How can I import songs to this GH ?

  1. How can I import songs (like for example from another GH or from an USB) to this Guitar Hero?

    User Info: Molimo710

    Molimo710 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You import songs by looking on the very back of the manual of the GH game(s) you want to import to GHWwoR and typing in the code in the game's online store. So if you want to import Guitar Hero World Tour, go to the World Tour under the "special offers" part of the store and type in the code. All imports will cost money (or in this case, Wii points) so make sure you go to the Wii Shop Channel beforehand and addWwii Points via credit card or a Nintendo Points card. GHWT's import costs 350 Wii Points, for example, so they normally don't cost that much. Also, if you get, say, the next GH game and downloaded the GHWT import on GHWoR, you don't have to download the import again if you already have the import on an sd card or on your Wii. Aand if you lose your sd card or memory of the import, you can redownload the import for no extra cost.

    Sadly, not all songs make it into the import. In GHWT for example, 35 out of the 86 songs make into the import. Activision said they may add more songs, but I would not count my hopes to add that many more if any more songs. However, if any more songs are added later to an import, you can download them for no cost if you have downloaded the import before. I also want to point out that an import takes a while for it to download. It took nearly 2 hours for my GHWT import to finish and I have high speed internet!

    Sorry if I over explained it. I just wanted to make sure you knew about the import process, in case if I was missing anything.

    User Info: Retrostarman87

    Retrostarman87 - 6 years ago 0 0

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