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    FAQ/Walkthrough by twilitwolf267

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    Table of Contents

    1. Party Members
      1. Gathering
      2. Command Mode
      3. Ancient Barrier
      4. Primary/Secondary Spells
    2. Normal or Manual
    3. Magic Circles
      1. Ally Magic Circles
      2. Enemy Magic Circles
    4. Walkthrough
      1. Chapter 1-Reptids' Cave
      2. Chapter 2-Lazulis Road
      3. Chapert 3-Ariela's Tavern: Day
      4. Chapter 4-Lazulis City
      5. Chapter 5-Ariela's Tavern: Night
      6. Chapter 6-Bandits' Warehouse
      7. Chapter 7-Stargazers' Tower
      8. Chapter 8-Lazulis Castle: Great Hall
      9. Chapter 9-Lazulis Castle: Ballroom
      10. Chapter 10-Cliffside Path
      11. Chapter 11-Gurak Warship
      12. Chapter 12-The Mercenaries' Warship
      13. Chapter 13-The Vono Islands
      14. Chapter 14-Shipwreck
      15. Chapter 15-Mysterious Forest
      16. Chapter 16-Gurak Military Base
      17. Chapter 17-Asthar's Warship
      18. Chapter 18-Lazulis Castle: Dungeon
      19. Chapter 19-Underground Tunnel
      20. *Chapter 20-Haunted Mansion*
      21. *Chapter 21-The Flame & Lizard*
      22. Chapter 22-Dark Spirit Passage
      23. Chapter 23-Tower of Trials
      24. *Chapter 24-Reptid Catacombs*
      25. *Chapter 25-Sea Cave*
      26. Chapter 26-Lazulis Castle
      27. Chapter 27-Lazulis Castle: Dungeon
      28. Chapter 28-Lazulis Castle: Courtyard
      29. Chapter 29-Gurak Castle
      30. Chapter 30-Lazulis Castle: Great Hall
      31. Chapter 31-Place of Secrets
      32. Chapter 32-Lazulis Castle: Count's Chamber
      33. Chapter 33-Lazulis Castle: Great Hall
      34. Chapter 34-Turret Basement
      35. Chapter 35-Port Lazulis
      36. Chapter 36-Sewer
      37. Chapter 37-Fortress Island
      38. Chapter 38-Raging Ocean
      39. Chapter 39-Reptids' Cave Revisited
      40. Chapter 40-The Last World
      41. Chapter 41-Stargazers' Tower: Day
      42. Epilogue-The Last Story
      43. *Chapter 42-Arganan Temple*
      44. *Chapter 43-Contaminated Cave*
      45. Chapter 44-Stargazers' Tower: Night
    5. New Game+
    6. Optional and Missable Things
      1. Optional Chapters
      2. The Arena
      3. Optional Events/Quests
      4. Missable Items
    7. Working the Goods Market
    8. Travelling Merchants
    9. Online Modes
    10. Miscellaneous Info
    11. Credits

    FAQ/Walkthrough for The Last Story.

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    Version History

    Version 0.35 (10/21/12). The sections outside of the walkthrough, such as sections on optional chapters and optional events/quests, are mostly done. The walkthrough is done up to right before Chapter 16.

    Version 0.50 (10/25/12). The walkthrough is now done up to right before Chapter 22. Also added/fixed some things outside of the walkthrough.

    Version 0.60 (10/26/12). The walkthrough is now done up to right before Chapter 26. Also added/fixed some things outside of the walkthrough.

    Version 0.90 (10/29/12). The walkthrough is now done up to right before Chapter 39. Also added/fixed some things outside of the walkthrough.

    Version 1.00 (10/30/12). The walkthrough is now complete.

    Version 1.01 (11/22/12). Added where The Orchid Gang can be found during the Epilogue. Also added more detail for a few things.

    Version 1.02 (1/15/13). Added that Demons can be found in gold chests in Replays of Reptid Catacombs. Added mention of an optional short scene with Mirania early in the game. Also added more details for a few things.

    Version 1.03 (8/24/13). Added more information about when certain optional things close. Added the section Miscellaneous Info. Also added more details for some things.

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    The main track of The Last Story is very linear. The walkthrough portion of this guide will focus more on highlighting optional events and easily missable items. The optional events/chapters and missable items are also compiled in their own sections after the walkthrough. I will try to avoid explicit spoilers but I cannot guarantee that there will be no spoilers. Heck, the names of chapters are spoilery. The walkthrough assumes that the player is on a first playthrough.


    Here are some terms that are used frequently below that may not be explicitly explained in-game or that I use to mean a specific thing.

    Break: I'll use this to mean both Armour Break and Guard Break. Break lowers defence and nullifies Guard. It is indicated by a red, downward-moving ring surrounding the character or enemy. A character suffering Break can still press the Guard button to do the Guarding animation but will take hits as if they were unGuarded.

    Dodge: If a character is hit during a dive, the word "DODGE" appears over the damage, similar to the word "GUARD" appearing over Guarded damage. This reduces damage taken (by 50%), but not by as much as Guarding. This is what I mean by Dodge (capital D) in this guide, as opposed to dodge, which will mean evade in general. Dodge even works against attacks that Guard does not work against. Dodging also protects from knockback and knockdown in most cases.

    regen: What I will call the HP regenerating effect from stepping inside a Heal/Recover Circle.

    SEEK: I will often use SEEK as a verb to mean "go into SEEK mode and focus on".

    Party Members

    Here I give information on party members' roles in battle and their abilities. Once a character learns their Spirit ability, that character will get a Spirit Gauge, which fills up as the character deals damage, takes damage, and sees allies get Downed nearby. Once a character has a full Spirit Gauge, that character's Spirit ability can be used via Command Mode.

    Zael: The main character, controlled by the player for the vast majority of the game. A physical fighter who can very effectively draw enemy attention and who can diffuse Magic Circles.

