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    Junction Point Guide by thegamemaster8

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    Disney Epic Mickey: Junction Point Guide
    System: Nintendo Wii
    Started: 7/27/2011
    Finished: 8/3/2011 
    Created by William Donehoo (thegamemaster8)
    e-Mail: thegamemaster8@hotmail.com
    Version: Final
    Guide Copyright 2011 for GameFAQs only
    Game Copyright 2010 for Disney Interactive
    Information Gathered from my own Gameplay was used in this Guide.
    Corrections (Updated 9/8/12)
    A) I stated that I'm not currently going to do any more Guides for this Game.
       However, as immersed in this Game as I am now, I'm currently working on 2
       more Guides.  One covers Quests, while the other covers Collectibles.  As
       with this Guide, they won't be full walkthroughs, but rather, they'll be
       more like a hint Guide of sorts.  I should hopefully be done with them by
       next week.
    B) I'm sure someone noticed the mistake I made concerning the Animatronic
       Daisy Part you get from Smee.  Smee doesn't give you the Part if you didn't
       shut off Hook's Machine or if you used a combination of Paint and Thinner
       in the Pumps.  This mistake has been corrected.  Sorry for any mix-up.
       While gathering info for my next 2 Guides, I actually figured out my typo.
    C) In the Animatronic Donald Chapter, I originally stated that you couldn't
       get Bertrand to reopen the Bog Easy Emporium if the Ghosts were still in
       Bog Easy.  Another typo.  It's been fixed.  Also fixed is the fact that
       the Ghosts won't give you Donald's last part if you didn't fix the Pipe
       Organ in Lonesome Manor.  This too has been fixed.
    D) While fiddling around with the Pipe Organ, I found something interesting
       concerning what happens when you Thin the Keys on it's keyboard.  This info
       has been added to the Ballroom Organ Chapter. 
    E) Okay.  So I've received, on two seperate occasions over the past year and a
       half, e-mails pertaining to a glitch concerning your battle with Captain
       Hook.  I've receieved this info twice from GameFAQs Members.  RJ Eng first
       told me about this Glitch last year, but I never updated any of my 3 Guides
       for this Game to cover it and suggested he submit the Glitch to the Cheats
       Section of the Game's GameFAQs Page.  Four days ago, ShadwSonic e-mailed me
       with the same glitch which tells me that no one has submitted to the Cheats
       Page for this Game yet so I'll cover it here.  Apparently this Glitch 
       allows you to trash Captain Hook, but still rescue Pete Pan's Sprite.
       As RJ Eng explains:
       "I was doing a Thinner run, and used the bash-to-pieces method to defeat
       Hook.  After defeating him, on a whim, I painted the steps in and took the
       path up, getting the Hidden Content on the back of the ship, but going
       further and releasing the Sprite, AFTER the battle.  Pete Pan showed up
       with a "Thank you, I'll take it from here" (?) and the Quest was marked as
       completed even though he had no impact on the fight.  Upon getting back to
       Mean Street and talking to Big Bad Pete, he thanked me for "Putting the
       fight back in Pete Pan", and gave me (I think) 30 E-tickets and a Power
       Spark, no Pin though.  I know 30 is loose change to anyone who has the
       Wallet Upgrades, but it might still be worth a mention."
       As ShadwSonic explains:
       "Just wanted to let you know that it is possible to both free the Sprite 
       and defeat Hook yourself in the same playthrough!  Simply beat Hook, then
       climb the rigging like normal and you'll be able to reach the Sprite!  This
       counts as completing the Petes' Quests (getting the related rewards), but 
       also counts as beating Hook yourself (thus getting the Thinner Upgrade and
       the "Bad" ending for that part."
       I've personally never tried the Glitch myself, so I can't say for certain
       whether it works or not, but I suppose it's worth mentioning since more
       than one person has found this Glitch.
    This Guide is to be shown only on GameFAQS or any site they are affliated
    with. The Game is copyright to it's respective owners so this Guide cannot be
    sold.  Just don't do it.  I am but a small man.  I cannot defend myself
    against a big company like Disney!  I should also note that this Guide has 
    some major spoilers in it so use it at the risk of your own curiosity.
    Table of Contents:
    (Use Ctrl + F to skip Chapters with ease by typing in the 5 Lettered words in
    the brackets next to each Chapter listing in the search box.)
     1) Introduction [INTRO]
     2) Small Pete [SMPET]
     3) Clock Tower Boss [CLKTR]
     4) Big Bad Pete [BBPET]
     5) Horace Horsecollar [HORAC]
     6) Animatronic Goofy [GOOFY]
     7) Moody [MOODY]
     8) Petetronic Boss [PETRO]
     9) Animatronic Daisy [DAISY]
    10) Gentleman Starkey [STARK]
    11) Hook's Machine [HMACH]
    12) Captain Hook Boss [CHOOK]
    13) Bog Easy Residents [BOGES]
    14) Animatronic Donald [DONLD]
    15) Ballroom Organ [ORGAN]
    16) The Mad Doctor Boss [MADDR]
    17) The Shadow Blot [SBLOT]
    18) Throne Room [THRNE]
    19) FAQ [FAQ]
    20) In Closing... [CLOSE] 
    1) Introduction [INTRO]
    Hello and welcome to my first FAQ/Guide.  I will be covering the aspects of 
    this excellent Game that determine what Ending you get, what Upgrades you get
    and/or what Missions become available to you.
    Keep in mind that this is not a full walkthrough, but merely and a small Guide
    to help you out in knowing where your actions cause the most difference in
    the Game.
    It should also be noted to all you completists out there, that you'll have to
    play through this Game no less then 3 times to get every last collectible in
    this massive Game.  Also note that this Guide contains massive spoilers so 
    read on at your own risk.
    2) Small Pete [SMPET]
    Gremlin Village - World of Gremlins
    When you exit the Jungle Boat ride, Small Pete will confront you.  He'll ask
    you to find his Ship Log Book in his crashed Boat to clear his name after it
    was slandered by the Gremlins who thought the boat crash was on purpose.
    Once you arrive in the World of Gremlins, patch the Pipes with Paint, and shut
    off the Thinner destroying Gus's home, the Carpet and Airplane Rides will
    reactivate.  Carefully hop onto the Plane Ride and use it to reach a small
    ledge to the left of the Boat.  Head onto the Boat and find a Valve Wheel near
    it's front and Spin Attack it.  The back area will open up revealing a Chest.
    Inside is Small Pete's Ship Log.
    Once in your posession, you can either use it to clear Small Pete's name or
    get a rare Special Pin.  To clear Small Pete's name, find Gremlin Bennet in
    the area where you patched the pipes with Paint.  Give the Log to him, and
    he'll spread the word that Small Pete is innocent.
    If you choose to fail the Mission, you can either ignore it or trade it for a
    the Gremlin Pin.  To get the Gremlin Pin, find Gremlin Shaky near the Clock
    Tower.  Give the Ship Log to him and he'll fork over the rare Pin.  If you
    gave the Ship Log to Grmelin Bennet already, Gremlin Shaky will not give you
    the Gremlin Pin.
    How you complete this Junction Point effects two things in the Game.  If you
    redeemed Small Pete and gave his Ship Log to Gremlin Bennet, Small Pete will
    thank you in the Colosseum in the European Boat Ride.  He will then open a
    secret room where you can collect a Bronze Pin and the Inky Mickey Extra
    Content.  Big Bad Pete on Mean Street will also give you the Small Pete Pin
    and the Ending will show Small Pete helping the Gremlins repair their village.
    Fewer Toon Residents will appear in the Shadow Blot at the end of the Game if
    you help out as well.
