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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------------- [Thor: God of Thunder] ------------------------------
    ----------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]--------------------------------
    ----------------- [Nintendo Wii/Playstation 3/XBOX 360] -----------------------
    For the time being, this FAQ assumes you are playing the Nintendo Wii version
    so stuff is subject to change for the Playstation 3/Xbox 360 versions. I didn't
    expect to enjoy this game before I started playing it but I can say my first
    impressions about this game are high. I played this game for 3 hours the first
    time I played and I loved it.
    Thor: God of Thunder and its characters are trademarks of Sega and all of its
    copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    For more of my guides: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/74803.html
    My PSN ID is AzulFria. You can also add my sisters PSN ID: EnbaBlaze and 
    KageNegra if you like.
    Thor is the son of Odin and brother of Loki and the god of thunder. He and his
    people live on Asagard, one of the nine guards. Later on you'll find out that
    he is tricked by his brother into releasing a great evil that Odin had sealed
    away for eternity and the person who he sought to destroy was actually trying
    to prevent it from happening.
    + Asgard - The Jötun Invasion +
    Thor learns of the Jötun invasion in Asgard.
    Runes - 1: Rune of Berserker
    Concept Art - 2
    The Jötun forces are invading Asgard as part of the town is starting to freeze
    up. Thor goes into action. You will learn how to use the light attacks first by
    pressing the A button. As you attack the Jötun, you will learn the Heavy Attack
    by swing the controller to the side. After a few Jötun have fallen, a Jötun
    Adept will taunt your clan then retreat. Kill more enemies and the seal of ice
    will vanish so you can break the ice. The next thing you learn is the Hammer
    Slam Finish. Press A three times and swing controller downwards. A cutscene'll
    play, afterwards jump up the mountain. Defeat the Jötun warriors here and at
    the top of the mountain you will see a concept art. You can get it after the
    Jötun Adept taunts again. At this point you learn the Air Slam Combo + Finish.
    Defeat the Jötun Elite and proceed up the mountain. Soon you learn how to throw
    the Hammer Mjolnir by holding C and swing the controller or nunchuck down. Now
    fight your way to the area of interest and press C, then keep pressing A then
    swing down the controller when prompted. The bridge is destroyed.
    Head forward and you learn the hammer dash, up on the controller. The Jötun
    Adept taunts again. Now you will learn to block attacks by holding Z. You get
    to fight him and can lay waste to him immediately by knocking him into the pit
    on the sides. Kill everyone else then proceed forward to learn how to parry
    attacks. Swing controller down when blocking then press A to counter attack.
    Smash the pod for a refill of gaugues then kill more Jötun. Eventually you will
    learn the Lightning Storm. Hold down on the controller and swing down with it.
    Destroy the 3 pillars of ice and Thor flies off to the vault.
    Sif has fallen battle. Thor is now mad. The Jötun Adept has now become a giant
    ice being. Destroy the face armor then damage it with melee attacks. Try to use
    the Red Lightning Storm on it by getting a 50+ combo then using the Lightning
    Storm. Once the Jötun Adept's power is low enough, use the action sequence to
    finish it off.
    + Niflheim - The Approach +
    Thor approaches Niflheim to even the score.
    Runes - 2
    Costumes - 1
    Thor arrives on Niflheim along with Loki's spirit. Fight off the Jötun warriors
    and approach the wall. A cutscene plays of Thor challenging Ymir. Go inside the
    cave. Destroy the Jötun Elite then proceed forward across the bridge. Use your
    shield to reflect the beams back at the satellites and take out more of Jötun
    warriors. Break the walls and they collapse once you get inside. 
    Avoid the ice shards until you face off against 2 Jötun Icewalkers. You learn
    how to use the Charged Hammer here. Hold down on the d-pad then swing to the
    right with the controller. Defeat all the Jötun you face until a cutscene plays
    that releases the barrier. Go forth and use the Detonating Hammer and Hammer
    Throw to destroy the satellites easily as well as the cliff they stand on.