    • Gathering: Learned during an event in Chapter 1-Reptids' Cave. Draws enemy attention along with granting many other benefits. See the section on Gathering below.
    • Cure: Learned along with Gathering. Touch a Downed ally while Gathering is active to immediately revive that ally and give that ally a temporary stat increase.
    • Slash: Learned at level 7. While hiding, tilt towards a nearby enemy and press A/a when a prompt appears. Deals x2.5 damage (of a Normal setting attack).
    • Gale: Learned at level 11. Deals light magic damage and diffuses Magic Circles. Requires one segment of the Skill Gauge.
    • Command Mode: Learned at the beginning of Chapter 11-Gurak Warship. Stops time and allows the player to issue orders to the party. Requires a full Skill Gauge. See the section on Command Mode below.
    • Power Strike: Learned along with Command Mode. Temporarily increases Zael's attack. Must be activated via Command Mode.
    • Gathering Burst: Learned at level 16. Take three hits with Gathering active to charge a Burst. Then deactivate Gathering to damage and slow down all enemies that are targeting Zael. Taking five hits instead of three will charge up a more powerful Burst that can also temporarily decrease enemies' levels.
    • Vertical Slice: Learned at level 20. Try to run into a wall to stick to it. Then aim and slam down on the ground. Deals x3 damage (of a Normal setting attack) and diffuses Magic Circles.
    • Guard Counter: Learned upon completing the fifth trial in Chapter 23-Tower of Trials. Start Guarding soon before an attack hits to block the attack, taking zero damage, and do a counter. A Guard Counter on a physical attack is a physical attack that does x4 damage (of a Normal setting attack). A Guard Counter on a thrown spell knocks the spell back at the caster, doing damage based on Zael's M. Atk.
    • Accelerate: Learned at level 35. A Spirit ability. Temporarily greatly increases Zael's movement and attack speeds. Use Gale to give the Accelerate status to allies.

    Calista: An offensive mage (primary role) and healer (secondary role). Uses offensive Light magic that can be diffused to boost party defence.

    • Holy: Begins with this. Offensive Light magic. Diffuse to grant a Barrier status to all allies which increases defence and blocks small projectiles.
    • Heal: Begins with this. Creates a Heal Circle centered on Calista.
    • Shining: Learned at level 27. An upgrade to Holy. Creates a larger Magic Circle. Diffuse to grant Deflector, which gives a greater defence boost than Barrier, to all allies.
    • Recover: Learned at level 33. An upgrade to Heal.
    • Ancient Barrier: Learned at level 39. A Spirit ability. Gives the Ancient Barrier effect to Zael. Ancient Barrier repels thrown spells, damages enemies on contact, and more. See the section on Ancient Barrier below.

    Dagran: A physical fighter.

    • Power Strike: Learned when Zael learns Command Mode. Temporarily increases Dagran's attack. Must be activated via Command Mode.
    • Full Guard: Learned at level 15. Puts Dagran in a defensive stance and draws attention of nearby enemies. Must be activated via Command Mode.
    • Guard Counter: Learned at level 30. The same as Zael's Guard Counter.
    • Death Sentence: Learned at level 32. A Spirit ability. Deals heavy physical damage and inflicts Death, which defeats an enemy after 30 seconds.
    • Full Counter: Learned at level 40. Puts Dagran in a defensive stance and draws attention of nearby enemies. Dagran Guard Counters all attacks (that can be Guard Countered) on him while this is active. Must be activated via Command Mode.

    Syrenne: A dual-wielding physical fighter.

    • Power Chain: Learned when Zael learns Command Mode. Temporarily makes it easier to maintain Chains.
    • Full Guard: Learned at level 15. Puts Syrenne in a defensive stance and draws attention of nearby enemies. Must be activated via Command Mode.
    • Guard Counter: Learned at level 30. The same as Zael's Guard Counter.
    • Shadow Stitch: Learned at level 37. A Spirit ability. Deals heavy physical damage and inflicts Paralysis.

    Yurick: An offensive mage who can counteract enemy Magic Circles. Uses offensive Fire magic that can be diffused to inflict Break on enemies, lowering their defence and nullifying their ability to Guard.

    • Flare: Begins with this. Offensive Fire magic. Diffuse to inflict Armour Break.
    • Reverse: Learned at level 9. Removes enemy Damage Circles. Turns Enemy Heal Circles into Ally Damage Circles. Turns other enemy Magic Circles (such as Poison Circles) into ally Heal Circles.
    • Prominence: Learned at level 25. An upgrade to Flare. Creates a larger Magic Circle. Diffuse to inflict Guard Break. Guard Break lowers defence more than Armour Break.
    • Meteor: Learned at level 36. A Spirit ability. Deals heavy Fire damage and inflicts Guard Break.

    Mirania: A healer (primary role) and offensive mage (secondary role). Uses offensive Nature magic that can be diffused to inflict Silence on enemies, preventing them from casting spells.

    • Heal: Begins with this. Creates a Heal Circle centered on Mirania.
    • Leaf: Learned at level 11. Offensive Nature magic. Diffuse to inflict Silence.
    • Recover: Learned at level 26. An upgrade to Heal.
    • Forest: Learned at level 29. An upgrade to Leaf. Creates a larger Magic Circle. Diffuse to inflict Long Silence, which lasts longer than Silence.
    • Revive: Learned at level 42. A Spirit ability. Fully heals HP of, removes negative statuses from, and restores one life to all allies.

    Lowell: An offensive mage (primary role) and physical fighter (secondary role). Uses offensive Ice magic that can be diffused to make enemies fall.

    • Freeze: Begins with this. Offensive Ice magic. Diffuse to inflict Slip, making enemies fall down. This persists for a short while. Enemies that try to move while inflicted with Slip will fall.
    • Berserker: Learned at level 15 or 16. Makes Lowell use physical attacks instead of spells. Increases his offence but decreases his defence.
    • Blizzard: Learned at level 28. An upgrade to Freeze. Creates a larger Magic Circle. Diffuse to inflict Slip Fall, which lasts longer than Slip.
    • Glacier: Learned at level 35. A Spirit ablity. Deals heavy Ice damage and inflicts Slip Fall.