    If you instead choose to ignore the Mission or traded the Ship Log to Gremlin
    Shaky for the Gremlin Pin, Small Pete will be angry with you at the Colosseum.
    He will send out a huge group of Blotlings that you'll have to defeat before
    you can leave.  The ending will also show Small Pete sulking in the Colosseum.
    3) Clock Tower Boss [CLKTR]
    Gremlin Village - The Clock Tower
    At the Clock Tower, you face the first Boss of the Game, the Mad Clock Tower.
    In Boss Battles, you can choose to beat the Boss with Paint for a permanent
    Paint Capacity Upgrade or destroy the Boss with Thinner for a permanent
    Thinner Capacity Upgrade.
    The Clock Tower's attacks are simple.  It will try to bash you with it's
    fists.  When it does, stay clear of the shadows on the ground to avoid getting
    pounded.  On occassion, it will try to use both fists, but the same rule
    applies...dodge the shadows.  Even if the fist doesn't hit you, the impact can
    knock you back if you're too close to the fist.  The fists always crash down
    closest to your current position so don't stay still for too long.
    Paint/Thinner Refills appear from the sides of the Arena close to where the
    fists come down.  Small World Dolls hold Health Pip Refills so only break
    them loose as needed.
    If you choose to beat the Tower with Paint, here's how you do it.  First spray
    Paint on either fist, but don't coat it completely.  Alternate between
    spraying both fists until they're almost completely covered in the Blue Paint.
    If you focus on only one fist before the other, the fist will shake off the
    Paint before you can coat the other.  Finish coating both fists with Paint to
    shut them down temporarily.  Jump into the open palm of the second fist you
    disbabled and it will bring you up to the Clock Tower's face.  Hit the face
    with Paint until it restores the Clock Tower's sunny smile.
    If you instead choose to beat the Tower with Thinner, here's what you do.
    First, spray a fist with Thinner until the machine work is visible, then prime
    the exposed fist to crash down onto the Arena to break it.  Now do the same
    thing with the other fist.  Once both fists are destroyed, focus on the
    forearms with Thinner while avoiding the spraying Thinner coming from the
    arms.  As with the fists, expose the machinery with Thinner and get the
    forearm to slam the Arena to break it.  Once both forearms are destroyed, the
    Clock Tower malfunctions and you win.
    As mentioned before, if you used Paint, your Paint increases.  If you used
    Thinner, your Thinner increases.  Also, if you used Paint, you get the Stop
    the Music Pin and the Ending shows the Gremlins happily playing with the
    Clock Tower.  
    If you used Thinner, you get the Unwind the Clock Pin and the Ending shows the
    Clock Tower simmering in the Thinner River.
    4) Big Bad Pete [BBPET]
    Mean Street
    Hunker down.  This is a long one.  Big Bad Pete is one of the few Characters
    in the Game who you'll visit on several occassions for Missions and Items.
    When you first meet him near City Hall on Mean Street, he'll either reward you
    if you helped Small Pete, or scold you if you didn't.  He'll then refer you to
    Gilda for one of Gears needed to get the OsTown Projector Screen working.  As
    you progress, talk to Big Bad Pete to see what new Missions he has for you.
    Listed below are all the Missions Pete has to offer in the order you can do
    A) Small Pete: 
    BB Pete will reward you with the Small Pete Pin if you helped Small Pete
    Earlier in the Game.  Otherwise, he'll flap his jaw about not messing with him
    and his fellow Petes.
    B) Bunny Roundup I:
    After returning from your first trip to Mickeyjunk Mountain, Pete will ask you
    to find and capture Bunny Children causing havoc on Mean Street.  To complete
    this Mission, find Bunny Children and let them latch onto you.  Then drag them
    over to the pipe in between the Fire Station and City Hall to capture them.
    When you've captured enough, Gus will tell you to return to BB Pete who will
    give you a Power Spark.
    C) Confront Petetronic:
    Before you head off to Tomorrow City, talk with BB Pete.  Petetronic is giving
    all the other Petes a bad name and he wants you to put a stop to it.  If you
    beat Petetronic with Paint, BB Pete will be happy and give you the Redeem
    Petetronic Pin.  If you beat Petetronic with Thinner, you fail the Mission,
    but BB Pete will give you the Defeat Petetronic Pin.
    D) Bunny Roundup II:
    After your first trip to Tomorrow City, BB Pete will have this Mission for
    you.  This Mission is the same as the first one, but you have more Bunny
    Children to find this time and they're hidden a little better.  Use the same
    tactics as before to complete the Mission and score another Power Spark.
    E) Restore Pete Pan:
    Before heading to Pirates of the Wasteland, talk to BB Pete to get this
    Mission.  Pete Pan has lost his ability to fly and can't fight against Captain
    Hook anymore.  If you help Pete Pan by getting the Sprite atop the Jolly
    Roger, BB Pete forks over the Hook Vs. Pete Pan Pin.  If you defeated Captain
    Hook yourself, BB Pete will be furious and won't give you anything but lip.
    F) Bunny Roundup III:
    As with the other Bunny Roundup Missions, find them and capture them.  You
    have more to capture this time and they're all hiding in Barrels that have
    appeared all over Mean Street.  Bust the Barrels with a Spin Attack to reveal
    the Bunny Children and capture them all for another Power Spark.
    G) History of Colonel Pete:
    Before you head to Lonesome Manor, get this Mission from BB Pete.  In the
    Foyer of the Lonesome Mansion, thin out the wall behind the collapsible stairs
    to find a Film Reel needed to complete the Mission.  Hand it to BB Pete when
    you return to Mean Street for another Power Spark.
    H) Bunny Roundup IV:
    The final Bunny Roundup Mission is available after you return from Lonesome
    Manor for the first time.  You have a lot of Bunny Children to catch this
    time.  Some are out in the open.  Some are on the rooftops and in bustable
    objects.  Find and capture them all for BB Pete's final Power Spark.
    Completing all of BB Pete's Missions not only scores you several rare Pins and
    a bunch of Power Sparks, it also makes the bully more friendly in the Game's
    Ending.  Failing too many Missions, or skipping them all together makes BB
    Pete resort to being an even bigger bully in the Game's Ending.  Fewer Toon
    Residents will appear in the Shadow Blot at the end of the Game if you help
    out as well.
    5) Horace Horsecollar [HORAC]
    Mean Street
    Like Big Bad Pete, Horace Horsecollar is one of the few Characters you'll have
    to visit several times throughout the Game as he has plenty of Missions for
    you to complete.  Unlike Pete however, Horace's Missions need a bit more
    footwork put into them to complete them.  When you first meet Horace he'll ask
    for help in findng his lost Book before he'll hand over the Gear needed to
    repair the OsTown Projector Screen.  As with Pete, check in with Horace after
    each major area to get more Missions.  Here's what to expect from Mickey's old
    A) Recover Horace's Book:
    Horace will turn over the Gear to the OsTown Projector Screen if you find his
    missing Book.  First talk to Casey at the Mean Street Emporium to find that
    Casey lent the Book to Paulie at the Ice Cream Shop.  Get the Book from Paulie
    and return it to Horace to get the Gear you need.
