whats the Storieline to this one?

  1. Above and do you kill john adams in this one .

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  1. Last time he saved the world...

    This time, he's fighting Zombie Hookers.

    No. JA is your new friend. You are very close with him, and you go bowling with him weekly.

    At the end of the game, Waluigi is the final boss.

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  2. Okay. You've probably beaten the game and know everything about it but here's a refresher:

    In the original Conduit, Micheal Ford - a recognized agent of the Secret Service - is employed by a mysterious man named John Adams to capture a terrorist by the name of Prometheus and retrieve an artifact called the All Seeing Eye (ASE). The ASE but Prometheus is nowhere to be found and Ford gets sent to Bunker 13 to steal data and plans of Prometheus'. Afterwards Ford is betrayed by Adams and saved by the percieved enemy Prometheus. Later, Prometheus being the only person Ford can trust, Ford goes on a campaign through Washington D.C. to save the President. Wearing the Trust armor that Prometheus stole, Ford fends off a small army of Drudge forces and saves the President. The President then gives Adams and the Trust full authority of the U.S. to do whatever they see necessary to stop the Drudge. Ford, now desperate, goes to the Pentagon to stop the Drudge from stealing U.S. defense codes, and then goes on to destroy a Drudge nest/breeding ground. Later, Ford infiltrates the Trust head quarters and destroys it, meets Prometheus, finds the truth about the Drudge and where they came from, the truth of Adams intentions, and destroys Prometheus' body. Finally, Ford fights off another horde of Drudge and quickly jumps through a conduit to escape the exploding facility.

    In Conduit 2 Ford comes out of the conduit at an oil rig off the coast of Florida which is owned by Adams and the Trust. Ford pursues Adams but misses him again. Ford then has to attract a beast called the Leviathan. Ford kills the Leviathan and gets swallowed by it. Later, Ford wakes up in one piece in Atlantis and explores until he finds the armor of the Destroyer. He painfully equips his eternal armor and meets Andromeda, the operator and last Atlantian in existence. Andromeda gives Ford a mission: defeat Adams at all costs. Ford then goes back to D.C. to search for Adams' plans. Ford returns and goes to China to find the Progenitor Li and warn him of Adams coming. Li refuses and attempts to kill the Destroyer. Ford ends up killing Li and absorbing his soul with the ASE. Ford now must go to Siberia to find the Progenitor Katerina and save her from the Trust. Upon arrival Ford sees a drop ship crash land and decides to check it out. It is revealed that there are beings called "Free Drudge" who are no longer under Adams' influence. The Free Drudge fight along side Ford and call him "The Liberator". Ford makes his way to the fallen dropship to aid the Free Drudge and is picked up by another Free Drudge dropship. Ford is then taken to the main Siberian Trust facility and finds Katerina, but is too late and witnesses Katerina's death. It is revealed that Katerina and Prometheus were once lovers, and Ford feels sorry for Prometheus. After her death however, Prometheus tells Ford to absorb Katerina's soul. Ford does so and no must escape the Trust facility with the Free Drudge. Back in Atlantis, Ford must go to the lost city of Z in South America to find and absorb the soul of a long dead Progenitor before the Trust find it. Ford completes his task and goes back to Atlantis. Once there the Trust follow him and Ford is forced to fight them off. Afterwards Ford goes into the conduit assuming Adams will be on the other side. Now Ford is in Agartha, a pocket realm in the center of the earth and there waits Adams who transforms into a Progenitor. Ford takes his revenge and kills Adams and absorbs his soul, along with all of the souls that Adams had taken.

    Now there is still more to the story. A Conduit 3 needs to be made. The unamed alien overlord is still out there. Ford still has to save the planet from that beast and end the Drudge scourge as well as the Trust organization.

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