    Kill all the Jötun here too and when it comes to take the paths, the left path
    leads to the Rune of Fervor. Get it and go back and face the Jötun along the
    right path and use your action sequence to toss Odin's statue head at the wall
    to break it. You can choose to ignore the Jötun here and run as far as you can
    ahead until you face a Jötun Adept. Defeat as you did in Asgard by taking out
    his cronies, then breaking his ice around his "face" then when the combo meter
    hits 50+, use a red Lightning Strike to do major damage. He will occasionally
    retreat and let the Icewalkers take over before rejoining the battle. Obtain
    the Rune of Aerial Fury and exit ahead.
    + Niflheim - Flight to Mount Ymir +
    Thor flies towards the mountain to confront Ymir.
    You will spend the level flying around and zapping enemies with your thunder by
    pointing the controller at the screen and press the A button. You will also fly
    around to avoid crashing into buildings and ice. First it's the satellites then
    it will be Jötun forces attacking you. Once you defeat the Jötun Yeti Trio then
    you face a few more Yeti and the level is over.
    + Niflheim - The Avalanche +
    Thor rides the avalanche chasing after Ymir.
    Concept Art - 2
    You play this level on a sliding piece of ice cliff and all you will do is face
    a bunch of Jötun enemies and you just pick them off as you go. Don't forget the
    concept art that appears halfway through the level on a side cliff that had
    formed during the level. You will learn the Gust of Wind technique. While you
    are blocking shake the Nunchuck to blow away enemies. Just stay alive until
    this level is over. At the end keep pressing A then swing down to enter...
    + Niflheim - Niflheim Core +
    Thor bashes his way to the Cave of Ages towards Ymir.
    Runes - 2 (Rune of Gathering Storm, Rune of Protection)
    Concept Art - 1
    Defeat the Jötun in the first area and break through the ice. Ignore any Jötun
    you see if you prefer then when Ymir's hands rise, drum the controllers to get
    out of the grasps and swing left to get free. Kill the Jötun to make the ice
    barrier go away then smash the ice. Now just ignore fighting and make your way
    to the top of the mountain on the right, and there will be a cave-in. Knock the
    stalactite down with a Mjolnir Toss and jump down the hole. Kill all the Jötun
    quickly before the walls close completely. Keeping running away and you will do
    the Hands Escape twice. You will soon see a Rune of Gathering Storm across the
    hole, run along the ride to get it then jump down. Defeat all the Jötun here
    then the Jötun Adept and break the ice that is blocking the room. Ymir will now
    fight you after you start crossing the bridge. Drum the controllers to break
    free of his grip then fly out the hole as you avoid icicles then toss Mjolnir
    at Ymir. Repeat the process again and then drum the controllers to avoid being
    sucked in by Ymir.
    Mangog has now been released.
    + Vanaheim - The Arrival +
    Thor is stranded in the ghostly halls of Vanaheim.
    Runes - 1 (Rune of Conversion)
    Costumes - 1 
    Concept Art - 1
    Thor has been knocked into a different world and Mangog is in Asgard and now it
    is up to the Asgardians to find Thor. Thor is up now. Run forward and you learn
    how to use lightning bolts good for overloading shields, charging Power Nodes,
    and stunning enemies. Zap the node to open the door. Stay on the top area for a
    Coipel Thor costume. Drop down and zap the nodes to proceed forward. The Vanir
    Security system activates. Sentries appear. One will be wearing a shield. Use
    Lightning to take away the shield. Destroy it then destroy the other simiar
    one that form in the back to open the door. If you see a Sentry turn red, get
    away from it before it explodes. Keep that in mind when you face them near the
    barriers. Destroy the ones blocking the barrier then escape the one that had
    created the barrier as it explodes. Power up the node to enter the door. Turns
    out that Trolls took over the place the Vanir once stood. Kill each one as you
    head for the far wall and use the action sequence to lift it up. Watch out for
    the blue Sentries, they sap away your Odinforce. Destroy the mounted green ones
    There are three doors. Left hids trolls, right hides a concept art and the one
    in the middle is the correct path to proceed forward. Destroy the Sentries then
    open the next door. Defeat the Trolls in the next room. Now you will see the
    generators that form barriers. Destroy them to eliminate the barrier. In the
    room with three of them, left one leads to just a Troll, the right one leads to
    a Troll and a Rune of Conversion. The middle one continues the path. Soon your
    travels will lead to Trolls with giant hammers. Dispose of them as with any of
    the other trolls then destroy the barriers that make the mounted Sentries come
    back when destroy then destroy those Sentries. Lift the door to end the level.
