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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Uber_Awesomenes

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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon on Wii


    Version 1.0

    By Uber_Awesomenes


    While many people consider Ghost Recon a dissapointment on the Wii, I personally enjoyed the entire game. Yes, it might not be as incredible as the other console cersions, it still has that perfect blend of strategy and shoot-em-up elements that Ghost Recon is about. This guide will be all about the enemies you will face, how to take them down, and how to choose your weapon strategies carefully for the situation. The entire game will be played on Veteran difficulty, for the average player. Good luck to all!

    As you can see, this guide is not yet complete. I expect to have the campaign done by at least December (probably sooner), and hopefully most of the information at the end by the end of the year. Thanks for being patient, it will get finished!

    Version History

    Version 0.15- Introduction and Mission 1 completed.

    Version 0.18 Mission 2: ACT 1 completed.


    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Copyright 2011-2012 Drew Williams


    Here are the controls for both the Nunchuck set-up, and the Zapper set-up. All of the controls are the same for both the Nunchuck and Zapper, so there is only one list. Again, all the buttons do the same thing.


    B: Shoot

    +: Pause


    A or C: Action/Select Cover

    C-Stick: Change Weapons

    Z: Aim/Walk

    To Reload: Point off-screen and shoot (B) to reload.

    To Slide Using Nunchuck: Shake Wii remote to slide into cover.

    To Slide Using Zapper: Tilt downward to slide into cover.


    There are 3 modes in the game, which can be accessed after choosing your profile.

    Click "Campaign Mode" to either start a new campaign game, select a desired mission, or continue from where you last left off. You can also switch the difficulty of the game in this menu. Obviously, Recruit is for players that have never played this game or anything like it, Veteran is for players who are familiar with the game's controls or have played a similar game, and Elite is for those who are masters at Ghost Recon.

    Click "Arcade Mode" to play withn a friend. Competitive is where you and a friend complete the mission while competing for the most points. Points are scored by killing enemies, so being effecient is a must. Cooperative had you and a friend completing the mission together. This gives the game a whole new aspect, as team-work is now REQUIRED. You can also submit your scores onto online leaderboard, where you can see where you stand in the Ghost Recon world.

    Campaign Mode

    The campaign mode in this game puts you all over the world with your team-mate, Booth. There are a few types of missinos, and each requirers you to accomplish different things:

    Run 'n' Gun: Standard get a gun, use a gun. Sniping: You have have the option of using a sniper rifle for long kills. Stealth: You must kill all the enemies in an area before one of them pops a flare. Vehicular: You get to control a drone type weapon.

    Each mission, of which there are twelve, can be seperated out into parts. These are big checkpoints to change weapons, and sometimes change the mission type. Therefore, the missions listed in this guide will be formatted in the same way, with one big mission seperated into smaller parts. Again, all missions will be played on the Veteran difficulty. Also, I won't give away any story related details, just in case you want to play spoiler free. Now, without further adiou, let the campaign begin!

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Basically, the Ghosts are heading into a Norwegian village, with the objective to clear out the space to try and push back Ultranationalist forces. As the officer says, the village has been evacuated, so collateral damage isn't an issue.

    ACT 1

    Run 'n' Gun

    Weapons: You each get the same thing so just press continue.

    First off, you are dropped down by Helicopter in the village. Right off the bat, you are greeted with 3 grunts. These are the easiest enemy to take down. They have no helmet, so ALWAYS aim for the head. These enemies are also pretty stupid, so just take your time and set-up your shots. To shoot, press and hold Z to pop-out. You can shoot while behind cover, but it is truly useless. The only time you should just do that is when faced with a ton of enemies, where a shot would be hard pressed to miss. But anyway, just wait until they stick even the slightest tip of their body out, then let the trigger fly! Also, you'll notice that Booth doesn't shoot much, but when he does, he's accurate. Very accurate. You can always count on him to get some kills, but expect to do most of the shooting. Point to the next circle, and press either A or C, depending on your liking. From here on, every time you have to move to a new cover point, I'll start a new paragraph.

    As you are running, 2 grunts take up positions. Take 'em out. When they are down, 2 more come to take their place. By now, if not before, you should have a need to reload. You should always reload before heading to a new cover point. If you run dead out of ammo, it will reload for you, taking away the need to point off-screen and press B. Go ahead and move up.

    You'll notice that you picked up a green + item; this is a med-pack. It heals you. Press A on yourself to have Booth administer it to you, or on Booth if he needs it. Remember, when one of you dies, the mission is restarted from the last checkpoint. Now would be a good time to explain the UI. On the left is Hibbard (you), and the right is Booth. The big number shows how much ammo is left in your clip. The name under that shows the weapon you have equipped. The green bar shows health. The green + in the middle shows how many med-packs you have, and the blue timer shows how many focuses you have (I'll explain those later). Move up.