    B) Detective Mickey I:
    Once your return from your first trip to Mickeyjunk Mountain, you find that
    Horace's Book has gone missing again.  Horace asks you to solve the mystery of
    his missing Book.  Use Paint to fill in the transparent footprints that lead
    from Horace's Detective Agency and up to the rooftop of the Cinema.  Atop the
    Cinema, you'll find Shifty.  If you filled in all the footprints with Paint,
    Shifty will turn over the Book and apologize for taking it.  If not, Shifty
    denies taking it claiming it's a similar Book.  He'll then sell it to you for
    50 E-Tickets.  With the Book in hand, return it to Horace for a Power Spark.
    C) Find Dog Tags:
    Get this Mission from Horace before heading to Tomorrow City.  One of Horace's
    clients lost a dog there and some dog tags would help Horace solve the mystery
    a lot easier.  While in Tomorrow City's Space Voyage area, you'll find some
    dog tags behind a glass box near the elevator pod you rode to reach the TV
    Panel that operates the crane there.  When you use the pod, the dog tags will
    be accessible.  Take them to Horace for the Mystery Solved Pin.
    D) Detective Mickey II:
    After your first visit to Tomorrow City, you get this Mission from Horace.
    Someone stole a special flower from Clarabelle Cow's home in OsTown.  Go to
    OsTown and Paint in the footprints leading from Clarabelle's house to Ezra
    who's standing behind Mickey's house.  You must Paint in all the footprints to
    make Ezra fork over the Flower.  Now take it back to Horace to get a Power
    Spark and the Symphony Sunflower Pin.
    E) Find the Missing Pirate:
    Before heading to Pirates of the Wasteland, talk to Horace to get this Mission.
    Take note that this Mission is available regardless of whether you drop the
    Safe on Moody in OsTown or not (See Chapter 7).  Horace is looking for a
    missing Pirate named Rigger Greene who didn't flee from Tortooga to
    Ventureland with the rest of the Pirates.  To complete this Mission, you'll
    need help from a Gremlin.  First, get to the Pirate Voyage section of Pirates
    of the Wasteland.  Get past the gate by filling all 3 Paint/Thinner Pumps.
    Now get aboard one of the Boats.  When you reach the whirlpool, jump onto the
    ledge on your left and Thin out the jail cell bars to access and release
    Gremlin Erik.  He'll open up a jail cell across the Thinner River on the
    otherside of the whirlpool.  Carefully navigate the Boats in the whirlpool to
    reach the other cell and talk with Rigger Greene.  Now, once you return to
    Mean Street, talk with Horace and he'll give you a Power Spark for your
    F) Detective Mickey III:
    Once you've bested Hook in the Pirates of the Wasteland Area, talk with Horace
    to recieve another mystery.  Someone in Ventureland stole a Tiki Mask from
    Tiki Sam.  Paint in the footprints that start near the Tiki Hut Shop and end
    when you come up to Dolly Dalmatian.  Make sure you've filled all the
    footprints or Dolly will hang on to the Tiki Mask.  Once you have the Mask,
    take it Horace to receieve another Power Spark.
    G) Find the Hatchet:
    Before you travel to Lonesome Manor, chat with Horace to get this Mission.  A
    long time ago, it was believed that Constance Hatchaway did away with all of
    her husbands using a hatchet.  But the Hatchet was never found and Constance
    got away with the murders (Very nice for an E Rated Game right?).  Horace
    wants you to find that Hatchet.  Once you arrive at the Library area of
    Lonesome Manor, climb up to the rafters above the Library itself and take out
    any Sweeper Blotlings you find up there.  On the first rafter you can reach,
    look back towards the Library's entrance.  You'll find a giant spider web to
    the left of a large Toon wall.  Thin out the web and Toon wall to access a
    secret room with 3 Spladooshes and a Chest.  Deal with the Spladooshes, then
    grab the Hatchet from the Chest.  Once you're back on Mean Street, hand the
    Hatchet to Horace to get another Power Spark and the Case Closed Pin.
    H) Detective Mickey IV:   
    Horace's final mystery for you takes you back to Bog Easy in Lonesome Manor.
    It seems that Louis lost a special candle.  Head to Louis's Lonely Shack.
    Now, start Painting in the footprints that cover Louis's Shack area, the small
    land masses in the bog, and finally end in front of the lady who's knocking on
    the door of the empty house.  If you filled in all the footprints, the lady
    will hand over the Candle.  Take it Horace to get his final Power Spark.
    Completing all of Horace's Missions nets you several Power Sparks and rare
    Pins.  It also makes Horace into a hotshot detective in the Game's Ending.  If
    you failed too many Missions or ignore Horace all together, the Game's Ending
    will show Horace couped up in his office wishing for better days.
    6) Animatronic Goofy [GOOFY]
    Oswald wanted a friend like Goofy so he and the Mad Doctor built an
    animatronic version of Mickey's haphazard buddy.  While working on the cranes
    for the Notilus in Tomorrow City, Goofy was busted into pieces by the Mad
    Doctor.  All 4 of Goofy's Parts are scattered in Tomorrow City and it's up to
    you to find them.  To start this Mission, talk to Goofy in OsTown, then head
    for Tomorrow City when you can.  Here's where to find Goofy's Parts.
    A) Goofy's Right Leg:
    You'll find Goofy's first part in the Notilus area.  You'll find it in a blue
    Chest behind a Toon wall that needs to be Thinned out near the first crane.
    B) Goofy's Torso:
    Goofy's Torso is easily missed if you favor Thinner more than Paint when
    dealing with enemies.  In the Great Big Tomorrow area, you'll face your first
    Slobber Blotling.  If you defeat it with Thinner, you only get a Gold Pin.
    However, if you befriend it with Paint, you'll get Goofy's Torso as your
    reward instead.
    C) Goofy's Left Leg:
    This part requires a little more footwork and some risky jumping in the
    Tomorrow Square area.  First, thin out the floor under the People Mover to
    find a secret room.  Inside, Paint in the 2 Gears and Spin Attack the main
    gear to get the Trams working again.  Now, on your way to activate the Rocket
    Ride, stop near where the balcony curves.  Time a jump so you land on top of
    the Tram that passes by.  Jump from Tram to Tram to reach the area near the
    area's entrance that you couldn't get to before.  Take out the Hopper
    Beetleworx there and retrieve Goofy's Left Leg from a blue Chest near the
    D) Goofy's Arm
    Goofy's only arm can be found in the Space Voyage area.  In the upper areas,
    you'll find an Elevator Pod similar to the one you used to reach the TV Panel
    that powers the Crane.  Ride it to reach the blue Chest with this part in it.
    If you didn't retrieve all of Goofy's parts in Tomorrow City, you can buy the
    parts you missed for 1000 E-Tickets each at the Mean Street Emporium.  Once
    you have all 4 parts, speak with Goofy in OsTown to reassemble him.
    If you helped repair Goofy, you get the Animatronic Goofy Pin and Goofy
    unlocks Ortensia's House in OsTown which allows you to access Ortensia's
    Locket.  Give the Locket to Oswald on Mean Street for an extra Health Pip or
    to Laralee at the Museum for E-Tickets.  You also see Goofy living a happy
    life in the Game's Ending.  If you didn't reassemble Goofy or ignored him all
    together, the Game's Ending will show a depressed Goofy still trapped in his
    glass case.
    7) Moody [MOODY]
    Moody is the Pirate pointed out by Gus when you first arrive in OsTown.  He
    stands underneath a safe which hangs from the Gag Factory.  How you deal with
    Moody doesn't really effect the Game's Ending, but it does effect Missions you
    can recieve from him and Animatronic Donald.
    If you choose to help Moody, talk with him and he'll ask you to Paint in his
    house which stands to the right of Mickey's house.  Afterwards, Moody will
    give you the safe's combination so you can free Gremlin Prescott when you get
    close to the safe from the Gag Factory's roof.  Doing this and helping recover
    all of Donald's parts also opens a second Mission involving Moody later on in
    the Game.  Donald will give you gear that Moody can use to raise Donald's
    Tugboat out of the Thinner.  At the front of the Tugboat is a Gold E-Ticket
    worth 100 E-Tickets.