    + Vanaheim - Frostgrinder +
    For Thor to leave Vanaheim, he must first find the Frostgrinder.
    Runes - 2 (Rune of Rage, Rune of Valor)
    Concept Art - 1
    Ulik, the leader of Trolls arrives as Thor is looking at a video of the Vanirs'
    past. He throws Thor down and sends the Trolls after him. Drum the controllers
    to break out the dogpile then kill the trolls. There will several of them. When
    they are all dead, Thor flies to the Tower Bridge where more Trolls await. You
    can beat them by using your Gust of Wind on them to blow them off the bridge
    but alas, that's after you replay the level. Just beat them and the Sentries
    like normal and it is easy to miss but near the door is a Rune of Rage hidden
    under some rubble to the left path. Get it then open the door. I'll just be
    brief, you fight nothing but trolls and sentries. Some barriers are protected
    until enough trolls die. Eventually you will reach the end and face Ulik
    + Vanaheim - Ulik's Palace +
    Ulik stands between Thor and the Frostgrinder.
    Round 1 with Ulik is a doozy. He just takes more punishment than his Trolls
    and is immune to electricity. If you replay this level, he gets Wind Cages so
    easily. Beat him down and then he will summon his Trolls and then he gets in
    the Frostgrinder. Just kill off his Trolls and each wave defeated will break a
    barrier. Destroy all four generators to win round 2. Round 3 is a tougher fight
    than Round 1. Use hit and run tactics on him and try to get 50+ hits to do big
    damage with the Red Lightning Hammer.
    + Midgard to Muspelheim - Burning Town +
    Thor arrives on Midgard to find a city under attack.
    Runes - 1 (Rune of Reaping Winds)
    Costumes - 1
    There is a raid out on the city. Frostgrinder accidentally brought Thor here
    because of a disruption. Now Thor helps the people of Midgard fight off the 
    evil Infernir beings. Defeat all of the Infernir that arrive. Some will have
    fire shield. Use your Wind power to snuff it out. When enough Infernir die,
    you can move on to the next portion where more Infernir await. Just at the end
    of the road, ignore it for now and head right and kill more Infernir. You will
    learn a new technique called Gust of Fire. Use that to put out the fire. Now go
    back to the fire I said to ignore earlier and put it out and get the Rune of
    Reaping Winds.
    Return to the alley and past it, more Infernir arrive and create a mess. Take
    them out. Infernir who fly will join the fray as you proceed. Once you defeat
    them and the others, gio right and take care of the disciples. A good way to
    kill the flying Infernir is to jump up and use the Lightning Blast (shake the
    nunchuck while in the air). Free the humans from the fire with your Gust of
    Fire then finish off all the Infernir. A portal will open. Now you will have to
    deal with the Infernir Elite who take more damage than the normal ones. Once
    all enemies are dead, run inside of...
    + Midgard to Muspelheim - Police Station +
    Thor battles throuh an Infernir infested police station.
    Runes - 1 (Rune of Power)
    Concept Art - 1
    This level contains a bunch of Infernir warriors to fight. You will also face a
    new enemy called the Infernir General (I'll call it that). They carry shields
    that can block your attacks, use lightning to deal with that. The item to get 
    in this stage is the Rune of Power which if you make it to the room with the
    flying Infernir outside the building, head towards the screen and to the right
    and the Rune of Power is sitting right there. Defeat everyone in the room after
    that and head outside.
