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"Black Ops for Wii is just as good as it's HD brethren!"

I think it's safe to say that Activision has done right by Wii gamers this generation. Time after time developers have overlooked the Wii, or simply made a crappy port of a title to say they supported the console. Activision has simply done everything they could to push the little white box that could. They've shown that with the Guitar Hero titles which really took advantage of features on the Wii that quite honestly a lot of us didn't know existed.

Now here we are with the seventh installment of the Call of Duty franchise, and fortunately this is not the Wii's first rodeo when it comes to COD. We have been treated to COD 3, World at War, and even a ported version of Modern Warfare and the thing that stands out most about these titles is that they all got better. So, the question is does COD Black Ops take a step forward for Wii gamers, or does it fall flat. After spending several hours with the game on Wii I can safely say this is a must buy title for Wii owners looking for the definitive shooter on Wii!

Gameplay: 95%
We've already been given Goldeneye from Activision last week which gave us every control scheme possible. While Black Ops doesn't include GC support it does keep Classic Controller support as well as the superior Wiimote/Nunchuck setup that Wii gamers have come to love. If the latter is your choice of control all of the customization options expected are present, and once you have it tweaked to your liking you will be killing soldiers and Zombies alike.

Graphics: 90%
Let's face it. The Wii version doesn't have the visual fidelity the HD versions do, and who really expects it too. However, this game looks impressive on the Wii. Absolutely on par with Goldeneye in every respect. Obviously you will find those pesky jagged edges, but this game doesn't falter when it comes to utilizing every bit of the Wii's horsepower.

Sound: 100%
It's what a shooter set in a war zone should sound like. It's immersive, and intense. When you see an explosion on the battlefield you here it as well. The voice work through the entire game is superbly delivered as well, and to be honest at points the over sound quality rivals the HD versions.

Story: 100%
After playing Modern Warfare Reflex for Wii I thought Activision had an uphill climb for story telling in their COD series. However, Treyarc has done a fantastic job with Black Ops. Set during the Vietnam era the game begins with the attempted assasination of Fidel Castro, and you are in the role Mason who has been tasked to kill him. You will get to see President JFK which is cool and somewhat disturbing. The Presentation of the story enthralls you, and you will never find yourself being bored.

Overall: 100%
The sheer quality this title exuberates is unheard of for the majority of Wii titles. Normally us Wii gamers get the short end of the stick, and get stripped down versions of popular titles. However, Treyarc has poured in every thing from the HD versions (except for campaign co-op) including the popular Zombies mode. The muliplayer component is also a feat in itself due to the inclusion of 4-player co-op Zombie mode through Nintendo's WFC. The only way I can sum up this review is Kudos to Treyarc and Activision for giving Wii gamers the game they deserved!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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