    If you choose not to help Moody, you won't be able to save Gremlin Prescott
    unless you Thin out the support beam that holds the safe.  If you do this
    however, you squash Moody and your chances of getting any future Missions
    involving him will be gone.
    The effects of helping or squashing Moody are listed above in this Chapter's
    Description.  However, helping Moody scores a movie for your Extras where
    Mickey is beaned with the safe door while saving Gremlin Prescott.
    8) Petetronic Boss [PETRO]
    Tomorrow City - Petetronic
    You're second Boss Battle is against Petetronic.  This robotic/Tron-like
    version of Pete resides within Tomorrow City in an area named after the big
    bully.  As with your battle with the Mad Clock Tower in the Gremlin Village,
    how you deal with Petetronic determines your Paint/Thinner Capacity increase
    and the Game's Ending.
    Petetronic has a 3 Phase attack you must muddle through before you can access
    the Paint/Thinner Pump on his back.  Petetronic starts by firing Thinner shots
    which dissolve the floors around you.  Paint back missing sections to avoid
    dropping into the Thinner pool below and grab Health Pip Refills that appear
    randomly above the raised platforms as needed.
    Once Petetronic is done firing, he'll stomp the ground which lowers the raised
    platforms and knocks you down for a second if you don't jump as Petetronic
    Finally, Petetronic throws his Disk at you.  Spin Attack it to hit Petetronic
    and expose the Pump on his back.  Fill it with Paint or Thinner until
    Petetronic finally takes damage from the assault.  You must fill the Pump 3
    times with either Paint or Thinner to beat Petetronic.
    After your first assault on Petetronic, the Tron reject will fire more Thinner
    shots.  You'll also have to hit him 2 times with the Disk to expose the Pump.
    The first Disk hit is easy, but the second time, you'll have to keep bouncing
    the Disk back and forth between you and a force field until it connects with
    Petetronic.  The Disk increases in speed each time it hits the force field.
    After your second assault, Petetronic fires even more Thinner and you have to
    hit him 3 times with the Disk with the second and third Disk tosses being
    blocked by Petetronic's force field.
    If you're using Thinner, you'll have to hit Petetronic with his Disk one last
    time to beat him once the Pump is full.  This time however, it takes only one
    hit, there's no force field, and the Disk moves at a snail's crawl.
    If you filled Petetronic with Paint, he becomes a powerful ally and you'll
    recieve a Paint Capacity Upgrade from Gremlin Gus and the Redeem Petetronic
    Pin from Big Bad Pete on Mean Street.  The Game's Ending will also show
    Petetronic enjoying a carefree life with the Gremlins in Tomorrow City.  Fewer
    Toon Residents will appear in the Shadow Blot at the end of the Game if you
    redeem Petetronic as well.
    If you filled Petetronic will Thinner instead, you'll defeat the overgrown
    android.  As a result, you'll get a Thinner Capacity Upgrade from Gus and the
    Defeat Petetronic Pin from Big Bad Pete on Mean Street.  The Game's Ending
    will also show a darker future for Tomorrow City via Petetronic's creulity.
    9) Animatronic Daisy [DAISY]
    Pirates of the Wasteland - Ventureland
    To help keep Animatronic Donald happy and his temper in check, Oswald built
    Animatronic Daisy.  You'll meet her near the Projector Screen to Tortooga.
    She'll tell you that her parts have been scattered all over place in Pirates
    of the Wasteland.  Make sure to take her Mission to find her parts before you
    head out to Tortooga.  From there, here's where to find her parts.
    A) Daisy's Right Arm:
    Daisy's first part is in the Jungle Area.  To reach it, you need to find all 5
    Mystery Gems throughout the area.  The first Gem is near a Spladoosh at the
    end of a secret passage hidden behind a Toon wall at the area's entrance.
    From there, jump down and look for steps leading to an arch and use Paint to
    reveal platforms and trees leading to the second Gem.  You'll find a third Gem
    behind a Toon wall near Gentleman Starky.  The fourth Gem is found behind the
    Hangman's Tree.  The final Gem is in a boat in the Thinner River close to the
    Stone Heads.  Take all 5 Gems and put them in the empty eyes of the Stone
    Heads while Painting in the transparent Gems already inside the Heads.  This
    opens the well at atop the land mass the Heads are affixed too.  Head down the
    well to find Daisy's part in a blue Chest.
    B) Daisy's Right Leg:
    All though Daisy's second part is in Tortooga, it won't appear until you've
    finished up your business in the Jungle.  It appears in a blue Chest on the
    docks where you first met Beluga Billy.
    C) Daisy's Left Leg:
    Daisy's third missing part is in a blue Chest in the same area as Pete Pan in
    the Skull Island area.  To reach the Chest and Pete Pan, you have to scale
    Skull Island by climbing the rocks, ledges, and sunken ships that surround
    the Island.
    D) Daisy's Left Arm:
    You'll recieve Daisy's last part if you shut down Captain Hook's Beetleworx
    Machine in the Skull Island Area (See Chapter 11).  Smee will hand over the
    last part when you return to Ventureland afterwards.
    If you didn't retrieve all of Daisy's parts in Pirates of the Wasteland, you
    can buy the parts you missed for 1000 E-Tickets each at the Tiki Hut Shop in
    Ventureland.  Once you have all 4 parts, speak with Daisy in Ventureland to
    reassemble her.
    If you repaired Daisy, you'll get the Animatronic Daisy Pin.  You'll also
    change the Game's Ending where Daisy shops for a Tiki Mask with a familiar
    face on it.  Daisy also has a new Mission for you.  She wants you to find her
    scrapbook.  Talk to Big Bad Pete on Mean Street to get it.  Give the scrapbook
    to Daisy for a Power Spark.
    If you did not repair Daisy or ignored her all together, the Ending shows her
    still in her glass case being harrased by a Pirate.
    10) Gentleman Starkey [STARK]
    Pirates of the Wasteland - Jungle
    On your way to confront Captain Hook, you have to find Gentleman Starky in the
    Jungle area as he's the only one who knows the secret password that opens the
    Projector Screen to Pirate Viyage in Tortooga.  However, there are two ways of
    getting Starky's help.
    The first involves the first Mission Starky gives you.  You need to find 3
    secret symbols which are hidden under Toon moss covered rocks.  The first is
    behind the Hangman's Tree.  The second is on a high ledge near the Stone
    Heads.  The last one is located in a hidden cavern behind a Toon wall near the
    area's entrance.  Use Thinner on the rocks to collect the symbols and report
    back to Starky.  He opens the upper path way of the Hangman's Tree that leads
    back to Tortooga.
    The second way involves defeating all the enemies in the Jungle and finding all
    of the secret Pirate symbols.  You should know how to deal with the Spladoosh
    Blotlings all over the place by now.  The only enemy you really need to watch is
    the Beetleworx Basher near the Stone Heads.  Stay away from it and coat it in
    Thinner until it's armor is gone, then Spin Attack the green core on it's back
    when it's not waving it's sword.  Do this 3 times to destroy it.  Destroying all
    the enemies in the area (or befriending most of them in the Spladooshes' case)
    opens the lower path of the Hangman's Tree that leads back to Tortooga.
    If you only do the first method, Starky will not be able to follow you back to
    Tortooga.  When you arrive back in Tortooga, the place will be overrun with
    Beetleworx and Blotlings.  You must then beat the Blotlings to free Beluga Billy
    so you can move on to the Pirate Voyage area.
