What are all the killstreaks available in Black Ops multiplayer for Wii?

  1. Pretty much just what the question states.

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Accepted Answer

  1. 3 kills
    -Spy Plane
    Shows enemies on the radar as dots. Refreshes every 3 or 4 seconds.
    Remote controlled car that can be detonated at any time.
    4 kills
    -Counter Spy Plane
    Disables enemy radars.
    -SAM Turret
    Placeable anti-Aircraft turret. Arrives by care package.
    5 kills
    -Care Package
    Calls in a chinook to airdrop a carepackage containing ammo, killstreaks, Death Machine (Minigun) or Grim Reaper (rocket launcher).
    -Napalm Strike
    Airstrikes with slowly burning napalm.
    6 kills
    -Sentry Gun
    Airdrops a sentry gun that automatically shoots enemies.
    -Mortar Team
    Select 3 locations to be targeted by mortars.
    7 kills
    -Attack Helicopter
    Select a general area for a cobra to patrol.
    8 kills
    -SR-71 Blackbird
    Shows enemy on the radar as an arrow. Doesn't have refresh rate and cannot be shot down.
    -Rolling Thunder
    Carpet bombs a targeted area. Does not show up on enemy radars.
    9 kills
    -Chopper Gunner
    Man a minigun turret on the side of a helicopter.
    11 kills
    -Attack Dogs
    Spawns dogs to hunt down opposing players. Kills in one bite.

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Other Answers

  1. Every kill streak is available, except, Chopper Gunner, Gunship and Valkyrie Rockets.

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