    This is the User Interface throughout the game. *THIS IS NOT THE FIRST MISSION

    7 or 8 grunts come out, about 3 far away, about 4 close up. This is your first big firefight, so just stay come, and don't be overwhelmed. Take out anybody in the front first, then take out the back after. If anybody tosses a grenade, just get back into cover, QUICK! If you don't move up relatively quickly, more grunts will come out, 1 by 1, until you advance. Do that.

    2 more grunts will come up, so take care of them before you move up. If you do get caught in the open, just fire anyway, or slide into cover, and take it from ther. Move up.

    2 MORE grunts come out. 1 tried to throw a grenade at me, so beware. Pretty easy otherwise. Move up.

    You will notice that you collected a small blue timer item. This allows you to slow down time and "focus" on what the enemies are doing, and to allow you to place your shots with greater precision. When you pick it up, 3 grunts come out. Go ahead and pres - now, activating it. It's great for hard, long-range kills like this, or when there's an overwhelming amount of enemies. Kill them all, then 3 more enemies come out. There are 2 grunts, and an amored grunt (all these names are made up, by the way). These are dressed in a blue suit, and have a bright red cap. You need to aim for the cap, because they don't go down as easy as their regular counterparts. Always take out the stronger enemies first, they usually have a higher potential to kill you. All 3 will rush down the hill and take cover behind the barricade, although hopefully the armored grunt is is dead. Take 'em out, then move up.

    Med-pack collected. Nothing comes, just reload if you didn't before, and, you guessed it, move up.

    Again, nothing just move up. There will be places like this all throughout the game. They are tricks, and you spend a good amount of time at them, wondering when the enemies will come. Except they won't. But with my handy-dandy guide, you already know that! :)

    3 grunts come way too close to your personal space; they need to be punished! You just got informed that they aren't wearing helmets, but you already knew that. After they're down, a grunt and an armored grunt come running out, but stay in the back field. Clean up, then greet the other 2 grunts that come running! After that, you're clear to move up.

    Nothing. Go to the next cover point and collect the med-pack.

    As soon as you get there, a grunt and an armored grunt (from here on known as a G and an AG) come busting out the door of the building, and two G's come from the right. Go ahead and advance.

    A truck then comes up to meet you, and starts spewing out G's. A G and an AG come from the right, kill them first then work on the truck and whaterver's coming out of it. This is a good time to try out your HE Grenades (frags). Press the down-button on either the C-Pad or C-Stick, and the grenades are equipped. Hopefully, a yellow arc will appear when you hold down B, getting longer the longer you hold B. If not, guestimate. Release B to throw the grenade. They are great for enemies that refuse to be easy targets, and can take out many at a time. Move up.

    Nothing, just move up again. By this point, you will have noticed the omnipresent gun-fire and artillery explosions; they don't mean nothin'! They are just there for the effect.

    Just move it on up...

    About 8 grunts total come out. You know what to do. Then, move up.

    A G and an AG come out. Kill them, then advance (gotcha, didn't I?).

    Nothing happens just go forward (I did it again...).

    Again nothing, just move up (Bet you were expecting something else, weren't you?).

    You are presented with 4 G's. Clean them up, then move out!

    Nothing, just go move up.

    2 G's are up on the balcony of the bulding, and 2 G's and an AG come from behind the bulding. Take out the AG, then the balcony G's, then the last 2 G's. 2 G's then come from the near left, take them out too. 2 more come from the right. After that, you're free to move up.

    Nothing, move up. From here on out, I'll just put an N/A. That will tell you that a cover point has no action. Also no move up command will be given. When a new cover point should be assumed, you will be expected to get there on your own.

    3 G's and an AG come out from the right corner of the bulding. Take them out before they can get settled in.



    Somewhere around 12 G's come out, so expect a pretty good firefight. Using one of your grenades here would not be a bad decision. Just make sure that you use it correctly.

    1 G comes out from behind the left wall to take cover behind the right wall. Yeah, that makes sense.




    Somewhere around 7 or 8 enemies pop out, you know what to do.



    GET THE MACHINE GUN!!! This thing has 900 rounds of pure destruction! Just be careful not to overheat, which is shown by a bar under the reticule. When it fills up, it overheats the MG, and you have to wait for it to go at least half-way down. Anyway, a good 10 or 11 G's come at yu, but with your new hardware, it shouldn't be a problem.




    In total, 2 AG's and about 4 or 5 G's come. Shouldn't be too hard.


    1 AG and about 3 or 4 G's are here, but it's a routine extermination. Go ahead to the drone, and complete ACT 1 of Misssion 1! Woo-hoo!!!

    ACT 2


    Weapons: The ZU25 is just a gatling gun. No ammo, but it can overheat, and it takes about a second for the barrels to get turning once you press B. The MRLS 40 is an artillery piece with 5 rockets at a time. You can choose either, but your target will be the same; rocket launchers first, vehicles second, and infantry third.

    For this act, you are almost constantly moving. The only things you get to control is what you fire, when you fire it, and what you fire it at. Everything else is done for you. So honestly, just shoot at evertything that, moves (or that doesn't for that matter; there's a lot of stuff that can go KABOOM!)

