How do I turn on the power in Zombie mode?

  1. When you go to zombie mode, you see a bunch of switches everywhere that basically say "you need to turn on the power first"
    How do you turn 'em on?
    By the way, I've only gotten to Round 9 with friends online
    On a side note: Those dogs are annoying but easy to dodge if you know how :D

    User Info: M_dragon159

    M_dragon159 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I only turned the power on at the first place. So well.... The first thing you need to do is to open up a door. So when you start off, go forward and to the left you will see a window barricaded with planks (where the zombies come) and to the right you will see a door. (This door costs $750, I think) But first gain some money buy killing and fixing the barricades.Then buy the door, that will lead you to another room. Safe up money to buy the door in that room. (Which costs $1000) Go through that door and then go down the stairs and go left. Keep some money with you because when you proceed through the place, there be more doors, so just keep on buying them. Then you would turn up at a big room. To know that you are in the correct room, you will find a machine gun turret. Look around the place and you would find a switch, pull that and the power would come on. Then a whole heap of dogs on fire (I call them hell hounds) will come and try to eat you. So it is good to do this with your friends.

    User Info: SupremeCookies

    SupremeCookies - 7 years ago 0 0

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