
    Bog Easy
    Well read
    Animatronic Donald
    Lonesome Manor
    ~Donald's Torso~
    ***Donald Part***
    When you arrive you will be given the final Donald Part, DONALD'S TORSO, for
    fixing the organ.
    Talk to Ian here near the mansion and he will give you the Well Read PIN. Make
    sure you talk to him now otherwise he can disappear and you will not be able
    to collect the pin. Go and speak to Donald and he will assemble himself and
    you will receive the Animatronic Donald PIN. Talk to Donald again and he will
    give you a gear to give to Moody in OsTown.
    Talk to Metairie hanging about here and she will give you a quest to fix all
    the bridges. Talk to Bertrand who asks you to find his sign by Louis's Shack
    and when you get there Louis will give you a quest to gather pieces of a bell.
    Go to the shack, fixing the bridges as you go. After talking to Louis about
    the bell, go around the back of the shack to find Bertrand's sign. Head back
    over the bridges. when you get back there will be a cuts cene about Donald
    and a voodoo doll. Talk to Donald and you will get another quest.
    Go back towards the shack and you will see another cut scene where a Spatter
    eats the doll. The Spatter will be on the rock to the left of you. Spray it
    with thinner to get the voodoo doll back. Take the doll back to Donald and he
    will ask you to find someone to keep it safe.
    Go over to Bertrand now and give him his sign, he will re-open the store here
    now and will give you some E-tickets. Head over to the store to buy the
    Lonesome Manor PIN and the Bog Easy EXTRA CONTENT for 200 E-tickets each.
    Now go and fill in all the remaining bridges, don't forget the one right at
    the start where you first entered here and return to Melairie for a POWER
    SPARK and a Bronze PIN.
    Go over to the sunken ship where we got the courage badge and you will find
    Gilda for another time trial race. Win it to get a POWER SPARK and some
    You are done here for now so go back through the projector screen to Mean
    *Checklist      *
    *71 Pins        *
    *29 Film Reels  *
    Mean Street Again
    ~New Quests~
    Oswald Needs Help
    Secret Door
    Detective Mickey IV
    Bunny Roundup IV
    ~Extra Content~
    Mickey and Oswald
    Case Closed
    Mean Street
    ~Bell Fragment~
    Oswald wants you to go with him to Mickeyjunk Mountain which we will, but
    first we have a few things to clear up.
    ***The Usher***
    Talk to The Usher to receive the ability to carry more Anvils, talk to him
    again for an extra health pip, you will now have 8!
    ***Gremlin Markus***
    Go across and talk to Markus who will tell you he can do something to the
    machine for 30 Power Sparks, you should have more than enough, if not you
    can buy them from the Emporium. Give them to him and then go over to the Fire
    Station and thin out the front. Jump up to the window using the box nearby and
    go inside. You will be in Walt Disney's Apartment where you will find
    E-tickets and a Mickey and Oswald EXTRA CONTENT.
    Go to Horace, he will give you another quest for Bog Easy. Talk to him again
    to hand over the hatchet, you will get a POWER SPARK and a Case Closed PIN.
    Go talk to Pete in the City Hall and you will get another Bunny Roundup Quest.
    Talk to him again before going to find the bunnies and you will give him the
    Colonel Pete Cartoons which will net you another POWER SPARK and some
    Go out and stand still for a few mins, a Bunny will run over to you. Go up the
    ramp to the train station, go behind it to find two more. Take them to the
    pipe 3 down, 5 to go. If you linger around near the Ice cream Parlour, two
    more bunnies will come to you, send them through the pipes and jump up onto
    the Cinema Rooftop where you will find another Bunny, take this back to the
    pipe and you just have two left to find. 
    Jump on the canopy next to the Sound shop and then up to the next ledge and
    onto the rooftop, go left to Horace's Detective Agency Roof and you will find
    another Bunny, go back to the left and follow the roofs round to find the
    final Bunny. It can be really difficult to get the Bunnies off the roof. One
    of them doesn't seem to want to 'attach' to you. I think the best way to do it
    is get one to attach to you and jump off the roof with it, taking it over the
    pipe and then go back up and spin the other one at the right times to push it
    off the roof. It may land on the ledge here, if so, just spin again to push it
    down to the floor where it will then attach to you and you can take it to the
    Go back to Pete and collect your POWER SPARK.