    Yay! Mission 1 is complete!

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Three months later...

    You now must begin to advance on Moscow, with the objective of taking it from Chersky and his army of Ultranationalists. You now get really cool tech suits, because now you made it to true ghost status.

    ACT 1

    Run 'n' Gun

    Weapons: Both of you are given the MP5A3, the basic gun of the game. 30 round clip isn't too bad, but the accuracy could go up a bit.

    Right as you're quietly cruising down that street in Moscow, something blows up, and you need to get out! As soon as you assume positions, 7 or 8 G's come out.

    3 G's.

    5 G's come. Not too hard, but 2 are long range.

    1 lonely grunt comes along to see his mommy... ASSASSINATION!!!

    Here is the introduction of the dreaded engineers (E's). These things will keep deploying explosive robotics that hone in on you and your teammate and will explode. Kill them by default, but when the actual engineer pops out, take him to his grave ASAP!

    3 G's come out, and 1 of them is hiding behind the barrier closest to you! What a sneaker! Then 2 more grunts come, with another coming from the back if you don't move up quick enough.

    2 G's come up, no big deal!

    4 MORE G's come your way! Again, no biggy.

    Here is another beloved character of the game; the rocket man (RPG's). These have, well, an RPG that launches a rocket-propelled grenade at you. Kill these FIRST (for this part of the game, anyway).



    HEY, 3 grunts, and an engineer, and an RPG! Let's just bring everyone to the party! In all seriousness however, this is a deadly combinatino. Two explosive units, which can alternate fire, and three machine guns to pin you down. Try and kill the E first, he wll be your biggest (and first) problem with this one.


    I suggest firing while moving, because they come awfully quick! Not too much of a hassle, but still annoying.


    3 G's, one on the rooftop, two on the groung. Kill from the front to back to minimize the threat.


    You have a total of three grunts, but one of them decides to pop a gas can! These release a green tocic gas that slowly leeches your health. Take them all out, then you will turn and face where you came from. You aren't affected by the gas anymore, but you are affected by a G on the rooftop and one on the ground.






    4 G's total, split between the roof and the ground. Again, sweep the group from the back to the front. This is the strategy that you will always use for groups of enemies, as it gets the worst out of the way, then the front men are easy pickin'.


    3 G's and an AG come out. For this, you should actually hit the front men, because it should only take one shot. If you can't get a head-shot at this range after this long of playing, you probably shouldn't be playing at all. Anyways, you then turn around to face three G's.


    3 G's are there, and in about 10 seconds, there are only three bodies. Hmmmm...



    2 grunts come from far away. If you didn't already figure this out, staggering your shots really does improve accuracy at long rang. Try it.

    1 AG and 3 or 4 G's come out total, no problemo!

    You are now faced with 2 G's. TWO! They'd have a better chance if they went all out at once, and they'd still probably lose! HAHAHA!

    1 lonely G, just standing by the corner, waiting for the bus. Goodbye, lonely little G!

    2 on the rooftop, and 1 on the ground. 'Nuff said.


    1 G comes, 1 G falls...


    4 G's and an AG come to try and kill you. At least they're trying now...

    1 G comes from around the corner. Nothing much, just kind of far away.

    2 more come from the same place as the first. You're much closer though, so it's pretty easy.

    3 more G's. Kill them. Move up.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    I'm pretty sure that I heard the guy over the radio say something about gas, but it was hard to tell over the firefight that I had going. If somebody could email me this information, I would be very thankful. You would of course get the credit.


    2 G's come, and a can of gas goes flying into the air! Then an RPG comes, leaving you trapped until his long cover is broken by his need to fire. Then... You turn around.

    1 G comes from long range, expect to waste some ammo.

    2 G's come, but they're like shooting fish in a barrel.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    The General says that RPG's are scattered everywhere. Use cover or DIE!

    1 G comes to greet you at his door, 1 G falls dead at his door.

    1 RPG comes, very deadly at his close range. Don't be reloading on the run for this one, you'll barely make it as it is.


    1 RPG and 4 G's come and say hello. Obviously, the RPG should be the first to leave, but G's aren't known to stick around for long either. Basically, shoot who you want to; they'll all go eventually.


    About 4 or 5 G's come, not to big of a hassle, but make sure you get the farthest ones first.

    1 AG, about 3 or 4 G's, and an RPG all come out, so take down the RPG first.

    1 person starts running down the staircase; he needs to be punished. Didn't his mommy ever tell him not to run down the stairs? Serious injuries can result of this activity, none of which are good for the health.




    I FOUND THE WEAPONS!!! ACT 1 of Mission 1 is done!

    ACT 2



    Run 'n' Gun

    Weapons: The first set is the heavy arms set; the MP5 is a solid weapon, and the FAMAS is a truly hard hitting weapon with a 20 round carrying capacity, plus an extra 2 grenades from the standard 6. However, you do need to get acquainted with the M24 sniper rifle, so I'm going to assume that that is what you are using. Besides, I personally think it's a better weapon anyway...