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    Walkthrough by Amph

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    --------------- PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure Walkthrough ----------------
    ------------------------- Written by: Ryan Kampmeier -------------------------
    ------------------------- http://www.poke-amph.com/ --------------------------
    ------------------------ Date Created: Feb 27th, 2011 ------------------------
                                  Table of Contents                        ctrl+F
    1. Introduction........................................................[intro]
    2. PokePark Entrance Area..............................................[ppent]
    3. Meadow Zone.........................................................[meadz]
    4. Meeting Place.......................................................[meetp]
    5. Beach Zone..........................................................[beacz]
    6. Iceberg Zone........................................................[icebz]
    7. Cavern Zone.........................................................[cavez]
    8. Lava Zone...........................................................[lavaz]
    9. Haunted Zone........................................................[haunz]
    10. Granite Cave.......................................................[granz]
    11. Flower Zone........................................................[flowz]
    12. Sky Pavillion......................................................[skypa]
    13. Credits............................................................[creds]
    14. Copyright..........................................................[copyr]
    15. Contact............................................................[conta]
    1. Introduction                                                        [intro]
    A friend let me borrow PokePark for a little bit. I used it as an opportunity
    to write a guide. This game isn't difficult by any means but hopefully this
    guide will help someone out there. Between Chatot in-game and this guide you
    should find an answer if you are stuck. If you are looking to find and become
    friends with all 193 Pokemon, use my Pokemon Friend Guide on GameFaqs or my
    This guide is no-frills and to the point, just like this game.
    The story goes something like this: The Sky Prism has been shattered into 14
    pieces. Mew wants you to find all of the pieces and bring them to the Sky
    Pavillion to restore happiness in the PokePark. Hopefully you can, through
    the power of friendship.
    2. PokePark Entrance Area                                              [ppent]
    Follow Chatot to the PokePark. Hold any direction to run. Press 1 to dash, 2 
    to jump. Chatot will tell you to dash into a crate. There is a berry inside 
    the crate. Berries are the currency of PokePark. You'll use them to buy 
    upgrades for your attacks and abilities. Jump over the log. Chatot explains 
    the Chase skill game. Press 1 to dash into Chatot for him to become your 
    friend. Chatot gives you berries as a reward. Buneary says the Pokepark is 
    through the forest before leaving. Walk around the central tree to find 
    Buneary by a sleeping Snorlax. Walk up to Buneary and press 2 to talk to him. 
    Press B to center the camera behind Pikachu. Press A to use Thunderbolt on 
    Snorlax to wake him up. Buneary heads to the PokePark. Walk straight until 
    you find Chatot. Chatot gives you the PokePark Pad. The PokePark pad keeps 
    track of your friends and lets you save. Press + and choose the friend list. 
    Exit out of the PokePark Pad and walk to Chatot again. He leaves for the 
    PokePark. Press 2 at the sign to read it. It says Chatot will give you hints 
    throughout the game.
    3. Meadow Zone                                                         [meadz]
    Walk forward to Chikorita and Buneary. Walk to the blue dot on the map. There 
    you will find Bulbasaur. He will let you play the Meadow Zone Attraction, 
    Daring Dash. You can play as Pikachu or as the friends you make. Bulbasaur 
    gives you a Prism Piece for winning. Treecko and Mankey take Chikorita away. 
    Walk north to the bridge. Treecko says that he will let you pass the bridge 
    if Turtwig gets the bonus on Daring Dash. Walk back to Bulbasaur and Buneary. 
    You will find Turtwig to the southeast. Talk to him and win a game of chase 
    to become friends. Talk to Bulbasaur and play Daring Dash as Turtwig. If you 
    beat 10.50 seconds you get the bonus.
    You can now pass the bridge Treecko was blocking. To the east is a post. 
    Inspect it to unlock a Drifblim Stop Post. You will now be able to use 
    Drifblim to fly back here whenever you want, which will come in handy later. 
