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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/28/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                             = T H E   C L O N E   W A R S =
    LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (PS3 Version)
    A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.1
    E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Basics
       3A. Controls
       3B. Menus/Displays
       3C. Hints/Tips
    4. Large-Scale Battles
       4A. Overview
       4B. Buildings
       4C. Units/Vehicles
       4D. Assault Missions Overview
       4E. Republic Assault Missions
       4F. Separatist Assault Missions
       4G. Arcade Mode
    5. Command Ship Hub
       5A. Exploring the Hub
       5B. Space Missions
    6. Story Walkthroughs
        6A. Prologue - Geonosian Arena
       Asajj Ventress Missions
        6B. The Hidden Enemy
        6C. Ambush!
        6D. Blue Shadow Virus
        6E. Storm Over Ryloth
        6F. Innocents of Ryloth
        6G. Liberty on Ryloth 
       Count Dooku Missions
        6H. Battle of Geonosis
        6I. Gungan General
        6J. Jedi Crash
        6K. Defenders of Peace
        6L. Weapons Factory
        6M. Legacy of Terror
       General Grievous Missions
        6N. Duel of the Droids
        6O. Shadow of Malevolence
        6P. Destroy Malevolence
        6Q. Lair of Grievous
        6R. Rookies
        6S. Grievous Intrigue
       Extra Missions
        6T. The Zillo Beast
        6U. Hostage Crisis
        6V. Castle of Doom
    7. Free Play Minikit Runthroughs
        7A. Prologue - Geonosian Arena
       Asajj Ventress Missions
        7B. The Hidden Enemy
        7C. Ambush!
        7D. Blue Shadow Virus
        7E. Storm Over Ryloth
        7F. Innocents of Ryloth
        7G. Liberty on Ryloth 
       Count Dooku Missions
        7H. Battle of Geonosis
        7I. Gungan General
        7J. Jedi Crash
        7K. Defenders of Peace
        7L. Weapons Factory
        7M. Legacy of Terror
       General Grievous Missions
        7N. Duel of the Droids
        7O. Shadow of Malevolence
        7P. Destroy Malevolence
        7Q. Lair of Grievous
        7R. Rookies
        7S. Grievous Intrigue
       Extra Missions
        7T. The Zillo Beast
        7U. Hostage Crisis
        7V. Castle of Doom
    8. Bounty Hunter Missions
       8A. R2-D2
       8B. Yoda
       8C. Padmé Amidala
       8D. Anakin Skywalker
       8E. Captain Rex
       8F. Plo Koon
       8G. Aayla Secura
       8H. Obi-Wan Kenobi
       8I. Ahsoka
       8J. Kit Fisto
       8K. Bail Organa
       8L. Waxer
       8M. Commander Cody
       8N. Commander Ponds
       8O. Luminara Unduli
       8P. Eeth Koth
    9. Characters and Craft
       9A. Story Characters
       9B. Extra Characters
       9C. Flight Vehicles
       9D. Ground Vehicles
       9E. Silly Vehicles
    10. Secrets/Unlockables
       10A. Main Unlocks
       10B. Red Bricks
       10C. Secret Codes
    11. Trophies/Achievements
    12. Standard Guide Stuff
       12A. Legal
       12B. E-mail Guidelines
       12C. Credits
       12D. Version Updates
       12E. The Final Word
    Welcome, Star Wars fans, LEGO fans, LEGO Star Wars fans, video game fans, 
    and last, but certainly not least, fans of my previous works.  Thank you so 
    much for all your continued support.  Your feedback, whether it be positive, 
    negative, or constructive, is what keeps me writing these guides.
    So again, welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone 
    Wars, specifically the version for the PS3, although this FAQ should suffice 
    for the console and PC versions.  The PSP, 3DS, and DS versions are stripped 
    down variations.  Within, you'll find details on how to complete each of the 
    story missions, how to find all the ever-elusive minikit canisters, and how 
    to access all the nifty secret stuff.
    2. FAQ
    Q: What is LEGO Star Wars 3?
    A: This is an action adventure game by Lucasarts and Traveller's Tales, 
     released in 2011, using LEGO characters and with the setting of the 
     Star Wars: The Clone Wars CGI animated TV series.
    Q: Wait, there's a Star Wars TV series?
    A: Yeah, where have you been?  It airs on Cartoon Network in the US.  
     They're just about wrapping up their third season as of the time of this 
    Q: What parts of the series does this game cover?
    A: The game covers elements of Season 1 and Season 2 of the series, as well 
     as the tail end of the Attack of the Clones movie.
    Q: What's the heck's going on?  I was chasing after Dooku and suddenly I'm 
     at another planet helping some other Jedi?
    A: The Clone Wars series is largely episodic in nature.  Most missions are 
     based off one episode of the series, many of which are self-contained.  
     I'll do my best at the outset of each Story Walkthrough to get you up to 
     speed on what happens in that episode.
    Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?
    A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptors of Cartoon Violence 
     and Crude Humor.
    Q: Would this game be good for my kids?
    A: Absolutely so.  There's almost no objectionable material during gameplay.  
     All violence is done to LEGO bricks, not real people.  The game is very 
     forgiving in the sense of difficulty, encourages exploration and critical 
     thinking, as well as working together with a friend.  However, there are 
     certain situations that mirror the movies, such as the LEGO characters 
     dying or being dismembered (ie. Jango Fett's death) which are kinda played 
     down given the goofy nature of the LEGOs.  
    Q: How many people can play at once?
    A: Two.  Drop-in/drop-out co-op is available at any time during the main 
     game.  There's also a specialized two player Arcade Mode.  There is, sadly, 
     no online play.
    Q: What's new in this game compared to the old LEGO Star Wars games?
    A: Plenty.  Even if you've been keeping up with the Traveller's Tales 
     LEGO games, there's still new stuff to find in his game to keep you 
     - Presentation in general has been improved.  Use of graphics has been 
      refined to the point where colors and lighting are used far more 
      effectively.  Also, the idea of the wars is exemplified when you see 
      a good hundred battle droids on the screen at once.
     - The hub area for this game is the command ship "Resolute" and serves as 
      a level in itself.  Once Gold Bricks are collected, more areas of the 
      ship can be explored.  Power Bricks are now found only in this area.
     - The control system has been adjusted.  Once Jedi grasp an object with 
      the Force, they can move it with the Control Stick.  They can also target 
      a lightsaber throw.
     - Vehicle combat is improved.  Vehicles now may have multiple combat 
      functions including different weapons, boosts, and a target strafing 
      system.  Also, most story missions with vehicles will allow you to 
      dock and leave your vehicle.
     - A new gameplay setup is introduced in the form of large-scale battles.  
      Quite simply, it turns the game into a light real-time strategy where you 
      have to build up buildings and manage units.  It's *very* light compared 
      to other RTS, so parents don't have to worry about it being too 
     - For the first time, certain Story Missions will actually split up the 
      players.  Using split-screen, characters will operate in different areas 
      of the mission in order to help each other out.
    Q: I freed a bad guy from the brig on the Resolute, but he disappeared!  
     Where did he go?
    A: Onto the Invisible Hand.  All those imprisoned bad guys have a "normal" 
     stomping ground on some part of the enemy's ship.  You can easily find them 
     there, as you find others.
    3. BASICS
    3A. Controls =
    General Controls -
    Left Analog Stick: Move your character.
    Right Analog Stick: Adjusts the camera view.
    X Button: Jump or hover (not available for all characters)
    Square Button: Attack or use primary ability.
    Circle Button: Use special ability.  Also used to bulid piles of LEGOs and 
     pull levers (non-droids only).
    Triangle and L2/R2 Buttons: Shift focus.  Use when facing another character 
     to transfer control to them.  Also used to mount and dismount vehicles.
    L1 and R1 Buttons: Only used during Free Play.  Switch between characters you 
     selected for this mission.
    Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.
    Blaster Characters -
    X Button: Jump.  Some characters have a second diving jump if you press A 
    Square Button: Fire blaster.  At close range, this is a melee attack.
    Circle Button: Use grappling hook on orange hook targets.
    Jedi/Sith -
    X Button: Jump.  Press again for a double jump.
    Square Button: Swing lightsaber.  Hold down button to prepare a targeted 
     lightsaber throw.  Use the analog stick to aim at your target and release 
     to throw.  Pressing Square also automatically reflects blaster bolts.
    Circle Button: Use the Force.  Using the Force will have different results 
     depending on the character and target.  Using the Force on any simple 
     pile of bricks will assemble them automatically.  Certain small objects 
     can also be moved by using the left analog stick while holding down Circle.
    Vehicles -
    X Button: Sometimes applies a speed boost to your craft.  Mostly reserved 
     for spacecraft and speeders.
    Square Button: Main attack, generally laser cannons.
    Circle Button: Sometimes an alternate attack, like proton torpedoes.
     Certain turret based vehicles use this as a "lock-on" button, allowing you 
     to fire at your target and move without breaking your aim.  Press X to 
     cancel out of this.
    Triangle Button: Disembark Vehicle
    3B. Menus/Displays =
    Main Menu -
    New Game: Begin a new game file.  You'll be prompted to create a save file 
     in the PS3 version.
    Load Game: Pick any of your save files to start up from.
    View Trailer: View a trailer for LEGO Harry Potter.  Why they didn't decide 
     to use Pirates of the Carribean when it's a couple months from this game's 
     release is beyond me.
    Pause Menu -
    Resume: Return to the action.
    Options: Go to the Options menu to tweak the game.
    Extras: Access any of your available red bricks or input a secret code.
    Quit: When in a mission, this option will return you to the hub.  When in 
     the hub, you will return to the title screen.  If in the hub or in Free Play 
     mode, you'll be given the option to save your progress or not
    Options Menu -
    Audio Volume: Adjust general volume of the audio.
    Music: Turn on or off.
    Split Screen Mode: "Dynamic" is the default, where it moves around depending 
     on where your two characters are.  Fixed, either horizontal or vertical, 
     maintains those perspectives at all times during co-op play.
    Brightness: Adjust how bright the game is on your TV.
    Motion Blur: Set whether or not blur occurs when things move fast.
    Main Game Display -
    Most of the display action during gameplay is at the top of the screen.  
    The upper corners show your current characters in portrait form, and their 
    health in heart form.  The hearts are red if you're just walking around, and 
    gray if you're on a vehicle or animal.  Each player has a stud count, 
    and the running total for True Jedi is kept at the top middle of the screen.  
    Also, the map is displayed at the top of the screen during large battles, 
    which I'll describe more in the next section.
    3C. Hints/Tips =
    Get into a habit of using the "Save & Exit" function to save out of the 
    hub on the Resolute, just to make sure all your progress is recorded.  Note 
    that you CANNOT save exactly as you are in the middle of a mission to pick 
    up later.  You must complete the mission in one sitting for it to count.
    Although the concept isn't as prominent as it has been in past games, make 
    sure you try to saber or blast everything you see.  Collecting studs will 
    let you buy more stuff, and will also count towards attaining "True Jedi" 
    status, which you'll have to do once per mission.
    Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas 
    you might be missing.
    If you die, you'll drop 2,000 studs.  You can die as many times as you want 
    and you can still finish the mission.  However, losing too many studs means 
    you'll have a harder time getting True Jedi status, so be sure to recollect 
    those lost studs when you croak.
    Sparklies on an object means that you can use the Force on them, so take that 
    opportunity whenever it presents itself.  Red sparklies means that ONLY a 
    Sith can use the Force on those objects.
    It's a war, baby, and you're a Jedi general, or at least a Clone commander, 
    so you're going to have to learn how to defeat your enemies on the field 
    of battle using all the resources you have at hand.
    4A. Overview =
    Large-scale battles are set up where the opposing sides (usually the 
    Republic versus the Separatists) are given "bases".  The objective is 
    usually to destroy the opposing force's buildings and cripple their means 
    of production.  Sometimes a mission will require you to destroy something 
    specific like a shield generator.
    "Bases" are circular areas that are really little more than a central 
    object, let's call it a "power generator", and an area around it that may 
    contain buildings.  Power generators are neutral, which is to say that 
    they exist in fixed locations and the first side to build on that base 
    becomes its owner, and they lose ownership when all buildings on it are 
    Power generators themselves cannot be destroyed... most of the time.  There 
    are certain missions where the central structure is not a normal power 
    generator, and destroying it will destroy all the buildings attached to it.
    Also of note in this overview is the battle map you'll see at the top of 
    the screen.  The map is oriented with the back of the screen being north 
    on the map.  Typically, Republic forces will be on the left (west) side, 
    with Separatist forces on the right (east side).
    The map has several symbols on it which are:
    Long White Vertical and Horizontal Lines - They meet at your current position
    Large Blue/Red Circle - An established base, either Republic or Separatist
     If the base is colored in, then there's a shield generator over it
    Small Blue/Red Circle - Other Player Characters
    White Squares - Buildings
    Light Blue/Orange Triangles - Vehicles
    Light Blue/Orange Empty Squares - Troops
    White Lines - Ray Shields
    4B. Buildings =
    On any unclaimed or allied base, you can place up to eight buildings.  
    Simply walk near the generator and a platform will appear.  Press the 
    Circle Button and you'll be given a menu of what you can build.  There are 
    certain "levels" to what you can build and it's all based on how many 
    bases you currently control, including the one you're currently building on 
    if it's new.  So, if you already have three bases and you go to build on a 
    fourth, building there will allow you access to Level 4 structures.  You 
    do not necessarily need to build a Level 4 structure, though, in order to 
    advance further.
    Buildings all cost studs, so you'll need to make an effort to collect them 
    by destroying rocks and debris on the ground, and enemy units and buildings.  
    The more expensive and advanced a unit/building that you destroy, the more 
    studs it will give up, so the only way to make money is to blow stuff up.
    You can only build certain structures and only so many, depending on the 
    mission.  Once you open the build menu, you'll see what you can build.  
    Once you select an object (say, a cannon), then that object will be 
    constructed at that location.  Your build menu will tell you how many of 
    each structure you can have: for instance, three regular cannons, one 
    silver, and one gold.
    Also, you can only build up to three structures on any one base.
    Silver and Gold Armor
    Armored buildings are a more expensive variant of the standard building.  
    You are usually afforded one of each per armor and per type of building 
    (certain buildings do not allow silver/gold armor).  Both kinds of armor 
    regenerate, so if your foe wears down the building and leaves, the armor 
    will slowly crawl back to full strength.
    Silver Armor - Invulnerable to normal blaster fire and lightsabers.  
     Heavy blaster cannons, rockets, and missiles will all pierce silver armor.
    Gold Armor - Invulnerable to everything except *sustained* blaster fire.  
     What this means is that you must either bring blaster troops or a vehicle 
     the fires a constant beam (like an RX-200) to level this structure.
    Also, no armor protects against proton torpedoes.
    Level 1 - Cannons (CAN)
     The base level allows you to build defense cannons.  Cheap, and good for 
     point defense, but not very useful for attacking.  That said, they are the 
     ONLY buildings that can directly defend themselves, so you may want to 
     consider having some guarding essential buildings.  The standard type of 
     cannon can be manned, and more info is available in the "units" section 
     below.  The latter type is a special "arc energy" emplacement that sends 
     out lightning strikes in a small radius around it.  It's seriously 
     effective against all units, but it doesn't have much range.
      Cost: 5,000 - Normal 
           10,000 - Silver 
           15,000 - Gold 
           20,000 - Arc Energy Cannon (ARC)
           40,000 - Silver Arc Energy Cannon
           60,000 - Gold Arc Energy Cannon
    Level 2 - Small Air Support (SAS)
     At this level, you can build landing pads which can call in vehicle drops.  
     These drops are scout-type vehicles that offer greater firepower than 
     speeder bikes, but shouldn't be relied upon for levelling buildings.  Each 
     pad will only call in one vehicle at a time, but will immediately call in 
     again should the vehicle be destroyed.
      Cost: 2,000 - AT-RT or Dwarf Spider Droid
    Level 3 - Barracks (BAR)
     Creating a Barracks will deploy a squadron of clone soldiers or battle 
     droids.  Only one squadron will be deployed at a time per Barracks, but once 
     that squadron is wiped out, a new one will immediately deploy.  In this 
     sense, a Barracks can sort of defend itself through its troops.  There are 
     two "types" of Barracks in that they produce one of two types of troops, 
     either a basic blaster group or a more high-powered (and expensive) 
     explosive group.
      Cost: 4,000 - Blaster Clones/Droids
            7,500 - Rocket Clones/Droids
    Level 4 - Air Support (specific to craft)
     Now we're bringing in the heavy hitters.  Similar to Level 2, in this 
     level you can build landing pads, only now you're calling down tanks and 
     heavy assault vehicles, which will seriously tear up buildings, but tend to 
     be a bigger target for enemy fire.
      Cost: 12,000 - Hailfire Droid, AT-AP or AAT
            20,000 - RX-200 or Spider Droid
            50,000 - AT-TE or Super Tank
    Level 5 - Shield Generator (SG)
     Once you build a shield generator on a base, that particular base will be 
     enveloped in a colored cocoon of light.  The shield cannot be penetrated 
     by enemy fire nor enemy vehicles.  Enemy characters and troops, however, can 
     walk through the shield and attack from the inside, or simply step up to the 
     generator and turn the shield off.  Of course, the shield can just as 
     easily be turned back on, so making the generator a priority target is 
      Cost: 10,000 - Normal
            20,000 - Silver
            30,000 - Gold
    Level 6 - Ray Shield Generators (RSG)
     These generators, rather than having an area effect, offer a focused 
     beam of protection on a specific building.  That building will be 
     effectively invulnerable while protected.  The only way to damage the 
     protected building is to destroy the RSG itself, or fire a torpedo at the 
     power generator that has the shielded object.  Now, building an RSG can 
     be a tricky matter.  Once it's completed, you can jump in and move the 
     beam, but you can only turn in about a 90 degree angle outwards from the 
     base, and the beam only reaches so far.  So, if you have a particular 
     building you want to shield, make sure you place the generator at a nearby 
     base pointed towards it.  You can ray shield any buildings OR power 
     generators if you want to protect them from torps.
      Cost: 15,000 - Normal
            30,000 - Silver
    Level 7 - Proton Torpedo Generators (PTG)
     Now that we have all the good vehicles and all the good protection, it's 
     time to lay down some heavy fire.  Steer a hovering vehicle over the 
     generator and you'll pick up torpedoes that you can fire with the Circle 
     Button.  Torpedoes will target base generators, instead of single units 
     or buildings.  When the generator is hit, one random building connected 
     to it will be destroyed.  If there's more than one building, you'll need 
     more than one torpedo.  Now, there's a very serious and interesting 
     drawback to torps.  ANYONE can use them once they're built, so if you build 
     one, the bad guys can cruise in and start levelling the playing field just 
     as fast as you can.  The CPU won't do this, but I make no guarantee for 
     opposing human players.  May want to consider building a shield generator 
     in the same base.
      Cost: 20,000 - Normal
            40,000 - Silver
            60,000 - Gold
    Level 8 - Extra (EX)
     Once you reach the top tier, you can open this menu, which, if in a Story
     Mission, will have a Minikit Dispenser.  This will be one of the ten 
     canisters you're required to collect to get the full minikit in the 
     mission.  If in Arcade Mode (or a couple of Assault Missions), you can 
     build a Stud Fountain which will continually chuck out studs.  If in a 
     mission that requires you to build an Escape Pod, this is where you'll 
     find it.
      Cost: 25,000 - Minikit Dispenser (Story Missions only)
            50,000 - Escape Pod (certain Assault Missions only)
            50,000 - Stud Fountain (Arcade/certain Assault Missions only)
    4C. Units/Vehicles =
    With the exception of troop squadrons, you can take personal command of 
    anything listed here.  You can only give troops orders to follow you and 
    attack certain targets if you're a high-ranking trooper with a radio (ie. a 
    Clone Commander).  If the unit is allied, simply press Triangle next to it 
    and you'll hop right on it.
    If the unit is NOT allied, then you can STILL take command of it, but what 
    you need to do is fire on the vehicle until the guy driving it is forced out.  
    This will weaken it, but hey, free vehicle.  Unfortunately, you cannot 
    hijack an enemy vehicle forever.  After about a minute, you'll be forced out 
    as the vehicle is reclaimed by the enemy from orbit.  This is most likely to 
    prevent all vehicles from being commandeered by one side for too long.
    By the way, all vehicles here are also listed down in the lower Vehicles 
    section, where their history is given as well.
    Player Character - 
     Seems silly to count it, but there really is no more important unit on the 
     field.  Your character is by far the most useful thing out there.  Given the 
     AI is basic at best, anything that's not controlled by you will most likely 
     be simply taking potshots in the general direction of the enemy or just 
     wandering around, so you WILL be doing just about all the work out there.  
     Also worth noting is ENEMY player characters, who, while not advancing or 
     anything, will turn shield generators back on if you turn them off.
    BARC Speeder -
    STAP -
    Starhawk Speeder Bike -
     Scout vehicles can be found just about everywhere.  In fact, it sometimes 
     seems like they follow you.  Spooky.  Anyway, the point of placing these 
     things nearby is so you can quickly jet from one of the battle to the 
     other.  As an actual weapon, they're pretty low on the heap.  The Starhawk 
     is a neutral pirate variant, but it operates pretty much the same way.
      Primary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
      Boost Capable
      Can carry one Torpedo
    AV-7 Cannon -
    Proton Cannon -
     The only stationary object you can mount.  The cannon's obvious drawback is 
     that you SORT OF can't move it.  That said, if you have the time to 
     backtrack, you can always destroy the one you have sitting there and build 
     a new one in a closer location.  As far as firepower is concerned, the 
     cannon can easily bring the pain, although it is slow to fire.
      Primary Weapon: Long-range Shell
      Secondary Weapon: Point Defense Lasers
    AT-RT - 
     The light walkers have slightly more power than a basic speeder and at a 
     little less speed.  I wouldn't rely on them to really clear multiple bases, 
     but it can certainly chase down troops like nobody's business, and a 
     building or two won't stand up to sustained fire.  Early in a mission, 
     you'll likely have little better.
      Primary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
    Dwarf Spider Droid -
     The Separatist equivalent to the AT-RT is slower, and its blaster cannon 
     is lower to the ground, meaning you'll be more likely to be shooting the 
     dirt instead of a target.  I wouldn't rely on it nearly as much as the 
      Primary Weapon: Blaster Cannon
    Blaster Clones -
    Blaster Droids -
     The grunts of the respective armies.  After being deployed out of a 
     Barracks, troops will pretty much wander around on their own, shooting 
     random things.  They only truly become a proper fighting force once you 
     have a "commander" character take control of them with their radio.  This 
     can either be done in the midst of the group OR at the group's Barracks.  
     Press Circle and the troop will follow you anywhere.  Hold down Square to 
     bring up the target reticule.  Pass it over an enemy target and release 
     and the troops will start firing until it's either destroyed or they're 
     scattered.  Speaking of which, destroying over half of the troops in 
     formation will cause them to break off and run away, effectively destroying 
     the unit.  With their concentrated fire, troops can destroy Gold armored 
     targets.  They're also not too shabby at disabling enemy vehicles, as you 
     might find yourself on the receiving end of more than once.
    Rocket Clones -
    Rocket Droids -
     These bad boys are packing the heavy artillery.  They can make short work 
     of buildings, enemy vehicles, and Silver armor.  The major drawback to 
     them is their relatively slow movements and light defense compared to 
    Hailfire Droid -
     This is the bottom rung of heavy artillery for the Separatists, but hey, 
     they get four types.  The Hailfire Droid has two big wheels for moving 
     pretty quickly around the battlefield.  Its main weapon is a series of 
     missiles.  The missiles cause some decent damage, and a full well-aimed 
     volley can knock about half of the health off a building.  The downside 
     is that these missiles take time to "reload", and you can fire while 
     reloading, but it will be a reduced volley.  Good if there's a building, 
     or perhaps an enemy vehicle, that you really want to move to and take 
     down quick, but for sustained reliable damage, you may want a heavier 
      Primary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    AT-AP -
     The lowest end of heavy artillery on the Republic side is actually probably 
     the most powerful in terms of offensive.  With a heavy laser cannon and 
     smaller blaster cannons, you'll pound down enemy buildings pretty quick, 
     even ones with Silver armor.  This offensive capability comes at the cost of 
     durability, as it is the weakest in terms of durability and slightly below 
     moderate in terms of speed, although that lack of speed is offset by its 
     ability to target, allowing you to try to dodge incoming fire.
      Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon
      Secondary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
      Targeting Capable
    AAT -
     The Separatist answer to the AT-AP is slightly faster due to it being 
     a repuslor craft.  It too has the targeting capabilities of the AT-AP and 
     pretty much the same weapons and armor.  It can also pick up proton 
      Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon
      Secondary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
      Targeting Capable
      Can carry three Torpedoes
    RX-200 Tank -
     This mid-ranged artillery's main selling point is its focused turbolaser.  
     Supplying constant fire on a single target, this craft will wear down any 
     building, albeit at a somewhat slower rate than the craft above.  It is 
     also a great weapon against Gold armored buildings, chopping through them 
     much faster than it even does a regular building.  As for speed and 
     durability, it ranks mid-range, and is certainly the fastest of the 
     heavies.  It even comes with targeting abilities.
      Primary Weapon: Focused Turbolaser
      Targeting Capable
      Can carry three Torpedoes
    OG-9 Homing Spider Droid
     Compared to the RX-200, the big Spider Droid isn't quite as hot.  It 
     has the same focused turbolaser and can fix a target, but it seems to have 
     trouble keeping that target as you strafe around.  It also seems to be a 
     bit slower, and it can't pick up torpedoes.  That said, it does have some 
     backup blaster cannons.
      Primary Weapon: Focused Turbolaser
      Secondary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
      Targeting Capable
    AT-TE -
     The heavy of the heavies.  This plodding death machine is nigh 
     indestructible.  If you're looking to stomp all over your enemies 
     without worrying about getting knocked out of the saddle, this thing is 
     for you.  With a heavy laser cannon and several anti-personnel blasters, 
     this machine is bringing the pain as well.  The only problems are that it's 
     slow as molasses, has a slightly lower offense, and targeting its laser 
     can be somewhat problematic.
      Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon
      Secondary Weapon: Anti-personnel Blasters
    Super Tank -
     Like the AT-TE, this craft is meant for durability first.  It's a bit 
     easier to handle, being a repulsor craft instead of a walker, but it's 
     not much faster.  Its primary weapon is concussion missiles, which are 
     easier to target than the AT-TE's heavy cannon, but doesn't seem to cause 
     as much damage.  It also has anti-personnel blasters.
      Primary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
      Secondary Weapon: Anti-personnel Blasters
      Can carry three Torpedoes
    Pirate Speeder Tank -
     Y'know, all the Rep and Sep machines talk a big game, but really, this 
     baby is the true killer of the battlefield.  Boasting an explosive turret 
     cannon as its PRIMARY weapon (and only weapon), the Speeder Tank pounds, 
     pounds, and pounds some more.  It's also targeting capable and boasts as 
     much armor as the other heavy vehicles, which is good because it's only real 
     drawback is being a bit slow.  Oh, and it's neutral, so either side can use 
      Primary Weapon: Heavy Explosive Cannon
      Targeting Capable
      Can carry three Torpedoes
    4D. Assault Missions Overview =
    Once you gain access to the areas of each part of the Command Ships that 
    store the Ground Vehicles (I call it "Assault Hangar" on the Resolute and 
    "Landing Craft" on the Invisible Hand), you need to use a craft that can 
    destroy silver armor and blow away the back wall.  This gives you access 
    to a new holoprojector and unlocks the "Republic Assault" and "Separatist 
    Assault" missions, respectively.  Take a look at the Command Ship Hub section 
    below to find exactly how to get these going.
    Anyway, once unlocked, select either Republic Assault or Separatist Assault.  
    You'll see a galaxy map and will be asked to pick which planet you wish 
    to attack.  Note that you'll only be allowed a limited number of planets 
    at the outset.  This is largely due to the conditions of planets after 
    certain Story Missions.  Once you complete an Assault Mission, usually you 
    will be able to access it for the opposing side, and can access it whenever 
    you want on the winning side, no matter its current allegiance.  Also, 
    certain Assault Missions require specific characters to be purchased 
    (mostly on the Separatist side), so keep battling and buying characters and 
    you should have them all unlocked quick enough.
    Once you select your battle, you'll then select a vehicle to take into it.  
    This vehicle must be one that you have purchased by the vehicle panel 
    nearby, although unlocking them for purchase is usually as simple as playing 
    missions that feature them and hitching a ride on one.  Note that this 
    vehicle will respawn at the starting location every time you lose it.
    So, the point of this set of missions is generally simple: destroy all the 
    enemy buildings or destroy a specific enemy building.  The trick is that 
    you're given a limited amount of time to complete the mission, and sometimes 
    limited resources.
    First and foremost is picking the proper vehicle, and I'll tell you right 
    now that the tried and true method is the Pirate Speeder Tank.  Decent 
    speed, MASSIVE firepower, and if you use the targeting well, you can dodge 
    most incoming fire before it becomes a problem.  Certain missions may call 
    for different vehicles, but you usually cannot go wrong with the PST.
    Second is resources.  Everything costs studs, and you may not always have 
    time to tool about to pick up more.  I suggest buying at least one score 
    multiplier, as they apply to these missions and make building that much 
    less of a worry.
    Lastly, know your opposition and stick to the mission.  If you only have one 
    target to destroy, zero in on it and try to ignore distractions, because 
    you only have so much time to complete the mission.  If you're to destroy 
    all buildings, don't cruise around randomly.  Work methodically towards 
    wiping them out in the most efficient order possible.  Build quickly on 
    conquered bases so you can advance more effectively.
    The two sections below are all the missions described in a compact format.  
    Here's the breakdown of that:
    Objective = Why you're here.  There are several set types of objectives:
     1. Destroy all enemy buildings.  Self-explanatory.  Vehicles and characters 
      don't matter.  Just level all the buildings.
     2. Destroy the Command Center.  This is a special building, usually heavily 
      protected, that has a rather huge resistance to damage AND self-repairs 
      it, so you'll need constant heavy firepower to lay waste to it.
     3. Destroy three enemy statues.  Instead of one target, you now have three.  
      The good news is that they're not special super buildings, just one that's 
      normal, one silver, and one gold.  The bad news is that they're usually 
      just as well-protected as a Command Center.
     4. Build an Escape Pod.  This requires you to claim eight bases and open 
      up the "Extra" menu.  Once you build it, hop inside and it will launch 
      in ten seconds unless your foes have anything to say about it.
    Time = The amount of time given to complete the mission.
    Characters = The characters you'll be playing as.  Take proper note, because 
     it may mean the difference between being able to control your troop 
     squadrons and not.
    Start = What you're given at the beginning of the mission.  Usually not 
     very much.  In addition to what's listed, you also have both player 
     characters, speeder bikes, and the vehicle you chose to take with you.
    Resources = What you can potentially build.  Many times you're given a 
     "standard" allotment, which you'll probably become familiar with as you 
     fight battles.  Sometimes your resources are limited, and you'll have to 
     plan accordingly.  Also, I've put a number of Bases under Resources, 
     counting the maximum number possible you can create, including the ones you 
     start with.  Take note, because not all missions will allow you to take 
     all enemy bases.
    Opposition = The enemy forces.  Enemies will not build nor capture, so you 
     really don't have to worry about that.  That said, enemies can have 
     building types that you don't, such as Silver and Gold Barracks, for 
    CAN = Cannons
    ARC = Arc Energy Cannon
    SAS = Small Air Support
    BAR = Barracks
    AS = Air Support
    SG = Shield Generator
    RSG = Ray Shield Generator
    PTG = Proton Torpedo Generator
    EX = Extras
    S = Silver
    G = Gold
    R = Rocket (for troops)
    AP = AT-AP
    RX = RX-200
    TE = AT-TE
    HF = Hailfire
    AA = AAT
    SP = Spider Droid
    ST = Super Tank
    EP = Escape Pod
    SF = Stud Fountain
    I've abbreviated in some places to save space.  For instance, if you see 
    "3+S+G", then that means you can build three normal versions of that 
    structure, one silver version, and one gold version, or the enemy has that 
    many, or whatever.  If you see "S-RX", then that's an Air Support pad that 
    brings down an RX-200, and has Silver Armor, something you can't normally 
    have on your own, but the enemies in Assault Missions love to throw at you.