    Go the Emporium where you can find a section of the Bell from Bog Easy on
    sale for 300 E-tickets and the Mean Street PIN for 200 E-tickets.
    We are just about done here now, so before heading to Mickeyjunk Mountain,
    let's travel around a bit and finish up some loose ends. Start by going
    through the projector screen to Ventureland.
    ~Bell Fragment~
    Got to the Tiki Hut Shop and buy the Bell Fragment for 300 E-tickets.
    ***Botanists Darvin***
    Go speak to him over by the tree house to get a POWER SPARK and some
    E-tickets for painting in the plants at Bog Easy.
    ***Jim the Puzzled***
    Go find Jim The Puzzled and he will give you a Gold PIN and some E-tickets
    for finding the radio.
    Give Daisy the Voodoo Doll to keep safe. She will give you a load of
    E-tickets in return
    Go back to Mean Street now and straight over to Bog Easy
    Bog Easy
    ***Bell Fragments***
    Hand over the bell fragments to Louis who will be at his shack. As soon as
    you get here you will see the blue footprints coming from his Shack, we will
    deal with that now.
    ***Detective Mickey IV***
    Now we need to paint in all the footprints. There ae four in total on the
    deck here then one on the next bridge heading to the left. Two more can be
    round on the rock that the last footprint was pointing at, on the right hand
    side of the rock. Another two can be found on the next, smaller rock, towards
    the centre. Another one can be found on the right edge of the next big rock
    platform and then another on the painted in part of the bridge and another
    on the edge of this bridge. One is just on the right hand side of the main
    path as you jump over. From there, there are  four more footprints, which are
    pretty easy to follow to the woman knocking on the door.
    Talk to her and if you filled in all the footprints she will give you the
    candle for Horace. If not, she will sell it you for 50 E-tickets.
    ***Finishing up***
    Now we need to go back to Mean Street and give Horace the candle for a
    POWER SPARK. I wont make this a new section as that is all you have to do
    there. When you have done it, make a final stop to OsTown and give Moody the
    gear from Donald to raise his boat. You will find a golden E-ticket on it.
    Time to head to Mickeyjunk Mountain, so go over the bridge here and jump into
    the active projector screen.
    Oswald's Fortress
    ~New Quests~
    The Shadow Blot
    ~Extra Content~
    Oswald Poses
    Mickeyjunk Mountain
    ***Extra Content***
    Go over to the Mickey statue on the left as you enter and grab the Oswald
    ***Hidden Area***
    Now before, when we were here last. We wanted to save Gilda's axe and so we
    could not do a section, that we can now do here .... oddly.
    Thin out the big patch of floor here and go down the slope. Gus will say that
    the door needs wedging open and that we can use Gilda's Axe but wont be able
    to return it, accept, and although you have already given the axe back to
    Gilda ... you can use the axe to wedge the door open ... odd, methinks this
    is a glitch but hey, why not take advantage of it and grab a couple more
    Look through the opening and look up to the right, thin out Oswalds ears to
    stop the thinner spray. Go past and do the same with the next one to some
    breakable chests. Look onto the wall behind the next spray here and spray the
    head with thinner, it will stop the spray and spin around. 
    Jump over and you can paint in a Mean Street model, which is pretty cool. You
    now need to move around this area and paint in all the wasteland world models.
    Jump up onto the left wall of Mean Street and follow the platforms round,
    filling in the models as you go. Make sure you fill the whole model in and
    do not leave any parts, like the fence in front of Lonesome Manor. Stand on
    the Tomorrow city Model, up to Dark Beauty Castle. Thin out one of the towers
    and climb to the centre of the castle. 
    Thin the blue roof piece up here and jump onto it. Look across and see the
    Mickey model and next to it a chest on a mesh platform. Double jump to it and
    spin at the end just to make sure. Open it for a GOLD PIN. Jump on Mickey's
    ear and back over to the top of Dark Beauty Castle. Now, thin out Mickey,
    thinner will fill the chamber, undoing all your hard work and the platform
    where you just got the pin will rise, exposing the area below. Jump down
    there and go right to find another PIN, this time of the Silver variety.
    Look at the thinner river here and jump on some floating debris, you will
    have to be quick and thin the barrier ahead, then jump over several barriers.
    at end you will see another chest on a mesh platform, jump up and open it to
    collect the Mickeyjunk Mountain PIN. Go right and you will be back where you
    Head out and back up to the top and go to the projector screen in the room
    up the ramp. Have a chat with Oswald and jump through the projector screen.