    A portal opens and out comes a boss called Infernir Archon. You'll be facing
    this enemy a lot in a later level so this is good practice for fighting it. Use
    the Gust of Wind to put out his fire then pound away at him. Look out for his
    pound attacks. Once he is low on energy, use the action sequence to finish him
    + Midgard to Muspelheim - Harvestor of Worlds +
    Thor seeks out the Harvestor of Worlds.
    Runes - 1 (Rune of Endless Storm)
    Concept Art - 1
    Fight of the Infernir then use the action sequence to destroy the crystal that
    forms the barrier. Cross the bridge and  as you fight you see a another crystal
    which is guarded by three mini crystals and all four are protected by a barrier
    which can be lifted once all three minicrystals are destroyed by breaking all
    three remote crystals. This is called the Harvestor of Worlds. The first one is
    to the left, get rid of all Infernir in your way then use the action sequence
    to break it. The portal surrounding the remote crystals will send out Infernir
    constantly. For each one destroyed, an Infernir Archon will challenge you to a
    fight. Defeat it then the next one is to the right, no Infernir Archon will go
    against you after the second one. The third one will have a tougher Infernir
    Archon that can send out a fire shockwave. Once all three crystals are broken,
    head to the main one and destroy it. It's a good idea to wind cage enemies to
    avoid being interrupted in the process.
    Thor flies off to destroy any remaining remote crystals left. Once again, use
    Wind cage to make the plan easier. There is a Rune of Endless Storm behind the
    second one. There are three to destroy total. Once you make it to the top, kill
    one more Infernir Archon and the level is over after you destroy the main Gate.
    + Midgard to Muspelheim - Flight to Twilight +
    Thor flies through Infernir fortifications to reach the Sword Forge.
    Runes - 1 (Rune of Blasting Power)
    You've been in this type of level before except the enemies are firey instead
    of icy. You also fly through lava geyesers and volcano stalagmites. You will
    fight some orbs as well instead of satellites. That's all this level is except
    for a break where you fight Infernir on the ground and snag a Rune of Blasting
    + Midgard to Muspelheim - Sword Forge +
    Thor battles his way through the Sword Forge to reach Surtur and the invasion
    Runes - 1 (Rune of Crushing Wind)
    Concept Art - 1
    The concept art is on the very right at the beginning. Shatter the four seals
    then enter inside. Use Mjolnir to destroy the seals around the Fire Crystal
    then use it twice more to break the crystal itself. Use Gust of Wind to snuff
    out the fire barrier it shoots at you. After the second one is destroyed, look
    to the left and you will see the Rune of Crushing Wind in the alcove. In all,
    there are three crystals to destroy. Destroy the second set of seals then kill
    the Infernir Archon inside. This one is tougher than the others as it can use
    the center to retreat and let the minions take care of you. Once it dies, head
    down the new path and jump into the portal to face...
    + Midgard to Muspelheim - Surtur +
    Thor confronts the wielder of Twighlight, Surtur.
    Surtur ain't as touch as he looks. Just avoid his sword strike and then attack
    the sword. When he is not attacking, throw Mjolnir at the sword to damage it
    even more. Once the sword takes enough damage, use the action sequence when the
    prompts show up and shatter it.
    Round 2 consists of you attacking the emblem on Surtur's chest. Once again you
    can through Mjolnir to make this fight very easy. Be sure to block Surtur's big
    beam as you can't avoid it. Surtur will send out Infernirs to interfere in the
    fight but you can ignore them easily. As long as you stay in the back, the only
    attack beside the big beam are the twin lasers, Surtur shoots from his eyes
    which follow you around but it's no biggie. Once Surtur's energy is low, drum
    the controls to escape his grip then fly over to him safely then use the action
    sequence to break the emblem.
    Round 3 is the same as Round 2 except you aim where the emblem used to be, then
    go through the flying and action sequence again and Surtur is out for the count
    just like that. Mjolnir gains the power of Surtur for its own and Thor returns
    to Asgard.
    + Ruined Asgard - Invasion Area +
    Thor battles his way through Asgard, fighting Vanir Spirits as he makes his way
    to Odin's Throne.
    Concept Art - 1
    It's an all out assault now you will help your clan battle scores of Vanir. The
    goal in this case is to battle through the stage and destroy some crystals to
    weaken Mangog's power. In the end it seems Odin is destroyed but...
