In GH6 Competitive: Why does this Star Power glitch occur ?

  1. Sometimes in Competitive, someone in the party has an odd boost to their score. They get unusually high scores. Let's say we're playing Deadfall on Expert Guitar. My highest personal score was 250k. However when the glitch occurs, the glitched player easily gets around 900k - 1.3m. I look carefully at each note, and each note at x1 gives around 257 score sometimes. Does anyone know how this happens, and a way to fix it ?

    User Info: XxNeonLimexX

    XxNeonLimexX - 4 years ago


  1. This Glitch occurs when the players are out of sync and end up playing more than one note. I got 102% because my Wii was very buggy and laggy and I ended up playing 5 notes per note every few seconds.

    User Info: METALLICA_JR

    METALLICA_JR - 1 year ago 0 0

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