Lightsaber power and color crystals locaitons?

  1. On every almost every level there is power and or color crystals so where are all of the locaitons?

    User Info: a10war

    a10war - 7 years ago

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  1. I found them hard to find as wellbut the easiest way i found to find them is to get the unlimited force energy by getting all force powers maxed and then just always stay in force sight and just keep looking around

    User Info: Gamr131

    Gamr131 - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Use your force sight and look closely because it should be glowing blue.

    User Info: Gameboytyler

    Gameboytyler - 7 years ago 1 1
  2. This is a link to a guide that will tell you where to find everything (pics included) it helped me a lot. Let me know if it helps! Good luck!

    User Info: caminopreacher

    caminopreacher - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. I cant really tell you the exact locations of these crystals as Ive played through the game and collected them already, but here is a list of each crystal and the level they can be found in:

    Colour crystals

    Green (Kamino: Awakening)
    Silver (Cato Neimoidia: City of Bridges)
    Yellow (Cato Neimoidia: Tarko-se Casino)
    Blue (Dagobah: A Watcher)
    Gold (The Salvation: Blackout)
    Black (Into the Fray: Holding it Together)
    Purple (Return to Kamino: The Capacitor Core)

    Power crystals

    Rubat crystal (Kamino: Awakening)
    Lorddian crystal (Kamino: Escape)
    Opila crystal (Cato Neimoidia: Tarko-se Casino)
    Kaiburr crystal (Cato Neimoidia: Baron Tarkos Palace)
    Velmorite crystal (Dagobah: A Watcher)
    Sigil crystal (The Salvation: Blackout)
    Katak crystal (The Salvation: The Chase)
    Mephite crystal (Into the Fray: Breaking Apart)
    Bondar crystal (Into the Fray: Holding it Together)
    Qixoni crystal (Return to Kamino: Homecoming)
    Ruusan crystal (Return to Kamino: Salvation Bridge)

    To be honest, you shouldnt really need a guide to find all the crystals and other goodies in this game. Just play through the first bunch of levels until you earn the Force Sight power. Then upgrade it as much as you can and go back and replay all the levels you may have missed stuff in. When you turn Force Sight on all of these goodies are highlighted and very easy to see. A few of them can still be a challenge to get to, but you will definitely notice where they are. Have fun!

    User Info: darthcobain17

    darthcobain17 - 6 years ago 0 0

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