    The most important ability in the game. Having Gathering active does the following:

    • All enemies that can notice Zael will target Zael.
    • Enemies' movement and attack speeds are reduced. The amount of reduction is indicated by the number of downward-pointing arrows above enemies' heads.
    • Allies' casting speeds are doubled.
    • Zael gets healed 20% of any damage he deals.
    • Hiding causes certain enemies that are targeting Zael to display a "?" above their heads. Enemies with a "?" above their head take double damage.

    Downed allies will automatically revive after enough time has passed, but touching a Downed ally while Gathering is active immediately revives that ally and gives that ally a temporary stat increase.

    After Zael learns Gathering Burst, taking damage while Gathering is active builds up power. Take three hits to get a Burst Up. Deactivate Gathering at that point to damage and slow down all enemies that are targeting Zael. Take five hits to get a Burst Max. Deactivate Gathering at that point to do a more powerful Gathering Burst that can also temporarily decrease enemies' levels.

    Gathering gets forcibly deactivated if Zael is knocked down or is grabbed by an enemy.

    Command Mode

    Requires a full Skill Gauge. This stops time and allows the player to issue orders to the party. The bottom order is usually Retreat, which makes the character immediately jump to an ally healer or Heal/Recover Circle. The top order is the character's Spirit ability. For Zael, Dagran, and Syrenne, the left order is a temporary self-buff. Zael's right order is his normal Gale. For Dagran and Syrenne, the right order lets the player choose where to send Dagran or Syrenne and that character will jump to that location and assume a defensive stance, drawing attention of nearby enemies. For the mages, the left order is their primary spell and the right order is their secondary spell/ability (see "Primary/Secondary Spells" below). Spells ordered via Command Mode take three ticks to charge, unless they are already under three ticks. (What I mean by "ticks" is the timer above a casting mage.) A character can be skipped over (not given an order) by pressing A/a.

    Ancient Barrier

    Ancient Barrier does many things. It repels thrown spells and damages enemies on contact with the dome. Allies within the dome get negative statuses removed and have their HP regenerate. Allies who enter the dome get a buff (indicated by a purple ring) that increases defence and blocks small projectiles, similar to Barrier/Deflector. Ancient Barrier also grants some resistance to knockback and knockdown.

    Primary/Secondary Spells

    The four mages each have a primary spell and a secondary spell/ability. Whenever a new battle begins, the mages will start with, and continue using, their primary spell. To switch a mage to his or her secondary spell/ability, use Command Mode. The left order for a mage is the primary spell. The right order is the secondary spell/ability. Once ordered to used their secondary spell/ability, a mage will continue to use that spell/ability in the current battle until ordered back to the primary spell, and vice versa.

    For example, Calista's primary spell is Holy/Shining and her secondary spell is Heal/Recover. In every new battle, Calista will always start using Holy/Shining. You must use Command Mode if you want her to use Heal/Recover. After being ordered to use Heal/Recover, Calista will continue using Heal/Recover for the rest of the current battle unless she is ordered back to Holy/Shining (or she uses a Spirit ability). Lowell has a primary spell of Freeze/Blizzard. But instead of a secondary spell, he has a secondary ability, Berserker, that makes him use physical attacks. Use Command Mode to switch Lowell between casting spells and fighting physically.

    After a mage uses a Spirit ability, he or she will switch back to his or her primary spell.

    Normal or Manual

    There are two attack settings in the game. Both have pros and cons and neither is strictly superior to the other. They both work well. The attack setting can be changed under OPTIONS in the main menu.

    • The Normal setting may cause unintended attacks, which doesn't happen in Manual. (+ for Manual)
    • Manual attacks do less damage than Normal attacks (roughly two-thirds of Normal setting damage). (+ for Normal)
    • Manual attacks can be faster than Normal attacks, at the same Agility. (+ for Manual)
    • In Normal, Gale (and spells, when the player is controlling a mage) can be used without an initial attack. Using a hold-A/a ability in Manual often causes an inital weapon swing. (+ for Normal)
    • In Normal, trying to use Slash when there isn't a Slash prompt causes the character to dive. This doesn't happen in Manual. (+ for Manual)

    Manual is a safe, orthodox bet. But if you are willing to give Normal a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    If you want to use Normal (or at least give it a try), I have two suggestions. One, learn to think of the Guard button as also the do-not-attack button. I think the biggest con to Normal is that it may cause unintended attacks. Learning to think of (and use) the Guard button in this way goes a long way towards avoiding unintended attacks. Two, set the dive type to "only when Guarding" and only use (D-pad down)/y to dive.

    Magic Circles

    Certain actions in the game (mainly spells) leave discs called Magic Circles on the field. Magic Circles affect allies and/or enemies (depending on the kind of Circle) that enter them. Zael has two abilities, Gale and Vertical Slice, that can "diffuse" Magic Circles, which removes them and, if they were ally Circles, creates a one-time effect.

    Ally Magic Circles

    Stepping inside ally Magic Circles grants beneficial effects. Diffusing ally Magic Circles grants one-time beneficial effects at the cost of getting rid of the Circle.

    Offensive ally spells leave a Magic Circle at the point of impact. "Offensive Magic Circles" are what I will call ally Magic Circles that are not Heal/Recover Circles. Allies who step into an offensive Magic Circle will have their weapon imbued with the element of that Circle. This gives a boost to physical damage (as long as enemies don't resist, nullify, or absorb that element) and makes it easier to keep Chains going. Weapons quickly lose this elemental boost after a character leaves an offensive Magic Circle. Enemies who are in an offensive Magic Circle take continuous damage. This damage is not indicated with numbers onscreen. However, this damage is indicated by small sparks at enemies' feet when they are in an offensive Magic Circle.

    Heal/Recover Circles

    These are white Circles. Stepping inside a Heal/Recover Circle removes negative statuses and grants an HP regenerating effect. This regen effect, indicated by a small white ring underneath the character, lasts for quite a while after leaving the Circle, so there is no need to stay inside of a Heal/Recover Circle to get healed. Just step inside for the regen. However, staying inside of a Heal/Recover Circle does grant the benefit of having immunity to negative statuses. Diffusing a Heal/Recover Circle grants a one-time heal and negative status removal to all allies, no matter how far away they are. Enemies are not affected by ally Heal/Recover Circles.