    ++++++Ye Olden Days++++++
    Jump onto the 'horse' and then off left to the small ledge. Jump across onto
    the swinging chandelier and off onto the next ledge. Go up and left, waiting
    before you go past the window for the knight to pull up his spear. Go left
    onto a tree branch and quickly right onto a small ledge as the tree branch
    will droop down. Wait for the knight to stop poking his spear upwards and
    jump across, on to another ledge, on to a tree branch and then up to the
    Watch out for the bones being chucked here and make your way left, the up and
    left when the knight goes back behind the window. When the window closes
    again jump right and them up to a leaning tower. When the dog shuts the 
    window on the left, jump up and activate the switch to make the grates open
    and close. Make your way up through them carefully, when you get to the top
    you will find the FILM REEL, Ye Olden Days. Spin the switch to open the way
    to the projector screen and leave.
    *Checklist      *
    *77 Pins        *
    *30 Film Reels  *
    Boss Fight: Shadow Blot
    ~Extra Content~
    Spatter Puddle
    Me and My Shadow
    Jump over the platforms quickly or they will fall and take you with them.
    When you arrive on the main platform quickly go left and thin a box there to
    reveal Spatter Puddle EXTRA CONTENT. collect it and get on with the fight.
    Shadow Blot's attacks are very easy to avoid.
    1. He will start by throwing thinner at you, To avoid this, always keep to
    one side or the other when possible so that you can just run in a straight
    line to the other side as he is throwing it at you.
    2. He will swoop down and across the platform, just jump out of the way.
    3. He will throw out a spatter, just deal with it as normal
    4. He will throw out a green ball ... which is easy to avoid
    5. When he is about to land (when you will finally be able to harm him). He
    will fly up and throw out thinner which has a better aim than previously but
    can easily be avoided by running in a circle.
    Look out for his shadow when he is flying above and throwing out thinner,
    avoid the shadow and he will crash down on the platform. When he puts his
    head up he will try and suck you in, just fill him with paint.
    Repeat three times and you will have him down and out. He will also be your
    friend. For befriending him you will get a Me and My Shadow PIN.
    After a cut scene you will be transported back to OsTown
    The Battle of OsTown
    ~Health Pip~
    Befriend the Spatters then look at the big Bloticles. You can see green
    blisters on them, these are what you need to aim for with paint. There are
    two on each Bloticle by the bridge and you can only hit the ones that are
    raised, as soon as you hit one the other will raise so you can hit it. The
    Bloticle near Clarabelle's house has three blisters and you will have to go
    to the edge of the pit in her garden to reach it.
    When they are all gone, the characters from OsTown will return and you can
    repaint the town if it makes you feel better. Time to go to Mean Street, go
    to the usual projector screen and Gus will be there to give you another
    health pip
    The Battle of Mean Street
    ~Extra Content~
    Blot Mirror
    Repair Mean Street
    After the cut scene with Oswald go to the centre of town and befriend all the
    Spatters, ignore the big Slobber for now. when you have befriended them all
    send a guardian or two to attack the Slobber and he will be friendly too. You
    will have seen a Spashdoosh on your way here, just leave him be, he is no
    When you are done, get rid of the blisters on the Bloticle. As before, 
    you can only do one at once, with each on rising after another has been
    'popped'. There are four on this one, when you have them all it will go away
    and a Repair Mean Street PIN will be where it once stood. Collect it.
    ***Extra Content***
    We are off to Ventureland now, but before we go, pop by The Usher and he will
    reward you with Blot Mirror EXTRA CONTENT.
    The Battle in Ventureland
    Befriend the Spatters and Sweeper here and then start on the Bloticles. Same
    rules apply. Nothing more to see here, once they are all down go to the
    projector back to Mean Street and then on to Bog Easy.
    Battle in Bog Easy
    No More Bloticles
    The 'battle' here is the same as the others. you will see a bloticle in front
    of you as you arrive so spray the green blister to pop it, then go left and
    get a second one. Go to the rock platforms where you will see two Splatters.
    Stay on the wooden deck and spray them with paint until they become good,
    then jump on the rock and quickly turn left to spray a Sweeper. 
    Continue on past two Splashdooshes, use your guardians on them. Spray the
    green blister nearest the furthest Spashdoosh, then one to the left of it.
