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  1. Does anybody know the basic features of the slipt screen mode? I wanted to know if you can play campain missions on split screen. Also, is it possible for each player to create custom skins and weapon classes?

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    ERNIEISCOOL - 6 years ago
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    Thanks! Good to know.

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  1. As of what has been released, you can only play against for other people in split screen with all the options for matches from online and you can also play split screen invasion mode.

    You can create custom skins and weapon classes for each multiplayer class.

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    Changlini - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. The split screen has Invasion mode (cooperative mode against many incoming enemies) and for versus mode. However, you cannot play campaign missions in multiplayer mode.

    And you can't "create" skins and weapons, but you can unlock said features with currency you earn while playing (offline). You can unlock "looks" for your character, which have no other use than visula; you can also unlock improvements for speed, shooting power, resistance, etc. And finally you can unlock different weapons with you can use online.

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  2. There are two split screen modes:
    Competitive - competing against each other in deathmatches, team-based games, etc
    Invasion - a co-op mode, in which you try to survive on a team with your friends against hordes of enemies that get progressively harder with each wave. These are not story missions, merely endless waves of harder and harder enemies (similar to Call of Duty's Zombie mode or Halo's Firefight mode). It ends when all players are dead. You may also attempt this mode by yourself if you wish.

    Regarding each player's freedom to customize their skins/weapon loadouts:
    As you earn credits, create weapon loadouts, and unlock weapons/upgrades/skins, they are shared between single-player, split screen, and online multiplayer. For example, if you earn a weapon in single-player, it will automatically be unlocked in the other modes, split screen included. This means the players in split screen can only choose from whatever is already bought/unlocked in Player 1's profile. However, they may only choose from the created classes; they cannot modify or customize them.

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  3. No not campaign mode but u can play fun invasion mode co op split screen or competitive dethmach slit screen

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