    + Ruined Asgard - Odin's Hall +
    Thor joins in the battle against Mangog.
    Thor was under the impression that Odin was killed by Mangog's blast but it was
    only an illusion created by Loki to trick Mangog. The final battle begins as it
    is time to take care of Mangog once and for all. Use hit and run tactics when
    you face Mangog. You have assistance from Loki in this fight. Watch out for the
    stomps, ground pounds, and tail swipes. Once he takes enough damage, Mangog is
    down on the floor and that is your cue to get in front of him and press C to go
    through the action sequence that rips off a piece of his armor.
    Mangog retreats as his Vanir minions battle you and some fake Thors created by
    Loki. Avoid the beams that Mangog will spit out as much as possible then try to
    break all the purple rocks then get in the middle and press C to begin a action
    sequence to break the crystal above and weaken Mangog. Time for Round 2. Fight
    him like you did before but watch out for his ground pound that sends a shock-
    wave that must be blocked. Get him down again and go through another action
    sequence that rips off another piece of armor.
    Repeat the crystal breaking part and begin Round 3 which is the same as with
    Round 2 basically except after you rip off the back piece of armor is ripped
    off, the round continues as you will drum the controllers and fight back the
    beam. From here you can finish off Mangog. You will not deplete its life to 0
    but once its health is low enough, you will view the cutscene of Thor, Odin,
    and Loki finishing off Mangog and thus the ending appears. Mangog is dead and
    Odin reveals he created it.
    Throughout out the stages, you will pick up coins found by killing off enemies
    and filling the yellow guage to the max. 
    Use these coins to purchase moves for might, valor, and storm use. You unlock
    items to purchase by buying previous unlocked items.
    | MIGHT |
    Unleash a mighty area of effect hammer toss.
    How to use: swing contoller left then right.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 20+ hits, Mjolnir circles Thor twice.
    Power Whirl
    By whirling Mjolnir for 2 seconds, the damage from throwing the hammer is
    How to use: Hold C for 2 seconds, then swing controller downward.
    Thunder Quake
    A thundering final smash that launches nearby enemies into the air.
    How to Use: A, A, swing controller downard twice.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 30+ hits, enemies get shocked while in the air.
    Damage Type: Combo Finisher, Lightning (Combo Meter Bonus)
    Air Strike
    Finishes Thor's aerial assault with a well-placed detonating hammer throw.
    How to use: While in the air, A, A, swing controler downwards twice.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 30+ hits, the enemy will get caged in wind.
    Damage Type: Combo Finisher, Lightning, Wind (Combo Meter Bonus)
    Electric Groundslam
    Turns single target air juggling into an electrified combination, resulting in
    an area of effect electrocution upon final impact.
    How to use: Jump towards an enemy and A, downward swing, A, downward swing.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 40+ hits, Thor unleashes a Lightning Storm.
    Damage Type: Combo Finisher, Lightning
    Adds a final punishing blow to Thor's melee combo which sends enemies flying
    How to use: A, A, A, A, downward swing.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 40+ hits, Thor swings so hard he generates a Cyclone.
    Damage Type: Combo Finisher, Wind
    Hammer of Doom!
    Mega Storm Power
    At 50+ hits, Thor's Charged Hammer storm power imbues Mjolnir with even more
    electrical energy to do much greater damage.
    Throw Mjolnir at large foes to unleash the full power of the Hammer of Doom!
    Fierce Storms
    When this rune is applied to Mjolnir, the duration of Charged Hammer is
    Lasting Fury
    When this rune is applied to Mjolnir, the Combo Meter takes longer to reset.
    | VALOR |
    Health Upgrade 1
    Increase Thor's maximum Health.
    Quickstand Attack
    Thor recovers from knockback attacks at a quicker rate, and counters with a
    wide attack.
    How to use: shake Nunchuck while Thor is recovering from a knockback attack.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 20+ hits, Mjolnir circles Thor twice.
    Health Upgrade 2
    Increase Thor's maximum Health.