    Mankey is at the second bridge and he challenges you to a battle. You must 
    drain his HP before time runs out or else you lose. You can use Thunderbolt 
    to stun him and drain HP or dash into him to drain HP. Double tap left or 
    right to dodge attacks. Mankey's main attack is a dash just like yours. He 
    has two bars of health. After defeating Mankey, finish crossing the bridge 
    and take a left. Walk along the path until you meet Croagunk. He asks for 200 
    berries to pass through the gate. Luckily, you should have over 200 already. 
    If you don't for some reason just find a pokemon and become friends with it. 
    Croagunk will give you some berries back after you pay him. Walk through the 
    gate and forward until you find Venusaur. He says you need to beat Croagunk 
    and Spearow in their skill games before playing his Attraction.
    Walk back through the gate and talk to Croagunk for a battle. Croagunk has an 
    attack that spews a poison ball at you that is easily dodged. He has two bars 
    of health. After beating him, walk south across the two bridges and west to 
    find Spearow by the obstacle course. Spearow's skill game is Obstacle Hop. 
    You have 99 seconds to get to Spearow. This is plenty of time but the game's 
    controls are not great so it can be difficult. it is easiest if you only walk 
    straight and don't press left or right. Remember to use B to center the 
    camera behind Pikachu to line up your jumps. You can get one-hundred berries 
    at the top of the obstacle course's building if you want. Go back to Venusaur 
    once Croagunk and Spearow are you friends. He will let you play his 
    Attraction, Venusaur's Vine Swing. Use Mankey because you have him as a 
    friend and he is skilled in this game. After you win, head to the Meeting 
    Place. The gate to the Meeting Place is at the north end of the Meadow Zone. 
    Starly will tell you how to look through Pikachu's eyes. Press B while 
    pointing your Wii Remote at your screen. Walk through the gate to enter the 
    Meeting Place.
    4. Meeting Place                                                       [meetp]
    Chatot explains the Meeting Zone. Chikorita talks about making a tree house. 
    Drifblim will take you to any zone instantly for 20 berries, granted you have 
    found its Stop Post. Misdreavus will give you film and teach you how to take 
    photos. Press - to take a photo. Electabuzz will power up your Thunderbolt in 
    exchange for berries. The first upgrade will increase Thunderbolt's range. 
    Remember to get more berries by making friends. Talk to Corphish to give him 
    Venusaur's letter to Empoleon. He will open the gate to the Beach Zone for 
    5. Beach Zone                                                          [beacz]
    Walk up to Slowpoke and Azurill. They say you need to ride Lapras to the 
    Iceberg Zone to meet with Empoleon. You can find Lapras by the cape. Find the 
    bridge that connects the east and west parts of the Beach Zone and you will 
    be stopped by a Corsola. He will quiz you. After the quiz, cross the bridge 
    and head south until you find Feraligatr. He will break the rock blocking 
    your path to Lapras if you teach Gyarados a lesson. Head north and Piplup 
    will tell you he wants you to find Bidoof so he can build a bridge for Piplup 
    and Wynaut to cross. Go back to the Meadow Zone by using the Drifblum 
    transportation service and get Bidoof as a friend if you haven't already. You 
    need to bring Bidoof 4 pieces of Lumber for him to become your friend. All 
    four pieces of lumber are right by Bidoof hidden in crates. Dash into the 
    crates to reveal the Lumber. Once Bidoof is your friend, talk to him and he 
    will agree to make a bridge in the Beach Zone.
    Before you can build a bridge you need to get Sharpedo and Carvahna's 
    permission. They will only let you build the bridge if you beat Pelipper's 
    Attraction, Pelipper's Circle Circuit. Pelipper is located at the blue square 
    at the southeast corner of the Beach Zone. After you win this Attraction you 
    get another Prism Piece and Bidoof can build the bridge. Bidoof is located 
    south of the bridge on the east side. He will automatically build the bridge 
    for you. If you bring him two more pieces of lumber. He will build a bridge 
    to Gyarados. One of the pieces of Lumber is to the north, the other to the 
    south. Once you bring the two pieces of Lumber, Bidoof will build three more 
    bridges to let you travel to every area in the Beach Zone. Bibarel will now 
    be at the Meeting Place to increase your HP and Ponyta can make you dash 
    faster. Walk to the very south-middle island to see Gyarados. You have to 
    beat his Attraction, Gyarados's Aqua Dash. Gyarados will give you a Prism 
    Piece for beating his Attraction and he will become your friend. Talk to 
    Feraligatr and he will smash the big rock for you. Try to walk through the 
    rock and you will be stopped by Piplup. You will meet Lapras and find a 
    balloon that Piplup will try to fix. You can ride Lapras to the Iceberg Zone 
    by talking to him.