    Look up and a little further to the left to hit another, then one more lower
    down on the far left. That's one down.
    Continue towards the centre of town befriending another Sweeper along the
    way.  Run past a Splashdoosh and off towards Louis's Shack. Jump on the first
    wooden bridge part and turn around to see your first blister. Pop it with
    paint, jump over onto the rock and get the next one and another. Go back
    round to the bridges you took to get from the projector screen and you will
    see another blister, ready to pop. Spray it and then two more that come up
    after it and go back towards Louis's Hut.
    The bridges here are out of action so go onto the first bit of bridge and
    then left onto the big rock to deal with a Sweeper. Throw a guardian at the
    Splashdoosh on the next rock and hop over there. Take out the Spatter on the
    next rock and jump over there then go left, onto the bridge and forward onto
    the deck around Louis's Shack to get the first blister. Keep bursting them to
    the left and when you run out, look behind you. Jump on the rock with the
    Spatter and get rid of the blister and one more to the right. Then you are
    Go back to Mean Street, on your arrival go over the Tomorrow City Projector
    Screen and pick up the No More Bloticles PIN.
    Battle in Tomorrow City
    You usual assortment of enemies are here. Head up the ramp, befriending the
    sweeper at the top. The track is electrified which is annoying. The first two
    blisters can be dealt with on the platform with the sweeper, for the next one
    jump on the track, avoiding the electricity and run to the left to the
    platform here, spin attacking the Sweeper off the platform, then turn back to
    the Bloticle you were dealing with and hit three more. 
    Look opposite the platform for the next one and follow the blisters along,
    getting rid of them all. The last one appears to be out of reach but if you
    spray in the general direction of it, you will get it without having to stand
    on the tracks.
    Jump onto the track and avoiding the electricity, run around to the other
    platform over here. Spray the first four blisters from here, standing right
    on the right, nearside corner. Then you will have to jump down on the track
    and go back to the other high platform. From here, jump on a rocket, making
    sure it is one that is flat and then jump off and into the middle to net
    you final blister.
    Make your way down the track, avoiding the electricity to get to the exit
    projector screen. 
    The Battle in Space Voyage
    Guess what? We have more Bloticles to take care of. There are the nasty 
    Beetleworx here, my advice is to leave em alone. Go right first and into an
    alcove with the space pod lift. Ride it up and go up the pipes to the top.
    There are some E-tickets on the television pad, take them and place a TV on
    there to activate the crane.
    From this platform, look down to see a bloticle on the left. Jump down and
    spray all the blisters.
    the next one is over to the left, run around the central circuit, avoiding
    the enemies and go to the side of the bloticle that you cannot see. Now you
    will see all the blisters, work on them, standing on the very edge for the
    first one and moving your camera around for the others
    Just one more left. From here, look at where the next bloticle is. Drop down
    and run to the crazy pistons that we calmed last time we were hear. Travel up
    them in their crazy state and fill in the path at the top to get to the other
    side. Tune around and you will see the bloticle. Spray the first blister
    whilst standing on the very edge and then jump over to the centre and get rid
    of all the others quickly before you are spotted. Phew, you are done!
    You will have a cut scene now where you blast off in the rocket back to Dark
    Beauty Castle.
    Dark Beauty Castle
    ~New Quests~
    Meet Oswald in the Control Tower
    ***Paint the Pipes***
    Go left, over to the platform here with the broken control panel and a
    Sweeper. Deal with the Sweeper the go down the ramp and use the low wall to
    jump onto the small platform in the thinner, then over to the next area. Thin
    the stained glass window to find a machine that will drain the thinner,
    however, you have only 45 seconds to patch 5 pipes in the drained area, to
    permanently free the room from thinner.
    This can be really tricky and will probably take you a few times to
    familiarise yourself with the locations of the pipes before you can actually
    fix them. 
    ***Pipe One***
    Start by going right (with your back to the machine) and dropping
    down one level, head towards the green room you see here, but before you get
    there you will see a pipe in the open on the right. 
    ***Pipe Two***
    Now go back to the left and jump down to the lowest section when you can to
    find an alcove with another pipe, fill it in.
    ***Pipe Three***
    Go left a little more on the same level to find another alcove, fix the pipe.
    ***Pipe Four***
    Go left some more and jump up to the ramp above you to find another pipe in
    another alcove, you have to go into this alcove to fix the pipe, otherwise
    you will just fill in a Oswald image at the front.