    Holy/Shining Circles

    These are yellow Light-elemental offensive Magic Circles. Diffusing Holy/Shining Circles grants a Barrier/Deflector status to all allies, no matter how far away they are. Barrier increases defence and blocks small projectiles, such as Arrows, Paralysis Arrows, and Spines from the various Muruks. Deflector increases defence more than Barrier does. Shining Circles are larger than Holy Circles.

    Flare/Prominence Circles

    These are orange Fire-elemental offensive Magic Circles. Diffusing Flare/Prominence Circles deals Fire damage to, and inflicts Armour Break/Guard Break on, nearby enemies. Armour Break lowers defence and nullifies Guard. Guard Break lowers defence more than Armour Break. Prominence Circles are larger than Flare Circles.

    Leaf/Forest Circles

    These are green Nature-elemental offensive Magic Circles. Diffusing Leaf/Forest Circles deals Nature damage to, and inflicts Silence/Long Silence on, nearby enemies. Silence prevents enemies from casting spells. Long Silence lasts longer than Silence. Forest Circles are larger than Leaf Circles.

    Freeze/Blizzard Circles

    These are blue Ice-elemental offensive Magic Circles. Diffusing Freeze/Blizzard Circles deals Ice damage to, and inflicts Slip/Slip Fall on, nearby enemies. Slip causes enemies to immediately fall over. It then persists for a short while. Enemies that are still under Slip who try to move will fall over again. Slip Fall lasts longer than Slip. Blizzard Circles are larger than Freeze Circles.

    Enemy Magic Circles

    All enemy Magic Circles, except for Damage Circles, can be removed with Gale or Vertical Slice. Yurick's Reverse can turn enemies' Magic Circles against them.

    Enemy Heal Circles

    These are light black Circles. They function like ally Heal/Recover Circles, but are for enemies. Enemies who step inside an Enemy Heal Circle get a regen effect, indicated by a dark green ring under the enemies, that continuously heals them for a while. Diffusing an Enemy Heal Circle gets rid of it and removes the regen from enemies that got it from that Circle. Yurick's Reverse turns all Enemy Heal Circles into Ally Damage Circles (these are red-purple). Ally Damage Circles continuously damage enemies that stand in them. Like enemy Damage Circles, Ally Damage Circles cannot be diffused. But why would you want to diffuse them?

    Damage Circles

    These are red Circles that tend to be quite large. Allies who stand in a Damage Circle take continuous damage that is not indicated with numbers onscreen. This can be negated with regen. Allies who have an active regen from a Heal/Recover Circle will not take damage from Damage Circles. Damage Circles cannot be diffused with Gale or Vertical Slice. However, Yurick's Reverse can remove Damage Circles.

    Poison/Silence/Stone Circles

    Poison Circles are purple, Silence Circles are black/gray, and Stone Circles are gray. Allies who step into one of these Circles gets inflicted with the corresponding negative status (Poison/Silence/Petrify). However, if these spells are Guard Countered, they will leave the same-looking Circles, but those Circles will affect enemies instead of allies. These Circles can be diffused with Gale or Vertical Slice to remove them, but that won't remove the negative status. Yurick's Reverse turns these Magic Circles into ally Heal Circles. Note that Zael cannot use Gale when he is Silenced. Poison hurts 5% of max HP every three seconds for a while but cannot bring HP below 1.


    Don't put too much weight into the chapter structure of the game. New chapters generally happen when entering a new area or when something significant happens at an old area. At certain points, you will be entering new areas rapidly so some chapters are very short.

    During portions when you are free to explore the city, I will run through optional events and quests that are available. Information on how to do the events and quests will be in the main body of the walkthrough, but I will also link to the event/quest in the dedicated sections after the walkthrough.

    A note on EXP: There are times in the game when some party members may be absent from the party for several dungeons in a row and fall behind in level. Don't worry about that. Party members that are behind in level will catch up very quickly once they are back in battle, often gaining several levels in the first few battles they're in after being absent for a while.

    After battles, your allies will usually go towards where you need to go to proceed. Use that to know where to go to proceed and to know which path to take last if you want to explore at intersections.

    Chapter 1-Reptids' Cave

    Something you may want to do early on is decide whether you will be using Normal or Manual. You may change the attack setting under OPTIONS in the main menu. I suggest that you leave Tutorials on and pay attention to them. They should answer most questions about controls and how abilities work. There are two kinds of Tutorials. One kind stops the action and includes a video. The other are hints that pop up at the top of the screen. The hints that pop up at the top of the screen are easy to miss if you are in the middle of a battle, so I will mention some of the more important ones.

    Once you have control, turn around to head to a wall that can be checked. Go through for a chest with Heart of the Outsider. Then go back to where you started and continue on to a large room. Fight for a short while and control will switch to Zael, the main character.

    Move forward to encounter the first instance of a fight where there are multiple ways to approach the fight. You can go and attack the enemies head on or you can SEEK the pillars and tell Yurick to destroy the pillars for a quick victory. In battles where there is something that can be SEEKed, I will mention them. Continue on to a large room to reunite with Dagran and Syrenne. SEEK the bridge and have Yurick use magic to quickly defeat the enemy archers. Dispatch the rest of the enemies and a Reptid Gladiator will enter the room. This enemiy hits hard. Be sure to Guard its attacks. Yurick's Flare spell leaves Flare Circles on the ground. Step into them to infuse your weapon with fire to deal increased damage (see Magic Circles for a more comprehensive treatment of Magic Circles).

    Continue on to the next large room. As Dagran suggests, use the path on the right. The crossbow tutorial happens here so I will add something that is not mentioned in the game. While in SEEK mode, press left on the D-pad to quickly switch back to the basic Arrows. Continue on the path and you will end up right next to the enemy healer and offensive mage. It is generally a good idea to take out enemy healers and mages quickly. Offensive magic from enemies often take out characters in one hit if unGuarded. After the fight, check the center of the room to open the way forward.

    In the next room, follow your allies to trigger a scene. After the scene, either approach Syrenne or wait for her to finish talking to continue. Once the large door opens, follow Syrenne to an apparent dead end. Check the small door on the left and the large rock formation on the wall to trigger a scene and gain the Gathering ability.