    If you chose the second method, Starky will follow you back to Tortooga.  By the
    time you return there, Starky and the other Pirates there will have elimated all
    the surrounding enemies.  Pirates you freed from Prison when you visited
    Tortooga the first time will give you Sketch and Thinner Refills.  Starky
    himself will also open the way to Pirate Voyage and give you the Pirate Hero Pin
    for your efforts.
    Helping Starky or leaving him behind doesn't effect the Game's Ending.  It only
    effects how easy your return trip to Tortooga is.
    11) Hook's Machine [HMACH]
    Pirates of the Wasteland - Skull Island
    When you talk to Smee after arriving in Pirates of the Wasteland's
    Ventureland, he tells how Captain Hook's Beetleworx Machine is turning his
    former crew mates into horrible androids.  Smee begs you to shut down the
    Machine.  The Machine is in the Skull Island area and is operated by 4
    Paint/Thinner Pumps.  If you choose to shut down the Machine, you'll need to
    access each Pump and fill it with Paint or Thinner.  To complete this Mission
    successfully you must fill each Pump with all Paint in each one or all Thinner
    in each one.  Don't fill one Pump with Thinner and another one with Paint or
    the Machine may not shut down properly.  Here's where the Pumps are.
    A) Pump 1:
    To reach the first Pump, first head towards the sandy beach at the front of
    the Island.  From there, find large steps carved into the Island and climb
    them.  Now hop over to a nearby ledge to find the Pump.  Be wary of a Sweeper
    Blotling that guards the Pump.
    B) Pump 2:
    From Pump 1, head up the nearby walkway and jump onto a nearby ledge to find
    the second Pump.
    C) Pump 3:
    Find your way to the pier with the metal sheds.  The third Pump lies just past
    the sheds themselves.
    D) Pump 4:
    Follow the walkways around the Island which are patrolled by Splatter
    Blotlings.  Use Thinner to eliminate Toon walls and barriers blocking your
    way.  The last Pump is at the end of this walkway.
    If you shut down the Machine, you'll gain a new Movie for your Extras where
    all the Pirates that were transformed into Bashers are returned to normal.  In
    addition, all the Pirates will be able to return to Tortooga allowing you to
    access Missions from Jim the Puzzled and from Botanist Darvin.  You can also
    access a rare Pin near the Machine if you used Paint to shut it down.
    If you didn't shut down the Machine, Smee and the others will be to frightened
    to return to Tortooga and will remain in Ventureland.  If they remain, you can
    access two new Missions from Damien Salt and Henrietta (If you gave Salt the
    Flowers) and one from Bosun Blake (If you gave Salt the Ice Cream).
    Of particular note is Smee.  If you used Paint in one Pump and Thinner in the
    others or any combination of the two, or you didn't shut off Hook's Machine,
    Smee won't give you Animatronic Daisy's Left Leg.
    The ending is not directly effected by your decision to shut down or ignore
    the Machine. 
    12) Captain Hook Boss [CHOOK]
    Pirates of the Wasteland - The Jolly Roger 
    The infamous Captain Hook, or rather an animatronic version of him, is the
    Game's thrid Boss.  There are 3 ways to deal with the robotic Pirate,  The
    Paint Path takes 1 way, while the Thinner Path takes the other 2 ways.
    If you wish to take the Paint Path, you got some climbing to do.  The Paint
    Path involves helping Pete Pan who you met at Skull Island.  Pete Pan lost his
    Sprite which is held in a cage atop the Jolly Roger.  Begin by ignoring Hook
    and using Paint to restore the stairs Hook took out with Thinner when he
    appeared.  Get to the helm and Paint in some boxes nearby and hop atop them.
    When you get close to one of sail you need to reach next, Hook Thins the sail
    preventing you from reaching it.  Paint the sail to turn it around within
    jumping distance and jump on it.  Paint in the sail on the second mast while
    avoidng Hook's Thinner shots and keeping the first sail Painted in.  Once on
    the second sail follow the same stradegy as you did on the first sail as you
    jump onto the platform on the third mast.  Once there Paint in the Gear to
    raise the sails and your current platform.  Once you're up higher, head to
    right side of the platform and Thin out a net with some boxes in it to a lower
    a platform to the right giving you access to the second sail.  Be sure to
    Paint in the sail so you can reach it from the platform.  Once on the sail,
    Hook drops 2 sandbags on the first sail.  Go to the left side of the sail and
    Paint in a transparent sandbag hanging above you.  This drops a platform down
    to your right.  Double jump to the platform.  If you think you may not make
    it, try Thinning the sail to make the it rise making it a bit easier to reach
    the platform.  Once on the platform, jump to the next platform where the 2
    sandbags are.  Thin out the sandbags and Paint in the Gear to raise the
    platform.  From here, Paint in the first sail to make it lower so it's
    easier to reach.  Once on the sail, thin it out to reach the Sprite and Spin
    Attack it's cage to release it.
    The Thinner Path puts you up against Hook in two ways.  Either bash him to
    pieces or make him "Walk" the Plank.  Before going into it, you need to know
    how to deal with Hook and his attacks.  Hook has 4 attacks that he always does
    in this order, Thinner, Bomb, lots of Thinner, and finally several Bombs.
    Hook will fire a single shot of Thinner.  After he reloads his gun, he'll
    fire a green Bomb that will flash for a second or two before exploding.  After
    another reload, Hook will fire 3 shots of Thinner at the same time.  After
    another reload, he'll fire several Bombs that explode shortly after landing.
    One thing to keep in mind is to keep moving.  Each attack closes in on your
    current position.  Be careful when getting close to Hook too.  He'll slash you
    with his cutlass if you're too close for too long.  After he fires his
    projectiles, he'll leave and reappear in another Barrel in an irregular
    pattern.  To prep Hook for damage, Thin out his Barrel, then his armor.  When
    he's vulnerable, Spin Attack him to send him spinning down the current track
    he's on.  The track is how yu deal with Hook in the long run.
    To make Hook "Walk" the Plank, the Tracks should be set to make him do just
    that after a little work over on the Captain.  First, don't Spin Attack any of
    the Deck Wheels as they change the tracks current direction.  For your first
    move on Hook, wait until he appears in the Barrel at the bottom-left hand of
    the deck.  Thin the Barrel and Hook, then Spin Attack Hook.  The Captain goes
    flying into a gear that rolls out the plank itself.  Now dodge Hook's attacks
    until he appears in the Barrel at the bottom-right hand of the deck.  Thin,
    Thin again, and Spin Attack to send Hook into another gear which completes the
    track to the plank.  Now, when Hook appears in the only Barrel in the top area
    of the deck, repeat the Thin, Thin, Spin pattern to send Hook into the drink
    with the Animatronic Crocodile.
    To bash Hook to pieces, you need to switch the tracks using the deck wheels
    scattered about.  By spinning the wheels, you alter Hook's path when you Spin
    Attack him which can send him crashing into one of the masts, the door to the
    Captain's Cabin, or into a breakable wall which holds a Chest.  The wheels in
    question control whatever track turntable their close too.  The top Barrel
    leads to the wall, the bottom-left Barrel leads to the cabin door, and the
    bottom-right Barrel leads into the mast.  Follow the same Thin, Thin, Spin
    pattern once the track and Hook are in position.  After crashing several
    times, Hook falls apart.
    Taking the Paint Path nets you a Paint Capacity Upgrade from Gus and the Hook
    Vs. Pete Pan Pin from Big Bad Pete on Mean Street.  The Ending will also show
    Hook enjoying his renewed rivalship with Pete Pan.  Fewer Toon Residents will
    appear in the Shadow Blot at the end of the Game if you helped Pete Pan as
    Taking either Thinner Path nets you the Captain Hook Pin and nothing else.