    4E. Republic Assault Missions =
    Geonosis -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Commander Cody, Ki-Adi-Mundi
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       18            15
      CAN     1       3+S+G         8+3S+G
      ARC             1             2
      SAS             3             1
      BAR             6+2R          4+R+S
       AS             AP RX TE      HF AA
       SG             3+S+G         5
      RSG             2+S           
      PTG             2+S+G         
       EX             EP SF
    Christophsis -
     Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       18            12
      CAN     S       3+S+G         3+2S
      ARC             1             1
      SAS             3             2
      BAR             1             6+G  
       AS             AP RX         S-AA
       SG     1       3+S+G         1+G
      RSG             2+S           1+2S
      PTG             2+S+G
    Rugosa -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Grievous
     Time: 6 minutes
     Characters: Lieutenant Thire, Jek
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            NOTHING       15
      CAN                           3+S+G
      ARC                           1
      BAR                           3+R+S+2G
       AS                           S-AA S-SP 2G-AA G-SP
       SG                           1+S
      RSG                           2+S
      Notes: Whoa.  Definitely no time to mess around so aim straight for the 
       throat on this one, specifically the shield generators and RSGs.  You 
       can't build, so make sure you use your initial vehicle to cause some 
       good damage, or hijack the multitude of enemy vehicles in the area.
    Naboo -
     Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       18            14
      CAN     2       3+S+G         1+3S+G
      ARC             1             
      SAS             3             
      BAR             1             4+2S+2G
       AS     AP RX   AP RX TE      HF G-HF 2AA
       SG     2       3+S+G         2
      RSG             2+S           S
      PTG             2+S+G
    Ryloth -
     Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings
     Time: 8 minutes
     Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       NOTHING       10
      CAN                           4+S
      BAR                           6+3S
       AS     2AP                   2S-AA
       SG     2                  
      RSG                           S
      Notes: Nothing to be built, so either take your initial vehicle or the 
       AT-APs and go hogwild.
    Florrum -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         1+S
      ARC             1             3+S+2G
      SAS             3             
      BAR                           4+2S
       AS             AP RX TE      S-SP G-AA
       SG             3+S+G         2+S 
      RSG             2+S           1+S+G
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             EP
      Notes: Given the number of gold objects, it'll be tough getting up to 
       Air Support to pull down an RX-200, so you may want to consider hijacking 
       the Spider Droid quick before you blow its landing pad.
    Quell -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 16 minutes
     Characters: Commander Bly, Clone Trooper
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         2+2S
      ARC             1             2S
      SAS             3             1+G
      BAR     1       6+2R          4+2G  
       AS             AP RX TE      
       SG             3+S+G         1
      RSG             2+S           S+G
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             EP
     Notes: The only bugaboo about this setup is the two Silver Arc Cannons in 
      the middle of the causeway, which are tough to "see" from a vehicle.  I 
      suggest an AV-7 Cannon against them.
    Maridun -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Grievous
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Commander Bly, Ahsoka
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            18            15
      CAN             3+S+G         3+3S
      ARC             1             1+S
      SAS             3             
      BAR             6+2R          3+2R+2G
       AS             AP RX TE      2AA S-AA
       SG             3+S+G         3
      RSG             2+S           2+2S+G
      PTG             2+S+G
    Ruusan Moon -
     Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings
     Time: 12 minutes
     Characters: Commander Cody, Captain Rex
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         
      ARC             1             
      SAS             3             
      BAR             6+2R          4+5S+3G  
       AS             AP RX TE     
       SG             3+S+G         1
      RSG             2+S           1+S
      PTG             2+S+G
     Notes: Hope you brought a good vehicle to start with, because you're 
      starting bare.  That said, once you get rolling, this should be quick, 
      given the enemy doesn't have much to defend with.
    Dead Moon of Antar -
     Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings
     Time: 9 minutes
     Characters: Plo Koon, Ahsoka
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       NOTHING       11
      ARC                           2
      BAR                           21  
       AS     2RX                  
      RSG                           3+2G
     Notes: Despite the GIANT number of Barracks...es, only eight will ever 
      spit out Battle Droids, because that's the maximum allotment.  So, you 
      better get to work, because all the help you have is some RX-200s for 
      those Gold RSGs, AND you're strapped for time.
    Vassek -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 10 minutes
     Characters: Commander Cody, Captain Rex
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            14            12
      CAN             1             4+S+G
      ARC                           3+2S+G
      SAS             1             
      BAR             6+2R          3+S+2G
       AS             RX            SP  
       SG             1             2
      RSG                           1
     Notes: This is probably the least guarded Command Center, but it requires 
      some serious travel through enemy territory to get to.
    Rishi Moon -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Grievous
     Time: 6 minutes
     Characters: Captain Rex, Clone Trooper
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       NOTHING       10
      CAN                           3+2G
      BAR     2                     2+S+G
       AS     AP RX                 AA SP
       SG     1                
      RSG                           S+G
      Notes: Despite the short amount of time, this is a rather light mission.  
       Just walk around blowing stuff up, ignore the gold stuff until you 
       reach the other side and can grab an RX-200.  Some of the statues aren't 
       even protected.
    Saleucami -
     Objective: Destroy all the buildings
     Time: 17 minutes
     Characters: Captain Rex, Clone Trooper
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            18            14
      CAN             2             4+2S
      SAS             3             
      BAR             6+2R          4+5S+3G
       AS             AP RX TE      HF S-AA
       SG             3+S+G         2+S
      RSG             2+S           1+3G
      PTG             1 
    Malastare -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Grievous
     Time: 14 minutes
     Characters: Mace Windu, Commander Ponds
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            12            11
      CAN             3+S+G         G
      ARC             1            
      SAS             3             
      BAR             2             4
       AS             AP RX TE      S-AA G-AA
       SG             3+S+G         4
      RSG             2+S           2+2G
      PTG             1            
    Coruscant -
     Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings
     Time: 11 minutes
     Characters: Yoda, Mace Windu
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       18            14
      CAN             3+S+G         3+G
      ARC             1             S+G
      SAS             3             1
      BAR     1+R     6+2R          3+S+2G  
       AS             AP RX TE      HF 2AA
       SG             3+S+G         2+G
      RSG             2+S           2S+G
      PTG             2+S+G         1
    Tatooine -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       18            14
      CAN             3+S+G         1+2S+G
      ARC             1             2
      SAS     1       3             
      BAR             1             6+2S+2G  
       AS             AP RX TE      S-HF AA
       SG             3+S+G         2
      RSG             2+S           1+G
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             EP
    4F. Separatist Assault Missions =
    Geonosis -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Poggle the Lesser, Commando Droid
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       4             14
      CAN                           6
      ARC                           1+S+2G 
      SAS             1            
      BAR     1       6             7+G
       AS     ST      HF AA SP ST              
       SG                           2
      RSG                           1+3S+G
      Notes: Four RSGs on the thing, and here's a problem: bases are at a 
       serious premium.  The only enemy areas you can build on are the top 
       left and top right RSG spots, so make sure you get your Spider Droid out 
       so you can take down the Gold armored stuff.
    Christophsis -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 10 minutes
     Characters: Whorm Loathsom, Asajj Ventress
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            5             10
      CAN             3+S+G         2+G
      ARC             1             1 
      SAS             1            
      BAR             6+2R          1+2S+G
       AS             HF AA SP ST   G-AP TE G-TE
       SG             3+S+G         2+S+G
      RSG                           1+S
      Notes: Note that you only have access to a few bases.  One is in the upper 
       right corner, and the others are on the left side and below the command 
       center.  Get yourself to a Spider Droid as quick as you can so you can 
       level the Gold stuff.
    Rugosa -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 10 minutes
     Characters: Asajj Ventress, TX-20
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       NOTHING       14
      CAN                           3+2S+G
      BAR     2+2R                  4+3S+SR
       AS                           S-AP, TE
       SG                           1
      RSG                           1+G
      Notes: This one gets tough when you realize that, since you can't build, 
       you MUST use the Battle Droids to take out the Gold armored stuff, 
       especially the RSG and SG around the Command Center.
    Naboo -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 12 minutes
     Characters: Nute Gunray, TX-20
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       18            13
      CAN             3+S+G         3
      ARC             1             
      SAS             1             G
      BAR     2       6+2R          3+2S+G
       AS             HF AA SP ST   TE S-TE
       SG             3+S+G         3
      RSG             2+S           3+2S+2G
      PTG             2+S+G         
     Notes: Geez.  Think they have enough shields on that thing?  So yeah, 
      you're pretty much blowing up everything else on your way to the 
      Command Center.
    Ryloth -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 10 minutes
     Characters: Wat Tambor, TX-20
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            12            9
      CAN             3+S+G         2+G
      ARC             1             1+S
      SAS             1             1
      BAR             1             5+S 
       AS             HF AA SP ST   G-AP
       SG             3+S+G         G 
      RSG             2+S           2+G
      PTG             2+S+G
      Notes: You're going to have to waste those Arc Energy Cannons to cross 
       the bridge, of course.
    Florrum -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Count Dooku, MagnaGuard
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         1
      ARC             1             
      SAS             1             
      BAR             1             4+G
       AS             HF AA SP ST   2AP
       SG             3+S+G         2
      RSG             2+S           1+2S+G
      PTG             2+S+G         2
       EX             EP
      Notes: Heck, all you really need is the torpedoes to make this as easy 
       as pie.
    Quell -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Yoda
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: TX-20, Super Battle Droid
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         4+S
      ARC             1             
      BAR             6+2R          2+2S
       AS     AA      AA SP ST   
       SG     1       3+S+G         1+G
      RSG             2+S           1+2S
      PTG             2+S+G         
    Maridun -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Lok Durd, TX-20
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       17            14
      CAN                           3+S
      ARC                           6+3S+2G
      SAS             1             G
      BAR     2       6+2R          2+2G
       AS             2AA ST              
       SG             3+S+G         2
      RSG             2+S           S
      Notes: First demolish all you can on the east side.  There's a big wall 
       of Arc Energy Cannons down the middle of the field, and since you have no 
       Spider Droid, nor torps, and droids will get zapped as soon as they get 
       close, your only recourse is to punch a hole where there's a normal and 
       Silver ARC close to each other, then drive through and start blowing up 
       the west side.  Set up some Barracks on the west side and blow away the 
       RSG covering the Command Center, then mop up.
    Ruusan Moon -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: General Grievous, MagnaGuard
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         3+G
      ARC             1             S+G
      SAS             1             1
      BAR                           4+S+G
       AS             HF AA SP ST   S-AP G-TE
       SG     1       3+S+G         2
      RSG             2+S           S
      PTG             2+S+G         
       EX             EP
    Dead Moon of Antar -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: TX-20, Commando Droid
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       12            10
      CAN             2             2+S
      ARC                           2S
      SAS             1             
      BAR     1       1+R           2+S
       AS             AA SP         G-TX S-TE
       SG             1             2
      RSG             1             1+S+2G
      PTG             1         
       EX             EP
     Notes: My favorite part of this mission is the Shield Generator in the 
      back right that's not shielding anything. >_>
    Vassek -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Yoda
     Time: 10 minutes
     Characters: General Grievous, MagnaGuard
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    2       14            10
      CAN             3             1+2S+G
      ARC                           G
      SAS             1             
      BAR             R             4+S+G
       AS     AA SP   HF AA SP ST   S-AP G-RX
       SG             3+S+G         2S+G   
      RSG             2+S           S
      PTG             2+S+G         
     Notes: Regardless of what vehicle you pick, grab the free Homing Spider 
      Droid so you can sweep through the gold objects quickly.
    Rishi Moon -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: General Grievous, Commando Droid
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            10            9
      CAN             3+S+G         2+S
      ARC             1             
      SAS             1             
      BAR             6+2R          3+3S+2G
       AS             SP ST      
       SG             3+S+G         2+G
      RSG             2+S           3S+G
      PTG             2+S+G         
     Notes: You're put in front of the Command Center, so naturally, it's 
      shielded more than the second Death Star.  This area is basically one 
      long strip of land that curves.  I would suggest building your Homing 
      Spider Droid as close to the Command Center as possible, because 
      it's a loooong walk otherwise and you don't have any radio to command 
      troops to bring down Gold buildings.
    Saleucami -
     Objective: Build an Escape Pod
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: General Grievous, TX-20
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            18            16
      CAN             3             5+S+G
      ARC                           4+3S
      SAS             1             G
      BAR             3+2R          7+S+2G
       AS             AA SP         S-AP
       SG             3+S+G         3
      RSG             2+S           1+2G
      PTG             2+S+G         
       EX             EP
    Malastare -
     Objective: Destroy the Command Center
     Time: 17 minutes
     Characters: Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            12            11
      CAN             3+S+G         6+S
      ARC             1             2S
      SAS             1             
      BAR             R             4+2S
       AS             HF AA SP ST   
       SG             3+S+G         3
      RSG             2+S           2S+G
      PTG             1             S
    Coruscant -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Yoda
     Time: 11 minutes
     Characters: Count Dooku, General Grievous
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            18            18
      CAN             3+S+G         7+S+G
      ARC             1             1+S
      SAS             1             
      BAR             1+R           4+3S+3G
       AS             SP ST      
       SG             3+S+G         2
      RSG             2+S           1+3S+G
      PTG             2+S+G         
     Notes: In this iteration on the theme, all statues are on one base, but 
      it is ridiculously well-protected.  Ray shields, half of those have shield 
      generators, and more ray shields besides, all with differing armors.  So, 
      short story is that you'll be blowing up most of the stuff in the area 
      anyway to win.
    Tatooine -
     Objective: Destroy three statues of Yoda
     Time: 15 minutes
     Characters: Count Dooku, MagnaGuard
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    1       18            15
      CAN             3+S+G         4
      ARC             1             2
      SAS             1             S
      BAR     2       R             2+S+G
       AS             HF AA SP ST   G-TE
       SG             3+S+G         2 
      RSG             2+S           2
      PTG             2+S+G
     Notes: Those Barracks you start with can't be replaced.  All you can 
      create is one Rocket Droid Barracks.  Not that you're seriously going 
      to run the risk of losing them, but I just thought I'd mention it.
    4G. Arcade Mode =
    Arcade Mode allows two players to go head to head in a battle to determine 
    who's top dog in the Clone Wars.  After you choose Arcade Mode, you'll be 
    asked to choose a system to fight in.  Following that, you'll be asked to 
    tweak several options:
    1. Objective - Destroy Command Center, Destroy Enemy Buildings, Collect 
     Studs, Destroy Statues, Escape the Planet
    2. Time Limt - 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes, or no time limit.
    3. Sides - Which side is Republic and which is Separatist.
    4. Republic Studs - How many studs the Republic starts with: 10,000, 25,000, 
     50,000, 100,000, or none.
    5. Separatist Studs - Same deal for the Seps.
    After that, you'll select your character.  Note that if you don't select a 
    "commander" character, one will be picked for you as your partner.
    After that, you enter the battle.  You'll both start with no buildings, 
    UNLESS the objective is to destroy all buildings, in which case you'll 
    start with a Silver Shield Generator.  Complete the objective to win.
    Each side can build the same buildings, and what you can build is a lot more 
    that what you get in Assault Missions.  Here's the list:
    Cannons: 3 Normal, 1 Silver, 1 Gold
    Arc Energy Cannons: 1 Normal, 1 Silver, 1 Gold
    Small Air Support: Republic - 3 AT-RTs
                       Separatists - 3 Dwarf Spider Droids
    Barracks: 6 Blaster Troops, 2 Rocket Troops
    Air Support: Republic - 3 AT-APs, 3 RX-200s, 2 AT-TEs
                 Separatists - 2 Hailfire Droids, 2 AATs, 2 Spider Droids
                  2 Super Tanks
    Shield Generators: 2 Normal, 2 Silver, 2 Gold
    Ray Shield Generators: 2 Normal, 2 Silver
    Proton Torpedo Generators: 1 Normal, 1 Silver, 1 Gold
    Extras: Escape Pod (Escape Only), Stud Fountain
    The main hub in the game is the "Resolute", a Venator-class Star Destroyer 
    and the flagship of the Open Circle Fleet, which Anakin and Obi-Wan often 
    find themselves serving with.  It serves as your base of operations for the 
    duration of the game and is where you access the game's missions.  It also 
    serves as its own "mission" itself, since you can explore it and find many 
    A secondary hub also exists in the form of the "Invisible Hand", General 
    Grievous' flagship during the war, a modified Providence-class carrier/
    destroyer.  Part of the exploration of the hub areas includes finding a 
    way over to the Invisible Hand.
    You'll begin the hub with very little to explore.  Once you begin earning 
    Gold Bricks and unlocking particular characters, more will open up to you.  
    In addition, characters you've unlocked will walk around the ship, allowing 
    you to switch to them whenever you wish.  Furthermore, once you complete 
    certain story missions, additional characters will wander around.  Walk up 
    to them and press Circle to open the menu for buying them.  You may have to 
    first subdue the character if they're on the opposing side.
    It's worth noting in general that you're still at war here, so Republic 
    characters walking around on a Separatist ship (or vice versa) will 
    provoke fire not only from the characters wandering around, but also gun 
    emplacements, so be careful.
    5A. Exploring the Hub =
    Resolute Command Bridge -
    The very first area you'll find yourself in (after the prologue, of course) 
    is this prominent position.  When you first arrive, you'll be prompted to 
    assemble the holoprojector in the center.  Once that's done, you can step 
    on the green panel in front of it and access the menu:
     Mission Select: You'll visit this often.  From here, you can select a 
      galaxy map that will allow you go to any mission you've unlocked.  After 
      completing the Prologue, you'll be able to access three separate "paths", 
      each tied to a specific Separatist villain.  As you complete a mission, 
      the next mission on that path will open.
     Systems: After travelling to a place besides Geonosis, you'll unlock this 
      option.  This will mostly be used for the purpose of Space Missions, 
      which is the section below.  Select a system and you'll hyper to it.  
      Note that you won't have to do this if you're going to play a mission; 
      selecting it will automatically move you there.
     Characters: You'll see a grid of all the characters you've unlocked so 
      far.  Select a character to transform into that person.  Note that your 
      "Create-A-Characters" are on the bottom row.
     Republic Assault: This unlocks once you uncover the holoprojector in the 
      Resolute's Assault Hangar (need 15 Gold Bricks to access).  Select this 
      and you'll be prompted to select a system to attack.  Note that initially 
      you can only select systems under Separatist rule.  After you select the 
      system, you can select a vehicle to take with you down to the surface.  
      Once on the surface, you'll begin a ground battle.  More info is 
      available in the previous section "Large-Scale Battles".
     Separatist Assault: This unlocks once you uncover the holoprojector in 
      the Invisible Hand's Landing Craft (need 25 Gold Bricks to access).  It 
      works the same way as Republic Assault, only you're playing as the other 
      side.  Note that certain Assault Missions will remain locked until you 
      purchase the characters that participate in the battle.
     Arcade Mode: This is for two players only.  I'll have more info on this 
    So, that's all for the holoprojector.  You'll find more in other parts of 
    the hub that serve the same purpose, so don't think you'll always have to 
    come back here.  Anyway, there's still stuff to do on the bridge.
    There's one exit from the bridge.  To the left of the holoprojector is an 
    elevator.  You need to earn three Gold Bricks in order to unlock it.  Once 
    you assemble it, you'll be able to go down to the Access Catwalks.
     Admiral Yularen (15,000) 
     Clone Pilot (15,000)
      Needed: Complete Rookies (GG-5)
     Senate Commando (Captain) (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Hostage Crisis
     Onaconda Farr (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Hostage Crisis
    Red Bricks: 
     Red Brick Detector (125,000) 
      From the glass floor in the back, go to the left-hand alcove and smash 
      and assemble a vent.  Crawl through it with a small character to 
      reach the brick.
    Resolute Access Catwalks (3 Gold Bricks)
    This compact area would never pass OSHA regulations.  No railings around 
    these paths.  Exits include the elevator back to the Bridge in the upper 
    left, as well as a passage to the Brig on the right.  A passage to the 
    Medical Bay on the left requires six Gold Bricks, while the door to the 
    Hangar Catwalks at the back requires ten Gold Bricks.
     Workout Clone Trooper (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Weapons Factory (CD-5)
     R6-H5 (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Lair of Grievous (GG-4)
     Sionver Boll (25,000)
      Needed: Complete The Zillo Beast
     Bail Organa (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Hostage Crisis
    Red Bricks: 
     Score x6 (10,000,000)
      Take a Jedi and a Gunner with you.  To the left of the elevator to the 
      bridge is a wall socket.  Plug it in and you'll move a grapple point into 
      position.  Grapple up and move around to the left to find the brick.
     Stud Magnet (500,000)
      You need someone with Rapid Fire to blast four circular things along 
      the walls of this room, two on the lower floor, and two that you need to 
      use the grapple that leads to the Score x6 brick.  One of them is just 
      to the left of the brick on the wall.  The second is off to the right, 
      near the moving platform.  The third is to the left of the elevator to 
      the Bridge, and the last is to the right of the door to the Hangar 
     Score x10 (40,000,000)
      You need explosives, an electric character, and a Sith.  Just outside 
      the lift to the Bridge is a... thing on the floor in front of you.  Bust 
      the blocks nearby and Force the "electric" panel together.  Next, use 
      explosives to blow up the silver armor.  Use the electric panel to reveal a 
      red sparkly object.  Use Sith Force on it to find the brick.
    Resolute Brig (3 Gold Bricks)
    Although it's empty when you first walk in, you'll soon populate this 
    place with your captured foes.  Note that every foe requires some kind of 
    Separatist character to release, so don't bother springing the bad guys 
    until you have more bad guys.  Exits include the passage back to the 
    Access Catwalks on the left and an elevator on the right leading down to 
    the Vehicle Hangar.
    NOTE: If you free bad guys and they "disappear", it doesn't mean they're 
    gone forever, just that they've moved to their normal spots on the Invisible 
    Hand.  Explore there to find them and purchase them.
     Dr. Nuvo Vindi (50,000)
      Needed: Complete Blue Shadow Virus (AV-3), TX-20
     Lok Durd (50,000)
      Needed: Complete Defenders of Peace (CD-4), Electric Character
     Poggle the Lesser (50,000)
      Needed: Complete Legacy of Terror (CD-6), Bounty Hunter
     Wat Tambor (50,000)
      Needed: Complete Liberty on Ryloth (AV-6), Sith
     Nute Gunray (50,000)
      Needed: Complete Republic Assault on Naboo, Sith and TX-20
     Whorm Loathsom (50,000)
      Needed: Complete Republic Assault on Christophsis, Electric Character and 
      Bounty Hunter
    Red Bricks:
     Character Studs (100,000)
      You need to open all of the cells.  Blast the back of each cell to find a 
      valve to Force away.  Once all are turned, the last cell on the right 
      will open its window to the brick.
    Resolute Vehicle Hangar (3 Gold Bricks)
    This wide-open space is reserved not for the vehicles you use during 
    battle, but silly vehicles that are fun to tool around with, like the 
    Ice Cream Van.  Also, the 130 Gold Brick reward is assembled here.  Exits 
    include the elevator on the right leading up to the Brig, and an elevator 
    on the far left leading down to the Gunnery Station.
    Red Bricks:
     Score x4 (2,000,000)
      Go to the back left and use the Force to place the three garbage bins 
      onto the purple platform.
    Resolute Gunnery Station (3 Gold Bricks)
    In this area, as advertised, are a pair of turbolaser cannons you can use 
    to mess around and blast Vulture Droids with, but to no real point.  Also 
    in this room is a small rec area.  The only exit is back up to the Vehicle 
    Hangar on the left.
    Red Bricks:
     Fast Build (500,000)
      Bop the punching bag in the lower right corner five times.
    Resolute Medical Bay (6 Gold Bricks)
    This area houses the famed Create-a-Character mode.  Pick either of the 
    bacta tanks on the back wall and you'll be able to create fully customizable 
    characters that you can pull out at any time at the hub from holoprojectors 
    or select them going into Free Play.  Exits include the passage back to the 
    Access Catwalks on the right, and an elevator to the Character Storage 
    Room on the left.
     MSE-6 (6,000)
      Needed: Complete Grievous Intrigue (GG-6)
     Luxury Droid (15,000)
      Needed: Complete Hostage Crisis
    Red Bricks: 
     Glow in the Dark (25,000)
      Slash the left-hand bed on the back wall to raise it up.
    Resolute Character Storage Room (6 Gold Bricks)
    This large room houses all characters created via Minikits found in the 
    missions.  The only exit here is on the back wall up to the Medical Bay.  
    Once you complete a minikit, simply stand in front of the tank and select 
    it to release the character.  You'll then have to buy it.  I suggest using 
    a character on the same side to do this so they don't attack you.
    Red Bricks: 
     Minikit Detector (750,000)
      Take an astromech into the front left corner and use the panel.
     Super Speeders (40,000,000)
      You need Jar Jar Binks and someone with explosives.  Jump on top of one of 
      the tanks and onto the back catwalk with Jar Jar.  Go to the far right and 
      smash up a box to find pieces for a grapple point.  Use the explosive 
      guy to grapple up and blow up the silver box.
    Resolute Hangar Catwalks (10 Gold Bricks)
    This small area is meant mostly as a connector between the Access Catwalks 
    and the hangars.  The main exit is at the front leading back to the Access 
    Catwalks.  The elevator on the left leads to the Flight Deck, and the 
    elevator on the right leads to the Assault Hangar, for which you'll need 
    15 Gold Bricks.
     Captain Typho (10,000)
      Needed: Complete Blue Shadow Virus (AV-3)
     Queen Neeyutnee (30,000)
      Needed: Complete Blue Shadow Virus (AV-3)
     Senate Commando (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Hostage Crisis
     Senator Philo (30,000)
      Needed: Complete Hostage Crisis
    Red Bricks:
     Super Saber Cut (300,000)
      You need Aurra Sing or a bounty hunter droid for their sniper rifle.  Snipe 
      the three green targets way out in the back to make this appear.
    Resolute Flight Deck (10 Gold Bricks)
    This area houses all the Republic's (but ONLY the Republic's) flight 
    vehicles.  Step up to either of the panels and the vehicle menu will open.  
    Some vehicles you are given for free.  Others you'll need to purchase after 
    completing certain missions.  Once you select a vehicle, it will be 
    lowered onto the hangar floor where you can purchase it if you haven't yet, 
    or hop in and take it for a spin if you have, which will immediately move 
    you out into space.  The only other exit is the elevator on the left back 
    up to the Hangar Catwalks.  There's also a holoprojector in this room, for 
    your convenience.
     R4-P17 (35,000)
    Red Bricks: 
     Score x2 (500,000)
      Use a gunner to open the back left box in the hangar.
    Space (10 Gold Bricks)
    The final frontier.  These are-- wait, sorry, wrong script.  The cold, 
    unforgiving blackness of space can get quite crowded with all the debris 
    and laser bolts flashing about.  You can access Space Missions out here.  
    Which one you get is dependent on where your ships currently are in the 
    galaxy (see the pertinent section below).  You can dock with the Resolute 
    on the far left and the Invisible Hand on the far right.
    Invisible Hand Hangar (10 Gold Bricks)
    The Separatist flagship hangar contains both Flight Vehicles for the 
    Separatists as well as a "silly" vehicle panel (on the far left).  There's 
    also a holoprojector in the center.  There's an exit into the Landing 
    Craft in the back once you get 25 Gold Bricks, an elevator on the far right 
    to the Observation Room (30 Gold Bricks), and an elevator on the far left to 
    the Bridge (20 Gold Bricks).  A door on the left will take you to Ziro's 
    Room if you have a Bounty Hunter.
     Battle Droid (6,500)
      Needed: Complete The Hidden Enemy (AV-1)
     Super Battle Droid (25,000)
      Needed: Complete Ambush! (AV-2)
     Destroyer Droid (40,000)
      Needed: Complete Duel of the Droids (GG-1)
     Count Dooku (250,000 or FREE after Castle of Doom)
     Cad Bane (250,000 or FREE after Hostage Crisis)
    Red Bricks:
     Perfect Deflect (100,000)
      Either use the Force on the right side of the hangar to raise a platform, 
      or use an astromech on the panel to do the same thing, then bring a silly 
      vehicle (like the Ice Cream Van) onto the platform to open the door, then 
      use explosives on the silver trophy to find this inside.
     Dual Wield (250,000)
      Use the Force on the panel below the very visible brick on the left side 
      of the hangar.
    Resolute Assault Hangar (15 Gold Bricks)
    We're back in the Resolute at this point so try to keep up.  This area is 
    accessed from the Hangar Catwalks.  It's a hangar housing all the Republic's 
    ground assault vehicles.  The panels allow you to drop down vehicles and 
    take them for a spin in that area.  Make sure that you purchase a vehicle 
    with heavy lasers or explosives and blast away the back wall.  It only leads 
    to a holoprojector, but unlocking it will let you select "Republic Assault" 
    as missions.
     Senator Kharrus (20,000)
      Needed: Complete Gungan General (CD-2)
     Tee Watt Kaa (15,000)
      Needed: Complete Defenders of Peace (CD-4)
     Lurmen Villager (10,000)
      Needed: Complete Defenders of Peace (CD-4)
    Invisible Hand Bridge (20 Gold Bricks)
    This area is accessed from the left-hand elevator in the hangar.  The bridge 
    of Grievous' ship is kinda dark and foreboding.  It's a wonder anyone can 
    see where they're going.  Anyway, there's a holoprojector here.  The only 
    exit is back to the hangar.
     Gonk Droid (3,000)
      Needed: Complete Blue Shadow Virus (AV-3)
     Battle Droid Commander (10,000)
      Needed: Complete Liberty on Ryloth (AV-6)
     General Grievous (250,000)
      Needed: Complete Grievous Intrigue (GG-6)
    Red Bricks: 
     Dark Side (150,000)
      Use Sith Force on the structure above the holoprojector.
    Invisible Hand Landing Craft (25 Gold Bricks)
    This area is opened by putting together the pile of Gold Bricks in the back 
    of the Invisible Hand Hangar, which opens up the craft.  Inside is the 
    place to buy and use Ground Vehicles for the Separatists.  Like in the 
    Resolute's Assault Hangar, blast the back wall to open up a holoprojector 
    so you can access "Separatist Assault".
     Neimoidian (20,000)
     LEP Servant Droid (6,000)
      Needed: Complete Blue Shadow Virus (AV-3)
     Gold Super Battle Droid (30,000)
      Needed: Complete Blue Shadow Virus (AV-3)
     TX-20 (50,000)
      Needed: Weapons Factory (CD-5)
     Heavy Super Battle Droid (25,000)
      Needed: Destroy Malevolence (GG-3)
    Red Bricks: 
     Invincibility (1,000,000)
      Take any Clone into the craft and go to the panel on the far right side.
    Invisible Hand Observation Room (30 Gold Bricks)
    You may remember this room from the third movie as where Anakin, Obi-Wan, 
    and Dooku had their big throwdown.  You access it from the Hangar by either 
    using an astromech on the panel to the right or using the Force on the 
    recessed panel further back to cross the gap.  This room contains a special 
    holoprojector that allows you access to the extra mission "Castle of Doom".
     Asajj Ventress (250,000)
      Needed: Complete Liberty on Ryloth (AV-6)
    Red Bricks:
     Score x8 (20,000,000)
      Use explosives to blast the table in the center of the room.