    To say that Gathering is an important ability is a vast understatement. It is almost always better to have Gathering on than not. Unless noted otherwise, I will assume that you have Gathering almost constantly active in battle. In battles where the enemies have not detected the party, don't activate Gathering until the enemies have detected the party.

    The enemy skeletons will get up several times. Finish the fight and go through the door that opens.

    Approach the bridge to trigger a battle. The Undead Swordsmen will get up several times. To defeat them quickly, position yourself so that your attack knocks them off the bridge. Let Yurick handle the enemy archers and mages. There are white bombs on both ends of the bridge. Those are Heal Bombs. Throw one to create a Heal Circle. Step inside a Heal Circle to gain an HP regenerating effect that lasts for quite a while after leaving the Heal Circle.


    There are three kinds of Bombs. White ones are Heal Bombs that create a Heal Circle where they are thrown. Orange ones are Damage Bombs that deal damage where they are thrown. Green ones are Daze Bombs that become rigged once thrown. After a certain amount of time has passed or if anyone, ally or enemy, goes near it, a rigged Daze Bomb will explode, dealing tiny damage and inflicting Daze.

    After the battle, there will be a red Summon Circle next to the door forward.

    Red Summon Circles

    Use Gathering while standing on a red Summon Circle to make enemies appear. Enemies from Summon Circles give more EXP than usual. However, if you train at a Summon Circle for a while, eventually enemies from that Circle will give very little EXP once you reach a certain level.

    At some Summon Circles, more than one wave of enemies can be summoned at a time. Upon activating Gathering on a Summon Circle, a Checkpoint Save will be made. If it is a Summon Circle where this works, wait a second or two for the save to finish. Then deactivate and reactivate Gathering while standing on the Summon Circle to summon a second wave of enemies.


    Continue forward for the first boss fight, against Cocoon. Since the dive tutorial happens here, I should mention that getting hit during a dive reduces damage by half and protects from knockback and knockdown in most cases. I use "Dodge" to mean getting hit during a dive.

    Boss: Cocoon

    Guarding does not work on Cocoon's claw swipe or shoulder lunge. If Cocoon's target is far away, Cocoon will toss a sword. The sword does an inital hit and then explodes after a brief delay. If the sword hits someone, it will be stuck in that character, even if it was Guarded. So try to dive to evade the sword rather than Guard it. There are Heal Bombs in the room if you need healing. SEEK Cocoon's head and tell Yurick to aim for the head. When Cocoon gets hit in the head with magic, it gets stunned for a short time. Cocoon will eventually summon reinforcements. After dealing some damage, Dagran will suggest luring Cocoon out onto the bridge. If you do, there will be a scene and Cocoon will be defeated. You may also take down Cocoon the old-fashioned way by depleting its HP, but be warned that that approach will take quite some time. There is no special reward for defeating Cocoon by depleting its HP.

    Chapter 2-Lazulis Road


    Continue past the Save Point to trigger a boss fight against Forest Beast.

    Boss: Forest Beast

    Play it safe and focus on Guarding its attacks, getting in an attack of your own in between the Forest Beast's attacks. Position Zael so that Zael, Dagran, and Syrenne form a triangle around Forest Beast. That puts it in a Surrounded state where it takes more damage. Yurick will join in the fight after he takes the two kids to safety. Get Forest Beast down to about 15% of its max HP to end the fight.

    Follow your allies to the city.

    Chapert 3-Ariela's Tavern: Day

    A very short chapter. A door on the first floor of the tavern leads to a merchant. When you are ready to continue, leave the tavern to enter Lazulis City.

    Chapter 4-Lazulis City

    Walk around Lazulis City and you will eventually run into Dagran, who will invite Zael to watch a company of knights arrive in the city. That progresses the story. Choose to meet up with him later if you wish to explore more of the city first. If you choose to meet up with him later, he will be at the south side of Castle Gate Plaza, the northmost large rectangular area (press + to open a map of the city). When you are ready to proceed with the story, go Watch the Knights Arrive.

    Now is a good time to talk about the layout of the city, since I will often be referring to the major parts of the city. The plaza just north of Ariela's Tavern is Central Plaza. The northmost large rectangular area is Castle Gate Plaza. The southmost somewhat-large rectangular area is South Gate Plaza. The large rectangular area east of Ariela's Tavern is Fountain Plaza. The broad street running northeast of Fountain Plaza is the Market. The large circular structure in the northwest of the city is the Arena. The large alley west of the Arena is Artisan's Way. You may warp to any of the above mentioned areas by selecting MAP on the main menu. The bridge west of Ariela's Tavern is Arganan Bridge.

    Throughout the city are pickups that give tiny permanent stat increases to the party. Those pickups respawn whenever the player leaves the city. There is no limit on how many of those pickups the player may take. However, when I say those pickups give tiny stat increases, I truly mean tiny stat increases. I highly recommend against trying to farm those pickups. Doing so is a large waste of time. If some of those pickups happen to be nearby, feel free to pick them up. Just don't purposely exit and enter the city to farm them.

    If you wish to explore the city right now, there is plenty to do. But first, a little about weapons, equipment, and upgrades. I do not suggest buying weapons or equipment (I use "equipment" to mean armor, both top and bottom). Plenty of weapons and equipment come from enemy drops and chests. Upgrading weapons and equipment increases their stats and, at certain milestones, grants attributes and strengthens existing attributes. Of particular note at this point are the two Rogue Edges that come with Syrenne. At +3, Rogue Edge gains a 5% chance to steal upon attacking, which becomes an 8% chance at +5. Personally, I would get a Rogue Edge+5 on Zael early in the game. If you decide to do that, just get it to +4 first and then make use of the one free upgrade (see two paragraphs below) to get it to +5. There is an upgrade shop northeast of Central Plaza, one in Artisan's Way, and one just east of Ariela's Tavern. Otherwise, I suggest waiting a bit before doing your first upgrading. There will be an opportunity in not too long to get upgrades at a 30% discount.