    ***Pipe Five***
    Go right to find another pipe close by and fix it, you are done. 
    Good luck, it can be frustrating but is not so difficult when you have done a
    couple of runs to locate the pipes. You can use your watch sketch of course
    to slow things down a little, but as I have said before, I find this
    disorientating and more difficult.
    With this done the thinner will be drained permanently from the room and a
    door will open releasing a Slobber and a couple more blotlings. We will deal
    with him soon but first we can go and collect a pin.
    ***Bronze Pin***
    Go left, if you have your back to the machine, and down the stairs to that
    room with the green tanks in that I mentioned earlier. Go to the back of that
    room and paint in a chest. In it you will find a Bronze PIN.
    ***Fight the slobber***
    This is really easy ... just hit him with two guardians. You can go the long
    route and fill his mouth with paint or thinner as he tries and sucks you in
    but what is the point in having guardians if you do not use them? Pick up the
    key he drops and use it on the door ahead to find the projector screen out of
    Fill in some of the thinned out areas here to build your guardians back up
    and break some stuff to collect health and paint if you need it. When you are
    done, go through the door and the projector screen.
    ++++++Sleeping Beauty++++++
    Go right, keeping high and pick up the FILM REEL, Sleeping Beauty at the end
    by a dragon. Drop down to the left and go right to find the projector screen.
    *Checklist     *
    * 81 Pins      *
    * 31 Film Reels*
    Throne Room
    ~Extra Content~
    Throne Room
    Oswald and Ortensia
    ***Extra Content***
    Start by throwing two guardians at the Slobber and then go over to the
    throne. Thin out the painted wall on the left and the wall beyond that to
    get a watch sketch if you need one. Head up the ramp avoiding the bloticles.
    You can paint in the gaps that they are coming through to stop them for a few
    seconds but you still need to be quick. Thin out the floor at the top, below
    the boulder and look down to jump down and collect the EXTRA CONTENT, Throne
    Room. Thin out the wall here and go back to the Throne Room.
    Go back to the throne and this time, go right, through an open archway. Walk
    a couple of steps up the ramp and a boulder will start rolling down. Quickly
    turn around and go out of the archway again, back to the Throne Room. With
    the boulder down, you can now go back in and up the ramp. As you are
    ascending, thin the wall on the left and go in to collect the Oswald and
    Ortensia EXTRA CONTENT. 
    Go to the top and out onto the upper level. Deal with the Sweeper, taking
    care not to fall down the thinnable floor if he shoots thinner at you. With
    the Sweeper taken care of, thin the path now and look down. You will see a
    Gold PIN above the projector screen alcove. Drop down and double jump to
    reach it.
    ***Activate the Gargoyles***
    Now to get on with the rest of the room. As usual, there is a thinner path
    and a paint path. We are of course taking the paint path. Start by filling in
    all the paintings on both floors to activate some gargoyles.
    Paint in the big window at the top to lower a Crystal
    ***Direct the Beam***
    Face the window and go left to the gargoyle at the end here. A beam of light
    will emit from it. Spin the right hand side gargoyle to make the beam shoot
    over to the left centre gargoyle. Line up the other gargoyle on this side so
    that it can catch a beam soon and then spin the left centre gargoyle to throw
    the beam right, then spin the top left gargoyle to throw the beam to the
    top right gargoyle. Sounds confusing, but if you get it wrong just play about
    with spinning gargoyles and the beam will be created and will open the big
    window, creating a drawbridge to get to the projector screen. Jump through the
    projector screen, into Fantasia.
    ++++++Fantasia Part II++++++
    Use the stars to get up, watching out for the ones that disappear. When you
    get to a cloud that moves right the path will split into left and right. To
    get to the Film Reel we need to go left, over a sparkly star platform which
    will appear and disappear. Keep going up and staying left and at the top you
    will reach the FILM REEL, Fantasia Part II. It is worth noting that instead
    of E-tickets, which are useless now, you can pick up a variety of sketches
    instead as you travel around.