    6. Iceberg Zone                                                        [icebz]
    Take the middle path until you reach Piloswine. Mamoswine has been frozen and 
    you have to save him so he can unfreeze the gate to Empoleon. Take the path 
    to the right and talk to Teddiursa. You need to find Froslass so she can 
    freeze the lake to reach Mamoswine. Turn around and talk to Glalie. Glalie 
    needs three ice blocks to build an igloo so he can impress Froslass. One is 
    behind Glalie by a big tree. One is south of Glalie by a small tree. One is 
    north of Glalie by a big tree. The ice blocks are nearby so just search 
    around and bring them to Glalie to make the igloo. Walk up the northwest hill 
    to the chairlift and battle Prinplup. Dash into the switch to start the 
    chairlift. Walk up to the chairs and press 2 to ride.
    Talk to Froslass at the bottom of the chairlift and defeat her in battle. 
    Head back to the igloos and talk to Froslass. She will freeze the lake. Cross 
    the frozen lake and dash into Mamoswine 3 times. The ice around him will 
    shatter and he will thaw out. Mamoswine will open the gate for you. Walk 
    through the gate and straight up to Empoleon. He will challenge you to beat 
    his Attraction. Piplup pops in and says he will play for Pikachu. Talk to 
    Empoleon again and he will let you play his Attraction, Empoleon's Snow 
    Slide. Emploeon will give you a Prism Piece for beating his Attraction. Head 
    back to the Meeting Place. Piplup and company have dragged the broken balloon 
    here in hopes of fixing it. Primeape is now at the Meeting Place to teach 
    Iron Tail for 350 berries. Talk to Cranidos. He will open the gate to the 
    Cavern Zone.
    7. Cavern Zone                                                         [cavez]
    Walk forward to Mr. Mime. A rail is missing so the mine cart won't work. Take 
    the right path until you see Mawile. She says Zubats know the gossip in the 
    Cavern Zone. Find a Zubat. He will say Aron has been looking at the rails. 
    Keep following the track to the end to find Aron. Smash the crate and pick up 
    the Iron Ore. Take it to Aron to the east. He says Mawile chewed off the 
    rail. Follow the track east to find Mawile. You need to play Chase with 
    Mawile to get some information out of her. Hit her from the side to avoid her 
    big mouth. Walk west to find Dugtrio by a pile of metal. The rail is hidden 
    in the berry storage north of the red dot on the map. It is guarded by 
    Marowak. Battle Marowak to gain access to the berry storage. Smash one of the 
    crates to find Diglett. He says the rail is under the sleeping Snorlax. Keep 
    smashing crates until you find a Big Berry. Take the Big Berry and walk 
    straight from the berry storage and down a ramp to the Snorlax. Drop the 
    berry and use Thunderbolt. Pick up the Big Berry again and talk to Snorlax. 
    Pick up the rail and take it all the way back to Mr. Mime. Take the left path 
    and Gible will give you the mine cart back if you beat him in battle. Before 
    you ride the mine cart, make sure to beat Bastiodon's Attraction to get a 
    Prism Piece. Walk to the beginning of the area and ride the mine cart. You 
    will be at the end of the tracks. Ride again into the Lava Zone.