    Ziro's Room (10 Gold Bricks, Bounty Hunter)
    This area is to the left of the Hangar in the Invisible Hand.  At first, 
    there's just a holoprojector here that will give you access to the extra 
    mission "Hostage Crisis".  Once you complete that mission, Ziro will be in 
    here jamming to the tunes.  Go up to him to initiate Bounty Hunter Missions.
    The only other exit is the elevator on the left up to the Gunnery Station.
     Jango Fett (70,000)
     Hondo Ohnaka (45,000)
      Needed: Complete Gungan General (CD-2)
     Turk Falso (45,000)
      Needed: Complete Gungan General (CD-2)
     Pirate Ruffian (10,000)
      Needed: Complete Gungan General (CD-2)
     Geonosian Guard (15,000)
      Needed: Complete Weapons Factory (CD-5)
     Gamorrean Guard (40,000)
      Needed: Complete Castle of Doom
     Bib Fortuna (30,000)
      Needed: Complete Castle of Doom
    Red Brick:
     Regenerate Hearts (400,000)
      Smash the four modules in the ceiling (it may be easiest just to target 
      them with a saber throw), then smash what falls off them.
    Invisible Hand Gunnery Station
    This room is accessed from Ziro's Room.  There's not much here apart from 
    the guns for shooting outside.
     Probe Droid (6,000)
      Needed: Complete Jedi Crash (CD-3)
    5B. Space Missions =
    As described in the above section, earning ten Gold Bricks allows you 
    access to the Resolute's Flight Deck, where you can pilot ships into 
    space.  Halfway between the Resolute and the Invisible Hand is a sphere 
    with a Gold Brick inside.  Repeatedly blast it and you will engage in a 
    Space Mission, where you have to destroy multiple targets in a certain 
    amount of time.  Completing the mission earns you a Gold Brick and studs 
    based on your time left.
    In general, you will have to destroy only one kind of target for the 
    mission.  Fly around randomly and they'll appear.  Note that some missions 
    require specialized craft to complete.
    Missions are specific to the planet your ships are currently at.  If you 
    wish to access a particular mission, you'll first need to go to a 
    holoprojector and select "Systems", then select that particular planet.
    Note that despite the fact that you're obviously collecting studs for 
    blowing up the targets, multipliers have no effect on how quickly you get 
    through the mission.
     Target: Golden Debris
     Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
     Needed: Rapid Fire
     Target: Silver Debris
     Time: 2 minutes
     Needed: Missiles
     Target: Silver Neebrays
     Time: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
     Needed: Missiles
     Target: Large Asteroids
     Time: 2 minutes
     Needed: Torpedoes, the asteroids have multiple torpedo targets on them, 
      and then they break apart into little chunks, so focus on one at a time 
      instead of flying around willy nilly.
     Target: Space Debris
     Time: 2 minutes
     Needed: You have to "unlock" the Space Mission, and you do that by going to 
      the Resolute's gunnery station and shooting away a piece of debris that's 
      floating in front of the guns.
     Target: Pirate Saucers
     Time: 1 minute
     Target: Falling Debris
     Time: 1 minute
     Target: Republic Gunships and Jedi Starfighters
     Time: 2 minutes
     Needed: You have to "unlock" the Space Mission, and you do that by going to 
      the Invisible Hand's gunnery station and shooting away the ship that's 
      floating in front of the guns.
    Ruusan Moon
     Target: Neimoidian Shuttles
     Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
    Dead Moon of Antar
     Target: Neebrays
     Time: 2 minutes
     Target: MagnaGuard Starfighters
     Time: 2 minutes
    Rishi Moon
     Target: Gold Neebrays
     Time: 3 minutes
     Needed: Rapid Fire, this one is TOUGH because, unlike gold debris, these 
      guys move around, which causes you to switch targets a lot.  I suggest 
      using the Soulless One, flying as far from a group as possible (towards 
      the screen), and shooting in the direction of the group.  If you can 
      isolate one, you have a better chance of taking it down.  You need to 
      destroy about thirteen of them.
     Target: Small Asteroids
     Time: 2 minutes
     Needed: Torpedoes
     Target: Black Asteroids
     Time: 2 minutes
     Needed: Separatist craft with Torpedoes (ie. Trident Assault Craft)
     Target: Small Containers and Vulture Droids
     Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
     Target: Trident Assault Craft
     Time: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
    When you begin a new game, you'll be thrust straight into the prologue.  
    After which, you'll be given a choice of three "paths" of missions.  Each 
    one deals with a particular Separatist villain.
    Oh, by the way.  I know I used to list tips on getting True Jedi, but 
    given how easy it is to get studs and multipliers in this game, it hardly 
    seems worth it, so I'll just give you the amount required.
    6A. Prologue: Geonosian Arena =
    Overview: Obi-Wan Kenobi has tracked bounty hunter Jango Fett to the 
     harsh world of Geonosis, but found himself captured.  During a rescue 
     attempt, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala were also captured.  They're 
     now set to be publically executed in a gruesome arena.  This is straight 
     up from Attack of the Clones.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Padmé Amidala
    Anakin Skywalker
    True Jedi at 85,000
    The Main Event: The game will mostly walk you through this part.  First, 
     use the Force (Circle button) to make the Acklay's claw break your chains, 
     then use the Force again on your pillar.  Jump up the steps you've made.  
     At the top, use the Force while facing off to the left to uncover what's 
     called a "grapple point", an important thing for Gunner characters.  Press 
     Triangle to switch characters to Padmé.  Press Circle and she'll climb up 
     to the top of her pillar.  Press Circle while facing to the right and 
     you'll pull Anakin up.  Whip the Nexu with Square as it gets close, then 
     grapple again with Circle.
    On Top of Things: Now the three of you are free, but by no means out of 
     trouble.  With Padmé, press Circle as the Reek moves around to grab it 
     with your chain, then while holding it, switch to Anakin and use the Force 
     on the Reek to subdue it.  You can now mount it with Triangle.  You'll 
     see an arrow point to the Nexu.  You need to ride the Reek into it four 
    Backup: You've now got a bunch of Jedi on your side.  The Acklay is still 
     looking pretty nasty, though.  Use a Jedi to saber its front two legs up.  
     Next, you'll need Padmé to restrain it.  Once she's yanking on it, a 
     Jedi Panel will appear in front of it.  This allows you to perform cool 
     moves by standing on it and pressing Square.  Do this three times.
    Accept Only the Original: Jango Fett has arrived on the scene.  You need to 
     throw your lightsaber at him, and you do this by holding down Square and 
     moving the target over him, then releasing Square.  He'll fall to the 
     ground and you can saber him.  Do this three times.  In addition to 
     throwing your saber, you can also bat his lasers back at him.
    Send in the Clones: Three Gunships have arrived to carry the Jedi out of 
     the arena.  You need to head over to each ship and open them with the 
     Force, then wait for the Jedi to load up and close the ship so they can 
     take off.  Do this for all three and the mission will be complete.
    New Characters:
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Anakin Skywalker
    Padmé Amidala
    6B. Ventress 1 - The Hidden Enemy =
    Overview: Episode 16 of the series.  This actually serves as a prequel to 
     the feature film.  The entire episode mostly focuses around the 
     realization of a traitor in the midst of Obi-Wan and Anakin's battalion of 
     troops, given how Separatist forces have outmanuevered their strategy, 
     but most of that is pushed aside for this mission, mostly focusing on the 
     part where the two Jedi chase Asajj Ventress around the city.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Clone Trooper
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Commander Cody
    True Jedi at 100,000
    Skyscraper: Begin by using the Jedi Panel to break the window.  Switch to 
     the Clone and use him to grapple across the gap.  Switch back to Anakin so 
     he can jump on the moving platform, then use the Jedi Panel to break this 
     next set of windows.  Once inside, dispose of the droids and use the Force 
     on the door to pull it down.  Now that you have some breathing room, go to 
     the left.  Force the plug out of the wall and attach it to the door on the 
     left.  This next room has two doors.  You can Force the left one, but the 
     right will require something else.  Pull the plug out of the big gun in 
     the middle of the room, then Force the gun to block the door.  Now, you can 
     hop in the elevator.
    Rooftop: That gunship wants to land, but it can't while the guns are firing.  
     Smash all the objects you can near the center of the area so you can 
     uncover pieces to make a gun of your own, then hop in and blast the guns 
     firing on your ship.  Now, you need a TX-20 droid's head.  Simply smack 
     the droid and its head will come off.  Quickly pick it up and run over 
     to the gunship and press Circle to use the panel.  If, at any time, you're 
     feeling crowded by all the droids, you can push the buttons near their 
     doors to shut them for a while.
    Lobby: You're now chasing after Ventress.  See those purple panels on the 
     back wall?  You need to move the blue panels on top of them.  Once they're 
     all in place, you can go through the door.
    Library: Ventress will face you here.  For the first round, use a jump 
     attack and she'll drop one of her sabers.  Force it to pick it up and use 
     it yourself.  Smack her with two sabers and she'll lose a heart.  Continue 
     to do this until she switches tactics.  She'll stand at the top of the 
     stairs and toss things down at you.  Use the Force as they fly towards you 
     so you can send them back.  Continue this as she bounces around and she'll 
     eventually run off.  Cut your way through the door and she'll start 
     throwing books at you.  Fight her as you did at first, taking her saber.  
     After you drain her hearts, she'll run off again.  Chase her and she'll 
     cut away the floor.  Now, instead of throwing things back at her, you can 
     use the panels she tosses on the wall in front of you to make steps.  Do 
     this and climb up to the balcony.  Ventress will hop onto a giant tri-
     droid.  Throw your lightsaber at the droid's laser three times, then 
     avoid its legs until you can slice them up using a Jedi Panel.  Do this 
     for two of its legs.
    Falling: Oh my, this is scary.  The object here is to first toss a flying 
     object at Ventress, then jump over and saber her.  Jumping will be 
     difficult and she'll jump around herself, so be careful.
    New Characters:
    Commander Cody
    Clone Trooper
    Battle Droid (6,500)
    6C. Ventress 2 - Ambush! =
    Overview: Episode 1 of the series.  This mission mostly follows the episode.  
     On a mission to treat with the king of the Toydarians, Yoda finds himself 
     trapped and surrounded only with a few clones for help.  The episode 
     also contains things done in this mission, such as Yoda using a Battle 
     Droid's weapons with the Force, and soloing an AAT.  Even Lieutenant Thire's 
     injury is noted here.
    Lieutenant Thire
    True Jedi at 68,000
    Rocky Path: The cool thing about using clones in this game is that some 
     come with special weapons.  For instance, you have one with a chaingun, 
     one with a bazooka, and one with grenades and a blaster rifle.  Anyway, 
     push on to the right and you'll discover two caves with droids spilling 
     out.  To stop them, you need to use those shiny plants to block the 
     caves.  In the case of the silver one, use either Jek's bazooka or 
     Rys' grenades.  In the case of the gold one, use Thire's chaingun 
     repeatedly until it blows up.  When the coral wall breaks down, continue 
     up the path and use the chaingun again on the gold plants at the end.  
     At this point you'll get a cutscene and Thire will lose his gun.  Instead 
     of the gun, Yoda can Force grab a Super Battle Droid, which will fire 
     rapidly and can be used in its place.  Blow away the gold plants and 
     move through the cave.
    Canyon: The task in this area is to get past the three AATs in the canyon.  
     For the first, you need to use Jek's bazooka to blast off the guns, then 
     you can use the Jedi Panel.  For the second, you'll need to have Yoda use 
     a Super Battle Droid on the guns.  For the third, grapple the guns.  Once 
     all tanks are down, the objective is Droidekas.  These are special ones 
     with red shields that make them mostly invulnerable.  For any Droideka 
     that goes to the right, Force push it into the hole.  For any on the left, 
     have Jek shoot the rocks above to drop on it.  On the far left, you'll have 
     to push the droideka under the rocks first, then drop them.
    New Characters:
    Lieutenant Thire
    Super Battle Droid (25,000)
    6D. Ventress 3 - Blue Shadow Virus =
    Overview: Episode 17 of the series.  Padmé and Jar Jar head to the Naboo 
     swamps to investigate rumors of a Separatist force stationed there.  They 
     find Dr. Nuvo Vindi, a Separatist scientist attempting to recreate the 
     deadly Blue Shadow Virus.  The two are captured and it's up to Anakin, 
     Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka to save them.
    Captain Rex
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Anakin Skywalker
    Clone Trooper
    Padmé Amidala
    Jar Jar Binks
    True Jedi at 210,000
    Swamp: Your objective is to head to the right and have a clone use the 
     clone panel at the end.  You don't really have to worry about all the 
     droids and alarms unless you really want to.
    Tunnel 1:
     (Ahsoka and Rex): So this is a new feature of the game.  Ahsoka 
     and Rex are in one area and Obi-Wan is in another.  Holding down Triangle 
     at any time will allow you to switch between teams.  Let's stay with Ahsoka 
     for now, though.  Head up the tunnel, fighting droids.  Eventually, you'll 
     reach some Droidekas and will be prompted to switch to the other team.
     (Obi-Wan): Hop into the gunnery chair and blast away the shield generators 
     and the cap on the tunnel.  Once it's all blown up, hop into the hole.  
     Make your way down the tunnel to the end and Force away the two purple 
     parts on either side of the thing hanging from the ceiling.  Drop down 
     the hole.
     *Meet Up*: Assemble the clone panel and have Rex use it to open the door.  
     Head to the back left part of the room and have Rex grapple off the orange 
     grapple point.  Have one of the Jedi hop on the platform, then switch to 
     the other and Force raise it up.  Switch back to the first Jedi and cut open 
     the back wall.
    Tunnel 2: We've now switched to Anakin and a Clone Trooper.  Head down the 
     tunnel.  You can fight the Droidekas if you wish, but you'll need to toss 
     something into them to lower their shields.  Anyway, head to the back of 
     the tunnel, bear right and cut open the wall.
    Central Room: Now it's time to fight Dr. Nuvo Vindi.  All you need to do is 
     toss those silver things lying around into him.  Hit him with five and 
     you get Padmé and Jar Jar back, as well as Obi-Wan.  Use Jar Jar to jump 
     up to the upper right platform and throw the lever.
    Tunnel 3: Head to the back and Vindi will take off one way, while his LEP 
     will take off the other.  Have Padmé and Jar Jar go up to the buttons on 
     the left.  This will separate the two.
     (Padmé and Jar Jar): The LEP is hiding in one of the bushes.  It's the 
     rustling one, so shoot it, then shoot the droid.  Keep this up until it 
     runs off.  Chase it to the next room, where you're basically running 
     around shooting it while dodging droids.  Once the LEP is dusted, 
     assemble the parts and throw the switch.
     (Anakin and Obi-Wan): Chase Vindi and cut open the wall.
    Shuttle Platform: This fight is basically catching bombs Vindi throws at 
     you and Forcing them back to him while dodging droids.  Drain his hearts 
     to complete the mission.
    New Characters:
    Captain Rex
    Jar Jar Binks
    Gonk Droid (3,000)
    Gold Super Battle Droid (30,000)
    Captain Typho (10,000)
    Queen Neeyutnee (30,000)
    LEP Servant Droid (6,000)
    Dr. Nuvo Vindi (50,000)
    6E. Ventress 4 - Storm Over Ryloth =
    Overview: Episode 19 of the series.  In an attempt to wrest control of 
     Ryloth from Techno Union Emir Wat Tambor, the Republic launches an attack 
     on the orbiting blockade.  The main focus of this episode is Ahsoka 
     learning to deal with heavier responsibility after most of her squadron is 
     wiped out in the attack.  Most of that is removed in the game for the 
     purpose of focusing on the latter half of the episode, Anakin's gambit of 
     using the Star Destroyer "Defender" as a ram against the Separatist flagship.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
    Y-Wing Starfigther
    True Jedi at 70,000
    Space, Lower: So here's the deal about space missions.  There come times 
     when you're able to land your bird, and also there are some space missions 
     (like this one), where you can use a "sublight booster" to switch between 
     "upper" and "lower" levels of space.  We'll stay on the lower level for 
     the moment, though.  Fly towards the starboard side landing pad near you 
     and press Triangle to land.
    Starboard Landing Pad: 
     Good thing there's so much gravity out in space, eh?  Watch out for Super 
     Battle Droids and move towards the back.  Cut open the wall and Force the 
     plug from the right to the left to open the door.
    Starboard Gunnery Station:
     Hop aboard either of the guns and aim for the turrets on the ship 
     opposite you.  They're not the easiest things to see, but they're on the 
     right and you'll see targeting brackets when you've got a good shot.  
     Once all three are down, leave and get back on your ship.
    Space, Lower: Fly towards the port side landing pad on the other side of 
     the ship.
    Port Landing Pad;
     If you like, you can slash up the Vulture Droid walking around and use it 
     as a ride to fire missiles everywhere, but you should be focusing on the 
     door in back.  Blast up the boxes and assemble the switch.  Pull it, then 
     switch the plug to the outlet you just opened.  Head inside.
    Port Gunnery Station:
     More shooting.  Same deal.  Blast the turrets on the ship opposite.
    Space, Lower: All that shooting made a nice big hole in the bridge tower.  
     Hop into the sublight booster (press Triangle) and fly to the upper area.
    Space, Upper: Set down on top of the bridge tower.
    Bridge: Run into the gaping hole and all the way up to the front of the 
     bridge.  Flip the active switch, then head back out.  Hop back in your 
     ship and head back to lower Space.
    Space, Lower: We're basically going to do the same thing we just did.  
     Hop into each gunnery station and blast all the guns on the ships.  Once 
     you're done with that, head towards the front of your ship and land on 
     the pad we haven't landed on yet.
    Forward Landing Pad: Quite simply, throw the switch in the back.  This 
     will start up the torpedo generator.
    Space, Lower: Grab torpedoes and toss three at the targets on each ship.  
     With the ships destroyed, you're free to go back to upper space, then 
     back to the bridge and throw the other switch to finish up.
    New Ships:
    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
    V-19 Torrent Starfighter
    6F. Ventress 5 - Innocents of Ryloth =
    Overview: Episode 20 of the series, and obviously meant as a continuation 
     of the last one.  This focuses around a commando team called Ghost Company 
     led by Obi-Wan to infiltrate Separatist forces on Ryloth before the main 
     invasion force.  They discover the local Twi'leks being used as living 
     shields.  The story ends up being a humanitarian piece given a couple of 
     clones' encounter with a young Twi'lek girl, so it's not so much 
     humanitarian as it "Twi'lek-itarian".
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Commander Cody
    True Jedi at 100,000
    Canyon Village: All righty.  First up is to get that wall down.  It has 
     silver and gold supports.  Use Waxer to blow up the silver side, and then 
     take Cody and use the radio to command clones to shoot the gold side.  
     Note you've now created two "causeways" up the wall.  Shoot all the rocks 
     that are in the way.  Now, take Obi-Wan and note that some clones are 
     tossing EMP grenades at the wall.  Grab those grenades with the Force and 
     move them up the trench before they blow.  They'll destroy the guns 
     firing on you if they hit the top.  Once both are down, use your clones 
     to destroy the gold box next to you.  Assemble the cannon and use it to 
     bust down the wall, as well as any droids behind it.
     Okay, move your crew further into the village.  About halfway in, you'll 
     come across a blue marker on the ground.  Build the stuff on it, then use 
     the Force to move the nearby dish onto the top.  This will summon an 
     AT-AP.  Hop in and take down any bad guys in your path.  Blast the silver 
     barrier in the back and you'll reach the back end of the village.
     There's a big gate in the back of this open area.  To open it, first go 
     to the left and start smashing up doors on the houses.  One will release a 
     Probe Droid.  Blast it, then assemble the pieces it leaves behind.  
     There's a second door just to the right of the gate itself with another 
     Probe Droid.  Do the same.  Have two clones pull on the grapple points 
     you just built.  This will open the gate and release some gutkurrs.  Use 
     Obi-Wan to use the Force on them to subdue them (or just smack them in the 
     face), then hop on each one and move them into their respective pens 
     (they're covered with silver armor).  Once all five are in place, the door 
    Prison Camp: Go straight ahead and pull the second switch on your left.  
     Enter the cell and use two clones to grapple down the wall.  Head all the 
     way through the next cell and cut down the wall at the end with Obi-Wan.  
     Pull out the box.  Now, to make a path for it.  Have Waxer blast the 
     rocks under the cell gate (from the left side, where they're silver), 
     then have Obi-Wan grab the two panels on the right wall and Force them into 
     the slots on the track.  Move the box all the way along the track, then 
     have a clone use the Clone Panel.
     Now that you're back outside, it's time to free some prisoners.  There are 
     three silver Proton Cannons high up on the walls, and two normal ones 
     near you.  Getting any ideas, yet?  Hijack one of the normal ones by 
     sabering and shooting it, then hop in and start shelling the silver 
     cannons until they're busted.  After that, a shiny silver AAT will blast 
     through the far wall, protected by a shield generator.  Run past it and 
     throw the switch on the generator to turn it off, then head back to one 
     of the cannons and blast the tank's armor off, then finish it with the 
     Jedi Panel.
    New Characters:
    6G. Ventress 6 - Liberty on Ryloth =
    Overview: Episode 21 of the series, and the conclusion of a three-part arc 
     on Ryloth.  With Anakin fighting in orbit and Obi-Wan fighting behind 
     enemy lines, it's up to Mace Windu to lead the main assault on the capital 
     city of Lessu.
    Mace Windu
    Commander Ponds
    True Jedi at 195,000
    This mission consists entirely of the battle.  See the Large-Scale Battles 
    section for info on how to fight those, and for the rules on how to 
    interpret all the crazy letters and numbers I'm throwing at you down below.
    Also, consider going the Dooku path up to "Defenders of Peace".  It gives 
    you a nice tutorial on how to get set up for these battles.
    Objective: Destroy the silver gate to Lessu and enter the city.
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    3       11            7
      CAN     3       3+S+G         2+2S
      ARC                           2S
      SAS             1             1
      BAR             3+R           2
       AS             AP RX TE      AA
       SG             3+S+G         1
      RSG             2+S           1
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             MD
    First, you have to get to the east side.  Go to the northernmost cannon and 
    use it to shell the Silver Arc Energy Cannon blocking your way along the 
    ledge.  Move east.  You can either smash up the Cannon at the next base 
    or head down south and use the free base at the bottom left.  Dismantle 
    all enemy buildings.  The one on the island in the northeast will require 
    you to hop over and turn off the generator before you can finish mopping 
    it up.  Build on the two yellow squares to recreate the bridge leading to 
    the gate, then shell it open with some heavy vehicle and head on inside.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Mace Windu
    Commander Ponds
    Wat Tambor (50,000)
    Republic Dropship (50,000)
    Battle Droid Commander (10,000)
    Trident Assault Craft (200,000)
    Asajj Ventress (250,000)
    6H. Dooku 1 - Battle of Geonosis =
    Overview: With the arena cleared out, the Grand Army of the Republic 
     marches from its staging area to assault the amassed droid armies of the 
     Federation, focusing on their escaping capital ships.  This is another 
     continuation from Attack of the Clones.
    Mace Windu
    Kit Fisto
    True Jedi at 80,000
    This is a straight up Large-Scale Battle, only there's no building, so you 
    don't have to worry about anything but delivering the pain.
    Objective: Destroy all five Techno Union ships.
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    6       NOTHING       5
      CAN     3                     2+S+G
      SAS     1                     
      BAR     6+R                   1+R+S+G
       AS     AP 2RX 3TE            2HF 2SP
       SG                           2
      PTG     1       
    So, obviously this battle is stacked HEAVILY in your favor.  Use this 
    opportunity to test out craft if this is your first mission after the 
    Arena.  Note how the AT-AP is good against normal and silver buildings, 
    how the RX-200 tears into gold buildings, and how the AT-TE doesn't do as 
    well offensively but cannot be stopped.  When dealing with the shields, 
    simply hop off your craft, walk inside the shield, and throw the switch on 
    it to shut it down.  Destroying a Techno Union ship at the center of each 
    enemy base will destroy everything attached to it, so make those your 
    New Characters:
    Mace Windu
    Kit Fisto
    6I. Dooku 2 - Gungan General =
    Overview: Episode 12 of the series.  This actually follows on from Episode 
     11.  Dooku was captured by a group of pirates, who negotiated with the 
     Republic for his custody.  Obi-Wan and Anakin arrive to negotiate, and 
     are betrayed and captured by the pirates.  When a transport holding the 
     ransom team's senator is shot down, Jar Jar Binks finds himself 
     unwittingly in charge of the detachment of clones sent to rescue the 
     Jedi.  The mission focuses entirely on Jar Jar's effort to fight a way 
     to the Jedi.
    Jar Jar Binks
    Commander Stone
    Clone Trooper
    True Jedi at 180,000
    An interesting spin on the standard large-scale battles, in that you can't 
    build anything, and you don't start with anything besides the local 
    Skalders to help you out.
    Objective: Destroy the three power grid towers.
     Units:   Opposition
      BASE    8
      CAN     8+S
      SAS     2+G
       AS     2PST G-PST
       SG     2S
      RSG     1+2S
      PTG     2G
    So, the idea is to use the Skalders roaming around.  Ram them into any 
    enemy vehicle and you'll be able to hijack it.  I suggest focusing on the 
    larger Pirate Speeder Tanks, simply because it has massive firepower.  You'll 
    learn the hard way that you can't hijack an enemy vehicle for more than about 
    a minute before the bad guys reclaim it via orbit.
    First, make your way to the buildings with shield generators and turn them 
    off.  They won't get turned back on.  Once you've done that, you need to 
    destroy the three towers with little purple targets on them, and to do that, 
    you need to use proton torpedoes.  Fortunately, your enemy has two 
    generators set right up for you.  Drive over the generator with either 
    the enemy's bike or the tank and you'll pick up one or three torps 
    respectively.  Fire them once you've got a solution (a purple arrow at the 
    edge of the screen or a purple bracket).  Hitting one of the towers will 
    cause one of the buildings connected to it to be destroyed, unless there's 
    nothing left but the tower, in which case the tower goes down.  Destroy 
    all three towers in this way to complete the mission.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Jar Jar Binks
    Commander Stone
    Clone Trooper
    Senator Kharrus (20,000)
    Hondo Ohnaka (45,000)
    Turk Falso (45,000)
    Pirate Ruffian (10,000)
    Pirate Speeder Tank (75,000)
    Starhawk Speeder Bike (50,000)
    6J. Dooku 3 - Jedi Crash =
    Overview: Episode 13 of the series.  The focus of this episode is actually 
     Anakin being put out of action during the resuce attempt on Aayla Secura's 
     fleet and their subsequent crash on Maridun, but the game will instead 
     only focus this mission on the rescue attempt over the planet Quell.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Republic Gunship
    Commander Bly
    Aayla Secura
    True Jedi at 75,000
    Sky Battle: Aayla's cruiser has seen better days.  Those three markers at 
     the top of your screen represent fire suppression systems, and you have to 
     activate one at each of three landing pads on the cruiser.  The first 
     landing pad is near you as you travel to the right.  The next is closer 
     to the top of the ship and further to the right.  The last is WAY far to 
     the right, almost near the front of the ship.
    Left-Hand Landing Pad: Watch out for Super Battle Droids.  Go to the back 
     to find an interesting checkered floor and walls.  Jedi can climb up these 
     by leaping from the left to right side.  Use double jumps to help you gain 
     height.  At the top, head to the back and throw the switch to uncover a 
     box on the track.  Push it all the way towards the front and to the left.
    Top Landing Pad: Head down to the front and down the steps to the lower 
     area.  Head left.  Use the Force at the far left to put together pieces 
     of the electric conduit, then use the Jedi Panel to cut open the wall and 
     throw the switch.
    Right-Hand Landing Pad: Follow the studs to the right and inside the 
     passage.  At the hole, use the Force to move the blue pieces so you can 
     cross, then throw the switch at the end.
    Sky Battle: Once you hop back onto your ship, you'll notice a Separatist 
     cruiser get a small Republic Cruiser in its tractor beam.  There's also 
     a landing pad near there.
    Separatist Landing Pad: Move towards the back and use the Force to put 
     together the GIANT Proton Torpedo Generator.  Flip the switch near it to 
     get it working.  Now, hop back in your ship, get torps and use them to 
     blast all three purple markers on the Separatist ship.  You can now enter 
     the hangar of Aayla's ship.
    Cruiser Hangar: Take out nine Super Battle Droids and Aayla and Commander 
     Bly will join your team.  Have Bly grapple the grapple point to the left of 
     the back door, then head straight back and press Triangle to get in the 
    Sky Battle: Head back to the left.  Your Cruiser comes with missiles and 
     torpedoes standard, so use your torps to sink the Separatist ship off to 
     the far left.  Finally, enter the hangar underneath the Republic ship 
     on the left.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Aayla Secura
    Commander Bly
    Republic Gunship
    Probe Droid (6,000)
    Republic Cruiser (50,000)
    6K. Dooku 4 - Defenders of Peace =
    Overview: Episode 14 of the series.  Having crashed on Maridun, Anakin, 
     Ahsoka, and Aayla find themselves facing a Neimoidian general and his 
     new weapon, the Defoliator.  They have to enlist the help of the pacifist 
     Lurmen tribes in order to destroy it.  Much of the story has been set 
     aside of this mission, mostly focusing on the battle itself.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Aayla Secura
    Wag Too
    Commander Bly
    True Jedi at 100,000
    While it appears that you're in a normal exploration mission, this is 
    actually a large-scale battle mission, and indeed can be used as a tutorial 
    for the concept.
    Begin by using the Force off to the right so you can free poor Commander 
    Bly.  Now, use both Bly and Wag Too to grapple both parts of the Cruiser 
    so you can open it.  Use the Force about five more times to assemble 
    another speeder and pull a large sphere out of the cruiser.
    With your first "base" put together, walk into the circle until you see a 
    platform appear beneath your feet.  This denotes an area you can build 
    upon.  Press Circle, then select Cannons, then one of the AV-7 Cannons.  
    Once built, hop in with Triangle and hold Square to aim.  Release Square 
    when your crosshair is over that big silver barrier, then start tapping 
    Square to shell it.  Once it's blown to pieces, the Separatists will 
    start advancing on you, and the battle proper will be joined.
    Objective: Destroy the Defoliator tank.
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE            7             
      CAN             3+S+G         3+S
      SAS             2             1
      BAR             3+R           6
       AS             AP            2AA
       SG             3+S+G         1
      RSG             2+S           2+S
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             MD
    The Defoliator sits in the back right corner of the map.  Naturally, it's 
    well-protected by Ray Shield Generators.  I would begin by taking out the 
    Barracks nearest you.  You may find it easier to level if you hijack an 
    AAT by knocking its pilot out.  From here on, follow generic battle 
    instructions as I give you in the Large-Scale Battles section
    New Characters:
    Wag Too
    Tee Watt Kaa (15,000)
    Lurmen Villager (10,000)
    Lok Durd (50,000)
    6L. Dooku 5 - Weapons Factory =
    Overview: Episode 28 of the series (and the sixth episode of Season Two).  
     This episode is the third in a five-part storyline, which began with 
     Padmé discovering an old friend of hers is working for the Separatists and 
     manages to get intelligence that a new weapons factory has been built on 
     Geonosis.  This mission covers the attempt to destroy the factory, which 
     is producing new "super tanks" with very strong armor.  Anakin and 
     Luminara engage the troops on the ground, while Ahsoka and Barriss 
     attempt to sneak in and blow up the factory.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Luminara Unduli
    Captain Rex
    Barriss Offee
    True Jedi at 100,000
    This is actually a pretty long mission.  You'll begin with three large-
    scale battles, one right after the other (although the first couple are 
    almost jokingly simple), and then an exploration phase, culminating in a 
    boss fight.  Quite simply, this mission has it all.