    From the platform where you are stood you can just face right and press A
    to enter the projector screen, even though there is a barrier between you and
    *Checklist     *
    *82 Pins       *
    *32 Film Reels *
    Fireworks Control Tower
    ~New Quests~
    Defeat the Blot
    ~Extra Content~
    Sleeping Ortensia
    Horned Blot
    ***Collect stuff***
    Oswald will greet you, when he has finished, talk with him again to recieve
    the Oswald PIN. Go behind the control panel to find Sleeping Ortensia EXTRA
    ***Up the Tower***
    Go through the open door and you will be trapped inside. Jump onto the
    chandelier and then paint the gear on the wall to the left to raise the
    chandelier and quickly jump over to the next chandelier before it falls
    Wait for the bloticles to retract and quickly make your way to the next
    chandelier. Look across and see another thinned chandelier. Paint it in then
    paint in the gear on the wall, timing it right for you to get onto the next
    chandelier without being hit by the bloticle, then jump down onto the piece
    of ground below.
    Note: You will see that many of the bloticles are behind faded coats of arms.
    paint them in to give you a couple of extra seconds of peace.
    Thin the wall here and make your way through more pesky bloticles and thin
    the wall ahead of you to reveal a chest containing a Silver PIN. Go back the
    way you came, back to the ledge outside.
    Jump onto the swinging chandelier just as it starts swinging towards you and
    thin out the wall, then jump through onto the next swinging chandelier. Jump
    to the next chandelier and then onto the floor. Run up to avoid the bloticles
    and you will arrive at a staircase.
    Proceed up the staircase, being careful as it will crumble in places and
    painting it in as you go and avoiding the bloticles. The view is horrible up
    here. When you get to the top you need to jump off on the chandelier and onto
    the next set of stairs. Continue making your way up in the same way and you
    will reach the top.
    ***Arm the Fireworks***
    You will find a Phantom Blot up here, you just need to avoid him. What you
    need to do is rotate the gargoyles up here and fill in their heads so that
    they all face the centre crystal. When all five are facing the crystal the
    fireworks will be armed.
    Go through the door towards the projector screen and turn left to find the
    Horned Blot EXTRA CONTENT. Fill up with paint, thinner and health, then jump
    through the projector screen.
    ++++++Fantasia Part III++++++
    Climb up avoiding the brushes, which do not hurt, but do knock you back. When
    you see a book on the left, jump right onto a higher platform and wait for
    the brush to walk down. Jump over the brush to the left and up onto a book.
    Ride the book up and then jump onto the platform on the right. Now you will
    have to avoid water spouts. Make your way up until you come to a couple of
    books which are rotating around a platform. Climb up to the left and jump on
    a book, ride it to the right of the platform and jump across to collect the
    FILM REEL, Fantasia Part III.
    Jump down and go back to the left, ride a book up and then off, left to
    another book. it can be quite tricky to get the timing right to avoid the
    water spout, but it is not too difficult. When you get to the top, jump right
    and wait for the water spout to pour into the pool before you continue right,
    to the projector screen.
    *Checklist      * 
    *84 pins        *
    *33 Film Reels  *
    Grief Tower
    ~Extra Content~
    Blot Attack
    Slobber Charge
    ***Gold Pin***
    Before going forward, turn right through an archway, next to a golden knight
    you will see a thinned chest, paint it and open it to find a Gold PIN.
    ***Extra Content***
    Now go forward and enter the next tower. Make your way up carefully, painting
    in the shields on the wall to give you a few seconds rest from the bloticles.
    As you are walking the path will be destroyed at certain points, just take
    your time and hang back so that you don't get caught and fall down. There
    will also be sections of pathway that you need to fill in to continue up.
    As you go up you will see some EXTRA CONTENT, Blot Attack just floating over
    a gap, jump over and collect it.
    Just before you reach the top there will be a barrel on the right hand side,
    break it for some health.
    ***Arm the Fireworks***
    When you get to the top, you will have to repeat the same process as you did
    at the top of the last tower. Fill in the heads of the Gargoyles and spin to
    shoot the beam at the crystal. This time Shadow Blot will reach in and swipe
    you like last time, but you will see him move to the side of the tower, as he
    does this run up to the back of the tower to avoid him. He will also send
    blotlings to attack you, try and avoid them, push them off, or convert them.
    If you convert some they will keep the others off your back for a while at
    least. When you have done all four gargoyles, the fireworks will be armed and
    you can continue to the final tower.
    Before you go through the projector screen, look for the barrels on the left.
    Jump on top of them and jump up into the air to find the Slobber Charge
    ++++++Fantasia Part IV++++++
    As you climb this level the water will begin to rise, it will rise slowly so
    don't panic. 