    Rune Upgrade
    Increases the number of runes that can be applied to Mjolnir by one.
    Health Upgrade 3
    Increase Thor's maximum Health.
    Parry Sweep
    After a well timed block, Thor unleashes a heavy sweep attack that can throw
    back multiple enemies.
    How to use: After parrying, swing controller downwards.
    Damage Type: Combo Finisher, Wind
    Health Upgrade 4
    Increase Thor's maximum Health.
    Sapping Wind
    When this rune is applied to Mjolnir, Wind Caged enemies generate Health Orbs
    over time.
    Storm's Embrace
    When this rune is applied to Mjolnir, enemies that strike Thor with melee
    attacks will occassionally be electrocuted, stunning them and causing damage.
    | STORM |
    Ordinforce Upgrade 1
    Increased Thor's maximum Odinforce.
    Storm Burst
    In the air, Mjolnir explodes with an electric burst, damaging and knocking
    enemies awau.
    How to use: While in the air: Shake Nunchuck.
    Combo Meter Bonus: At 30+ hits, an additional electric shockwave radiates out.
    Damage Type: Lightning
    Ordinforce Upgrade 2
    Increased Thor's maximum Odinforce.
    Rune Upgrade
    Increases the number of runes that can be applied to Mjolnir by one.
    Ordinforce Upgrade 3
    Increased Thor's maximum Odinforce.
    Mega Storm Power
    At 50+ hits, Thor's Cyclone storm power turns into a violent vortex which has a
    large area of effect around Thor.
    Ordinforce Upgrade 4
    Increased Thor's maximum Odinforce.
    Charged Storms
    When this rune is applied to Mjolnir, using Lightning Bolt, Lightning Storm, or
    Cyclone while Charged Hammer is in effect will increase the damage of those
    When this rune is applied to Mjolnir, it will reduce the Odinforce cost of all
    Storm powers.
    Runes are scattered throughout stages waiting for you to find them.
    Rune of Berserker
    Increases the damage dealt by Might attacks while Thor's Health is below 25%.
    Rune of Fervor
    Thor recovers Odinforce when dealing damage with melee attacks.
    Rune of Aerial Fury
    Thor deals additional damage when juggling an opponent.
    Rune of Gathering Storm
    When the Combo Meter reaches 50. Mjolnir gains the Charged Hammer effect.
    Rune of Protection
    Parrying an attack restores Thor's Health and Odinforce slightly.
    Rune of Conversion
    Mjolnir has a chance to gain the Charged Hammer effect after breaking enemy's
    special defense.
    Rune of Rage
    Thor receives more damage from enemy attacks, but melee attacks deal increased
    Rune of Valor
    Thor recovers Health when dealing dealing damage with melee attacks.
    Rune of Reaping Winds
    Gust of Wind also causes Odinforce Orbs to be released from enemies it hits.
    Rune of Power
    Increases the damage dealt by the Lightning Bolt, Lightning Storm, and Cyclone,
    but at an increased cost.
    Rune of Endless Storm
    Increases the duration of Cyclone and Wind Cage.
    Rune of Blasting
    When the combo meter is 10 or above, the radius of moves like Maelstorm. Thrown
    Hammer Detonation, Gust of Winds and all ground slams increase.
    Rune of Crushing Wind
    Wind Cage now deals damage to trapped enemies.
    Rune of Fierce Storms
    The duration of Charged Hammer is increased.
    Rune of Lasting Fury
    The Combo Meter takes longer to reset.
    Rune of Sapping Wind
    Wind Caged enemies generate Health Orbs over time.
    Rune of Storm's Embrace
    Enemies that strike Thor with melee attacks will occassionally be electrocuted,
    stunning them and causing damage.
    Rune of Charged Storms
    Using Lightning Bolt, Lightning Storm, or Cyclone while Charged Hammer is in 
    effect will increase the damage of those powers.
    Rune of Zephyr
    Reduce the Odinforce cost of all Storm powers.
    Rune of Surtur's Flame
    Mjolnir burs with eternal flame, increasing melee damage.
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