    8. Lava Zone                                                           [lavaz]
    Hitmontop will say the drill has overheated. Take the east path to find 
    Camerupt and talk to him to battle. Go back to Hitmontop and the drill will 
    be fixed. He will want to battle before you can use it. Dash into the drill 
    to get Iron Ore and take it to the furnace by Camerupt. Choose a straight 
    shape. Take the Iron Bar to the switch near the furnace to fix it. Dash into 
    the switch to stop the flames. Rhyperior is in the middle of the lava pit 
    with an Attraction but you need to make an Iron Top before playing. Go back 
    to the drill and use it. Take the Iron Ore to the furnace and choose a round 
    shape. Take the Iron Top to Rhyperior and play his Attraction, Rhyperior's 
    Bumper Burn. When you win he will become your friend and give you a Prism 
    Piece. Start walking up the spiral and Charmander will want to battle. 
    Meditite will quiz you toward the top of the spiral. At the top, walk toward 
    the northern exit and you will face Farfetch'd. Smash into the switch to 
    lower the gate and walk forward to meet Magcargo. As long as you have beat 
    Bastiodon and Rhyperior's Attractions in the Cavern Zone and Lava Zone the 
    gate will be opened for you. Talk to Blaziken and you will have to beat 
    Charmander again. This time he has more health and more power in his attacks. 
    Blaziken will now let you play his Attraction, Blaziken's Boulder Bash. He 
    will give you a Prism Piece for winning. Go back to the Meeting Place. Go to 
    Duskull and he will open the gate to the Haunted Zone.
    9. Haunted Zone                                                        [haunz]
    Walk north until you find a Drifblim Stop to activiate. Walk up to the gate 
    and it will open. Find Tangrowth at the blue dot on the map. He will let you 
    play his Attraction, Tangrowth's Swing-Along. Tangrowth will give you a Prism 
    Piece for winning. Now you can enter the mansion by talking to Drifloon near 
    the doors. Walk through the hallway to the left. Duskull will show you where 
    the Attraction is. Turn around and find Duskull and he will tell you that the 
    door is locked. Turn to the right and talk to Duskull again and he will say 
    there are Ghost Pokemon having parties behind the door. Turn around and walk 
    up to Gastly to talk to him and he will leave. Turn left and go upstairs. 
    Walk through the hallway to find Gastly again. Enter the door in front of 
    you. Walk to the painting of Gengar on the wall and inspect it. You can now 
    go back downstairs and participate in Dusknoir's Attraction, Dusknoir's Speed 
    Slam. He will give you a Prism Piece for winning.
    Walk north and talk to Duskull. He will open the door for you. Walk through 
    the new hallway until you meet Pichu. He will ask you to help Misdreavus. 
    Walk west to find Misdreavus and talk to her. Go to the green jewel room. 
    From the first room in the mansion walk up the stairs and take a left. Here 
    you will find a Spinarak. He will give you thread to take back to Misdreavus. 
    Misdreavus will open the doors to the library for you. Go to the room with 
    Dusknoir and enter the west door. Talk to Duskull. He says there is a book 
    missing from the bookcase. Walk north and talk to Sableye to take his quiz. 
    Take the book to bookcase and press 2. A secret passage will open. Walk 
    through the secret passage and down the stairs. Talk to Rotom to play Rotom's 
    Spooky Shoot-'em-Up. Rotom will give you a Prism Piece for beating his 
    Attraction. Walk back to the library. Mismagius will tell you to go to the 
    Granite Cave. Go back to the Meeting Place. There is an Abra in the tree 
    house that will tell you how many friends you can still make in each area. 
    Talk to Skorupi near the final unopened gate. He will open the gate to the 
    Granite Zone.
    10. Granite Cave                                                       [granz]
    Walk up the stairs to meet with Charizard. Walk to the east to play Absol's 
    Hurdle Bounce. Absol gives you a Prism Piece for winning. Walk to the west to 
    meet Hoppip. Dash into the switch behind Hoppip. Cross the new path and dash 
    into the switch on the other side. Walk up the ramp. Take a right at the top 
    and talk to Flygon. There is a Drifblim Stop south of the Flygon. Keep going 
    south and around the bend to battle Blastoise. Take the left after Blastoise 
    and follow until you run into a wall. Turn east and pass Skorupi. Follow the 
    path until you reach the top where the platforms appear. Hop across the 
    platforms and dash into the switch. This will put out the flames leading to 
    the beginning of the area and open a door. Walk past where the flames used to 
    be and take a right. Follow the path down until you reach Porygon-Z. Answer 
    his quiz questions correctly and he will give you your first secret word. Go 
    to Bronzong, near Skorupi, and tell him the secret word so he will let you 
    pass. Walk forward to battle Electivire. Walk up the stairs and dash into the 
    switch to stop the flames. Walk across the path where the flames used to be 
    and ride the rope cart. Talk to Togekiss and beat her Obstacle Hop to get her 
    secret word. Togekiss says the last secret word is with the Snorlax in the 
    Cavern Zone.
