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Reviewed: 01/04/10

A heartwarming adventure through the shadows

This is an action-adventure game where you play as a light spirit named Popo to guide Lukus on his journey. Along the way you will help various characters with their problems. It’s a lighthearted game which will appeal to wide audience but not all. The game includes thirty-four levels.

A young tree spirit named Lukus decides to find the perfect spot to become a tree with the help of his friend Popo, a light spirit who can create shadows. He decides to do this because his best friend Luck and his light spirit Tidi set out on a journey before him. If Lukus steps out into the sun he will turn into a tree. It’s an interesting and a creative story but it’s not very motivating.


The music is heartwarming, calming, and peaceful and it sounds similar to classical music.
The only problem is that I often had trouble hearing it and most of the music sounded the same. I can only remember one piece which was the loading screen music. Overall it became repetitive during the game. The graphics were pleasing to the eye and they suited the game’s story and theme. Occasionally they obscured the shadows which made it difficult to guide Lukus.


This is the main reason I bought this game and the gameplay is original and creative. Using Popo, you rotate obelisks (hence the name “The Magic Obelisk”) to create shadows so Lukus can find his way to the goal which is a circle. There a four kinds of obelisk which will be revealed as you play the game. Later, you will have to be very creative as you use the obelisks. Late in the game gaps and switches will appear. Sometimes it is very difficult to see the shadows which can be frustrating at times because of the camera or the environment’s colors. You will also meet purple ghost which can knock off the path but the have a predictable pattern which lets you move behind them. Throughout the level arrows are scattered to show you where to go and checkpoints are record your progress. After each level your progress is saved. You have five lives and you become a tree if you lose all of them which triggers a game over screen showing you as a tree. The gameplay was fine but there were a few flaws that I mentioned. I got through the game without a walkthrough but towards the middle half of the game it becomes challenging.

Replay Value and Time

There’s not much to say. After you beat the main mode you can play all of the levels in freeplay mode. You can try for your best time or try to beat the level without losing a life. The game lasted four hours and thirty minutes for me. It was short but enjoyed all of the time. It would be nice if they added a Wi-fi leaderboard so people could compare times on levels. With thirty-four levels you can use a lot of time trying to get your best time. The replay value and time was good, but it could do better. There aren’t any secrets or collectibles which is disappointing.

Final Recommendation

This was a good game but it could be improved. A Wi-fi leaderboard and better sound would improve this game. However, I enjoyed all of the time I spent on this. For 500 points ($5) this game is worth it for the thirty-four levels. You’ll want to play through to it’s surprise ending that I didn’t guess. The levels were creative but I decided not to replay them.
The final review score is a 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: The Magic Obelisk (US, 12/28/09)

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