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"it's tatsucap baybee!!"

This is it, one of the MUST HAVE import titles for the Wii. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a title that many fighting game fans (Especially those fond of the "vs." series of games.) have been waiting for, so dust off that old Wii, throw out your copies of Smash Bros. Brawl, and rejoice, Capcom's first fighting game (At least that I know of..) for the Wii is here.

Controls/ Gameplay:

The game utilizes a simplified control scheme, a four button layout that consists of an assist button, a light attack, a medium attack, and a strong attack. Super moves can be done by moving the d-pad or control stick in a quarter circle motion and a combination of two attack buttons, the high the level, some characters are able to execute stronger super moves.

This control scheme may turn off some people as most of them (myself included) are used to a standard six button control scheme. But the developers of this game obviously had the Wii in mind prior to developing it, so it's forgiven this time around. It's very user friendly once you get a hang of the controls, a definite plus for casual players to pick up and play. For those who are interested in more advanced tactics, then this is where this title truly shines.

Almost everything from the Marvel vs. series have been brought over to TvC. Push-Blocking, Super Jumps, Air Combos, Techs, and Hyper Combos/ Tag Team Hyper Combos. But it seems that 8ing/Capcom have thrown in a bit of Guilty Gear in the mix, with added aerial dashes, and bursts (called Mega Crashes in this title.). There are also tag out air combos called V- Air Raid, which just simply looks ridiculous. There's also a type of canceling called Baroque, with red health, you are able to perform Baroques, this sacrifices red health in turn for extra damage for an opposing player.

These extra features beef up the existing, already deep gameplay, making the combat even more methodical,
enjoyable, and chaotic.


In typical 8ing fashion, the character models are cel-shaded, a very nice touch, and essential in keeping up with the cartoonish/flashy motif the vs. series are known for. It works well, and runs smoothly at 60 fps, with minor slowdown during the "READY, FIGHT" sequence.

The backgrounds are simple, with things going on in the background. Pretty standard stuff, these levels are also pretty large for a fighting game, which is a plus.

It's a good looking Wii fighter in general, no disappointments there.

Character Choices:

Odd at first, especially if you're going into this game without knowledge of Tatsunoko Studios, fans weary of using these characters will be pleasantly surprised on how well these characters are utilized aesthetically and mechanically. Man of Tatsunoko's characters easily trump over Capcom's side, they're just that good to use. Capcom's selection of characters aside from Street Fighter staples, have actually kind of thought outside the box, adding characters from, rival schools, saki from that Capcom Quiz game from a while back, Viewtiful Joe, PTX-40A from lost planet, Volnutt from Mega-Man Legends, Classic Roll, Souki from Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams, the cast, on capcoms side is far more eclectic than any crossover to date.


If you have access to import games on your Wii, and would like to play something other than the countless copies of Naruto Shippuuden titles and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, check this game out. Fans of the "vs. Series" rejoice, the newest entry is here. New 2-D fighters such as Street Fighter IV, TvC, Blazblue, Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2, King of Fighters XII, and Melty Blood Actress Again are proof the the 2-D fighter genre isn't dead, and these said titles are a gateway of possibilities for further advancement of the genre.

Extra Pointers:

Alex, and his "two boots to the mouth" move. 'nuff said.

have fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/08

Game Release: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes (JP, 12/11/08)

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