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"Aha! I Found the worst WiiWare game!"

Once it happened that I just wanted to get a simple, easy and fun game I haven't played yet. So I looked around on the Wii Shop Channel, and this one, I thought, fit the description. I mean, finding hidden objects on the screen, how complicated that can be? It's made for kids, right? Let's find out!


The concept is really simple, there is an image that fills most of the screen, and you have to find 12 objects. And it still baffles me how could the developers be so idiotic to screw up such a simple idea so badly. The guys at Ateam (the of WiiWare?) obviously lacked any kind of common sense. I mean, just ask anyone how they would make a hidden object game for kids. Certainly not this way:

The first problem is that the objects you are supposed to find are only displayed in text form. If it's really aimed for little kids, they should have showed how each object looks like, because now it's completely unplayable by kids who can't read, and they should be a major part of the target audience (the game was also marketed this way).

The second issue is with the objects themselves. More than half of them are something obscure, like types of fish, flowers, Japanese weapons, etc. How many kids know what a kakejiku is? Kendama? Damselfish? Regal Tang? Block plane? Stapler? I could go on, but you get the point. It's impossible for anyone, let alone a kid to know what are they even looking for, without a lot of trial and error.

Because nothing looks like what it's supposed to be. It has to do with the graphics, but it directly affects the gameplay. But really, everything is just a very small splotch of colored pixels, and even if you know what the object is, finding out what it looks like in the game will take a lot of trial and error. The objects aren't even consistent with themselves in terms of size and placement, but I'll get to it later.

So even as an educational game, ”Aha! I Found It!” fails miserably. Even after playing the game the kid still won't know any more. Nothing looks like what it's supposed to be, many things are from stupid angles anyway, like the Sea Turtle is almost just a yellow circle, I guess it's supposed to be the shell, looked from under the turtle who pulled its legs and head inside.

Also, as I said before, the size and placement of the objects are inconsistent. The panda is the same size as the mistletoe, and it's found inside a tree. Kunais are floating in the air, there are fish inside balloons, etc. Basically they made the sprites of the objects, and randomly vomited them on the background. The pictures don't look like pictures, they look more like a mess of paper cutouts.

So, yeah, the whole game comes down to trial and error. You have to find 12 objects to complete each stage, and if you make a mistake (click somewhere where you aren't supposed to), you lose 5 seconds. And you have 4 minutes. So the only sensible way is to click around everywhere, hope to find something, try to remember how it looked like, and after a few tries you'll have probably memorized the stage's objects. There are 12 random objects you have to find, but it's never the same 12, so you'll have to do several tries to memorize each sprite.

Do it 10 times, and you've beaten ”Aha! I Found It!”


As I said before, nothing looks like what it's supposed to be, the objects don't have outlines, and the whole game is just unappealing to look at. In the main menu, you are greeted by some UFO's (they are the host of the game, basically), and they are the most disgusting UFO's ever.

AUDIO (2/10)

The best part of the game by far. But it's not saying much. There are only 3 songs in the game, one in the main menu, one on the stage select screen, and one on the stages. So you'll hear the same bland, annoying music constantly. There aren't many sound effects either, and they are annoying, too.


The game can be beaten in 2 or 3 hours if you want to waste your time, but you'll have no fun at all. In fact I did it just because I hate to own unfinished games, and I can't even trade in or sell a downloaded game.

The replay value is nonexistent, you'll never want to play it again. The only times I opened this game are when I showed my friends how mindblowingly horrible this game is.


”Aha! I Found It” is an atrocity to mankind, Ateam should be shameful of this abomination. Anyone, I mean, anyone could make a better hidden object game. My main problem isn't that the game sucks, because many games do. But it's like it was deliberately made bad, because with a little common sense you'd have noticed these obvious flaws. It's not a matter of low budget or bad programming, but bad decisions.

Don't get this game, only if you are curious about the worst WiiWare game. Because this game is just that, the worst WiiWare games, and one of the worst games in existence.

And to add to Ateam's shame, they put a trailer of this game on Youtube, and when I commented on how bad this game is, they deleted my comment. In fact, the only comment that's still there is probably written by the developers themselves: ”Great game for any age but even 5 yr old can play it..” Hahaha! What a lie! As if most 5 year-olds were able to read.

However, I believe that even 5 year-olds could make a better game than this.


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/23/10

Game Release: "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game (EU, 02/05/10)

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