    Exploring the City

    You may wish to read SEEK the Ground for Free Stuff, Working the Goods Market and Travelling Merchants at this point. I will now map out a route around the city to get most of the optional events/quests that are available right now. If you wish to explore the city on your own, use the links in the below paragraph to be taken to the corresponding event/quest in the dedicated section after the walkthrough.

    There is a Fortune Teller just outside Ariela's Tavern. Talk to him and he will tell Zael to vist Horace's Shop, the upgrade shop just east of Ariela's Tavern. Visiting Horace's Shop after talking to the Fortune Teller will result in Zael getting a one-time free upgrade. SEEK the kid standing outside Horace's Shop for a Coconut (for a list of people, and a cat, who give free stuff when SEEKed, see SEEK People for Free Stuff). Head east into an alley and follow the alley a bit towards the northeast. You should notice strong winds blowing in that alley. There is a boy and a girl standing next to each other in the windy alley. SEEK the girl for Magical Defence+1.

    Return to Horace's Shop. Then head south and turn right. Go until you see a woman sweeping. SEEK her for a Dragon Skin. Head south to South Gate Plaza and SEEK a boy sitting on a bench in the northwest corner of South Gate Plaza for an Ordinary Pumpkin. Then talk to a boy on the east side of South Gate Plaza who challenges Zael to find Six Toy Coins. Accept his challenge. There is a Toy Coin on the west side of South Gate Plaza. Go west of South Gate Plaza until you see a girl sitting on a bench. Talk to her to meet The Orchid Gang and begin a multi-part quest. The Orchid gang will steal 100G. The one who has the money is above the entrance to Ariela's Tavern. SEEK him get the money back and a Dragon Skin. There is a Toy Coin on the west side of Central Plaza.

    Head south from Horace's Shop and turn left at the fork this time (not into an alley). There will be a craftsman plastering a wall. SEEK him for a Dragon Skin. Continue east into Fountain Plaza. SEEK the old man sitting at the fountain for an Almond. There is a Toy Coin at the southeast corner of Fountain Plaza. Use the north exit of Fountain Plaza, turn right and then turn left. Look on your right for a small nook with a chest with a Dragon Fang, one of several Dragon Fangs in the City. Return to Fountain Plaza. Continue northeast into the Market. As you enter the Market from the south, look left for a Toy Coin. From the south end of the Market, take the second right (you should see a gate after you turn.) There will be an old man sitting on a bench. Sit down next to him and choose "Being strong." to get Physical Defence+1 or "Good business acumen." for 100G. Go back into the Market, look right and up. SEEK the boy sitting above a stall for a Dragon Skin. One of the stalls in the Market is the Greengrocer. Get two Bananas, two Eggs, and three Coconuts.

    Go north from the Market, turn right, and turn right again into an alley. Proceed further into the alley and look for a chest with a Dragon Fang. Head back out the alley. Proceed northwest across the bridge and turn right into an alley. Take the second left in that alley to reach a chest with a Dragon Fang. Head out the alley the way you came. Turn right and follow the main road towards Central Plaza. SEEK the elderly preaching man for a Wine. SEEK the cat just east of that man for a Quality Fertiliser. Continue west a bit and turn right onto the road that leads to Castle Gate Plaza. Walk under the cover on the west side of the road for another Toy Coin. If you want to avoid triggering the knights arriving, be sure to not actually enter Castle Gate Plaza from the south. Head south back to Ariela's Tavern. Go west to reach Arganan Bridge and head northwest across it. Turn left and look on your left for a small opening. Go through that opening for a chest with a Dragon Fang.

    Head north to the Arena. Go to a stall just east of the Arena entrance (where Syrenne and Lowell are standing) and agree to get ingredients since that Shop Needs Ingredients. You will get 3000G. Hand over one Banana, two Eggs, and three Coconuts to get a Dragon Skin and have that shop open for business. Head to the north side of the road encircling the Arena and talk to the Comedy Actor sitting on a bench. He is the Banana Man. Agree that Bananas are great (because they are) and give that man a Banana to receive Prank Banana x50. That man will reappear if you return to Lazulis City (such as from Ariela's Tavern, Lazulis Castle, or Lazulis Road) and will continue to give Prank Banana x50 for a single Banana. Head north from the Banana Man to find a brother with a sick sister. Remember this brother for later. Head to the west side of the road encircling the Arena for a Toy Coin. That should be all six. Return to the boy in South Gate Plaza to get a Hoe. From South Gate Plaza, head east through two passages that Zael has to squeeze through to reach a tiny dead end with a chest containing a Dragon Fang.

    There are a few other things for me to mention. There are three people in the city who have Fetch Quests that may be repeated. These three people each have one request at the moment, but they will have more as the game progresses. Their requests may be canceled without penalty, so feel free to accept them. One is the Charismatic Chef, a man in red walking around in the Market. One is the Budding Confectioner, a woman in blue standing in Artisan's Way. One is a Trader, a man in light blue standing in the southeast corner of Castle Gate Plaza. (If you want to go to Castle Gate Plaza without triggering the Knights arriving, enter Castle Gate Plaza from the east and avoid going towards the south exit of the plaza.) After completing a request, just reenter the city from somewhere, such as Lazulis Road or Ariela's Tavern, to make these people reappear. Also in Castle Gate Plaza is a woman working at the tables in the northeast of the plaza who thinks that Some People Need to Slip. Make the five people sitting at the two tables in the northeast of Castle Gate Plaza slip with Prank Bananas to get a Wheat. SEEK a man playing a musical instrument just west of the large gate in Castle Gate Plaza for a Banana.

    Talk to Syrenne in front of the Arena to gain access to Arena Season 1. The first time through Arena Season 1 (or any of the later seasons), the party is Zael, Syrenne, and Lowell. Afterwards, you may choose your party of four to tackle Season 1 again.