    The Ending also shows Hook's Ship sinking while his hook does likewise.
    13) Bog Easy Residents [BOGES]
    Lonesome Manor - Bog Easy
    When you first arrive at Bog Easy, a Ghost anmed Gilbert will approach you and
    ask you to help him scare someone.  A Bog Easy resident named Metairie asks
    you to help residents Bertrand and Louis stand up to the ghosts when you talk
    to her in Bog Easy Square.  No matter what side you choose, you'll still be
    able to move forward onto the Manor House area.
    If you want to side with Gilbert, head to Louis's Lonely Shack and Thin out
    all 3 lanterns hanging from his home.  Gilbert then scares Louis and shortly
    after, the ghosts open the way to Manor House.  To really be a creep about it
    though, get Louis's Badge of Courage from the Steamboat near the area's
    entrance by Thinning it's top to access the door leading inside it.  Now sell
    it to the ghost named Ian for 200 E-Tickets.
    If you decide to side with the Bog Easy residents, first get the Badge of
    Courage from the Steamboat as mentioned above.  This time however, refuse
    Ian's offer to sell it and instead, return it to Louis.  Now talk with
    Bertrand in Bog Easy Square.  He'll ask you to Paint in 8 lanterns around the
    You'll be able to move onto the next area regardless of whose side you take
    and your choice doesn't effect the Ending.  However, if you sided with ghosts,
    you won't be able to get a Gold Pin from Metairie that you would have gotten
    if you helped Louis and Bertrand.
    14) Animatronic Donald [DONLD]
    Lonesome Manor - Bog Easy
    Oswald, like with Goofy and Daisy, wanted a friend like Donald.  He got him as
    a tempermental animatronic.  During the Mad Doctor's uprising, the Doc
    dismantled Donald and hid his pieces all over Lonesome Manor.  Help the
    automated duck get his feet back by following the instructions below to get
    his parts back.
    A) Donald's Left Leg:
    In the Library area, head to the Library's Lobby, then face the area's
    entrance.  In one of the corners close to where you are is Toon wall near some
    shelves.  Thin it out to find a secret room with a blue Chest containing the
    first part.
    B) Donald's Arm:
    In the Ballroom area, you come across a balcony near the organ pipes.  Jump to
    that balcony.  As you explore the balcoy, you'll come across a gap.  On the
    other side is a blue Chest.  Jump to the Chest and open it to get Donald's
    C) Donald's Right Leg
    Donald's third part can be found in the Mad Doctor's Attic.  Luckily, it's in
    an area of the place that not even the Doc's Beetleworx can get to.  First,
    Paint the large trunk near the trolley tracks.  Jump atop it and onto a
    trolley track hanging from the ceiling.  From the track, jump to the pipes and
    then from there, on to the rafters above the pipes.  Navigate the rafters
    until you find a blue Chest with Donald's Right Leg in it.
    D) Donald's Torso:
    This last part will be given to you from the ghosts if you repaired the Organ
    in the Ballroom area (See next Chapter.), otherwise you'll have to buy it
    from the Bog Easy Emporium once you help bertrand reopen it.
    If you didn't get all of Donald's parts, you can still buy them, but only if
    you help Bertrand.  Talk with Bertrand.  He wants to reopen his shop.  Find
    the shop sign he needs behind Louis's Lonely Shack and give to Bertrand.  
    Afterwards, Bertrand will open for business in the Bog Easy Emporium and will
    sell any parts you missed for 1000 E-Tickets a pop.
    If you repaired Donald, you'll be able to access 1 or 2 new Missions.  1
    Mission if you dropped the safe on Moody in OsTown.  2 Missions if you helped
    Moody.  The first Mission involves Donald's Tugboat in OsTown.  Give the gear
    he gives you to Moody to raise the Tugboat.
    The seocnd Mission involves a VooDoo Doll 
    and a Splatter.  Beat the Splatter near Louis's Lonely Shack and give the Doll
    to Donald.  He'll ask you to find someone to hold on to it.  If you repaired
    Daisy, she'll take good care of it.  If not, only Big Bad Pete will hang on to
    Either choice doesn't effect the Ending, but simply repairing Donald does.
    If you repaired Donald, the good Ending shows him trying to clobber some
    ghosts.  If you didn't repair Donald, he remains in his glass depressed and
    somewhat calm in the bad Ending.
    15) Ballroom Organ [ORGAN]
    Lonesome Manor - Ballroom
    One of the ghosts in Bog Easy needs help.  The ghosts have come to Bog Easy
    because the Demon in the Ballroom Organ is acting up.  The ghost wants you to
    repair the Organ so the ghosts can leave Bog Easy and return home.  When you
    reach the Ballroom area, there is an easy way (Fix the Organ.) and a hard way
    (Ignore the Organ.) to leave the Ballroom and head to the Mad Doctor's Attic.
    If you choose to fix the Organ, stand on the podium in front of the Organ an
    accept it's request to help it.  To help it, it wants you to press the keys of
    it's keyboard where music notes appear in a timely fashion.  When the note
    starts to fade before you hit the key or the note disappears completely,
    you'll have to start over.  The keystrokes follow the same pattern each time
    so as with real music, practice makes perfect.  If you're still having
    trouble, use a Watch Sketch or two to smooth things over.  Helping the Organ
    stops the Organ Pipes making it easier to scale them to the next area.
    If you choose to ignore the Organ, start climbing the Organ Pipes while
    jumping at the right time to avoid getting blasted by steam.  Use Watch
    Sketches if you're having any trouble.
    Of particular note is the Keyboard.  If you Thin enough of the Organs Keys, it
    breaks down in which case you will have to contend with some Tanker Beetleworx
    which spout from Generators behind the Toon walls on the ground level.  Either
    Thin the red eyes of the Generators or hit the Anvil Switches with Anvil
    Sketches to allow poltergeists to possess tables in the area which you can use
    to reach the balcony above the Area.  From there, you can climb the rest of
    the Organ's Pipes to reach the Area's exit.
    Helping the Organ sends the ghosts back to the Manor netting you Donald's
    Torso and giving the Bog Easy residents some peace and quiet.  Some additonal
    Missions will also unlock courtesy of Bertrand and Metairie.  Completing
    Bertrand's Mission reopens the Bog Easy Emporium.  Ignoring or breaking
    the Organ makes the ghosts stay in Bog Easy, but unlocks some new Missions
    courtesy of ghosts Ian and Gilbert.
    Your choice doesn't effect the Game's Ending however so do what you want.
    16) The Mad Doctor Boss [MADDR]
    Loneosme Manor - Mad Doctor's Attic
    It should be said right now that if you want to take the Paint Path in this
    Boss Battle, save as many TV, Watch, and Anvil Sketches as you can.  The
    Thinner Path merely requires a nice amount of Thinner and Watch Sketches.
    Both Paths share one thing in common though, you're fighting skills against
    the Doc's Beetleworx army.
    This Boss Battle is a bit unconventional in that it's mostly an endurance test
    rather than a full one-on-one battle.  The Doc doesn't even attack you, but
    everything around him does.  Since you should know how to handle the Spinner,
    Basher, and Tanker Beetleworx by now, I won't go into fighting details.  I
    will say this however.  DO NOT fight multiple Beetleworx at the same time.  It
    wastes preecious Health Pips as they can easily gang up on you.  Try to
    isolate one, demolish it and move on.  The main objective of this battle is to
    disable the 3 Beetleworx Generators in the area.  The first 2 are near the
    area's entrance, while the third one is to the right of the Doc's flying pod.