    Jump onto the barrel and wait for it to rise so that you can reach the higher
    platform on the right. Wait for the water spout to stop and jump over. Now
    pretty much ignore the ledges and make your way up on the books until you
    come to a ledge with two barrels on it and will see the film reel above if
    you jump.
    Jump onto the barrel on the right and wait for the water to rise. it will
    take you and the barrel up to the FILM REEL Fantasia Part IV. Jump back to
    the barrel and then left over another barrel and onto the final barrel here.
    Ride it up and jump over the broom to the projector screen.
    *Checklist      *       
    *85 Pins        *      
    *34 Film Reels  *
    Loss Tower
    ~Extra Content~
    The Blot
    Gold x2
    As usual, make your way up, avoiding the bloticles. Fill in the first gap and
    jump over the next. Look up to see some thinned archways, fill them in and
    go up one more ledge. Turn around and go up the platforms you just made and
    into the tower. You will be locked in and have to fight two Spatters and a
    Sweeper, pretty easy. When you are done a gate will open. Collect some health
    from the breakable objects around this room if you need it and head out.
    The pathway will crumble but you can see some thinned out platforms to the
    right, fill them in as you climb up, being careful on the last one where
    bloticles will come out. Head inside and this time there will be two Sweepers
    and a Spatter to deal with, do so and another gate will open.
    As you head out, again the pathway forward will crumble so paint in the
    platform on the right again. When you are stood on the second platform, look
    down to see a chest. Jump down to it carefully and open to find a Gold PIN.
    You will see more platforms that you can paint in here on the right. Use them
    to make your way to the top. 
    This time you will have to fight two spatters and a Slobber. Try and get rid
    of the spatters first and then throw two guardians at the slobber.
    ***Extra Content***
    Climb up to the top of the tower at last and this time, the Shadow Blot will
    not attack you ... odd .. so spin the gargoyles as usual and the fireworks
    will be armed. Walk towards the projector screen and at about the halfway
    point the Blot will collapse the tower and make the crystal fall to the floor.
    approach the crystal and you will start falling down, as you get to the
    fourth floor you can grab The Blot EXTRA CONTENT at the bottom left corner,
    but be quick before the floor collapses.
    As you land on the bottom floor you will see a chest, open it to get the
    Skydiver PIN.
    Look through the door to see a hallway with some bloticles coming through the
    wall on the left hand side and a chandelier in front. Walk forward slowly as
    the floor will collapse. Paint in the shield over the bloticles and then jump
    across onto the small platform, then off on the next walkway. You will appear
    to be trapped, but don't fear. Thin out the wall beside you and go outside.
    Climb up the ramp and thin out the wall here too. Ignore the cogs and jump up
    onto the chandelier, through the gap. Look forward and jump onto the next
    chandelier, making sure you pick up the Silver PIN.
    From here jump to the swinging chandelier below. Look ahead to see a hallway
    above. Double jump and spin to get up there and fill in a chest to claim a
    Gold PIN. Go past the hole in the floor and right to find EXTRA CONTENT, Blot
    Attack II.
    Drop down the hole and go forward. A hole will break in the wall on the left.
    Go through and you will have to fill in the platforms to go forward, however,
    bloticles will quickly thin them out again so do not dawdle. Go through the
    hallway and jump onto the swinging chandelier, fill in the shield on the wall
    to hold the bloticles back for a few seconds and make the long jump to the
    next chandelier.
    fill in the platforms and paint the shield to stop the bloticles as you
    progress around the corner. You will come to a broken chandelier, jump on to
    it and it will weigh down if you linger too long, so keep jumping to the edge
    of the chandelier and, making sure both chandeliers are level, jump quickly
    off onto the other chandelier and onto the floor on the left.
    Go through the door to find Oswald.
    *Checklist       *
    * 89 Pins        *
    * 34 Film Reels  *
    Inside Phantom Blot
    ~Extra Content~
    Lonesome Manor III
    Gremlin Guardian
    ***Mickey's Heart***
    Great, now you are in Shadow Blot's belly. Jump across the platforms, dealing
    with the Splashdooshes, it is probably better to use guardians if you have
    them or spray them from a distance to prevent being hurt when they explode.
    You come to some ledges going up. Climb up them and you will find Gus. 
    If you speak to him again and have freed all the trapped gremlins in the game
    he will reward you with the Gremlin Guardian PIN.