    You can complete a quest to gain the ability to dive into the river in the city. But you will need Three Frogs to Dive. From Central Plaza, head west down the bank of the river. At the end of the path is a man who asks you to catch three frogs. To make a frog appear, talk to the Fortune Teller in Central Plaza, who will tell you where to go to find a frog. When catching a frog, be sure to approach from behind (you don't have to move slowly). To have the Fortune Teller tell you the location of another frog, return to Lazulis City (such as from Ariela's Tavern, Lazulis Road, or Lazulis Castle). You only need three frogs for this quest, but the first six that you catch will each give Party Agility+5, so you may want to catch an additional three. After catching at least three, return to the man who asked you to catch frogs and he will teach Zael to dive into the Lazulis City river. This is needed to meet the Old Man of the River and to do the Cougars in Lazulis City quest later. Dive into the river and go all the way east along the south bank of the river to find the Old Man of the River. He gives a Dragon Skin the first time you talk to him. He gives rewards when you reach certain milestones of bumping into people, hitting your head on signs, and falling over. (There are baskets of fruit around the city. Knock one over and then step on the fruit to fall over.) The last rewards are for 300 bumps and 150 hits/falls.

    Watch the Knights Arrive

    When you are ready to proceed with the story, either choose to go with Dagran when you first meet him in the city or head to the south side of Castle Gate Plaza. After the scene, either choose to go back to the tavern with Dagran to advance the story or choose to go back later if you want to explore more. If you choose to head back later, note that sunset will start in a few minutes of (real) time. After Zael says that it is getting late, you won't be able to head to Lazulis Road to reset frogs for the Three Frogs to Dive quest. It isn't a big deal since you can continue catching frogs the next morning, but it is something to know. Also, if you choose to head back later, Mirania will be standing in the middle of Central Plaza. Approach her for a short scene. Head to Ariela's Tavern when you are ready to proceed.

    First Night in the City

    Returning to Ariela's Tavern after seeing the knights arrive will cause night to fall. Head back out into the city and go behind Ariela's Tavern. There is a small opening there that Zael can squeeze into. Start moving into that opening and listen carefully. There will be an audio-only (without any onscreen text) conversation involving Yurick's Muruk. Head to the east balcony of Central Plaza (through a door) and SEEK the boy there for Firework x10.

    Supposedly, Zael's current objective is to get some booze. And you can, if you'd like. Head to the north end of the road south of Castle Gate Plaza to find a Liquor Merchant who will give you Fine Liquor. You can then return with the liquor to Ariela's Tavern, but Syrenne will just down all of it again, prompting Zael to go get more. The purpose of this is to get the player to go just north of Central Plaza, where someone sneezes from a nearby cart.

    When you wish to continue the story, head just north of Central Plaza and check or SEEK the cart there. After the scene, head towards the Market via the east bridge. At the southeast end of the bridge, SEEK the boy there for Firework x10. After a few scenes in the Market, head towards Fountain Plaza.

    After another scene, a chase sequence will begin. The objective is to make the guards lose track of Zael and Lisa. If a guard grabs Zael or Lisa, that character's HP will drop. If either of them gets to zero HP, you'll get a Game Over. When a guard grabs Zael or Lisa, rapidly shake the left control stick left and right to break free more quickly. Press Guard to look behind Zael. There are many ways to lose the guards. I tend to use the narrow alleys (that don't lead to dead ends) either west of South Gate Plaza or east of the Arena. The corners in the alley south of Artisan's Way also work well. After the chase, head to Ariela's Tavern.

    Chapter 5-Ariela's Tavern: Night

    A short chapter. You may still head out into the city if you wish. To proceed, talk to Mirania and Lowell. Then head to the second floor of the tavern, go into Ariela's Room, and approach Ariela and Warren. Leave Ariela's Room and Lowell will suggest going to the Bandits' Warehouse. Tell Lowell when you are ready to go.

    Chapter 6-Bandits' Warehouse

    After the mandatory SEEK, carefully walk across the beam, drop down, and take out the Bandit. If you drop down next to the Bandit, enemy reinforcements will arrive. Open the four chests in the room to continue. One is next to Lowell. Approach Mirania to have her open a chest. One is next to the Save Point. Finally, one is through a small opening next to the chest by the Save Point. Continue down the stairs to a fight. Zoran is a Leader, so enemies near Zoran will get a significant stat increase.

    Enemy Leader Command

    Certain enemies have a constant "Leader" status (indicated by the word "Leader" on their HP bar). Enemies under the command of a Leader (they are surrounded by an orange light) gain a significant stat increase. Try to take out Leaders quickly.

    Defeat Zoran to continue. If you haven't used Summon Circles or the Arena, Zael should reach level 7 at this point and learn Slash.


    Slash deals x2.5 damage of a Normal setting attack. Slash does the same damage in both attack settings. Hiding while Gathering is active will make most enemies that would be targeting Zael display a "?" above their heads. Enemies with a "?" above their head take x2 damage. Some enemies (typically non-humanoid enemies) are not affected by this and never get a "?" above their heads.

    Zael and Mirania will be separated from Dagran and Lowell. Follow Mirania out of the water to trigger a fight. After the fight, follow the SEEK prompt to find a spot you can climb up at. Continue to a dead end for another fight. Go through the newly-created hole and proceed to reunite with Dagran and Lowell. Slash the Reptid Gladiator when it has a "?" over its head to take it out in one hit. Beyond the Reptid Gladiator is a Summon Circle and beyond that is a Save Point. The next room has Reptid Berserkers whose spit attack inflicts Break.


    I use "Break" to mean both Armour Break and Guard Break. Break lowers defence and nullifies Guard. It is indicated by a red, downward-moving ring surrounding the character or enemy. A character suffering Break can still press the Guard button to do the Guarding animation but will take hits as if they were unGuarded.

    Break, like other negative statuses, can be removed by entering a Heal Circle. Removing Break is not vital in this fight, but just remember that Break renders Guarding useless. The next room has an Ogre that is chained and cannot move far. Ogres deal heavy physical damage and their attacks knock down if unGuarded. Approach the Ogre to begin the fight. Move back and SEEK the pillar to the right of the Ogre to command Lowell to attack the pillar with magic to safely take out the Ogre. Be sure to distract or take out archers who target your mages. The next room has two chests and a Save Point.


    Continue past the Save Point for a boss fight against Terracor.

    Boss: Terracor

    Slash is the key to this fight. Slash Terracor from the landings on the side to make Terracor get stuck in a wall. Then proceed to attack away. Once Terracor gets free from the wall, go to one of the landings and repeat.