    Objective: Destroy all enemy buildings.
     Units:   Start   Resources   Opposition 1    2    3
      BASE    2       12                     1    4    6
      CAN             3+S+G                       1+S  2+S+G
      BAR     2       6+2                    3    3+S  1+2S+G
       AS     AP      2AP 2RX TE                  AA   AA G-AA
       SG             3+S+G                            2
      RSG             2+S                              S+G
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             MD
    There's not much to say here except blow up everything.  Remember that 
    you need powerful laser cannons or explosives for silver armor and constant 
    fire from Blaster Clones or an RX-200 for gold armor.
    Caverns: You're now in command of Barriss and Ahsoka.  Cut open the back 
     wall and enter the cave.  Head to the back until you reach two doors.  
     Slash the right-hand door to knock three triangles off it.  Force these 
     triangles onto the left-hand door to open both.  Continue on past some 
     Geonosians and you'll find another pair of doors.  This time, one of the 
     triangles is on the right-hand door, a second is behind the Jedi Panel, 
     and the third is off to the left tangled up in a web.  Once you place 
     all three triangles, head further back in the cave.  At the end, you'll 
     need to bust up just about everything in this room, but especially the 
     hammocks along the walls.  They all release pieces that you'll need to 
     put together to create a trampoline.
    Inner Base: In addition to facing a whole bunch of bad guys, you're also 
     facing a Super Tank.  Now, you can take control of this death machine by 
     first slashing the guns on either side of it, then throwing your saber at 
     the gun on top of it once it opens up.  The objective is to use the Super 
     Tank on the generator in the center of the room to blow the place up.  
     Unfortunately, you don't yet have access to all the vents you need to 
     blow up.  That's where the blue droid with the square head (TX-20) comes 
     in.  Swat him to knock his head off, then grab it and use the droid 
     panels on either side of the room.  Using each of these panels opens up 
     the remaining vents so you can blow this taco stand.
    New Characters:
    Luminara Unduli
    Barriss Offee
    Captain Rex
    Workout Clone Trooper (25,000)
    Geonosis Guard (25,000)
    TX-20 (50,000)
    6M. Dooku 6 - Legacy of Terror =
    Overview: Episode 29 of the series (and the seventh episode of Season Two).  
     Despite the destruction of the weapons factory, Geonosian leader Poggle 
     the Lesser has escaped.  He flees into an ancient Geonosian Temple and 
     is pursued by Luminara Unduli.  When communications with Luminara 
     abruptly cease, Kenobi mounts a rescue operation.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Anakin Skywalker
    Commander Cody
    Clone Trooper
    True Jedi at 130,000
    Outer Door: First things first.  Gotta get that door open.  You'll need to 
     attach two piles of bricks to it, and each is up one side of the room.  
     On the left side, smack the multi-colored wall and stack the colored bricks 
     so you can reach the upper ledge.  Take Cody up to the ledge and have him 
     grapple down the pillar.  Cross to the statue and it will fall down.  For 
     the right side, you'll need to use the troopers.  Press Circle near them 
     to command the lot, then hold down Square, move the crosshair onto the 
     gold rocks, and release and they'll start shooting.  Have them shoot up 
     all the rocks, then have one of the Jedi climb up the walls.  At the 
     top, smash the rock on the track, then Force the remaining pieces into 
     place.  Push the statue off the edge.  Now, assemble both sides of the 
     back door and enter.
    Main Passage: Head straight back.  Use the studs in this dark area to follow 
     the path.  At the wall of boulders, repeatedly smash it to knock it down, 
     then continue until you find a wall you need to grapple down.  Continue 
     down to your next roadblock, a Jedi Panel.  When you reach the very end, 
     you'll see a statue on the left, and a bunch of stuff encased in crystal 
     on the right.  Smash up all six crystals, including those hanging from 
     the ceiling, then use the Force to assemble all the parts to make a 
     duplicate statue.  Start with the legs, and so on up.
    Catacombs: Yikes!  Zombies!  Your objective here is to stop them coming out 
     of the walls.  Head to the right and use the Force to push a pillar to 
     the left in front of the hole the zombies are coming out of, then head all 
     the way to the right and use a Gunner to grapple down another pillar.  
     This will cause the back wall to crash down.  Head down the path.  At a 
     certain point, a wall will fall in your way.  Use the Jedi Panel to loosen 
     it up, then the Force to knock it down.  This will lead you to the boss 
    Queen Karina the Great: Well, Geonosians are insectile.  Makes sense that 
     their queen looks like... that.  Anyway, a couple of those zombies stole 
     your lightsabers, so the first step is to get them back.  First, use the 
     Force on the pillar in the back to tick off the queen.  She'll start 
     flinging eggs at you.  Most of them will bust on impact, but every once 
     in a while, she'll fire a purple one that won't break.  Force that onto 
     the right-hand wall.  You'll need to do this for three eggs, so you can 
     make stepping stones to the ledge with the zombies that have your sabers.
     With your saber back, use the Jedi Panel next to the pillar to uncover its 
     bricky center, then Force it away.  The queen will get even more mad and 
     start throwing bomb eggs, because why not?  Stand near the silver wall on 
     the left so the bomb egg falls near you and blows up the wall.  Once the 
     wall is down, climb up the walls using your saber and use the Jedi Panel 
     at the top so you uncover another pillar.  Force it down, and this will 
     create a Jedi Panel down on a rock in front of the queen.  Use it.
    Escape: Not much to say here except RUUUUUN!
    New Characters/Ships:
    Commander Cody
    Undead Geonosian (10,000)
    Poggle the Lesser (50,000)
    Count Dooku (250,000)
    Geonosian Solar Sailer (200,000)
    6N. Grievous 1 - Duel of the Droids =
    Overview: Episode 7 of the series, which continues from the previous episode 
     where, after a heated battle, R2-D2 becomes separated from Anakin.  He 
     ultimately ends up in the hands of General Grievous.  Grievous intends 
     to use Artoo's memory to steal valuable Republic intel.  Anakin gets a 
     replacement droid in the form of R3-S6 and they set out for Skytop Station 
     on a moon of Ruusan to recover Artoo.
    Captain Rex
    Anakin Skywalker
    True Jedi at 110,000
    Generators: Your first task is to take Ahsoka and Rex and have them place 
     bombs in the area.  Head straight down the path.  
     Bomb 1: At the end, smash the box to the right of the hole in the floor and 
      assemble the pieces into a grapple point.  Grapple it off and have Rex use 
      the panel to place the first bomb.  
     Bomb 2: Have R3 go to the back and use the astromech panel.  This will 
      uncover the next clone panel for the second bomb.  With both bombs in 
      place, the force field in back will be shut down.
     NOTE: If you search the hatches on the path, you may come across gold 
     droids.  These will fight for you and cannot be destroyed.  It's not 
     necessary to have them, but they are useful.
     Now for the second set of bombs further down the path:
     Bomb 1: Use the Jedi Panel to cut open the box and grapple off the point.  
      This will raise up the lower platform with a clone panel.
     Bomb 2: Use the astromech panel near the hole, then use the Force to move 
      the plug inside from the right to the left.  Use the clone panel.
     Bomb 3: Move further up the path and use another astromech panel.  Use 
      the grapple point above the auto-gun to destroy it and use the clone 
      panel behind it.
     One more set of bombs:
     Bomb 1: Use the Force just to the right of the hole, then use the grapple 
      point to raise up the lower platform with a clone panel.
     Bomb 2: Use the nearby astromech panel.  Use the Force inside to smash 
      the weird tentacles, then use the clone panel.
     Bombs 3 and 4: Head to the back and use the astromech panel, which will 
      open two more doors.  Head to the back of each corridor to place the bombs 
      on clone panels.
    Storage Room: (Ahsoka) Grievous is a little more than you can handle 
     straight up fighting.  Use the Force to throw boxes at him, then when his 
     hearts appear, swat him with your saber.  Once you knock him down to one 
     heart, he'll hop up to a high ledge.  Put together the gold droid in the 
     middle of the room and it will walk over and start blasting the gold box 
     on the right.  Use the Jedi Panel and you'll make stairs up to Grievous, 
     who will run off.  Use the Force to place the bomb nearby on the door.  You 
     can switch to Anakin now (hold down Triangle).
    Hallway: (Anakin Skywalker) Taking down MagnaGuards requires you to 
     repeatedly tap Square as you duel with them.  Once you knock their heads 
     off, just swat them a few more times or just Force toss them.  Anyway, 
     head straight back and use the Jedi Panel, and you'll reach the room where 
     Artoo was disassembled.  Place the second bomb on the wall to the left, 
     then use the Force to put Artoo together.  Use Artoo on the astromech panel.
    *Meet Up* Hangar: It seems kinda silly, but you have to pit Artoo against 
     R3.  Head to the lower right corner and use the astromech panel.  Hover 
     to the left after you ride up the lift and press Square repeatedly to zap 
     R3.  After it moves away, zap it a second time, then use the panel behind 
     it.  You've now got Vulture Droids on the floor and the Twilight has been 
     brought up from the pit it was in.  Go back to your other troops.  You 
     need to get a proton torpedo up on that purple target.  First, slash up a 
     Vulture Droid and hijack it.  Go nuts with the missiles.  You need to blow 
     up the boxes near the middle of the room to uncover parts for a proton 
     torpedo generator.  Assemble and place it, then go to the Twilight and 
     Force open its hatch.  Assemble Anakin's Starfighter and fly over the 
     torpedoes to grab them.  Shoot at the target.  Now you can switch back to 
     Artoo and zap R3 again.  Chase after it and use the astromech panel.  
     Lastly, get back in the Starfighter, grab torpedoes, and toss them at the 
     three purple targets.  Fly out to Artoo to finish the mission.
    New Characters:
    Captain Rex
    Destroyer Droid (40,000)
    6O. Grievous 2 - Shadow of Malevolence =
    Overview: Episode 3 of the series.  Grievous' personal cruiser "Malevolence" 
     has been a thorn in the side of the Republic ever since the last episode.  
     Anakin designs a bold plan to bring the Malevolence down after hearing that 
     it will be launching an assault on a medical station.  Taking Plo Koon as 
     fighter escort, he'll personally lead a squadron of Y-Wing bombers to 
     destroy the giant crusier.
    Plo Koon
    Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
    Anakin Skywalker
    Y-Wing Starfighter
    True Jedi at 190,000
    Upper Space: At the moment, you can't do anything up here, so find the 
     nearby sublight booster, enter with Triangle, and boost with X.
    Lower Space: Land on the nearby landing pad.
    Lower Landing Pad: Head to the back and throw the switch for the proton 
     torpedo generator.  Hop back on your ship.
    Lower Space: Get some torps and blast the two purple targets.  Head for 
     the sublight booster.
    Upper Space: You can use three torps either on the right side or the left 
     side.  Let's do the three right ones just for the sake of argument.  You'll 
     blow a hole in the Malevolence.  You now need to blast the shield 
     generators over the landing pad.  Once all three are down, land.
    Upper Right Landing Pad: Follow the stud path to the switch to fire up 
     more proton torpedoes.  Now you won't have to fly all the way to lower 
     space to get them.
    Upper Space: Torpedo away all the targets in the ship and on the outside on 
     the left to blow another hole in the ship.  Blast the shield generator 
     to uncover another torpedo generator, then use torps on the remaining 
     purple targets.  For the last target near the ion cannon, you'll need to 
     fly back down to Lower Space.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Plo Koon
    Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
    Y-Wing Starfighter (50,000)
    6P. Grievous 3 - Destroy Malevolence =
    Overview: Episode 4 of the series, continuing from the previous one.  
     Padmé is coerced into travelling towards the system, believing she's 
     entering negotiations with a Banking Clan executive, but she discoveres 
     it's a trap to lure her towards the near-derelict Malevolence.  She ends 
     up captured, and it's up to Anakin and Obi-Wan to infiltrate the dying 
     cruiser, rescue Padmé, and complete the destruction of the warship.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Padmé Amidala
    True Jedi at 80,000
    Entry: Head straight back along the passage.
    Trams: Drop down.  Have Artoo hover to the back and use the astromech panel, 
     which will stop a tram near you.  Cross it, then lift up Artoo with the 
     Force and move him to the back so he can roll over the button, then use 
     the next astromech panel.  After you cross the second tram, use the Force 
     to move the platform in the back onto the sparking pedestal.  Cross the 
     platform, then throw your lightsaber at the droids and platform in the back 
     to knock it down.  Again, Force Artoo across and have him push the button 
     and use the panel.  Force the tram that shows up into a crane, then hop in.  
     Move the crane to the left until you see electric sparks.  Press Circle to 
     pick up the tram car, then move around to the left more until more sparks 
     appear, meaning you can drop it.  Cross the tram and climb up the ramps 
     to the left side.
     (Obi-Wan and R2) There are three purple pipes at the end of this passage 
     that need to be put in the left, top, and right sides of the white pipes.  
     Once all are in place, use the astromech panel.  Switch up to Anakin.
     (Anakin, Padmé, Threepio) Smash up some boxes to find a grapple point.  
     Force it onto the purple panel on the right, then grapple it down with 
     Padmé.  You now have to use Threepio on it.  The idea is to note the four 
     green lights that come up, then repeat the sequence they make.  Once the 
     door is open, head through and you'll get a cutscene that will 
     automatically switch you back to Obi-Wan.
     (Obi-Wan and R2) Use the Jedi Panel on the Vulture Droid, then assemble the 
     pieces left behind and have Artoo use the panel.  This will both open the 
     door ahead of you and allow Anakin to proceed, but let's stay with Obi-Wan 
     for the moment.  Force the nearby plug into the socket, then have Artoo 
     use each astromech panel twice.  This will line up the door so it opens.
    Torpedo Room: (Obi-Wan and R2) Drop down and head to the right.  Note those 
     proton torpedo generators in the back.  Throw your saber to take out the 
     droids working on them and the box covering the astromech panel on the 
     right.  Have Artoo use the panels on both generators, then have Obi-Wan 
     use the Force to move the torps to the targets.  You can now use the 
     astromech panel in the middle of the room, which unleashes Grievous.
     The fight against Grievous requires you to throw stuff at him, either 
     boxes or droids.  Note that after you do so, he jumps around.  When he's 
     in front of the doors on either side of the room, throwing something will 
     knock him through the gate.  The whole point of this fight is to throw 
     the two switches behind both gates, which will allow you to leave by the 
     back door.  Don't worry about fighting Grievous.
    Passage: (Anakin, Padmé, Threepio) Use the grapple point next to the door, 
     then force all three colored discs onto the wall to the right.  The 
     protocol panel activates when they're all in place, so use Threepio to open 
    Bridge: (Anakin, Padmé, Threepio) Time to sink this boat.  First, use both 
     Jedi Panels and both grapple points at the back.  Put both plugs in their 
     sockets.  This will uncover the windows.  Now, use the protocol panel.  
     This will activate the "joystick" for the ship.  Use the Force on it to 
     point the ship directly at the planet off in the distance.  Once that's 
     done, simply clean up the remaining droids (you'll have to fight a few 
     waves), then leave by the elevator to the left.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Heavy Super Battle Droid (25,000)
    Medical Frigate (Torpedoes) (50,000)
    H-Type Nubian Yacht (50,000)
    6Q. Grievous 4 - Lair of Grievous =
    Overview: Episode 10 of the series.  Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, 
     having escaped capture in the previous episode (a capture that happened two 
     episodes previous) is being tracked by Jedi Master Kit Fisto.  He and 
     his former Padawan Nahdar Vebb track Gunray's ship to Vassek.  What they 
     find is not Gunray, but the retreat of General Grievous, who is being given 
     a test to prove he can kill Jedi.
    Kit Fisto
    Nahdar Vebb
    Commander Fil
    Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper
    True Jedi at 125,000
    Entry: Ooo, it's foggy out.  Head to the back along the path and you'll 
     eventually see the main door.  Gold on the left, silver on the right.  
     Use your Heavy Weapons Guy to blast the silver stuff (helps if you yell 
     "CRY SOME MORE!"), and use Fil to command clones to shoot the gold side.  
     When the MagnaGuards show up, simply use the HW Guy to blast them.  Use the 
     grapple points on either side of the door, then use one of the Jedi to 
     put all the pieces on the door.
    Corridors: Foggy outside, dark inside.  This place is a visibility 
     nightmare.  Head to the right and back.  It's hard to see, but there are 
     platforms on the walls that you'll have to place in the gap in front of 
     you.  You'll do that twice as you move on back.  Head up to the chair to 
     see a cutscene, then head further back.
    Storage: Head to the back of the passage, then Force both plugs into the 
     wall sockets.  In the next room, watch out for MagnaGuards.  You need to 
     assemble a replica of Grievous' armor and put it on the back wall.  The 
     pieces are in the canisters with grapple points and the silver boxes.  
     Put all the pieces on the wall.
     Now for a Grievous fight.  Smack him with your saber, then Force Throw the 
     box of grapple points at him and one will stick.  Use a clone to pull the 
     grapple point (and a leg) off.  Do the same thing once more.  Grievous 
     will hang from the ceiling.  What you want to do here is throw your saber 
     at him three times.  Then he'll drop down to the floor and scurry around.  
     Swat him three times and he'll run off.  Chase after him.
    Trap: Step on all the buttons and whoops!  Now, you need to use the Force 
     to assemble the blocks in the back to some form of staircase so you can 
     get out.  Doesn't have to be perfect, just enough to get a Jedi out and 
     head to the right.
    Arena: Time for a boss fight!  You're facing Grievous' roggwart, Gor.  
     First, you need to use clones to grapple him in his legs, then use the 
     Jedi Panel to damage Gor.  You need to do this a total of four times 
     altogether.  He changes up his attacks a little each time, but it's nothing 
     that should change how you fight.
    Landing Platform: Head to the back and go outside.  Unplug the the generator 
     and push it along the track.  Don't push it all the way back, because it 
     needs to be in range of the plugs.  Now, Force the circular object off 
     the left-hand stand, then assemble the pieces behind it and Force that 
     onto the stand in its place.  Off to the right is a dish, so place that 
     on top.  Plug it into the generator, then basically hold off Grievous 
     until your ship lands.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Kit Fisto
    Nahdar Vebb
    Commander Fil
    Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper
    R6-H5 (25,000)
    Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter (50,000)
    Republic Attack Shuttle (50,000)
    6R. Grievous 5 - Rookies =
    Overview: Episode 5 of the series.  A group of rookie clones maintain an 
     outpost on a moon of Rishi.  Bored and restless, they soon find plenty 
     to occupy them as Commander Cody and Captain Rex arrive for inspection.  
     Also arriving are drop ships carrying commando droids, intent on taking 
     over the station in order to allow Separatist forces to bypass the 
     outpost and sneak into Republic space.
    Commander Cody
    Captain Rex
    True Jedi at 80,000
    Landing Platform: After you shoot up the first set of Commando Droids, more 
     will show up and bust your shuttle.  Use the pieces from the shuttle to 
     assemble a grapple line.  Lower yourself down to the bottom area.  Now, 
     you need to fight against a Rishi Eel.  Watch out when it pokes its head 
     out of its holes.  Only fire on it when you see hearts appear above its 
     head, otherwise just keep your distance.  After you knock three hearts off 
     its health, it will slither to the left side.  Assemble the pieces into a 
     bridge and cross.  Now, switch to Echo, the guy with the rocket launcher.  
     Use that to knock the creature's silver armor off for the last two hearts.
     Now that it's dead, assemble the ramp on the Eel and climb up.  Step on 
     the button to open a nearby hatch, and blast the controls behind it.  
     Now, switch to Hevy and use him to blast away the gold plate to the right.  
     That uncovers a grapple point.  Use it to hop over to the right (it can 
     be kinda tough to make the jump, you don't want to be pulled all the way 
     up on your rope, but keep trying).  On the right end of the platforms are 
     more gold rocks blocking a passage.  Blow them away with Hevy, then enter 
     the cave to be moved back up to the landing platform.
     Blast the droids and the silver boxes.  Assemble the pieces to make a 
     TX-20 panel, then blast the head off the TX-20 droid, pick it up, and use 
     it on the panel to enter.
    Control Room: As you enter, your crew will split up.  Hevy will take the 
     droids that are landing, while everyone else works on the control room.
     (Hevy) Aw YEEEEEAHHH!  Get some, ladies!  Ahem.  Well, your objective 
     here is not just to mow down droid after droid.  There's a large golden 
     box outside.  You need to wear that down to find a "plunk droid" inside.  
     Ride it as you would a vehicle back inside and over to the left.  If you 
     have trouble shooting up the box without dying, try standing behind the box 
     as you do so, out of sight of the droids.  Switch up once you hit the 
     switch inside.
     (Other Clones) So that was one plunk droid.  Now to find the other two.  
     Go to the left and shoot up some boxes.  Put the blue pieces into the 
     wall to power up a switch, which will open the door to your left.  Head 
     through and blast the silver box on the back wall.  Grapple the point to 
     open the gate.  Now, shoot the droid to knock it off the plunk, then 
     ride it back.
     For the last plunk, head up the stairs in the control room and blast all 
     the junk on the track.  Push the blue-lit thing to the left along the 
     track and throw the switch, which will open the back-left door.  Inside, 
     blast the gate with Echo and take the last plunk.  Put them all on the 
     orange buttons near the center of the room to end the mission.
    New Characters:
    Commander Cody
    Clone Pilot (15,000)
    6S. Grievous 6 - Grievous Intrigue =
    Overview: Episode 31 of the series and the ninth episode of Season Two.  
     In a raid on a Republic ship, General Grievous manages to capture Jedi 
     Master Eeth Koth, and intends to use him to lure more Jedi into a trap.  
     Obi-Wan and Anakin take that bait and devise a daring rescue, all the 
     while knowing that Grievous is fully expecting their arrival.
    Eeth Koth
    Clone Trooper
    Anakin Skywalker
    Adi Gallia
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    True Jedi at 60,000
    Bridge: Head to the back to engage Grievous.  First, you need to destroy 
     a wave of Commandos, then a wave of MagnaGuards.  After a few of them are 
     destroyed, you can start throwing stuff at Grievous.  Once you hit him, 
     he loses a gray heart, then you can smack him so he loses a red heart.  
     Keep at this until he's down to one.
    Destroyer Passages: (Anakin and Adi) Head up the ramps.  At the force 
     field, go to the left and use the Jedi Panel to uncover a blue power node.  
     You need to destroy three of these in a short amount of time.  The other 
     two are off to the right.  I suggest using a saber throw for at least one 
     of them.
     Once the force field is down, head up the ramps to the next field.  On 
     the left, push the box to the right to uncover the node.  On the right, 
     grab a Super Battle Droid with the Force so it shoots up the gold cage 
     around another node.  Destroy all three again, then head up the ramps.
     On the bridge, knock the TX-20's head off and use it on the nearby panel 
     to free Eeth Koth.
    Cruiser Bridge: (Obi-Wan and Clone) This fight with Grievous is similar to 
     the first one.  Throw stuff and slash.  Once he's knocked down this time, 
     he'll start chasing you to the front of the ship.  In this phase of the 
     fight, after you hit him with an object, you'll have to use the Force on 
     him and toss him into the wall.  Do that a few times and he'll run off, 
     yet again.  Chase after him by cutting through the walls.
    *Split-Up 2*
    Access and Hangar: (Obi-Wan) In a few moments, Adi will show up.  The 
     trick to this part of the fight is to hit Grievous in the back.  Simply 
     switch characters and hit him when he turns.  After you wear down his 
     hearts, you'll get a cutscene and be prompted to switch to Anakin.
    Space: (Anakin) Land on top of Obi-Wan's cruiser.  Head to the back and 
     slash open first the window, then the wall behind it, then the circuits 
     behind it, which will open panels for the other crew.  Switch back.
    Access and Hangar: (Obi-Wan, Adi, Clone) Assemble the nearby platform, 
     then hop up.  On the fourth platform is a box.  Force it down.  Also, 
     throw your saber at the yellow panel on the wall to drop another one.  
     Switch to the clone and keep climbing until you reach a grapple point.  
     Pull that down, then hop all the way up to the top.  At the right end of 
     the corridor, use the Jedi Panel to enter the hangar.  Go to the back 
     right of the hangar and smash boxes to find pieces to put on the module 
     behind them.  Throw the switch and proton torpedoes will appear.  Switch 
     back to Anakin.
    Space: (Anakin) Hop back on your shuttle and get some torps.  Fire them 
     at all the purple targets, then land in the hangar to finish the mission.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Eeth Koth
    Adi Gallia
    Jedi Shuttle
    MSE-6 (6,000)
    Soulless One (200,000)
    General Grievous (250,000)
    6T. Epilogue - The Zillo Beast =
    To unlock this mission, complete all of the previous missions.
    Overview: Episode 40 of the series, and the eighteenth episode of Season 
     Two.  In an effort to earn the good graces of the Dugs of Malastare, 
     Chancellor Palpatine has offered to test their new weapon, the electro-
     proton bomb, on the amassed droid armies of the Separatists.  The mission 
     in this game adds a skirmish to the beginning of the whole thing, then 
     the fight with the eponymous Zillo Beast, awakened by the bomb's explosion.
    Anakin Skywalker
    Mace Windu
    Captain Rex
    Commander Ponds
    True Jedi at 300,000
    This first part is a straight large-scale battle.  You should be familiar 
    with these by now.
    Objective: Build on the marked platform.
     Units:   Start   Resources     Opposition
      BASE    3       12             9
      CAN             3+S+G         2+S
      ARC                           S+G
      SAS             2             
      BAR     2       3+R           4+S
       AS     TE      2AP 2RX TE    AA S-AA
       SG             3+S+G         1+G
      RSG             2+S           S+2G
      PTG             2+S+G
       EX             MD
    Once you clear away all the shields and buildings, build on the marked 
    platform and you'll let the bomb go, unfortunately, releasing the eponymous 
    Zillo Beast in the process.
    The fight against the beast is also set up like a large-scale battle.  The 
    difference is that you need to build RX-200s, so go to as many bases as 
    you can in the area and build up as many RX-200s as you can.  Take one of 
    them and target the beast's neck.  With concentrated fire from the others, 
    you'll wear it down quickly.  
    New Characters/Ships:
    Sionver Boll (25,000)
    ARC-170 Starfighter (50,000)
    6U. Extra 1 - Hostage Crisis =
    To unlock this mission, you need a bounty hunter like Cad Bane.  In the 
    Invisible Hand Hangar go to the left end and use the bounty hunter panel.  
    The holoprojector to this one is in the next room.
    Overview: Episode 22 of the series, the finale of Season One.  Working for 
     an unknown third party, bounty hunter Cad Bane has assembled a team of 
     mercenaries for the purpose of taking several senators hostage on 
     Coruscant, intending to broker the release of Ziro the Hutt.  There's also 
     a subplot involving Anakin and Padmé and their relationship as it stands, 
     but who cares about that, let's hunt bounties, baby!
    Cad Bane
    Aurra Sing
    Shahan Alama
    Commando Droid
    True Jedi at 70,000
    Landing Pad: First, you'll be in control of Aurra and HELIOS.  You'll need 
     to use sniper rifles to zap all the commandos in blue attacking your 
     crew.  There are six in the main area, three on the left side, and two 
     on the right.  You can move the speeder by hopping into the driver's seat.
     Once all the boys in blue are out, you'll all regroup.  Head to the back 
     of the area.  Use thermal detonators (press Circle) on the silver pipes on 
     either side of the door.  Assemble both panels.  Use Robonino on the left 
     panel, then take a Commando's helmet and use the right panel.  Head inside.
    Senate Halls: Grab a helmet from one of the commandos and use the nearest 
     panel on the back wall.  Head into the room and start blasting up 
     everything.  Also, bounce on each of the bunk beds on either side of the 
     room.  This should release a whole bunch of pieces.  Assemble them all, 
     and you should have power running all the way to the right.  Head back 
     outside and to the right.
     Use the commando panel to the right with a helmet on and enter the next 
     room.  Again, blast everything and assemble all the pieces.  Once they're 
     all in place, you can push on each of the four panels in the back.  Be 
     quick about it, because they disengage quickly.  Once all four are up, 
     you can leave the room and go further to the right.
     Get another commando helmet and use the last panel in the back of the room.  
     Enter the room and use Robonino on the panel on the right side.  Push the 
     box along the track, then use Robonino on the panel that lights up.  Once 
     the doors open, enter the back room to finish the mission.
    New Characters:
    Cad Bane
    Aurra Sing
    Shahan Alama
    Commando Droid
    Senate Commando (25,000)
    Senate Commando (Captain) (25,000)
    Bail Organa (25,000)
    Senator Philo (25,000)
    Onaconda Farr (25,000)
    Luxury Droid (15,000)
    Xanadu Blood (200,000)
    The Halo (200,000)
    6V. Extra 2 - Castle of Doom =
    Overview: This mission is based on a section of the feature film, only 
     told through the perspective of the antagonists.  The name "Castle of 
     Doom" is the name of what was originally supposed to be an episode of 
     the series, but was consolidated with two others to make the feature 
     film.  It covers the portion where Rotta the Hutt, Huttlet of Jabba, is 
     under the care of Anakin and Ahsoka and where Dooku attempts to intercept 
     them and kill the infant Hutt.
    Count Dooku
    True Jedi at 85,000
    Palace: Head to the right from Jabba's throne.  You'll see a gate trying 
     to close.  Smash the objects on either side of the gate and assemble them 
     into an electric panel that the MagnaGuard needs to charge.  In the next 
     room, you need to create a burger on the purple platform so that the 
     MagnaGuard can reach the electric panel.  First, deal with the Gamorreans, 
     because they won't like you moving their food.  Move the bun onto the 
     panel and the next part will come out.  Keep doing this for all three 
     parts of the burger, then use the panel.
    Inner Gate: What you need to do here is put the sail barge together.  It 
     needs a few extra pieces to be working again.  First, plug it into the 
     nearby generator.  Second, smash the nearby pieces.  Third, use a saber 
     throw to lower the cage hanging over the track, then push it next to the 
     barge.  Fourth, throw the switch on the right and charge up the electric 
     panel to send a skiff into the barge.  Put all the pieces together and 
     charge up the electric panel.  You can now hop on the barge and blast your 
     way out.
    Cliffs: Hop up to the rock ledge and use the Jedi Panel to uncover parts to 
     make a speeder.  Head to the right and note the pile of pieces on some 
     rocks in the background.  Throw your saber at those pieces and you'll be 
     able to put together a skiff.  Ride both to the right.  You should see a 
     purple panel in front of a structure soon.  Knock the rocks down nearby 
     and Force them into steps so you can reach the top.  Charge the electric 
     panel and you'll uncover two orange buttons.  Park your speeders on each 
     button to open the big gate in the back.
    Desert: Head out to the Twilight parked off to the right.  Smash the door 
     and charge up the electric panel.  Force down the hatch and you'll fight 
     Anakin and Ahsoka.  Smack Ahsoka around and take her lightsaber, then use 
     both against Anakin.  This is how you lower their collective hearts.  
     Sometimes Ahsoka runs off and you have to chase her.  Once you drain both 
     their hearts, the mission is complete.
    New Characters/Ships:
    Count Dooku
    MagnaGuard Starfighter
    Gamorrean Guard (40,000)
    Bib Fortuna (30,000)
    This section is devoted to finding and assembling the Minikits hidden in each 
    mission.  In order to do that, you'll have to access each mission in Free 
    Play, available after you beat the mission once on Story.  Once you select 
    Free Play, you'll be given your list of characters to select from.  Select 
    whichever one (or two) you like.  Once you make your choice, you will 
    also be given several more characters.  This set of characters is meant to 
    represent all the different character archetypes you currently have, as 
    you'll need to use their individual abilities to find all the minikit 
    While in the mission, you'll only have the two characters walking around, 
    but you can switch to any others that have been selected for you by pressing 
    L1 or R1.