    Deal with the next Spashdoosh ahead and drop down after it staying on this
    side of the thinner floor then turn around to paint in a chest and get a
    Bronze PIN. Keep moving forward over the thinner river and you will see your
    heart trapped in the bloticles. 
    ***Bloticle One***
    Deal with the blotlings and then pop the two blisters that you can see here.
    One on the right and one by the Splashdoosh. Before going on, go right over
    the bloticle and drop down to collect the Lonesome Manor III EXTRA CONTENT.
    Go back up and hit another blister above the Splashdoosh and then go up,
    through the opening. Take out the blisters as you progress here, but be
    careful of the bloticles. You can get the first two from the safety of the
    doorway then time it to get between the bloticles to the nest one. Spray it
    quickly as you are jumping to the ledge. Move along to the edge of this
    platform, staying low and close to the big bloticle and spray the blister
    right on the end to open a way ahead. Wait for the bloticles to retract then
    jump off onto the platform on the right and left, through the opening.
    In the next room are the lost essence of cartoon characters consumed by the
    blot. You cannot hurt them so you just have to dodge them, which can be
    difficult and they will hurt you just by touching them so stay away. 
    Head to the platforms in the centre of the room and jump to the lowest ledge
    spray the all the blisters you can from here. You will have to be quick to
    get the ones above due to the baddies up here. Just run around avoiding them
    and spray the blisters, when the bloticle is gone the baddies will disappear.
    That's one big blocticle down. Make your way back to where your heart is
    ***Bloticle Two***
    Spray as many of the blotlings as you can from this ledge and then let them
    fight the others. When they kill another blotling it will leave behind some
    health for you, so if you are low on health, this is a good strategy to use.
    Hop up to the right and travel another corridor, spraying blisters and
    dodging blocticles to open the way ahead. Jump over onto the moving ledge and
    then onto the next, stable ledge. Spray your first two blisters from here
    and then jump up to the next ledge, quickly spraying the blister and avoiding
    the lost cartoon here, jump up to the top and spray the final three blisters.
    Backtrack to the main room, avoiding the bloticles and now the crushing
    rocks. The will crash in spurts of two and then slowly retract leaving you
    time to get through. Wait on the higher ledge and watch the rock crashing
    as it crashes down for the second time, jump down and run through. Make your
    way to two sliding rocks and run to the far right to avoid the first on and
    then left to avoid the second one hitting you. 
    ***Bloticle Three***
    When you are through into the main room, you will see there are even more 
    Blotlings. Deal with them as we did last time taking care to avoid the
    Sweeper shots. When you are done, climb up again past the Splashdoosh and use
    the moving platforms to get up to the right and through another opening into
    another passageway with blisters and bloticles.
    stand on the ledge of the door to get the first blister and watch the
    bloticles so that you can avoid them as you make your way through. stand on
    the edge up here and spray the second blister then jump onto the rising
    platform and over onto the next one. As this one falls, spray the next one
    and then jump onto the darker platform and spray another before quickly
    jumping onto the floor before this platform sinks into the thinner. Stand on
    the edge of the next door and look into the big room, filled with lost
    Jump down and avoiding the Lost Cartoons, jump onto the platform nearest the
    walkway, from here, if you stand close enough to the edges you can shoot all
    the blisters on this bloticle. with that done, we just need to carefully head
    ***Bloticle Four***
    When we get back, there are of course, more blotlings. This time there is a
    slobber in the mix. From this high ledge, spray the sweepers under the ledge
    here and the Splashdoosh, then jump down and spray another one to the left on
    a lower ledge. Spray the blister across from you, then two below you, then
    jump down. Wait until the blotlings below go to the other end of the room
    then drop down and drop a TV sketch to distract some sweepers, run over and
    send two guardians to befriend the slobber and then work on the rest of the
    blisters quickly.
    60. The End
    You are done, enjoy the ending which will differ depending on your actions
    through the game.
    At the end I had 
    91/105 Pins 
    34/36 Film Reels, 
    46/50 Concept Art 
    38/39 Movies
    1/1 Credits
    2/2 Cartoons
    I think that you may have to replay the game again using the thinner path to
    collect them all ... or maybe I missed some. I will play through again
    sometime using the thinner path and update this guide with the remaining
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    copyright 2011 kymtendo
    If you want to request to use this guide on your site or have any questions
    or comments you can contact me at kymtendo@gmail.com

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