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Reviewed: 04/17/13

A Solid FPS for the Nintendo Wii

Conduit 2 is the sequel the Award-Winning game The Conduit. It was released on April 19, 2011 after many push backs. It has an "OK" story that is a considerable step down from that of The Conduit's. Nevertheless, I had a whole lot of fun playing the campaign section of the game.
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Conduit 2's story was somewhat weak. It had a very cheesy version of Michael Ford compared to the version of Mr. Ford in The Conduit. It picks up right where The Conduit left off. I will not discuss the details of the story because of the amount of spoilers that will be revealed. During the story, you will be in the shoes of agent Michael Ford, who is trailing the series antagonist John Adams (yes I know...). Even though the story is not the greatest, you will have fun because of the great gameplay mechanics.


I think that this is one of the better aspects of this game. The game is very solid and smooth. It runs at nearly 60 frames per second with nearly no slowdown. Plus, the added sensitivity of using the Wii remote as a controller gives the player an added sense of fluidity that most first person shooters lack these days. That is not all that Conduit 2 has to offer. Conduit 2 has an amount of polish that surpasses that of many Wii games. While battling armored enemies, you can shoot off their armor, revealing weak spots that you can use to your advantage to take down the enemy. Also, you can flip over tables, cabinets, and soda machines to use as cover. Shooting and killing enemies has a very satisfying feeling to it that it it is so hard to explain. There are also many easter eggs within the campaign. I also must say that I have fully customized the controls to my every whim.


This is where the game really shines, in my opinion. The graphics are extremely good for a Wii game. I was surprised when I first played it. I looked more realistic than any Wii game, in my humble opinion. The different weapons had very distinct sounds. From the sound of the SCAR belting out bullets, to the sound of the Hive Cannon squishing when you stick your hand in it, It blew me away.


Split Screen

The split screen aspects of this game are very good. There are basically two types of ways that you can use split screen. One way is competitive, the other is co-op. Competitive is really just fighting between you and your friends (or enemies). Co-op is really just fighting with your friends....... against aliens! There can be up to 4 players per console playing at the same time.

Online Multiplayer

This is my absolutely favorite part of Conduit 2. This is the main reason that I even bought the game. Online is just so addictive. It is very fun. You can have up to twelve players in a match at a time. You can host private matches. You can even use a headset to chat with others in game. Or you can just smack talk everyone in the lobby. In my 500+ hours of online play I have never even gotten bored with the multiplayer. You can just do so many things. You can use all human weapons or you can use all alien weapons. There are twenty-one different weapons to kill other players with. There are also customize-able loadouts that you can pack with the weapons and suit upgrades of your choice. There is so much variety. You can incinerate players with a gun called the Carbonizer. You can go nubby and rocket launcher camp. You can even use an enemies projectiles against him/her! There are many maps to play online as well. There is a map in the center of the Earth, one in the mountains of Siberia, one in a desert fort, even one in a spaceship crash site! All this variety makes this section of the game the most fun for me.


The graphics are a small notch down from the campaign's but it is not that noticeable. Anyway, you will be having so much fun that you will not even notice the difference. The sounds remain the same as in the campaign. If I had to choose which one is better, I would choose the multiplayer's. Everything is just so hectic, it makes the sounds sound better.



I think this is one of the better games on the Nintendo Wii. Solid gameplay and great online allow this game to take the cake as the most fun FPS on the Wii. If you want a shooter that can keep you in front of the TV for hour on end, I highly suggest this game.


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Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Conduit 2 (GameStop Limited Edition) (US, 04/19/11)

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