    Before most entries, you'll see one or more of the following in parentheses.  
    That's what you'll have to bring in to the mission in order to get that 
    Free Play -
     Quite simply, you'll need the freedom to switch characters on the fly.  
     You'll have the skills you need, but they're in two different people.  For 
     example, you need a Jedi jumping ability to get to a ledge, but then a 
     gunner to use a grapple point.
    Jedi -
     You need the Force, or the ability to hit a Jedi Panel.
    Gunner -
     You need someone who can shoot a grapple, like Padmé.
    Clone -
     You need one of your clones to access a Clone Panel.  Just about any 
     clone will do.
    Small - 
     You need someone of small stature to fit through a vent, like Yoda or 
     Wag Too.
    Astromech -
     You need an astromech droid like R2-D2 to use an astromech panel.  It's 
     also possible you might need the astromech for long-distance floating.
    Protocol -
     You need a protocol droid like C-3PO to use a protocol panel.
    Explosives -
     You need someone with explosives, like Jek, Echo, or other Clone Troopers 
     with bazookas, or any bounty hunter and their thermal detonators.  
     Their weapons will bust silver armor.
    Rapid Fire -
     You need a clone with a rotary cannon, like Lieutenant Thire or Hevy, or 
     you need a Super Battle Droid.  Their rapid fire blasters will wear down 
     gold armor.
    High Jump -
     You need to grab a high object or reach a high ledge, and Jar Jar's the 
     only Gungan for the job.
    Sith -
     You need someone with a command of the dark side of the Force to 
     manipulate objects with red sparkles.  Dooku or Ventress can be used for 
    Electric -
     You need someone who can apply electricity to an electric panel.  Two 
     characters can be used for this: Robonino and the MagnaGuard.
    TX-20 -
     The TX-20 panels are made with this droid in mind.  In some missions, it's 
     possible to find him and appropriate his head to use these, but not in 
     others.  Other droids will work on this panel, such as the MagnaGuard.
    Bounty Hunter -
     You need one of "their scum" to operate a bounty hunter panel.  Cad Bane, 
     any of his cohorts, Hondo Ohnaka, and Jango Fett all will work, among 
    Jetpack -
     You need a bounty hunter that can float across vast expanses.  Cad Bane 
     has jet boots, and Jango Fett has a jetpack.
    Sniper Rifle -
     You need a bounty hunter with a weapon that can snipe far off targets.  
     Aurra Sing, HELIOS-3D and IG-86 all have this ability.
    Missiles -
     You need a spacecraft that can fire missiles to destroy silver armor.  
     A craft that can use them is labelled as such in the vehicles menu.
    Separatist Craft -
     You need a spacecraft that is purchased in the hangar of the Invisible 
     Hand.  It doesn't necessarily need to be *specifically* Separatist, as 
     the Slave I will still work, for instance.
    Rapid Fire Ship -
     You need a spacecraft that is labelled as being "rapid fire" for taking 
     down gold armor.
    7A. Prologue: Geonosian Arena =
    #1 - Smash five refreshment stands at the south end of the arena.  Drive the 
     Reek into them.
    #2 - (Sith) Use Sith Force on the two parts of the left-hand pillar and 
     use the grapple points.
    #3 - Pile the pillar pieces on the purple platform and double jump high to 
     reach this one.
    #4 - (Sniper Rifle) Snipe ten ducks in the stands of the arena.
    #5 - (Electric) Use the electric panel on the right side of the arena, then 
     Force push five Droidekas into the corral.
    #6 - (Small) Crawl into the vent in the back of the arena.
    #7 - (Rapid Fire) Blast gold objects on the right wall of the arena.  One 
     will release parts for C-3PO.  Put him together.
    #8 - (Bounty Hunter, Rapid Fire) There are five gold items in the arena.  
     Four are along the walls (two left, two right) and the fifth is behind the 
     Bounty Hunter panel.
    #9 - (Bounty Hunter) Use the Bounty Hunter panel.  Run on all three 
    #10 - (Sith) Around the walls are five little gardens.  Walk on the seed in 
     the dirt to plant it, then Sith Force each one onto the pot.
    Reward: Darth Sidious (Classic)
    7B. Ventress 1 - The Hidden Enemy =
    #1 - (Small, Protocol) There are ten viewing screens that you have to 
     activate and destroy.
      #1: The very first room on the right.
      #2, #3: Go through the vent with a small character in the first room.
      #4: The next room after you grapple over.
      #5: The next room through the door.
      #6: In the room after getting on the Gunship.
      #7: In the room behind the Protocol Droid panel.
      #8, #9: In room where you first fight Ventress.
      #10: In the next room where you fight Ventress.
    #2 - (Small) Go through the vent in the first room with a small character.  
     Use the Force to move the plug into the bottom-most socket.
    #3 - (Jetpack/Astromech) Before going into the elevator after closing all the 
     droid doors, jump out to the platform to the left and hover over to the 
    #4 - (Sith) On the open platform with all the droids, use Sith Force on 
     fan systems in the four corners of the platform.
    #5 - (Bounty Hunter) On the open platform, use the Bounty Hunter panel.
    #6 - (Sniper Rifle) On the open platform, there are three green targets in 
     the distance.  Snipe all three.
    #7 - (Protocol) In the first room after the Gunship, use the droid panel 
     on the right.  On the far right of the room, Force the hose onto the middle 
     panel and throw your saber at the balloon that inflates.
    #8 - (Sith) In the second room where you fight Ventress, restack the purple 
     books on the back shelves using Sith Force.
    #9 - (Sith) Once you chase Ventress out of the library and out to the open 
     platform, don't follow her yet.  Instead, use Sith Force on the two red 
     cranks on the walls to open garages.  Ride the cars back into the library 
     and put them on the buttons to see a surprise guest character.
    #10 - While falling down on the tri-droid, destroy ten Super Battle Droids.
    Reward: Greedo (Classic) 
    7C. Ventress 2 - Ambush! =
    #1 - Blast all the engines off the escape pod, have Yoda uncover the 
     hook and grapple it with one of the clones.
    #2 - Find five "rock crabs" and smash them.
      #1: To the right of the first coral wall.
      #2: Just down the ledges in the beginning of the canyon.
      #3, #4, #5: In the back of the canyon, one on the left, two on the right.
    #3 - (Astromech/Jetpack) Just before the end of the first area, there are 
     a couple of purple plants on the left that you can use the Force on.  Ride 
     up their wind currents to the ledge, then jet across to the right.  Push 
     the box off, then assemble the pieces of the big crab.  Ride it around this 
     area, finding all five small purple crabs.
    #4 - (Sith) At the end of the first area, use Sith Force on the back wall 
     to make steps up to a cave.  The crab in this room will sing three notes.  
     Jump on the mushrooms in the back in the same order, following the colors.
    #5 - (Sith) Find and smash five ground worm things.
      #1: In the cave of Minikit Canister #4.
      #2: In the cave of Minikit Canister #7.
      #3, #4, #5: In the cave of Minikit Canister #9.
    #6 - (Astromech/Jetpack) From the highest ledge as you enter the canyon, 
     jump and float across to the right side and use the astromech panel (you'll 
     probably need a jetpack as the astromech rockets may not reach).  In the 
     cave, use grapples on both claws of this giant crab.
    #7 - (Rapid Fire, High Jump) Blast open the golden growths on the left wall 
     of the canyon just after the first AAT.  Inside, use the Force on the light 
     pods to make the tentacles retract, then use Jar Jar to jump up to the 
     canister.  Anyone know what that switch is supposed to do?
    #8 - (Electric) Charge up the panel on the right side of the canyon near 
     the second AAT.  Assemble the pieces of the platform, then hop one 
     character on and switch to the other so it can Force the platform upwards 
     to the ledge.
    #9 - (Sith) Near the electric panel is a growth of plants that need Sith 
     Force.  Go inside the cave behind them.  Inside, Force and smash 
     everything.  You'll have to climb up the left wall, blow the silver and 
     gold plants on the walls, and place three objects on the pedestals on 
     the back.  This will raise the Lost Ark.  Use a grapple on it to open it.  
     Just... don't look at it.
    #10 - At the end of the last canyon, on the right are several purple 
     plant pods bunched together.  Bust them all down and assemble the pieces.
    Reward: Darth Vader (Battle Damaged)
    7D. Ventress 3 - Blue Shadow Virus =
    #1 - (Sith) Pull six objects out of the swamp in the first area, then 
     smash them.
    #2 - In the course of the first area, you'll find five alarms that summon 
     battle droids.  Smash all the alarms as they poke their heads out.
    #3 - Find five carrots buried in the ground in the first area, Force them 
     out of the ground, and smash them.
    #4 - (Rapid Fire) There's a gold statue head in an alcove about halfway 
     along the first path.  Blast it down, then assemble the tractor and hop in.
     Several tufts of grass will pop up nearby.  Drive over all of them.  Note 
     that there are other tufts of grass in the area that you do not need to 
     drive over.  Just close by ones.
    #5 - (Astromech) When in the gunship orbiting over the hatch, use the 
     Astromech panel.
    #6 - There are four gates that need to be closed and locked with the Force.  
     The first two are right at the beginning of the first tunnel.  The other 
     two are in the third tunnel.  You need to pull the gates down, then move 
     the purple lock to the top of the gate.
    #7 - (TX-20) After the party-split meets up, use both TX-20 panels twice.  
     Note that you can use droid bounty hunters for this, too.
    #8 - (Protocol) At the end of the third tunnel, use the Protocol Droid panel 
     and you'll enter a bar.  Force the drink dispense behind the bar onto the 
     wall, then slide the glass along the bar over to it.  Throw the lever to 
     fill the glass, then slide it back to the MagnaGuard.
    #9 - (Small) After you chase the LEP droid out of the bushes, you'll find 
     a vent in the next room, crawl through, then climb up the saber walls.
    #10 - In the platform with the shuttle, use two grapple characters to pull 
     on the shuttle.
    Reward: Clone Shadow Trooper
    7E. Ventress 4 - Storm Over Ryloth =
    #1 - (Rapid Fire Ship) Blast the ten gold objects on the top of the 
     Republic ship.
    #2 - (Small) Land on the frontmost landing pad and take a short character 
     through the vent.
    #3 - (Free Play) Find and destroy five Geonosian Starfighters in space.  
     They are marked by green arrows and pop up on both "levels" of space.
    #4 - (Electric) On the port side landing pad (left), go to the bottom and 
     charge up the panel, then take the Vulture Droid and walk over the four 
     buttons quickly.
    #5 - (Astromech) Go into the starboard side gunnery room and blow up the 
     silver box.  Assemble the panel, push it forward, and use an astromech 
     on it.  Now, go outside and fly into the canister.
    #6 - From either gunnery room, shoot up ten Vulture Droids flying around.
    #7 - (High Jump) On top of the bridge tower, jump up to the canister hovering 
     high in the back.
    #8 - (Rapid Fire) Inside the bridge, blast the gold door on the elevator.
    #9 - (Sith) Inside the bridge, grapple the orange thing off to the right 
     of the holoprojector, then Sith Force the pieces onto the pad.  Step on 
    #10 - (Separatist Craft) On the upper space area, blast the red box on top 
     of the bridge tower.
    Reward: Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic)
    7F. Ventress 5 - Innocents of Ryloth =
    #1 - Smash five purple flowers.
     #1: The very first area.
     #2: Along the street in the first part of the village.
     #3: On the left just after the silver barrier.
     #4: In the far left of the canyon before the tunnel.
     #5: In the far right of the canyon before the tunnel.
    #2 - Open five ryll shipping crates.
     #1: On the left as you enter the village.
     #2: On the left-hand roofs some ways before the silver barrier.
     #3: On the left-hand roofs just before the silver barrier.
     #4: In the far left of the canyon before the tunnel.
     #5: In the far right of the canyon before the tunnel.
    #3 - (Sith) Use Sith Force on five chimneys in the village.
     #1: On the right as you first enter.
     #2: On the left about halfway down.
     #3: On the left just before the silver barrier.
     #4: On the right not long before the silver barrier.
     #5: On the right just after the silver barrier.
    #4 - (Protocol) Near the landing pad for the AT-AP, use the Protocol panel 
     to enter the school.  Inside, place the pegs on the board, putting the six 
     on the far right.
    #5 - (Bounty Hunter) Behind the Bounty Hunter Panel in the upper right part 
     of the end of the canyon.
    #6 - Early in the underground tunnel, enter the first cell on the left, 
     then Force all three pipe valves so the water flows out.
    #7 - Once you break your way into the cell and pull out the box, you'll find 
     this canister right behind the box.
    #8 - (Small) As you push the box around, it will stop in front of a vent.  
     Climb into the vent.
    #9 - (Rapid Fire) In the final area, blast away the gold rocks on the left 
    #10 - (Sith) Once you take control of a cannon, just to the right of the 
     left-hand silver cannon is a target to blow up.  Sith Force the resulting 
     parts together.
    Reward: Captain Antilles (Classic)
    7G. Ventress 6 - Liberty on Ryloth =
    #1 - Build up to Level 8 and build a Minikit Dispenser.
    #2 - At the left side of the battlefield, just left of your starting point.
    #3 - Destroy three AATs by any means.
    #4 - (Small) Destroy ten gray rocks.
      #1: Just west of the northwest Republic base.
      #2: West of the middle Republic base.
      #3: West of the causeway near the Arc Energy Cannon.
      #4: On the northwest side of the eastern gorge near the island.
      #5: On the island in the northeast corner.
      #6: In between the upper-left four Separatist bases.
      #7: Southwest of the southernmost Separatist base.
      #8: Southwest corner of the Separatist bases.
      #9: Right next to the eastern gate.
      #10: Near the upper left Separatist base, climb up the vent.
    #5 - Destroy five palm fronds.
      #1: Southwest corner of battlefield.
      #2: East of the middle Republic base.
      #3: Northeast of the northern Repbulic base.
      #4: Back wall near the upper-middle Separatist base.
      #5: Southeast corner of the battlefield.
    #6 - (Astromech) In the northwest corner, assemble all the pieces and 
     activate the panel.  Ride the elephant and collect all the studs.
    #7 - (Bounty Hunter) Near the northeast island is a Bounty Hunter panel.  
     Use it and destroy fifty battle droids before time runs out.
    #8 - (Sith) In the southeast corner of the battlefield, Sith Force the 
     red sparkly rock.
    #9 - (Protocol) In the south on the Separatist side is a Protocol panel.  
     Use it and take a speeder over all the buttons and lights.
    #10 - (Small, Sith) In the north, on the Separatist side, climb up the 
     vent, then use Sith Force on the Darth Vader helmet.
    Reward: Stormtrooper (Classic)
    7H. Dooku 1 - Battle of Geonosis =
    #1 - (Small) Blast ten special rocks.
      #1: Just to the right of your starting point.
      #2: West of the southwestern most Separatist base.
      #3: South of the southwestern Republic base.
      #4: West of the southwestern Republic base.
      #5: West of the northwest Republic base.
      #6: North of the northwest Republic base.
      #7: Northeast of the northeast Republic base.
      #8: Mid-north point of the battlefield.
      #9: East of southeast Separatist base.
      #10: Climb through the vent at the north end of the battlefield.
    #2 - Blast five brown plants.
      #1: Southwest corner of the battlefield.
      #2: East of southeast Separatist base.
      #3: South edge of battlefield, south of the Separatist base (near a 
       Protocol panel)
      #4: Way south on the middle of the battlefield, down on a ledge.
      #5: Northwest of the northernmost Separatist base.
    #3 - Blast three Hailfire Droids.
    #4 - Sitting just west of the midwestern Republic base.
    #5 - (Sith) North of the northeast Republic base is a rock that needs to 
     be Sith Forced.
    #6 - (TX-20) In the southeast corner of the battlefield is a building 
     with a Separatist droid panel.
    #7 - (Protocol) Far south of the southeast Separatist base is a Protocol 
     panel.  Use it, then ride a speeder following the buttons and the lights.
    #8 - (Astromech) At the north end of the battlefield is a pile of bricks.  
     Assemble them into a building with an astromech panel.  Take the car that 
     drops and pick up the nearby blue studs.
    #9 - (Small) Climb through the vent at the north end of the battlefield.  
     Slide down the slope, landing on all five buttons.
    #10 - (Bounty Hunter) In the southwest corner of the battlefield is a 
     Bounty Hunter Panel.  Use it, then blast 50 battle droids any way you can.
    Reward: Princess Leia (Classic)
    7I. Dooku 2 - Gungan General =
    #1 - Blast ten brown plants.
      #1: To the right of your starting spot.
      #2: Northwest corner of the battlefield.
      #3: In the left of the bottom two pirate bases.
      #4, #5, #6, #7: All south and east of the southeastern pirate base.
      #8, #9: East of the eastern pirate bases.
      #10: North of the northeastern pirate base. 
    #2 - Blast five Starhawk Speeder Bikes.
    #3 - Just south of the southeast pirate base.
    #4 - (TX-20) In the southwest corner is a building that has a Separatist 
     droid panel.
    #5 - (Sith) In the southwest corner is a rock with red sparkles that needs 
     to be Sith Forced.
    #6 - (Bounty Hunter) Use the Bounty Hunter panel in the northwest corner.  
     Normally, this would require fifty battle droids, but there are none, so 
     this is a freebie.
    #7 - (Astromech) In the southeast corner of the battlefield, assemble the 
     building with an astromech panel.  Take the UFO inside and pick up all 
     the studs to the north.
    #8 - (Electric) In the southeast corner of the battlefield, charge up the 
     panel and ride a Skalder over all the buttons following the lights.
    #9 - (Jedi) In the north are three rocks and three geysers.  Place all rocks 
     on a geyser quickly.
    #10 - (Rapid Fire) It's going to be boring as heck, but there's a canister 
     under the southern proton torpedo generator, so blast it away.
    Reward: Admiral Ackbar (Classic)
    7J. Dooku 3 - Jedi Crash =
    #1 - (Free Play) Blast five Pirate Saucers.
    #2 - (Free Play) Blast five floating probes.  They look like red dots with 
     legs.  NOTE: I sometimes have a tough time finding all of them.  If you 
     can't find your last one, restart the mission and see if it will be more 
    #3 - (Rapid Fire Ship) On the far left is a Venator-class with gold caps 
     on either side of its hangar.  Blast them.
    #4 - (Separatist Craft) At the back end of the left Venator-class (near its 
     engines) is a red sparkly part of its hull.  Blast it away.
    #5 - (Rapid Fire, Explosives) Destroy five Probe Droids.
      #1: On the left-hand flaming landing pad, underneath some silver boxes.
      #2: On the right-hand flaming landing pad.
      #3: On the top flaming landing pad, beneath a gold box.
      #4: On top of the Separatist cruiser, to the left near the torp 
      #5: In the hangar with the Republic Cruiser.
    #6 - (Explosives) On the left-hand flaming landing pad, near where you grab 
     the box to push into the fire suppression system is a canister behind some 
     flaming pipes.  Blast the silver parts of the pipe above it to douse the 
    #7 - (Rapid Fire, Small) On the right-hand flaming landing pad, near the 
     lever for the fire suppression system is a gold gate.  Blast it away, then 
     crawl through the vent behind it.
    #8 - (Rapid Fire) Blast away the bridge tower of the flaming ship, then 
     land in the wreckage.  Blast the three toilet stalls.
    #9 - (Rapid Fire) When landing on the Separatist ship that tractors the 
     Republic Cruiser, blast the gold box in the lower right.  Assemble the 
     pieces and use the crane to grapple down to the lower ledge.
    #10 - (High Jump) Once you land in the hangar with the Republic Cruiser, 
     use Jar Jar to jump up to the upper left corner.
    Reward: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic)
    7K. Dooku 4 - Defenders of Peace =
    #1 - Build up to Level 8 and build a Minikit Dispenser.
    #2 - Blast ten palm trees.
      #1: South of the crashed cruiser.
      #2: West of the crashed cruiser.
      #3: North of the cruiser, near the silver wall.
      #4: Further west of the silver wall.
      #5, #6: North of the silver wall.
      #7, #8: Southwest corner of the battlefield, near the astromech panel.
      #9: Southeast corner of the battlefield.
      #10: The north end of the battlefield.
    #3 - East of the cruiser, in a little hidey hole.
    #4 - Destroy 3 AATs.
    #5 - (Sith) In the northeast corner is a black rock with red sparkles to 
     Sith Force.
    #6 - (Bounty Hunter) In the northwest corner of the battlefield is a panel.  
     Use it and then destroy 50 battle droids before time runs out.
    #7 - (Astromech) In the southwest corner of the battlefield is an astromech 
     building to put together.  Take the tractor it drops off and pick up the 
     line of studs.
    #8 - (Protocol) At the south end is a panel.  Use it then follow the trail 
     of buttons and lights to the canister.
    #9 - (Electric) At the east end is a panel.  Charge it, then grapple to the 
     point that appears.
    #10 - Note that when you destroy the Barracks in the upper-left base that 
     there's a metal plate under it.  Build three buildings on that base, but 
     not on the plate itself, and it will open.
    Reward: Vader's Apprentice (Classic)
    7L. Dooku 5 - Weapons Factory =
    #1 - Build up to Level 8 and build a Minikit Dispenser.
    #2 - In the northwest corner of the battlefield is a metal plate.  Build 
     three buildings on that base (not on the plate) and it will open.
    #3 - (Bounty Hunter) In the north part of the west side is a panel.  Use it, 
     then destroy 50 battle droids before time runs out.
    #4 - (High Jump) On the east side is a rock with a canister hanging above 
     it.  Leap to it.
    #5 - (Astromech) Near your starting position are some bricks to assemble 
     into an astromech panel, which calls down a car.  Drive over all the blue 
     studs that appear.
    #6 - Smash five red crystals in the caves.  There are two soon after you 
     enter.  The third is past the first door, and the last two are past the 
     second door.
    #7 - (Explosives) Soon after you enter the cave, there's a silver web on 
     your right.  Go through to the outside ledge.  Use the Force to move the 
     egg up to the top where the nest is, then saber jump up the walls to 
     reach it.
    #8 - (Astromech) After you open the first set of doors, use the Astromech 
     Panel behind the right door.
    #9 - (Gunner) After you open the second set of doors, use the grapple point 
     behind the right door.
    #10 - In the last area are five valves that need to be turned.  Three on the 
     left side of the room, two on the right.  Just be sure to avoid the 
     tank as best as you can.
    Reward: Luke Skywalker (Classic)
    7M. Dooku 6 - Legacy of Terror =
    #1 - (Free Play) You need to be able to switch characters for this one.  In 
     the first room, climb up the saber walls and then grapple the statue above 
    #2 - (Sith) In the first room, Sith Force away the wall to find a pattern.  
     Recreate that pattern using the blocks.
    #3 - (Explosive, Astromech, Rapid Fire, Electric) Build five Geonosian 
      #1: The first room, on top of the colored block stairs in the silver rock.
      #2: The room behind the astromech panel. (Canister #5)
      #3: The small cave you use the mech to bust down (Canister #6)
      #4: The room behind the electric panel (Canister #8)
      #5: High up on the left ledge during the boss fight.
    #4 - As you go through the caves, there are five "pop-out" Geonosian 
     statues.  There are three before the wall you pull down, and two 
    #5 - (Astromech) Before a wall you have to pull down is an astromech panel.  
     Go through, then build, grapple, and push the tracks into place.
    #6 - (Rapid Fire) Just after busting down the big wall, use rapid fire on 
     the gold panels along the walls.  Once all four are busted, assemble the 
     exosuit and walk it over to the panel.  Head through the cave and at the 
     end, jump out to the canister.
    #7 - (Electric) Once you enter the catacombs and start fighting the undead, 
     head to the left and charge up the panel.  Enter the cave, then use the 
     Force on all four rocks.  Smash the center object.
    #8 - (Sith, Explosive) Once you enter the catacombs, go to the right and 
     blast the silver web.  Next, use Sith Force to put all the creepy 
     crawlies on the web.
    #9 - (Explosive) As you make your escape from the nest, shoot rockets 
     all over the place and see if you get five silver rocks.
    #10 - (Free Play) At the end of the chase, use the saber walls to jump up to 
     this one.
    Reward: Darth Vader (Classic)
    7N. Grievous 1 - Duel of the Droids =
    #1 - Find five "refreshment" stations in the wall panels.
      #1: To your left at the very beginning.
      #2: On the left walls after the first force field.
      #3: Near the astromech panel on the left side after the first force field.
      #4: Just to the right of the second force field.
      #5: In the right-hand final corridor, near the clone panel.
    #2 - (Electric, Small) Charge the panel to your left at the beginning, then 
     crawl through the vent.  Blast all three "fishing" droids.
    #3 - (Sith) Blast five Mouse Droids 
      #1: The first area, under a Sith panel.
      #2: After the first force field.
      #3: Closer to the second force field.
      #4: After the second force field.
      #5: In the left-hand final corridor, under a Sith panel.
    #4 - Blast three gold boxes.  One's in the first area.  The second is after 
     the first force field.  The third is after the second force field.  Use 
     your Gold Supers to blast them.
    #5 - Find all five Gold Super Battle Droids in the wall panels.
      #1: The first area, on the left just before the big electric room.
      #2: Near the second force field on the right.
      #3: On the left side after the second force field.
      #4: On the right side after the second force field (close to #3).
      #5: In the right-hand final corridor, on the left side.
    #6 - (Protocol) There are Protocol panels around the place.  The first is 
     up the left side after the first force field.  The second is up the left 
     side closer to the second force field, and the third is close to the 
     third force field.   Activating them opens a closet which tosses out beach 
     balls.  Smash the beach balls.
    #7 - (Astromech/Jetpack, Electric) In the first battle with Grievous, there's 
     an electric panel on the upper left.  You'll need to float to it from the 
     upper right.
    #8 - (Sith) In the room where you assemble Artoo, open the back left door 
     and assemble a minikit canister.
    #9 - (Sith) In the hangar after the meet-up, there are two panels near the 
     bottom right that need to be Sith Forced.  Put the UFO together and drive 
     it over the six orange buttons.
    #10 - (Free Play) When fighting R3 on the upper platform, switch to a 
     jumping character and enter the hole cut into the grating above you.  
     In this next room is Droideka Bowling.  Throw the switch then move the 
     launchers into position.  Knock over all the droids on one alley to get 
     the canister (doing both gets you a bunch of studs).
    Reward: Han Solo (Classic)
    7O. Grievous 2 - Shadow of Malevolence =
    #1 - (Free Play) Destroy five Hyena Bombers, which is tough because they 
     pretty much look like Vulture Droids.  They are marked with green arrows, 
     so you have that much help.
    #2 - (Missiles) On the ion cannon is a small bunch of silver discs.  
     Destroy them when the cannon is NOT firing.
    #3 - (Separatist Craft) On the lower left end of the Malevolence is a 
     red sparkly box.  Blast it, then use a somersault or U-turn to grab the 
    #4 - (Rapid Fire Ship) In the back of the "lower" level is a gold bracket.  
     It's near a torpedo target.  Blast it away.
    #5 - (High Jump) On the first landing pad, go to the left and grapple down 
     the orange thing.  Now, high jump onto where it was sitting and grab the 
    #6 - (Sith, Electric) On the first landing pad, go to the far right and 
     use Sith Force on the box near the escape pod, then charge up the panel.  
     Now, hop in your ship and blow up the escape pod.
    #7 - (Protocol, High Jump) In the right-hand blown away section of the 
     ship, land and go to the right.  Use the Protocol panel to reveal a pool, 
     the grapple the plug out of it, then high jump to the canister.
    #8 - (Gunner) In the right-hand blown away section of the ship, land and 
     go to the left.  Grapple open the box to find two "plunk droids".  Place 
     the first on the left-hand button, and ride the second from right to left 
     starting at the right-hand button.
    #9 - In the left-hand blown away section of the ship, land and use the 
     Force to place all three garbage bins in the crane.
    #10 - (Electric, Explosive) In the left-hand blown away section of the ship, 
     land and go to the right.  Blow up the silver connector to the escape 
     pod, then grapple it into place and charge it up.  Once that's done, get 
     in your ship and blast the pod.
    Reward: Lando Calrissian (Classic)
    7P. Grievous 3 - Destroy Malevolence =
    #1 - (Clone, Explosives) Head through the clone panel on the right at the 
     beginning.  In the next room, use the Force to move the orange joystick 
     at the bottom, which tilts the yellow maze.  Tilt the ball into the 
     center and then blast the canister as it comes out.
    #2 - (Sith, Clone, Jetpack) Destroy five red and black objects.
      #1: In the same room as Canister #1.
      #2: In the same area as Canister #4.
      #3: In the lower left corner of the tram area after you put together 
       the crane.  Before heading to the split-up area, MAKE SURE you check 
       this spot out.
      #4: In the area with proton torpedoes.
      #5: On the bridge.
    #3 - (Gunner) In the tram area, on the right wall are two grapple points.  
     Pull them both.
    #4 - (Jetpack, Protocol, Rapid Fire) In the tram area, go to the first 
     astromech panel, then jet back to the right and use the Protocol panel.  
     Blast away the gold boxing glove that pops out.
    #5 - (Explosives) On the second tram car is a silver box.  Blast it and 
     assemble the astromech panel pieces.  This will raise a canister, but it's 
     sealed.  Use the crane on it so you can get to it.
    #6 - (Jetpack) Once you set down the tram with the crane, go to the front 
     and jet over to the back left area with a silver cap near a button.  Blast 
     away the cap and press the button to ride up the fan.
    #7 - (Explosives) In the room with the proton torpedoes, find and blast 
     five silver objects.  Four are on the spiky ceiling hangings, and one is 
     near the floor in the middle.
    #8 - During the fight with Grievous, knock the shields off the Droidekas 
     and toss five at him.
    #9 - Complete the red, yellow, and green lights on Anakin's path and 
     you get this one for free.
    #10 - (Electric) On the bridge, use the grapple point on the left and charge 
     up the panel.
    Reward: Wedge Antilles (Classic)
    7Q. Grievous 4 - Lair of Grievous =
    #1 - Use the clones in the first area to blast the gold rock to the left of 
     Kit Fisto's ship.
    #2 - (Sith, Electric) After the MagnaGuards blow up the ship, use Sith Force 
     on the remains and power up the panel.
    #3 - (Sith) Destroy ten wall tubes that need Sith Force power.
      Three are in the first passage leading to the chair room.
      Four are in the second passage after the chair room.
      Another in the room with the trapdoor.
      The last two are in the passage to the landing pad.
    #4 - Blast ten hanging lamps.  
      Six are in the room with the chair.
      Four are after the Grievous fight.
    #5 - (Bounty Hunter) In the chair room, jet over to the left and use the 
     panel.  Throw the switch in this room to turn on the lights, then hover 
     each of the pool balls into the pocket of its color (the cue ball doesn't 
     get pocketed, of course).
    #6 - (TX-20, Bounty Hunter) In the passage after the chair room, use all 
     three panels nearby and assemble the hover cart and the switch.  Roll 
     over the latter with the former.
    #7 - (Sith) After you get dropped down the trap door, use Sith Force on 
     the lava to pull three platforms out.
    #8 - (Electric) Use the panel in the room with the boss monster.
    #9 - (Rapid Fire) There are ten silver pads that need to be destroyed.  
     First, they need to be uncovered using Rapid Fire, then blown up.
      Three are in the room with the boss monster.
      The other seven are on the landing pad.
    #10 - On the landing pad, move the object with gold circles on it from 
     the left module to the right module.  Plug it in.
    Reward: Rebel Commando (Classic)
    7R. Grievous 5 - Rookies =
    #1 - (Jedi) After you blow up the silver barrier, use the Force on the 
     container to uncover parts for a cleaner.  Use it to suck up all six of 
     the green blobs on the floor.
    #2 - (Sith, Electric) In the lower area, after fighting the worm the first 
     time, use Sith Force on the black rocks with red sparkles and enter the 
     cave.  Place the five eggs on the table and charge up the panel.
