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  1. Does This seem like a wii version of halo. :)
    i've played conduit 1 and halo 1,,,2,,,3,,,odst,,reach and it seems the same style of game.?

    User Info: Prostreet_Racer

    Prostreet_Racer - 6 years ago

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  1. I'm gonna be polite as possible.
    If your going to ask a question, make sure you use the best english you can manage.

    Anyway, to answer your question as best i can, they are not the same types of game.
    Now, while it's true that The conduit probably borrowed a few things from halo, they have completely different stories.

    In halo, it's a battle directly against aliens, in The Conduit, it's a human conspiracy that eventually leads to aliens.

    To summarize, yes they are similar, but they are not the same.

    User Info: mode333

    mode333 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. mode333 is right about the story, as its very different from Halo, but in terms of gameplay... Conduit and Halo are two entirely different games.

    Halo features two fanctions to play as, Covenent((Elites)) and Humans((Spartans)).

    The weapons consist of very futuristic human weapons, nothing special here. You got your sniper, submachine gun, and assault rifle. The Covenant side has 'high tech' weaponry but all similar to the Human's with slight differences.

    The game features two types of ammo, Energy, and Solid. Energy weapons break shields faster, but hurt players least. And Solid breaks shields slowest, but kills players faster. Halo: Reach features Set Loadouts with 'Armor' powers to choose from. This is what sets Halo apart from other shooters.

    Conduit 2 has 3 factions to choose from, but has 7 fully customizable character models to choose from. Unlike Halo's 2 models, with limited customize options.

    The weapon diversity far surpasses that of Halo, with a Sniper that can see and shoot through walls, a 'Shield' gun that stops incoming weapon fire like a black hole, then shoots the 'caught' weapon fire back at enemies. Theres MANY different, and diverse weapons to choose from. Even a gun called the "Dark Star" that allows the Players to fire a special attack after gaining a 3 kill streak.

    Conduit 2 features customizable loadouts with a 'perk' system like CoD but adds incredible depth to it. You choose 4 perks at a time, 1 primary, and 3 secondary. Some of which are even weapon specific. Where CoD had perks like 'Juggernaught' and 'Stopping Power', Conduit 2 adds both, but with a deep "gray" area in between. For example, your primary can choose between focusing on longer life, or more attack power, where as one of your secondarys can do the same, but at a much lesser degree.

    That means you can have ALOT of Juggernaught, and then a little bit of Stopping Power. Or use your secondaries to go full Juggernaught or Full stopping power. Theres about 30 different perks to choose from, so it just goes to show you how much depth the perk system in Conduit 2 has.

    So no, Halo: Reach and Conduit 2 are entirely different games. The Gameplay is different, as are the weapons.

    User Info: The_Shader

    The_Shader - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. I agree with both of them. But to me it's like they have taken elements from Call Of Duty and Halo and adding some of there own ideas and putting them together with a story line that's very different

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    demomhunter - 6 years ago 0 0

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