    Go to the Drifblim Stop and fly to the Cavern Zone. Walk towards the hot 
    spring and Mawile will become friends with you. Walk down the ramp and talk 
    to Snorlax, who will give you the final secret word. Fly back to the Granite 
    Zone and talk to Flygon. Cross the bridge and take a left to find Salamence. 
    Play Salamence's Air Ace to get a Prism Piece. Walk east to Jumpluff who will 
    let you pass as long as you have defeated Salamence's Attraction. Walk up the 
    stairs to the Flower Zone.
    11. Flower Zone                                                        [flowz]
    Take a left and walk until you run into Bellossom, who tells you to find 
    Shaymin. You can find Shaymin at the north end of Flower Zone surrounded by 
    blue flowers. You need to find the mirror to put on the Dais. Find the 
    Drifblim Stop (red square on the map) and use it to fly to the Meeting Place. 
    Go to the top of the tree house and you will find the mirror and be 
    transported back to the Flower Zone. Walk to the Dais (east of the blue 
    square on the map) and place the mirror there. Talk to Rayquaza and play 
    Rayquaza's Balloon Panic to get a Prism Piece. You need to get the Gracidea 
    Flower to bloom before Shaymin will take you to the Sky Pavillion. Talk to 
    Bellossom who is near Shaymin. She will give you the Wonderful Watering Can. 
    Walk up the the Gracidea Flower by Shaymin and water it. Shaymin will now 
    take you to the Sky Pavillion to see Mew and restore order to the PokePark.
    12. Sky Pavillion                                                      [skypa]
    Mew is very mischievious, so it isn't going to be as easy as planned. Walk to 
    the upper level and talk to the "Piplup". Walk back down to the balloon and 
    talk to the real Piplup. Walk to the upper level again and talk to the 
    "Piplup" who turns out to be Mew. Mew explains that he needs more signs of 
    friendship and needs you to play skill games with him.
    The first skill game is an Obstacle Hop. If you fall into the water you must 
    start over. As long as you line up your jumps using B to center the camera, 
    you should be fine.
    The second skill game is a Battle. Mew transforms into a Magmortar.
    The third skill game is a Battle. Mew transforms into Garchomp. Thunderbolt 
    is ineffective in this battle.
    The fourth skill game is a Battle. Mew transforms into Tyranitar.
    The fifth and final skill game is a Chase. Having the second upgrade to dash 
    from the Ponyta in Meeting Place helps out a lot here. Dodge the holes in the 
    track and Mew will be caught easily.
    Talk to Mew and he will repair the Sky Prism. Pikachu, Charmander, Chikorita, 
    and Piplup fly over all the different zones before landing in the Meeting 
    Place. Charmander lights of his fireworks.
    You have beaten PokePark Wii. The only thing left to do is to get all 193 
    Pokemon as your friends. Check out my Pokemon Friend Guide on GameFaqs to do 
    13. Credits                                                            [creds]
    All of the information in this guide was documented through my playthrough of 
    PokePark. Thanks to you for reading this guide. Thanks to GameFaqs for hosting
    my guides on their site.
    For more PokePark information, check out my website: www.poke-amph.com
    14. Copyright                                                          [copyr]
    You may NOT put this guide on your website without my consent.
    You may save this guide to your computer or print it for personal use.
    Feel free to repurpose the information in this guide. You can't copy my guide,
    but you can use the information on it. If this is confusing to you, email me.
    15. Contact                                                            [conta]
    You can email me at ryankampmeier {aT] gmail [dot} com

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