    #3 - (High Jump) After the first fight with the worm, use explosives on 
     the silver rocks, then high jump into the cave.  Grapple the three mobiles 
     on the cribs.
    #4 - (Jedi) After killing the worm, use the Jedi Panel to cut your way 
     inside the wall.  Inside, Force throw the five canister pieces into the 
     worm's mouth.
    #5 - (Sith) There are five steam valves that need to be replaced.
      Two are near the area for Canister #6.
      One is to the left of the door into the base.
      Another is in the control room, right on the center console.
      The last is in the area of Canister #9.
    #6 - (Electric) On the way up from the lower area, there's an electric 
     panel that needs to be charged.  Do so, then hit the astromech panel.
    #7 - There are five grapple points hidden under consoles.
      #1: One is south of the control room.
      #2: One is to Hevy's right as you start with him.
      #3: The upper floor of the control room.
      #4: One is in the passage between Hevy and the rest.
      #5: The last is in the left-hand passage leading to one of the boom bots.
    #8 - During solo time with Hevy, use him to destroy all the small gold 
     boxes in the area.  Try to hide behind things as you do so, or at least 
     try to clear out the area of droids.
    #9 - (Sith, Electric) Use Sith Force on the panel on the back wall in the 
     control room.  In this next room, use the electric panel.
    #10 - (Sith) Go the same place as Canister #9, only throw the switch, 
     which causes a canister to appear near the droids, so you have to go get 
     it that way.  Do it quickly, though, before the container closes.
    Reward: Darth Maul (Classic)
    7S. Grievous 6 - Grievous Intrigue =
    #1 - On the bridge, target the front windshield with the crates.  Hit it 
     in five marked spots.
    #2 - (Rapid Fire) On the bridge, blast the gold box, assemble the switch, 
     and pull it.
    #3 - (Explosive) After the split up, in the part where you don't fight 
     Grievous, blast the silver canister to your right, then the snake inside.
    #4 - (Explosive) Attach five red valves to steam vents.
      #1: In non-Grievous fighting path, going up the first set of ramps, on the 
      #2: In the first room with nodes, blow up the silver box on the left.
      #3: In the second set of ramps.
      #4: Just before the second room with nodes, in a silver box.
      #5: In the last set of ramps.  The valve is on the ceiling.
    #5 - There's a point with a gold cage that you need to use a Super 
     Battle Droid to wear down.  Also in that area are three small gold panels 
     on the wall.  Blast them all away.
    #6 - In the room with Eeth Koth captive, you need to close all four 
     hatches spilling out droids.  From left to right, you need to unplug the 
     power connector, smash the nearby structure and Force it onto the spot, 
     toss something into the object hanging from the ceiling, and Force a box 
     into the hole.
    #7 - (Rapid Fire) In the room with Eeth Koth captive, blast the door on the 
     right side of the room.
    #8 - In the landing pad waiting for Anakin to pick you up, stack the 
     three purple boxes to make the canister appear, then hop up to it.
    #9 - (Electric) In the hangar, blast the silver cage on the right, then 
     charge up the panel to launch an escape pod.  Blast it with the shuttle.
    #10 - (Free Play) Blast five Geonosian Starfighters with the shuttle.
    Reward: Boba Fett (Classic)
    7T. Epilogue - The Zillo Beast =
    #1 - Build up to Level 8 and build a Minikit Dispenser.
    #2 - Destroy five gray and purple rocks.
      #1: Just left of the starting point.
      #2: The north middle of the battlefield.
      #3: Northeast corner of the battlefield.
      #4: Southwest of the southwestern Separatist base.
      #5: Just northwest of the center Separatist base.
    #3 - Destroy ten blue canisters.
      #1: In the west area of the Republic bases.
      #2: North of the Republic bases.
      #3: North of the northwest Separatist base.
      #4: Northeast corner of the battlefield.
      #5: East side of the battlefield.
      #6: Southeast corner of the battlefield.
      #7: South wall of the battle, between the second and third Sep bases.
      #8: South of the southwestern Separatist base.
      #9: Southwest of the southwestern Separatist base.
      #10: West of the northwestern Separatist base.
    #4 - Ride an AT-TE east of your eastern base.  There's a rock with a 
     canister hanging over it.  Jump from the AT-TE to get it.
    #5 - Destroy six AATs.
    #6 - (Sith) In the southeast corner, use Sith Force on the black rock with 
     red sparkles.
    #7 - (Bounty Hunter) In the southeast corner is a Bounty Hunter panel.  Use 
     it, then destroy 50 battle droids before time runs out.
    #8 - (Astromech) In the northeast corner is a pile of bricks.  Build the 
     astromech panel then use it to call down an Ice Cream Truck.  Ride it to 
     the left and collect all the blue studs.
    #9 - In the northeast corner is a canister sitting high on a ledge.  Use 
     the Force to plug in the two plugs.
    #10 - (Electric) In the southwest corner, charge the electric panel, then 
     follow all the buttons and lights to the northeast corner.
    Reward: Chewbacca (Classic)
    7U. Extra 1 - Hostage Crisis =
    #1 - (Jedi) Force the three pieces onto the ship on your right.
    #2 - Use a Sniper Rifle to shoot down the five clones cleaning the ships 
    #3 - (High Jump) This is on top of the left-hand ship outside.
    #4 - (Jedi) Force together the astromech panel near the left-hand ship and 
     use it to drop a Hailfire Droid into the area.  Blast away the shiny 
     Jedi Starfighter.  It will take a while, as you need to destroy several 
    #5 - Destroy five Mouse Droids while in the second area.
    #6 - (Jedi) In the second area are five ice cream dispensers on the walls 
     that need the Force.
    #7 - (Sith, Small) Use Sith Force on a wall hanging in the second area, 
     and place it above.  Crawl through the vent behind it.
    #8 - (Rapid Fire) At the far right end of the second area, blast away the 
     gold cage around the astromech panel, then use it.  In the next room, 
     you need to give each Commando new hair.  For the left, you just need to 
     Force it into place.  For the center, you need to use rapid fire on the 
     gold cart, then build it.  For the right, you need to blow up the silver 
     cart, Force it into place, then double grapple it.
    #9 - (Jedi) Use the Jedi panel on the right side of the second area.  This 
     opens the outside window.  Jetpack over to the canister.
    #10 - (Sith) In the second commando room is a panel that needs Sith Force.  
     Pull the switch behind it.  You now have a little video game going on 
     here.  Throw the switch and stand on the button.  You need to make 
     Indiana Jones jump when you do, and that happens whenever you jump off 
     the button.  If he makes it to the end, you get the canister.
    Reward: Tusken Raider (Classic)
    7V. Extra 2 - Castle of Doom =
    #1 - Throw your saber at Jabba three times.  It will release some guards, 
     but he'll cough up pieces for a canister.
    #2 - (Gunner) Grapple the ceiling in front of Jabba and put together the 
     purple pieces.  Force the three boxes onto the purple.
    #3 - (Explosive) Blast all the silver pots in the throne room and step on 
     all the buttons.
    #4 - (Explosive, Rapid Fire) Assemble five Probe Droids.
      #1: In the throne room, blast the silver structure on the right.
      #2: In the garage on the left, rapid fire the gold object.
      #3: In the garage in the back right, rapid fire the gold object.
      #4: South of the palace gate, in a silver object.
      #5: In the desert, in the back left.
    #5 - (Rapid Fire, High Jump) In the dining room, blast the gate on the right 
     and assemble the purple pieces.  Instead of stacking the burger on the left, 
     do so on the right, then high jump to the canister.
    #6 - In the garage are five hanging poles that need to be destroyed.  
     It's easiest to do this by saber throwing from long range to make sure you 
     get everything.
    #7 - (Explosive) As soon as you exit the palace, blast the lock on the 
    #8 - Blast ten skulls.
      #1: To the right after you exit the palace.
      #2: To the south after you exit the palace.
      #3: Near the pile of rubble where you make the small skiff.
      #4: Southeast of the area you make the speeder.
      #5: At the far east end of the area with the big gate.
      #6: Just east of the garage with the astromech panel.
      #7: Southwest corner of the desert.
      #8: Southeast corner of the desert.
      #9, #10: Northeast corner of the desert.
    #9 - (Small) In the area with the huge gate, there's a vent near the electric 
     panel.  Crawl into it, then head right.
    #10 - (Astromech) Out in the desert, use the panel on the left side of the 
     area and take the dune buggy (or your speeders, whatever) on the course 
     around the buttons and lights.
    Reward: Imperial Guard (Classic)
    Once you complete the extra mission "Hostage Crisis" in Ziro's room on 
    the Invisible Hand, you can walk up to the button in front of Ziro, which 
    will allow you to select one of sixteen Bounty Hunter Missions.
    When entering a mission, you'll be going as if on Free Play, with two 
    characters, and you can switch by pressing L1 and R1.  The difference 
    between this and Free Play is that you'll only have a set of bounty hunter 
    characters to choose from.
    As you enter the mission, you'll be placed in a familiar part of a Story 
    Mission.  Your objective is to find the character you chose to find.  
    The character you're looking for is standing around in a specific spot in 
    the area.  Walk up to the character and the mission will be considered 
    complete.  Just be quick, because every mission has a limited time.
    As for who you'll need to complete these missions, the set of characters 
    you get for completing Hostage Crisis are more than enough.  In fact, it 
    might even be easier just to use those people instead of buying more 
    characters, so you have fewer characters to cycle between looking for the 
    right one.
    Just a reminder that ALL droid panels can be operated by a droid bounty 
    hunter, so don't think those are closed to you.
    8A. R2-D2 =
    Location: Ruusan Moon (Duel of the Droids)
    Time: 1 minute
    Use Robonino to open the door to the left and to crawl through the vent.  
    Artoo is at the right end of this catwalk.
    8B. Yoda =
    Location: Rugosa (Ambush!)
    Time: 3 minutes
    He's in the back of the canyon, just left of the last AAT.  You'll have to 
    rush past them all and get behind the purple plant.
    8C. Padmé Amidala =
    Location: Naboo (Blue Shadow Virus)
    Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
    Head straight to the back and don't stop.  At the back left, use either 
    HELIOS or IG to open the Protocol panel and go into the bar.  Padmé's in 
    front of the jukebox.
    8D. Anakin Skywalker =
    Location: Dead Moon of Antar (Destroy Malevolence)
    Time: 2 minutes
    Head straight back to the next room.  You'll have to use jets to get to 
    the astromech panels and droids to activate them.  Head across the first 
    two trams, then jet across the gap where the platform would normally go.  
    Once you land on the leftmost platform, head down towards the screen and 
    you'll see Anakin loafing around.
    8E. Captain Rex =
    Location: Rishi Moon (Rookies)
    Time: 1 minute
    Assemble the grapple and lower yourself down.  Instead of fighting the 
    worm, simply jetpack across to the left and find Rex.
    8F. Plo Koon =
    Location: Dead Moon of Antar (Shadow of Malevolence)
    Time: 1 minute
    Hop in the sublight booster and drop down to the lower level.  Land at the 
    platform and head back and right towards the escape pod.  Plo Koon is hiding 
    behind the platform on the right.
    8G. Aayla Secura =
    Location: Quell (Jedi Crash)
    Time: 1 minute
    Go to the right and towards the bridge tower of the flaming cruiser to watch 
    it get blown up.  Once the tower is gone, land on the uncovered platform and 
    you should see Aayla in the back and to the right a bit.
    8H. Obi-Wan Kenobi =
    Location: Ryloth (Storm Over Ryloth)
    Time: 1 minute
    Fly to the front of the ship (towards the back) and land on the pad with 
    the torpedo generator.  Use Robonino to crawl in the vent to find Kenobi 
    hiding under the floor.
    8I. Ahsoka =
    Location: Tatooine (Castle of Doom)
    Time: 3 minutes
    Simply head to the left and you'll see her on some rocks.  Climb up to 
    them using the nearby ramp.
    8J. Kit Fisto =
    Location: Vassek (Lair of Grievous)
    Time: 1 minute
    Head to the back of the hallway, jetpacking over the gaps.  Bear left at 
    the chair room and jetpack over to the astromech panel.  Use a droid on it 
    and enter the room to find Kit glowing in the dark.
    8K. Bail Organa =
    Location: Coruscant (Hostage Crisis)
    Time: 3 minutes
    You'll need to open the first door on the left, as if you were going through 
    the mission, so quickly assemble the pipes so you can go to the next room 
    on the right, where Bail is hiding.
    8L. Waxer =
    Location: Ryloth (Innocents of Ryloth)
    Time: 2 minutes
    This one is... not very intuitive.  See that box on top of the silver 
    part of the wall?  Waxer's in there, and you need to blast away the 
    entirety of the silver parts to get him down.  To get a grenade to the 
    top part, you'll need to throw it while using a jetpack.
    8M. Commander Cody =
    Location: Christopsis (The Hidden Enemy)
    Time: 30 seconds
    In the lower-right corner of the room.  More lower than right.
    8N. Commander Ponds =
    Location: Geonosis (Weapons Factory)
    Time: 3 minutes
    Head inside and through the left door.  Both of the second set of doors are 
    shut, which means Ponds is here, and indeed he is, just on your right.
    8O. Luminara Unduli =
    Location: Geonosis (Legacy of Terror)
    Time: 1 minute
    Head straight into the cave.  At the end, turn left and run past the 
    astromech panel (it's already open).  She's standing at the end of the 
    next room.
    8P. Eeth Koth =
    Location: Saleucami (Grievous Intrigue)
    Time: 3 minutes
    This one's neat.  Throw five grenades at the glass (as if you were going 
    for the minikit canister).  Once you hit the fifth, Koth pops out.
    Despite covering such a small part of galactic history, this game has 
    quite a few characters.  There are 115 named characters in the game, as 
    well as 18 customizable characters.
    Out of the 115 characters:
    45 are unlocked as you beat Story Missions
    39 become available for purchase as you beat Story Missions (found wandering 
     around various parts of the hub)
    22 are earned from completing minikits in each of the 22 Story Missions.
    6 are enemy characters that are locked in the brig of the Resolute at 
     various points in the game.
    2 are characters that you automatically receive upon completing certain 
    1, and only one, is a character that can only be unlocked with a secret 
    Some characters are quite unique, but here are some archetypes you'll 
    commonly see.
    Jedi -
     Swinger of sabers.  Masters of the Force.  The Jedi have become quite 
     popular since we started seeing more active young fighters and fewer 
     old guys or half-dead Sith.  They have the following abilities that apply 
     to gameplay:
      - Double Jump: Press X twice when in midair.  The jump gets them higher 
         than your average muggle.
      - The Force: Hold down Circle near objects with blue sparkles.
      - Jedi Panel: Press Square while standing on a blue circle with a Jedi 
         insignia to cut your way through.
    Sith -
     Whereas the Jedi preach order, the Sith promote freedom.  Freedom to use 
     the Force to your own liking and freedom to allow your emotions to run 
     wild.  They have all the abilities of a Jedi, plus:
      - Sith Force: Hold down Circle near objects with red sparkles.
    Gunner -
     Sometimes hokey religions and ancient weapons really *aren't* a match for 
     a good blaster at your side.  Gunners are simply characters with a 
     sidearm, but they can be useful for other things:
      - Grapple: Press Circle in front of an orange grapple point to pull on 
         it, either to hoist yourself up or to pull something down.
    Clone Trooper -
     Building on a basic Gunner, the Clone is a solider of the Republic, and 
     has a couple of extra abilities as such:
      - Clone Panel: Press Circle in front of a panel with a picture of a clone 
         on it to activate it.
      - Droid Popper: Press Circle and the Clone will toss an EMP grenade that 
         will stun droids if it connects.
     NOTE: Several clones have specific weapons, like a rocket launcher or 
      rotary cannon.
    Clone Commander -
     These guys come equipped with radios for commanding the troops.  In addition 
     to the abilities of Clones, these guys have:
      - Clone Radio: Press Circle when near clones or at a Barracks to take 
         control of that group.  Hold down Square to target something, and 
         release Square to unleash your squad.
    Bounty Hunter -
     Another improvement on the basic Gunner model, these guys have the following 
     skills that denote them as a member of the trade:
      - Thermal Detonator: Press Circle to toss this explosive that can demolish 
         silver armor.
      - Bounty Hunter Panel: Press Circle in front of a panel labelled for 
         Bounty Hunters to activate it.
    Astromech -
     A small droid that rolls around on treads and is designed for interfacing 
     with starships.  Astromechs have a few unique abilities.
      - Zapper: Press Square to unleash a zap that can disable droids for a 
      - Hover: Hold down X to hover, which doesn't go as high as a jump, but 
         can go further in distance.
      - Astromech Panel: Press Circle near the panel to activate it. 
    There are several more types, like protocol droids, small characters, 
    electric characters, but most of them are pretty unique and can be addressed 
    on a character by character basis.
    9A. Story Characters =
    This first group consists of characters that you earn for free throughout 
    story progression.
    * Obi-Wan Kenobi * - After Prologue
    They call him "The Negotiator".  Known to be just as calculating and 
    analytical in peace time as he is in war, General Kenobi made quite a name 
    for himself in the early days of the war as one of the Republic's premiere 
    front line generals.  His expert application of strategy and tactics ensured 
    many Republic victories.  
    Obi-Wan is a Jedi.
    * Anakin Skywalker * - After Prologue
    Found as a boy by Qui-Gon Jinn on the remote desert world of Tatooine, 
    little Anakin displayed an incredible aptitude for the Force despite no 
    training.  Despite his age, the Jedi eventually accepted him into the Order, 
    assigned as Obi-Wan Kenobi's Padawan.  After growing in distinction among 
    his peers, he rose to the rank of Jedi Knight soon after the outbreak of 
    the Clone Wars and was given a Padawan of his own.  He now serves as a 
    powerful example of the worth of the Jedi in wartime against the 
    Separatists.  The Chosen One rises.
    Anakin is a Jedi.
    * Padmé Amidala * - After Prologue
    Born Padmé Naberrie, but better known by her name of state, Padmé is a 
    politician from Naboo.  She was elected Queen of Naboo at thirteen years of 
    age, where she served her people through a Trade Federation embargo.  At 
    the end of her terms of service, she chose to remain in the political 
    world and soon became Naboo's representative Senator on Coruscant, where 
    she would remain throughout the Clone Wars.
    Padmé is a Gunner.
    * Commander Cody * - After AV-1, CD-6
    Clone CC-2224 took the name "Cody" after being found to have a good streak 
    of independent thought amongst other clones.  He was given command of the 
    7th Sky Corps during the Wars and often served directly with Jedi Master 
    Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    Cody is a Clone Commander.  His standard weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * Yoda * - After AV-2
    One of the most renowned and long-lived Jedi Masters in the galaxy at the 
    time of the Clone Wars, Yoda served as Grand Master of the Jedi Order 
    during those turbulent times.  Despite his extreme talents in the Force 
    and in his lightsaber skills, Yoda preferred a more quiet and dignified 
    life of training new Jedi.  Sadly, with the strain the Wars put on the 
    galaxy, he was time and again called to missions serving the Republic as 
    the great warrior he never truly wished to be.  To this day, Yoda's 
    species remains a mystery.
    Yoda is mostly a standard Jedi.  He differs from others in that his small 
    frame allows him to crawl through vents.
    * Lieutenant Thire * - After AV-2
    Clone CC-4477 was a lieutenant in the Clone Wars.  He ended up under 
    the service of Master Yoda during a mission on Rugosa.
    Thire is a Clone Trooper and comes armed with a "rotary cannon", a 
    repeating blaster that allows him to destroy gold armor.
    * Rys * - After AV-2
    One of the clones serving under Yoda and Lieutenant Thire during the 
    mission to Rugosa.
    Rys is a Clone Trooper.  He's armed with a blaster rifle and has thermal 
    detonators instead of EMP grenades.
    * Jek * - After AV-2
    One of the clones serving under Yoda and Lieutenant Thire during the 
    mission to Rugosa.
    Jek is a Clone Trooper armed with a missile launcher.  His missiles can 
    destroy silver armor.
    * Ahsoka * - After AV-3, CD-3, or GG-1
    Not long after the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker was 
    promoted to knighthood and assigned a Padawan, much to his chagrin.  
    Ahsoka Tano is a Togrutan youth who harbors many similar qualities of her 
    master.  Impulsive, overreaching, and sometimes adversarial, Ahsoka has a 
    habit of rushing into things without thinking them through, something that 
    her master frequently admonishes her for as both grow into their new roles.
    Ahsoka is a Jedi.
    * Jar Jar Binks * - After AV-3 or CD-2
    Jar Jar was an outcast from his city of Otoh Gunga, wandering the swamps of 
    Naboo when he happened upon two Jedi fleeing from a droid army.  After 
    leading them to safety, he tagged along with the Jedi as they settled a 
    Trade Federation embargo and discovered a special boy on Tatooine.  Following 
    the conflict with the Trade Federation, he was given the honor of serving 
    his Gungan people as their represenative in the Republic Senate.  It was 
    Jar Jar who made the fateful proposal to allow the Supreme Chancellor 
    emergency powers in order to combat the Separatist threat.
    Jar Jar is a melee fighter.  All he has to defend himself is his flailing 
    arms.  That said, he does have a pretty high double jump.
    * Captain Rex * - After AV-3, CD-5, or GG-1
    Clone CC-7567, known to his friends as "Rex", but known to his subordinates 
    as "captain" or "sir".  He was in command of the famed Torrent Company 
    during the Wars, often serving directly under General Skywalker.  He was 
    the consummate independent soldier; following orders, but not afraid to 
    question any he disagreed with.
    Rex is a Clone Commander.  His standard weapon is a pair of blaster 
    * Waxer * - After AV-5
    A clone trooper serving in the 212th Attack Battalion, Waxer was a member of 
    Ghost Company.  Despite being fierce in battle and a fine soldier, Waxer 
    had a compassionate side to him, which surfaces when dealing with 
    civilians suffering the horrors of war.
    Waxer is a Clone Trooper.  His standard weapon is a missile launcher that 
    can destroy silver armor.
    * Boil * - After AV-5
    A clone trooper serving in the 212th Attack Battalion, Boil was a member of 
    Ghost Company.  Hardened by war and eager for combat, Boil has a first 
    impression of being a cynic and by-the-book.  He also has one heck of a 
    nice Fu Manchu mustache.
    Boil is a Clone Trooper.  His standard weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * Mace Windu * - After AV-6 or CD-1
    A human of Korun descent, Windu was a Jedi Master going into the Clone 
    Wars and served on the Jedi High Council.  Much of his work in the Wars 
    was administrative, deploying Jedi to areas that required an army to lead 
    or a covert mission to be accomplished.  He did serve several battles on 
    the front lines, though, and was likely one of the fiercest Jedi 
    combatants on the field, favoring his own self-developed style of 
    lightsaber fighting.
    Windu is a Jedi.
    * Commander Ponds * - After AV-6
    Clone CC-0411, nicknamed "Ponds", was a clone trooper commander.  He mostly 
    served in an advisory capacity in tactics, but was also combat-ready, as 
    was demonstrated when he assumed command of Lightning Squadron during the 
    liberation of Ryloth.
    Ponds is a Clone Trooper Commander.  His standard weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * Ki-Adi-Mundi * - After CD-1
    A Cerean Jedi Master, Mundi held a seat on the Jedi High Council in the 
    years leading up to and during the Clone Wars.  He was considered one of 
    the Council's senior members alongside Masters Yoda and Windu.  As a 
    member of the Cereans, a species with an incredibly low birth rate, he 
    was one of the few Jedi afforded the privilege of having wives and children.
    Ki-Adi is a Jedi.
    * Kit Fisto * - After CD-1
    Master Fisto is a Nautolan, an amphibious humanoid species from the 
    planet Glee Anselm.  Although talented in the Force and in lightsaber 
    combat, particularly in the basic "Form I" style, Kit Fisto was considered 
    a peaceful and enthusiastic person, always ready with a smile when 
    things go well.
    Fisto is a Jedi.
    * Commander Stone * - After CD-2
    Clone CC-5869 adopted the name "Stone" and was given command of his own 
    squadron of troopers.  He once found himself in a rather peculiar position 
    when he was under the overriding command of a certain clumsy Gungan.
    Stone is a Clone Trooper Commander.  His standard weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * Aayla Secura * - After CD-3
    Master Secura is a Twi'lek, specifically of the Rutian race (which is noted 
    for blue pigmented skin).  She served with distinction during the Wars, 
    leading several campaigns.  She became an incredibly popular Jedi among 
    the people of the Republic during the Wars due to her talent and beauty.
    Aayla is a Jedi.
    * Commander Bly * - After CD-3
    Clone CC-5052, who nicknamed himself "Bly", was in command of the 327th 
    Star Corps.  He frequently served under Jedi Master Aayla Secura during 
    the Clone Wars.
    Bly is a Clone Commander.  His standard weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * Wag Too * - After CD-4
    A male Lurmen, Wag was a member of a village consisting of his people on 
    Maridun.  The village was extremely pacifist, and refused to involve itself 
    in the war, even as it came to their planet.  Despite his dedication to his 
    people, he has a sense of justice that comes to the forefront when the 
    Jedi need his help.
    Wag Too is a unique character.  He has a small frame to fit into vents, 
    and his weapon is a whip, which can also be used like a gunner's grapple.
    * Clone Trooper * - After AV-1, CD-2, or GG-1
    Despite all being genetic copies of noted bounty hunter Jango Fett, the 
    Grand Army of the Republic consisted of independently thinking humans, and 
    a vast number developed personalities of their own, some even taking names 
    in addition to their numbers.  Although nearly all of them shared a strong 
    sense of duty towards the Republic and the Chancellor, their individual 
    differences led to a more cohesive working unit, with those standing out 
    being afforded officer positions.
    Clone Troopers are.  They just "are".  They're armed with blaster rifles.
    * Luminara Unduli * - After CD-5
    Calm, patient, and often thought as one of the better teachers, Jedi Master 
    Luminara Unduli is a Mirialan.  Like many other Jedi, she served with 
    distinction in the Clone Wars as a commander of troops and as a capable 
    fighter.  She's often found with her Padawan, Barriss Offee.
    Luminara is a Jedi.
    * Barriss Offee * - After CD-5
    A model student, Barriss is a Mirialan, like her Master, Luminara Unduli.  
    Cultural tradition amongst the Mirialans dictated that they only take their 
    own species as Padawans, which Luminara honored.  Barriss is a studious 
    and selfless Padawan, willing to give her life for the mission if necessary.
    Barriss is a Jedi.
    * R3-S6 * - After GG-1
    The R3 series of droids was designed by Industrial Automaton following its 
    incredible success with the R2 series, and was engineered for military 
    applications.  R3-S6 was presented to General Skywalker during the war as a 
    temporary replacement for R2-D2, who had gone missing.  R3-S6 acted 
    impertinent towards its new master, but this was all an act, as it was 
    actually programmed to be a spy for General Grievous.
    R3-S6 is an astromech.
    * R2-D2 * - After GG-1
    Adventurous and spunky, this R2-series astromech became a personal favorite 
    of Anakin Skywalker ever since he was a kid.  Having begun his service in 
    the Royal House of Naboo, R2 served with distinction up to the war, where 
    he became General Skywalker's personal astromech, often accompanying him in 
    his starfighter.
    Artoo is an astromech.
    * Plo Koon * - After GG-2
    Jedi Master Plo Koon is a member of the Jedi Council, a general in the 
    Republic, and an accomplished starfighter pilot.  He is a member of the 
    Kel Dor species, a species that actually knew about the Force long before 
    the Jedi came to their world, having had a long tradition of what were 
    known as Baran Do Sages.  As a Kel Dor, Plo Koon needs to wear a breath 
    mask and special eye wear, given his species intolerance to oxygen-rich 
    Plo Koon is a Jedi.
    * C-3PO * - After GG-3
    While Threepio seems typical of most protocol droids; fussy, proper, and 
    prone to nagging behavior, his origins were most certainly not typical, as 
    he was built by a young Anakin Skywalker.  Following Anakin's return to his 
    homeworld of Tatooine shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, he took 
    Threepio with him, where he entered Padmé's service as an attendant protocol 
    Threepio is a protocol droid.  He cannot fight, jump, or do anything besides 
    access protocol droid panels.
    * Nahdar Vebb * - After GG-4
    Vebb is a Jedi Knight and a member of the Mon Calamari species.  He 
    trained as a Padawan under Jedi Master Kit Fisto, but his usual training 
    was interrupted with the outbreak of the Clone Wars.  Fisto was called to 
    the front lines as a general, and Vebb remained behind to complete his 
    training.  This left Vebb with a desire to prove to his master how much 
    he had improved and to join by his side during the war.
    Nahdar is a Jedi.
    * Commander Fil * - After GG-4
    Clone CC-3714 took the nickname "Fil".  Although he didn't receive much 
    characterization in the series, he was the clone commander to accompany 
    the Jedis Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb into Grievous' retreat on Vassek.
    Fil is a Clone Trooper Commander.  He's armed with a blaster rifle.
    * Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper * - After GG-4
    Clone Troopers can be bred to be specialized in different forms of combat.  
    These may be simple direct skirmishes, covert operations, infiltrations, 
    or in the case of this trooper, demolitions.
    HWCT is a Clone Trooper armed with a missile launcher that can destroy 
    silver armor, if that weren't obvious.
    * Hevy * - After GG-5
    CT-782 was a relatively new clone trooper when he was stationed on the 
    Rishi Moon.  A member of Domino Squad, Hevy is the "sarcastic" one.
    Hevy is a Clone Trooper.  His standard weapon is a rotary cannon that can 
    destroy gold armor.
    * Echo * - After GG-5
    CT-21-0408 was a relatively new clone trooper when he was stationed on the 
    Rishi Moon.  A member of Domino Squad, Echo is the "smart" one.
    Echo is a Clone Trooper.  His standard weapon is a missile launcher that 
    can destroy silver armor.
    * Fives * - After GG-5
    CT-27-5555 earned his nickname for obvious reasons.  He was a relatively 
    new clone trooper when he was stationed on the Rishi Moon.  A member of 
    Domino Squad, he is, by process of elimination, the "cute" one.
    Fives is a Clone Trooper.  His standard weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * Adi Gallia * - After GG-6
    Jedi Master Adi Gallia is a Tholothian, born on Corellia.  She's also a 
    member of the Jedi Council, having served since long before the Clone 
    Wars.  She was a master politician and diplomat, having learned much about 
    the trade during her years on Corellia.
    Gallia is a Jedi.
    * Eeth Koth * - After GG-6
    Jedi Master Eeth Koth is a Zabrak, the same species as Darth Maul, and 
    a member of the Jedi Council.  Having lived his early years in the slums 
    of Nar Shaddaa, Koth did not let this experience sour him and rose to 
    become a highly respected Jedi Master.
    Koth is a Jedi.
    * Cad Bane * - 
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar
    Cost: 250,000
    Bane is a male Duros bounty hunter.  He is cold, ruthless, and extremely 
    talented.  He has been called "the best ever since Jango lost his head".  
    He has no qualms about working on women or children.  During the Clone 
    Wars, he would end up taking several jobs for Darth Sidious, and although 
    his results weren't always perfect, he often came out ahead in the end.
    Bane is a Bounty Hunter.  His weapon is dual blaster pistols.  He also has 
    jet boots that can be activated as a sort of double jump.
    NOTE: It is also possible to get Bane for free after Hostage Crisis, but 
    the ONLY way this is possible is if you complete the Boba Fett minikit, 
    as he the only bounty hunter character that you don't need another bounty 
    hunter character to get.
    * Aurra Sing * - After Hostage Crisis
    Also known as Nashtah, Aurra's species is an unknown/human hybrid.  She 
    actually began life as a Jedi Padawan, but a series of misfortunes and 
    fallings out led her to use her skills in a life of crime as a bounty hunter.  