    How you disable them determines your Paint/Thinner upgrade.
    While the battle is grueling, it can go a bit smoother however.  As you know,
    by disbaling a Generator, you ensure more Beetleworx don't replace ones you've
    already destroyed.  This can be hard, but not with some Gremlin know-how.  If
    you rescued Gremlin Jarvis from the Library's Rafters, he'll shut down one of
    the Generators.  If you rescued Gremlin Stuffus from the Organ Pipes in the
    Ballroom and paid him 100 E-Tickets, he'll also shut down a Generator.  By
    rescuing both, you'll make it so only the Generator near the Doc's pod has to
    be taken care of.
    For the Paint Path, you'll need quick reflexes, and plenty of each Sketch.  In
    front of the Generator on the left is a TV Panel.  In front of the right is an
    Anvil Plate.  Another Anvil Plate is near the Generator near the Doc.  First,
    place a TV on the TV Panel.  Now quickly drop an Anvil on the Anvil Plate near
    the right Generator and quckly activate a Watch Sketch.  Now as fast as you
    can, head over to the Switch near the Doc and jump on it.  If you went quick
    enough, the Trolley system will send a Trolley headed right at the Doc and
    shut down everything.  This make take several tries.  Since the Game
    auto-saved at the beginning, kill yourself if things aren't going to well
    and you'll restart the area with all the Sketches and Health Pips you had when
    you first entered the area.
    The Thinner Path is even more diffiuclt if you didn't rescue the Gremlins
    mentioned above.  Each Generator has a red eye you must thin out to shut it
    down.  Each Generator also is only vulnerable to Thinning when spawning a new
    enemy, otherwise it's protected by a metal shield.  Bashers come from the left
    Generator.  Spinners come from the right Generator.  Tankers come from the one
    behind the Doc.  Start with the Basher one if the Gremlins didn't dismantle
    it.  Things will be a bit easier without numerous Bashers in the area.  Once
    you beat one, quickly activate a Watch Sketch to give you some time to Thin
    out the red eye of the Generator before it's shield closes.  Now focus on the
    Generator on the right.  Take out a Spinner, the use a Watch Sketch, then Thin
    out the eye.  The final one is hardest if you're not careful.  One Basher,
    Spinner, and Tanker guard it.  Rather than risk Health Pips to beat the Tanker
    there, use Watch or Anvil Sketches on the lone Tanker standing on the platform
    near the Thinner pool that seprates the Doc's area from the rest of the Attic.
    Carefully bash the Tanker.  When it's about to blow after the third strike to
    it, quickly activate a Watch Sketch and speed over to the Generator while
    dodging enemies.  When the Generator opens up, Thin the third eye to shut down
    Of particular note is that the Beetleworx drop Sketch Refills when defeated.
    Spinners drop Watch Sketches, Bashers drop TV Sketches, and Tankers drop Anvil
    Sketches.  If you need the Sketches to complete either path, adjust your
    tactics carefully to avoid being blasted to bits.
    How you defeat the Mad Doctor doesn't have an impact on the Ending, but your
    Paint/Thinner upgrade does.  If you hit the Switches and TV Panel to shut
    things down, your Paint Capacity Increases.  Using Thinner on the 3 Generator
    eyes will increase your Thinner Capacity instead.  You'll also recieve the Mad
    Doctor Pin regardless of how you defeat the Doc.
    17) The Shadow Blot [SBLOT]
    Mickeyjunk Mountain - The Shadow Blot
    Your showdown with the Shadow Blot takes place on the summit of Mickeyjunk
    Mountain.  This counts as a Boss Battle so naturally, whether you use Paint or
    Thinner determines your Capacity Upgrade.  First and foremost, Thin out any
    Toon objects you find.  It may seem like a good barricade against the Blot's
    attacks, but in reality, it makes it harder to dodge attacks without running
    into something that will slow you down and leave you open to attack.
    Secondly, any Blotlings you encounter, regardless of which path you take,
    don't kill them with Thinner.  Instead, befriend them with Paint.  The Blot
    only makes more if you Thin them.  As allies, they make great distractions to
    the Blot.  Finally, make sure you have plenty of Watch Sketches.  You're going
    to need them.
    The Blot has several attacks that are easily dodged if you know how to spot
    them.  If the Blot raises it's arm, it will toss a Thinner shot at your
    current location so don't stay still for long.  When the Blot brings both
    hands to it's side and starts charging his Thinner shot, run.  When it
    releases the shot, it covers a nice chunk of the arena and is pretty hard to
    dodge if you don't move quick enough.  When it raises both arms and expels
    black ooze from it's hands, it's going to summon Blotlings.  As stated before,
    befriend the Blotlings to avoid letting more come into play.  If you can't
    befriend them without the Blot interfering, swat the Blotlings aside with your
    Spin Attack while you focus on the Blot.  If the Blot hovers a tad higher than
    normal and roars, run.  It's about to charge at your current location.  Like
    it's charged Thinner shot, it's hard to dodge if you're not fast enough.
    The one move you need to watch for is when the Blot flies off screen as it's
    about to make a mistake that will let you damage it later on.  As it flies
    off, watch it's shadow on the fround and keep moving.  It will drop loads of
    Thinner that always land on your current location.  When the Blot's Shadow
    get's bigger, it's getting ready to land in the spot where the Shadow is.  Get
    some distance and get your Paint or Thinner ready.  When the Blot lands, it
    will behave like a Slobber and try to suck you in.  Activate a Watch Sketch
    just as the Blot's face starts to reform, but before it starts sucking and get
    to a spot where Toon objects won't block your way.  When the Blot starts
    sucking, feed it Paint or Thinner and don't let up unless you get to close.
    If you get too close, the Blot will try to rake you with it's claws.  When it
    looks like it's choking when you hit it with enough Paint or Thinner, it
    counts as a solid hit.  You need 3 of these hits to beat the Blot and all 3
    must be done with all Thinner or all Paint.  Once you score the final hit, how
    the Blot falls depends on how you fed the beast with your Magic Brush.
    If you fed the Blot Paint, you see a cutscene of the Blot being friendly and 
    you recieve the Me and My Shadow Pin.  If you fed the beast Thinner, you see a
    cutscene of the Blot being a sore loser, and you get the Shadow Boxing Pin.
    Your choice of how to deal with the Blot doens't really have an effect on
    Game's ending so act accordingly to your instincts.
    18) Throne Room [THRNE]
    Dark Beauty Castle - Throne Room
    When you arrive in the Throne Room which comes before your meeting with Oswald
    in the Fireworks Control Tower, you'll have two choices of how to move on.  As
    you may have guessed, there's Paint Path and a Thinner Path.  Taking the
    Thinner Path takes you through the Fantasia Part I 2-D Stage to reach Oswald.
    The Paint Path takes you through the Fantasia Part II 2-D Stage to reach
    Oswald.  First, with all the Blotlings in the area to make things a bit more
    To access Fantasia Part I, you need to find and Thin out 4 Chain Pulley to
    break open a chamber leading to Fantasia Part I's Projector Screen.
    A) Pulley 1:
    To find the first Pulley, head to the right side of the far back wall if the
    area's first floor.  Thin out the Toon wall.  Inside the room you reveal is a
    cracked wall you can break with a Spin Attack.  Past that is the Pulley.
    Thin it out and seek out the next Pulley.
    B) Pulley 2:
    On the first floor, Spin Attack the wall behind the middle painting on the
    wall on the right to reveal the second Pulley.  Thin this one too.
    C) Pulley 3:
    Thin a Toon wall to the left of Throne.  The room beyond it has a ramp with
    tentacles poking out of the walls.  Dodge the tentacles as you head up the
    ramp.  At the top, Spin Attack a cracked wall to reveal the third Pulley and
    Thin it.