    Don't miss the Killer Cutter+2 that Terracor drops on the ground. Follow after Zoran to finish the dungeon.

    After Finishing Bandits' Warehouse

    You will be back in Ariela's Tavern. To continue on to Chapter 7-Stargazers' Tower, talk to Lisa and agree to go with her. This is your last chance to listen to the conversation about Yurick's Muruk by going into the small opening behind Ariela's Tavern.

    Dungeons may now be Replayed!

    Replaying Dungeons

    Certain dungeons can be Replayed (just battles, minus story events that happen the first time through the dungeon) by choosing MAP in the main menu while in Lazulis City. You get to choose the party to bring along, with the same number of party members that were present the first time through the dungeon. There are no Save Points or Summon Circles during a Replay. You can stop a Replay and return to Lazulis City by selecting QUIT in the main menu. Enemies do not give EXP during Replays but money and rare items will appear more often. Regular (brown) chests that were present the first time through will not refill with items. However, there will be special gold chests that refill every time you Replay a dungeon. Each Replay has at least one gold chest with a roulette with all Dragon Fangs and Dragon Skins. Several areas' Replays have a chest with Sylph Bowstring x2. Enemy levels are scaled to your party's levels in Replays.

    Both Reptids' Cave and Bandits' Warehouse may be Replayed.

    Replaying Reptids' Cave

    Beware of the level scaling here. Enemies in Reptids' Cave Replays are scaled to have levels quite a bit higher than your party's. In Replays of Reptids' Cave, Cocoon must be defeated by depleting its HP. But don't worry. It should not take anywhere near as long as the first time through. (The first time through, Cocoon was purposely given very high HP to encourage the bridge victory.) From my experience, Cocoon drops Cresent Moon the first time it is defeated in a Replay and drops Rogue Edge+3 after that.

    Replaying Bandits' Warehouse

    Zoran is not present in Replays. The party does not get separated. There are several gold chests with Gnome Copper and the enemies drop Gnome Copper pretty often, so going through this Replay should get you a good number of Gnome Coppers. Terracor still drops Killer Cutter+2 on the ground.

    Gnome Copper is used to upgrade equipment up to +3. A discounted upgrader is coming up soon, so considering Replaying Bandits' Warehouse for some Gnome Coppers in preparation for that.

    Chapter 7-Stargazers' Tower

    Once Lisa is standing on the alter and you can talk to her, you can choose "Touch her." twice for some extra scenes. Choose "Talk to her." to continue. Back in the tavern, you will not be able to head out into the city anymore this night. Head to Zael's room on the second floor, talk to Dagran, and choose to go to sleep to continue.

    The Next Day

    Telling Dagran that you are ready will take the party to Lazulis Castle and begin Chapter 8-Lazulis Castle: Great Hall. There are new optional things to do in the city. However, all of those optional things can still be done after entering Lazulis Castle as long as you don't start Chapter 9-Lazulis Castle: Ballroom, so feel free to go with Dagran to the castle right away if you wish and return to the next paragraph later. If not... I will walk through optional things to do in the city.

    Talk to the Dye Maker next to Yurick and agree to help her get Angel Threads for Invisibility. Go down to the first floor of the tavern and talk to Ariela for Ariela's Handmade Lunch. This is the beginning of the quest to Trade for Zoran's Sword. If you get Ariela's Handmade Luch now, you can leave off the rest of this trading sequence for later, if you wish. Head out to the city into Central Plaza. Ignore the SEEK prompt for now. Go down the south bank of the river, east of Central Plaza, to find a kid who asks for Ariela's Handmade Lunch. Trade him the lunch for a Absorbent Towel. Continue east along the south bank to find a man fishing. SEEK him for a Dragon Skin. Beside the fisherman is a man guarding a chest in a tent. Shoot a Firework as Distraction and open the chest for a Dragon Skin. Move away from the tent before the man notices the chest is open. Go back to Central Plaza and follow the SEEK prompt to find a bird and get an Angel Thread. Wait in Central Plaza for three more SEEK prompts, the first two of which will get you two more Angel Threads. The third will cause the bird to fly off towards Castle Gate Plaza. Follow the bird, ignoring the SEEK prompt just north of Central Plaza. The fourth bird will be on the fountain in Castle Gate Plaza. Go back to just north of Central Plaza and there will be a SEEK prompt showing a boy on a roof. To reach him, head a bit east then north. There will be a path on your left that leads to a large backyard. A ladder in that backyard leads to the boy. Talk to him and agree to help find his cat. Then go talk to the Fortune Teller in Central Plaza. Head to Fountain Plaza and follow the cat there to find Mari the missing cat. If you lose track of the cat that will lead you to Mari, return to Lazulis City (such as from Ariela's Tavern, Lazulis Road, or Lazulis Castle) and talk to the Fortune Teller again. Your reward is a Ladle. Go to the north end of Artisan's Way to find a man who will trade a The Art of Magic for the Absorbent Towel. The person who wants The Art of Magic is inside Lazulis Castle, so you will need to proceed to Chapter 8-Lazulis Castle: Great Hall to continue this trading sequence. Go to the south end of the Market to trigger a scene and meet a woman named Mina who drops some lemons on the ground. This starts the Mina and Mini event. Leave the city and return to her to trigger another scene where Mina again drops some lemons. That's all you can do for that event for now. I now want to bring your attention to a quest that should not be seriously attempted now. From Fountain Plaza, head north and turn right to find a man. Talk to him and he will mention the east floodgates in the river. This makes a dot (indicating a door that can be opened) appear on the map at the east end of the river. You can now go to that dot and head inside (you need to have done the Three Frogs to Dive quest to be able to dive into the river). Inside are Cougars in Lazulis City that Zael has to take out on his own. Feel free to check them out, since you are given the option to retreat after seeing them. Just know that they are there and remember to defeat them before starting Chapter 32-Lazulis Castle: Count's Chamber, after which you will not be able to go there. Return to Ariela's Tavern and give the Dye Maker the four Angel Threads to get Incredible Invisibility Dye. That's all for now, so tell Dagran when you are ready.