    She often considers it an honor to hunt Jedi.
    Aurra is a Bounty Hunter.  Her weapon is a sniper rifle.
    * Robonino * - After Hostage Crisis
    A Patrolian bounty hunter, Robonino is an expert saboteur and demolitions 
    expert.  He's often called in on jobs that require subversive tactics 
    rather than (or in addition to) straight up blaster fights.  Still, in a 
    fight, he's more than capable of using his electric weapons to his 
    Robonino is a Bounty Hunter and additionally is an "electric" character.  
    His weapon is a blaster rifle.  He's ALSO a small character who can crawl 
    through vents.
    * Shahan Alama * - After Hostage Crisis
    Alama is a Weequay bounty hunter.  Earlier in his life he was part of a 
    gang of pirates, but was kicked out for being too wild and unruly, which 
    should give you an idea of just how wild and unruly he is.  He has a rather 
    notable feature of a battle droid arm in place of his right arm up to the 
    Alama is a Bounty Hunter.  His weapon is a blaster rifle.
    * HELIOS-3D * - After Hostage Crisis
    HELIOS is an IG-86 assassin droid, which will be described in greater 
    detail just below.  He and a couple other droids accompanied Cad Bane on 
    his job in Coruscant.  Markings on him indicate that he's property of 
    Black Sun, and most likely not Bane's personal droid.
    HELIOS-3D is a Droid Bounty Hunter, in that he has all normal skills of a 
    bounty hunter, and can access any droid panel.  His weapon is a sniper 
    * IG-86 * - After Hostage Crisis
    The IG-86 series of sentinel droids was designed by Holowan Laboratories 
    to function as a bodyguard or home security for the wealthy, but they 
    were frequently used for less savory purposes, such as assassins or hunters.
    IG-86 is a Droid Bounty Hunter, in that it has all normal skills of a 
    bounty hunter, and can access any droid panel.  Its weapon is a blaster 
    * Commando Droid * - After Hostage Crisis
    The BX-series droid commando is an improved variation on the standard 
    battle droid.  More intelligent and agile, these droids were designed for 
    stealth missions and could even disguise themselves in enemy armor to pass 
    for them.
    The Commando Droid is a Gunner.
    * MagnaGuard * - After Castle of Doom
    The IG-100 MagnaGuard is a battle droid envisioned by General Grievous to 
    serve as his personal bodyguards.  Considerably more intelligent than a 
    rank and file battle droid, the MagnaGuard comes armed with an electrostaff 
    forged to combat lightsabers and electrically charged at the tips.  In 
    this, the MagnaGuard was developed to be an anti-Jedi weapon.
    The MagnaGuard is an "electric" character, in that it can charge certain 
    panels marked with its own picture.  Otherwise, it's a melee fighter that 
    has a double jump, but no jump attacks.
    * Count Dooku * - After Castle of Doom
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar
    Cost: 250,000
    Dooku of Serenno is a human who was considered one of the most talented 
    Jedi of his time.  After a long and storied career, a series of battles 
    that spoke of Senate corruption and Jedi ineffectiveness shook his resolve, 
    and he departed from the order to return to his home and his station as a 
    count.  Not long afterwards he was contacted by Darth Sidious who convinced 
    him to join as a Sith and incite the Separatist movement.  The movement 
    turned into a full out war against the Republic following the Battle of 
    Geonosis.  Dooku is now seen as the leader of the movement and many believe 
    that capturing or killing him will bring about its end.
    Dooku is a Sith.  In addition to usual Jedi powers, he also commands the 
    dark side of the Force and can manipulate red objects.  Also, when he uses 
    the Force on another character, he invokes Force Lightning.
    9B. Extra Characters =
    These characters must all be bought or earned, either be completing missions, 
    completing minikits, or satisfying other criteria.
    * Admiral Yularen * -
    Found: Resolute Bridge after the Prologue
    Cost: 15,000
    Wullf Yularen is a Republic Navy officer with a decorated history, serving 
    terms as a captain fighting slaves and pirates, as well as a stint in the 
    Bureau of Intelligence.  When the Clone Wars erupted, he was given an 
    admiral's commission and put in command of the Open Circle Fleet, with the 
    Venator-class Star Destroyer "Resolute" as his flagship.  He would find 
    himself serving alongside the Jedi on numerous occasions, mostly with 
    Skywalker, Kenobi, and Tano.
    Yularen is a Gunner.
    * Jango Fett * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand
    Cost: 70,000
    One talented bounty hunter, Jango Fett is a human from Concord Dawn.  Prior 
    to his tenure as a bounty hunter, he served with the Mandalorians, even 
    becoming their leader at one point.  Various happenstances and fallouts 
    led to his life of solo work.  After pulling a job on a fallen Jedi, he 
    was offered the opportunity to be the template for the Galactic Republic's 
    clone army.
    Jango Fett is a Bounty Hunter.  His weapon is dual blaster pistols.  He 
    also has his ever-popular jetpack which can be activated by jumping twice.
    * R4-P17 * -
    Found: Resolute Flight Deck
    Cost: 35,000
    An astromech droid in service to General Kenobi in the days leading up to 
    the Wars.  She (yes, "she") accompanied Kenobi on his voyages to Kamino and 
    Geonosis socketed into his starfighter.
    R4 is an astromech.
    * Neimoidian * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Landing Craft
    Cost: 20,000
    A distant genetic offshoot of the more adventurous Duros, the Neimodians have 
    a somewhat poor reputation in the galaxy as being obsessed with wealth and 
    business, but becoming snivelling and cowardly when open conflict presents 
    The Neimoidan is a Gunner.
    * Battle Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar after AV-1
    Cost: 6,500
    The workhorse of the Trade Federation Droid Armies, the B1 is a droid of 
    simple programming; complete objective killing all hostiles in the way.  
    Cheap and easily mass-produced, these droids find themselves being mostly 
    cannon fodder against battle seasoned soldiers and Jedi.
    The Battle Droid is an impaired Gunner.  All it can do is walk and fire.  
    It cannot jump, and it cannot grapple.
    * Super Battle Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar after AV-2
    Cost: 25,000
    An improvement over its predecessor, the B2 Battle Droid had no need to be 
    slaved to a command ship due to an improved processor, as well as greater 
    armor, and a powerful wrist-mounted blaster.
    The SBD can only shoot and run, but does have a nice rapid-fire feature 
    that can wear down gold armor.
    * Gonk Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Bridge after AV-3
    Cost: 3,000
    The GNK power droid is quite simply a battery on legs.  They have very 
    rudimentary intelligence and are used for little more than supplying 
    The Gonk's only use is that it's effectively invincible.  It can't run, 
    jump, shoot, or anything else besides waddle around and "gonk".
    * LEP Servant Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Landing Craft after AV-3
    Cost: 6,000
    The LEP series was manufactured by Coachelle Automata as a childcare 
    droid, but a few unfortunate incidents with the droid hurt the company's 
    image and it was repurposed as a simple servant droid.
    The LEP can only run around and make noises.  Nothing else.
    * Gold Super Battle Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Landing Craft after AV-3
    Cost: 30,000
    What's THIS?  14-carat clankers?  Auric automata?  This blinged out droid 
    was made specifically for the game and doesn't have any presence in the 
    series at all, or anywhere else, really.
    The Gold SBD is simliar to a normal one.  In addition to its rapid-fire 
    capability, it also has regenerating hearts.  So, it's not QUITE as 
    invicible as its in-mission counterpart.
    * Captain Typho * -
    Found: Resolute Hangar Catwalks after AV-3
    Cost: 10,000
    Gregar Typho was Padmé's head of security up to the outbreak of the Clone 
    Wars.  Having served with distinction in the Battle of Naboo, where he 
    lost his left eye, Typho is a faithful retainer to the Royal House.
    Typho is a Gunner.
    * Queen Neeyutnee*
    Found: Resolute Hangar Catwalks after AV-3
    Cost: 30,000
    Neeyutnee was the Queen of Naboo to directly succeed Queen Jamillia, and 
    was twice removed from Queen Amidala.  She served the office during the 
    Clone Wars.
    Neeyutnee is a Gunner.
    * Battle Droid Commander *
    Found: Invisible Hand Bridge after AV-6
    Cost: 10,000
    The OOM-series of battle droids was the predecessor to the more simple B1 
    series.  Having higher capacity for intellect allowed the OOM-series the 
    ability to fulfill several different roles, including pilot, security, and 
    The BDC is, crazily enough, a Gunner with the ability to command.  Amazing 
    how we have a battle droid that can actually jump, grapple, and use a 
    * Hondo Ohnaka * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand after CD-2
    Cost: 45,000
    The leader of the eponymous Ohnaka gang, Hondo is a Weequay pirate 
    operating out of the planet Florrum.  Having begun life as a slave, 
    Hondo responded to the galaxy in kind by forming his gang and using it for 
    piracy, running spice, kidnapping, and extortion.  Although he lives a life 
    of crime, he does have a sense of honor.
    Ohnaka is a Gunner.
    * Pirate Ruffian * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand after CD-2
    Cost: 10,000
    A Weequay member of Ohnaka's gang.  This is one of Ohnaka's many vicious 
    The Ruffian is a Gunner.
    * Senator Kharrus * -
    Found: Resolute Assault Hangar after CD-2
    Cost: 20,000
    Kharrus is a member of the Galactic Senate.  He is a Gran from Kinyen.  
    He's considered well-liked and a respectable senator, and was chosen to 
    negotiate with the pirates who kidnapped Count Dooku.
    Kharrus is a melee fighter, in which he uses the Staff of Ra.  Yes, THAT 
    Staff of Ra from Indiana Jones.  Seriously, watch the episode.  His staff 
    looks exactly like it, and the creators confirmed it.
    * Tee Watt Kaa * -
    Found: Resolute Assault Hangar after CD-4
    Cost: 15,000
    The leader of his village on Maridun and father to Wag Too, Tee Watt Kaa 
    held deeply to his beliefs of pacifism and was very much against helping 
    Republic forces, due to believing they were as guilty in the war as the 
    Tee Watt Kaa, like his son, is a melee fighter with a whip, which can be 
    used to grapple.
    * Turk Falso * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand after CD-2
    Cost: 45,000
    Falso is a Weequay and a lieutenant in Ohnaka's pirate gang.  He often 
    considers himself superior to Ohnaka, and is a pathological liar and 
    Falso is a Gunner.
    * Probe Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Gunnery Station after CD-3
    Cost: 6,000
    The Arakyd Viper Probe Droid was often used for scouting and recon.  This 
    could be anywhere from determining the livability of a planet to enemy 
    locations in war.  War-based probe droids tend to be armed with a light 
    blaster for defense, as well as a self-destruct mechanism if discovered.
    The Probe Droid has only a blaster for defense, and can sort of jump, 
    but that's about all there is to it.
    * Lurmen Villager * -
    Found: Resolute Assault Hangar after CD-4
    Cost: 10,000
    Lurmens are a mammallian species simliar to lemurs.  They're considerably 
    smaller than a human and are covered in a gray or brown fur.  They are 
    still quite sentient, though, and would prefer if you'd stop calling them 
    "cute" all the time, thank you.
    The Villager is a melee fighter with a whip, which can be used to grapple.
    * TX-20 * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Landing Craft after CD-5
    Cost: 50,000
    TX-20 is a T-series tactical droid.  They're designed for overseeing 
    battlefields and providing tactical data and advice.  Personality-wise, 
    the series tends to be impatient and rude, often considering itself 
    superior to "lesser" droids.
    TX-20 is more or less a Gunner, but it also has its own panel that requires 
    it to open, or at least its head.  He also carries a radio, so he's the droid 
    version of a commander.
    * Geonosian Guard * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand after CD-5
    Cost: 15,000
    The Geonosians are an insect like people.  They tend to reside in hives 
    hollowed out of mountains.  Having evolved on the harsh plains of Geonosis, 
    they've become hardy, ruthless, and cunning.  Their culture is rigidly 
    caste based, with everyone living to serve the higher cause.
    The Guard is a Geonosian Gunner.  If you hold down the jump button, he will 
    start flying, which will allow you to move a bit faster.
    * Workout Clone Trooper * -
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks after CD-5
    Cost: 25,000
    Following on the heels of the Beach Trooper in previous LEGO Star Wars is 
    this fellow, well aware that a healthy body is important to being an 
    effective trooper, and is not afraid to show it off for the ladies.
    WCT is a standard Clone Trooper.
    * Bib Fortuna * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand after Castle of Doom
    Cost: 30,000
    Fortuna is a Twi'lek who serves as Jabba the Hutt's majordomo.  Having 
    disgraced himself among his people, he does not have the "conjoined" name 
    common to Twi'leks.  Inventive and cunning, Fortuna is always looking to 
    improve his position in organized crime.
    Fortuna is a Gunner.
    * Undead Geonosian * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Landing Craft after CD-6
    Cost: 10,000
    Because no work of fiction is complete without zombies.  Queen Karina the 
    Great is a Geonosian queen who can produce (somehow) little brain parasites.  
    These parasites were used on dead Geonosians to make them rise up and walk 
    the earth (or at least Geonosis).  While a bit disconcerting, they were 
    really little match for battle-hardened Jedi.
    The Zombie Geo is a ploddingly poor melee fighter.  All it can do is 
    shamble about and swing its arms.
    * Destroyer Droid * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar after GG-1
    Cost: 40,000 
    More commonly known as a "droideka", these bad boys roll into battle, 
    unfold to attack, deploy shield generators, and blast away with their 
    cannons like they just don't give a darn.  Developed by the Colicoid 
    species, who happen to look rather similar.  Must just be a coincidence.
    The droideka is a specialized gunner.  It doesn't jump or do any fancy 
    stuff besides roll around and blast away.  Its shield will keep it 
    protected from most fire.
    * Heavy Super Battle Droid * - 
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar after GG-3
    Cost: 25,000
    B2 droid could have their weapons rearmed to accommodate different firearms, 
    such as these plucky fellows, armed with high explosive rockets.
    The rockets on an HSBD can destroy silver armor, but they still can't jump 
    or grapple.
    * R6-H5 * -
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks after GG-4
    Cost: 25,000
    Faithful astromech droid of Kit Fisto, Arsix has Star Wars fans up in arms.  
    Not only does he not look like the established R6-series model, but R6-series 
    droids didn't go into production until the Galactic Civil War.  Oh, the 
    humanity.  Oh, the canonity.
    Arsix is an astromech.
    * Clone Pilot * -
    Found: Resolute Bridge after GG-5
    Cost: 15,000
    Clones bred and trained to handle the complicated aircraft and spacecraft 
    of the Grand Army of the Republic, they're distinguished by the yellow 
    markings on their armor.
    The Pilot is a Clone Trooper.
    * MSE-6 * -
    Found: Resolute Medical Bay after GG-6
    Cost: 6,000
    The MSE-6-series repair droid, also known as a "mouse droid", was a small 
    droid that rolls around on four wheels.  It was often used for simple 
    maintenance and repair jobs, as it could enter compact areas in ships or 
    installations.  It was marketed as "cute" by its developers, Rebaxan Columni.
    Mouse Droids can do nothing but roll around and squeak.
    * Sionver Boll * -
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks after The Zillo Beast
    Cost: 25,000
    A scientist, Boll designed and developed a new superweapon for the Republic, 
    and electro-proton bomb, which was designed to devastate the droid armies 
    while leaving organic beings unharmed.  Despite her work in weaponry, she 
    is generally a compassionate and caring person.  Her species has not yet 
    been identified.
    Boll is a Gunner.
    * Bail Organa * -
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks after Hostage Crisis
    Cost: 25,000
    Bail Prestor Organa is the respected senator from Alderaan, one of the most 
    peaceful and beautiful planets in the Republic.  He is also the First 
    Chairman and Viceroy of the planet, making him its de facto ruler.  He is 
    considered a well-loved senator and a friend to the Jedi.
    Organa is a Gunner.
    * Luxury Droid * -
    Found: Resolute Medical Bay after Hostage Crisis
    Cost: 15,000
    The BD-3000 Luxury Droid is a mark of status.  Designed to aesthetically 
    appear human-like, but still very obviously a droid, they were used by 
    high society individuals in a variety of roles, including mundane tasks 
    like cooking or tailoring, or even more complicated tasks like piloting 
    and bodyguarding.
    The Luxury Droid is, for the purpose of this game, a protocol droid.
    * Onaconda Farr * -
    Found: Resolute Bridge after Hostage Crisis
    Cost: 25,000
    Farr is the esteemed senator from Rodia on the Galactic Senate.  He has a 
    bit of a checkered past in his tenure, at times expressing sympathy for 
    the Senate.  Due to the actions and friendship of Senator Amidala of Naboo. 
    he has since come around and seeks redemption for his mistakes.
    Farr is a Gunner.
    * Senator Philo * -
    Found: Resolute Hangar Catwalks after Hostage Crisis
    Cost: 30,000
    A Gran senator, Philo was present on Coruscant during Cad Bane's incursion 
    of the Senate Building.  He was in attendance for the purpose of gathering 
    support against Palpatine's proposed "Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill".
    Philo is a melee combatant, armed with a spear.
    * Senate Commando (Captain) * 
    Found: Resolute Bridge after Hostage Crisis
    Cost: 25,000
    The Captains of the Senate Commandoes are recognizable by the white markings 
    on their helmets, making them look all stylish and stuff.
    The Captain is a Clone Trooper.
    * Senate Commando *
    Found: Resolute Hangar Catwalks after Hostage Crisis
    Cost: 25,000
    Mostly consisting of clones during the war, the Senate Commandos were 
    blue-armored soldiers specifically tasked with the protection of the 
    members of the Galactic Senate.
    The Commando is a Clone Trooper.
    * Gamorrean Guard * -
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand after Castle of Doom
    Cost: 40,000
    Looking like bipdeal boars, Gamorreans are a simple and warlike species.  
    Despite their introduction into the galaxy, they've mostly shunned higher 
    technology and learnings, instead focusing on ways to improve their 
    fighting prowess among their own clans.  Naturally muscular, they're often 
    found serving crime lords as guards and enforcers.
    * General Grievous * -
    Found: Invisible Hand Bridge after GG-6
    Cost: 250,000
    Born Qymaen jai Sheelal, a Kaleesh warlord who came to the attention of the 
    Separatists following a particularly terrible campaign he waged against the 
    Huk, his people's life long enemies.  In a shuttle crash engineered by the 
    Separatists and designed to cripple him, Grievous was critically injured and 
    his remaining organs were outfitted to a cybernetic frame.  He was presented 
    to Count Dooku as a potential weapon against the Jedi, who trained him in 
    lightsaber combat.  Grievous' specialty would become the use of multiple 
    lightsabers, up to four at once in his metal arms.  He was given the title 
    of Supreme Commander of the Droid Army and became a terrifying figure for 
    use against the Republic.
    Grievous is a unique fighter.  He wields four lightsabers and can double 
    jump rather high.
    * Asajj Ventress * - 
    Found: Invisible Hand Observation Room after AV-6
    Cost: 250,000
    An assassin in service to Count Dooku, Ventress began her life and learned 
    much of her Force abilities on Dathomir, as one of the Nightsisters, a cadre 
    of dark-side users native to that planet.  After being sold into slavery, 
    she was taken as a Jedi Padawan, but when her master was killed, her anger 
    drove her to the dark side.  After a demonstration of her abilites to Count 
    Dooku, he took her as an apprentice, where she mostly served in secret 
    Ventress is a Sith who dual wields lightsabers.  She can use Sith Force to 
    move red sparkly objects.
    Admiral Ackbar (Classic) - 
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for CD-2
    Expert at identifying traps, but only after they happen.
    Ackbar is a Gunner.
    Captain Antilles (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for AV-5
    Found himself on the wrong end of a Vader-brand choke hold.
    Antilles is a Gunner.
    Chewbacca (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minkit for The Zillo Beast
    Is known to tear a person's arms out if he loses.
    Chwebacca is a Gunner.
    Han Solo (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for GG-1
    Shot first.
    Han is a Gunner.
    Lando Calrissian (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for GG-2
    Charming scoundrel.  You'd like him.
    Lando is a Gunner.
    Princess Leia (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for CD-1
    Answers to "your worship".
    Leia is a Gunner.
    Luke Skywalker (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for CD-5
    Father was a navigator on a spice freighter, or so he was told.
    Luke is a Jedi.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for CD-3
    Just a crazy old man.
    Like his younger self, older Obi-Wan is a Jedi.
    Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for AV-4
    Obi-Wan's former master, expert Gungan tongue grabber.
    Qui-Gon is a Jedi.
    Rebel Commando (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for GG-4
    Dressed in this year's finest in forest camo.
    The Rebel Commando is a Gunner.
    Wedge Antilles (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for GG-3
    Red Two, standing by.
    Wedge is a Gunner.
    Boba Fett (Classic) -
    Cost: 100,000
    Minikit for AV-6
    Has the kind of face you used to see everywhere.
    Fett is a Bounty Hunter with a jetpack.
    Greedo (Classic) -
    Cost: 70,000
    Minikit for AV-1
    Did not shoot first.
    Greedo is a Bounty Hunter.
    Darth Maul -
    Cost: 275,000
    Minikit for AV-5
    Spiky, flippy, dual-sabering son of a gun.
    Darth Maul is a Sith.
    Darth Sidious (Classic) -
    Cost: 275,000
    Minikit for Prologue
    Something something something DARK SIIIIIIIDE.  
    Something something something comPLETE.
    Darth Sidious is a Sith.
    Darth Vader (Classic) -
    Cost: 275,000
    Minikit for CD-6
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (do not want)
    Darth Vader is a Sith.
    Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic) -
    Cost: 275,000
    Minikit for AV-2
    This is Vader after receiving a considerable beatdown from the character 
    just below.
    Even worse for the wear, Vader is still a Sith.
    Vader's Apprentice (Classic) -
    Cost: 275,000
    Minikit for CD-4
    Okay, I'll say a couple of words about this guy.  This is Galen Marek, 
    also known as "Starkiller", who was just a young lad when he saw his father 
    killed by Darth Vader.  Vader took the boy as an apprentice with the intent 
    of overthrowing the Emperor.  To put it lightly, he got considerably more 
    than he bargained for.  Personally, I think it's kinda cool that they're 
    taking characters from *other* Star Wars video games.
    The Apprentice is a Sith.
    Imperial Guard (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for Castle of Doom
    Red-coated window dressing for the Emperor.
    The Guard is a melee fighter.
    Clone Shadow Trooper (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for AV-3
    Apparently, these guys only exist in a couple of articles and as an action 
    figure.  They haven't really been seen in the universe at large.
    The CST is a Clone Trooper.
    Stormtrooper (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for AV-6
    They go down remarkably easy.
    The stormie is a Clone Trooper.
    Tusken Raider (Classic) -
    Cost: 50,000
    Minikit for Hostage Crisis
    Always ride single file to hide their number.
    The Tusken is a melee fighter.
    * Wat Tambor * -
    Found: Resolute Brig after AV-6, need Sith character to free him.  After you 
     free him, you can find him at the Invisible Hand Observation Room.
    Cost: 50,000
    The Skakoan Tambor was the Foreman of the Techno Union and a member of 
    the Separatists.  A master engineer, he, like all Skakoans, was constantly 
    in a "pressure suit", given the incredibly high pressure of their homeworld.
    He had a considerable hand in funding and development for the Separatist 
    war effort.
    Tambor is a Gunner.
    * Lok Durd * -
    Found: Resolute Brig after CD-4, need electric character to free him.  
     After you free him, he hangs out on the Invisible Hand Bridge.
    Cost: 50,000
    Compared to the relatively svelte figure of Nute Gunray, Durd was a rather 
    pudgy Neimoidian by most standards.  A weapons researcher, Durd's claim to 
    fame was a rather terrible hover tank, which he named the "Defoliator", which 
    broke down organic material, leaving inorganics intact.  He attempted to 
    test this tank on the Lurmen people of Maridun before the Jedi intervened.  
    Oh, and he's voiced by George Takei, which is AWESOME.
    Durd is a Gunner.
    * Poggle the Lesser * -
    Found: Resolute Brig after CD-6, need TX-20 to open the door.  After you 
     free him, he hangs out on the Invisible Hand Bridge.
    Cost: 50,000
    Archduke of Geonosis, Poggle was a strong supporter of the Separatist 
    movement.  Also a member of the Techno Union, which gave him access to 
    the battle droid capabilities of the Trade Federation.  It was he who 
    presided over the attempted public execution of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padmé.
    Poggle is a Geonosian Gunner.  If you hold down the jump button, he will 
    start flying, which allow you to move faster.
    * Dr. Nuvo Vindi * -
    Found: Resolute Brig after AV-3, need a Bounty Hunter to open his cell.  
     After you free him, he hangs out at the Invisible Hand Observation Room.
    Cost: 50,000
    Vindi is of the Faust species from the planet Adana.  A bit off his nut, 
    the good doctor at one time became obsessed with the assumed-extinct 
    "Blue Shadow Virus" and was looking to release it into the wildlife of 
    Vindi is a Gunner.
    * Nute Gunray * -
    Found: Resolute Brig after completing a Republic Assault on Naboo, need a 
     Sith and TX-20.  After you free him, he walks around the Invisible Hand 
    Cost: 50,000
    The Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Gunray is a vain Neimoidian.  He 
    often looks to cover his own hide in tense situations and is quick to 
    blame others for failures.  He's a charter member of the Separatists.
    Gunray is a Gunner.
    * Whorm Loathsom * -
    Found: Resolute Brig after completing a Republic Assault on Christophsis, 
     need an electric character and a Bounty Hunter.
    Cost: 50,000
    Loathsom is a Kerkoiden, and a member of the Separatists.  He's an 
    accomplished commander who gave the Republic many troubles in the early 
    days of the war, particulary after his capture of the planet Christophsis.
    Loathsom is a Gunner.
    * Chancellor Palpatine * -
    Earned: Win Republic Assaults and make all planets Republic-controlled.  
     Note that you don't necessarily have to win every Republic Assault, but 
     all planets must be "blue" at the same time.
    All that's known of Palpatine's earlier life is as a Senator for Naboo.  
    It's unknown if it's truly his homeworld.  Regardless, the senator showed 
    incredible politicial aptitude, enough to become a very popular figure, 
    especially during the Invasion of Naboo a decade before the Clone Wars, 
    which allowed him to ascend to the position of Supreme Chancellor of the 
    Republic, a position he has held right into the war.
    Palpatine is a Gunner.  No, really.  He is.
    * Grand Moff Tarkin * -
    Earned: Win Separatist Assaults and make all planets Separatist-controlled.
    Wilhuff Tarkin, during the Clone Wars, was already an ambitious and far-
    seeing officer of the Republic.  Cold, and posessed of an iron will, he 
    was willing to take any steps necessary to ensure that order was preserved 
    in the galaxy.
    Tarkin is a Gunner.
    * Savage Opress * -
    Earned: ONLY through a Secret Code (MELL07)
    Opress is a Zabrak from Dathomir.  He is the brother of Sith Lord Darth 
    Maul.  A proud warrior, he was conditioned by the magic of the Nightsisters 
    to be a powerful Sith assassin, like his brother.
    Opress is a Sith.
    9C. Flight Vehicles =
    These vehicles are separated into two categories: Republic and Separatist, 
    and each set is available for purchase and use at the respective hangars 
    of the Command Ships.  Once you complete a certain mission or buy a 
    certain character, the ship can be purchased, or is sometimes available for 
     Lasers - Forward firing bolts of energy, the most basic weapon, and 
      something almost every craft has.
     "Separatist" Lasers - All Separatist craft can destroy objects with red 
     Rapid Fire Lasers - Despite how fast a craft *seems* to fire, only craft 
      specifically labelled as such can pour on enough laser fire to destroy 
      gold armored objects.
     Concussion Missiles - This is a primary weapon that replaces lasers on 
      certain craft.  The missiles home in on targets and can destroy silver 
      armored objects.
     Proton Torpedoes - A secondary weapon on a few vehicles.  Torpedoes are 
      specifically designed to destroy purple circular targets.
    NOTE: At the moment, I'm unsure when many of these become available.  Suffice 
    to say that as you continue through the game, they will start cropping up.
    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter - After AV-4
    Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter - After Prologue
     Cost: 50,000
    Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter - After GG-2
    Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter - After GG-4
     Cost: 50,000
    The Delta-7B Aethersprite is an improvement on the original, with a slightly 
    larger central hull and room for an astromech to dock and undock, rather 
    then being hardwired into the system.  The Jedi used these wedge-shaped 
    starfighters for travel, recon, and combat, and several personalized their 
    own starfighters.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Y-Wing Starfighter - After GG-2
     Cost: 50,000
    This is actually a more streamlined version of the more well-known BTL-S3 
    Y-Wing.  The BTL-B fighter was put into service during the Clone Wars.  It is 
    a two-seater fighter/bomber, with a pilot and gunner in a turret.  General 
    Skywalker frequently formed the famed Shadow Squadron as a Y-Wing fighter 
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    ARC-170 Starfighter - After The Zillo Beast
     Cost: 50,000
    The "Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 Starfighter" was manufactured by Incom.  
    It's an ancestor to the famous X-Wing and was designed for the Clone Wars.  
    As the name suggests, its main function is scouting and recon missions that 
    deal with the threat of combat.
    Primary Weapon: Rapid Fire Lasers
    Republic Gunship - After CD-3
    This is a Rothana Heavy Engineering "Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry", 
    or "LAAT/i".  First employed at the outbreak of the Clone Wars, this is 
    an atmospheric craft designed to transport infantry into hot zones.  It's 
    also quite capable of defending itself, with forward blasters and side 
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Republic Dropship - After AV-6
     Cost: 50,000
    This is a Rothana Heavy Engineering "Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier", 
    or "LAAT/c".  Also employed at the beginning of the Clone Wars, this 
    gunship was designed to carry vehicles into combat.  It had similar 
    armaments as the LAAT/i's.
    Primary Weapon: Rapid Fire Lasers
    Republic Attack Shuttle - After GG-4
     Cost: 50,000
    This is a Cygnus Spaceworks "Nu-class Attack Shuttle".  It was sometimes 
    used in place of the Gunship to ferry troops for the Republic.  It had 
    fold down wings, a design that became common of many shuttles.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Jedi Shuttle - After GG-6
     Cost: 50,000
    The Cygnus Spaceworks "Eta-class Shuttle" was sometimes called a "Jedi 
    ambassadorial shuttle".  It was considerably less armored and didn't 
    house as many personnel as the Nu-class.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Medical Frigate - After GG-3
     Cost: 50,000
    This is a Kuat Drive Yards "Pelta-class" Frigate, a small capital ship which 
    seems similar to a Corellian Corvette in appearance.  Often used as a 
    medical craft, they've since become more commonly known as medical frigates.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes
    Republic Cruiser - After CD-3
     Cost: 50,000
    The Corellian Engineering Corporation "Consular-class" Cruiser is a typical 
    light cruiser seen throughout the galaxy.  The ships of diplomats are 
    painted red, as red is seen as a color of neutrality in the galaxy.
    Primary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes
    The Twilight 
     Cost: 50,000
    This is a CEC G-9 Rigger Freighter.  It was originally owned by Ziro the 
    Hutt for smuggling spice, but was commandeered by Anakin Skywalker and 
    served him and Ahsoka Tano on their mission to Tatooine.  Suddenly, Uncle 
    Owen telling Luke that his father was "a navigator on a spice freighter" 
    makes a lot more sense.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    V-19 Torrent Starfighter - After AV-4
    The Slayn & Korpil V-19 is a starfighter that preceeded the V-Wing and the 
    B-Wing starfighters.  Its notable feature was three wings that all folded 
    down during flight.  It was used by the Republic in the early days of the 
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    H-Type Nubian Yacht - After GG-3
     Cost: 50,000
    Padmé's personal cruiser during her time as a Senator.  A classic example 
    of Nubian design, with soft curves and a full chrome finish.  The cruiser 
    was simple to the point that Padmé could (and often did) pilot the craft 
    Primary Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Stealth Ship - After finding all 130 Gold Bricks
    The stealth ship was a prototype small capital ship designed with a 
    cloaking device and first saw service during the Clone Wars.  Although 
    cloaking devices had long been a reality in the galaxy, they were still 
    considered rare due to the materials required in making them.  This ship 
    was the smallest on record to have a functioning cloaking device.