    D) Pulley 4:
    Next to where you found Pulley 3, thin out a Toon floor.  Drop down to not
    only find the Throne Room Extra Content Page, but find another cracked wall.
    Spin Attack the wall and Thin out the Pulley behind it.
    Once every Pulley is Thinned out, the chandelier in the area drops revealing
    the Fantasia Part I Projector Screen in a hidden aclove.
    To get to the Fantasia Part II Projector Screen, you'll need plenty of Paint.
    Go to each Painting and fill them in with Paint.  There 12 in all.  The large
    one behind the Throne, the 8 dome-shaped ones (4 on each floor), and 3 small
    Paintings located in some of corners on both Floors.  Doing this activates
    light, a gem, and several gargoyles.  The gargoyles near the walls must be
    Spin Attacked until they emit a bright light towards the gargoyles. further
    down the balcony of the second floor.  Now Spin Attack the gargoyles on the
    balcony until they both reflect the light off the gem floating above the room.
    Doing this opens a secret aclove with Fantasia Part II's Projector Screen.
    How you solve the Throne Room puzzle doesn't effect the Game's Ending, but it
    does effect how Oswald responds to your tactics.  Oswald doesn't really say
    much if you used Thinner to leave the Throne Room.  If you used Paint however,
    Oswald thanks you for restoring the Throne Room by giving you the Oswald Pin.
    It should be noted that which Fantasia 2-D Stage Part you access is dependant
    on your decision to use Paint or Thinner.  You'll have to play through the
    Game on the same Save File a second time to access the other Fantasia Part.
    19) FAQ [FAQ]
    Q: What's all this talk about playing through the Game almost 3 times?
    A: If you're a completist, I'm afraid it's true.  Because certain game aspects
       and Missions are dependant on your choices throughout the Game, you'll need
       to play at least 3 Times to collect every Pin, Film Reel, Movie, and
       Cartoon.  As for Extra Content, if you're sly, you can get all 50 Extra
       Content Pages in the first playthrough.
    Q: Follow-Up Question.  I noticed all the Paint/Thinner Path things, but I
       still don't get why I have to play 3 times when it looks like I only have
       to play 2 Times.
    A: Blame Ventureland in Pirates of the Wasteland.  The Missions with Damien
       Salt, Henrietta, Bosun Blake, and Hook's Machine create 3 Playthroughs of
       varying factors.  I show you based off of my playthorughs:
       I) First Playthorugh:
       This was my all Paint Path.  Got Damien Salt and Henriettta the Flowers and
       shut down the machine to get the Special Pins and Movies involving both.
       II) Second Playthrough:
       This was my all Thinner Path.  Got Salt and Henrietta the Flowers, but
       ignored the machine.  Then I was able to complete 2 Missions they had that
       scored me 2 Silver Pins.
       III) Third Playthrough:
       This was my whatever path.  Got Salt and Henrietta the Ice Cream to score
       my last Movie for my Extras.  Ignored the Machine again so I could get the
       Mission from Bosun Blake for my last Silver Pin.
    Q: Some of the details seem...vague.
    A: Keep in mind that this isn't a full walkthrough.  It is merely a Guide to
       aid you in knowing the crucial points in Game where your decisions create
       an impact on the Game's future events.
    Q: Will you do a full walkthrough?
    A: Probably not.  Two GameFQAs members have done some nice Walkthroughs that
       should get you through just about every tight spot in Wastleland.  However,
       one favored Thinner while the other favored Paint.  This Guide is basically
       to serve as sort of a sidebar to them so you can make your decisions a bit
       more precise.
    Q: Doing anything else for this Game?
    A: At first, I wasn't.  The very answer to this Question has been changed.  As
       stated in the corrections at the beginning of the Guide, I'm currently
       working on a Quests Guide and a Collectibles Guide.  They should hopefully
       be done by 8/6/11 if not sooner.
    Q: What's all this about "Toon Residents in the Blot?"
    A: In the final area of the Game, you actually go inside of the new more
       destructive Shadow Blot where you must destroy Bloticles that have
       entrapped Mickey's Heart.  In several sections in the area, remnants of the
       Wastelanders absorbed by the Blot appear and try to stop your progress.
       You can't defeat them, they hound you endlessly, and if enough crowd you,
       your Health Pips go "POOF!" in several seconds flat.  You can reduce how
       many are absorbed by helping Small Pete in the Gremlin Village, completing
       all of Big Bad Pete of Mean Street's Quests throughout the Game, using
       Paint to redeem Petetronic in Tomorrow Coty, and saving Pete Pan's Sprite
       from Captain Hook in Pirates of the Wasteland.
    Q: You said "Play through on the same Game File."  How's that work?  Does it
       start me over when I beat it?
    A: Yes.  When you complete the Game the first time, a Mickey Icon appears on
       your Save File showing the Game was beaten at least once.  When you select
       that File, you'll start over at the beginning of the Game.  All your
       collectibles will be intact.  Pins already found will replaced with a Pin
       Symbol with a Checkmark.  Also, the only Capacity Upgrades you keep are the
       ones for your E-Tickets Wallet and Sketches.  Paint, Thinner, and Health
       Pip Upgrades must be collected all over again.
    Q: I understand most of the Game's locations are based off of past and present
       attraction at Disney Theme Parks.  Is that true?
    A: Yes.  If you look up Disneyland on Wikipedia and read through the entry,
       several photos and bits of info will help create a link between past and
       present rides and attractions found in Disneyland.  Even the E-Tickets
       are remnants of Theme Park's past.  Something similar to E-Tickets were
       used instead of  money in the Parks' earlier days.  The Theme Parks are
       also known for having hundreds of collectible Pins hence you can collect
       105 Pins in this Game.
    Q: I noticed so many corrections.  What's up?
    A: While working on my Collectibles and Quests Guide, I had to try different
       variations of my actions to get as much info as possible.  Thankfully, the
       only areas I've really had to do this are for the Pirates of the Wasteland
       and Lonesome Manor sections.  I would like to apologize to anyone who got
       confused by the lack of proper info.  All corrections have been made.
    Q: One last question.  Autosave?
    A: This is one thing that sucks about the Game is that it Autosaves at certain
       points of the Game.  If it saved, but you failed something, you don't have
       the option to go back and try again.  One thing I've learned is to check to
       Status Bar in the upper-left corner of the screen.  Sometimes when the Game
       is Autosaving, the Epic Mickey Symbol appears under the Status Bar showing
       it's laoding or saving something.  One thing I've tried that's worked for
       me is that when you enter or exit a 2-D Section of the Gmae, it Autosaves.
       What I then do is quit the Game and copy the Games Svae info onto my SD
       Card.  By doing this, I can get a do over.  If I mess up in the section I'm
       in, I erase the save info off my Wii and copy the save info from my SD Card
       onto the Wii again until I get it right.  The loading time is killer, but
       it's worth it when trying to stick to a certain path.
    20) In Closing... [CLOSE]
    Well, that wraps up this Guide.  I hope this Guide helps in some small 
    way.  As I said however, this isn't a full walkthrough.  On GameFAQs,
    psychogurl and kymtendo have written some extensive walkthroughs on the Game.
    The one by psychogurl covers an all Thinner Path while kymtendo's covers an
    all Paint Path.  This is the only version of the Guide and I have tried to
    make sure it's as accurate as possible.  I would also like to thank RJ Eng and
    ShadwSonic for telling me about the Pete Pan Sprite Glitch even though I was
    a bit late in adding it.
    See you next time,

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