    Primary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes
    Vulture Droid -
     Cost: 100
    The Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I, or simply 
    "vulture droid" is a droid starfighter in service of the Trade Federation, 
    and later the Separatists.  In addition to flight, it can also stand on 
    its "wings" and use them as legs.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Hyena Bomber -
     Cost: 50,000
    The Hyena-class Bomber is the main droid-based bomber for the Separatists, 
    and saw considerable use during the Clone Wars.  Looking rather similar to 
    a Vulture Droid, only having a larger fuselage, the Hyena was loaded with 
    heavy ordinance to make bombing runs.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Geonosian Starfighter - Purchase Poggle the Lesser
    This is a Nantex-class territorial defense starfighter, a fighter 
    specifically designed by the Geonosians with their physical stature in 
    mind.  It presents a very small profile and is difficult to shoot down, and 
    even more difficult to control.
    Primary Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Neimoidian Shuttle - Purchase Nute Gunray
    This is a Haor Chall Engineering "Sheathipede-class" transport shuttle.  
    It's designed to look like a soldier beetle.  High-ranking members of the 
    Trade Federation use these shuttles to ferry from orbital spacecraft or 
    installations to a planet's surface.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Pirate Saucer - Purchase Hondo Ohnaka
    The Ohnaka Gang, based on Florrum, routinely used a Haor Chall Engineering 
    "Flarestar-class" ship, named Rapier One, for basic transport and shuttling 
    needs between planetside and their larger Corona-class frigate.  The 
    craft's distinctive feature was its saucer shape.
    Primary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    MagnaGuard Starfighter - After Castle of Doom
    This is a Buuper Torsckil Abbey Devices "Rogue-class" Porax-38 starfighter.  
    It was designed by the Utupauns as a hyperdrive-capable fighter.  Republic 
    forces often faced these fighters piloted by IG-100 MagnaGuards, thus the 
    name given.  Bounty hunter Cad Bane owned one of these fighters, but more on 
    that in a minute.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    Geonosian Solar Sailor - After CD-6
     Cost: 200,000
    This sloop was Count Dooku's personal starship during the early days of the 
    Clone Wars.  It combines a "Punworcca 116-class" interstellar sloop as its 
    body with a "solar sail" technology, which absorbs latent plasma emitted 
    by stars and uses it as propulsion. 
    Primary Weapon: Quad Laser Cannons
    Soulless One - After GG-6
     Cost: 200,000
    This is General Grievous' personal starfighter.  It's a Feethan Ottraw 
    Scalable Assemblies "Belbullab-22" starfighter, only considerably modified 
    for the General's needs, with a top-of-the-line hyperdrive and increased 
    armor and shields.
    Primary Weapon: Rapid Fire Lasers
    Trident Assault Craft - After AV-6
     Cost: 200,000
    This ship is Asajj Ventress' personal starship during a point in the Clone 
    Wars.  It casts a very unique profile, being shaped and flying much like 
    a squid.
    Primary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
    Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes
    Xanadu Blood - After Hostage Crisis
     Cost: 200,000
    This is Cad Bane's personal Rogue-class starfighter.  Modified to his 
    personal specs, it would be the ship Bane would use while running jobs 
    for the Separatists.
    Primary Weapon: Rapid Fire Lasers
    The Halo - After Hostage Crisis
     Cost: 200,000
    This is a Botajef Shipyards SS-54 light freighter.  It has been considerably 
    modified with new weaponry and is the personal starship of the Zabrak 
    bounty hunter Sugi.
    Primary Weapon: Rapid Fire Lasers
    Slave I - Purchase Jango Fett
    Originally, Slave I was a prototype Firespray-class patrol and attack ship, 
    one of six being tested on Oovo IV.  Bounty hunter Jango Fett stole the ship 
    and modified it to his personal tastes.  It serves as his personal ship and 
    base of operations in his bounty hunting.
    Primary Weapon: Dual Laser Cannons
    9D. Ground Vehicles =
    These vehicles are the ones you'll use during Large-Scale Battles.  The 
    whole concept, as well as a more exhaustive disseration on how useful each 
    of these vehicles are, is detailed in Section 4 up there.  Here, all you're 
    getting is the vehicle's history and cost to purchase from the hangar.
    The first five vehicles are Republic.  The next six are Separatist.  The 
    last two are independent pirates.  To purchase these vehicles, you need to 
    go to the Resolute Assault Hangar or the Invisible Hand Landing Craft.  
    Craft of each side can be purchased in those areas, respectively, except 
    for pirate craft, which can be purchased in either area.
    The BARC Speeder and the STAP are available for use immediately, free.  
    Every other craft must be purchased, and can only be done so once you ride 
    the vehicle in battle.  For the case of the Repbulic Vehicles, that's easy, 
    just hop in each one of them in any of the battles in Story Missions.  
    For the Pirate Vehicles, you'll be using them in the "Gungan General" 
    Story Mission, so they'll be available at that time.  For Separatist 
    vehicles, you'll either need to ride them in Separatist Assault Missions or 
    hijack them during battles when you're on the Republic side.
    AT-RT -
     Cost: 50,000
    The Kuat Drive Yards All-Terrain Recon Transport was first employed by the 
    Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.  It is a relatively fast, 
    single pilot, walker mech designed for scouting and recon.
    AT-AP Walker -
     Cost: 75,000
    This is the Kuat Drive Yards All-Terrain Attack Pod, an evolution of the 
    AT-XT and AT-TE walkers.  It was designed as mid-ranged artillery, and was 
    sometimes affectionately referred to as a "sniper tank" given its advanced 
    targeting capabilities.  While it normally walks on two legs, a third can 
    be extended during combat for added stability.
    RX-200 Tank - 
     Cost: 250,000
    The RX-200 "Falchion-class" Assault Tank was a mobile turbolaser platform.  
    Outfitted with repulsors, it was considered a step up from less-mobile 
    walker based artillery platforms.  It was capable of delivering a constant 
    focused turbolaser beam on its targets.
    AT-TE - 
     Cost: 100,000
    The Rothana Heavy Engineering All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer was one of the 
    first heavy vehicles to be put into use during the Clone Wars.  A six-
    legged walker, it is heavily armed and armored and meant to inspire terror 
    as much through its looks as it would through its firepower.
    BARC Speeder -
    A typical military model of a speeder bike, the Biker Advanced Recon 
    Commando Speeder was used by the Republic, specifically by the BARCs 
    themselves.  It's certainly fast, if not a bit fragile.
    Super Tank - 
     Cost: 100,000
    The Super Tank was a new experimental tank that was developed during the 
    Clone Wars on Geonosis.  It resembled the Trade Federation Multi-Troop 
    Transport, but with considerably greater armor and ray shielding.  A task 
    force was led onto Geonosis by the Republic to destroy the factory and 
    any tanks that had finished production.
    AAT - 
     Cost: 50,000
    The Baktoid Armor Workshop Armored Assault Tank is a medium-sized repulsor 
    tank commonly used by the Trade Federations droid armies, and later the 
    Separatists.  It's a reliable workhorse tank with a top-mounted turret and 
    smaller blaster cannons to defend itself.
    Dwarf Spider Droid - 
     Cost: 75,000
    This is a DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid by Baktoid Armor Workshop.  Designed as 
    enforcers and often deployed in situations where the more humanoid battle 
    droids would be unsuitable, these droids saw plenty of combat during the 
    Clone wars.
    Hailfire Droid - 
     Cost: 75,000
    The Haor Chall Engineering IG-227 "Hailfire-class" Droid Tank is a weapon 
    with two large wheels as its most remarkable feature.  Designed to speed 
    around flat battlefields, it's armed with a considerable payload of 
    warheads to launch quick strikes against enemies of the Separatists.
    OG-9 Homing Spider Droid - 
     Cost: 250,000
    This heavy walker droid is a Baktoid Armor Workshop creation.  It was 
    designed for anti-vehicular combat, with antipersonnel cannons and a 
    larger focused laser cannon.
    STAP -
    The Baktoid Armor Workshop Single Trooper Aerial Platform is a small but 
    agile flying machine designed with battle droids in mind.  Little more than 
    a platform with handlebars and repulsors, the driver is constantly open to 
    the elements or enemy fire.
    Pirate Speeder Tank - 
     Cost: 75,000
    This is an Ubrikkian WLO-5 Speeder Tank.  It was mainly sold to private 
    industries, which led to its distribution among criminal elements.  It 
    serves as a typical repulsor artillery craft.  Pirate Hondo Ohnaka 
    maintained a stock of these speeder tanks for his pirate gang.
    Starhawk Speeder Bike - 
     Cost: 50,000
    The Ikas-Adno Starhawk is a typical personal speeder bike, or "swoop", as 
    they are more commonly known.  Pirate Hondo Ohnaka had several of these 
    on hand, and used the energy couplers built into them to haul cargo.
    9E. Silly Vehicles =
    These are found in either the Vehicle Hangar of the Resolute (elevator from 
    the Brig) or in the Main Hangar of the Invisible Hand (the left-hand pad).  
    All of these vehicles are free.  You just have to find them in a Story 
    Mission on Free Play and they'll pop up in the list.
    Ice Cream Van - Available from the start
    Motorbike - Available from the start
    Walker Suit - Found in CD-6
    Plunk Droid - Found in GG-2
    Tractor Mower - Found in AV-3
    Orange Car - Found in AV-1
    Black Car - Found in CD-5
    Gloop Gatherer - Found in GG-5
    Crab Droid - Found in AV-2
    Elephant - Found in AV-6
    Service Car - Found in GG-4
    UFO - Found in CD-2
    10A. Main Unlocks =
    Gold Bricks -
    These are the main form of "progress" in the game, although a percentage 
    complete.  Having Gold Bricks allows you to further explore the hub.
    Gold Bricks are earned in following ways:
    1. Each Story Mission has three Gold Bricks attached to it. 
      - Complete the Story
      - Earn True Jedi
      - Complete the Minikit in Free Play
    2. Each system you visit in the galaxy has three Gold Bricks attached to it.
      - Space Mission
      - Republic Assault
      - Separatist Assault
    3. Each Bounty Hunter Mission gives you a Gold Brick upon completion.
    So that's 22 missions, 16 systems, and 16 Bounty Hunter Missions.
    (22 x 3) + (16 x 3) + 16 = 
    66 + 48 + 16 = 
    130 Gold Bricks total
    Percent Complete -
    To get 100% Complete is pretty simple:
    1. Earn all 130 Gold Bricks
    2. Purchase all characters, all flight vehicles, all ground vehicles
    3. Purhcase all Red Bricks.
    If you find yourself at 130 Gold Bricks and you're not at 100%, check 
    the holoprojectors and hangars to make sure you're not missing a character 
    or vehicle.
    NOTE: Savage Opress is the only character not included in the 100%.
    Fastest Way to 100% -
    Well, the good news is that with all these ground battles, studs aren't 
    in short supply at all.  As I always suggest in these games, go for the 
    multipliers first.  As you go through the missions, you'll most likely 
    get enough for the "Score x2" brick in short order.  You'll need ten 
    Gold Bricks to get to the hangar where it lives.  Once that's bought, 
    True Jedi should be no problem for any mission.
    Natural inclination would suggest going for the other multipliers first, 
    and you should do that, but also make it a priority to go to the 
    Assault Hangar on the Resolute and buy a Pirate Speeder Tank so you can 
    unlock the Assault missions.  Those will get you a ton of studs and 
    you'll skyrocket towards your goal.
    There's not much else to say about the concept other than that you'll get 
    most of the characters you need over the course of the missions.  Even your 
    first Sith is free if you do Castle of Doom first.  As for Bounty Hunters, 
    it's *possible* to get Cad Bane for free if you get the Boba Fett minikit 
    first, but by this point you'll probably be earning so many studs that it 
    won't really be worth it.  It's your choice, though.
    10B. Red Bricks =
    Having appeared in every LEGO game since LEGO Star Wars 2, these guys are 
    basically "cheats" that change the game to make it easier.  Unlike older 
    games that featured "one per mission", all Red Bricks in this game are 
    found in the hub.  There is no "penalty" for using any of these cheats, 
    except for that one Trophy requiring you to not die in a mission and not 
    use Invincibility.
    All these are listed in order of their appearance on the Extras menu.
    Also, the location of each one is a location name I've given it.  If you're 
    unsure what location I'm talking about, go to Section 5 where you get 
    descriptions of these areass.
    Perfect Deflect
    Cost: 100,000
    Effect: When holding down Square to block, incoming laser blasts will 
     *always* return to sender.
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar
     Use an astromech on the panel to the right to raise a platform, then bring 
     a silly vehicle (like the Ice Cream Van) onto the platform to open the door, 
     then use explosives on the silver trophy to find this inside.
    Dark Side
    Cost: 150,000
    Effect: All Jedi characters will have the ability to manipulate objects 
     that require Sith Force.
    Found: Invisible Hand Bridge
     Use Sith Force on the structure above the holoprojector.  Of course, you 
     NEED a Sith to turn everyone else into Sith.
    Fast Build
    Cost: 500,000
    Effect: Assembling objects, either by using the Force or by hand, takes 
     far less time.
    Found: Resolute Gunnery Station
     Bop the punching bag in the lower right corner five times.
    Cost: 1,000,000
    Effect: Characters take no damage.  Falling will still result in a death 
     and stud loss, but lasers, explosives, claws, cholesterol, all will do 
     no damage.
    Found: Invisible Hand Landing Craft
     Take any Clone into the craft and go to the panel on the far right side.
    Minikit Detector
    Cost: 750,000
    Effect: When turned on, you'll see arrows during missions that either 
     point to the location of a minikit canister or items that need to be 
     destroyed to uncover a minikit canister.  Again, this doesn't spell out 
     how to get the canisters, but that's why you're here, right?
    Found: Resolute Character Storage Room
     Take an astromech into the front left corner and use the panel.
    Super Speeders
    Cost: 40,000,000
    Effect: This gives the BARC Speeder and the STAP incredibly powerful green 
     lasers that, while not giving one hit kills, will allow them to do 
     considerable damage and wear down buildings given time, even those with 
     silver armor.
    Found: Resolute Character Storage Room
     You need Jar Jar Binks and someone with explosives.  Jump on top of one of 
     the tanks and onto the back catwalk with Jar Jar.  Go to the far right and 
     smash up a box to find pieces for a grapple point.  Use the explosive guy to 
     grapple up and blow up the silver box.
    Score x2
    Cost: 500,000
    Effect: All picked up studs are multiplied by two.  Note that turning on 
     more than one multiplier will compound the effect, up to a maximum of 
     having a Score x3840.
    Found: Resolute Flight Deck
     Use a Gunner to grapple open the box in the back left corner.
    Score x4
    Cost: 2,000,000
    Effect: All picked up studs are multiplied by four.
    Found: Resolute Vehicle Hangar (the one with the silly vehicles)
     Go to the back left and use the Force to place the three garbage bins 
     onto the purple platform.
    Score x6
    Cost: 10,000,000
    Effect: All picked up studs are multiplied by six.
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks
     Take a Jedi and a Gunner with you.  To the left of the elevator to the 
     Bridge is a wall socket.  Plug it in and you'll move a grapple point into 
     position.  Grapple up and move around to the left to find the brick.
    Score x8 
    Cost: 20,000,000
    Effect: All picked up studs are multiplied by eight.
    Found: Invisible Hand Observation Room (up the right-hand elevator)
     Use explosives to blast the table in the center of the room.
    Score x10
    Cost: 40,000,000
    Effect: All picked up studs are multiplied by ten.
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks
     You need explosives, an Electric Character, and a Sith.  Just outside the 
     lift to the Bridge is a silver... thing.  Bust blocks nearby and Force the 
     "electric" panel together.  Next, use explosives to blow up the silver 
     armor.  Use the electric panel to reveal a red sparkly object.  Use Sith 
     Force on it to find the brick.
    Stud Magnet
    Cost: 500,000
    Effect: This increases your "stud gathering" radius.  Normally, you have 
     to be just about on top of a stud to collect it.  This lets you collect 
     them from much further away.
    Found: Resolute Access Catwalks
     You need someone with Rapid Fire in order to shoot four circular things 
     along the walls of this room, two on the lower floor, and two that you need 
     to use the grapple that leads to the Score x6 brick.  One of them is just 
     to the left of the brick on the wall.  The second is off to the right, near 
     the moving platform.  The third is to the left of the elevator to the 
     Bridge, and the last is to the right of the door to the Hangar Catwalks.
    Regenerate Hearts
    Cost: 400,000
    Effect: Characters recover hearts at the rate of about one a second.
    Found: Ziro's Room on the Invisible Hand
     Smash the four modules in the ceiling (it may be easiest just to target 
     them with a saber throw), then smash what falls off them.
    Character Studs 
    Cost: 100,000
    Effect: Destroying other characters will cause them to drop a small amount 
     of studs.
    Found: Resolute Brig
     You need to open all of the cells, for which you'll collectively need a 
     Sith, a Bounty Hunter, an Electric Character, and TX-20.  Blast the back of 
     each cell to find a valve to Force away.  Once all are turned, the last cell 
     on the right will open its window to the brick.
    Super Saber Cut
    Cost: 300,000
    Effect: When using Jedi Panels to cut open holes in the wall, your saber 
     will travel a lot faster going around the circle.
    Found: Resolute Hangar Catwalks (with the lifts that go down to the hangars)
     You need Aurra Sing or a bounty hunter droi for their sniper rifle.  Snipe 
     the three green targets way out in the back to make this appear.
    Dual Wield
    Cost: 250,000
    Effect: Gives all of your Jedi two sabers.  Doesn't really change much, but 
     it does look cool.
    Found: Invisible Hand Hangar
     Use the Force on the panel below the very visible brick on the left side 
     of the hangar.
    Glow in the Dark
    Cost: 25,000
    Effect: You will give off a healthy green glow.  This can actually be 
     quite useful in certain dark areas.
    Found: Resolute Medical Bay
     Slash the left-hand bed on the back wall to raise it up.
    Red Brick Detector
    Cost: 125,000
    Effect: When turned on, you'll see arrows pointing you towards the location 
     of Red Bricks.  Note that this will not tell you exactly how to get it, 
     only that you'll have to mess with something in that room of the hug to 
     get it.
    Found: Resolute Bridge
     You need a Small Character, like Yoda.  The brick is visible under the 
     glass floor in the back.  To get down there, go to the left wall and smash 
     some bricks so you can assemble a vent.  Crawl through it with the small 
     character to reach the brick.
    10C. Secret Codes =
    To input these codes, pause the game and go to the Extras Menu.
    MELL07 - Savage Oppress
    (that's a zero, not an "O")
    2VG95B - Aayla Secura
    G2BFEN - Adi Gallia
    272Y9Q - Admiral Ackbar (Classic)
    NG6PYX - Admiral Yularen
    2VJ9TH - Ahsoka
    F9VUYJ - Anakin Skywalker
    9AA4DW - Anakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena)
    YG9DD7 - Asajj Ventress
    M2V1JV - Aurra Sing
    GEHX6C - Bail Organa
    BTVTZ5 - Barriss Offee
    5Y7MA4 - Battle Droid
    LSU4LJ - Battle Droid Commander
    9U4TF3 - Bib Fortuna
    TY2BYJ - Boba Fett (Classic)
    Q5Q39P - Boil
    2KLW5R - Bossk
    574226 - C-3PO
    NHME85 - Cad Bane
    D8SNGJ - Captain Antilles (Classic)
    MW3QYH - Captain Rex
    GD6FX3 - Captain Typho
    5C62YQ - Chancellor Palpatine
    66UU3T - Chewbacca (Classic)
    HQ7BVD - Clone Pilot
    7GFNCQ - Clone Shadow Trooper (Classic)
    NP5GTT - Clone Trooper
    7CB6NS - Commander Bly
    SMN259 - Commander Cody
    U25HFC - Commander Fil
    JRPR2A - Commander Ponds
    5XZQSV - Commander Stone
    QEGU64 - Commando Droid
    EWR7WM - Count Dooku
    QH68AK - Darth Maul (Classic)
    QXY5XN - Darth Sidious (Classic)
    FM4JB7 - Darth Vader (Classic)
    NMJFBL - Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic)
    9MUTS2 - Destroyer Droid
    MB9EMW - Dr. Nuvo Vindi
    JB9E5S - Echo
    WUFDYA - Eeth Koth
    WSFZZQ - Gammorean Guard
    7FNU4T - General Grievous
    GAFZUD - Geonosian Guard
    2C8NHP - Gold Super Battle Droid
    C686PK - Gonk Droid
    NH2405 - Grand Moff Tarkin
    FUW4C2 - Greedo (Classic)
    T7XF9Z - Hailfire Droid
    KFDBXF - Han Solo (Classic)
    G65KJJ - Heavy Super Battle Droid
    WXUTWY - Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper
    4AXTY4 - HELIOS 3D
    EUB8UG - Hevy
    5A7XYX - Hondo Ohnaka
    EABPCP - IG-86
    5W6FGD - Imperial Guard (Classic)
    5KZQ4D - Jango Fett
    MESPTS - Jar Jar Binks
    AYREC9 - Jek
    HGBCTQ - Ki-Adi-Mundi
    PYWJ6N - Kit Fitso
    ERAEWE - Lando Calrissian (Classic)
    SM3Y9B - LEP Servent Droid
    3NEUXC - Lieutenant Thire
    TKCYUZ - Lok Durd
    PG73HF - Luke Skywalker (Classic)
    MKUYQ8 - Luminara Unduli
    R35Y7N - Lurmen Villager
    V4WMJN - Luxury Droid
    8NVRWJ - Mace Windu
    2KEF2D - MagnaGuard
    S6GRNZ - MSE-6
    ZKXG43 - Nahdar Vebb
    BJB94J - Neimoidian
    QFYXMC - Nute Gunray
    J9HNF9 - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    FFBU5M - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic)
    5U9FJK - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Geonosian Arena)
    7NEC36 - OG-9 Homing Spider Droid
    DB7ZQN - Onaconda Farr
    SZ824Q - Padmé Amidala (Geonosian Arena)
    8X87U6 - Padmé Amidala
    BH2EHU - Pirate Ruffian
    BUD4VU - Plo Koon
    4592WM - Poggle The Lesser
    2D3D3L - Princess Leia (Classic)
    U2T4SP - Probe Droid
    ZQRN85 - Queen Neeyutnee
    LKHD3B - Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic)
    RZ5HUV - R2-D2
    Z87PAU - R3-S6
    5MXSYA - R4-P17
    7PMC3C - R6-H5
    PZMQNK - Rebel Commando (Classic)
    2KLW5R - Robonino
    4PTP53 - Rys
    EPBPLK - Senate Commando
    S4Y7VW - Senate Commando (Captain)
    EA4E9S - Senator Kharrus
    9Q7YCT - Senator Philo
    G4N7C2 - Shahan Alama
    5C62YQ - Sionver Boll
    HPE7PZ - Stormtrooper (Classic)
    MJKDV5 - Super Battle Droid
    FYVSHD - Tee Watt Kaa
    HEBHW5 - Turk Falso
    GC2XSA - Tusken Raider (Classic)
    PE7FGD - TX-20
    QGENFD - Undead Geonosian
    EGQQ4V - Vader's Apprentice (Classic)
    VRUVSZ - Wag Too
    ZP8XVH - Wat Tambor
    BNJE79 - Waxer
    DRGLWS - Wedge Antilles (Classic)
    4VVYQV - Whorm Loathsom
    MP9DRE - Workout Clone Trooper
    CSQTMB - Yoda
    NACMGG - Dwarf Spider Droid
    PJ2U3R - Geonosian Solar Sailor
    EDENEC - Geonosian Starfighter
    KDDQVD - Slave I
    T4K5L4 - The Twilight
    7W7K7S - Vulture Droid
    Red Bricks:
    QD2C31 - Character Studs
    X1V4N2 - Dark Side
    C4ES4R - Dual Wield
    GCHP7S - Fast Build
    4GT3VQ - Glow in the Dark
    J46P7A - Invincibility
    CSD5NA - Minikit Detector
    3F5L56 - Perfect Deflect
    N3R01A - Red Brick Detector
    2D7JNS - Regenerate Hearts
    YZPHUV - Score x2
    43T5E5 - Score x4
    SEBHGR - Score x6
    BYFSAQ - Score x8
    N1CKR1 - Score x10
    6MZ5CH - Stud Magnet
    BS828K - Super Saber Cut
    B1D3W3 - Super Speeders
    And here are a list of all trophies.  The X-BOX 360 achievements are all 
    exactly the same, just with numbers instead of medals.
    The Chosen One (Platinum)
    - Collect all Trophies.
    Next up is a set of 22 trophies for completing each mission on Story.
    This is just the beginning! (Bronze)
    - Complete Geonosian Arena.
    The pleasure is all mine my dear (Bronze)
    - Complete The Hidden Enemy.
    Okay clankers, suck lasers! (Bronze)
    - Complete Ambush.
    Me'sa rescued you (Bronze)
    - Complete Gungan General.
    Are all Jedi so reckless? (Bronze)
    - Complete Jedi Crash.
    There goes my promotion (Bronze)
    - Complete Defenders of Peace.
    Oops.  What happened? (Bronze)
    - Complete Blue Shadow Virus
    Follow me, boys! (Bronze)
    - Complete Duel of the Droids.
    Torpedoes away! (Bronze)
    - Complete Shadow of Malevolence.
    Abandon ship! (Bronze)
    - Complete Destroy Malevolence.
    R6 take me home (Bronze)
    - Complete Lair of Grievous.
    Not so tough now are ya Sparky? (Bronze)
    - Complete Rookies.
    We live to fight another day (Bronze)
    - Complete Grievous Intrigue.
    That's no moon (Bronze)
    - Complete Battle of Geonosis.
    You can have my ship! (Bronze)
    - Complete Storm Over Ryloth.
    Time to take the capital (Bronze)
    - Complete Innocents of Ryloth.
    Liberation! (Bronze)
    - Complete Liberty on Ryloth.
    Tank 'n' Spank (Bronze)
    - Complete Weapons Factory.
    Another bug hunt (Bronze)
    - Complete Legacy of Terror.
    What a Rotta! (Bronze)
    - Complete Castle of Doom
    Sure, as long as I get paid (Bronze)
    - Complete Hostage Crisis
    Zillo Tolerance (Bronze)
    - Complete Zillo Beast
    The rest of these are all completion-related or special little things, in 
    no particular order, naturally.  Now, if it says "Single Player Only", don't 
    worry too much.  It just means that you don't have to do two-player only 
    stuff.  You can still get those on co-op.
    Impressive, most impressive (Gold)
    - Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only).
    A presence I've not felt since (Silver)
    - Collect all the minikits. (Single Player Only).
    The Force is with you (Bronze)
    - Complete a story level without dying (and no invincibility cheat).
     NOTE: I find the best one to do this on is Legacy of Terror, since the worst 
      you face is zombies.
    Viceroy of the fleet (Bronze)
    - Convert every system to CIS (Single Player Only).
    Admiral of the fleet (Bronze)
    - Convert every system to Republic (Single Player Only).
    The dark side I sense in you (Bronze)
    - Free all villains from the Resolute Brig (Single Player Only).
    Got a bad feeling about this (Bronze)
    - Land on the Invisible Hand.
    Field commander (Bronze)
    - Using the Radio ability, command troops 50 times.
    Goldie Blocks (Bronze)
    - Overheat and destroy 50 gold LEGO bricks.
    Saberang Master (Bronze)
    - Use Yoda to defeat 5 enemies with one lightsaber throw.
    Twice the pride, double the fall (Bronze)
    - Defeat Anakin with Count Dooku.
    Isn't negotiation the Jedi way? (Silver)
    - Complete all Bounty mission (Single Player Only).
    We really did say no prisoners (Bronze)
    - Destroy 100 droids with the Clone Chain-gun.
    UH OH! (Silver)
    - Using the Force, take control of a Super Battle Droid and destroy 50 
     other droids.
    Blending in (Bronze)
    - Have all your party members disguised as Senate Commandos in Hostage 
     Crisis (Single Player Only).
    They'll never see us coming (Bronze)
    - Win 3 consecutive Arcade Mode Battles.
     NOTE: Naturally, this means either Player 1 or Player 2 win three 
    Attack of the clones! (Bronze)
    - Deploy 500 clones.
     NOTE: Done in big battles, of course.
    Finders Keepers (Bronze)
    - Hijack 20 enemy units in Ground Battles.
    Great shot kid (Bronze)
    - Destroy an enemy building with a proton torpedo.
    It ain't like dusting crops boy (Bronze)
    - Complete: 5 Loop the loops, 5 Back flips, 5 corkscrews.
     NOTE: Double tap in any direction to perform acrobatics.  What you perform 
     is relative to the direction you're facing.  Double tap forward for a 
     loop the loop, backward for a back flip, and to either side for a 
    Land-o Calrissian (Bronze)
    - On a flying level, land a space ship whilst controlling Lando Calrissian.
    Jango's army! (Silver)
    - Unlock/purchase all "Clone" characters (Single Player Only).
    Clanker collector (Silver)
    - Unlock/purchase all "Droid" characters (Single Player Only).
    Jedi Master (Silver)
    - True Jedi in every level (Single Player Only).
    Cheat! (Silver)
    - Collect all Red Power Bricks (Single Player Only).
    Stealth wealth (Gold)
    - Collect all Gold Bricks (Single Player Only).
    12A. Legal =
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2011 Scott "CyricZ" 
    Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
    own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
    includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
    unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
    Give me some credit.
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:
    I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
    They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the LEGO Star Wars 3 guides, but, 
    trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
    that I trust.
    12B. E-mail Guidelines =
    If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...
    - Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
    - Make sure it has something to do with LEGO Star Wars 3.  I don't want spam, 
    chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, 
    - Make sure you say LEGO Star Wars 3 at one point in your e-mail.  I have 
    more than one Star Wars FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I 
    beat the last level?" doesn't tell me much.
    - Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
    your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile.
    12C. Credits =
    CJayC, SBAllen, and all respective webmasters for having this on their sites.
    Lucasarts Entertainment Company and Traveller's Tales, for this fine example 
    of a Star Wars game.
    LEGO, for their world of imagination.
    George Lucas, for his world of imagination.
    You, for reading.  I wouldn't keep this up if not for the wonderful support 
    I always get from my readers.
    12D. Version Updates =
    Version 1.1 - 4/27/2011 - Added info on unlocking Nute Gunray and Whorm 
    Version 1.0 - 4/9/2011 - Main bulk complete.
    12E. The Final Word =
    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Clone Wars series.  Out of the gate, 
    it has problems being an interlude between the second and third movies.  
    Knowing how it begins and ends means all we're seeing is middle, and middle 
    tends not to have good storytelling or characterization.
    Also, the handling of the series itself is a little off, what with several 
    episodes being in anachronic order, the art style, the writing.
    That said, it DOES get a bit tighter in Season Two and on.  They'll never 
    be able to "fix" my issues in the first paragraph, but at the very least 
    they took steps to improve it on its own merits.
    But enough about the series, the GAME is a shining example of Traveller's 
    Tales commitment to always moving forward.  What could have been a simple 
    addendum to the LEGO Star Wars style actually introduced a ton of neat 
    new features which make this a lot of fun.
    So thank you all for reading, thanks for your continued support, and I'll 
    see you on my next LEGO project which is in... a couple of MONTHS?  Geez.

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